Grading the 49ers’ trade for Colt McCoy

How I see it: Colt McCoy basically has a one-year tryout with the 49ers who traded for him on Tuesday. McCoy has one year left on his rookie contract and if he doesn’t show anything this year, the Niners are not going to re-sign him and negotiate a larger contract for 2014.

McCoy has not shown much in his three pro seasons, and he does not have a strong arm. With all due respect to him, I doubt he would scare any of the 49ers’ opponents if he ever has to take the field.

I’m guessing Trent Baalke didn’t have to work very hard to pry McCoy away from Cleveland. I’m guessing Browns’ General Manager Michael Lombardi worked his tail off to get the 49ers to agree to take McCoy. That’s my guess.

Considering the quarterbacks who were on the street, the 49ers came out OK in this trade. I give it a ‘C.’ I’ll be shocked if the Niners don’t draft a quarterback late in the draft just to have another developmental guy on the roster.

How would you grade this trade?

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