Harbaugh says he doesn’t think there are any gaps in Greg Roman’s body of work

SANTA CLARA – At his Monday press conference, Jim Harbaugh addressed the possibility of one of his coordinators getting hired as a head coach elsewhere. Here’s what Harbaugh said about that.

Q: Have you factored in the possibility that some of your coaches might not be able to work all seven days this week, that they might get an interview with all the head coaching vacancies out there right now?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, that’s a possibility.

Q: Have you guys received requests yet to talk to any of your assistants?

HARBAUGH: I don’t think we say whether we do or don’t. Won’t say one way or the other. Definitely we’ve got some guys who would be great choices. We’ve always thought that.

Q: Specifically the three coordinators, what makes you say that those guys are ready for that opportunity?

HARBAUGH: If I just said they just are, would that be OK? That probably wouldn’t suffice. I’m just telling you? Their body of work really speaks for itself I believe, in all three of those cases. Their body of work here and elsewhere. We’re talking about three talented coaches, professionals, teachers.

Q: But you when talk about body of work for your offensive coordinator, he only designs the running plays, so there may be some gaps in his body of work. Is that so?

HARBAUGH: I don’t think so, no. I’m not going to argue with you.

Q: I’m not arguing, I’m asking a question. I would like clarification. A lot of your players say Roman only designs the running plays. If that’s the case, it seems to me that there may be some gaps. Not arguing, asking.

HARBAUGH: I answered. I said I don’t think there are any gaps.

Q: Do all three of your coordinators want to be head coaches?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, they do. I’ve always tried to hire coaches that have that ambition. I like guys that have those ambitions, those hopes, those dreams.

Q: If your assistant coaches do interview for head coaching jobs, what’s the last day they can do it during this bye week?

HARBAUGH: I don’t know that.

Q: Is there a day you’d like them to be done by?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, I’d like them here on Thursday and Friday for practices.

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