Crabtree’s foot is just fine

Michael Crabtree erased any doubts I have about his speed, as he made an impressive exit from the hotel where negotiations are taking place today.


This presumable leaves 49ers chief negotiator Paraag Marathe and Crabtree’s agent, Eugene Parker, alone to hammer out the deal that could deliver him to Mike Singletary’s team.


Crabtree saw me and CSN’s Mindi Bach in the hotel where the meeting is taking place. He made a nice move to cut through a restaurant, and then sprinted — sprinted, I tell ya — out the back door and around the front of the hotel to an awaiting black SUV for the getaway.


Let the record show . . . his foot is just fine. (His hearing might not be so good though, as my shouts went unanswered.)


* * *


Here’s what would typically happen during a meeting like what happened earlier today and continues:


With Crabtree in the room, York, the team president, tells him how much the 49ers want him to be a part of the organization for many years to come. McCloughan would talk a little about how excited he is for Crabtree to fit into the football side of the operation.


The 49ers would express how much they want Crabtree to be part of what’s shaping up as a special season. Crabtree would express a desire to join the 49ers so he could make an immediate contribution.


Everybody would get on the same page. The 49ers want Crabtree; Crabtree wants the 49ers. Everybody would feel upbeat and express a desire to make it happen.


And then it would be left to negotiator Marathe and Parker to work out the details of the contract that would bring Crabtree into the fold.


That’s where I think this is right now. The sides are working toward making Crabtree a part of the organization.


* * *

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