Four-round 49ers mock draft with trades

These are the picks I think the 49ers will make in the upcoming draft, not necessarily the picks I would make if I were picking for the 49ers.

Trade pick No.30 to the Jaguars for pick No.39 and Jacksonville’s third-rounder in 2015. With pick No.39, the 49ers select JORDAN MATTHEWS, WR, VANDERBILT. The Jaguars trade up for QB Jimmy Garoppolo. The 49ers trade back for Matthews, who has the speed to complement Anquan Boldin and Michael Crabtree right now, and the size and skill to replace Crabtree at flanker by 2015.

Trade picks No.56 and No.94 to the Titans for pick No.42. With pick No.42, the 49ers select TRENT MURPHY, OLB, STANFORD. Ahmad Brooks just turned 30. In 2015, he’ll turn 31 and the 49ers will owe him more than $6 million. The 49ers need a potential replacement for Brooks in 2015 in case he’s no longer worth $6 million to the 49ers.

With pick No.61, the 49ers select JAYLEN WATKINS, CB, FLORIDA. The 49ers need a cornerback, and Watkins is similar athletically to Chris Culliver.

With pick No.77, the 49ers select PAUL RICHARDSON, WR, COLORADO. Richardson would be the 49ers’ T.Y. Hilton — a true deep threat who may not necessarily be a true X or Z. Hilton was the 92nd-pick in the 2012 draft.

With pick No.100, the 49ers select WILL CLARKE, DE, WEST VIRGINIA. Clarke is 6-7, 271 pounds, and his arms are 34-5/8 inches long. The 49ers draft him to replace Ray McDonald in a year two, once Clarke adds about 20 pounds.

With pick No.129, the 49ers select DAVID FALES, QB, SAN JOSE ST. Jim Harbaugh gave Tony Romo an early-round grade, so don’t be surprised if Harbaugh falls for Fales.

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  1. WTH, thief!! I’m the only one that gets to draft Murphy! /pouts.

    Im starting to think however that he’s a first round selection.

  2. The other reason(s) to draft Murphy is that it gives you leverage with the A. Smith contract negotiation as well as insurance in case he screws up again.

      1. Especially in light of recent events, I think 9ers select 2 corners or 1 corner and 1 corner/safety hybrid over 2 receivers. I also think they would select an ILB such as Barrows of LSU or safety such as Craig Loston over an OLB.

    1. @Coffee,

      In the NFL where Outstanding Pass Rushers are at a premium the 49ers have no leverage what so ever with A. Smith.

      He’ll simply wait until his contract is up & get Top Dollar from somebody else. If the 49ers want to keep him they’re going to have to pay it’s as simple as that.

  3. I think they will trade up…
    I think baalke has traded up since he had been in charge…
    Our only need for this year is CB..
    at wr we got 2 really good ones (boldin crabs) patton showed flashes…
    They trade up twice…
    1St rd to a CB
    2nd rd for matthews…

      1. Crabs is top 10
        Boldin(because of age) is top 20
        We have cooks as a possible starter..COOKS!!!
        R u kiddin me…we need CB this year…

    1. I agree gotta take a cornerback in round 1 because of Culliver(he’s gonna be released) and trade back into the first round or move up in second round for wr. I like the Ellington kid from South Carolina in the 3rd round(pick 100) fast receiver.

  4. I very much like the players in this mock which should be disconcerting for you. Im not sure you can get Murphy anymore past #21

    1. The Packers are going to want him as well, we take a big chance of missing out on him if we let the Packers pick before us.

  5. Lemonier, Williams, Dial, and Carradine are front 7 backups in place for 2015. Currently, LMJ and Lattimore are the only RBs under contract for 2015. I’d rank RB needs much higher than any front 7 position.

    1. Except for the elite ones RB’s are a dime a dozen you can pick them up through free agency all the time cheap. You want to use your draft for less available talent at positions that are more in demand and which would give you a greater saving with their rookie salary cap. That would not be a RB. You also forgot about the guy they carried on IR last year. Dude is a good RB.

        1. Hampton is the other RB under contract for 2015. It just seems to me like their front 7 depth is much better than their RB depth. I’d have to rate Dial, Carradine, and Lemonier are better prospects than Hampton, LMJ, and Lattimore. Honestly I’d love for them to have enough depth to just cut LMJ, he doesn’t seem to me to have much of a future.

      1. You can’t get elite RB’s a dime a dozen. You can find productive rushers late in the draft, but they usually lack one or more components of an elite RB. That’s why most teams use a RB by committee approach. Very few backs are very good at running, receiving and blocking. When Gore was in his prime he was incredible because he could do it all. That is rare.

  6. I have a hard time believing we’ll wait until our third pick to nab a cornerback…though, Watkins would probably provide better value than his late-2nd round status indicates.

    However, if this is the package we come away with, I wouldn’t be too disappointed.

    On the other hand, I’d rather test my luck with Lemonier as the succession plan at OLB and put my priority at a different position in round 2.

    1. Although knocked for his speed I think Murphy can be special like Aldon. Imagine having one on each end!!

      1. Trent Murphy another Aldon smith. Lmao! That has to be one of the dumbest things I have read or heard. Murphy is not even as good as lemioner first of all. Second he doesn’t fit as a 3-4 outside linebacker. Corner is the main priority followed by a wr.. RB will be picked as well in the third rnd. lets stop with this fales pick as well. First he isn’t very good. Second he does not fit to the type of QB haurbaugh likes. Logan Thomas late.

        1. Trent Murphy another Aldon smith. Lmao! That has to be one of the dumbest things I have read or heard. Murphy is not even as good as lemioner first of all. Second he doesn’t fit as a 3-4 outside linebacker.
          You saying those things with certainty as if you actually know them to be true rather then them being simply based upon your own opinion is classic. Go ahead and post your mock drafts from previous years where you were 100% correct on every pick and thought about the players in them. It’ll make for short reading im sure.

          1. You are comparing a guy who does not transition well to a 3-4 alignment at all, to a guy who has had one of the best starts in the history of the NFL. 43 sacks in 44 games.. I mean come on man. We have ultra athletic outside linebackers in brooks and Aldon
            and backed up by lemioner who has a bright future. Why invest in a player like Murphy that is compatable to skuta in the first or second rnd? As far as predicting what the niners are going to do, what I did know last year is that they would move up for a athletic free safety and that they would not pick 2 consecutive corners like grant suggested. Second I do know that the niners will NOT take fales at QB because he compares very much like Tyler Wilson! Who turned out to be quite a gem. Balke will trade up for a corner along the lines of roby, denard or verret..

            1. You are comparing a guy who does not transition well to a 3-4 alignment at all
              What did he just spend three years playing in?

              1. Playing defensive end. In the PAC 12 not the SEC! Hey news flash, 43 sacks in 3 years for Aldon in the NFL compared to Murphy 31 sacks in the PAC 12 is just a little different.. So lets go grab a much less athletic outside linebacker potentially if he can transition to chase around Russell Wilson, cam, rg3, Rodgers etc.. Just stop man.. Go drink so more coffee and stop spiking it with whiskey!

          2. Aldon Smith spent two years in college and had 8 tackles, 3 sacks one year and 44 tackles, 11.5 sacks the next at his position. Murphy has spent 3 years at his position so he’s got one more year of experience coming out of college then Aldon did. In those three years he had 100 tackles and 31.5 sacks.

            Please, oblige me and explain how Murphy although a better prospect coming out of school then Aldon was is by default laughably not comparable?

            1. Well it’s like comparing a very talented highschool basketball player like Lebrun James to a very successful college player like Christian lattiner… Those that makes sense? One is a world class athlete the other is not!

              1. As a Stanford fan what do you think of the FS – Reynolds, I think. With the signing of Bethea, I don’t think the Niners have to focus exclusively on SS. A big FS might pair well with Reid in the future as “mirror safeties”.

              2. My impression of Murphy is the best upside is he plays like Krueger, who is pretty good in the right system. If Dee Ford fell to #42 I’d take him over Murphy, but I don’t know that Baalke would agree.

              3. SactoGreg, I wouldn’t team Reynolds with Reid. Reynolds is a very linear athlete (i.e., good straight line speed, but can struggle to turn quickly), as is Reid. They are simply too similar in my opinion.

                The idea of mirror safeties is good, but it doesn’t mean pairing two guys that are carbon copies of each other (unless they are both excellent all-round athletes). You need players that complement and cover each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

              4. I’ve read the stiffness comment regarding Reynolds, and since none of the numerous Stanford fans have mentioned him, I figured they must not think too highly of him. I read up on your guy Dontae Johnson (I think) and I like the way he sounds. The silver lining of Bowman’s injury is that it may force Fangio to use an actual dime defense in obvious passing downs. While the nickel DB usually comes in to cover the slot (or move one of the starting CBs inside like Rogers) a dime DB could be used as a deep safety while Bethea moves inside next to Willis (replacing Bowman).

              5. Yeah, I prefer Dontae Johnson over other big-bodied CBs like Stanley Jean-Baptiste and Keith McGill. And I think he fits what they are after at that spot too – big, fast, can flip his hips, and doesn’t mind getting physical. He’d compete with Chris Cook if they drafted him.

              6. Johnson would be a good pick. I’m surprised he doesn’t have more hype. How high would you draft him?

              7. The thing I like about Johnson is what I read that he is very good at deep zone coverage. That could get him on the field right away while he develops more press/man coverage technique. I also read that he may be able to cover tight ends in the slot. That would fill a huge need, especially with Bowman out.

              8. Same here Grant. David Amerson got all the hype, but they are similar players. He’ll need to learn how to play press – something Amerson struggled with last year – but he’s got the tools.

              9. The highest I’d take Johnson would be at the end of the 3rd (pick 100), but I’d probably wait until the 4th or even 5th round. If he gets taken before then so be it. I’d be comfortable with either Phillip Gaines or Marqueston Huff instead.

            2. March 30, 2014 at 4:04 pm
              I don’t see Trent Murphy being close to Aldon Smith at the next level.
              Well then maybe Im talking out of my ass but I haven’t seen anything to suggest that he can’t be. I’ve seen more then a few rankings recently that suggest Murphy could in fact be a mid first round selection which is about where Aldon was slated. I might have gone to far in the comparison but to think it was completely out of line when talking about a player that neither side has seen on an NFL field is being a bit presumptuous as well.

  7. Grant,
    I would be happy with your scenario. I had J.Matthews and J.Watkins in my earlier mocks and was going to add Paul Richardson in my upcoming mock.
    I wasn’t to high on Richardson because of his size but my son convinced me to watch more of his game video’s (rather than highlights) before x’ing him out of my mock consideration.
    Your comparison to T.Y. Hilton is on point. This kid is a ball’r!

    I am a little surprised with your trade moves to acquire T.Murphy. Murphy is a talent, but I believe that the 49ers could stay put and draft Dominique Easley with one of their picks in the 3rd (perhaps the 1st pick in the 3rd) and be confident that he could contribute as a rookie.

    Also, with the uncertain future of Culliver the team will likely be looking for more depth at CB. Again I believe they stay the course (because of a deep draft) and select a CB/SS type player with one of their 3rd rd picks, maybe Ahmad Dixon.

    In any case, I feel the team could acquire Matthews, Watkins and Richardson without making any substantial moves.
    But I still like your latest mock.

    1. I second the notion to draft Dominique Easley. Another first round talent that we could get later in the draft. He is coming off a 2013 ACL tear and is expected to be ready for action late this summer. However, thats what they said about Tank this time last year. If the 49ers drafted Easley I would not be surprised if they took the same approach with him as they did with Tank and not rush his return. Physically unable to perform list until November then make the decision to IR him or let him play if injuries to other D-lineman dictate it. It would be another good deal as we are loaded at DL this year but with Cowboy and Macdonald getting older we need future lineman.

      I really like Easley, he’s a special talent. Though his height and current weight say that he’s not long enough to play 3-4 defensive end I think that he is good enough to play that position for the 49ers and excel. He and Tank together could be formidable in the future.

      1. Domingo
        My thinking is that because Easley is coming off an injury he will drop into a late 2nd to mid 3rd rd.
        Easley consistently makes tackles behind the LOS because he is adept at taking great angles to compliment his speed and strength.

  8. The Niners will surely select a CB in the first round. It’s the one position we need to find a starter, much like safety in last year’s draft. The doubts surrounding culliver make the need for a good CB even more pressing. I can see us trading up twice, once for verrett or fuller (I fear Gilbert and Dennard will go to high), and then again in the 2nd round for a WR. I wouldn’t be surprised if we draft two or three defensive backs overall in this draft

    1. Yes, agree, CB is the one position at which we need an immediate starter. Therefore, almost certainly, a 1st-round pick. I say “almost certainly,” but I’m just a fan and have yet to correctly predict Harbaalke’s 1st-round move. I doubt anyone here has – apart from addressing the most pressing starting need each year in the 1st.

  9. Corner has to be priority one now due to culliver, I like a trade up for Gilbert (if he falls to mid 1st) or Dennard although he doesn’t have the long arms Trent likes. I can see us giving us a 3rd (from buff) to move up and then later we move up in 2nd (give up our 4th) for Matthews, Davante or montcrief. Other 2nd is for a corner or safety then we take a guard (future replacement for iupati) in 3rd and maybe another wr or olb although I am high on lemonier.

  10. If the 49ers think Murphy has or can develop the skills to sometimes drop into coverage, then this pick can make sense. He’ll be good at the point of attack. He’s more a relentless rusher than a speed rusher. I’ve seen him mocked from 20-45.
    I’m not sure Richardson is the Niners guy although he could be. I think he’s more Grant’s fave. The trades are plausible and the players are fine, but no OL? No developmental Safety? They might pull the trigger on a QB sooner.

  11. A stud CB is arguably their biggest need (interchangeable with a stud WR) to fill and upgrade Brown’s vacancy. Using the 61st pick to draft a 2nd rate cornerback doesn’t fufill this objective as well as drafting one in the first and second round. If you are going to prioritize any other need, it be a the WR position, but I don’t see why the 49ers would place higher value drafting a position that has a Pro Bowler, even with a looming contract, over a vacancy.

    I also think Matthews is not a good enough talent to be Crabtree’s successor in a couple of years.

    While this is a “deep draft,” the true talent is heavily front-loaded. And the talent at the front is the kind that can make a material difference. For that reason, I think there is a likelihood that the 49ers will trade up in the 1st round, rather than trading themselves down out of the first round.

    1. CB is definitely a big need, but looking at the guys they’ve had success with the past few years paints an interesting picture. Only one of those guys was drafted in the first two rounds (Rogers – and everybody seems happy he is now gone). The 49ers can get by with drafting big athletes at the position, and there are guys they can take after rounds 1 and 2 that should be able to do the job.

      1. ScooterThere’s a bunch of those who will be UFA who are both WR’s and CB’c…. 1st and 2nd rounders are money on the bench…we won’t play ‘em anyway.

  12. Love the Jordan Matthews/ Paul Richardson double. I’m a big fan of double dipping early at WR this year. Will Clarke is an interesting pick too – needs some work on his technique but the 49ers are in a good spot to help with that with Tomsula to coach him up.

    I’m a tad less enamoured with the rest of the picks, though not bad by any means.

    Trent Murphy – I think he’s a great effort player, but I don’t think his production will translate to the NFL. He doesn’t appear to be either explosive or overly powerful. Maybe a full offseason of NFL strength and conditioning will help. To me though he’s a complementary player, not one of your stars, and at #42 I’d be aiming for more of an impact player. I like the idea of getting a OLB/DE to potentially replace Brooks next season, and Marcus Smith is the guy I think they should target at the end of round 2/ top of round 3.

    Jaylen Watkins is a guy I like, but can’t help but think 2nd round is too high for him. In fact, I think all of the Florida DBs are being overrated. But if the 49ers went this direction I wouldn’t argue.

    David Fales – meh. Harbaugh has shown a preference for a big, athletic, mobile QB, and Fales doesn’t seem to fit that mold.

    Overall, good job Grant!

    1. Also, good job for being realistic about trade scenarios and which players could be available at those picks.

      1. Yeah, that’s not the first time I’ve heard the 49ers are interested either. I believe Walter Football linked the 49ers to Murphy about a month or so ago, saying there was strong interest there. Could well happen.

          1. Good memory. If I recall correctly you are right, they linked the 49ers to Reid very early on, and that was the last anyone heard of the 49ers being interested. Very similar to Murphy this year.

        1. Scooter Balke like athletes. Murphy is not an athlete. People are linking him to the niners cause he went to Stanford. Right now a lot of different players are rumored to be linked to the niners. This is a huge smoke screen. Just my opinion.

          1. I don’t think it is the Stanford link. If it was there would be a bunch of other Stanford players also being linked. I believe it all started around the time of the Senior Bowl, so there was probably a fair bit of interest shown by the 49ers while Murphy was doing drills, and they probably spoke to him there.

            1. Okay that’s fair enough. I just don’t see the need there. I mean if we lose Aldon at any point we are in big trouble..

          2. CK

            Yep, each time I look at a prospect I think how does he fit Baalke’s physical profile. Generally have to have some measurables to be a high Baalke draft pick. Not written in stone though that Ballke won’t take Murphy fairly high.

    2. Agreed!

      The WR combo of Jordan Matthews and Paul Richardson is very interesting.
      I’d be very pleased with those picks.

  13. If you draft an OLB that early what do you do with Skuta? Trade? Keep as ILB depth (I think Skuta will certainly get a look at ILB at some point this offseason)? Looking at how they dealt with Johnson and Haralson last year it seems like keeping more than 4 OLB is highly unlikely.

      1. Yeah, and if Lemonier shows that year 2 improvement curve, Brooks could move inside on some downs until Bow returns.

        1. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Lemonier brings this year. I was pretty high on him last year – actually mocked him to the 49ers in the 2nd/ 3rd rounds a couple of times.

    1. Skuta has ST value with actual versatility to back up with experience inside or outside. A rookie is unlikely to just step in to Vic’s system. Even if they pick Murphy I’d guess they keep Skuta. Is see Fleming is still on the roster after his second knee injury, but they were trying him inside last year.

        1. Thomas offers the possibility of either being a QB or TE that could be stashed on the practice squad so he can develop.

          1. Didn’t work with Gray though did it. If a guy shows too much ability he will not make it past waivers. Because the 49ers are so high profile it will be impossible to sneak players through waivers if they have any ability at all. Only low end team seem to be able to do that.

  14. The 49ers have 11 picks in the draft, yet realistically only 5-6 players are going to make the team. Their greatest needs of course are WR and CB. Since 1995, and probably longer, about 2/3 of the impact players in the league were drafted in the 1st round. Of the players drafted in the 2nd round, 50% turn out to be busts. Let that sink in for a minute.

    SF is about 2-3 players away from being unstoppable, and championship windows in the NFL are extremely short. Montana (8 years) and Staubach (6 years) are the only two QB’s in NFL history to win a Super Bowl more than 5 years after they won their first.

    The odds of the 49ers trading back and finding some hidden gem at WR or CB, that the other 31 teams just happen to overlook, is slim to none. Packaging 3-4 picks and trading up for one of the elite prospects has greater odds of success. Aside from Desean Jackson, there are no more Pro Bowl caliber FA’s left on the market, and even then he comes with a very expensive price tag and several red flags.

    IMO, trading up for a player like Texas A&M WR Mike Evans or Michigan State CB Darqueze Dennard is the way to go. With the new CBA, teams can afford to take a chance on a high 1st round pick and not have to mortgage their salary cap for several years.

      1. Is Dennard a true difference and big play-maker, or a good, solid press CB? I think the latter. Not worth trading a lot of picks for in my opinion.

        I also disagree that only 5-6 draft picks have a shot at making the team. If they draft poorly, sure, guys won’t make the roster – but I can easily see a chance of making the roster for 2 CBs, 2 WRs, an OC/OG, a DT/DE, an OLB/DE, an ILB, a QB, a RB and a safety. The 49ers may have depth in place, but that doesn’t mean the depth is high quality at every position.

          1. I think the key with any of the first round WR/CB talent is going to be the in-depth information that typically teams only spend the money to develop. If they fall in love with any of the “first-round” WR/CB (except Watkins) they have the ammunition to go get them. If not they scoop up extra value and as you suggested, another trade for a pick next year.

            Plus, I think its a great benefit for the Niners to have the draft moved back. They get from April 21 to May 11 to evaluate their “red-shirt” guys before finalizing their draft strategies. Really Baalke’s in a pretty good spot.

            1. Baalke has been in a good spot since he got the job. Lets see if he can maximize his assets better than he has in the past.

              1. If you can name a GM who has drafted better than Baalke since he took over before the 2010 draft please do. Seattle probably is close and despite trading all those picks for Tebow, Denver has done pretty well also. Plus, you have to give Baalke credit for the original Rogers signing and the Brooks extension. Trusting the coaching staff to move Boone to Guard also counts. Before you even say Jenkins, I can name 3 Walsh draft choices just as bad as AJJ. Baalke took 8-8 talent and turned it into top tier talent and has maintained it with extra draft choices and 10M in cap space as of June 1.

        1. Scooter,
          Do you think the niners would carry 5 RB’s or would they end up cutting one of Lattimore, James, Hunter, or Gore?

          1. Grimey, I think the 49ers are missing one particular type of RB in that group – a big bruiser for the goal line. I think a RB like James Wilder Jr in the later rounds could be worth a look, and (barring injury) could make the team at the expense of James (assuming they draft a punt returner).

    1. I think Baalke is sincere when he says, “You can never have enough draft picks,” despite the tightness of the roster. Look at some of the gems he has found late (Miller, for instance, in the 7th) and as UDFA (Williams, for instance). I think he has a lot of belief in their scouting and wants to get all those bodies into camp, where the braintrust can see how they fit in their system. That said, I certainly don’t see them drafting 11 guys, simply because the picks are currency that can be used to reach up for guys they really, really like. Luckily Harbaalke have shown they don’t care about analysts saying “That guy’s a reach that high”; instead, they say, “We think this guy is a fit, and we have the picks to burn,” so they make Reid-style moves.

      Anyway, I agree in principle with your statement but not in practice. I see a few trade-ups in the early rounds (presumably to get their targeted CB in the 1st and someone like Matthews in the 2nd) and some sifting for jewels in the later rounds.

    1. I don’t think Baalke would want to trade up to No.11 for Dennard. Baalke might be more inclined to trade up for Evans, but I think it’s smarter to trade back for Matthews if you’re going to get a WR.

      1. I like the double dip of either stay at 30 or move back like you did and then moving up right behind it to take advantage of the depth of first round talent in this draft. Its just got to be WR/CB. The need is too great.

  15. None of these writers are exactly Oracles, but I’m starting to see a few trends when comparing Mock Drafts. These will shift as the draft nears, but 2 I’ve noted lately are Gilbert to Detroit at #10 and Evans to Rams at #13. My guess is the Rams would go for Clinton-Dix or Pryor, but I’ve seen Evans there a few times. Shrug; don’t put your money down yet.

  16. Ok Grant, you’ve got my mock draft juices flowing with your topic today.
    I’m throwing down my 3rd pre-draft mock, but by all means certainly not my last :)

    Mock 3/30/14
    (based on all 11 picks)

    1. Odell Beckham Jr. WR
    2a. Kyle Fuller CB
    2b. Paul Richardson WR
    3a. Jaylon Watkins CB
    3b. Dominique Easley DT
    3c. Bryan Stork OC
    4. Dri Archer WR/return specialist
    5. Andre Williams RB (has been on all 3 of my mocks)
    7a. Justin Britt OT
    7b. Tre Millard RB/SAKnife
    7c. Spencer Long OG

    As I said last month the only player to have been chosen on my previous mocks has been Kaepernick, so at least I can take credit for one winner (lol).

  17. Good job Grant. This draft doesn’t feel like you put in minimal effort like the last one. I have a few areas that I disagree with though:
    1. Lemonier is the successor to Brooks, so it makes no sense drafting Murphy. It would be better to draft a potential replacement for A. Smith, and there is a good chance that Dee Ford would be available at 30 if we stand pat. This wouldn’t affect us drafting Jordan Matthews because we could still take him at 42 in your draft scenario.
    2. Watkins will probably go in the middle of second round.
    3. Richardson is Glass Man, but he won’t fall to the third round because of it. And I’d rather take John Brown in the 5-7 round range.

    1. I like Lemonier but 15 tackles and a sack in 16 games doesn’t mean a rookie can’t beat you out as the potential successor. At worst they have too many great pass rushers, darn.

      1. “At worst they have too many great pass rushers, darn.”

        So true Coffee – one of the best “problems” a football team can have.

        1. Still disagree however on the need to draft to replace Smith. Brooks is the lesser of the two OLB’s and he’s about to become one of the highest paid players on the team if he isn’t already actually. Murphy becomes insurance against Smith and a better option then Lemonier to replace Brooks.

          1. By cap hit Brooks this year will be the 6th highest paid player on the team, next year he becomes the second highest behind Willis. That’s of course before the Aldon, Kaepernick and Iupati extensions if they happen.

          2. I’m not saying that it’s a need Coffee, just an option. Remember back in 2012 that there was no need to draft an OLB, yet the Niners were targeting Bruce Irvin?
            I like Murphy but not enough to draft him, especially with Lemonier on board. The concentration should be on a potential replacement for Smith, because I don’t see a way that the team will be able to keep both him and Kaep.

            1. Marcus Smith. Watch some of his game tape – the way he plays would translate well to how the 49ers use their OLBs.

              1. I have and I agree. He’s one of my picks in my third mock that I can’t put up because my computer is down.

  18. How many QBs are worth a draft pick this year?

    I count nine.

    Blake Bortles, Teddy Bridgewater, Derek Carr, Jimmy Garoppolo, Zach Mettenberger, David Fales, Brett Smith, Jeff Mathews and Johnny Manziel (for some).

    How many QBs do you think are draftable?

        1. Of the QB’s I like here is where I would take them:

          Round 1: Bortles, Mettenberger
          Round 2:
          Round 3: Fales
          Round 4: B.Smith
          Round 5: Manziel
          Round 6: Matthews

          1. Interesting.

            Mathews and Mettenberger are similar. I think Mathews might be the better prospect, might have more potential.

            1. For as many attempts as he had I feel Matthews should have thrown more TD’s. I like his completion % though with that many attempts.

              I agree, he could be the better prospect. I would like to have seen another year of college for Zach.

          2. C4C,
            Just browsing through some of the posts and couldn’t help but see you placing Manziel in the 5th rd.

            I’m not a big fan of Manziel but I don’t think he drops to the 5th rd. I still believe he is a top 10 pick because of his athletic skill level and will to win.
            I could certainly do without his theatrics off the field, but the kid can ball.

            Jerry Rice (who knows something about QB’s) recently told NFL Network that the Texans should draft Manziel with their #1 pick. JR says that Manziel reminds him a little of (ok get this) Steve Young.

            Rice says that if Manziel can learn to relax in the pocket (the way SY learned to do) deliver the ball with accuracy downfield to his playmakers it’s a no-brainer that the Texans take this guy (paraphrase).

            Of course Rice only offers his opinion as so many others when it comes to Manziel.
            I respect Rice’ opinion although I’m not convinced he is the #1 overall pick.
            But again, I don’t see him dropping out of the top ten. But that’s just my opinion.
            I do know that this draft will be one of the most interesting and much anticipated in quite a while.

          3. I wouldn’t take Mettenberger in the first because I don’t think he’ll be able to produce right away due to his injury. But I like him and kind of hope he slips to the point where the Niners can draft him and stash him on NFI/IR.

              1. Mettenberger probably is close to being as good as he will be. Imagine how good Mathews can become with NFL coaching. One batch of OTAs and mini camps is equal to four years of training for an Ivy League QB.

              2. Wilson was the best QB in the SEC back-to-back years. Were there any other first-rounders on his team? No. He carried that team.

              3. I don’t know much about Mathews. I’ll have to check him out. I don’t think Mettenberger is near his ceiling yet, especially once Jim gets in his ear.

              4. “Mathews has the size and arm strength that will give him a fighting chance in the NFL, but his inconsistent footwork, which greatly affects his ball placement, continues to be a problem.

                Mathews takes most of his snaps out of shotgun and his development under center is one of the biggest obstacles he’ll face on his way to the NFL. He possesses just average athleticism for the position and, of course, has never seen the likes of an SEC pass rush.”

                Sounds kinda like Kap without the elite athleticism. But he seems to be a smart kid(ivy league pedigree), and if he’s a gym rat he could succeed under Harbaugh’s tutelage.

              5. Most Ivy League QBs have poor footwork. They don’t have enough time to work on it. Mathews should improve in that area.

          1. Anybody know why they gave up on Daniels? They could have had him back after Seattle cut him (and then re-signed him). Could he have really had so serious a defect that John Skelton was a better option, even for five minutes? What, was he a communist sympathizer?

            1. I think it was an example of Baalke trying to be cute with roster management – I think they knew they’d lose him if they cut him in the initial trim to 53, but hoped if they waited a few weeks teams would fill their rosters with other waiver wire pick ups and they could sneak Daniels past. But at the end of the day, while they clearly liked him, if they truly believed in him they would never have exposed him to the waiver wire. They obviously thought losing him wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

  19. Off topic. Do you think Aldon Smith is a great player or a product of the system? This question will be pivotal for the 49ers to answer. Will they be looking for his replacement this draft? If the 49ers lose him next year and he blows up on another team, could our compensatory be higher than a 3rd round pick?
    Anyone know whom the 9 teams showing interest in desean Jackson?

    1. I think Aldon is very good. In 2012 he finished the year hurting. Last year his meltdown and hiatus seriously diminished his confidence. That was probably a necessary element in his rehab, but it took him out of his game. Teams game-planned him too.
      He needs to show focus in the off-season and intensity in TC.
      Short answer, I think he’s talented enough to continue to invest in. Harbaugh &etc will have better insight than I on his mental and emotional stability and any risk factors.

    2. Isn’t it May where the Niners have to decide whether to use the 9.5M transition tag? That will tell you a lot about where the Niners think his rehab is. I also think he is (when not hurt or hung over) a great player. If all it took to get 19 sacks was playing next to Justin Smith, Haralson and Lawson should have been consistent double digit sack guys.

      1. Aldon us a better athlete than Lawson. Fangio wasn’t the D coordinator either and if I remember correctly, they used to drop him in coverage more, usually with the TE.

        1. I was really just responding to the whole “Aldon isn’t effective without Justin” take. I thought it was a non-causal correlation.

    3. “Do you think Aldon Smith is a great player or a product of the system?”

      Great player. That’s why he was drafted 7th overall.

  20. Here’s my 49er mock draft 1.0 version. This assumes no trades.

    #30, 1st round – Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech. He’s Carlos Roger’s replacement. Just as fast as Rogers, but quicker and more physical. He might not be there at 30.

    #56, 2nd round – WR, Allen Robinson, Penn State. You want speed at receiver in this year’s draft? There’s only two speed receivers and both are small. I’ve had enough small receivers who don’t pan out (AJ Jenkins, Kyle Williams, Manningham). The only reason Robinson drops this far is because he ran a 4.6 at the combine. Speed is overrated.

    #61, 2nd round – CB, Bashard Breeland, Clemson. Junior, very young and would need to be coached up. Ton of upside and potential. If he wasn’t there, I’d draft FS Terrence Brooks from Florida State to backup Reid and Bethea. Hard to use a second on a backup, but Reid has concussion issues and Bethea is no spring chicken.

    #77, 3rd round – DT DaQuan Jones, Penn State. Reminds me of my boy from last year, Kawaun Short, who went to the Panthers. This kid will be a stud.

    #94, 3rd round – RB, Devanta Freeman, Florida State. Runs with authority. Not many running backs in this year’s draft run hard and seek out contact. Freeman does.

    #100, 3rd round – OLB, Jackson Jeffcoat, Texas. Long arms, huge motor. Texas dropped this DE into coverage. He’d make the transition from DE to OLB. I don’t know if I’d go OLB here because I’d franchise Aldon for 11 million next year. But just in case Aldon decides to drive his car off the Bay Bridge, this is a good pick.

    #125, 4th round – WR, Devin Street, Pitt. The 49ers can never have too many good receivers. Fire Johnny Morton!

    #158, 5th round – OG, Jon Halapio, Florida. A poor man’s Mike Iupati. Another Samoan. Not as big.

    Round 7? Who cares?

    Spitblood’s honorable mention go to 5′ 8″ Florida State CB, Lamarcus Joyner. He’s this year’s Honey Badger.

    1. I’m on board with your picks at 30/56/61 if they’re there. I don’t know if Trent-Jim-Vic see him as a fit, but I admire Joyner too.

      1. Wasn’t Daryl Green really short as well? I can’t remember and I’m too lazy to look it up. Wherever Joyner lands I’m going to follow his career and be a fan. Kid has heart.

        1. Yeah! Don’t get me started LOL, Green is one of my favorite players ever! I was never a Washington fan.
          A better comparison may be Sanders in Chicago.
          Verrett, although not as fast, is more like Darrell in style. I don’t begin to compare a HOF to Verrett, just the style. And of course, there is a very long list of people not as fast as Darrell Green! Ask Tony Dorsett!

          1. Green played forever as well – A testament to durability.

            I like Verrett as well. If Fuller was gone, I’d take Verrett next. Verrett’s physical with great speed. So what… he’s small. This is the time of year people get way too hung up on measurables. Only question to ask is whether or not he can play. I’d much rather have a corner who knew how to be physical than a cover corner who coudn’t hit.

            1. Jason is your guy. People around here when he went to SRJC are impressed with him. One of those guys you want in the foxhole with you.
              “It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight. It’s the size of the fight in the dog.”
              And again, I like Joyner. Can’t sell out for him, but he’s a player.

              1. Not that it makes any difference but Im curious why he chose SRJC over DVC. The latter would have been closer to Fairfield, not by much but still.

    2. Right on. I like this mock.

      For the reasons you mentioned, I’d just grab Terrence Brooks with #61 instead of Breeland. He’s fast enough to cover some in the slot and would be a nice backup for Bathea and Reid. He’s a good talent.

      1. Thanks, Lucky. I like Brooks more than Breeland, but we need Breeland more. The way Bethea’s contract is constructed, Bethea’s will be here at least two years. It’s hard to draft Brooks knowing he’d be a backup for that long. If Breeland was gone, I’d do it anyway.

        1. Fair enough, Spit. The logic makes sense, and you’re probably right. I definitely like Brooks more as a player, but Breeland would fill the more immediate need.

    3. Well, speed and nothing else = Renaldo Nehemiah. But speed and skills = TY Hilton, who was one of the only guys to take the top off the Seahawks last season. Most of us love the Boldin-Crabs kind of WR (I am unashamed of my man-crush on Boldin), but the Seattle secondary proved they can be shut down. No WR fights for the ball more effectively than Boldin, but he was kept in check by the ‘Hawks. I think Patton might have the ability to be that magic bullet, but not as he has been used. So, if they target someone with that in mind – being the bullet – maybe it would transform this often-moribund offense and make use of one of football’s strongest arms.

      That said, I say CB in the 1st and WR in the 2nd.

    4. I like Fuller too but we may have to go up a bit to get him.
      ‘#56, 2nd round – WR, Allen Robinson, Penn State. You want speed at receiver in this year’s draft? There’s only two speed receivers and both are small. I’ve had enough small receivers who don’t pan out (AJ Jenkins, Kyle Williams, Manningham). The only reason Robinson drops this far is because he ran a 4.6 at the combine. Speed is overrated.’
      ‘#125, 4th round – WR, Devin Street, Pitt. The 49ers can never have too many good receivers. Fire Johnny Morton!’
      Neither of these kids fare well blocking downfield so I’m not sure if they fit the Harbaugh mold. Street seems pretty fearless though.
      #100, 3rd round – OLB, Jackson Jeffcoat, Texas
      Is it possible that there could be a MORE Texas-like name than JACKSON JEFFCOAT???
      Sounds like a pro wrestler…

  21. Note to David Fales (San Jose State QB):

    Alex Smith sez: Bring your ‘A’ game
    If he is honest (and consistent), then
    Coach Harbaw will may well reach a point next year
    when he considers doing to Colin what he did to me.
    That will be your opportunity to cash in; jump on it.

    Remember, given Colin’s performance baseline,
    you are under no obligation to win the Super Bowl,
    or even the NFC championship for that matter.

    1. “If he’s honest and consistent?” Kaep would need to get hurt and essentially be playing under a series of one year deals for Harbaugh to be consistent. Kaep’s next deal won’t be cheap enough, like Alex’s was, for there to be any kind of qb controversy. I don’t care if Baalke and Harbaugh cloned Montana and raised the little guy under the Santa Clara practice facility bleachers. Once Kaep signs his new deal for around 20 million a year, the only way another qb would take his place when Kaep was healthy would be if the NFL doubled the salary cap.

  22. I just noticed the DE’s size and weight. Homeboy needs to bulk up, 271 is about right if you’re 6’2″ish but at 6’7″ he needs to add at least 20 lbs if not 30.

      1. Clarke. Grant listed him at 6’7″ 271. Justin Smith is listed at 6’4″ 285 and is thought to play closer to 295. McDonald is listed at 6’3″ 290 so you can see why I might think that 271 is a bit light for someone who is 6’7″.

        1. Clarke looks well proportioned to me. I might be wrong, but I think it’s harder to set the edge and make plays in the run game at 6′ 7″. One of the attractions Baalke had to Aldon Smith was that Aldon stayed on his feet and didn’t get knocked to the ground. I kind of think a taller D end could get cut or knocked down easier. I’m lookin’ for a guy with a low center of gravity and gorilla arms. I like Clarke, just don’t know off hand many really tall OLBs who both rush and defend.

          1. I think Grant sees Clark bulking up to be a DE not OLB. The tall frame leaves room for healthy weight gain, and long arms keep blockers off your chest or legs. Art Still, LC Greenwood, Too Tall Jones used that body type, but of course were more talented guys.

            1. The big frame could allow more weight but there’s always a trade off when you ask a guy to put on 20 lbs or so, will he slow down? Will he play as fast at that weight? Would you play as fast at 300 as you would at 270?

              1. Ha! I’m 5’8″, and old, I’d not likely be too quick at either weight!
                To your point, most people might slow a bit putting on weight, but speed,isn’t the main asset for a 3-4DE. I think Justin was 275 as a rookie.
                If Clark was better he’d be rated h

              2. I don’t necessarily mean straight line sprinting speed. Just your overall ability to move quickly when carrying 20-30 extra pounds.

              3. I think Justin was 275 as a rookie.
                Yes but he’s 3 inches shorter too.

              4. CfC- Not disputing, especially at some positions.
                I have read that at the Combine the scouts like to see the guys in their underwear so they can make observations about build and body type as it pertains to the position they’ll play and likely development. In some cases a taller framed guy may be seen as having the capacity to gain “good” weight without too much loss of quickness and agility. I’m no Trainer, so I’m just going by what I’ve read.

              5. I’m not a trainer nor do I play one on TV. I think given that it’s questionable if he could put on the weight and still maintain functionality that he’s better suited as a late round selection. Could end up being a diamond if he can bulk up and still play.

      1. Yep – I preferred his ex-teammate Banks to Slay, and he also suffered through some rookie growing pains. Year 2 is where you see if they are going to make it or not.

  23. Love the Jordan Mathews pick (of course) .. but,
    seems to me the Niners can stand pat in the
    first 2 rounds and still get needed talent ..

    David Fales … ?

    Gee … I thought you forgot about him, Grant ! lol

  24. Good mock Grant.

    Couple things:

    1. I’d caveat your entire article for a Hail Mary… If their is a player slipping and the Niners think they can trade up for him I’d say do it. For instance, if Mike Evans drops into the teens or M. Lee is really going mid to late first round, they would be a steal. Crazy, but I think M. Lee is actually the second best WR in the draft. If Jets get him at 18 they would be so lucky…

    2. The QB pick up? Should we draft another DB in light of recent developments?? Do we really need (3) QBs on the 56??? You don’t think Fales would be grabbed on our practice squad???? Is Gabbert going to get cut at the end of camp?????

    1. If I forget everything people say about workouts and combines and just look at the highlights, Lee is the 2nd best receiver. Lee’s footage shows him getting behind defenses with clear separation more consistently then any of the other highlights except Watkins.

      But that’s just film. There is a “curse of USC receivers” , durability concerns etc. I still think he’s worth chucking a third to trade up for if he’s within striking distance.

      Lee would fit Baalke’s tendencies to draft players based on their best year, not their most recent (Aldon, Reid). Lee would also appease Baalke’s tendency to go “need first, flexibility later” though Cullivers arrest complicates things a bit.

  25. My hope was the 49ers trading up for a top WR… or Old Coach’s scenario with a “run” on WRs so the 49ers clean up on major BPA.

    Culliver’s arrest changed things. CB and WR are both “needs” now, which takes away alot of Baalke’s flexibility.

    I like Grant trading back into the 2nd. Seven day two picks in a deep draft is an enviable thing for many clubs.

  26. not sure trading for a 2015 pick is wise, even if with the jags…this draft is so deep because of all the early entrants, which should make the 2015 draft weaker

    1. Disagree Mark. We currently won’t be able to receive any compensatory picks in 2015 so gaining a pick or two for 2015 seems very likely given Baalke’s nature.

    2. I agree this year should have better talent then 2015, but if (a big “if”) Baalke thinks the targeted player will still be there at #39, might was well get the freebie.

      Baalke could twist the Jags arm and demand a 5th round position swap along with the 2015 third.

  27. Monday morning mock-(no trade hypothetical):(1) J Verrett CB-built small plays BIG,in the vernacular he is a baller!;(2)-a Jaylen Watkins CB selfless strong player with good speed;(2b) my guy Donte Moncreif WR -doesn’t get a lot a love around here but tremendous ceiling big fast dynamic love him in the 2nd;(3a) Travis Swanson C our real next center;(3b) Daniel McCullers DL- huge, fast for a big man and (almost) chiseled ;(3c) Z.Mettenberger QB great competition at 2nd QB slot;(4)C. Loston S. reunites with old stablemate E Reid in a year or two as a tandem safety team;(5)Jeff Janis WR another guy I stand pat with,big strong fast good hands;(7)I’ve seen D. Archer drop to the the seventh in some sights in which case grab him-but will most likely be gone so next three guys are coming off medical so we red shirt-(7) Aaron Colvin CB;(7b) Spencer Long OG;(7c)Trey Millard FB/TE-there you have it. Mock On my friends mock on!

  28. However Baalke trades up/down, I think it’s essential he comes out of the first 3 rds with two of the best WR’s and CB’s. Love Matthews, I’ve been championing for him for some time. Don’t love Richardson, largely because he’s too spindly. 170-175 lbs doesn’t cut it when you’re 6 ft. He may’ve gotten through college ok, but in the NFL, I don’t like his chances. I’d either go after another “big” maybe Adams, or a shorter speed guy, perhaps Herron, who’s also an adept KR. Watkins is ok, but there are better CB’s…Fuller, Verrett for example. I get your point WRT Brooks, although he’s still playing at a high level but Lemonier’s waiting in the wings. CB and WR are too critical to not come away with two each of the best at those positions, especially in light of Culliver’s stupidity.

  29. This mock is not good at all. It is all based on where Grant lives. David Fales is good but not worth a Third/Fourth rounder, Paul Richardson was fast in college but he will be another AJ Jenkins. I am OK with Jordan Matthews but the glaring issue facing the Niners now is CB, not WR and this was compounded with Culliver arrest and other things going on. Trent will focus on two CB’s in the first 3 rounds and a WR & OL. If he gets that I am happy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Carlos Rogers is back on the team.

    1. ‘This mock….is all based on where Grant lives.’
      I have to laugh. Grant gets accused of a lot of stuff on here, sometimes by Yours Truly, but this is the first time I remember a complaint of Geographic Bias. Very creative and unique.

      1. Brotha….who have been Grants 2 biggest draft crushes Fleener Te Stanford and Fales QB San Jose and what do they have in common?

      1. Well Bay you better stock up on breath mints because since trhe latest Culliver debacle the chance of Rodgers returning just went from possible to probable. imho

  30. 2 things. First, moving back a couple of slots to gain more picks in 2015 is a good idea because not all picks can make the roster and you need extra draft capital to move up aggressively in a weak draft. We can move back 5-8 slots and spin off a top 100 pick out of thin air. Nice. The assumption is that we can move back AND get our guy…no brainier. I agree though, moving back just to get picks is stupid, it’s wishing for wishes.
    Second, Mettenberger is an interesting case. Most teams are drafting for THIS YEAR, for a starter. He is going to fall because of his ACL and limited production this year. I say draft and redshirt him later than he normally would go, redshirt him, and you have a great QB as a backup for next year, a full 4 year cheap contract, and a potential Kaep replacement in 2015. Worse we can do is spin off Gabbert for draft or comp picks, and develop a decent QB2 that you can do the same with 3-4 years down the road.

  31. I’d be surprised if they didn’t select a CB in the 1st or high in the 2nd (after a trade). The need is just too pressing, especially given Culliver’s troubles. I’d expect a Reid-style trade (1 & 3) to get around No. 20 to take the CB they have targeted (if necessary, if other CBs start to go). Then I’d expect another trade (2 & maybe 3) to move way up in the 2nd to take the WR they want most – I still like Matthews here – which still leaves them with a 2 and a 3 (their comp pick) among about 7 other picks to play with. They ought to be able to make some Baalke magic to trade back up into the 3rd while picking up some future picks, to get a talented project WR, a high-potential C, MLB depth, and of course, another CB they believe in. An unheralded QB late wouldn’t be a surprise, either.

  32. For anyone who thinks we need a good center prospect in the draft, watch tape on Weston Richburg. He does a great job of handling both speed and power. He’s projected to go at the end of the 2nd round.

  33. Grant After the latest Culliver debacle i ca’nt believe you do’nt have the 9ers taking a CB. I think they will resign Carlos Rodgers and draft Jason Verrett.

    1. After drafting Verrett with their first rd pick they could bundle their 2 second rd picks move up and grab matthews.

    2. Nah,
      I don’t think they want Rogers back at all. I think By releasing him and not attempting to bring him back at a discount, ownership is telling us he’s no longer up to par. Although the Grant and Jack show will point to advanced stats that will prove other wise.
      By not picking him up on the cheap, it tells us what the truth is about his deteriorated play.

      1. Thank god the Raiders signed Rogers. Shows the Niners didn’t want him back at any price. No matter how high Jack and Grant say he rated last year.

      1. That’s an interesting hypothetical but yes. I think you can get Murphy at 56 no problem, and according to some boards you could get him at 94. There’s no reason to combine those picks.

          1. He’s not in Gil Brandt’s or Jeremiah’s top 50 and he’s 104 on Scout’s inc. rankings so there’s a lot of differing opinions there. I’ve seen him compared more to Connor Barwin.

              1. I have nothing but oceans’ of respect for Brandt but frankly, he’s way out of touch with the modern player. People listen to him because he’s Gil Brandt but I’m not sure people should be.

              2. I don’t take any one scout’s opinion too seriously because they all differ. It’s just my feeling that Murphy will be there at 56 and 94 can be used for another player.

                Gil Brandt also has Johnny football #1 so grain of salt. I’ve heard good things about Savage from other sources as well so there might be something to that. Gilbert confuses me as well.

              3. The Packers apparently are very interested in Murphy, and they pick No.53 in the second round.

              4. I like looking at Brandt’s opinions because he generally differs from mainstream opinion but has the experience and chops to back it up. Of course I like to balance that with other scouts views as well.

          2. I don’t see why they would trade up for Trent Murphy. If he falls to them in the second then maybe but I don’t see him as a guy to trade up for.

            I like the trade down out of the first Grant and I see that as a viable option to get a pick for next year. You’ve got some good players on the list and while I don’t like Fales very much, at least you’ve moved him to day 3 where he belongs.

            Nice job.

            1. Thanks.

              What do you think of Jeff Mathews? I’m starting to think he’s the guy the 49ers will target. He’s taller and has a stronger arm than Fales. Harbaugh values those traits.

              1. Matthews has good size, but he’s tough to gauge because most of the offense is short passes off the 3 step drop. Harbaugh likes the arm and athleticism to be prevalent so I’m guessing Matthews would most likely not be on his radar.

                Personally I see them looking more at somebody like Thomas. He checks off all the boxes athletically and arm wise Harbaugh seems to like, although his very inaccurate at times.

              2. Mathews throws 56 mph and is extremely accurate downfield.

                The read-option was a small, ineffective part of the 49ers offense last season, and Harbaugh rarely moves the pocket, so athleticism is over-rated. Remember, he gave an early-round grade to Tony Romo, who ran a 5.01 40.

              3. Grant,

                That’s true on Romo. I really haven’t seen a lot of downfield passing from Matthews in the footage I’ve watched, but he does seem to have a strong enough arm. I see him going undrafted personally, but anything is possible.

            2. Murphy is a polarizing player. You either love him or don’t. I’ve been trying to replace Brooks for two drafts now and I finally have the perfect player for it.

              1. CFC,

                I’m not sure if they need to look at replacing Brooks yet, but Lemonier and Skuta look like they can handle it and there are a lot of Tweener types in this draft they could get later like: Marcus Smith, Demarcus Lawrence, Jackson Jeffcoat, James Gayle, Cassius Marsh etc.

                I think they will be looking at CB, WR, DL, OG/C and Safety in the first 3 rounds personally unless a guy like Ford fell to them and they couldn’t resist.

              2. I mentioned before that I like Lemonier but 15 tackles and a sack in 16 games isn’t enough to suggest that a stud rookie couldn’t be better. I don’t have Skutas numbers in front of me but I’d say the same thing about him probably if I did.

              3. I don’t consider Murphy a stud, I think that’s the difference in our opinions. Lemonier was learning how to play the OLB in the 3-4 so there was some development that had to take place. I think he’s a better prospect than Murphy though.

        1. I’ve seen two mocks in the past week that have Murphy in the first round. One had him going pre pick #20. I believe the Packers are a legitimate threat of drafting him at #21. I will be assuming at this point that he is a late to mid first round selection.

          1. All I can say is if the Packers are interested in him at #21, maybe they would be a good trade up partner. I think he’d still be there at #30, but a top CB or WR may not be.

  34. Have you guys watched much of Dee Ford? He’s a rocket off the corner with great bend. AND he loves to rush from the left side (like Cam Wake in Miami). If we’re serious about taking an OLB, Murphy isn’t an upgrade–Ford is. Yes, we also already have Lemonier, but Ford is already much more developed at this stage.

    I guess what I’m saying is yes we need a CB, but a truly overwhelming pass rush first and secondary second could be the more valuable move.

    1. I like prospects that have had success getting to the QB without using their speed. It generally means they have better technique. Speeds guys can sometimes be one trick ponies that never pan out at the next level.

      1. Oh wait, kiss of death. Doesn’t have 34″ arms!! hahaha I don’t really believe that means he wont get drafted by us but the way people have focused like a laser on that stat this year is funny to me.

          1. Okoye will be interesting this year. I wonder if he’ll end up on the practice squad or show enough to get swooped up by someone. I have a feeling he might flash a little but overall look pretty bad.

      2. In addition to his speed, Ford gets really low and bends well around the edge. He also has a non-stop motor. Me likey.

        1. He also had really tepid production until his final year. Nothing about his college stats suggest he’s special in anyway.

    2. Ford seems like a difference maker to me. I’d consider him at #30 if he drops, always dependent on who else is available.

  35. This offseason is such a mulligan.

    If we got a do-over, I would…

    Not trade for Gabbert, Martin.

    Sign Revis (and maybe Shaun Hill since I think he can actually win a game) as our only FAs.

    Draft: OLB Dee Ford (30ish), S Terrance Brooks (2-3 round), and a developmental CB.

    Draft: WR Matthews/Moncrief/Richardson (2-3 round), and a RB, C, QB

    And then watch this team dominate fools throughout the year.

  36. Oh, one last thing before I enter the real world. If Dion Jordan were offered for our #1, I’d do it in a heartbeat. He was way underused in Miami last year. Studsville.

    1. He was considered a pretty big reach by the Dolphins when they grabbed him #3 can’t say Im surprised by the outcome. Clearly he’s a future HoFer because he has 34″ arms(33 7/8)!!

    1. Interesting. Fast, short, makes contested catches and has experience returning punts and kicks. Can’t beat the press and is not a 4.3 guy. Seems like a slot guy who will go undrafted.

    1. Tyler Wilson to Jordan Matthews, Pro-Bowl combo :)
      Do the Madden games have a Pro-Bowl mode? Otherwise I’m not sure how that would happen.

              1. You’re giving up on Wilson because the Raiders did? The Raiders like Matt McGloin and Matt Schaub. That’s all you have to know about the Raiders.

              2. No I’m giving up on Wilson because nobody but the Raiders were willing to draft him and when he was released the only team that came calling was the Titans. That’s all you have to know about Wilson.

              3. That’s baloney.

                No team wanted to give Wilson a roster spot last season because he was a rookie who didn’t get to learn that team’s system during the offseason. He was non-functional to the rest of the league last year after he spent the entire offseason with the Raiders. But he’ll have the offseason to learn Whisenhunt’s system this year, and Wilson has an injury-prone running QB in front of him. Wilson’s in a good spot.

              4. I’ll give you points for your dedication to the player. The Raiders are dysfunctional to say the least but they are still an NFL franchise. How can a team be cognizant enough to draft the right player, according to you, but somehow also be screwed up enough to not be able to recognize his talents once on the team? Almost sounds contradictory.

                Even if the Raiders ‘factor’ was legitimate he’d still be more coveted by other teams upon release because of his raw skill set, if it existed.

              5. The Raiders did the same thing with Matt Flynn.

                How can you like Fales’ skill-set and not Wilson’s?

              6. I like Fales and I liked Wilson, although not as much as you. Wilson hasn’t shown to have anything special, we’ll see with Fales.

              7. Grant,

                Most of the reports I remember reading out of Raiders Camp were how poorly Wilson threw the ball and how much trouble he had learning the offense. You’re kidding yourself if you think he had little interest due to it being late in the process when he was released. The Raiders released him after TC, and nobody picked him up.. They added him to their PS squad and then dumped him a second time later in the season.

                Anybody could have had Wilson before the start of the season and nobody wanted him. That should tell you all you need to know.

              8. I saw him throw at the Raiders’ camp. He threw fine. If he couldn’t learn the Raiders’ system, there’s probably something wrong with the Raiders’ system. I guess it only works with Drew Brees running it.

                Nobody would want to give a roster spot to a rookie QB who didn’t spend the offseason with that team and isn’t a genius who can learn the system quickly, like Scott Tolzien. The Raiders ruined Wilson’s rookie season, but he landed in a good spot. He’s a sleeper. He’s closer to becoming the starter than most other backups in the league. Locker has proven very little, other than his proneness to injury.

              9. If teams see a young QB they feel they can develop, they’ll pick him up and keep him as the 3rd guy or on their PS. Wilson literally had nobody put a claim in which is why he returned to the Raiders on the PS the first time. Seattle picked up the Niners kid when he was released during the season remember? If teams think high enough of a player they find a spot for him. The Titans did after they suffered injuries, but then brought in Whitehurst this year so Wilson’s spot is anything but guaranteed.

            1. Whitehurst may stink but he’ll get playing time before Wilson, hurting your claim that Wilson is just an injured Locker away. You think Whitehurst stinks? Tyler Wilson also stinks. Right now the Titans are just scrambling to find starters and will eventually create depth. Whisenhunt will develop Locker and he’ll eventually find a quality backup for Locker. Wilson has issues with the slot he throws from, and he routinely missed wide open receivers in college. In my opinion, he wasn’t even worth a 4th round pick. All you need to know is that the Raiders picked him with their 4th. All Wilson has going for him is that he hung tough in the pocket back in the day. Now he’s just damaged goods, buried deep behind two other quarterbacks with talent.

              1. At first, maybe. Wilson could use a year to develop in Whisenhunt’s system. But Wilson will pass Whitehurst soon enough. Whitehurst is not accurate, especially on intermediate and downfield passes.

              2. I hope he does Grant. You’ve fought the good fight and since I haven no personal take in it I kinda hope he and you proves us all wrong on this one. Would be fun.

              3. He had no protection in that clip and still drove the ball down the field and made two good throws under pressure.

  37. Speaking of Stanford players the guy I like in day three is DE Ben Gardner. If he had not torn his pectoral muscle with 5 games left in the regular 2013 season he probably would not be flying under the radar right now. A good 3-4 DE prospect.

    Some Oregon Duck current and former offensive lineman were discussing the D-line opponents they had faced during their careers and several said that Gardner was the toughest that they had faced. That’s impressive considering the Ducks PAC-12 opponents and bowl opponents like Ohio State, Auburn and Wisconsin during the time period.

    I believe it was Carson York who said that Gardner was an immovable object. No matter how hard he hit Gardner he would not budge an inch. They all had a lot of respect for Gardner.

    1. I’ve been putting two players in all of my mocks and will continue to do so until May and those are; Trent Murphy and Ben Gardner. In my own perfect little world Gardner would replace McDonald and Murphy would line up behind him.

        1. I once posted that Ray Drew would replace McDonald and Gardner would replace Smith but I think it’s the other way around.

  38. So talk of D. Jordan raises the question, how good is Barr out of UCLA? He’ll go 1st Round, but some think Top 10. I dunno; is he Manny Lawson?
    Like Ford, great first step and you can’t coach speed, but I’ve got a few doubts.

    1. From what I here he’s not strong enough or violent enough with his hands. Also has trouble converting speed to power.

        1. After “you’re going to need a bigger boat.” this has to stand as one of the great movie line reactions of all time. Although Frankly my dear might give it a run.

          1. CFC,

            What about, “Coffee’s for closers”?

            Does this mean you’re going to change your screen name to “You’re going to need a bigger boat”, or YGTNABB?

            1. I’ve thought about changing it to “there is no spoon” but that would be pretentious, even for me.

      1. Kinda the same idea as your reporting Grant. Its a guess, pipe dream, nothing substantial but something to draw attention right?

  39. Although I do think the 49ers will do a lot of trading of picks to move up and down in the draft,
    I do not like a WR #1. Given all of the third round picks I would use one of those for a WR
    or one of the second round picks for a WR.

    Also, history shows we have not done well on picking WR’s in the first for some time so I do not want us to “try again” and roll the dice. I think a CB or a DE/OLB is the way to go with this pick where you have a higher percentage of a starter with this pick.

    Also, they will need to take a Center and should do so in the 3rd round as well.

    Other picks should be: ILB, a second CB, a second WR, and a Safety.

    Grant, how could you forget about the Center position which is a VERY crucial position?
    Are you thinking Kilgore is the starter at Center now and he does not need competition?
    Just curious.

    1. “I do not like a WR #1. Given all of the third round picks I would use one of those for a WR
      or one of the second round picks for a WR.”

      pick #39 is a second round pick.

      1. I thought it was #56 overall or #61?

        56 is from the Alex Smith trade. Take a WR with one of these picks but make sure we get a CB and DE/OLB with the other two (#1 and the other #2).

    2. j whit 49,

      If you’re talking about recent history:

      Good: Michael Crabtree

      Bad: AJ Jenkins

      If you’re going back as long as most of us remember:

      Good: Gene Washington, Jerry Rice, and Michael Crabtree

      Bad: Rashaun Woods, JJ Stokes, and AJ Jenkins

      Either way you’re looking at it, can you really say the 49ers have shown they can’t draft WRs in the first round? Hitting on Carbtree and busting on AJ Jenkins is actually a pretty good result, when compared to typical outcomes of first round picks. Especially if you factor in that the AJJ pick was a very late first.

      Can one of you guys, who keep repeating that the 49ers have conclusively shown they can’t draft WRs, or that they can’t draft one in the first round, support your position with something in addition to the AJJ pick? I understand hating that pick, I hate that pick, but how in the world can one bad pick convince anyone so completely that the 49ers are incapable of identifying WR talent?

      1. In Wilson’s two games against LSU, he played better than Manziel did in his two games against LSU, and Wilson didn’t have a top-10 pick at WR and a top-10 pick at OT like Manziel.

          1. Considering how some other people feel about Manziel, I thought it was an interesting comparison.

            What impressed me the most about Wilson was how well he did in the SEC despite the lack of talent around him at Arkansas.

            1. I would say that is something the “Manziel is a bust” folks should point to.

              I don’t think it makes your argument any stronger.

              1. Let me try again: Wilson put up 44 points on South Carolina’s defense in 2011. That defense had Jadaveon Clowney, Stephon Gilmore, Melvin Ingram and D.J. Swearinger.

                There were zero first-round picks on Arkansas’ offense.

              2. He led his team to 14 against Alabama in 2011, 17 against LSU. He only put up 20 in a loss against SC in 2012. He put up none against that slow Alabama defense in 2012. His team also got destroyed by Manziel’s head to head.

                He played pretty well in Petrino’s offense Grant. So did Brian Brohm and Chris Redman.

        1. Respectfully, just for clarity, are you saying you think T.Wilson is better than J.Manziel? I haven’t seen you write that, but it looks like you’re implying that.

          1. I prefer Wilson. Manziel was horrible against LSU twice and never faced South Carolina — two of the faster defenses in the SEC. Alabama is one of the slower defenses in the SEC — they didn’t match up well with Manziel.

    1. Offensive scheme plays a large part in a comparison Grant. LSU matched up well with the style Texas A&M played. I don’t see Manziel as that great of a prospect either, but he’s got more intangibles to his game than Wilson. Wilson is barely hanging on to a job in the NFL Grant.

        1. Yeah, JM’s agent wants to make some money while he can; he gets a cut on those Ad deals. More seriously I’m not sure how well he does in the NFL. He may work out, but way too many questions for #1 Overall. But he could also be a guy some teams will be sorry they passed on. Top 15 is a huge gamble, but he’ll be gone so no need to speculate on whether he should be a 2nd Rounder, 3rd Rounder (even Jaws says that now) or whatever.
          Grant and Merrill Hodge are on the same page on this one.

      1. Neither qb – Wilson or Manziel – will be any good in the NFL. But Manziel will get a longer shot to prove himself because of his name. Tyler Wilson will never get a shot. Why waste time on players who won’t have much impact on the NFL?

  40. Most reasonable draft to date. I like every one of those picks except Fales. 9ers aren’t going QB in the first 3 rounds. It’s just not going to happen. And even if it did, according to Grant that QB would be doomed because Harbaugh negotiates QB contracts instead of actually coaching them.

    1. I just can’t see Watkins dropping to 11. Why go Moncrief in the 3rd round if you already drafted Watkins? How many WR’s do you think their going to draft before they go after a CB?

        1. I don’t think the Raiders would take Ealy over Watkins.

          Also, I’d take Watkins over Bortles if I were the Browns.

        2. Robinson out of the top ten too? Wow. Do you think Ealy is a better fit for the Raiders or a better player than Mack?

    2. The Bucs will be lucky if they get a shot at Watkins, so I don’t see him falling out of the top 10.
      Richburg would be a great pick, but drafting him isn’t likely what with the team extending Kilgore.

      1. The way Kilgore’s extension was done allows the 49ers to get out of the contract at any time with no dead money.

    3. Creative Jack, but no way the Niners will trade next year’s first. This team values draft picks too much for that. I like the players you picked though.

      A trade up like last year could be possible. Maybe their 3rd to get up to the late teens if one of the CB’s they like is there.

      1. Watkins definitely would be worth the trade up, but I don’t see him dropping out of the top-five. The Browns should pair him with Josh Gordon.

        1. Whoa! Slow down there Scooter! I know you’re WikiScooter, Draft Sage, but you can keep track of our evolving opinions too? That’s intimidating. Clearly you need to increase your dosage of beer or wine to you know, level the playing field for some of us.

          1. Beware Brotha, I’ll be sure to remind you of any changes in your opinion or contradictory comments as they happen… :-)

            No, I just remember having a conversation with Jack (and a few others) about Watkins, and whether he was the best WR in the draft, so was a little surprised to see Jack trading up for him in his mock draft.

  41. Is there any player worth trading up to the top 10 to get considering the cost in draft choices?
    How much better are Watkins, Evans and Lee than the next group of receivers?
    With the depth in this draft can the 49ers pick up 2-4 starter (in the next 2-3 years) and a few role players?

    1. They could conceivably come out of this draft with 3-5 starting caliber players imo. Jeff Fisher said the other day that he sees starters being drafted well into the 3rd this year.

      That’s why this is not a draft to package picks in to move up. Maybe one because of the sheer number of picks they have, but I’d use at least 5 of the top 6 picks.

      1. I’m definitely with you on this one rocket. I think they probably will use one 2nd or 3rd rounder to move up at some point, but coming away with 5 picks in the top 100 should be the aim.

        1. Scooter,

          If they play this right it could be an all timer for sure.

          On a different note, what do you think of Exum from VT? I’ve watched some stuff on him but I can’t get a feel for whether he will be a CB at the pro level. I keep thinking he’s going to get moved to Safety in the pros because he is a pretty good tackler who throws his body around without much caution. A possible SS target?

          1. I find it hard to get excited about CBs that are as muscle bound as Exum. Rightly or wrongly I prefer longer but more tapered guys, as they typically have more hip flexion and agility, which to me is the most important thing for a CB.

            Exum may well be better suited as a convert to SS. But like you I find it hard to get a read on him. Potential developmental guy that has experience in a pretty good program.

        1. I liked your mock Jack. I just don’t think the Niners would trade a future first round pick to achieve what you mocked is all. It doesn’t seem like a Baalke type of move to me. However if they did do that and we wind up with Watkins, I’m all for it even though I’m wary of trading future picks. He’s a phenomenal WR talent that is probably worth the hefty price.

    1. Interesting, but how can you argue with this?

      “To me, there is no debate here,” Cosell said. “I think Sammy Watkins, based on what I’ve seen, is the best receiver in this draft. And I think you can make the argument that he’s the best wide receiver to come out since the A.J. Green, Julio Jones 2011 draft. I mean, he’s got size, speed, hands, shiftiness, explosion. I think Sammy Watkins is hands down the best receiver in this draft.”

      1. Mockdraftable compares Watkins’ size/athleticism to Steve Breaston, Justin Blackmon, Quincy Morgan and Will Franklin. That doesn’t give you pause?

    2. Interesting, but in the end the takeaway is that Moncreif is a better choice? Meh.
      Watkins may or may not go Top Ten; we fans tend to fall in love and GMs don’t always follow. I still think he goes top ten.

      1. I think the takeaway is Watkins is considered the No.1 WR because he’s the most special athlete among the WRs, but he really isn’t the most special athlete among the WRs.

        1. Well, I have a chronic personal bias against over-weighting Combine data. As I understand it, many GMs rely more on Game Tape and Watkins was leading the pack before the Combine and all the measurables.
          ‘The Whole is greater than the sum of the parts.’
          B.Marshall, A.Boldin, D.Clark, Bob Chandler, Steve Largent, Fred Belitnikoff.
          Two receivers with better numbers were taken ahead of Jerry Rice as I recall.

        2. I just don’t know enough about Watkins other then everyone loves him so I jump on the train. The same was for Julio Jones b/c Bama office is more run pro style. But Jones has a top player out of high school and he proved to be da man.

          Is Watkins the stud eveyone says, not sure… If Niners think he is, I’d do an Atlanta and go get him… assuming we can fill depth, later in draft and 2015.

          There are some other productive WRs in the draft. I don’t think you can go wrong with Cooks and Lee. If you want to bet on ceiling then OBJ or Benjamin.

            1. Care to share what you’ve learned about that? My reading, such as it is, hadn’t turned up any team or analyst who wrote that, and most teams haven’t given up much of what they really think I’m guessing.

              1. It makes sense if the team values stature. I’d add Evans to the 9ers in a heartbeat. This is a fantastic WR class. Baalke better not screw this up.

      2. The takeaway in this context could be Moncrief in the 3rd is better value than trading up for Watkins. Even though Jack does both.

        If Baalke had a top ten pick he’d probably take Watkins though. He values tape over metrics.

        1. Watkins isn’t effective in the red zone. 22 of his 27 TD catches at Clemson came from outside the red zone.

            1. Have you watched Clemson’s offense it’s all big plays. Besides, I feel like this is an extremely odd complaint or evidence that he’s overrated. And it’s weird to pair it with metrics that say he’s not explosive.

              1. Dammit I should have said, “Yeah, If a WR explodes he’s not useful to anyone”.

                Let me edit too!

                (I’m having too much fun right now)

              1. I highly doubt Watkins makes it out of the top 5 given the rain of drool at the Combine. And if for some strange reason he falls to the Titans, my guess is that they’ll run up to the podium and select him. An offense with Watkins and Wright in it would be scary to say the least.

    1. Yikes is right. There are so many good WR prospects to choose from this year. Baalke better not screw this up.

  42. Metrics are interesting, but I don’t think they can measure desire and work ethic.
    Physical talent is important, but it’s not the only factor. Rice wasn’t the biggest, fastest or quickest receiver to play in the NFL, but he took his substantial talents and out worked everyone. The drive to succeed is difficult to determine but is a key factor.

    1. Blackmon doesn’t have the same sort of speed and acceleration. He doesn’t get on the CB as fast as Watkins. Blackmon is more dangerous on slants and such where he can use his power. Watkins (I believe) will be better than Blackmon getting vertical, and on comebacks. Both are good with the ball in hand, but Watkins is more elusive while Blackmon will look to run through you.

          1. Watkins has Elite start stop quicks and really good vision. He’s utilized like Harvin and even takes hand offs in the backfield.

      1. Watching tape on Watkins I saw him convert speed to power numerous times to run through tackles. Not saying he does it better than Blackmon but its definitely part of Watkins’ game. Love Watkins’ toughness.

  43. We don’t know if he is or not.
    The biggest jump in athletics seems to be from college to the NFL. A lot of great college players don’t do a thing in the pro’s.

      1. Those two made me think Percy Harvin wouldn’t do squat. Brilliant. He has some limitations, but 12-18 plays a game, he’s going to break some.

        1. yeah little worried about next year. He may be a man on a mission… Hopefully nothing a few good licks will be needed…just sayin, it is football…

  44. Mayock was just saying that he has Fuller as the #2 CB and that Kelly might try to move up to get him unless Barr slips past 10, when he’d try to get Barr. He thinks no WR in 1st for Philly, rather he’ll go Defense BPA, and maybe up to get one.

    1. I completely agree with Mayock that the Eagles won’t go WR in round 1. Look at the offenses Chip Kelly ran at Oregon. How many WRs put up big numbers? He likes to get the ball in the hands of his TEs and receiving backs (like Sproles, who they acquired). I think Sproles is there to replace much of Jackson’s production, and Maclin to take up some of the slack on the perimeter. I think they’ll take a WR later on.

  45. TRADE 2 Early Picks for a Guy that runs a 4.86-40 are you MAD?? Trent Murphy a 6′-5″ 250 Low Rated OLB/DE, Baalke & Harbaugh never Draft Stanford players anyway except to be on the Bench squad & eventually get cut.

    Trade Up to Draft an DB/OLB/DE Difference Maker in the Rotation & Coverage.
    Ryan Shazier 6′-2″ 237 4.37-40 at Pick #30 can replace Injured Bowman be an Elite Blitzer & OLB/DB Coverage Mauler. Shazier’s 25 Bench Rep screams Power & Leverage as a Extra DB who can Cover Small or Taller Recievers with his Short Area quickness. You can Train this Kid as a Hybrid Specialist with his Size & Speed to be the next Safety with Reid after Bethea leaves in 2 Seasons. He’s as Fast as CB Justin Gilbert & 2″ Taller 35lbs heavier.
    317 Total Tackles 210 Solo Tackles 107 Assisted 45 TFL 1 Inter 17 Passes Defened

    1. I’ve been wondering about converting Shazier to safety. Sounds right for the Jeff Fuller role. Or, go the other way and have him play MLB till Bowman recovers, then play a wildcard role outside.

    2. Shazier reminds of another phenomenal athlete and LB prospect from 2009. Aaron Curry was selected #4 overall and was considered the most pro ready and can’t miss prospect of the draft. Big, very fast, strong, supposedly good in coverage and against the run – basically a scheme diverse, can’t miss guy.

      But in the pros his inability to read play, poor change of direction skills, and propensity to overrun plays made him a liability. I see a lot of similarities in Shazier. I’d be very surprised if he was converted to safety, his change of direction skills and poor reading of play would make him a liability back there. And I’m not convinced he’ll make it as a LB either – for the same reasons Curry didn’t. His best bet might be to put some weight on and play as a 3rd down speed rusher.

      1. That’s scarey. Curry was a cant miss prospect taken high, Top 10 as I recall. I kept,hearing he was a disappointment, but heard/read it described as undisciplined. I thought he’d get it figured out in Oakland. A fast to super fast ILB sounds familiar here, but we have a lot of assets tied up at ILB right now; they may try to get through with Moody-Wilhoite-Fleming-Skuta-Brooks until Bow returns.

    3. Sounds great if you want to play him at inside linebacker. Go take a look at what size player the 49ers use at OLB; Brooks 259lbs, Smith 265lbs, Lemonier 255lbs, Fleming 255lbs. Your boy is 6’2″ 237, try again.

  46. mock draft…… mock head coach….

    Take heart, niner fans.
    I am here.
    I am real.
    I am not going away (until February 2015, maybe).
    I am the Super Bowl monkey
    (firmly affixed to the back of James Harbaw).

        1. McKenzie isn’t building anything. He’s spending all his money to make the Raiders competitive now, but they’re still going to finish last in the AFC West.

              1. Speaking of Ireland, it wouldn’t surprise me if Tony Sparano became the Raiders’ head coach in 2015 or sooner.

              2. I think McK deserves a longer leash than Allen, but Mark Davis hasn’t done much to market himself as a good guy to work for. A first HC chance guy like Kiffin was, or an aging guy with one last HC chance might work for him, but many will take a pass.

              3. Yes, but if McKenzie goes a new guy might bring in someone else. If Parano is there then maybe he can prevail on Allen and McK to draft one of the OTs. Two of three should be available when they pick. It ain’t sexy, but it is money with the top 3.

              4. Back to my Mark Davis comment, and you get what you pay for. Hire a coach on the cheap, you get….a used mini-van, not a new pickup.
                He’ll do it more than once. He may get antsy about LA too, now that a Bills ownership change looms.

      1. He and Allen need the team to show some measurable progress or they’re on the street. Shaub, Rogers, Woodley might help immediately.
        Don’t ask me about the guys they let get away in FA!

    1. Not a bad comparison. Beckham has better acceleration and quickness in/out of his cuts in my opinion, as well as a bigger catching radius, but similar style of player. Beckham is more talented for mine. But Tate should be a good pick up for the Lions.

  47. Mayock has gone all in on Manziel, ranks him as the #1 QB. And people wonder why I think he’s a hack.

    1. Bill Pollian has cred with me, and I heard him say he likes Manziel’s arm strength best of the upper QB prospects. If Bartles is true ‘prototype QB’, he should have a stronger arm than ‘undersized’ Manziel. I’ve been saying and I’m still saying that Manziel reminds me of Jake “The Snake” Plummer out of ArizState who had a brief career with Demver. He’s (Manziel) a #20-45 talent who will go Top 15. And he may surprise.
      Akili Smith/JakeTheSnake/R.Wilson; which one?
      Ahhhh, I’ve been waiting since 7am for a NOAA update; FINALLY! Grant money gets you better access, but comes with so many strings! Being Indie takes a lot of patience. I’ve got a 1/40 chance of finding anything meaningful, but the best part of field research? My phone doesn’t work at the coast! Hahaha.
      Sorry; inside joke.

        1. OK, and you’re still talking T.Wilson. I guess all us experts get it wrong sometimes. I’d love to get it right as often as him.

  48. Nice Jack-Watkins and Moncrief would be massive,I’m with you on drafting a center-I like Swanson but any of the top three would do in this draft. Would like an extra DB but overall very nice.

  49. I’m kind of glad Roman is leaving. The offense needs to be simplified. Instead of what we’ve been doing. But then we will also find out what the real problem is

  50. any one else see buster posey do his best CK post game interview impersonation last night, what a punk……

      1. Old Coach,

        Don’t you get it?

        Buster Posey is a an old school, red ass, kind of player, who works hard in the off season, and will do anything for his team. He’s a winner. So what if he doesn’t give the media insight into his thoughts and the inner workings of the Giants?

        On the other hand, Colin Kaepernick, has tattoos, wears snap back hats, and head phones. HE’S the punk. The way he stone walls the media makes me sick. Also, the way Kaepernick trains all off season, just so he looks better in commercials is really selfish.

        And, please, I don’t want to hear that there’s racial / generational bias involved in my opinion. There’s just such a clear difference between Posey and Kaepernick in the things that really matter. Tattos, snap backs and headphones. Yep, you never saw Otto Graham with any of those things.

        1. Here’s a quote on Otto Graham from in 2003: “His dark-eyed smile, contrasting so well with the white Cleveland Browns uniform he inevitably posed in, became a familiar image for baby boomers, not just on cereal boxes but in many early, hopelessly corny TV commercials.”

          Apparently its ok for Graham to earn extra money endorsing products but not Kaepernick? You do understand he wears the headphones because they pay him? This is still America, right?

        2. Ex
          Would Otto approve of the way Deion Sanders dresses, talks, and acts?
          Would Otto like Clay Mathews hair style? Rob Ryans? Richard Sherman’s?
          This is about Fashion?
          I’m an old white dude, but CK isn’t a punk, IMO.

          1. Bro Tuna,

            I was hoping that my post was so nonsensical, that if would be obvious that I was being sarcastic. Apparently, I missed the mark.

            My point (and I believe Old Coach’s point, as well) is how similar Posey and CK are in their approach to their respective crafts, and the differences between the two are related to style, rather than substance.

            I also think that many who criticize CK, while giving Posey love (despite his some times prickly personality) have generational, cultural and / or racial issues with CK’s style.

            1. @ ExGolfer
              Sorry for missing your point with the sarcasm. Its always a bit embarrassing when someone has to point out what went over my head.
              : >0
              Back in the 1930s and 40s some of the street kids used to wear their ball caps all goofy with the bills dangling off to the side. ( I got that from movies, I’m not THAT old.) They liked that it ticked off the old guys and it made them Rebels. I wore some goofy clothes in the 60s-70s. Bell bottom jeans?Just saying! I don’t like CK’s style, but it doesn’t bother me. Generational differences should be smiled at, IMO.

              1. Bro Tuna,

                No apology necessary. Easy to read it the way you did.

                It’s funny how many in each generation forget what it was like for them when they were young and looking to break out. Every generation of teenagers / 20 somethings makes the older generation anxious over something. Elvis; The Beatles and the Stones; the Clash, Sex Pistols and the Buzzcocks; Hip Hop; pot; tattoos and piercings. My wife and I sometimes wonder what’s left for our kids to be into a couple years from now. I shudder to think… They’re good kids, so our fingers are crossed.

                I’m glad you read my response, I wouldn’t want to be lumped in with the I-don’t-like-Kaep-because-he-wears-headphones crowd. There’s nothing wrong with criticizing what CK does on the field (I’m very hopeful he will fulfill his potential – this year, please, Colin), but when it gets into style issues, it gets a little weird.

  51. Grant, I found a video of PeteC after the SB and he said for anyone to think that RW is thru with his development would be making a tragic mistake. That b/c he’s so composed & mature people forget he’s a rookie and that he will continue to improve.

    I was too harsh on CK and that’s due to my ignorance. I need to educate myself more on the fundamentals and have reasonable expectations and let the professionals judge their performances. I don’t know how long this development phase goes on. What doesn’t make sense to me is how any team can support a 53-man roster, a franchise QB & other cornerstone players in order to defend their title. It’s a heartless business where these players are uprooted and shipped around like cattle.

    I watched Golden Tate’s press conference with the Lions. He mentioned the Seahawks at least 3 times, Pete Carroll, how he loves the 12th man to death and how and how he expected to stay in Seattle. Not a ringing endorsement for Detroit. He looked sad.

  52. A 4/1 mock

    #1: Trade #30 and Colin Kaepernick to Houston: Select Johnny Manziel QB (Mayock says he’s a better passer coming out of college then both Wilson and Kaepernick, if Mike says so then it must be true)

    #24 Trade #56,61&94 to Bengals: Select Zach Mettenberger QB (Just in case Mayock is slightly off)

    #100 select Brett Smith QB: Zach might need more time coming back from his injury.

    #114 Trade #129&#170 to Jaguars: Select Jeff Mathews QB Gabbert has had injury issues of his own so this will be a little insurance.

    I’m liking this draft. I’ve addressed our biggest need as well as provided depth. We should be good for awhile.

  53. I see the 49ers drafting this way:

    Round 1 – I don’t like the idea of moving a mountain of picks to get in the top 15 or so of this draft to get a WR or CB – the overall value math suggests this strategy is a poor one even for a player like Mike Evans/Odell Beckham or Dennard/Gilbert around 15-17.

    IMO, the 49ers would love to grab Kyle Fuller at #30 if they can’t trade the #30 pick back to the early part of the round while grabbing a 2015 2nd rounder in the process – because I think you can grab Verrett from TCU in the early 2nd.

    2nd Round – The 2nd and 3rd rounds of this draft are LOADED with valuable guys depending on how teams play their cards but no matter what the 49ers should be able to land (in addition to Fuller/Verrett as discussed above) a high quality WR like Allen Robinson or Davante Adams/Moncrief, another solid CB or safety prospect (Stanley Jean Baptiste or Deone Bucannon come to mind), and finally a high ceiling OG prospect that can come in and play behind Iupati until filling that starting role in 2015 and beyond (David Yankey from Stanford, Gabe Jackson from Miss St., Zack Martin from ND are all options).

    In the 3rd round you go best available player but it wouldn’t hurt to grab a TE who can block and catch well like CJ Federowicz from Iowa or Troy Niklas from ND if he falls to the top half of round 3. I have faith in the coaching staff getting more out of Vance McDonald in Year 2 but I think that there is value in solidifying the #3 spot with a player who has the potential to become a #1(a) or (b) down the line with Vance once Vernon has played his last games for SF – and doing so in this draft also gives the offense even more flexibility in using Vernon as a pure WR threat and takes him out of the nasty hits he can get as a true TE – all good things IMO.

    Additionally, if a player like Jarvis Landry or Dominique Easley fall to this spot (one because of his poor 40 time and combine #’s the other due to injury) they can be had in round 3/4.

    Beyond that, the 49ers can target a QB project like Brett Smith in the later rounds along with a d-line player with huge upside – Justin Ellis is a name to watch and so is the DE from Texas Tech.

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