Exhibition 4: Niners at S.D.

Exhition 4: Niners at S.D.




–Opening kickoff: The 49ers have T.Brown, McKillop, Ulbrich, M.Harris, R.Smith, D.Evans, Norris, Balmer, D.Walker, M.Robinson and Rossum. Would anyone who’s getting cut be on the No. 1 kick return team?


–The Chargers go with an onside kick, catching Smith sleeping. They recover it. Well, there’s an interesting way to open the fourth exhibition game.


–The only starter on defense who’s sitting this one out is Justin Smith.


–Dashon Goldson was a little late getting over on a deep ball, but he made a nice, physical play to break up the pass to Malcom Floyd in the end zone.


–Nate Clements was not so lucky. He never turned around for the ball, and Kassim Osgood catches a 39-yard touchdown pass from Billy Volek. And just like that it’s CHARGERS 7, 49ERS 0 with 13:04 left in the quarter.


–OK, first thing I notice is Micheal Spurlock is on the field, along with Josh Morgan to start the game. Isaac Bruce and Arnaz Battle are not suiting up. But does this mean Spurlock makes the team. Why wouldn’t Jason Hill or Dominique Zeigler be in there if the were going to make the team? Remember, Mike Singletary said he already knows who’s going to comprise the final 53 man – with a spot or two still up for grabs.


–Shaun Hill is hit twice. Shawne Merriman got a free shot on him to force incomplete pass. Then, Shaun Phillips spun away from Adam Snyder and a chip block from Coffee to take down Hill on third down.


–Manny Lawson and Isaac Sopoaga are the only starters on the field for the 49ers’ defense in the second series.


–Eric Green with good defense on Floyd to force a punt.


–Nate Davis enters, along with a mostly new offensive line: Alex Boone at RT, Matt Spanos at RG, Tony Wragge at C, David Baas at LG, and Barry Sims at LT.


Davis keeps chains moving with 9-yard pass to Josh Morgan. But on the next time on third-and-4, Coffee is stopped short on draw play.


* * *


This game is starting too late, and I’m trying to do too many things. I’m going to shut down the live bloggin’ for the evening. I’ll check back in after the game.


* * *


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