Flacco vs. Kaepernick: Who is the better passer right now?

Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick have the two strongest arms in the NFL. How do they stack up as passers? Here is a brief statistical comparison from this season, courtesy of Pro Football Focus.


Deep passes (20 yards or more):

Flacco – 116 attempts; 47 completions; 1,516 yards; 32.3 yards per completion; 15 touchdowns, 0 interceptions; 127.5 passer rating.

Kaepernick – 42 attempts, 22 completions, 695 yards; 31.6 yards per completion; 5 touchdowns; 1 interception; 127.5 passer rating.

Analysis: Flacco was the most productive deep passer in the NFL this season. He led all quarterbacks in deep touchdown passes with 15 (Matt Ryan was second with 13). Flacco has thrown a touchdown once every 12.9 deep attempts, which is very good, but Kaepernick has been slightly better. He’s thrown a TD once every 11.9 deep attempts.


Under pressure:

Flacco – 170 attempts, 77 completions, 39 sacks, 18.4 sack percentage, 9 touchdowns, 3 interceptions.

Kaepernick – 69 attempts, 33 completions, 18 sacks, 17.3 sack percentage, 0 touchdowns, 2 interceptions.

Analysis: Flacco was second in the NFL with 9 TDs under pressure (Ben Roethlisberger was No.1 with 11). Kaepernick did not throw any TDs under pressure.


Who is the better passer right now, Flacco or Kaepernick, and why?

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