Eight questions Jed York probably should answer

Now that Cleveland Browns’ owner Jimmy Haslam has confirmed that his team had trade talks with the 49ers about Jim Harbaugh, here are eight questions 49ers’ owner Jed York might want to answer:

1. Why did you deny that the 49ers and Browns discussed trading Jim Harbaugh?

2. Why did this trade not happen?

3. Did Harbaugh veto the deal?

4. Who broke off discussions?

5. What did the Browns offer?

6. Was Harbaugh behind the idea of swapping him for picks?

7. Will you extend Harbaugh’s contract now despite the fact that two years still remain on the original deal?

8. What are you going to do to mend fences with Harbaugh?

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    1. Marriucci ( I don’t care what anyone says he sucked compared to what we had ) Erickson, Nolan, Singletary. 37-11 in his first 3 years with a team who had not won more than 8 games in the previous 10. 3 straight NFC Championships games 1 SB hasn’t been done since the merger. There is some sanity. Some of you don’t like him because he hurt Alex Smiths feelings. Lol You want a nice guy I want an insane about winning will cut his brother or father if it makes them a better team coach. Harbaugh is just like Walsh Walsh just hid it better.

      1. that is an excellent piece Rob, thanks. essentially my worst fears. this is what some in the local press have intimated, but i wish those closer to the scene wouldn’t be so reticent. not blaming Grant per se but it’s very frustrating to have to get the (purported) inside read on this and other Niner front office dramas (see: Peyton Manning) from national press

          1. That is a well written piece.
            Now if I’m Jed I let both Trent and Jim know that I’m tired of reading about it in the press and that I expect them to be grown ups and do their jobs. Period.

          2. Exactly, Brotha Tuna…
            These guys have to be told that they are involved in a multi-billion dollar business, and in business you don’t have to love your business partner, you just need to work with him…..Accotrding to news reports, the folks at Stanford’s football program weren’t shedding tears when JH left the Farm to sign with the ’9ers….could there be a power struggle between JH and TB? Probably…fact of the matter is, players should be drafted to fit the system in place, not because they’re great athletes, and have a large upside, when the 49er’s draft…….remember, this whole thing is about winning ring #6 and 7 and 8 and 9…..

  1. 1) Maybe there wasn’t a discussion. Perhaps just an email saying they’d offer next year’s second and third round picks for him. And a couple of sixths if Tomsula came along. A reply saying “Ha, ha, ha” does not a discussion make.
    2) See (1)
    3) Didn’t have to. It was unsound from the outset.
    4) See (1). I suppose the reply from Baalke or York (“Ha, ha, ha”) could be considered breaking off “discussions.”
    5) I’m guessing it was close to what was described in (1).
    6) Almost certainly not. I suspect Lombardi threw a hail mary trying to keep his job by trying to get Harbaugh to Cleveland.
    7) Good question. If the Niners — with arguably the best personnel in the NFL — keep losing big postseason games — arguably because of poor coaching decisions — anything could happen.
    8) If there are fences to be mended, give him the benefit of the doubt on a couple of players on Draft Day.

    1. I’m pretty sure Harbaugh used Mick Lombardi to convince his dad that a deal was possible so he could manipulate contract negotiations….

  2. My guess Harbaugh wants to be the highest paid Coach in the NFL, minus a Super Bowl and the Niners held their ground and that is how the Cleveland thing started.

    1. Neal just like any business Jim H side probably wants to get the best deal possible and 49ers are also trying to do the same. Most likely Browns reached out to 49ers and Jim H agent with a offer to test the water however the offer was not good enough for the 49ers or Jim H. End of story.

  3. Jed to Grant-
    “Re: 8 Questions, go fish”
    Seriously, we’re not going to get any straight answers on this one. Consider it DB Cooper or Jimmy Hoffa’s gravesite.

  4. How is it that Carlos Rogers is our biggest cap hit at under 7 mil when every other playoff team has more than one 10 mil player? Props to Parag? Players continue to sign ref. Boldin. Just a question.

  5. NFL.com is now reporting that University of Texas and the Browns contacted Harbaugh’s agent. That’s were the talks ended. So, it’s fair to say that all parties are being honest here.

  6. Grant, Jed York and the 49ers organization do not need to answer any of your questions. In fact if i was in their position you would not here anything about this matter.

    This is a business and they should be always exploring all options that might benefit the team. Now with that said, i do not understand why this is such a big deal. A team with interest in acquiring Jim H approached 49ers and they had a discussion which did not materialized for whatever reason so why should they report the details to the media!

  7. Sign Harbaugh and quit being stupid! Anyone that can turn Stanford into a winner is just short of a miracle worker! Can we please use common sense I agree with the Razor check the egos before it ruins them.

    1. John and razor…..agreed!! They need to work this out. Harbaugh is a great coach….sign him to his extension already. Shoot, let him evaluate and have input on the offensive side, in particular, the WR position. Lol

  8. That wner managerial crew had to settle for their 8th choice for head coach!!! They are doing damage control nothing more. I’m not saying the new coach and GM can’t do it but Harbaugh for draft picks UUUHHH MMMMM Don’t think so….

  9. Oh yeah and Haslam your a punk and I hope your team sucks as long as your there. Your not a pro you don’t know the meaning of professional courtesy.

    1. Just the fact he came out publicly to make an announcement tells you this guy is not very confident in his organization and he is seeking fan support for chasing Jim H. Browns, your biggest issue is the owner just like the redskins and the cowboys.

  10. “Hi Grant. This is Jed York on the phone. Just got back from the dentist. They gave me some sodium pentathol for the pain. Glad to answer any questions you might raise. Lets meet for some Rice-A-Roni some day. My treat. OK, ask away…”

    1. Why did you deny that the 49ers and Browns discussed trading Jim Harbaugh?
    “Because we’re the 49ers. We can do whatever we want.”

    “When you own an NFL franchise. We have so much power, even the mighty TV monopolies bow to our every whim. We can lie all we like. Whatcha gonna do about it, report on the other pro football league? Oh yeah, there is no other major pro league… brahahaha”

    2. Why did this trade not happen?
    “Just before toe deal was to be finalized, Jim realized Cleavland was very close to the city of Cleavland.”

    3. Did Harbaugh veto the deal?
    “Yes. He realized the roster and draft capital he inherited when he took the 49er job was light years better then what the Browns would have had if the trade went through.”

    4. Who broke off discussions?
    “Jim and his family.”

    5. What did the Browns offer?
    ” Two first rounders, two second round picks and a custom Pez Paul Brown dispenser. I really with Jim took the Cleavland gig. With our talented roster, more draft picks then an expansion team and Tomsula in charge would would be a power for the next 10 years.”

    6. Was Harbaugh behind the idea of swapping him for picks?
    “He was behind the idea of bigger paychecks and working for his friend Lombardi.”

    7. Will you extend Harbaugh’s contract now despite the fact that two years still remain on the original deal?
    “We have to. We have the best locker room in the business. Our positive team moral helps us keep and attract free agents below market value. The trade story makes a mess of things. Might even torpedo the Boldin signing. Jim’s one craft dude, that’s for sure.”

    8. What are you going to do to mend fences with Harbaugh?
    “Get him a new pair of pants and a brinks truck full of money. Maybe a little more say in the draft.”

    1. Sorry about the typos. Corrections…
      2. “Just before the deal was to be finalized.”
      5. “and a custom Paul Brown Pez dispenser.”
      5. “I really (wish) Jim took the Cleavland gig.”
      7. “Jim’s one crafty dude, that’s for sure”

      Not quitting my day job.

  11. 1. Because the Browns brought it up and York quickly ended that train of thought.
    2. You really didn’t just ask that, did you Grant?
    3. York most likely told Haslam that he wasn’t interested and thought nothing more of it, as he should have.
    4. See answer to question two.
    5. Who cares?
    6. That’s highly unlikely because the idea was scrapped after one nanosecond.
    7. Maybe, maybe not.
    8. Win the Super Bowl. DUH!

  12. God I hope we don’t end up with tomsula as our coach in 2 years or less. I would not be able to stand another mike singletary(master motivator) as our coach. Lets come to a middle ground and hammer out an extension!

    1. Tomsula is the winningest coach in 49ers history (1-0). Tomsula also knows he doesn’t ever want to be a head coach. Tomsula is also way to personable and friendly and likeable. Don’t you ever speak ill of Jimmy T.

    2. CK-Lite,
      I like Tomsula, but not as our head coach. Maybe i’m still gun-shy regarding having defensive coaches as a head-coach from the days of Nolan/Singletary.

      Our next coach would need to be an offensive minded coach with the creativity and ability to drive this Ferrari.

      On another note; I’ll be looking to make some changes from my original mock draft of two weeks ago sometime soon.
      The combine results this past weekend will stir a few changes on my offense.
      The next couple of days (at the combine) will determine my defensive changes as well.

  13. Grant,

    1. Why did you deny that the 49ers and Browns discussed trading Jim Harbaugh?

    Define “discussed”, Grant. Does discuss mean any conversation, at all, regarding trading Harbaug, Including picking up the Browns Hail Mary, er, telephone call and simply talking to them, hanging up then laughing their collective asses off? Or is the word “discussed” in your question have a more narrow definition, meaning serious negotiations?

    Again, I’m not saying that serious talks didn’t happen, only that neither you nor any of us have any clue if they did, or not.

    2. Why did this trade not happen?

    There are lots of reasons, ranging from the 49ers never even entertaining the train, beyond simply taking the Browns phone call and listening, all the way up to asking JH if he was interesting in going to the Browns (which could’ve been nothing more than posturing for contract negotiations) .

    3. Did Harbaugh veto the deal?

    Not so fast, my friend. How in the world do you know there was ever a deal to be vetoed?

    4. Who broke off discussions?

    A more interesting question would be, “At what point in the discussion did talks break off?”

    5. What did the Browns offer?

    How do you know the talks got that far?

    6. Was Harbaugh behind the idea of swapping him for picks?

    Are you kidding? You must’ve really been struggling for a sixth question.

    7. Will you extend Harbaugh’s contract now despite the fact that two years still remain on the original deal?

    York has already said he’s going to be working on an extension for JH. Of course, nobody knows if it will happen, or when, but it’s already known that talks have started.

    8. What are you going to do to mend fences with Harbaugh?

    Continue to pay him $5M a year, pay whatever it takes to have the best coaching staff in the NFL and provide him with the best roster in the NFL to coach.

    And if it turns out the 49ers did have serious talks with the Browns regarding JH, it doesn’t change anything. An underthrown pass tipped by two defenders to a WR for a TD is still a bad pass.

    No matter how this shakes out, you had very thin proof to support your claims. There are respected national media members taking both sides of the story (i.e., did or didn’t happen), with the deciding “evidence” being Haslam’s statement, which could have a lot of interpretations. There’s no chance that he’s a desperate owner grasping at straws to generate interest in a moribund fan base, right? Yeah, there’s no chance at all that’s what he was up to.

    Why in the world don’t you look at, and report, the other logical possibilities. It seems you pick explanation that you like, for your own reasons (blog hits, perhaps?) and ignore other, possibly more likely scenarios.

    “Karnak” Cohn strikes again. If you don’t know who Karnak is, ask your dad, he’ll know.

  14. As soon as I saw the headline I wondered if Grant had been promoted to TMZ and the PD had given the Inside the FortyNiners gig to Mud. If he’d spelled it Jed Dork I would’ve been sure.

  15. So based on Matt Barrows source this is much ado about nothing, the browns asked and Niners said no and that was it. Basically, PFT who couldn’t stand being called out that there is really no story here, keeps making the situation seem bigger than it was. Gotta love journalists, eh. GC there is nothing to ask York, there is conspiracy or attempt to hide something. The Browns asked and the Niners rebuffed. That’s not a story or an effort to trade harbaugh. What a joke.

  16. Some Niners fans are classic idiots. Has he won a SB? Has he won a SB? He lost us our only SB. He’s won more than anyone else would have with Kap or Smith. You think Tomsula is the answer or Fangio? You do don’t you? God please no! It will slowly become just like it was before Harbaugh. Remember how long those seasons seemed. Jed your flush with cash pay him 10 mill per a season if he doesn’t win within 2 years put a clause in where you can buy him out cheap or say good bye without paying the remainder. There that wasn’t such a big leap was it?

    1. This goes back to the media claiming that the chances of the team hiring Harbaugh back in 2011 were good with Baalke as its GM (which proved to be unfounded) and is just another attempt by the media to save face.

  17. Grant, I understand the importance of getting a deal done with Harbaugh, but please don’t get on the same boring ride as all the other writers. We all understand that it just makes sense to keep Harbaugh around to keep the seats full of the new stadium. Please write about something that is interesting. We all know that we have a great coach.

  18. Well if that’s true get rid of Baalke or tell him to shut up and get along or move along. Wasn’t Jim Baalke’s choice? I’m sorry Baalke was here first and we weren’t winning until Jim got here. I like Baalke but? I wonder if all this stems from the LaMichael James pick Trent wanted him Jim didn’t. Lol!!!

  19. It’s Jimmy Johnson but we don’t have any rings yet. Maybe Jed will call Switzer. He doesn’t game plan well or wear a headset until the 4th quarter but the man can eat a hotdog.

    1. I was wrong about him having his sights set on upper tier sports journalism. I think he’s auditioning for a spot at Gawker. Or maybe Perez Hilton.

  20. He should say, “Yes we were contacted by Jacksonville and an offer was made. We informed them that we are happy with the job that Pete has done for our organization and are not interested in moving forward.”

    Simple. Address the question and leave no room for interpretation.

    1. NFL owners don’t have to tell the world all of their private business. You want them to tweet what they had for breakfast too?

        1. Jack – NFL Owners offices get tons of silly calls every week. If they publicly respond to every media inquiry then nothing would get done.

          1. Jed took the time to respond to this one.

            I see the problem. He couldn’t fit that type of response into 180 characters or less.

          2. It was a silly attempt by the desperate Browns. Like I said before, NFL offices get flooded with ridiculous phone calls. Does the media expect them to tweet-out who called them everyday?
            This Browns attempt was laughable to Jed so he kept it quiet……To avoid a TMZ type of circus he had to respond with something.
            What a waste of time on this complete asinine story.

          3. MidWest,

            How did that work out for him?


            I have no issue with York keeping it quiet. He doesn’t have to tell everyone the daily business. PFT went with their version of the story and he chose to comment. By denying that any conversation took place, when one in fact did he is keeping the chatter going.

            How hard would it have been for him to say, “The Browns reached out to me, and we had no interest in pursuing it. We are happy with having Harbaugh as our coach” if it is indeed how they feel?

          4. MidWest,

            How did that work out for him?

            It doesn’t matter how he said it Jack. The media would have found a way to spin the non-story as the team not having faith that Harbaugh is the answer at the HC position. It was a lose-lose situation for no matter what York said because the media would see to it.

          5. “The media would have found a way to spin the non-story as the team not having faith that Harbaugh is the answer at the HC position.”

            Not if York had stated they were happy with him. This thing has blown up because the lack of communication from the organization has allowed it to.

          6. Jack:

            Right, and the report was:

            A deal that would have sent multiple draft picks to San Francisco was in place between the teams. But Harbaugh ultimately decided not to leave the 49ers.

            York’s tweet stated: “Report isn’t true.”

            Stating that the report wasn’t true false in no way equals a denial that the teams conversed.

          7. The point is, saying the story wasn’t true wasn’t a lie. Florio’s story is much different than what York has admitted to. He should have given a more intricate explanation than the report isn’t true, but he also didn’t lie in saying it wasn’t true.

          8. Jack:

            The media’s inability to comprehend what they read (or failure to read it carefully) doesn’t turned York’s tweet into a denial that any conversation had occurred.

            You and rocket are correct that York could have responded more artfully, but it doesn’t make him a liar. Florio can try all he wants to make it seem like Jed was dishonest (and Ray Ratto and Grant can echo Florio), but the accusations aren’t supported by the facts.

          9. Jack:

            I read this statement comment as an assertion that York had lied:

            By denying that any conversation took place, when one in fact did he is keeping the chatter going.

            I apologize if I misinterpreted what you wrote.

          10. >> The media’s inability to comprehend what they read (or failure to read carefully) doesn’t turn York’s tweet …

            I need to do a better job of proofreading. Sorry.

          11. Again, where in any of this have I said that York is lying or not telling the truth?

            By the way, what are the facts? “How does anyone outside of the Browns or 49ers organization know exactly what happened?”

          12. Jack:

            Again, where in any of this have I said that York is lying or not telling the truth?

            What did you mean when you wrote “By denying that any conversation took place, when one in fact did he is keeping the chatter going”? I took it as an assertion that York had lied.

          13. Claude,

            York’s handling was sloppy. By only Tweeting out that Florio’s report was not true when within hours other more respected reporters found that discussions did take place left room for the chatter and digging to grow.

            Had he taken the time to put together a release instead, much of the back and forth and rehashing of the Harbaugh/Baalke relationship could have been avoided.

          14. Jack:

            I don’t disagree with that. I will only say that York’s sloppiness was rivaled, if not surpassed, by those members of the media (Florio, Ratto, Grant, to name three) who read York’s tweet as something it wasn’t and then asserted/suggested that he lied. These are educated people who write for a living; they shouldn’t be making that kind of mistake.

          15. Not if York had stated they were happy with him. This thing has blown up because the lack of communication from the organization has allowed it to.

            No communication would have stymied this Jack. I can see the response now: YORK SAYS THE TEAM IS HAPPY WITH JIM HARBAUGH, BUT SOURCES SAY OTHERWISE. And then they go into their usual non-story twisting ways, making something bigger than what it actually is. Like I said, York was in a lose-lose situation no matter what he said.

          1. All Jed had to say was ” we were contacted by the Browns about the availability of Harbaugh and we declined.” That would have pretty much ended it. It became a bigger story because Jed just tweeted it wasn’t true when there was some truth to it. The actual story written by Florio likely wasn’t true (that a trade had been agreed upon and Harbaugh nixed it), but with a little more detail in his answer, Jed could have put this thing to bed quickly.

            The bigger issue is how things proceed because there is very little doubt that a problem exists between Harbaugh and Baalke, and according to La Canfora, Marathe as well. Harbaugh will not win a war with those two, and as of now his future as Niner HC is shaky at best.

  21. I’m calling this right now. The niners trade haurbaugh to the dolphins for multiple draft picks. The dolphins had an interest remember? There coaching situation is shaky at best after that debacle with Martin and incognito… Niners should keep Balke as the GM and try to hire gruden.. I’m starting to realize that haurbaugh is a cancer behind the scenes.. He did an amazing job here and I wish he would sign and extension and work with the niners brass but he is just a different cat… I hope I’m wrong but this is not good.

      1. Check the link from Grant’s comment earlier.

        LaCanfora, “I’ve long expected Dolphins owner Stephen Ross to attempt to trade for Harbaugh, and we all know he already tried to hire him before firing a coach in the past.”

        1. Oh your right hammer thanks! Makes a lot of sense. Good young qb there especially with Jim coaching him. They got some talent

  22. No No No whoever gets hired by Jed next has to approved by the Cohns guys. Please no more let’s hire Gruden. He sucks. He was good his first stop and won a SB with someone else’s team then sucked at adding to it. You want a retired coach pray for Cowher. I like Shaw go right back to Stanford. You know who I really love though???? Jim Harbaugh!!!! Fix this tomorrow Jed. How many times did Eddie fire Bill??? Get some advice and stop the madness in the morning. This is becoming a runaway train.

  23. How about, if jh was traded who would take the head coaching job? I would want Jon gruden. Who wouldn’t want a championship caliber team?

      1. They played the Raiders. Lol he knew their plays they would call them out loud. They had a Ravenesque D that he didn’t build he didn’t even build the O he got Brad Johnson and Dungy had Shawn King Lol I can’t stop laughing I can’t believe we are even talking about this what the hell happened why can’t we all just get along?

        1. Dude I hope to god we don’t lose this coach but its not looking good! All I m saying is that gruden is a much better coach then tomsula..

  24. Baldwin, Sherman, and Jenkins instead of Grant’s choice – Coby Fleener could have all been points of contention. Sherman and Baldwin blame Harbough — maybe they are wrong.

  25. How soon people forget history and are doomed to repeat it. Remember a guy namer Marrucci who lead the 49ers to the playoffs 2 years after losing Steve young? He wanted more say, they ores said no, he dabbled with cooleg football and was almost traded to Tampa. Sound similar. Harbaugh is annoying and should not ne excused for having the last placed pass offense with this talent, but between a Dikta mini me , vs bargain basement shmucks the Yorks like ( Ericsson, Nolan sing …tomsula) I’ll take Harbaugh a+++++. My concern is like the moribito brothers, saving $ is way more important than winning to the Yorks. Remember carrol was the 49ers ex defensive coordinator , they could have gotten him to replace Nolan, and we could well have our 6 th Super Bowl trophy, but he wanted too much money. The fear of change is based upon the Yorks history of making stupid decisions not because Harbaugh is all that great. If the would be willing to pay for a grudin, shanahan Reid, Kubiak or carrol, I would say thank you very much mr Harbaugh good bye! But to turn kap (work in progress) over to sone dude who coached in the European league makes me nauteous.

      1. If you actually think this is about money you’re nutz! Its about control of the team and harbs wants it. Asking your head coach if he wants to accept a trade for multiple draft picks is not positioning for contract negotiations. That is going down a way different road, a very bumpy one. Everything is finally going so well and we’re so close, then Seattle wins it all and now this!! I’ve been going back and forth this. On one hand, we could probably have any coach we want with this roster and amount of picks we have. Not to mention Kap. On the other hand it amounted to jack before Harbaugh got here. He’s obviously one of the best in the game if you can put up with some of his antics. Tough choice, glad I don’t have to make it.

    1. Niner how can you say saving money is important to Jed York when he just spent what he spent on the new stadium. He could have cut bait, moved the team to L.A. and had the stadium built for free.

  26. The question would be who would remain with the staff? GRo is a hc candidate and this is may be why he hasn’t left yet, knows he’ll be in the mix if he waits one or two more years.
    I say make the trade, get a couple of draft picks and hire David Shaw. Don’t have to change a ton of stuff and he’s a proven winner.
    Also, this is why Mangini may be staying with the organization and is now coaching TE.

    1. Oh God please not Mangini. See guys this is why this is so bad I think they would hire someone in house instead of going outside first. Oh man Tomsula, G-RO, Fangio and Mangini. Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence then again maybe Baalke really hate all of them it’s Jim who loves them. Baalke’s job is on the line if we lose Jim and start reverting back to pre Harbaugh form. Again Jed get out in front of this thing please!

  27. Jed needs to institute the following:

    1st RULE: You do not talk about NINERS FIGHT CLUB.

    2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about NINERS FIGHT CLUB.
    3rd RULE: If someone says “stop” or goes limp, taps out the fight is over.
    4th RULE: Only two guys to a fight.
    5th RULE: One fight at a time.
    6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes.
    7th RULE: Fights will go on as long as they have to.
    8th RULE: If this is your first night at NINERS FIGHT CLUB, you HAVE to fight.
    9th RULE: Leave the team president/Contracts Ninja out of it!

    1. No I am Afraid the “Contacts Ninja” aka Paaaaaarge is thick in the middle of all this. The evil triumvirate of Paarge, John, and Denise are rearing their cheap ugly heads AGAIN. On what planet does it make sense to lowball your 3-time NFCCG-reaching head coach one year before you open a billion dollar stadium? Does Paarge realize that there is no salary cap for coaches? Do John and Denise understand how much more money they could make with Harbaugh in place for the stadium opening than say Jim Tomsula (who I think would be a better head coach that Nolan/Sing, but not as good as Harbs)? And yes, I am misspelling Paarge’s name on purpose because he is one of the the poster boys for the Yorks ineptness through the first decade of their tenure as NFL owners.

  28. I haven’t been on it a while. After reading the stories about Harbaugh I had to read everyone’s comments and add my own thoughts. We don’t need to play around with the coach. I would hate to see us make a mistake with this situation and it cost us dearly down the road. Harbaugh is going to win where ever he goes. He’s proved that. We can’t guarantee we are going to get a great coach if we make a blunder with the coach who has led us to 3 straight NFC championship games. This is starting to remind me of how Jerry Jones did with his coaches.

  29. Seems to me Jimmy Haslam comes out of this whole thing looking like an idiot. What purpose does it serve the Browns to even discuss any of this in public. The only message they are sending their new coach and their fans is that the coach they just hired is a consolation prize. Also, how does discussing something that never went anywhere and is potentially embarrassing to another team help with future discussions. Who would trust the Browns to keep anything confidential. This is why the Browns are a laughing stock on and off the field. Jed York may need to do some internal meetings with his leadership team but he doesn’t need to address anything publicly. I wouldn’t extend any type of public comment.

    1. “I wouldn’t extend any type of public comment.”

      You probably wouldn’t, but Jed did. Here is what he had to say to Peter King on Sunday night.

      “Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio reported Friday that the Browns “nearly pulled off a trade” for boffo 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh. That put the combine on its ear, and set off a flurry of denials and non-denial denials. Cleveland officials wouldn’t deny the story, lending it added credence, and then, on Sunday, owner Jimmy Haslam told USA Today, “There was an opportunity there, and it didn’t materialize.” Harbaugh denied the story, and the Niners organization mostly kept quiet except for a tweet from CEO Jed York Friday night denying the story.

      That was until Sunday night, when York told me he would not rehash the entire story but did say: “The Browns reached out to me, and we had no interest in pursuing it.”

      That confirms this story was more than the Browns spitballing an impossible dream, as the Harbaugh quotes and early Niners denial would make it seem. But as I first heard Friday night, I don’t believe terms were discussed back and forth between the Browns and Niners. I believe that, as York said, the 49ers decided not to engage the Browns on any substantive negotiations for Harbaugh.”

      1. Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio reported Friday that the Browns “nearly pulled off a trade” for boffo 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh.

        Which isn’t true.

      2. I know Jed discussed it publicly. I also know PFT and other media outlets are circling this story like buzzards because they don’t have anything better to discuss at this time of year. I think Barrow’s commentary is spot on. Nothing to see here, move along people.

      3. Florio’s story likely wasn’t true, but I think we’re kidding ourselves if we believe everything is ok between Harbaugh and the front office. Kawakami reported tensions between Harbaugh and Baalke in Dec., and now La Canfora has reported the tension is also with Paarag Marathe as well. Harbaugh seems to be a tough guy to get along with, and it’s now affecting his long term future in SF. I hate the idea of losing him, but I can’t see him winning a battle with the GM and President of the team.

        Once again Egos could destroy a great situation.

        1. Not a Kawakami fan in the least. He’s from the Skip Bayless school of “Make crap up and see if I can get myself noticed” school of journalism.

  30. It’s becoming bigger situation than what it is..Why would anybody leak private info of something that couldve happened but didn’t? Serves no purpose.. someone is trying to make the 49ers look bad…

  31. Before we get caught up in PFT’s conspiracy theory, York never denied that discussions took place. Especially with the statements we now have in place, it is clear that his “report not true” Tweet referred to PFT’s report – which now seems to be conjecture – that a deal was nearly done. York, Baalke, and the organization have established that they do not discuss deals that did not occur in the press, so why would York elaborate beyond his initial response? I don’t doubt for a moment that the Browns asked about everyone on the Niners’ staff and roster, and it would have been irresponsible for the Niners to not at least hear them out. But to postulate that they would have been willing to give up a coach with unprecedented success for a few draft picks – which we now know didn’t include a first-rounder – and trade him into his brother’s division … this is just silly. I do not believe for a moment that the Niners came anywhere near making that deal.

  32. Sarah to Coach Harbaw:
    The only thing from this house which
    goes with you to Cleveland is those
    ridiculous khaki trousers/slacks/pants.
    Oh, yeah, and the kids – every two weeks.
    I am staying right here in Atherton.
    Will that make me ex-wife #2 ….
    or are you staying with the Niners?

  33. Grant here are the 8 answers to the 8 questions you think Jed York should answer…….Its an internal issue and it will be handled internally. Well that ends that discussion lets move on.

  34. If the team lost Harbaugh right now not only would our SuperBowl window close, it would shatter in the process. If Harbaugh leaves be prepared to listen to 5+ years of talk about how the Seahawks are the dominate force in the NFCWest and how the Cardinals and Rams will be continuously vying for second place.

    This is what you guys want, because this is what it was like before Harbaugh was the coach.

    1. Not to mention, Harbaugh would like he turned tail and ran, after Carroll picked up the glove and smacked him across the face with it….

    2. I disagree. First off I think that Harbaugh’s negotiation tactics leave a lot to be desired. Remember when he first came to SF from Stanford. He negotiated with us for two days and then magically left. He went and spent two days with the Dolphin’s owner. He did this to drive his price up in SF.

      Second time, he had his people whisper to Texas that he was interested in their coaching job at $10 million per. Basically letting the 49ers know how much he was going to cost.
      3rd time around he’s coming up in talks with the Browns.

      This is no accident. It’s a negotiation tactic. It’s not a very honorable negotiation tactic. I like Harbaugh as a coach. But he is not perfect. His passing offense is behind the curve. We can now see that he held back Alex Smith and he’s holding Kaepernick back too. Harbaugh is also not a very good at critical moments in the game. His use of time outs is terrible. His track record in challenging plays is terrible. His red zone offense leaves a lot to be desired. His ability to develop pass catchers once again leaves a lot to be desired. And lastly, his play calling system to get plays in to the QB is terrible and consistently has us in danger of delay of games.

      What I am trying to say is that he is a very good coach, but he has holes in his game. He has an extremely talented team. A team that any top five coach in the league would love to come in and take over. What it comes down to is, how big of a pain in the arse has Harbaugh truly become and is ownership tiring of his act?

      I really hope all of this blows over and we get a S, CB and speedy WR out of this draft.

      1. @Bay

        Good post; I’m in total agreement, and I’m getting to believe that JH is doing everything to keep HIS name in the paper….this should not be….

      2. There were holes alright. Holes in my heart through all the losing seasons, left drinking by the river every night with Noah Relevancy, a friend I had met at the homeless shelter….

    3. I doubt that coffee..we haven’t won a superbowl with him yet.lol..let’s not get crazy..He’s a good coach..not a great coach..We have a Andy Reid 2.0 thus far

    4. If Harbaugh has exactly the same amount of SB trophys as Nolan, Erickson, and Singletary, why do we destroy them and attempt to cannonize him?

  35. Has anyone ever once heard that Bill Parcells was easy to get along with? Do you think Belichick is a peach to deal with on a daily basis? If any of this has anything to do with Baalke having a problem with Harbaugh’s attitude or personality then Baalke needs to sack up and get over it or we need a new GM.

    1. That’s how I feel. He whiffed on an entire draft class. That alone should have put him on probation. It was Harbaugh that prompted the trade up for Kaepernick, not Baalke. Finding a franchise quarterback is hard enough, but finding a winning coach in the National Football League is even harder….

      1. I know it’s just meant as an off the cuff comment but Ive got to ask, how so? To me I don’t see many similarities other then in the difficult to deal with department. Harbaugh to me is like an upgraded Mariucci; he’s an amazing motivator but his game management and strategy leave much to be desired. I think of Parcels as almost the opposite of that, probably an average motivator but he was one hell of a strategist.

        1. Parcells had a big, volatile personality, usually the biggest personality in the franchise, like Harbaugh. Parcells lasted 8 seasons with the Giants, four with the Patriots, three with the Jets and four with the Cowboys.

      2. Your arguments sometimes leave something to be desired. Harbaugh will be entering his 4th campaign as a head coach in the National Football League, Mr. Parcells is retired from coaching….

        1. Parcel won Two Super Bowl Championship as a HC for the New Yok Giants.I’d rather have Parcell coach the 49ers then Harbaugh. You said Harbaugh is a winner.When harbaugh came to the niners he inherited a young very talented 49ers team, that’s why he had a lot of success in his first three season with teh 49ers.

          Any coach with an experience as a head coach can win with the talent that the 49ers have. Mike Nolan and and Mike Sing wasn’t too bright to be a HC in the NFL they’re defensive mind coaches and assistant coach nothing else.

          1. Grant, seriously – do you think the 49ers will run off Jim Harbaugh if he doesn’t win a SuperBowl next year? Is that your prediction? If Harbaugh gets to the Superbowl or even the NFCCG but doesn’t come away with the Lombardi Trophy your contention is that the 49ers will not re-up his contract prior to 2015?

          2. I’ll bet you lunch gift cards to the winners favorite restaurant that Jim Harbaugh does not coach a lame duck season for the 49ers in 2015 no matter what the results are in 2014.

          3. Grant, that type of move is what kills dynasties before they come to fruition. Both Baalke and Harbaugh have been owned by the Seahawks. They’re under the 49ers skin, and this latest fiasco is the rash byproduct. Before the slap boxing begins to leave red handprints, better hammer out a deal and end the front office reality show. Pay him $8 mill a year and get him a $2 mill endorsement deal with Levis….It’s not brain surgery, it’s called common sense.

          4. Have to agree with Grant on this one. If they don’t get a deal done this offseason, then the only way Harbaugh gets the contract he wants is with a SB win next season. That seems to be the dividing point right now so how would that change with another season that didn’t end in a SB win?

            My worry is that the team has tired of him and that is a mitigating factor in the contract talks. In other words, they’ll deal with his quirks if he takes what they think he’s worth, but won’t break the bank for a guy who hasn’t won the SB and drives everybody nuts.

            As a fan, I don’t want Harbaugh going anywhere, but that seems to be where it’s heading if they don’t get something done this offseason.

      3. Comparing their first three seasons. Parcells is Harbaugh without the winning record (21-25), conference championship appearances (0) and division titles (0).

    2. Agree.

      I’ll take Harbaugh over Baalke any day.

      Baalke really has had minimal success in the draft, and as Razor brought up he completely whift on an entire draft. Baalke’s strong points seem to be contract neogtiations and re-signings. The guy really sticks to his guns when geting deals done, and it has worked so far. But if we keep having these wated drafts, this team will be back in the dark years in 3-4 years time.

      York is no dummy, if has to choose it will be Harbaugh. Coaches like that don’t come around too often.

      1. The hell are you talking about regarding balkes drafts? Other then the 2012 that was a very weak class, he has done a GREAT job! A. Davis, Iupati, k, hunter, N bowman, B miller, Aldon smith, kaep, culliver, E Reid, crabtree, Patton, tank, lattimore, McDonald. Please don’t state stupid comments like that other then referring to ONE draft that he missed on.. Nailed 2/3 drafts and has made this team into talent base for other teams to pick up players that can’t make out roster..

        1. Its funny that you call a person’s comment “stupid” and then you use evidence of Baalke’s superior drafts that include players that haven’t played a down for the 49ers (Tank, Lattimore). Pretty stupid comment…

          1. Well I guess you will find out how good players are going to be right? I know there going to be very good.. You will come to that realization very soon.

          2. Crabtree and McDonald were drafted before Baalke was in charge. If you want to give him credit for everything then he needs to take credit for Taylor Mays and AJ Jenkins.

          3. I was referring to Vance McDonald.. And he was there when Crabtree got drafted. Scotty MC was relieved from his duties.. Trent was his right hand man. Plus I did say that the 2012 draft was a miss. That’s where Jenkins was drafted.. Balke is a top 3 GM in all of football.. Jim is a great coach but he csuses problems in every team he has jumped from.. From Stanford to the niners.. He goes before Trent goes no doubt about it.

          4. rocket:

            I tend to agree with you regarding the likely outcome of this hypothetical power struggle. Coaches burn out, especially coaches as volatile as Harbaugh. And while Harbaugh is very much a players coach, it wouldn’t shock me if some veterans eventually grew tired of his “shtick.”

            I don’t think GMs present the same issues.

        2. I never said he didn’t have any hits…he has…and some good ones too…Iupati, Davis, Aldon, Kaep (but most say this was a Harbaugh pick). But as it was said Crabs was a no-brainer at the time and I think that’s arguable for Reid as well.

          And for you to start listing players who have yet to be proven or step on a field is, as you put it, “stupid”… its just a strong word to throw around….that’s why I usually don’t.

          I respect your opinion and I’m not going to say you’re wrong that Baalke would be chosen to stay over Harbs if York had to make a choice, you make some vaild points.

          1. Leo, I apologize for using the word stupid it was uncalled for. You made some good points as well! I believe the way jim continues to get his name involved in the college ranks and now the browns, it seems to me that he really has NO loyalties.. He is a great coach but its not worth it to get rid of a very good GM and parag marothe who has turned around and fixed our cap hell that we were in, for a coach that can bail at any time. Reports are that jim is clashing with a lot of others in the organization.

          2. No hard feelings CK=elite….i’ve heard worse around here…lol

            Yea very true…it may be Jim on the street very soon….i’m not sure how i feel about Tomsula taking over if its true… I would like it only if they got rid of Roman and brought in another OC, or promoted Chryst.

          3. Baalke has been a huge part of building one of the most talented teams in football. He deserves criticism for the 2012 draft misses, but overall his time as GM has resulted in a lot more success than failure and he’s put together not only a talented team, but has garnered extra draft picks to keep the team in great shape for the future.

            Harbaugh and Baalke are both near the top of the league in what they do, and that may be part of the problem. It’s tough for two strong willed alpha males to coexist in the same building. Whatever the case, I can’t see Harbaugh winning the struggle. Jed will keep Baalke and Marathe over him imo.

          4. This comment should have gone here:


            I tend to agree with you regarding the likely outcome of this hypothetical power struggle. Coaches burn out, especially coaches as volatile as Harbaugh. And while Harbaugh is very much a players coach, it wouldn’t shock me if some veterans eventually grew tired of his “shtick.”

            I don’t think GMs present the same issues.

          5. That is usually the case CB. In this situation it’s also about the relationships York has with Baalke and Marathe which seem to be much stronger than what he has with Harbaugh.

        3. Ronald Johnson WR – Bust
          Kyle Williams WR – Bust
          Taylor Mays S – 2nd round bust
          A.J. Jenkins WR – 1st round bust
          La Michael James 2nd round – TBD
          V-McDonald- 2nd round TBD

          And Elite, as far as Kaep, he was drafted under Baalke, but Baalke didn’t want him. Harbaugh wanted him.

      2. Leo:

        Baalke really has had minimal success in the draft

        You’re kidding, right?

        Anthony Davis (1) – 4 year starter, 2012 Pro Bowl
        Mike Iupati (1) – 4 year starter, multiple Pro Bowls, 2012 1st team All Pro
        Taylor Mays (2) – reportedly, Mike Singletary’s pick*
        Navorro Bowman (3) – 1st team All Pro 2011-2013
        Anthony Dixon (6) – good special teams player
        Kyle Williams(6) – hard to call a 6th round pick a bust

        Aldon Smith (1) – 1st Team All Pro, Top 5 pass rusher in league
        Colin Kaepernick (2) – Many fans believe that he farts rainbows, including those who are now questioning Baalke’s ability to draft*
        Culliver (3) – solid pick; potential starter at CB
        Kendall Hunter (4) – solid when healthy; good value
        Daniel Kilgore (5) – TBD (may be starting C in 2014)
        Johnson – Again, it seems silly to call a 6th round pick a bust.

        As has been chronicled, it was not a good draft, although James and Looney still TBD

        Far too soon to judge, but Reid played exceptionally well in his first year.

        Baalke’s strong points seem to be contract neogtiations and re-signings. The guy really sticks to his guns when geting deals done, and it has worked so far.

        I think you may be confusing Baalke’s and Marathe’s responsibilities.

        York is no dummy, if has to choose it will be Harbaugh.

        Don’t bet on it. If things were as clear cut as you make them out to be, I don’t think we’d be reading the stories we’re reading.

        * I think you have to treat Kaepernick and Mays similarly when judging Baalke. If you aren’t going to give him any credit for Kaepernick, you can’t fault him for Mays. And while I did read reports that Baalke argued against taking Mays; I have never read a report that he didn’t want Kaepernick. I did read that he deferred to Harbaugh in selecting Kaepernick (as he should have). I also note that Baalke was the one who figured out how to acquire Kaepernick.

  36. Smart, good offensive tackles in the NFL will use Clowneys speed against him if it’s his only trick. I smell another Vernon Gholston.

    1. What you smell is bull dung. Clowney is a very rare commodity. Doesn’t matter that you know what he’s going to do, he baits you. He sets you up. He’s able to read in real time what you’re going to do, and is able to counter it….

          1. They will if they decide that the QB position is more important or that they can’t pass on a phenom WR like Sammy Watkins.

          2. My only worry about Clowney is love of the game and work ethic. If a player doesn’t have that, it doesn’t matter how talented he is. Talent wise he could be one of the best ever, but you don’t succeed on talent alone in the NFL. It’s going to be a really tough call for the teams in the top 5 because they’ll all want to draft him, but will have to do so wondering just how much he wants to play.

        1. It would be really dumb if they did pass on him. They’d have there version of the Smith Bros. like the 49ers….Watt/Clowney

          1. Totally agree. Watt and Clowney together would make a devastating defense. Watt and Antonio Smith are known as high motor guys with awesome work ethic. The Texans head coach is apparently a tough guy who doesn’t accept less than best effort. That would be a perfect fit for Clowney.

          1. There are always questions until the product reaches the field and shows what he is capable of doing Razor.
            The Rams have Chris Long and Robert Quinn, so I highly doubt they draft Clowney. They will probably draft Sammy Watkins if he doesn’t go with the first pick.

          2. Why in the WORLD would the Texans release Andre Johnson? He’s the best player on the team and he’s under contract for 2 more years. He still had over 100 catches for 1,400 yards last year with QB’s who wouldn’t even be on most other teams rosters. They could possibly trade Johnson but they will not release him. That would be epic ignorance.

          3. He also has a huge contract Houston and was starting to show his age a little this past season. He also isn’t a TD machine like Watkins could potentially be.

          4. Like you with Roby Razor? Roby’s major concern is his lack of concentration and you want him with a secondary that had lapses in coverage last season.

          5. I was one of the first on this blog to say Roby is a first round talent. Turns out the people that do this work for a living agree. We’ll see where he goes soon enough…

          6. And scouts have never been wrong before.
            I don’t see a first round pick when I look at Roby’s highlights. Mid-second round at most, but definitely not first round material.

          7. More than you, me, and probably every poster on this blog combined Razor, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be wrong from time to time.

  37. “What I learned this week looking into the Jim Harbaugh situation: Along with the #Browns and University of Texas, USC also made a run at him” ~ Ian Rapaport

      1. It’s been reported that the Browns asked about several coaches on the staff, including Harbaugh, so I wouldn’t be surprised that if Roman was asked about it and he he said no.

          1. Mid,

            There’s mixed reports on whether McDaniels actually did turn them down. Whatever the case, Roman has told anyone who will listen about his desire to be a HC, and there is no doubt in my mind he would have taken the job if offered. No matter how bad an NFL team is, it’s an NFL job and there are only 32 of them. Not many Coaches turn down the opportunity to be a HC in the NFL unless they are big money guys in College, and Roman certainly wouldn’t considering he’s never had the chance and desperately wants it.

          2. There are several coaching candidates that turned the Browns down due to what they described as a toxic front office Rocket. I doubt that Roman is so desperate to be a head coach that he would willingly step into that kind of environment.

      1. Peyton Manning story at least made sense. I do believe the Browns contacted the Niners but I do not believe there was any ‘serious’ consideration to the conversation. It just does not make sense.

  38. Did Lombardi get fired because he told Haslam he could get Harbaugh? Is Lombardi the source of TMZ wannabe Florio’s initial reports? Sour grapes? When are OTAs, this gossip girl crap sucks.

  39. A little contract posturing from the front office perhaps. Maybe the front office is sending a message to Harbaugh that he does not hold all the cards in 49er-universe.

    This could end up being a big story with long reaching ramifications or just a news bit that loses steam in a few days.

  40. This story has only been around a couple of days and i ca’nt express how sick of it i am. Lets talk football, has anyone heard how Fales looked at the combine yesterday? If Clowney slips in the draft how far would he have to slip before the 9ers try and make a trade? Hell i’ll even argue with Bay about Alex Smith rather than keep this non story alive.

        1. No, that would put an end to all the speculation and questions. It would show that when the going gets tough in San Francisco, the tough don’t quit, they get going…..

          1. This has been going on since Harbaugh was linked to the Niners in their coaching search after the Singletary debacle with them (the media) claiming that Harbaugh wouldn’t come to the Niners if Michael Lombardi wasn’t the GM and they haven’t let up since, so I don’t see it dying anytime soon.

      1. They don’t want to pay him more than Carroll Razor; that’s the problem. Carroll won the SB and is making 7 mill a year. The Niners can’t see the logic in paying Harbaugh more than the guy who just won the SB.

        Old Coach,

        Fales didn’t look very athletic to me. Ran a 4.9 and a 5.0 in the 40, and measured shorter than he was listed at SJSU, below 6″2. I don’t see him as anything more than a late round option for somebody personally.

        1. Harbaugh is worth $8 million, Carroll is worth $10 million. In fact, he’ll probably be the next big extension.

          Logan Thomas is the guy to take in the 6th Round. The whisperer says, shhhhhh….

          1. I’d like to see Jim work with him for a couple of years before I’d make that determination…..Now that’s not to say you couldn’t have a couple wrinkle plays for him to get into a ball game or two.

          2. Razor,

            I don’t disagree, and personally I’d pay Harbaugh as much as Carroll is making if I were the Niners, but the team sees this as a production based decision and don’t feel he’s worth as much or more than the guy who won the SB. It’s not just Carroll that is stoking Harbaugh’s fire; Fisher in STL is also making 7 mill a year, which gives Harbaugh a strong bargaining position because he deserves to be paid more than Fisher based on their recent resumes.

            I don’t see why they couldn’t agree on 7.5 or something in that range, considering they know Carroll will be getting a raise at some point soon and also knowing it would placate Harbaugh knowing he was making more than FIsher.

            This is why I think it’s more than just the money. I think the Niners are seriously thinking of a way to part with Harbaugh that won’t be a public relations nightmare. I hope I’m wrong on that, but that is my feeling on it.

          3. What part? Offering him 7.5?

            As to the window slamming shut without Harbaugh, it’s possible, but it would all depend on the Coach they were able to bring in.

          4. Rocket, “This is why I think it’s more than just the money. I think the Niners are seriously thinking of a way to part with Harbaugh that won’t be a public relations nightmare. I hope I’m wrong on that, but that is my feeling on it.” That part….

          5. The 49ers management arn’t stupid. They know if Harbaugh doesn’t win the Super Bowl next season its over for Harbaugh as the 49ers HC. Jed York will not give Harbaugh an extension and that goes for Kaepernick as well.They both can take the same bus out of San francisco and find a new home.

    1. I’m not sure which story i’m more tired of…this one or the gay kid who came out…. he’s gay, everyones’s fine with it and just doesn’t care…move on!

    1. Fales looked good at the Combine Coach. Basically what you see in his highlights is what you’re going to get. He may have done enough to move his self into late third round-early fourth round consideration.

        1. That fall wouldn’t surprise me considering where Patton fell to in the last draft, but I think he should be considered in the 3rd-4th round range.

    2. According to my 14 year old draftnik, Fales looked great and Cooks is the best WR in the draft. He also backs me up on my opinion that Landry will be a better pro than Beckham.

          1. With the depth at the WR position in this draft, the Niners will get a good one either with the first round pick or in the second. This is an unprecedented WR class.

  41. I’m hoping this is all making a mountain out of a mole hill. It would do alot for Jim and Trent to have a joint appearance. Being seen together would go along way towards calming things down.

    The more stable the team leadership appears, the more attractive it is for free agents. They better get together soon.

    1. Sure, as long as a fight doesn’t break out with them rolling around on the floor behind the podium! LOL! At that point the PR Director’s shoulders sag and he walks back to his office to clean out his desk.

  42. Would Har-Har really want to coach a team that has NO high picks because they traded them away?!?!?!?
    Get Real! This field has been plowed enough already……….

  43. Grant you’re the eyes and ears at the combine for most of us on weekdays, so whats happening at the combine today and do us all a favor and let this Harbaugh trade story die a quiet death like it deserves.

    1. The final answer to this story has been posted on Matt Barrows blog. Read it and then there is no reason to continue the discussion

      1. there’s only one part of the story missing; and that’s Harbaugh. There are talks that Harbaugh spoke with Lombardi about a month ago or so ago about interviewing 49er assistant coaches. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that they discussed Harbaugh’s contract situation. I highly doubt any serious discussion was made but I can imagine that it was brought up, the Browns thought about it and called up York. Heck, it could have even been a ploy by Harbaugh (probably Harbaugh’s agent) to kick the 49ers in the rear to move the contract negotiations more in his favor. Again, this is complete speculation but it’s not out of the realm of possibility and fits with much of the facts known.

  44. I still haven’t heard Grant’s reason as to WHY Jed York would answer those questions.

    As to why the negotiations with Harbaugh’s extension has stalled; is it purely the money which has been reported (is he really insisting on being paid like a Super Bowl winning coach?). What is the difference between what a Super Bowl winning coach and Harbaugh’s open market value? Remember that often times market value exceeds or has a premium over actual performance value (think of all the overpriced free agent players).

    Baalke has admitted in the past that there is “normal” GM/Head Coach friction. You have to think that Harbaugh isn’t happy with A.J. Jenkins (who would be?). Could he also not have liked the LaMichael James pick? Maybe even Vance McDonald? These players didn’t develop as expected but also didn’t see playing time. How much is that the fault of the talent evaluate and how much is that the fault of the coaching staff for not developing or utilizing these players to their fullest?

    Do you think Harbaugh is on board with the red shirt drafting policies of drafting Carradine, Lattimore, Dial and Marquandt? Coaches typically focus on winning immediately so I can’t imagine one liking the long term strategy of drafting red shirt players.

    1. @a4f&p

      Let’s not fool ourselves, Harbaugh does have some say in the draft as well as some FA moves….Wouldn’t it be great to show up in camp and find that the GM had drafted all Dlinemen? One hand scratches the other…he does have some say….

      1. i’m sure Harbaugh has some say in the draft. It would be mind blowing stupid if he had no input. But if you look at the utilization and development of some players that have been picked as well as the long term strategy selecting red shirt IR players and you have to wonder to what degree is/would a head coach be on board with those personnel decisions.

  45. After the 9ers resign Boldin hopefully it will put to rest the whole 9ers drafting a WR in the 1st rd story and then we can move on to WR steals we can get later in the draft. In the 5th or 6th Rd a real steal will be available in Jeff Janis

    1. I think the Niners draft a 1st round receiver if the value is there at the time of the pick. and the pool of WRs this year is supposedly pretty deep so drafting a WR is still not off the board. Crabtree’s contract extension is still up in the air (though they could hold on to him another year or two with out a new contract). And a new Boldin deal would probably only be for another year or two at the most. But I’d agree that it certainly wouldn’t be a position of priority or need anymore.

    2. Coach
      I agree that with AB back and Baldwin taking a cut to stay we will have 4 WR on a team that doesnt use 3WR sets often and drafting one in the first might seem like overkill. However with a so-so CB class and only dix and pryor having 1st rd grades at S which way would you lean? BPA? or a specific position?

    3. I’ll grab his highlights later in the week. His numbers blow me away. 6-3, 219lbs, runs a 4.42 (4.30 unofficial).

      His 10 yard split 1.47 is better then any other WR. Combined with his 0-3 broad jump, he has great explosion.

      1. 10-3 broad jump.

        In the event of a first round run on WRs, my “BPAs first, needs later” scenario involved a front 7 stud, TE or O-lineman… then Donte Moncrief in the third. I don’t the he will last that long. Not opposed to trading into the #20′s of the price is not too high.

  46. BOS I gp with BPA if a top 10 pick has slipped [Grants theory of a WR run might make that a reality. Other wise potentially a QB if there is one there that Harbaugh is in love with and the 9ers have’nt yet signed CK to an extension. Lastly most in the know football people will tell you that you ca’nt have too many pass rushers or CB’s. With the dearth of CB’s i could see the 9ers picking up a pass rusher either at DE\DT or OLB\DE

    1. Assuming the “Fractured” front office/coaching staff remains intact, I see Baalke moving up in the first round to get his WR. Baalke’s draft record has been almost exclusively “need” picks. The closest thing to a “BPA” pick he has made is James in 2012. Other that that, every pick he has made addresses a specific need. If Baalke did remain at #30 this year and selects a DE/DT/OLB, it would be the first true “BPA” pick in his career.

  47. One question that Jim Haslam should answer: What were you thinking when you decided to confirm the reports that were already being denied. Did you want to call York a liar? Is it because he wouldn’t give you what you wanted? Did you have to emasculate the coach you just hired? Is it because he was a desperate hire in the first place?

    Oh wait that was five questions.

  48. Was anybody else as unimpressed as I was with Michael Sam? He looks like a 6th-7th pick to me and it wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t get drafted.

    1. Unimpressed, yes, but not surprised. He performed pretty much as I expected. I was also unimpressed with what I saw on film.

      1. Scooter i can see why you feel his combine workout was unimpressive but co defensive player of the year in the SEC unimpressive on film that does’nt add up.

        1. One season wonder who had almost all of his production in 4 games. He looks quite stiff, only average explosiveness and doesn’t get good bend and dip around the edge – most of his sacks came from OTs getting very poor depth in their blocks. He’s also under-sized for a DE, and not fast enough to play LB.

          1. Yep, I agree – somewhere around the 5th-6th round sounds about right. Old coach, when I say he looks unimpressive on film I mean he doesn’t look like the high draft pick his stats may otherwise suggest. I’ve seen some 3rd round grades for him, I just don’t see it.

        2. Tim Tebow lit up the college football world and look at where he is now Coach. Sometimes the awards the player gets and conference they play in (in other words their success) won’t translate to the next level.

          1. Midwest Tewbow looked like a great college player on film, like you said his skills did’nt translate to the pro game. It seems like since Sams came out many people started to denigrate his ability. Yes he is a tweener and yes he is a little stiff in the hips but as far as his college tape he was an impressive player in the best defensive conference in college football but much like Tebow his skills may not translate to the next level. If i was the 9ers and he slipped past the 5 th rd i would draft him and try to develop him into a situational pass rusher. imho

          2. I would wait to see if he falls to the sixth round and try drafting him. His skill set looked bad before he came out as being gay and it’s hasn’t gone up or down because of that announcement.

          3. I read somebody compare him to Parys Haralson last week on some site, and it’s an apt comparison. Similar heights and builds and good motors. Sam will be limited in where he can play, but he’s a good enough pass rusher that somebody will draft him likely around the 5th round, which coincidentally is where Haralson came off the board.

    2. only 17 reps on the bench. That’s really unimpressive. I have a bum shoulder and am old and can beat that. It’s not uncommon for WRs to be stronger than that.

      I know upper body strength isn’t the most important trait for an DE/OLB. But you have to have enough strength to rap up a ball carrier, take on the block of a Tackle and use your hand techniques to get by him.

  49. I’ve stayed out of the whole Harbaugh to Cleveland trade rumours for the most part because I don’t think we’ll ever know to what extent they developed. Lots of conjecture, no real answer. All we know is at some point the Browns did contact the 49ers about it (confirmed by Jed).

    What I will say though is that I’ve never seen a situation where head coach and front office don’t see eye-to-eye end well. One of the most under-appreciated aspects of a sports club or franchise is having a harmonious front office/ management team (including coaches). A divide in the front office/ management team can create a ripple effect throughout the club/ franchise. Eventually you end up with players siding with either the coach or the club/ franchise, which is not a good place to be. Team morale and confidence can be a fickle thing, and when you lose it it is hard to get back.

    Now that doesn’t mean everyone needs to be buddy buddy with everyone else, but the front office needs to be on the same page and get along. If keeping Harbaugh is going to cause problems between the front office and the coaching staff, he should not be retained long term. Because at some point it will come back to bite.

    1. But your assuming harbaugh is the bad guy. Why do you think guys like bill parcels n belichick don’t or didnt have main gm’s but personel guys? Harbaugh sees this team differently than balkee and by all accounts what hes done on the field has been more than what balkee has done off of it. You put these 2 on 2 different organizations, i would bet harbaughs boys would be headed in the right direction 1st. Just my opinion

        1. Cool, guess that’s what i was missing. Didn’t know if jed had picked a side. But we all saw what bullheaded decisions his dad n Donahue made, with personel and his “guy”. Hope this isn’t version 2.

      1. The Niners have done well due to the combination of Baalke and Harbaugh. Speculating on who would do better without the other is irrelevant. They each took over their respective roles the same offseason and together have produced one of the best teams in the NFL. Much like the successful relationship of Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones two decades ago, it may be short and sweet due to the inability of either guy to cede any sense of power to the other.

  50. His trade value has certainly gone down since the news broke. If we can trade him to Miami I would do it in a heartbeat, even for one first round pic, one second round pick and one third round pick scattered over the next 2 drafts..

  51. Excuse me if someone has already mentioned this, but perhaps this is behind Lombardi being fired.

    He had believed things were further along than they were and led the owner to believing it would get done. When things fell through Lombardi was pushed aside, they hired Pettine and then gave him his walking papers.

    1. Very plausible. The Browns obviously think the deal was much closer to fruition than the Niners do, and the reason might be Lombardi leading them to believe that.

    2. oh yeah, Lombardi is in the middle of this stink, no question about it.

      In fact there’s some speculation that maybe some of this Harbaugh to the Browns talked might have started when he met with Harbaugh a month or so ago to discuss 49er assistants interviewing for coaching positions. Maybe Harbaugh’s contract status came up?

    3. That was my thinking, Jack. Lombardi tells Haslam he can get Harbaugh. The team waits for their season to be over and then gets told no. Hire Pettine and Lombardi gets fired.

  52. On Harbaugh vs Baalke, both Herm Edwards and Bill Polian are saying its about the money (meaning the contract). I dunno, but those guys have been to a couple of rodeos.

  53. Grant are mondays your day off when you post all weekend or are you just lurking. I’m very curious whats going on at the combine

  54. 8 answers.
    1. York didn’t deny. He said the PFT report was false, and it was.
    2. It’s a dumb trade.
    3. Never got to that point.
    4 .Niners
    5. See 3.
    6. Since when is the person being traded offering ideas on return compensation?
    7. TBD
    8. Why does the fence need mending?

        1. Razor,

          “Did they talk to Reid?”

          Do you remember last offseason how there was a lot of talk around how the 49ers were interested in Ed Reed? I’d bet that someone mistook who they were interested in.

          walterfootball had Reid linked to the 49ers during the draft process.

          1. The only contact Reid had with the 49ers was at the combine during the formal meeting with Harbaugh, and a couple phone conversations during the same time frame with Harbaugh. I know the 49ers are one of a few teams that do not send their scouts to the combine, and their board is 65% complete prior to the combine….

          2. “I know the 49ers are one of a few teams that do not send their scouts to the combine, and their board is 65% complete prior to the combine….”

            That was a pretty interesting article yesterday from Chris Biderman.

            walterfootball had the 49ers as very interested in Reid throughout the process, and I read a few different places that they were doing extensive background work on Reid.

            Like I said last year, by following the names of those that they are meeting with you can really narrow down their targets.

            The list so far:
            Xavius Boyd, LB, Western Kentucky (EW)
            Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, OT, McGill (EW)
            C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE, Iowa (SR)
            Ra’Shede Hageman, DL, Minnesota (SR)
            Gator Hoskins, TE, Marshall (SR)
            Stanley Jean-Baptiste, DB, Nebraska (SR)
            Cassius Marsh, DL, UCLA (EW)
            Jeff Mathews, QB, Cornell (EW)
            Demonte McAllister, DL, Florida State (EW)
            Jack Mewhort, OL, Ohio State (SR)
            Trent Murphy, DL, Stanford (VINT)
            Matt Patchan, OL, Boston College (SR)
            Calvin Pryor, DB, Louisville (COM)
            Shaquille Richardson, CB, Arizona (EW)
            Charles Sims, RB, West Virginia (SR)
            Marcus Smith, LB, Louisville (SR)

  55. …increasing buzz / strained relationship
    Question for Mister Harbaw: looking for a new home?
    Can you imagine reaching this point next year without
    having an extension offer on your contract?
    Put it this way; the Niner brass will know by about
    mid-November if they wanna keep you around for
    the final year…It seems that your job/butt is on the line.

  56. Question #1 answer: York made a mistake or was kept in the dark.

    Question #2 answer:The Browns don’t have enough ammunition, draft picks, players, money to make it a fair trade. Jim Harbaugh is, at this time, the best, most desired head coach in the NFL. Maybe second to Bill Belichick. If I had my pick of any current NFL head coach to coach my NFL team it would be Jim Harbaugh based on his total three year record.

    The answer to questions 3, 4, 5, 6, is: The answer is interesting but doesn’t matter.

    The answer to #7 also answers #8. Jed York must, MUST, extend Jim Harbaugh now.

        1. The 49ers departed from their usual big/strong/physical draft philosophy in 2012 and got bit bit time. I don’t see Baalke repeating that again. A bigger WR makes sense.

          1. No, they obviously want functional speed. A.J. Jenkins turned out to be non-functional speed. Beckham and Cooks would be functional speed.

    1. How many would have their jaws drop if the Niners traded up to get Sammy Watkins? But in order for that to happen, Watkins would have to fall to the Falcons who have the sixth pick and then then team would have to trade the 30th, 56th, 61st, 77th, and 94th or this and next year’s first round pick plus the 56th pick in the second round.

  57. Don’t know about those wr’s I think they got to go for cooks or J Mathews. And I would get rid of baalke over harbaugh. Baalke was there 7 or so years before harbaugh and team was not wining nothing. So I don’t care what haters say harbaugh turned this team around. Pay the man! And draft some players he wants

  58. extend Coach Harbaw’s contract now?
    That will look good to all the fans when
    he shoots himself (and us) in the foot next year.

    Call me the Super Bowl monkey.
    Call Mister Harbaw the choke – meister, hmm?

  59. I think a lot of 49ers fans are freaking out at this whole Browns coming between the 49ers and Harbaugh debacle.

    The truth is it might be just the spectacular type of meltdown the 49ers could use right now.

    I would love to see Harbaugh given his walking papers if we can get some great draft picks in return.

    This team can win with another coach. Harbaugh is a great coach, but he’s not the only one who can take this team to the promise land. In fact I think he and Roman are in some ways holding the team back. Yes he got the team to 3 straight Championship games and a Super Bowl, but now that the team have come so close to tasting victory, I still think we could do very well with another coach at the helm. The players have all grown up and the expectations are a lot higher in Santa Clara due to Harbaugh, but keeping him around isn’t necessary to maintain this level of expectations going forward.

    I say bring on the draft picks. Please take him off our hands. There are plenty of coaches out there who would love this job.

    1. We were so used to losing 2003-2010..Now that we’re back to winning again..People think the only way we can win..is” Harbaugh’s way”.. I just don’t agree with that..I like Harbaugh..but until he gets this team..his team.. to play better in crunch time..until him and his staff employ better strategies and decisions..I’ll have my doubts..Year four is a crossroads..If we come up short again..You can make a good case to move on..We’re the 49ers..close aint good enough..moral victories aint consolation…

      1. So it was just pure coincidence that a team that couldn’t break .500 more then once suddenly became a SuperBowl contender overnight?

        1. Im not saying he’s isn’t a good coach..and made us contenders again..when I look back at the past three seasons..I keep asking myself..why do we keep letting these teams snatch these games from us? We keep gettin outcoached..outschemed..smarting ourselves..lack of killer instinct..We don’t know how to knock teams out..coffee..aint no way in heck..we should’ve lost to the Giants..no way..Big brother know lil brothers every move..u think he’d learn from thanksgivin the yr before…dont know how to keep a lead..the Seattle game was goin our way from the opening snap..

  60. The only way Harbaugh will be back in 2015 is to win the Super Bowl. There’s no way the 49ers management gives Harbaugh nor Kaepernick an extension this season until they both win the Super Bowl. It would be a big mistake for the 49ers management to sign both of these individual to a contract extensions.

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