Harbaugh: “It can appear that something’s working against you. I term it the football gods with a small ‘g’ not a capital ‘G’.”

SANTA CLARA — Here is a transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers.

When you look over the stats at the end of the game and see that RB Frank Gore had only had six carries and RB Carlos Hyde only had three, what do you think?

“It was a different part of the game, a different game plan. We used five receiver sets, four receiver sets at times. Anticipated that there would be less carries for the running backs.”


Did it carry out the way you wanted it to from that standpoint, as far as the run-pass differential?

“It was a limited possession game. When you look at the first half we had probably 31 plays and got the two touchdowns, two very good drives. The second half, was not as good, but we moved the ball and positive from that standpoint. Your question is how much do you look at the run-pass ratio and analyze that. For us it’s got to be about moving the ball offensively, scoring points.”


Were you encouraged to see how QB Colin Kaepernick fared and the receivers fared in the four and five wide look?

“Yeah, there was some real positives there. I thought the receivers played extremely good. Some strong catches, run after the catch. Did a great job with ball-security. All those guys that were touching the ball. Colin, the whole team was competing. They played extremely hard. Colin made some big plays, extending plays, running with the football. There was, again, many good things.”


How much of the game plan was because you just didn’t have TE Vernon Davis and TE Vance McDonald in the lineup? Was that the impetus for going with that type of game plan?

“Yes, most of it.”


You knew early on there was a good chance that neither of those guys would be in there. Is that something that you could do, you would do even if you had those guys healthy?

“Yes, certainly. Can be, yes. And we showed some real positives out of that set.”


Was the locker room just the angriest you’ve seen your players? It just seemed like they were not just angry, but also in disbelief and exasperated not knowing how they’re supposed to play certain plays. Not knowing the officials call them on penalties and they don’t know how to explain them. What’s your take on how they accepted the loss?

“Yeah, there’s definitely frustration and not feeling good after a loss. But, the mindset has got to be, going forward is to fix. You push against something until it’s upright. That’s the process that our team uses and we have total belief in all of our, and everybody associated with, our program. Coaches, players, everybody involved. Some ebbs and flows to the season. We’re in one of those right now and close down the ranks and things we need to get fixed and I have great confidence that we’ll do that. In terms of what you’re expressing. What the players are expressing after the game in terms of officiating. We never point any finger of blame or make excuses in terms of the officiating. Sometimes the football gods can be unforgiving. And I say gods with a small ‘g’. But, you work to fix it and I’m confident we’ll do that.”


WR Anquan Boldin certainly pointed the fingers at the officiating. One of the things he said was, “It’s going to be the same story. We send our complaints to the league. They’ll come back and say we were wrong.” Your thoughts on Anquan’s statement?

“Well, my thoughts are just what I said. There’s frustration. It can appear that something’s working against you. I term it the football gods with a small ‘g’ not a capital ‘G’, and we work to fix it.”


Did you talk to Anquan Boldin about football gods with a small ‘g’ not a capital ‘G’, so he could maybe readjust his thinking? He did a lot of complaining about the officials to all of us last night.

“Again, you were there, you were in that conversation. You get that kind of access right after (the game), within 10 minutes of an emotional time. So, I think cool heads will prevail.”


Does that mean you will talk to him or have talked to him?

“We’ll address it as I said. We’ll work to fix things. There’s things that need to be fixed and have great confidence we’ll get them fixed.”


Not just in the locker room but during games when that type of adversity happens, you get what’s perceived to be a bad call or whatever. From the outside it can seem maybe the guys haven’t handled it that well. I’m somewhat theorizing, getting into their heads. What are your thoughts? I mean, have they dealt with that type of adversity when there is a bad call and been able to move on and forget about it and go on to the next play?

“Moving forward, as I said, we’re going to build on the positives. You want to do the things that are going to help your team win a football game. If it’s something that’s helping you, you want to keep continuing to do it. If it’s something that’s not helping you, it’s not helping you win, let’s not do it. We got a week to get it fixed. Sunday at 1 o’clock, that’s the challenge for our ball club. We’ve been in this position before, where there is an ebb or a flow to the season. We’re in it now. That’s the great challenge for our football team and have great confidence that we’ll attack it.”


That business with Anquan on the sidelines there, is that something that the officials pick up on during the game? Maybe sense that somebody’s, you know, not happy with a call?

“What somebody’s doing on the sideline? Can’t say that somebody is–”


When Anquan was jawing there on the sideline. Was that related to any of that?

“No, I don’t see how that could be with the officials.”


Is DT Ray McDonald OK? He left the game in the fourth quarter and didn’t come back into the game.

“He had a dislocated finger.”


Any other injuries?

“We’ll assess it more today, but I don’t think that there were.”


Of the guys that were upset, Frank Gore seemed to be at the top of the list, couldn’t continue his press conference or his interview with us. Did he express anything to you? Have you guys spoken to him about his role in that game and his role going forward?

“Having played, having coached, having been around a lot of guys and a lot of locker rooms, and I’m sure you have. You’ve been around it. You men and women in this room have been around as much as I have. It’s an emotional time after a loss. What’s said or not said, or somebody chooses to or not say anything, I wouldn’t read that much into that, at that time.”


Did you get a good look on replay at LB Patrick Willis’ hit that drew the flag on the quarterback in terms of where he hit him and why that was against the rules?

“I’ve seen the coaches’ copy, yeah.”


We didn’t see a good look so I’m trying to find out. What did it look like to you on film?

“No matter what I say right now, it’s the day after the game, we’re not making excuses.”


That’s not what I asked.

“I know you’re not, but you are. I know that you’re not, but I think you are.” (laughter)


He didn’t lead with the crown of his helmet? He did not?

“It looked like his face was up. It looked like he was making a tackle that was seeing what he hit.”


Which is what you coach them to do?

“We do teach that, yes.”


Could you talk about WR Stevie Johnson’s play yesterday? It seemed like he definitely emerged and came through on some very big plays.

“He did. He had some real strong catches, good runs after the catch. Ball security was very good. He was a very good example of that. He played well.”


After two losses, there are many theories and hypotheses floating around about what’s wrong with the 49ers. In some way, do you enjoy being in these situations where there’s a lot of adversity, a lot of doubters, a lot of critics?

“Well, you understand that that’s going to be the case. It gives us the opportunity to tighten down the ranks, tighten down the circle. And our challenge is to get it fixed. So, that is the process that we believe in and that’ll take place. Very confident in that.”


In your coaching career, you’ve been associated with tight ends and a power running game and a very run-oriented attack. Why shift for this game? Was it because you thought that your previous offenses weren’t versatile enough and you wanted this element to be able to turn to if you needed it? Why go against what you have done to this point in your coaching career?

“Part of it because we thought it would work and there was personnel to consider. We went over that a little bit earlier. Both those things.”


What were some of the adjustments the Cardinals defense made at halftime? Did they start sending more guys in on pressures than you could handle or how did they adapt their game plan?

“It was pretty aggressive from the beginning. They did get us on two very good blitzes. They were critical downs. It was all-out. We got them a few times and they got us a few times on them.”


Just looking at how you guys have fared in the first half as opposed to the second half, are you comfortable with the way, I know comfortable is not a word you use, but as far as how the opponent adjusts to your initial game plan, are you then able to counter-adjust? How do you feel about that aspect of your coaching staff?

“Well, I feel good about it. Like I said, I feel really good about our coaches’ process of how we do things. I feel good about our football team, everybody that’s in that locker room. And continuing to strive to fix, to improve, to get better is what we’ll do.”


You referenced former coach Bo Schembechler a bit last week or I think it was Friday. What would he think of five-wide receiver formations?

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen him in a five-wide out.”


How about four?

“Four, we did four, yeah.”


Had you ever done five before?



University of San Diego?

“Yeah. Stanford. Here. We’ve had it in the plan before.”


On the defensive side, how do you address the illegal hands to the face? It’s been happening over and over. It’s pretty frustrating to watch. I’m sure it’s killing you as well. Specifically, how are you going to address it? It just keeps coming up it seems like.

“Yeah, one of the things that … as we said, there’s some things to fix and that’s part of it.”


Are there things to fix as far as communication in the secondary? It looked like they got you guys on a couple blown coverages where guys were on different pages.

“Again, there are things that we’re going to need to get fixed by Sunday and that’s a great challenge for our football team and I’m sure our guys will be up for it.”


Do you have a feeling where Vernon Davis might be on Sunday?

“Optimistic. Very hopeful that he’ll be able to play Sunday.”

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  1. “dumbfounded and speechless”….
    that’s Greg A. Bedard of Sports Illustrated
    described Coach Jim Harbaugh listening to
    Ankwon Boldin pissing and moaning on the
    sideline after his red-zone penalty lost the game.

    Can it get any worse, we ask? Well yeah…
    on a list of top 10 potential replacements for
    Brady Hoke (soon to be fired Michigan coach),
    Jim was only rated #6 whereas big brother John
    (wearing his Super Bowl ring) was listed as #1.

  2. Didn’t know McDonald was hurt, didn’t know he was even playing for all the impact he has. Just suspend him already, couldn’t hurt the defense to miss a non-factor. Then play Dial and Carradine so we can figure out if those guys can play or not. Then we will know if we need to draft DL as a high priority again next year.

  3. Seems appropriate to post this now… Especially on this blog where more than half the entries are negative. Especially, after Colin Kaepernick is asked about his fine from the Bears game immediatley after the Cardinals loss. Bill Walsh disliked the media and he was spot on in his assessment of the Bay Area media just as he was spot on in game planning the defense of his opponents. Bill Walsh from 1985:

    “Every year you’re going to have a calculated approach taken by a couple writers, especially when you’re doing well, to take the team apart. And they delight in it. They like to see you squirm, they like to see all of us squirm. If they could feel they affected us and we didn’t do well, they have won the war. It’s that simple. I guess we’re fortunate we don’t have more of them. If were in New York City or some place it would be eight or 10 of them doing this. But every year, the same guy locally, there’s a couple of them, will do anything they can to disrupt us. They can make it black and white, defense versus offense, coaches versus players, owners versus coach. They’ll do it every conceivable way, and they’ll get a formula and a plan and methodically work on it. And they work on it. They really calculate it…”

    I’ll bet every diehard 9er fan knows exactly which current day writers Walsh was calling out.

    1. This is why they know us as ‘Fortywhiners’….we just don’t seem to understand that we lose games on our own merits…IT AIN’T THE REFS OR THE JOURNALISTS… they were there when we won those 5 Lombardis too.

        1. The Washington playoff game where Montana overcame 21 points down was lost on two pointless calls. Like all such calls, the only solution is don’t give the refs a look that can be miss read. Both were pointless touching after the play was past Eric Wright and Lott.

          Skuta launched himself before the QB was down, but his head was down. The retired head of officials that comments said it was a poor interpretation of the rule, but Skuta might have avoided the penalty if he had kept his head up and his body under control. It’s not like he was trying to stop Lynch at the goal line.

          1. Waits,

            I remember one of those penalties differently. A Washington WR ran toward Lott. Lott held his ground and the Washington WR just bumped into him and halfheartedly kept his feet moving. Lott stood his ground, but didn’t push back or use his hands, in any way. The play went to the other side of the formation and was unsuccessful. Defensive holding, auto first down, game given to Washington.

      1. Definitely not the journalists, but that one question about why they shifted from TEs and power running was incredibly silly.

        The question was already covered, plus there was even a question mentioning how Vernon and Vance were out. So either this person either did not pay attention to the injury report, game, and the earlier questions, or this person was just being a troll.

      2. @Oregon

        Who’s blaming “journalists” for a loss? Not sure how you drew that conclusion. My point is that certain members of the media most definitely try to create drama and in some cases try to make themselves the story. The line of questioning by some of these “journalists” is abrasive and unnecessarily confrontational. Look at the wording about Boldin “jawing” on the sidelines. It creates a picture where the Journalist” is obviously trying to pit Harbaugh against Boldin. I find certain members of the press to be ridiculous

        1. I agree the point Walsh was trying to make was not to blame the media for losses but rather to showcase that the often members of the media will attempt to shape the narrative rather than report truths. And thus create a reality from false claims by creating discord.

          For a historical reference the Spanish American war was known as the first media war.

    2. I read Lowell’s column about the game which was in two parts — Boldin’s head butt and Colin’s sun glasses and post game performance. I posted what was a one liner saying that Lowell enjoyed writing that piece. It was deleted.

      Then I ask why and pointed out that two posts that compared Colin to a pimp were posted. Again it was deleted. I’ve thought a lot about Walsh and the press today.

    3. Houston you give writers far too much credit for any power they wield, and it was more than appropriate for your good buddy Lowell to bring up last week’s issue as it was the leading NFL story nationally on every sports related report Sunday morning.

    1. Yikes! That’s a 500% increase in one week, and it did little to alleviate the lack of sufficient pressure, while increasing it on the beleaguered secondary….

    2. Our defensive stats on third down broken out by penalty and enough yards gained would be interesting too, if you’re into train wrecks.

  4. I couldn’t believe Kaepernick didn’t see Lloyd wide open late in the game, on that 3rd and 19. The throw to Mr. Crabs where AC almost made the INT, was eerily similar to another the week before. Ian Williams looked like he’s finally getting back to form….

  5. Brooks is the guy they’ve needed to step up and he’s been a zero…the one healthy guy with actual proven pass-rushing and backfield disruption skills. Is he back in the tank? The one he went into in Cincinnati? The problem with guys like this, if he let his team down once he can do it again…

  6. Really good interview with Ted Robinson. Details offensive mistakes the offense made in the 2nd half.

    Grant can you do a write up on it if you have access to the transcript?

  7. One silver lining to all of this…at least I don’t have to pop for a Super Bowl party this year.
    My Ninahs are saving me big $$$!
    P.S. Crying inside…

    1. until you know the elements which are factored into the equations for them to come up with that kind of grade, it is questionable. granted, he did not throw any TD passes, but he also did not have any turnovers. very minimal average yards per pass, but that is not his fault to a degree because he does not call the plays. CK should not get a negative score for his performance yesterday. my gosh, he tallied probably 90% of the Niners total offense with around 293 yards.

      1. This guy, Maney, has no credibility to make these comments. He blames Kap for passes that travelled only 5 yards beyond the LOS, although Kap only was executing the plays called for him. Downgrades him because one of his passes should have been intercepted and run back for a pick 6, but it wasn’t. So it is Kap’s fault because this guy thinks the DB should have intercepted the ball and run it back for a TD. Give me a break. This guy is a clown!!!!!!

        Colin Kaepernick, QB: -2.0

        Breakdown: Maybe a case where the stats don’t quite line up with the grade; outside of three throwaways and a drop, Kaepernick missed on just four of his 34 pass attempts. However, one of those incompletions probably should have gone for a pick-six but was dropped by Antonio Cromartie (3Q, 12:18), while his 29 completions travelled less than five yards beyond the line of scrimmage on average.

        Signature Play: 4Q, 4:14. Badly missed an open Brandon Lloyd on 3rd-and-19 late in the game down six. The 49ers punted on the next play and didn’t get the ball back until 23 seconds left in the game, down nine.

        1. For the record, I don’t think he was as bad as a -2.0 and think that will be revised up on the All-22 but I still don’t think he deserved an A for his performance. He was just okay.

          1. Yeah OK…. He was our only threat in the game. Please tell me where he went bad? What one bad throw and drive? Lol
            I forgot qb’s are supposed to be perfect. Is it his fault he drive them down for the go ahead TD and his teammate head buts a player and costs them the TD and IMO the game? Ck and S Johnson an P Willis were the ONLY players that deserved an A. Maybe even MC.

      2. there was the TD pass to MC, but it was only a two-yarder so Maney probably did not think it counted much because it was not at least a 5-yard throw. Maney probably would have liked it better if there were a couple of penalties to back up the ball deeper into the Red Zone, and then the pass would have had a greater impact because it would have covered more distance.

  8. Note to Coach Harbaugh and the Niners:
    Chicago 24 vs New York Jets 13

    Thanks for the morale builder last week;
    now we are pumped up!!

    The Eagles & the Chiefs smell blood in the water….

        1. Because Gilbert ran a sub-4.4 40. I would have been very happy with Fuller, like you I preferred Fuller to Gilbert, but I think Ward will be a good ‘un.

          1. Yep, Fuller was the one for me over Gilbert as well. I believe he was Hammers’ pick too. Roby has played well for Denver….

          2. I liked Ward coming out too, and still believe he’s going to develop into a great player. Fuller’s instincts are special though, I think he has shutdown corner written all of him. Guess I’m just a having a little bit of buyer’s remorse seeing Fuller excel like I thought he would when the 49ers could have really used him the last few weeks.

      1. From the draft scuttle-but, I heard teams were asking for a huge trade-up price to move to the spot Fuller was selected. Something absurd like a late first, a mid second and a (probably late) 2015 first.

            1. It’s too early to talk bust..in a young man’s rookie career..There’s alot of time left to work on his technique..He’s essentially playing before he’s ready and out of necessity…

              1. I wouldn’t say he played great, but he certainly wasn’t the worst DB against the Cards (actually one of the better ones). He was pretty good against the Cowboys too.

                And against the Bears, we all know he had problems in the 1-on-1 matchups with Marshall in the red zone. When people refer to him being a bust, that is what they picture. But aside from those 3 plays he was solid in that game, and you have to question why he was left 1-on-1 with the Bears best WR that is about 5″-6″ taller than him. Nice that Fangio had faith in him, but not a good coaching decision.

              2. Three games is plenty of time to determine if a player is any good. Ward is a bust, run him out of town. While we’re at it, let’s all rejoice in how perfect we all are in everything we do.

  9. Over the last three games the 49ers have outscored the opposition 59-13 in the first half… but have been outscored 52-3 in the second half.

    The 49ers have not scored ANY 4th qtr points in the last 4 games.
    In the NFCCG the 49ers outscored Seattle 10-3 in the first half, but lost the second half 20-7.

    The initial game plan looks solid. The late game adjustments are abysmal.

    Between Roman and Harbaugh, which coach has the most to do with the game plan, and which has the most to do with late game play calling?

    The answer will tell us alot.

  10. I still stand by my prediction 49er: 7-9 loss season, and miss the playoffs. And coach Harballer is sent packing his bags. The best thing that could happen to heal the tarnish done by this coach to the 49er memories.

    1. There so inconsistent with their calls..As long as we keep watching the NFL doesnt care..They are ruining the product.Even as a non fan watching tonight seems like the Jets were getting hosed….

      1. Agreed. I had a flashback and thought oh no here comes the flag, then it hit me….The Niners played yesterday. A fumble that was a td, called back, and the same damn play on the final play was called earlier on NY. Gave da bears a first down on the 10. SMH

  11. Man frustrating loss…the alchohal and anger have faded…good thing is Kap looked pretty good to me…Numerous times I saw him looking off recievers..If we looked that bad all game then I’d be worried but weve shown we can successfully move the ball…I think alot of our problems go back to coaching…Un disciplined play and completely blowing it after half time all ties in to coaching…I dont know what are who it is but we have alot of experience on our coaching staff but it sure is obvious to me we are continually out coached..Well be allright …Remember the Giants that beat us in the NFC Championship game? Week 6 they were ready to run Coughlin out of the building…you never know.Just trying to bring some positive light to a young season thats gone completey wrong so far…

      1. They are playing for a wild card spot, which is not a bad thing. They just need to get hot in the end like the Giants did. Right now New Orleans is 0-2. Packers are in the same spot as the Niners. Seattle will be there at the end. So will the Eagles. The rest of the NFC has fallen back a bit.
        The Broncos played lame for 3 quarters up in Century Link field and pushed the game into OT.
        The defense will come around when they get the players back and the DBs get more experience.
        The Offense just needs to settle on an identity..

  12. I’m hoping that the offense gets back to a balanced attack. I like the four and five WR sets but that doesn’t mean they should abandon the run game.

  13. Harbaugh: “It can appear that something’s working against you. I term it the football gods with a small ‘g’ not a capital ‘G’.”

    Can you imagine, in your wildest, LSD-fueled hallucinations, Bill Walsh or George Seifert EVER saying anything as wretchedly lame as this? EVER? Bill is spinning like a gyroscope and I can’t imagine Seifert wanting anything to do with this organization, ever again. I sure wouldn’t.

  14. in their reports, our psychiatrist/psychologist friends
    nearly always comment on a particular issue:
    facial expression, more specifically – – eye contact.

    Good eye contact with other people is linked to
    mental stability and healthy attitudes. Positive indicator.

    How many Niner fans understand that this is something
    which we do not simply turn on and off…?
    When Jim Harbaugh, following a pattern, strictly avoids
    eye contact with Cardinals’ Coach Bruce Arians postgame,
    he is announcing to the world: I NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP.

  15. This team is good and will get better as the season progresses.

    We should have beat the Bears and the Cards except for a few bad plays and bonehead mistakes.

    Getting by the Eagles will propel the team for the rest of the season.
    Sunday’s game is huge.

  16. The constant flags are ruining this game… It’s hard to watch when every other play there’s a flag on the ground. Ruins any momentum. Combine that with the cost of going to a game nowadays and it’s just frustrating….

    I do have one suggestion though. Culliver should be benched immediately. He plays 15 yards off the LOS and is constantly burned. Not to mention he’s an idiot for getting in that receivers face right after the penalty on Q. Send a message, Coach. I’d rather see Cox and Johnson playing CB until Brock returns… Culliver is a waste…

  17. Bay,
    I had the 49ers going 10-6 this season with one of those losses against the Eagles.

    The 49ers could lose this game and still make a strong run at the playoffs, but not beating a team that seems destined to make the playoffs could have serious psychological effect on them.

    I have to agree with you that this game is as close to a must win as there is.

  18. Colin Kapernick record when throwing fewer than 30 passes in a game: 18-5

    His record when throwing 30 or more passes in a game: 4-5

  19. Did they run Hyde out of a 3 or 4 WR spread against the Cards? That’s pretty much his bread and butter. I think that would benefit Gore as well.

    1. “Did they run Hyde out of a 3 or 4 WR spread against the Cards?”

      Once on the first play of the final drive and he gained 3 yards.

      He only ran it 3 times all day. His first run was out of 21 (+3) and his second run was out of 12 (+7 TD).

      1. Hey Hammer, can you believe that “Pop Warner” move Harbaugh made at practice this summer, when he kicked Boldin out for the exact same thing?

          1. What you do in practice carries over to the game, and every so often you get a hard head that refuses to soften until he spends time in the penalty box….

              1. Hammer you are wrong. Players on the team will lose respect for Harbaugh if they see that there are no ramifications for unprofessional behavior that is impactful to the team.

                It goes beyond Boldin. An example has to be set for the team. No player is above the team.

              2. I’m going to disagree, Bay. Benching Boldin would’ve been a Singleberry over-simplification and over-reaction. Great for emphasizing the next sermon. JH, on the other hand, is focused on squeezing every drop of performance out of his players, including an offending one. Solution-based. Jim looked completely calm in the exchange at the bench, but he pulled his focus away from the field to do so, a fact that could hardly be lost on Boldin and his teammates. My guess is Jim wanted to know how a guy he expects to lead by veteran example would lose his cool like that. For the last two years nobody is getting away with head butts without a flag.
                You can’t be the Good Angel on a guy’s shoulder at every moment; you have to get their buy-in to police themselves. Threats and intimidation are rarely the best way to win employee buy-in in my experience.

              3. You guys are talking about benching a guy who has played the exact same way for over a decade. Boldin is exactly the same emotional, in your face type of player he was when he was a rookie for the Cardinals in 2003. He’s head butted dozens of guys after plays and been in their face when he had take out blocks. They knew what type of player he was when they signed him. You want to pull him off the field for something he’s been doing for a decade. Fine. Go ahead. But it won’t change anything. That’s who he is and always will be.

              4. Those emotional outbursts are a big part of what has made Boldin the player he is. If you bench him for doing that you take away the fuel that drives him. It’s not a simple solution and I think all you can truly do is accept the fact he will get a penalty once in awhile but will also give you some significant production the rest of the time. It was just unfortunate that the penalty came at a really bad time in this game.

              5. I’m not talking about benching him. I said he should not have allowed him to reenter the game with three minutes to go down two scores. The game was over. It would have helped make a point.

              6. “I’m not talking about benching him. I said he should not have allowed him to reenter the game with three minutes to go down two scores”

                If that’s not benching a player you are as clueless as you were yesterday and the day before, and the day before that…….

              7. “I’m not talking about benching him. I said he should not have allowed him to reenter the game with three minutes to go down two scores.”

                So you didn’t want him benched, but also didn’t want him in the game. Gotcha.

              8. What point would have been proven by benching your MVP from last year Bay?
                That you have now alienated one player who was called for a costly penalty when prior to that many other players committed as equally a dumb penalty(s).
                What you don’t understand is that the message you are sending through a benching is that you point the finger at one guy. You punish that one guy when really it has been a team wide issue by taking dumb penalties.
                When a coach preaches the team, the team, the team. You stay on that course instead of singling out one guy.
                Have you ever played football?

              9. So yes, a short term benching. Just for those three minutes. Boldin would have understood considering his bonehead penalty was impactful and largely responsible for costing us the game.

                The locker room is no longer rallying for Harbaugh. His rah rah “who’s got it better than us” isn’t effective anymore. Remember he made a statement a year back. Harbaugh said ” play by the rules and always be above reproach”. I don’t have to tally the long list of character issues we have. But I do ask, what has Harbaugh done to put his foot down and let the players know that enough is enough?

                This is now an undisciplined team with loose canons. Two years ago Harbaugh was both feared and respected. I don’t know that he’s feared or respected now.

              10. Harbaugh and staff will turn this thing around. There is too much talent on this team, the reinforcements are coming. Brock will be back, VD, and Aldon and Navorro will help soon enough. Guys doubting now will be eating crow in December.

              11. Maybe 4 ref’s out of 10 throw a flag on the play. Boldin’ head-butt wasn’t extreme( he got away w/one last year), but the rules this season have made those calls near automatic.

                Going forward, the league office must be consistent in enforcing these type of calls or there will be a huge team and public outcry.
                I don’t mind the calls on new rule changes because they will/should help all teams. That is all teams that are discipline enough to maintain them.

                The coaching staff must do a better job in clarifying and emphasizing all rule changes to their players so Sunday’s episode doesn’t happen again.

              1. Culliver is an A-grade idiot. Unlike Boldin who was penalised after an emotional outburst, Culliver got penalised for taunting… which would be almost forgiveable from a player that had earned a reputation as being a good DB and hadn’t given up a few catches already on the day. And that penalty wiped out a holding call against the Cards.

                I’d be more than happy to see him dropped down the depth chart.

              2. You might get your wish Scooter, because Cox has earned a starting role. If/when Brock returns, I’d think Culliver would sit, while Cox plays….

              3. Yes, I see Matt M said he believes he has earned a starting role, and I agree with him. Its something I said right after the game against the Cards, and I’d much prefer Cox take over Culliver’s role when Brock comes back, and leave Ward in the slot.

    2. If we’re going to seriously run the spread. He needs to get Hyde the ball. The spread offense is simple pitch and catch. I like it if ran correctly and Hyde is the man to run it. Gore will have to adjust. Which it won’t be too hard because it gets people out of the box

      1. They’ve run the ball with Gore or Hyde only 26 times over the last two weeks combined. We saw them do the exact same thing in week 2 and 3 of last season with the same results.

  20. I just don’t understand how a coach as detailed as JH allowed his offense to fall this far off the map from an identity stand point.

    Yesterday Ted Robinson said that both in the Bears game and the Cards game, adjustments were made by the defenses and Roman never countered.

    We’ve gone to a spread attack with no vertical routes so the safeties are creeping in on us. They are sitting on routes with no fear of us throwing over the top. If Ellington is our only speed guy, then line him up and take one or two shots a game. If for any other reason than to keep the defenses honest. It’s NFL 101.

    Running a no huddle quick tempo 4 and 5 receiver set offense is brilliant. For two or three series. It should be run to set something up. To continue to run that offense and make your QB the designed run option for your team is irresponsible. Especially knowing that Gabbert is your backup.

    The way the run game is being utilized stinks of not having a plan. Period. Not popular probably, but we should try starting a game out with Hyde and see what we got. Run him inside and outside. Roger Craig won super bowls with the 49ers. Consistently produced 1200 – 1500 yards for us. In his last year his YPC and production went down. The next year he was gone. Last year Gore had seven games in which his YPC were 2.1, 1.8, 2.9, 2.4, 2.8, 1.1 and 1.3 yards per carry. I get that we are being loyal to him by keeping him around this year. But if our plan is that he can do better than he did last year even though he is a year older and his offensive line is worse, then we have no plan. We plan to fail. I say get Hyde in and start feeding the man.

    As far as our defense, versus Chicago Fangio got outcoached in the second half. Period. This last week in the second half our DB’s got a lesson. From here on out Fangio has to dig down deep and win on strategy. Scheme and disguise. It’s a must win…..

    1. It’s hard to gauge gore’s effectiveness if he’s not getting the touches. The niners have to committ to a offense philosophy. He defense is built on a run first offense to shorten the game. The run game can’t be Colin and the read option. It is no longer a big threat consistently and takes touches away from gore when in can run effectively, which is in the I formation with a lead fullback.

      1. You can guage Gore’s effectiveness by looking at last year. I listed all the sub par YPC games he had. This year the Oline is worse than last year. How is feeding Gore more the solution?

        1. Our lack of speed at the skill positions is KILLING us. You can get along without a vertical game if your horses up front are paving the way for 5 yard gains by Gore. That is no longer happening.
          Our running game needs to become more diverse meaning outside runs. Look at Hyde’s TD run. He ran wide and ran through someone. Both things Gore can no longer do.

          1. I think even the thought that we have to do one or the other(inside or outside) puts us in a box. Run inside & outside with gore and Hyde. Maybe outside more with Hyde. BUT we have to run the football. We DO NOT want people rush 4 or 5 dropping 6 or 7 in coverage. We have to keep people honest with the threat of a run AND the threat of a deep ball(this needs to be added into the arsenal as well)

    2. Agree with Teddy R.
      BTW, didn’t like the team suspending him for two games.
      Could be some bad karma that’s been biting the 49ers lately, more than the “football gods.”

  21. The reports I am looking forward to:
    1. Status of A Davis, V Davis and Brock for Sunday.
    2. PFF grades of the OL & DL

    What I am looking forward to Sunday:
    1. I assume no change for Ward, but if Brock returns, what do they do with Cox who has been stellar?
    2. Will we see more of Dial/Lynch/Carradine at the expense of Brooks, Lemonier and McDonald.
    3. Can we, especially if we go spread, consider throwing the ball over the top at some point, please?

    1. Staley: +1.3, +.9 pass, -.3 run
      Iupati: -1.7, -2.6 pass, +.7 run
      Kilgore: +2.7, +.1 pass, +2.5 run
      Boone: -1.2, -1.6 pass, +.2 run
      Martin: -3.2, +.9 pass, -2.8 run

      McDonald: +.6, -.5 pass rush, +.9 run
      Williams: +3.7, +1.8 pass rush, +1.8 run
      Smith: +2.9, -.6 pass rush, +3.3 run
      Jerod-Eddie: -.3, -.5 pass rush, -.1 run
      Dial: -.2, -.1 pass rush, -.1 run
      Dobbs: -.4, -.3 pass rush, -.1 run

      1. Some eye opening numbers right there. The Oline especially is not surprising as they don’t seem to be playing well together. The tackles have held up in pass protection while the OG’s have played poorly, while the OG’s have been better in run blocking and the OT’s have struggled – especially Martin. No continuity right now at all. As Boone gets into game shape and Davis comes back at RT, the run blocking should improve but the pass pro may not get much better.

        One Dlineman with a positive grade in pass rush is also very concerning.

      2. I’d be interested to see what Brooks, Lemonier, Lynch and Skuta received for their pass rush grades too. None of the guys tasked with rushing the passer did a good job from what I saw.

          1. Thanks Jack.

            Not a pretty tale. The two most effective pass rushers on the day were the NT and an OLB that both mostly play in the base 3-4 to help defend the run.

        1. Scooter, maybe I’m wrong, but it doesn’t seem like Lemonier or Lynch use their body length to dip down into their blockers hip (like Aldon does) and gain inside or outside leverage often. Seems they go right into their blockers strength by playing straight up and then can’t shed the block. Skuta does, but seems to take the outside more often then comes after the QB from the backside a bit too late. Brooks does both, but seems to still be getting there late. Has he lost a step coming in out of shape or trying to prevent those off-sides penalties?

          1. I definitely agree on Lemonier. He plays too upright in his bull rush which means he lacks leverage, and on his outside speed rushes he doesn’t bend enough at the waist to snap around the edge, nor use his hands effectively to stop the OL pushing him out the back and behind the QB.

            Lynch I still haven’t seen enough of to form a strong opinion, but he seems to rely a lot more on his bull rush than anything else. He does appear to get very upright, so he too could benefit from dipping at the waist more to gain leverage.

  22. Baalke’s first and second round draft picks…

    Jimmie Ward
    Carlos Hyde
    Eric Reid
    Tank Carradine
    Vance McDonald
    AJ Jenkins
    LaMichael James
    Aldon Smith
    Colin Kaepernick
    Anthony Davis
    Mike Iupati
    Taylor Mays

    The best pick in there is probably Aldon Smith and from what we’re hearing now there were character red flags back on draft day so maybe that wasn’t all that great considering his current suspension. Other than that there is some good, some possibly great, and some terrible. I’m not sold on Baalke in the least. Where I think he has really hurt the team is in his picks after the 2nd round. The team is not nearly as deep as we once were which is a result of missing the vast majority of his picks after the 2nd round. The issues now are magnified because of the injury and suspension situation but this is not a deep roster. The secondary is not very good and the backups on the o-line are subpar even for backups. He hit a home run with Bowman but he got him in the 3rd so you expect at least 50% of 3rd rounders to contribute. His best later round pick is probably Bruce Miller. I would say well over 90% of his 4th or later round picks have never contributed in the least.


    1. The Niners gave the Cardinals 7 1st downs by way of penalty in that game alone.

      The past two games were winnable even with all the angst over talent and Coaching that some of you have.

      Discipline is everything for this team right now. If they get their emotions under control they are as good as any team in the league.

  23. When I watched the presser yesterday, the first thing that came to mind when Jimmy walked out was, where’s the cap? Come to find out, it was the first time without it. Could there have been a message behind not wearing it?

      1. I think this is a great opportunity like Harbaugh said to close the inner circle and make things right again. Asking his guys to be the prototypical professionals. Demeanour, attire, vocabulary, and overall work ethic. Football, being a football player and that’s it.
        Maybe he can pull out another work shirt or asking the boys to wear suits and ties. I don’t know, but maybe something to rally the guys again.

        One year I asked my team to come up with a rap about each of their teammates. It had to be about 2 minutes long and man did it loosen up our locker room. We had been playing so tight and trying to be perfect. Instead that made the guys loosen up and really bonded them. We would have each guy daily perform their rap and the guys would dance around like maniacs. It helped a lot.

      2. Jack, I guessed that could have been the reason — or that was his “lucky” hat and after two losses in a row, threw it as far as he could. I’ve done that many times, lol.

        Or maybe he was strafed by a pigeon and didn’t have another cap handy. Wouldn’t look good to go in front reporters with a pigeon bomb on a black cap, either.

  24. I guess the good news for this next game is that Philly’s defense gives up points. Two halves of 49er offense just might be able to pull this one out.

  25. somebody’s opinion… just statistical mumbo jumbo

    Niners are now 16-1 “favorites” to win the
    Super Bowl. Right up there with the Chargers…..

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