Harbaugh takes responsibility for letting the fumbled option play get called in

SANTA CLARA – This is what Jim Harbaugh said about the fumbled fourth quarter pitch play that resulted in a touchdown for the Rams defense.

Q: Was the fumble-touchdown Kaepernick’s mistake or was it the mistake of the entire offense?

HARBAUGH: Tough loss. We’ve got to finish games. That’s our job to finish those games. We all take responsibility for that. Responsibility-taking starts with me. On that option play that resulted in the nightmare scenario, it was a position in the game where I should not have let that play be called, so I take responsibility for that.

Q: Is that a Kendall Hunter play, or was that always a Ted Ginn play?

HARBAUGH: That still would have been Ted as the option back. But again, I think that was just too much ball handling, too much chance for the play to go sideways and backwards. At that part of the game, I take responsibility for that.

Q: Is the failsafe to hold the ball and not pitch it if there’s a defender coming?


Q: Is that drilled into him, to make sure in that situation not to pitch it?

HARBAUGH: Like I said, the greatest share of this responsibility is on me, on that particular play. For letting that play get called in when we’ve got those different options with four minutes left in the game.

Q: But you didn’t call the play. You just allowed it to get called in. Is that correct?

HARBAUGH: Yes, that’s correct.

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