Four-round 49ers mock draft with trades

These are the picks I think the 49ers will make in the upcoming draft, not necessarily the picks I would make if I were picking for the 49ers.

Trade pick No.30 to the Jaguars for pick No.39 and Jacksonville’s third-rounder in 2015. With pick No.39, the 49ers select JORDAN MATTHEWS, WR, VANDERBILT. The Jaguars trade up for QB Jimmy Garoppolo. The 49ers trade back for Matthews, who has the speed to complement Anquan Boldin and Michael Crabtree right now, and the size and skill to replace Crabtree at flanker by 2015.

Trade picks No.56 and No.94 to the Titans for pick No.42. With pick No.42, the 49ers select TRENT MURPHY, OLB, STANFORD. Ahmad Brooks just turned 30. In 2015, he’ll turn 31 and the 49ers will owe him more than $6 million. The 49ers need a potential replacement for Brooks in 2015 in case he’s no longer worth $6 million to the 49ers.

With pick No.61, the 49ers select JAYLEN WATKINS, CB, FLORIDA. The 49ers need a cornerback, and Watkins is similar athletically to Chris Culliver.

With pick No.77, the 49ers select PAUL RICHARDSON, WR, COLORADO. Richardson would be the 49ers’ T.Y. Hilton — a true deep threat who may not necessarily be a true X or Z. Hilton was the 92nd-pick in the 2012 draft.

With pick No.100, the 49ers select WILL CLARKE, DE, WEST VIRGINIA. Clarke is 6-7, 271 pounds, and his arms are 34-5/8 inches long. The 49ers draft him to replace Ray McDonald in a year two, once Clarke adds about 20 pounds.

With pick No.129, the 49ers select DAVID FALES, QB, SAN JOSE ST. Jim Harbaugh gave Tony Romo an early-round grade, so don’t be surprised if Harbaugh falls for Fales.

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  1. Nice Jack-Watkins and Moncrief would be massive,I’m with you on drafting a center-I like Swanson but any of the top three would do in this draft. Would like an extra DB but overall very nice.

  2. I’m kind of glad Roman is leaving. The offense needs to be simplified. Instead of what we’ve been doing. But then we will also find out what the real problem is

  3. any one else see buster posey do his best CK post game interview impersonation last night, what a punk……

      1. Old Coach,

        Don’t you get it?

        Buster Posey is a an old school, red ass, kind of player, who works hard in the off season, and will do anything for his team. He’s a winner. So what if he doesn’t give the media insight into his thoughts and the inner workings of the Giants?

        On the other hand, Colin Kaepernick, has tattoos, wears snap back hats, and head phones. HE’S the punk. The way he stone walls the media makes me sick. Also, the way Kaepernick trains all off season, just so he looks better in commercials is really selfish.

        And, please, I don’t want to hear that there’s racial / generational bias involved in my opinion. There’s just such a clear difference between Posey and Kaepernick in the things that really matter. Tattos, snap backs and headphones. Yep, you never saw Otto Graham with any of those things.

        1. Here’s a quote on Otto Graham from in 2003: “His dark-eyed smile, contrasting so well with the white Cleveland Browns uniform he inevitably posed in, became a familiar image for baby boomers, not just on cereal boxes but in many early, hopelessly corny TV commercials.”

          Apparently its ok for Graham to earn extra money endorsing products but not Kaepernick? You do understand he wears the headphones because they pay him? This is still America, right?

        2. Ex
          Would Otto approve of the way Deion Sanders dresses, talks, and acts?
          Would Otto like Clay Mathews hair style? Rob Ryans? Richard Sherman’s?
          This is about Fashion?
          I’m an old white dude, but CK isn’t a punk, IMO.

          1. Bro Tuna,

            I was hoping that my post was so nonsensical, that if would be obvious that I was being sarcastic. Apparently, I missed the mark.

            My point (and I believe Old Coach’s point, as well) is how similar Posey and CK are in their approach to their respective crafts, and the differences between the two are related to style, rather than substance.

            I also think that many who criticize CK, while giving Posey love (despite his some times prickly personality) have generational, cultural and / or racial issues with CK’s style.

            1. @ ExGolfer
              Sorry for missing your point with the sarcasm. Its always a bit embarrassing when someone has to point out what went over my head.
              : >0
              Back in the 1930s and 40s some of the street kids used to wear their ball caps all goofy with the bills dangling off to the side. ( I got that from movies, I’m not THAT old.) They liked that it ticked off the old guys and it made them Rebels. I wore some goofy clothes in the 60s-70s. Bell bottom jeans?Just saying! I don’t like CK’s style, but it doesn’t bother me. Generational differences should be smiled at, IMO.

              1. Bro Tuna,

                No apology necessary. Easy to read it the way you did.

                It’s funny how many in each generation forget what it was like for them when they were young and looking to break out. Every generation of teenagers / 20 somethings makes the older generation anxious over something. Elvis; The Beatles and the Stones; the Clash, Sex Pistols and the Buzzcocks; Hip Hop; pot; tattoos and piercings. My wife and I sometimes wonder what’s left for our kids to be into a couple years from now. I shudder to think… They’re good kids, so our fingers are crossed.

                I’m glad you read my response, I wouldn’t want to be lumped in with the I-don’t-like-Kaep-because-he-wears-headphones crowd. There’s nothing wrong with criticizing what CK does on the field (I’m very hopeful he will fulfill his potential – this year, please, Colin), but when it gets into style issues, it gets a little weird.

  4. Grant, I found a video of PeteC after the SB and he said for anyone to think that RW is thru with his development would be making a tragic mistake. That b/c he’s so composed & mature people forget he’s a rookie and that he will continue to improve.

    I was too harsh on CK and that’s due to my ignorance. I need to educate myself more on the fundamentals and have reasonable expectations and let the professionals judge their performances. I don’t know how long this development phase goes on. What doesn’t make sense to me is how any team can support a 53-man roster, a franchise QB & other cornerstone players in order to defend their title. It’s a heartless business where these players are uprooted and shipped around like cattle.

    I watched Golden Tate’s press conference with the Lions. He mentioned the Seahawks at least 3 times, Pete Carroll, how he loves the 12th man to death and how and how he expected to stay in Seattle. Not a ringing endorsement for Detroit. He looked sad.

  5. A 4/1 mock

    #1: Trade #30 and Colin Kaepernick to Houston: Select Johnny Manziel QB (Mayock says he’s a better passer coming out of college then both Wilson and Kaepernick, if Mike says so then it must be true)

    #24 Trade #56,61&94 to Bengals: Select Zach Mettenberger QB (Just in case Mayock is slightly off)

    #100 select Brett Smith QB: Zach might need more time coming back from his injury.

    #114 Trade #129&#170 to Jaguars: Select Jeff Mathews QB Gabbert has had injury issues of his own so this will be a little insurance.

    I’m liking this draft. I’ve addressed our biggest need as well as provided depth. We should be good for awhile.

  6. I see the 49ers drafting this way:

    Round 1 – I don’t like the idea of moving a mountain of picks to get in the top 15 or so of this draft to get a WR or CB – the overall value math suggests this strategy is a poor one even for a player like Mike Evans/Odell Beckham or Dennard/Gilbert around 15-17.

    IMO, the 49ers would love to grab Kyle Fuller at #30 if they can’t trade the #30 pick back to the early part of the round while grabbing a 2015 2nd rounder in the process – because I think you can grab Verrett from TCU in the early 2nd.

    2nd Round – The 2nd and 3rd rounds of this draft are LOADED with valuable guys depending on how teams play their cards but no matter what the 49ers should be able to land (in addition to Fuller/Verrett as discussed above) a high quality WR like Allen Robinson or Davante Adams/Moncrief, another solid CB or safety prospect (Stanley Jean Baptiste or Deone Bucannon come to mind), and finally a high ceiling OG prospect that can come in and play behind Iupati until filling that starting role in 2015 and beyond (David Yankey from Stanford, Gabe Jackson from Miss St., Zack Martin from ND are all options).

    In the 3rd round you go best available player but it wouldn’t hurt to grab a TE who can block and catch well like CJ Federowicz from Iowa or Troy Niklas from ND if he falls to the top half of round 3. I have faith in the coaching staff getting more out of Vance McDonald in Year 2 but I think that there is value in solidifying the #3 spot with a player who has the potential to become a #1(a) or (b) down the line with Vance once Vernon has played his last games for SF – and doing so in this draft also gives the offense even more flexibility in using Vernon as a pure WR threat and takes him out of the nasty hits he can get as a true TE – all good things IMO.

    Additionally, if a player like Jarvis Landry or Dominique Easley fall to this spot (one because of his poor 40 time and combine #’s the other due to injury) they can be had in round 3/4.

    Beyond that, the 49ers can target a QB project like Brett Smith in the later rounds along with a d-line player with huge upside – Justin Ellis is a name to watch and so is the DE from Texas Tech.

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