Gore embraces the competition for carries

SANTA CLARA – Twenty-nine-year-old running back Frank Gore discussed his two-a-day work load and his feelings about finally having to compete with so many talented running backs for carries. Here’s what he said.

Q: Harbaugh said you’re doing what you always do – coming in at 6:15 a.m., getting your sweat on. What do you do in that hour?

GORE: I do about 30 minutes on the elliptical and then I lift. The schedule isn’t how it used to be – no more two-a-day practices.

Q: So you make your own two-a-day?

GORE: Yeah.

Q: You started that last year?

GORE: Yeah.

Q: Who else is in there with you?

GORE: Carlos (Rodgers), Tarell Brown. That’s about it right now.

Q: Could you have always been cool with so much competition in the backfield?

GORE: Yeah, I’m a competitor. I could have went to any school in the country coming out of high school, but I decided to go to Miami, and they already had three good backs (Clinton Portis, Willis McGahee and Najeh Davenport).

Q: They say running backs slow down when they turn 30 years old. Are you looking forward to that challenge and proving those naysayers wrong?

GORE: I train hard. I feel that as long as you train, you’ll be fine in this sport.

Q: A couple of years ago you were working on your break-away speed in the offseason. Is that still something you do?

GORE: Yeah, I work out with a speed coach.

Q: Were you frustrated at all last season that you didn’t break away from more touchdown runs?

GORE: No, we were winning.  I’ll take last year over any year in my career so far.

Q: What have you noticed from Alex Boone so far?

GORE: It’s still early. It takes time. Whoever ends up in that spot (right guard), I’ll get a good feel for him.

Q: Last year you almost caught more passes in two playoff games than you did the entire regular season.

GORE: That was a product of me not getting out (of the backfield). A lot teams were blitzing during the (regular) season. The Giants play zone a lot – they weren’t really coming – so I got a chance to get out more.

Q: You’ve always been around 40 or 50 catches.

GORE: I know, but when I had those catches, look at our record. I’d rather take less catches with a better record than a lot of catches and a sorry record.

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