Fangio breaks down the Seahawks offense

SANTA CLARA — Here’s what Vic Fangio said about the 49ers’ upcoming opponent, the Seattle Seahawks, at his Tuesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers.


What are you doing over in the meeting room this week? Is it less about the Giants and more about the Seahawks?

“Yeah. Very little about the Giants game. We spent 10 minutes on it yesterday in the meeting and moved right on to Seattle. No time this week.”


What are some things you’ve been seeing from Seattle QB Russell Wilson?

“Been very impressed with him. He’s obviously very athletic, very fast. He’s got 4.52-speed in the 40, which is extremely fast for a quarterback. He’s elusive. He’s a creator when he’s moving. When things will break down, you’ll see him move all the way around, go anywhere on the field. And he’s got a strong arm. He throws the deep ball extremely well, as you guys saw last week against New England. And he’s been doing that all year. So, I’ve been impressed with him. I think he’ll be their quarterback for a long time and credit to them for seeing through his height and picking him.”


So much was made of his height. Can a defense take advantage of a quarterback’s lack of height?

“No. Immediately the thought process is when you see a guy at his height, you think he’s going to get a lot of balls batted. But, I haven’t seen any more balls of his being batted than I do of anybody else in the NFL.”


This may be a stupid question, but I’ll try it. So much is made of his intangibles, his leadership and his character. Does that show up on film in any way? Just the way he conducts himself?

“I think he’s a pretty confident and poised guy. He handles the situations good. I think he handles if he’s ever involved in a bad play, he comes right back. He had great experiences in college playing in two different places, playing in front of big grounds. He’s got that, like you said, it’s hard to measure or quantify it, but he’s got the intangibles.”


How much of their offense goes through RB Marshawn Lynch as opposed to maybe last year?

“A good bit of it does. Their running game is the bread and butter of their offense. And everything works off of that. He’s one of the best backs in the league. He’s the best back we played last year by far. He broke more tackles than any back we played against last year. He broke the most against us. Runs hard. He’s a slasher. But yet, he’s got really good cutting ability. So, when he’s coming off his cut and maybe you don’t have a clean, full shot at him, he’s strong through the arm tackles.”

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