Harbaugh: “Our team understood that they were in a position that we had to win a game and responded.”

SANTA CLARA — Here is the full transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Have there been any further observations with TE Vernon Davis and T Anthony Davis?

“No. Nothing official yet.”


Do you have any sense of how severe Anthony’s injury is?

“I’d hate to comment on it right now without anything official. Like I said, I’d hate to comment on anything before it’s official.”


You don’t think it’s too severe?

“How severe, too severe, it’s probably best not to comment on it until some official information.”


Current NFL Network analyst and former NFL DB Deion Sanders last night on NFL Network, owned by the league, said that the 49ers players don’t want to play for you anymore. Do you have any reaction to that? Do you at all believe there’s anything to this?

“Personally, I think that’s a bunch of crap.”


Does it bother you to hear it?

“No. People say what they say.”


There’s been other reports, mostly from the NFL Network, other reporters who have reported various indications of this. ‘Lost the locker room,’ I think was one of the reports. Do you think there’s somebody in the organization who’s saying these things?

“Well, I think [San Jose Mercury News columnist] Tim [Kawakami] whenever you’re talking about unnamed sources – when somebody’s got a good story to tell they want to put their name to it. If you had a good story to tell you’d put your name to it. If I had a good story to tell I’d want to put my name to it. So, I don’t put a lot of credibility into the unnamed source.”


After that first game you talked about your open door policy with players. In the three weeks since then, have you had any players come in and voice some disapproval with the way things are going?

“Nothing specifically, no. But, there’s conversations and we never really talk about those. Like I said, players have good ideas. Coaches have good ideas. Equipment managers have good ideas. Trainers have good ideas. Strength coaches – welcome that. Or if we’re not doing something right or if there’s a better way to do it then let’s get it out in the open, let’s talk about it. We’re willing to do anything to fix something or make it better. That’s the kind of relationship that we have. And I include all of those coaches and staff and players in that. There’s conversations like that yeah, weekly.”


Have there been any conversations with growing discontent in the locker room?



Current ESPN NFL analyst and former NFL QB Trent Dilfer this morning was saying that the atmosphere is almost toxic here.

“Really. I haven’t seen Trent around here.”


What’s that?

“I haven’t seen Trent or Deion around much.”


You get no sense from your locker room that there’s problems inside there?

“I talk about this because I was really pleased with this and it’s a joy to coach. You take the ballgame that we had yesterday. We’ve got some things that went against us. A lot of things in the first quarter were going against us and then more things in the second quarter. And, what I love about our ball club is there’s no finger pointing, there’s total belief in each other. Offense lifting up defense. Defense lifting up the offense and both doing that with the special teams. That’s a joy to be around. That’s a joy to coach. Now, they’re playing for each other. That’s what they should be doing. I’m not taking any credit for that. I’m just expressing that’s a joy to be around these fighters, these men.”


Is there a veteran or two you go to that you check in to see ‘hey how are things going with players, kind of what’s the mood,’ that you check in with them periodically?

“Yes there is. And I’m not going to give this any more credibility than we already have. This is way too much along those lines.”


You saying a bunch of crap, you usually don’t come out and say something quite that strongly. Does this tick you off?

“No. You asked me a question and I answered it.”


Is it important for players to like a coach?

“Again, this has gone on way too far in my opinion. We’re talking about unnamed sources.”


Were there more problems getting the plays in this game than maybe the last few weeks and can you put a finger on why that happens?

“Yeah, that’s something we have to keep addressing and stay on top of. There were a few too many times when they play clock was ticking down close to zero. We all got to do a better job getting back into the huddle, getting the plays in quickly and early and managing the clock.”


When it gets down to zero almost, is that giving the defense an extra advantage because they can basically jump the play clock now knowing you’ve got to snap it at zero?

“Yeah, that’s part of it. That’s a factor.”


How much can your secondary and the defense altogether build off a game like that and keeping those guys in check?

“Defensively, continuing to talk about that. That was a great defensive effort. A no-huddle offense and to, I think nine out of the 11 times, to stop them with no first downs in a series or only one first down, nine out of 11, that’s great work. I thought they did a great job, all 11, playing together. And that was really the theme. I thought [defensive coordinator] Vic [Fangio] and his staff did a great job of getting the calls in quick, our players understanding them, getting lined up, playing the defense down-after-down was critical. Again, all 11 guys playing together and playing the defense, and there were some real standouts. [S] Antoine Bethea – 10 tackles, PBUs, forced fumble, interception. [CB] Perrish Cox played extremely well. [DT] Justin Smith and others. It was a tremendous game by our defense.”


After a couple of frustrating weeks, can you describe just kind of the tone and the demeanor in the locker room yesterday after the win?

“Yeah, it was good. I think our team understood that they were in a position that we had to win a game and responded. Great competitors. Even when things were going against them. It’s like, ‘Okay, what more are you going to put on us? We’re just going to keep competing and playing together.’ And I thought it was typical of our guys, you know? Kind of their trademark.”


When you look at the Eagles defense, they were able to get a lot of pressure on QB Colin Kaepernick, especially early in that first quarter. Was it more the Eagles scheme or was it more a lack of execution maybe from the 49ers offense?

“They do a great job of coaching their defensive line. That is one well-coached defensive line. They did a fine job. Now, we have some things that we can do better and we’ll strive to improve there.”


Why was it a good matchup or how did it workout that you guys played base against their three-receiver sets and were successful doing that?

“I thought it was really good communication, everybody doing their job, playing their assignment, all 11 on the same page, stopping the run and making plays in the backend. Everybody where they were supposed to be, in places, everybody. And then a lot of real extra effort and good play.”


Vic was saying two of the plays they practiced for the goal line was to get prepared for that situation. And it looked like everybody on that fourth down play, every guy was blanketing their receiver. Did you go back at film and look at that and just appreciate what that looked like?

“Yeah I did. And Antoine Bethea set that up, too, with the tackle on second down, stopping him at the 1-and-a-half, 2-yard line there. Yeah, you talk about the plaster by our linebackers and secondary was outstanding in the end zone.”


Did you see that in practice? Was it unfolding like that in practice, too?

“Yeah, I thought our guys were really locked in and understanding their responsibilities all week.”


The touchdown pass to RB Frank Gore, it kind of goes against  the grain of everything a quarterback’s taught to do, throwing back across the field like that. Is that an example of just how with Colin maybe the conventional doesn’t always work? I mean, he can do things other guys can’t do.

“Yes. You can say that because you don’t see that too often. It was a great job of him keeping his eyes down field, great job by Frank putting that ball into the end zone. That was a heck of a run.”


Do you have to sometimes say you can’t go with the conventional with him or allow him to do things that you wouldn’t have other quarterbacks do?

“Quarterbacks have to play their game. They have to play their own game sometimes and I think Colin does a great job of playing within our scheme and making plays that you don’t coach as well.”


What are the main issues on special teams that need to be addressed?

“Two real big, bad plays. The blocked punt and the return for the touchdown. The return, that was a perfect storm of getting knocked out of bounds, we don’t front up the returner and the gunners didn’t break down. It was a perfect storm of about five or six guys all at the same time not getting that return corralled.”


When LB Aaron Lynch is rushing, is he right into basically LB Aldon Smith’s slot? I noticed he was rushing from the left side also a lot yesterday. Is it kind of a mix and match when he’s in there?

“It is.”


And what did you see from him, was it in practice this week, was it in games, that made you think, or you and Vic, made you guys think that he could get a larger role?

“Well, he’s been earning that and he’s been coming along and did some very good things and has got things to improve on and get better at. But, he’s playing very physical. He had a nice athletic play on [Eagles RB Darren] Sproles, when they tried to hit Sproles out of the backfield in the two-minute drive. Running that down, that was a huge play. So, he’s doing good things. Keep coming along.”


Have you thought about game planning for Chiefs QB Alex Smith? I know that you’re still studying film from yesterday and also watching tonight’s game with a scouting eye, so to speak.

“Yes. We know it’ll be a big challenge. We know what Alex is capable of doing and we’re just beginning that process right now.”


You mentioned Colin keeping his eyes up on the throw to Gore. He also did that on the touchdown pass to WR Stevie Johnson. He seemed to be doing more of that in this game than perhaps previous ones. Was that a point of emphasis at all during the week, keep your head up as you’re escaping the pocket, look for Frank in those situations?

“That’s a basic coaching point, yeah, but there was no more emphasis put on it this week. And it was a great play by him. Put the ball on a dime and Stevie, that was a great play. Great play keeping his feet in like a statue pose with both feet in. Hope we have a good picture of that. But, it was a tremendous big play in the game.”


In the offseason after all the Cleveland stuff, you talked to a reporter and said that your relationship with general manager Trent Baalke is great, relationship with the front office is great. At this moment, how would you say your relationship is with CEO Jed York and Trent Baalke?

“Very good. Everybody on the same page. Everybody focused on this season making it the best it could possibly be. Working well together.”


Have they raised any questions about what the locker room mood is to you recently?



Do you notice a difference in terms of the tone of the locker room from this year to years’ past or do you think these reports are two guys that are–?

“I think I’ve answered the question really thoroughly. And as I said, to give the unnamed sources 10 follow-up, 12 follow-up questions, I think I’ve answered it thoroughly. To the best of my ability.”


WR Michael Crabtree left the game yesterday with a foot injury, went into the locker room. Was there trepidation of putting him back out there? He didn’t seem bothered by it as the game went on, but considering his foot history, how concerned were you about his status?

“Again, there’s great trust you have in the doctors and the trainers and Michael.”


Did Michael check-out OK? He seemed to be fine today?

“Don’t have the official information yet.”


Is he getting a test?

“Not that I’m aware of.”

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  1. When it comes to pass protection, PFF currently ranks Joe Staley 52nd out of 67 tackles who have played more than 110 snaps this season.

      1. MidWest,

        “I’d be surprised if anybody on the OL ranked in the top half at their position.”

        Jonathan Martin is ranked in the top half of tackles (28th out of 67 who have played at least 25% of snaps).

            1. Do you think that stat is a true reflection as to how he has played?
              I personally think no one on that offensive line has been good. Stats or not, they are not in sync with one another.

              1. Yes. Other than late in the 4th quarter of the Bears game Martin has been good in pass protection.

                His struggles come in the run game or when asked to pull for a run or screen.

            2. Has anyone watched the game again? I got to watch it for a second time today and focused on the o-line. All I can say is Boone as of right now is by FAAAAR our worst o-lineman. He got pushed, beaten and manhandled the whole game. I’ve seen better games out of kwame Harris. And a second is Joe Staley. Go figure the two who got paid. Smh. Better get it together quick. Joe gets a pass, but Boone and the holdout……. Not a chance you wanted your money now earn it! Chump!

              1. I would agree. He is very quick but hes not going to blow by people on fly or post. Even the 40 is not a great measure of a players top end speed.
                Some players are not sudden but once they get up to speed are very fast.

              1. +2.

                They should really start to put a package together for him in the mold of Harvin. Not saying he’s as good as Harvin, but I think he could do some of the same things and give that element a defense has to focus on.

              2. Did you like that hit Moody put on special teams? The one where he knocked the blocker five yards back into the ball carrier to make the tackle. Another beauty…

    1. This could be a result of Staley trying to do to much to help out Iupati who is routinely beat. For example the inside man has a clearer path to Qb so he tries to come down and help out but it screws up the angles for his own blocks.

      Another possible (and probably more likely) reason is that improper line calls are being made. I didn’t think much of Goodwin as a road grader but he was an experienced center who was very good at calling out the proper blocking schemes based upon defensive looks. Is there anyone available that could shed some light on if the correct calls are being made based upon the defensive looks given?

  2. Grant if you go back and check the last 3 seasons i think you will find that Staley stinks it up early in the season. He seems to find his rythm about game 4 or 5 and he is a stud from that point on.

  3. Great win yesterday!
    They brought the “D”
    The question I have for the HC, why has this team looked out of synch in all of the games so far? Is it coaching ? Are the players not focused ? Is it non football issues?
    Last week the HC was asked what was wrong with the team and his reply is “I don”t know”

  4. Clock management is a humongous concern. There appears to be no rush to huddle, plays are not sent in quickly enough, and Kaep is not cognizant of the expiring time. Consequently, delay of game penalties, unnecessary timeouts, and a huge advantage to the defense. The 3rd and 1 penalty on the Niners’ final series was huge and could have cost them the game. Instead of a possible TD, they had to go for a field goal. Harbaugh, Roman, Chryst & Kaep must resolve this problem ASAP. Aloha from Honolulu Paul.

  5. Who are the 2 lames that called me a crab back in August when I said we need to ask Vic Fangio to play Aaron Lynch with the first team defense. You know who you are…

    1. I seem to remember that being the case as well. In fact a lot of players were thrilled when George Seifert took over. No one felt safe under Walsh… everyone felt there was a chance they could be cut or traded at any point.

  6. Man the PFF grades really show the effect Anthony Davis brings to the table. On only 24 snaps, Davis had a +2.2 with +1.1 in run block while Martin in 63 snaps had a -3.1 run block. Really hope he’s okay.

    1. Very surprised to see Kap with a +1.1, especially considering his -1.5 last week. They must have given that throw to Stevie a +5.0 or something.

        1. That’s true, he also had one great throw to Boldin and another to Crabtree on the sideline. Guess great and terrible kind of evened out

      1. How in the world did they give him a -1.5 last week? His passer rating and QBR were excellent, he had a 78.4 completion percentage, threw a couple of TD’s, and he didn’t turn the ball over.

        1. A lot of his throws last week were fairly easy and simple short throws and he did make a few mistakes (couple dropped INTs and the big sack at the end). I agree though that he wasn’t that bad.

          1. I understand TkamB, but there’s no way a game like that could be considered a negative imo. I truly question the ranking method that gives a QB that kind of ranking with a game that good under every other measurement.

            1. Total QBR and Passer rating both don’t take into account dropped ints, but I agree a bit with your overall point, PFF definitely isn’t perfect.

        1. And him getting cut and resigned. Glad to see him playing at such a high level now though. Will be interesting what happens when Brock finally gets healthy. Maybe move Brock inside and have him take over for Ward? Or put Brock and Cox on the outside and bench Culliver? Culliver hasn’t been great but he’s playing okay.

          1. Some other poster suggested putting Culliver covering the slot. It was ridiculed but at the slot Culliver wouldn’t have to turn his head to find a high arching ball as much.

            1. Culliver has said publically that he hopes they never put him there. Sure sign of lack of confidence. I keep saying he makes more sense at safety. Plain and simple, he needs to face the ball. Besides which he’s got plenty of speed and a nasty attitude.

      1. Harbaugh made a mistake last year when he benched Cox in the NFC Championship game and put Rogers back in there. I said that he shouldn’t have done it even before that game. Cox has been balling since he got the starting job in the playoffs last year. He’s the defensive MVP right now so far. He and Justin Smith.

        1. You do realize Fangio makes defensive player selections not Harbaugh? And Cox has said he didn’t train or play hard last year.

            1. What that says is that Cox was a better player than Rogers even though he wasn’t in the best condition and Fango allowed Rogers to talk him into allowing him to play. Even though he wasn’t ready and played horribly.

              1. Perhaps. In the end they let both Carlos and Brown go without already having a replacement for him, which supports your argument. Even last year, Cox never embarassed himself when he took the field. We’re extremely lucky we were able to get him back.

        2. Cox is playing at a really high level right now. He almost had another pick but couldn’t get his foot in bounds. Overall I think the secondary will come together. Ward will be fine, we need another d lineman to step up,

        3. I thought the same thing before the game. Oh no! Rogers. Cox played really well when Rogers was hurt. I think they would have won that game with Cox playing. Ugh, so many close one the last 3 years. Could have won any one of those years had a couple things fallen into place.

    2. One more. Top ranked safety in the NFL? Bethea. Whitner is 57th, Goldson is 75th. While people might debate Baalke’s drafting, wrongly imo he’s done a great job, but there’s no doubting he has killed it in free agency over the years.

      1. I was stoked when they signed Bethea. Been a big fan of his for years. I couldn’t understand why people were upset when they signed him. Talk of him not being good in coverage was ridiculous. He’s been one of the better coverage SS in the NFL for years. And he’s very good in run defense, a sure tackler. Did anyone see that tackle he made on McCoy at the 1 yard line on the game saving goal line stand? Thing of beauty.

        1. I admittedly wasn’t the biggest fan of the signing because of his age, but I was clearly wrong because if he can even play half as well as he as up to this point it’s an upgrade over Whitner.

        2. Scooter:

          If I remember correctly, some people were upset that the 49ers chose to fill a need with a smart, cap friendly FA signing of a player who would fit well in their defense rather than overpay for a big name star.

          I like the 49ers’ current starting safeties much better than what they had in 2011 and 2012.

          1. If I recall correctly there was one Mr Sullyball that was particularly upset with the FA period, and lack of overpriced FAs we were signing. Bethea was definitely not one of his favourite signings…

              1. Especially when you consider the guy he replaced, Malcolm Jenkins, has been playing very well for the Eagles for a fraction of the cost.

        3. He saved a TD yesterday on that run. Hit his gap with speed and stopped him at the 2. He doesn’t make that tackle and the eagles score. Hell of a play.

  7. after 2 weeks of hell football, I am happy we won yesterday.

    My takeaways:

    Yes I do feel uneasy about rumors from the locker room, my source are the dumb penalties. They show a lack of respect to JH….
    Never in my 49erlife have I seen this much emotions from offense. It’s like we have multiple Terrell Owens clones on the field. Its seattle all over again, with our heads not in the games. How Ckone and JH wasted the 2nd timeout is still shocking.

    I know its easy to point to CKone mistakes but he always made those mistakes in the past so nothing new, just means we need Gore’s production to win games…….what is new is how unsure JH and GR have been during games this season.

    It is also telling after the game the 49ers have 2 head coaches – Fangio’s name was trending all day. He just sealed himself a head coaching job.
    People should take note that Fangio is well aware of JKelly’s offense and he has done nothing to improve the sack numbers. That defense is still suspect.

    Culliver I like but Cox I like better……

    After Erickson, Nolan, Singletary…….I will stick with Harbaugh even though I am not that thrilled we are 2-2 in 3rd place…….

    Thank you to Muscle Ref – Ed Hochuli

  8. Well considering the way we’ve played as a team, I think there is some friction with this team. I’m positive there is a lot of disconnect. You can see it with the way the team plays as a whole. I think the defense is a group that is together. I think the offense has a few too many egos and personalities. Too many guys want the ball far too often.
    It’s only my opinion but I’m telling you guys to keep an eye on Vernon Davis. I think Vernon is the missing link. I think Vernon is the veteran with the problem with Harbaugh. I think Vernon is discontent with the relationship that KAP and Crabtree have. I don’t think Vernon is happy that he’s not getting the ball and when he does, it’s not a very productive play.
    I think Vernon is more interested in protecting his brand. I think he’s pissed about the contract. After all, they did extend Boone and not Vernon. I don’t like these “alleged” injuries Vernon had had this year. I don’t see the shot in his back yesterday and I looked at it a several times. Back spasms my —.
    I could be wrong and we will see soon enough. I’d be willing to bet that VD is one of those veterans grumbling. He’s the likely culprit. James isn’t here anymore.
    I will say that it’s time to kill the “Whos got it better than us? Chant after team wins in the locker room. Right now, I think the players know that there are about 8-10 teams that do. I think the players are tired of saying the chant. I’m tired of hearing it.

      1. MWNiner,

        Time for a new Avatar. As far as I’m concerned, Vernon Davis is not a trusted agent. Right after the ankle injury, he said he couldn’t continue. Next thing you know, he’s declared out for the game but he’s standing up on the sideline watching the game with no crutches or anything. I noticed it then and I’ve got a feeling the Vernon is jaking it. He’s been upset with Kap ever since that bonehead throw to Crabtree in the NFC Championship game last year. He was visibly upset on the sideline after that throw.

    1. There was an odd post last week from one of the Matts, Maiocco or Barrows about a group of reporters noticing Vernon moving around very well on the field but as soon as Vernon sees them he starts hobbling. I thought it didn’t make sense at the time, but…

    2. Jordo, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find out Vernon is a malcontent. I haven’t been overly thrilled with his attitude for a few years – ever since the “handcuffs were taken off” comment following Kaep’s 1st game. It showed that old me first attitude he had during his first few years, that he wasn’t happy not being the go to guy. Well, since that game he has only had sporadic big games, so he spoke too soon.

      When interviewed he toes the company line about being a team player, about doing whatever it takes to win. But comments like that one in 2012 make me think he isn’t genuinely fine with not being a bigger part of the passing offense.

      And holding out this offseason when he’s already paid like a top TE is not the move of a guy that is happy with his role.

      1. I recall during Vernon’s ill-conceived “Bristol tour” (I don’t see why he thinks studio work/commentary is in his future, he is terrible at it) LeBatard asked him about Harbaugh. Right after saying that he “loved” Harbs, LeBatard asked Vernon about things Harbs does that are annoying. Vernon kind of laughed and didn’t really answer. Sounds to me very similar to the way many former players speak about some of the great coaches. Go watch Jerry Kramer talk about how the 60’s Packers met for beers one night a week and all complained about Lombardi.

        As for Vernon’s role, he caught 13 TD’s last year after missing a game and a half and was targeted for the first two TDs of this season. He left halfway through Games 2 and 4 and didn’t play in Game 3. I’m not sure how much more of a role he could have. Also, it’s not like Harbs got an extension and he didn’t. If Vernon is unhappy with anyone, wouldn’t it be Baalke?

        1. SactoGreg,

          Just take a look at the injury in the game yesterday. I couldn’t find it. He didn’t take a shot in the back on that play. I looked at it 10 times. They showed 2 angles on the telecast. I questioned it because I didn’t think his ankle injury in week 2 was severe either. I could be wrong about this guy but I know what I’m seeing.

    3. Never thought of that, but makes so much sense. You could be absolutely right. The biggest ego on the team. Seems to be very little there there.

      1. Ok guys …

        admittedly, I’m the biggest Vernon homer, here ..
        (I still wear his rookie jersey, even tho you can hardly
        still see the #85) … so.. I’ll just respond by saying this ..

        We all agreed to give RayMac the benefit of the doubt..
        so .. I just think Vernon deserves nothing less … besides ..

        to add my own little conspiracy theory …

        I think disgruntled “player” is still LMJ ..

        Think about it … he was P.O.’d before .. and since
        the Niners cut him .. and no other team picked him up ..
        he’s really steamed !

        Hey … it could happen !

    4. wow, i was talking about this with my friends. we talked about how it “looked” like 85 was faking it, faking these injuries. i suspect its a combination of not being involved in the offense and the contract issue. it has to be 85. it just has to be.

      1. Tahoe49er,

        I’ve not seen where either one of his injuries were close to being that severe. Not bad enough where he wouldn’t finish the game. Vernon Davis has quit on this team. He’d love a season ending injury but unfortunately, he can’t fake one without the scrutiny of his team. I’ll bet you Kap knows that Vernon is Jaking it.

    1. ricardo:

      Boone, Bethea and Baalke all stated in interviews today that the reports were b/s.

      I wonder why Grant didn’t bother to report on those statements.

      1. claude, we all know the answer to your question and I won’t be surprise if we don’t see that kind of report around here. I’m glad though that more people had come out in support of Jim.

      2. He sits on his hands all week with his his Johnny-on-The-Spot to repost other people’s work critical of the Niners while mailing in “What do you think?” articles? Jfc.

    2. “During Boone’s remarks, Sanders posted on Twitter: “I never knew the Truth hurts that much. Sorry San Francisco 49ers fans but it is what it is. Ask yourself why would I lie!”

      Maybe attention or ratings.

      The one thing that gives me pause are the comments from Mike Silver.

        1. @MikeSilver · 8h
          Tension in Niners locker room? Yes. Harbaugh future uncertain? Yes. Good enough to coach through it & win a title? Absolutely.

          @MikeSilver · 7h
          what’s going on there is not normal. At all.

          @MikeSilver · 7h
          from players, organizational sources, other sources, coaching sources, etc

          (his response on where he is hearing all of this)

      1. Boone has always seemed straight. If there were a problem in the locker room, I don’t think he’d be capable of being so demonstrative in denying it. Now in the other corner we have Neon Deion, maybe the NFL’s greatest showboater. I think he’s just trying to get his name out there, again.

    1. I particularly liked this comment under the article:

      “What do you mean neither guy denied the accuracy of the report? Boone said “Nobody was saying we want him out. I know for a fact everybody loves Harbaugh.” He didn’t deny it in your article, cause you cropped what he said haha.”

      Love it.

      1. I liked this one as well:

        Neither guy denied? I see why you failed as an attorney…

        “Last I checked I was in the locker room and it was all smiles, and everybody was happy,” Boone said on 95.7 The Game’s The Damon Bruce Show. “Nobody was saying we want him out. I know for a fact everybody loves Harbaugh.

        Sounds like a denial to me. Thus invalidating your entire “report”.

        The media loves to reach.

    1. Trent Dilfer said that the Niner Offense is way too complicated, and everyone is overwhelmed. and yet all we do is run Gore up the gut, or the read/option. When we spread out the field with WR, Colin can only make the one throw, which is a fastball on a hitch or slant. There’s not screens, no Go routes or deep ins or outs.
      Oh yeah and we force to Crabtree even though he’s really not that good.

      1. You realize that he’s had one bad game this season. And it could have been avoided had Roman run the ball.
        With all the garbage that comes out of your mouth Kaep still has 67% completion percentage for the year and 51% 3rd down conversions. How does a guy who can only make one throw do that?
        Enough of your hateraide. Fifth grade level stick poking is all you do.

        1. “You realize that he’s had one bad game this season. And it could have been avoided had Roman run the ball.”

          That’s a truly awesome take. Blame the coordinator for asking the QB’s failure because he called too many passing plays.

        2. Holy crap, bay, in the long line of poorly reasoned arguments that you have trotted out on this site, that may be the worst.

          Also, your diatribes against Fansince77 read like DS wrote them. What’s up with that?

          1. If we needed a QB to hand the ball off to Gore, we should have kept the old one! Or start Gabbert!

            If you listen to anyone besides the voices in your head, you will hear other commentators say the same thing about Colin’s limited skills as a pocket passer.

            The announcers for KGO after the game said it about Colin: How he can’t make the simplest throw, but somehow makes the impossible, like the Gore TD and the pass to Johnson. He has three veteran WRs who run good routes, and yet he still can throw a guy open consistently. He never leads a receiver, and often throws behind them. They were asking why the team doesn’t throw more Deep In or out routes with Colin’s arm. That we only see one type of throw from Colin and it’s a laser. Did Greg Roman suddenly forget to coach? Roman was able to coach up Alex Smith in a way that dude with limited skills actually made the Pro Bowl. (Although it was on the Chiefs).

            Greg Cosell spoke to Tom Tolbert and said that Colin has happy feet. While the O-line did not play well, Colin also sensed pressure and was not there. Instead of waiting the split second to throw a pass, he moves his feet. And now we have a busted play.

            Cosell also said that he may never develop pass this, and in three years we we may have the same conversation about him.

            So while you cherry pick little stats that keep you delusional about how great and amazing Colin is, some of us don’t want the occasional amazing play. We want a QB who isn’t a bonehead, who calls a timeout to avoid an intentional delay of game penalty. Colin even defended that decision!

            Jeez Louise will he ever get it? No wonder Vernon is pissed and mouthing off in secret. He’s their best weapon and playmaker, but Colin still wants to throw to his buddy Crabtree.

            I gave Colin all the credit when he played a great game agains the Cowboys. It looked like he made the next step. But as usual when the pressure is on, with the game on the line, he reverts to the guy who can’t make the play when it counts. He wants to play with his instincts, which is to run around and try to make a play. He doesn’t stay with a system or scheme. He’s an undisciplined player because that’s how he likes it. He wants playground ball and so far no team has won a super bowl with a QB who doesn’t have decent fundamentals.

            If Philly had scored to take the lead late in the game, can you honestly say that you had confidence that Colin could lead the team down the field with his sporadic accuracy that day?

            1. >>If Philly had scored to take the lead late in the game, can you honestly say that you had confidence that Colin could lead the team down the field with his sporadic accuracy that day?

              Filed goal range is a much easier proposition than a TD with less than 2 minutes and no timeouts, so I say it would have been a toss up.

    2. I think KC looks sharp with the run and short pass game. (Bread and butter) but NE players are slipping and not tackling. KC defense is looking good. Brady has nobody to go to. That’s evident. They doubled gronk all night and dared the two other 5 foot receivers to beat them. Great game plan.
      Can’t wait for next week. One thing our defense had always been good at is tackling. Those short passes and easy tackle breaks won’t happen next week. I think we have to play the same defense we did on Sunday. Contain Charles on the defense side, and run the ball down their throats.

  9. Best tweet during the Chiefs vs Pats game goes to Michael Erler (@MichaelErlerSBN):

    “1 of the QBs in this game is a dink & dunk game manager who rarely throws deep and isn’t very accurate when he does. The other is Alex Smith”

      1. I would be surprised if anybody thought the game would be that lopsided and in favor of the Chiefs. Next week could be a tougher match up than first thought, especially if they insert Poe into the offense again.

        1. Well, MidWest …

          I guess you could say that
          The Harbs musta done a pretty good job
          with Alex … huh ?

          I mean … is this the same guy who threw
          his first TD in Game #16 vs the Texans ?

      2. So Alex is a better QB than Brady, right?
        Or could it possibly be that football is a team sport and that an individual can’t always take over a game? Next week’s match-up is Chiefs vs Niners, not Alex vs Colin. It will be marketed stupidly, but that’s not the real challenge.

        1. Agreed. This game will be marketed as Alex vs. Colin, but I think that will be one of the least relevant factors. This game will be about the defenses. The team who can stop the run wins the game.

          1. Euclidite who are we kidding here of course its going to be CK vs AS. When the Colts and Pats met for many years it was Manning vs Brady. Its Bumgarner vs Kershaw not the Dodgers vs the Giants. Years ago it was Magic vs Bird. For QB’s, starting pitchers and offensive stars in basketball it will always be that way. The difference with CK and AS is their teams ask them not to lose ball games as much if not more than to carry their teams.

              1. Midwest, yes I would say that too.

                I’m not trying to downplay Alex, I was one of his biggest defenders here the last few years. And he’s seemed to really pick up his game and confidence under Reid’s system – some of that playcalling last night was amazing, really snookered the Pats D.

              2. Oh I know you weren’t Ribico. I just know that there will be a certain contingent that will point out Charles’ performance and say that is the only reason that Smith looked good last night.

              1. Yeah, I agree. That last TD, under pressure, to Kelce in the corner of the end zone was the most impressive of the night IMO.

              2. Definitely agree with that. Can you imagine how many false starts and delay of games that our offense would be hit with if it was playing at Arrowhead this weekend?

    1. LOL.. And I’m betting, according to Erler, the Pats must have buyers remorse for missing out on the chance to acquire AS in trade and drop that miserable game manager they’ve been saddled with for years.

  10. Thought it was an uneven win. The D played like a 49er D. Loved seeing Bethea coming into his own. Ward is slowly working into the system. Lynch is a very nice surprise. Cowboy is still Cowboy. Ian Williams is playing well. McD did pretty well. Cox is really stepping up. Willis played solidly. Would like to see more out of Brooks though.

    On offense that is a bit of a scratcher. The O line is out of sync and needs to step it up pronto. Kap is getting a bit of happy feet and I fear this will hurt his development. He is seeing more of the field, though still has challenges reading zones when the D shows man. VD seems brittle as does Crabtree. Boldin and Stevie J. played well. Gore is the man. I still like Carrier and he may be getting a full time gig soon.

    Clock management has been an issue for years and it really does need to be fixed as does some of the challenges. The coaching staff seems sometimes frazzled by what is going around them, especially the offensive side of the team.

    1. Fired over the phone. I think that’s how York canned Mariucci if I recall correctly.

      The RayDuhs are desperate for talent. They’ll have high draft picks in 2015, but with the tidal wave of underclassmen in the 2014, will the next draft have multiple good players?

      1. ribico:

        “Assassins” seems like too respectful a word for what those guys are doing. How about “terrorists” or “jihadists”?

  11. From Cam Inman (@CamInman):

    “Trent Dilfer on SportsCenter says he didn’t mean #49ers locker room is toxic but rather offense looked it. Says he hasn’t called any 49ers.”

    Well, that’s one report we can rubbish.

      1. There’s nothing in that TK article; as usual.
        Remember how everyone in the organization had had it with Aldon and his release was imminent? Uh-huh. He had sources inside the organization.Yeah, that was TK, and he was furious when they didn’t and has been on a crusade since.
        Look, my sense is that I’d prefer to work under John Harbaugh than Jim, especially at this point in my life where I don’t need people micro-managing me. But that’s why I didn’t stay in the Marines many years ago; some occupations require heavy, almost unlimited buy-in. Pro football is like that.
        These guys make a lot of money and should put up with any coach’s style. Goldson went for the bucks and is languishing in Tampa where a win is a big surprise. How are Carlos and TB liking the RayDuhs? If you sign the contract, step up and compete as a player and let the coaches and execs do their jobs.

      2. From that trash:

        “”Very good — everybody on the same page, everybody focused on this season, making it the best it can possibly be,” Harbaugh said. “Working well together.”

        Note that Harbaugh said “this season,” and not any more, which I believe is his acknowledgment that this relationship might not last longer than the last game of this season.”

        Wait. What’s Harbaugh supposed to say – We have a 5 year plan and we are stucking to it???

        OF COURSE they are focused on this season. Like they are every season.

        Damn, you poor bay area folks have a bunch of imbeciles writing for you. Not that the journalistic scene on the East Coast is any better.

    1. This organization and the bay are media are starting to remind me of the media and the university of Kentucky basketball program. Tubby Smith won a national championship, numerous conference titles, but because he was not winning titles year I and year out they wanted him gone. Soon they got that wish. The coach that came after him was full of scandals. Sleeping with his players girlfriends, sleeping with student, being drunk at popular bars, multiple DUI’s, and the list goes on. He almost completely ruined the program. The 49ers have not been to the NFCCG in many years before Harbaugh. Life as a fan was miserable. Now we have a coach who’s pretty much kickin’ arse and taking name, and now the media and supposedly upper management wants out. Be careful what you wish for. I highly doubt the next coach is taking us to the NFCCG and/or a Super Bowl.

  12. I sort of do unfortunately. If the Yorks and Baalke were tight with Harbaugh right now they’d come out and support him. Why hasn’t that happened?

    As much as he’s won, they’ve tabled contract negotiations.

    Watch them bring in Gruden next year and make Hue Jackson the offensive coordinator.

      1. Gruden only has a ring because he took a ride in the vehicle that Dungy had to leave behind. After he started implementing his own strategy, it went all downhill.

    1. I might believe that, if it were Dr. York we’re talking
      about .. but.. we’re talking about Jed …

      Now .. I don’t know him, personally, but I get
      the impression he has his uncle in his ear .. and ..

      I’m not sure if it’s fact or urban legend .. but I think I
      read, somewhere, when Jed got his current gig ..
      Unka Eddie told him to drive up to Stanford
      and grab The Harbs ..

      If this is true … I kinda doubt Unka Eddie would
      let Jed make such a bonehead mistake as to
      let Harbaugh go…

      I don’t put much stock in the reports of
      {contract} conflicts in the house.. and him losing
      the locker room and such …

      Neon Deion is an attention grabber and
      a showboat … and it wouldn’t take
      a rocket surgeon to figure out who
      his “so-called” source is …

      That is … if you care to believe him in the first place

      besides …

      a wise man once said …

      <i" … Winning cures all ills .."

      1. If at the end of the season, regardless of the playoff, this is about the Superbowl. No SUperbowl, no Harbaugh. Lose the Superbowl, no Harbaugh. See how it all works?
        Lose the playoffs, no Harbaugh.
        No playoffs, no Harbaugh.
        I feel if Harbaugh was to be kept, Exodus of players wanting O U T of 49ers.

    1. Not happening Monkey. First, Gruden has repeatedly said that he has no interest in leaving the press box. Second, the Raiders franchise isn’t smart enough to go after a great coach like Harbaugh.

      1. Not only that, MidWest ..but
        an NFL franchise is what you might call
        “Big Business” … and for them ..
        it’s all about putting butts in the seats …

        Harbaugh has done that

    2. Jim Mora has been revealed to me “Darren” from the Lowell Cohn board, the very same Darren that for years posted as DSL on this site. Grant banished the loony auteur, but clearly not permanently. Hey Two-Face, quit now

  13. Just heard an interview of Perrish Cox on NFLNetwork. When asked if Harbaugh had lost the locker room, he said “no” and stated that the locker room was all together in trying to win games.

    At this point, Baalke, Bethea, Boone, Cox, and Harbaugh (no surprise there) have been asked about the truth of the rumor and each of them has denied it. When a similar rumor arose in March, Boldin refuted it, saying:

    “I don’t think there’s any rift between players and coaches, particularly Coach Harbaugh,” Boldin said Monday on a conference call. “He has good rapport with all the guys I know of. There’s no gripes in the locker room when it comes to Coach Harbaugh.”

    I’m hoping someone asks a longer-tenured player (Gore, Justin Smith, Willis, Staley) so we can put a bow on it. Who am I kidding? I hope someone asks Vernon Davis or Crabtree about it with a camera present. That would be interesting.

    Although there’s no evidence of it, my earlier speculation that this is some sort of clumsy effort by Jed/Paraag to gain leverage in negotiations is starting to harden into a firm belief. It would be consistent with Deion Sanders’ and Mike Silver’s comments regarding their sources.

    It also would be a risky tactic that could backfire against the organization if it got out.

    1. Why was Mr. Dunn in attendance for the first time Monday? Many powerful men behind the scenes, and I believe in the Golden Rule. Follow the gold, and the answers unfold…

      1. Razor:

        Thanks, I forgot to mention that. To me Dunn’s presence strongly suggests that the rumors are negotiation tactics by York/Marathe, or at least that Harbaugh believes so.

            1. Plausible, however I fail to see how the perpetrators planned on convincing Harbaugh of the imagined mutiny, while at the same time putting in jeopardy the viability of the franchise, as well as their own careers…..

              1. I don’t think it’s Harbaugh that anyone is trying to convince. This seems to be aimed more at the fans and the media.

                And maybe it’s not purely a negotiating tactic. Perhaps they are just trying to wear out the fans with all this nonsense in order to lessen the public uproar over Harbaugh’s eventual departure.

            2. Just wanted to jump in and ask if someone like Eugene Parker (who wears a suit to work) is the source? I can’t imagine the agent community is particularly happy with how the Niners operate – especially how that Kap contract is becoming standard for qbs.

              1. Greg
                How would that serve agents’ negotiating position? Harbaugh doesn’t design or negotiate contracts. If anything, they might want to support the Coach in this alleged rift with Baalke if that were their motivation. If Harbaugh leaves the agents are still dealing with Baalke and Paraag, whose positions within the organization would be solidified with a Harbaugh departure. Also, with the Niners this QB deal is now water under the bridge even if it did offer a precedent that agents don’t appreciate. Done deal. Lashing out at Harbaugh makes no sense.
                I’m selling the notion of a front office conspiracy against JH too.

              2. I’m going to assume that the front office is not talking to Deion, so that leaves the Rappaport report as being leaked by the FO. Why would the FO leak that story before the season? I could see the FO dropping leaks after it appeared certain that the season was over, but why leak it on Saturday night before week one (so it appears Sunday morning)? That leak is totally LMJ’s agent who after finding out LMJ would be inactive calls up Rappaport.

              3. OK, that seems logical. That could also be described/spun as coming from the locker room even though it came from an agent. Plus, LMJ went off the Reservation on twitter a few months earlier.

    2. “Although there’s no evidence of it, my earlier speculation that this is some sort of clumsy effort by Jed/Paraag to gain leverage in negotiations is starting to harden into a firm belief. It would be consistent with Deion Sanders’ and Mike Silver’s comments regarding their sources.

      It also would be a risky tactic that could backfire against the organization if it got out.”
      ~ claude balls

      CB, that would be more than risky leverage, it would be sabotage.
      If the (allegedly sans Crabtree and VD) 98% of the players that like Harbaugh see him leave at the end of the season because this turns out to be true, it may prove to be catastrophic for the ownership/FO for years to come.
      There could be a player revolt with long lasting effects that would hurt the locker room and eventually the bottom-line.

  14. Listen to the Brent Jones podcast. Man he rips into the Niners offensive line. Said he is tired of watching the jail breaks towards CK. Says they are terrible and if they don’t fix it, the playoffs are not possible.
    Grant instead of turning this blog into Maury Povich meets Jerry Springer, why don’t you link to that podcast? Why no more Greg Cosell? It’s what we are here for. I for one am tired of the poison and negativity.
    Maybe you could do a piece on Gore’s runs wide with Miller blocking. Or the huge jump in third down conversions.
    Maybe an update on V Mac and the Center from USC.
    Just some examples of stuff the room would love to read I bet.

    1. While I have not been coming here long, I’m almost sure you will not see post about Gore’s success running outside. It goes against everything he has said about Gore. Gore is defying the odds, making history, and you’d think he was smacking women by the way grant talks about him.

    2. Link?

      Grant isn’t going to address the topics you suggested. He will write some entries on the upcoming game against the Chiefs, but he will only put effort into the Colin-Kaepernick-vs-Alex-Smith-Did-the-49ers-make-the-right-choice? piece in an attempt to renew a flame war.

    3. As Grant is on the record that the Niners will not be in the postseason mix this year, I doubt we will have *any* articles or postings highlighting *any* sucess stories.

      Grant, make a liar out of me.

              1. I thought I posted my full prediction in the comments on September 4th. I don’t have time to look. If I didn’t post it, here’s what it was:

                NFC West — Seahawks
                NFC North — Packers
                NFC South — Saints
                NFC East — Eagles
                NFC Wildcard — 49ers
                NFC Wildcard — Cardinals

                AFC West — Broncos
                AFC North — Bengals
                AFC South — Colts
                AFC East — Patriots
                AFC Wildcard — Ravens
                AFC Wildcard — Chargers

                NFC title game — Seahawks over Saints
                AFC title game — Broncos over Patriots

                Super Bowl — Seahawks over Broncos

              2. I apologize then. One post that may or may not have been buried somewhere in the comments section is definitely emphatic that the Niners will be in the post-season mix.

  15. Bay,

    That offensive line has been dangerously horrible. I certainly agree with that. I too, miss the podcasts and radio interviews from Cosell and others. I hope Grant does bring them back.
    I also believe there are problem with this organization being on the same page. It is a mess. However, this team is so talented that they can still win a championship if the can hang on until they get Bowman and Smith back and get the offensive line healthy. I wanted Martin from USC to start at center. I though by week 4 he’d have that job.
    Kap has to relax a bit. The offensive line is stressing his game. However, he can’t abandon running on 3rd and 3 or 4 yards instead of forcing throws into tight coverage.
    You also have to admit, Gore keeps getting it done. We need Hyde to just give the offensive line a half second to complete a block, then turn on the jets and burst.
    Keep voicing your opinion bro. Don’t let the haters here prevent you from having your say.

    1. I’d like to see Hyde get the opportunity to run wide with Miller and V-Mac leading the way. Like to see that run to Sherman’s side : )

  16. I’m proud to say we could be getting a new coach next year. No way Jed opens the wallet. The 49ers are playing ‘Marty ball’, Schottenheimer get to the playoffs and lose. It’s Superbowl or bust. All teams need to do is just stuff the line so Gore can’t run. I’d take Gore running 20 times for 45 yards say. Lowell and Grant run a great site.

  17. Darren / DSL / Xilicious- Barrows has banned you, Grant banned you once. But I like that you are here and hope you stay. You bring laughter to the room since no one takes a word you say seriously. Keep it up you little alien.

    1. I wish the Harbaugh saga continues as long as the Alex Smith one did. Just so this idiot can lose their mind and hopefully go to KC to swing on Smiths %uts more. Soooo Bitter! LOL

  18. Raiders coaching vacancy candidates:

    Anyone care to provide insight on who it should be?

    Funny thing, I went to both home openers for the Raiders and the 49ers….. and while I dig the vibe at Oakland having been a Warriors season ticket holder for a couple of years, the contrast was insane. I think it took about 1 quarter of play for the entire stadium to lose faith in their team and the boo birds were out leading them off the field at halftime.

    I think Gruden has said he would go back into coaching, and he would be great for the fan base, but is he up to the task? What salary would he command and would Mark pay it? Sadly, I think he has to birng in someone big in order to rejuvenate the fan base.

    OC Olson shouldn’t be the answer as his conservative play calling has worked against them this year in my opinion.

    Chiefs looked good. Let’s hope the 49ers OL and DL show improvement……. glad Lynch was promoted.

    I am curious what happens when Brock returns as Cox has been stellar. Didn’t Cullilver play in the slot a few years back or was it always Rogers? Does Cox bump Ward………. it will be a good dilemma to have.

  19. I guess the Raiders felt like they had to do something, but mid-season changes are seriously disruptive to any team. Just changing coaches between seasons is hard enough, especially if you don’t have any candidates in mind. How attractive a place is it to a top notch candidate? Mark Davis doesn’t really seem like much improvement over his dad to work for. They’re not too close to a stadium deal as I understand it. The roster is thin and what will the GM situation be? Who would want the job? Would you want anyone who’d settle for it? OK, even without those recruitment challenges, who are the candidates? Kiffen & Allen examples of crumb catchers.
    Grudin has been mentioned, but HC is a lot harder and more time demanding than broadcasting. Besides, would he go back to Oakland? I dunno.
    Cowher has been mentioned, but again the family time is better as a broadcaster, and does he want to live on the West Coast (away from kids)?
    Who will be the savior?
    Really, some of these same questions can be asked of those advocating a coaching change for the 49ers. Who would it be that will come in and do better than the current staff? Its a more attractive job than that hot mess across the Bay; at least that.
    Rob Ryan will be looking for work, but, no.
    Rex possibly too, but, no.
    Mangini going to fix the offense? Prob not.
    Weiss is available.
    Changing staffs would be a downer for some of the older vets like Cowboy, Gore, even Staley. If not a rebuild at least a re-tool that sets them back bit for a year; a year they can’t afford.
    Maybe Harbaugh is like Parcells, but where’s he going? Some talking heads on espn were saying Jim is better suited to the pro game than the college game, so they were selling the Michigan destination. So Oakland? Miami(still needs upgrade)? Cleveland (never know with them)? Jets? Falcons(depending on this year)?

    1. Maybe Mangini is the mole? Mangini could think he’s in line for the head coaching job or coordinator if Roman or Fangio get promoted?

  20. Bethea on the locker room:

    “Nah, man we’re a family, and it’s all about the guys in that locker room,” Bethea said on “The Doug Gottlieb Show” on CBS Sports Radio. “That’s all it’s about. Everybody in the locker room is trying to go out there and win. We’re a family. Outsiders, we’ll let them say what they say.”

  21. Regarding Anthony Davis:
    ” I’d hate to comment… like I say, I’d hate to comment…”
    Coach, we got it the first time, okay?

    Regarding locker room mood/tone/tenor:
    a pleasure, a joy, what I love… until
    the Chiefs come to town on Sunday.

    Wax on. Wax off. Time to put the offence in gear.
    Kansas City put up 41 points against New England.
    The Niners have only scored like that three times
    in the past few years: 42 vs the Jaguars,
    45 against the Bills, and 41 on the Patriots.

    Alex Smith was 20 for 26 (248 yards) three TDs passing.
    9.5 yards per catch (QB rating of 144…) 207 yds rushing.

      1. Ha! There’s some commenter over at the Kawakami blog that calls himself a “legendary fan” The “real fans” here need to up their game a notch or two. Do I hear Ultimate Fans?

      2. MWN, Mud could be from the UK where they tend to spell offense as offence. Both spellings are considered correct, though.

        Too bad that a few on here are doubting Davis. Quitting the team? Faking back injuries even though the video shows a defender hitting him in the back while another has his legs wrapped beneath him in an awkward position? Can’t believe some of the BS that fans express as truth on this blog.

        1. Space,

          The hit to Davis was to his left shoulder and it was a glancing blow. It wasn’t a hard shot. See what one of the Matts said about VD’s limp that came and went during the week 2 weeks ago? Vernon is a joke!

    1. Razor:

      Barrows’ chats are usually fun and informative. I wish he had answered the second part of the question, but I give him credit for at least pointing a finger generally at the front office.

      The biggest take away that I had was his belief that Carrier will pass McDonald on the depth chart.

      1. I slipped one in as well. I asked him if everyone knew how hard it was to work with Harbaugh, why all the drama? His response, “exactly”….

        1. Razor:

          That was my favorite non-claude question. And I appreciated Barrows’ answer. I wonder what some of the other writers think about Kawakami.

          1. I think this response from Barrows after a post about the locker room not liking Harbaugh summed up his thoughts nicely:

            “I sense a wee bit of sarcasm … which is my reaction, too. I’ve never covered a coach who was sooooo pro player as Harbaugh. He at least speaks about the players as if they are demi-Gods. So if there are complaints, you have to wonder if it’s coming from some very spoiled souls.”

            Nail on head.

    1. 2015…maybe Jim Harbaugh, raider coach.
      I know, premature, but 12 more games, could be 12 losses, could be 8 losses. NFC E, cheap win over Phil, beat Dal (schedule makers gave that to the 49ers over Romo recovering), guess the Deadskin game is a win, I still think NYG beat 49ers: 3 and 1.
      AFC West: easy win over Oak, loses to SD/Den, I feel KC is motivated, 1 and 3.
      North and South, loss to Chi, lose to Saints unless the D is that bad.
      Div: 1 and 1 or 0 and 2 to Ari, maybe 0 and 2 to Sea, 2 and 0 Rams. Div could be 3 and 3, I’ll try and be fair.
      So if we go 4 and 4 to AFC West/NFC East, 0 and 2 to North and South, and 3 and 3 in our division, 7 and 9.

  22. Hey Claude, I asked Maiocco why Dunn was at the Harbaugh presser, he skirted the question with this response: Agent David Dunn was at the game on Sunday. He was at Harbaugh’s press conference afterward. He also represents Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, which would explain why he attended the game.

  23. One thing that concerns me is is this growing feeling that the Chiefs are going to come to the game pissed off what with the media ignoring their terrific team effort last night and focusing in on how far the Patriots have fallen. They could very well be playing the no – respect card, and a team that does that is usually a dangerous team to go up against.

    1. I don’t believe Fangio will allow his defense to engage in that type of mindset. The game plan will be to make Alex beat them deep, correct?

      1. That may be part of it, but not the main one Razor. I think the main thing will be taking advantage of that terrible OL so that the passing and running game can’t get into a good rhythm.

            1. Agree. I’m just hoping that Boone and Staley show up in pass protection this Sunday or it’s going to be a long day for Kaep.

      1. Normally I would agree 23, but as Bay recently, any given week. It also depends on which 49ers team shows up: the one who put on great show for us against the Eagles or the one that checked out at halftime during the first three games.

            1. MWD:

              Yesterday, you were loving the idea of Smith being in a world of hurt. Now, you’re hoping he takes a beating. What’s up with that? Did he steal your girlfriend or something?

              1. Did he steal your girlfriend or something?

                I have a girlfriend?! That’s news to me.

                I have always said when Smith was traded that I would root for him except when he plays us, and then I hope he takes a serious pounding from our front seven Claude. Nothing has changed in that regard.

              2. Don’t get me wrong; I hope the 49ers pound the snot out of the Chiefs. But I would never wish injury, pain or misery upon a former 49er, unless he demonstrated disloyalty or a selfish, non-team first attitude (e.g., Terrell Owens).

              3. I’m not wishing injury for him, but I am wishing for pain and misery because that would mean that the pass rushers did their job.

      1. The Eagles are paper lions. They beat Jax and 2 others teams who also had only beat Jax. (Indy’s other win came against the mighty Titans).

  24. “Our team understood that they were in a position that we had to win a game and responded.”
    So, on the days that they lose is it because they didn’t understand what position they were in or was it because they chose not to respond?

    1. Tom Jackson before the game picked the Niners to win saying (paraphrased): Never underestimate the power of desperation. I think we saw that in the Defense.
      (Apparently the Special Teams didn’t share the sense of urgency!)

  25. More from Maiocco: When Aldon Smith comes back, I think Lynch could continue to play a significant role. If Ahmad Brooks does not improve his game, Lynch could start cutting into his playing time as a nickel pass-rusher….

    1. Bay, recovery was supposed to take 8 weeks. Been about 5 weeks now, so maybe by 10/20 he’ll be able to start practice? How long to you think it will take for him to get into shape? Tack that on and we are looking at maybe

  26. Grant, will you be providing any more analysis of the game against the Eagles? I would have thought the 49ers much-maligned D pitching a shutout of the Eagles high-powered offense, that came into the game posting 30+ points 3 weeks in a row to start the season, was worthy of an article?

      1. Yeah, I knew it was unlikely, but after giving the D an absolute serve before the game, after going in to bat for Fangio and saying how we can’t blame him if the Eagles scored more than 30 points because he doesn’t have the horses, I thought he might at least go on to detail what an extraordinary job Fangio did to get his rubbish D to pitch a shut-out.

        Oh well, I guess talking about the positive things the 49ers do just isn’t of interest to Grant any more. A pity. While he always has liked to stir the pot, I didn’t mind that because it created some fun talking points, and he used to mix in some well thought out articles that actually discussed 49er football, and had some balance to them. Haven’t seen one of those in a long time. Its all been about attacking the 49ers.

        1. Yeah, I miss those accounts of personal interaction with players he’d do from time to time. They really gave an insight into their personalities that was difficult to find in other outlets.

          Those have stopped. Maybe the players no longer feel comfortable opening up to him. Small wonder why.

          1. He’s been mailing it in for awhile now. Makes me wonder if he’s doing something else and this gig will be over soon.

            1. I wonder the same rocket. He’s distancing himself from conversations in the blog a lot more these days, the blog articles are rarely football related, and most of the blog articles, whether intended or not, incite the audience (us) rather than seeking to engage the audience. Not exactly the actions of someone looking to stick around.

        2. Haven’t seen one of those in a long time. Its all been about attacking the 49ers.

          Sounds like someone needs to move out of the house and get his own place.

  27. According to Maiocco, McDonald will be available, but he has been surpassed on the depth chart by Carrier. Maiocco doubts VD will play, albeit VD thinks he will. Anthony Davis was reported to be walking without assistance, but limping. I’d expect him to miss the next 3 weeks or so with a possible knee sprain….

  28. I wonder if anyone of the players has held a team meeting. Or if they’ve came out after practice and made a statement. All these “Men” are making millions. Least the can do if they are really unhappy is man up and talk to the coach. And the leaders of the team need to address the issue, even if that means calling one of your “boys” out.

  29. This media circus has become tiresome, but it is nice to see multiple players come out in support of Harbaugh (Boone, Bethea, Wilhoite, Bowman, Lee), and others have in the past including Boldin, Staley, VD and Gore. I suspect this is leverage games played by the front office. What I don’t know is if they’re doing it to try to erode the fan support for Harbaugh because they have no intention of ever extending him, or if they’re hedging bets in case they don’t reach a deal with him because they know there will be a huge fan backlash if they appear to be getting rid of a highly popular and successful coach.

    Call me a conspiracy theorist, but this is how they ultimately got rid of Singletary. Jed was done with him after we got thumped in week 1 by a much inferior Seattle team in Seattle in 2010. Jed spent the rest of the season undermining Sing (who did most of the work by being a terrible coach) and lining up the replacement list with JH at the top.

    John York followed similar templates in first undermining Mariucci, Erickson and Nolan before firing each of them. (I’m not saying Erickson and Nolan didn’t deserve to go because they were horrible HCs. Mooch didn’t, and York screwed that up and the next 8 years of 49er seasons big time.) I’m merely pointing out a possible pattern and Harbaugh could be another one on the list. If this is Jed’s end game, and he’s trying to prepare to sell the fanbase on trading or canning a very successful head coach, while selling us all on a likely inferior head coaching replacement as the next best thing (Roman? Fangio? Tomsula? Bob Stoopes? David Shaw? Kevin Sumlin? Cowher? Dungy? Gruden? Arizona’s Todd Bowles? Seattle’s Dan Quinn or Darrell Bevell? Jim Mora Jr or Josh McDaniels?) the run may be over. It could be a quick death like after hiring Erickson in 2003, or it could a Gruden-style dying fire like his tenure with the Bucs in which the team slowly got worse. Sorry, still want Harbaugh over all these guys.

    1. I don’t like being negative. I am hopeful this is not the direction Jed is heading. However, he is going to lose a lot of “fan capital” if he truly thinks he can just demonize JH in the press this season and then dump him in the offseason. The Anti-York fervor from 2002-2010 will return.

  30. How will MWNIner and/or Irwin Herlihy feel
    when Alex Smith punches his ticket on Sunday?
    Guess we will have to wait and see if our
    offenSe is on track to score, score, score.
    If we somehow revert to our former ways
    and get blanked in the second half, well….
    as I wrote earlier: wax on, wax off, huh..?

    1. Florio continues to show that he’s an inept idiot. It’s Michael Wilhoite, not David Wilhoite.

      Did you see this response from a Lions fan to a Seahawks fan’s post Razor?

      “Prepare for another late season implosion.” You mean two NFC championship games and a Super Bowl? As a Lions fan, I would long for implosions like that.

  31. If we can shut down Philly’s offense, we can shut down KC’s offense. Really the only concern I have going forward is the offensive line. They need to step it up

  32. Our team tackles players that get the 4 yard pass. Alex Smith will not be a factor in this game. Reid better option him or teach him in one week how to go deeper than 20 yards all game. Play the same defense we played vs Philly and it could be another shutout. If we get the slightest bit of pressure on Smith, its a blowout. KC is a different team on the road and horrible vs playoff teams. So if we are a true contender KC has ZERO chance in this game.

      1. The last time I actually watched a team take away his short passes and forced him to throw over 15 yards all game, was the NYG. And we know how those two games ended up. NFCCG And week 3. Thats the blueprint on Alex Smith. He cant do it.

        1. Not a very good blueprint to go on MD. He only had Davis as a legitimate option in the receiving game. Crabtree was being phased out by an average secondary, our #2 WR was someone that shouldn’t have even been in the starting rotation, and Williams. Hardly any QB could things happen with that weak of a supporting cast, yet Smith posted the best numbers out of all the playoff QBs that faced the Giants D.

          1. He looked really good last night. Andy Reid has developed the perfect offense for him and the play calling was exceptional. Something Smith had for maybe one season with Norv Turner and his second last in the Bay Area.

          2. Interesting article Claude.

            That would seem to suggest the talk that guys like Stafford, Cutler and Palmer are good downfield passers of the ball is a myth. At best, they are average.

            Easy to see why Locker has struggled – lots of deep passes, but not very accurate on them.

          3. …ninermd is a Alex Hater for life……..you can never take anything he writes seriously because his brain is forever clogged with the crow Alex fed him….

            1. Add Bayarea and 23welcher to that same group of guys who could not stand the fact Alex Smith was a good soldier for the 49ers. And he got a new contract and has the Chiefs playing good football. All things added to a list of things they all said Alex could not do.

        2. Andy Reid knows Smith is inaccurate down the field. He expressed his disappointment when Smith first got there. That is why the offense is designed that way. We have to tackle the underneath stuff and put sone pressure on Smith up the middle. Our team knows him better than anyone. We pounds him last year in the preseason. I’m not concerned about K.C. they’ve shown nothing. Getting blasted by the Titans. Playing Denver close and beating a bad Patriot team at home. I’m not impressed. Looking forward to Sunday. We win by 10.

          1. He expressed his disappointment when Smith first got there.

            In how aggressive he was, and that was with all the QBs on the team at that time.

            Our team knows him better than anyone. We pounds him last year in the preseason.

            Last year. During preseason. That’s really not an indication of anything.

            they’ve shown nothing. Getting blasted by the Titans. Playing Denver close and beating a bad Patriot team at home.

            They’re really banged up and lacking a decent OL, secondary, or run defense, yet they made Denver sweat. How is that not impressive? Also, the 49ers beat a bad Cowboys team (not buying the 3-1 record), lost to banged up Bears team, lost to a Cardinals team without its two key defensive play makers and starting QB, and then beat a team who hadn’t really faced anybody sans the Colts. In truth, both teams have been up and down so far.

            All that said, I think we win 27-20.

            1. Midwest,

              Reid was upset with how inaccurate Smith threw downfield. Not with all the QB’s.

              Last year during preseason, we hit him often and got him off his spot. He did nothing in that game, preseason or not.

              Made Denver sweat?? Denver underestimated them at home. You’re going to realize soon enough that Dallas is a lot better than you think. They have the best offensive line in football hands down. Their defense is not as bad a people think.

              We’ve clearly faced the tougher schedule. They lost to the Titans game 1. The Titans!!!!
              All this being said, we win 27-13.

              1. Reid was upset with how inaccurate Smith threw downfield. Not with all the QB’s.

                From Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star:

                Smith is in the process of being reprogrammed by Andy Reid, his new coach. Reid doesn’t want to turn Smith into a turnover machine but wants him to be more aggressive, particularly during offseason practice.

                “You want to get a feel for the offense now, particularly when you’re new at it (and) if there are close throws, challenge it, see what you can get away with,” Reid said. “If it ends up being an interception, OK, it’s an interception. You learn from it. These are smart guys so they learn from it and once they get into the season, they’re not experimenting with it on game day and they know what they can get away with and know what they can’t.

                “It’s a new offense. I would tell any quarterback that comes in new that that’s what you need to do. I’ve told them all that. Go ahead and take your shots and see what you can get away with, within reason. But if it’s a close throw, there are going to be a few of those in the National Football League on game day so you need to know what you can get away with on each route.”

                Smith and the other Chiefs quarterbacks were rewarded with several long completions in Wednesday’s practice. Smith had three such plays, including two to Jon Baldwin, while Tyler Bray and Ricky Stanzi had one apiece.

                Last year during preseason, we hit him often and got him off his spot. He did nothing in that game, preseason or not.

                Again the emphasis on a preseason game from last year. Kaep looked like crap most of this past preseason and got hit often as well. Was that an indication of anything? No.

                Denver underestimated them at home.

                Just like we underestimated the Bears.

                You’re going to realize soon enough that Dallas is a lot better than you think. They have the best offensive line in football hands down. Their defense is not as bad a people think.

                Their wins have come against the Rams, the Titans (a team you keep bringing up with your Chiefs argument), and the surprisingly bad Saints. How exactly does that make them better?

                They lost to the Titans game 1. The Titans!!!!

                And we lost to a backup QB.

                All this being said, we win 27-13.

                You said earlier that we win by 10, but your final score has us winning by 14. Which is it?

            1. Claude,

              Of course Reid is not ignorant. Look at Smith’s game plans under Reid. Smith had the shortest average yardage per pass play in the NFL last year. Dink and dunk. Captain Checkdown! Nothing has changed.

              1. But makes no mistakes and does not put a whole of pressure on his defense. Unlike Kaepernick who asked his defense last week to bail them out twice, one of those a goal line stance.
                It’s not entertaining football but man the Chiefs looked crisp moving the chains.

              2. Smith had the shortest average yardage per pass play in the NFL last year.

                And, yet, the Chiefs went from 2-14 to 11-5. That’s pretty good for an ignorant coach and Captain Checkdown. How many wins did you predict for the Chiefs last year? 5? 6? You could fill Wikipedia with what you don’t understand about quarterbacking and football. How’s Troy Smith doing? What about Nate Davis? Is Josh Johnson on the team this week, or did they cut him to sign a 4th TE again?

                Nothing has changed.

                You’re right about that. You’re still spouting ignorant nonsense about Alex Smith, even though you continually have been proven wrong about him. You were wrong about him in 2011 (“the 49ers can’t win games/get to the playoffs/win a playoff game/beat a team like the Saints with Alex Smith as the QB”); you were wrong about him in 2012 (“Smith won’t be on the roster; if he is, I will stop posting on this site forever”); you were wrong about him in 2013 (“the Chiefs won’t win with Smith as their QB”). Do you really want to go down the same path in 2014? Is it your theory that the 4th time is the charm?

                Given how wrong you have been about Alex Smith every step of the way, please stop telling us that he can’t beat the 49ers. That’s putting a really bad mojo on the team.

              3. Maybe 23jordan should just go back to not posting altogether. The meds have run dry and now he’s back trashing Alex who keeps defying everything he says he can’t do!

              4. Smith had the shortest average yardage per pass play in the NFL last year.

                Because Reid didn’t open up the offense more until late in the season.

              5. 11-5 without beating a single playoff caliber team Claude.
                And saying smith couldn’t and can’t do it the whole game is one in the same, if they take away his short passes he WONT be able to throw deep the whole game, resulting in a bad day. Like he had vs the giants when they “unleashed” his arm. I just don’t see how some people who claim to be a niner fan continuously stick up for a qb that never won a title here and was never a legend here everytime you bring up his weakness. Smh. He’s an enemy this week. Better get use to trash talking the opponent if that’s what a fan wants to do.

              6. Ninermd:

                11-5 is 11-5, and a 9 game improvement is a 9 game improvement. By the way, Philadelphia went to the playoffs last year, which makes them playoff caliber by definition.

                And saying smith couldn’t and can’t do it the whole game is one in the same

                No, it’s not. No QB throws deep the entire game. The QBs who throw deep the most often, throw 4-4.5 passes per game that travel 20+ yards in the air. Smith throws 2.5-3 such passes per game. Are you really trying to argue that throwing 1.5 fewer 20 yard passes per game makes a significant difference?

                And when Smith does throw deep, he’s Top 10 in terms of accuracy.

                You can have whatever opinion you want about Smith’s strengths and weaknesses, but the facts simply don’t support the myth that he can’t throw deep.

                And don’t start questioning my fanhood simply because I correct your factual errors. That’s a b/s argument. You should be better than that.

              7. Jordan is not wrong about him. Smith did have an incredible turn around. He also finished the season 2-5 and was 0-1 in the playoffs.

                Being dead last in the league in yards per attempt is not a stat you want to excel in. Smith solely benefited from the baddest running back in the league. Being able to dump it off and let him do ALL THE WORK. Best example of that is the Raider game.

                I see you continue to do what you do best Clod, argue for the sake of arguing.

              8. >>You’re still spouting ignorant nonsense about Alex Smith, even though you continually have been proven wrong about him.

                LOL. Jordo also predicted a bargain basement contract extension for AS as well. Do we still listen to anything he has to offer? Now we have Mora, Monkey and 8-8 – the Jordo, bay and md of 2014. I’m not sure which triumvirate is worse.

              9. bay:

                Nope, I’m just introducing actual facts into the discussion. You should try it sometime.

              10. MD,
                folks that were an underdog can associate with another underdog. The weak associate with the weak.
                I agree with everything you said.

                ” I just don’t see how some people who claim to be a niner fan continuously stick up for a qb that never won a title here and was never a legend here everytime you bring up his weakness. Smh.”

                Now one bit of advice. Don’t get into a SMH war with Claude. He’s really good at it and does it quite frequently.

              11. LOL bay, want to tell us who started this thread? Now who’s associating with whom?

                BTW, are you the “legendary fan” that posts on Kawakami’s board? If not, some dude is really stealing your shtick.

              12. Neil… The 49ers were down in that game. The defense didnt score any points. So how did ck ask the defense to”bail him out”?

              13. md, I think his point was the offense gave Philly the majority of their points (pick 6, taking a sack at the goal line that led to the blocked punt/TD) and had the defense not pitched a shutout, we come away with the L.

          2. You have no idea what Andy Reid thinks of Smith. Why do you make up stuff? Andy Reid has always run a dink and dunk west coast offense with a lot of screens and an occasional go route.
            The OC Doug Pederson said that the offense is for Alex to run as he sees fit. They have no WRs outside of Bowe, but are dangerous with Charles on screens, and crossing routes to the TEs.

            The Niner offensive has been equally unimpressive with superior personnel.
            The reason the Chiefs will be tough is not because of Alex Smith, but Jamaal Charles and Kniles Davis. If you can run on the Niner Defense, like Marshawn Lynch, then you can dictate tempo.

            Niners should win because they are the better team, and are playing at home. But then they stunk against the home opener against a weak Bears team. If Colin Kaepernick turns the ball over, Niners are in for a long day.

            1. I know their fans were saying another waste of big money on an average player and were not happy with the contract signing after his 3 int game. He will show his colors time and time again vs good defenses. That you can’t argue. He’s mediocre. Thrives off of a good running game, and defense. Bad tackling for blown up stats. But hey, he doesn’t turn the ball over. That’s a good thing. Right?

              1. “He will show his colors time and time again vs good defenses.”

                dude…you are still on this dumb stuff…..the guy won 11 games last yr…just trashed NE last week and you are still holding on to this nonsense…..

                ninermd and his goons (23welcher and gaybay) need to grow a brain

              2. Md,

                It’s amazing how talk of Alex Smith lights a fire under his defense team. Haven’t had any name calling for almost a year. Look at CLAUDE, FDM, Prime and OneChief have at it now. You guys are clearly emotionally attached to the guy. Poor fellas. Can’t wait u til Sunday. Smith is who I’ve always thought he was, SOFT! Just like his cult following here on this blog. Lol

              3. Maybe it’s becAuse you guys lost that argument for 6 years but today was a day you thought you might just have another chance. Whoops, wrong again!

              4. 23welcher:

                You’re too modest. It’s not talk of Alex Smith that lights a fire. It’s your ignorant, fact averse, dishonest b/s that does it.

                Remember when you said that the 49ers should trade Kaepernick because Josh Johnson had taken take his job as the No. 2 QB? And then a few months later (after Johnson didn’t even make the team), you tried to claim that you told everyone Kap was going to be great? Do you remember that? I do. Those were the days, weren’t they?

                By the way, how’s Troy Smith doing? Is he selling cars or insurance?

            2. I see the Alex Smith defense h team is out in full force this week. I’m so thankful the bum is playibg for another team.he couldn’t cut it here so he got shipped out. He has a decent game last week against the putrid Patriots. Take a look at those Titan game stats. Watch what happens this week. The Niners are kicking Smiths trunks in his behind. They know he’s soft and wants to check it down. You Smith fans can ride with the Chiefs this week and leave town with Smith and the loss. I hope we bust him up real good!

              1. 23welcher:

                You Smith fans can ride with the Chiefs this week and leave town with Smith and the loss.

                You mean leave town like you did after you were wrong about Smith being on the roster in 2012? Oh, that’s right, you didn’t leave; you welched. That’s probably because you are a welcher.

                Watch what happens this week. The Niners are kicking Smiths trunks in his behind.

                I already told you to stop with the predictions. You’re going to jinx the 49ers. Nothing you have ever predicted for Alex Smith has ever come true. You’ve been consistently wrong about him. You’ve been consistently wrong about all things QB-related (the 49ers should have traded Kaep before the 2012 season because Josh Johnson had passed him on the depth chart, right?). Face it, you’re consistently wrong about football. (Remember when you tried to tell us that teams played prevent defense in the red zone?) You would think that a guy who has watched more football than I can imagine would have learned something about the game, but here you are, as ignorant as ever.

                I hope we bust him up real good!

                As always, you’re such a class act.

              2. Yeah officer , lawyer Claude you’re right. I know nothing. I’m not even here enough to argue with you followers of Smiths cult. You are the man o mighty Claude. Lol

              3. “Remember when you tried to tell us that teams played prevent defense in the red zone?”


                its true 23welcher please don’t jinx us…..

              4. >>I know nothing.

                It took him years, but Jordo finally posts something with a ring of truth to it.

                Want to tell us more about the malingering Vernon? Oh wait. No. Don’t.

  33. Both of my teams have some KC butts to kick this week. My favorite would have to be the Niners. Not sold on my A’s. They cant hit. Still rooting for them though! LETS GO OAKLAND!!!!!!

  34. Anyone else find it ironic that the Press Democrat enforces censorship of language for the sake of decency while it provides a forum for Mr.Cohn Sr and Mr Cohn Jr to deliver moral and ethical judgements on The League, Goodell, Jed, Trent, Jim and the players, and yet when I go to links to comments on Grant’s page, I’m staring at the over-exposed cleavage of some goldigger/hooker on a PD advertisement for Russian Dating Online. Pillars of the community? Sex trade enablers? LOL, and just where is that moral high ground?

    1. BT ..

      wouldn’t the use of the words “ethical” .. and “moral”
      in the same sentence as “Goodell” ..
      be considered a misnomer ?

      (or an oxymoron ?)

    2. I keep getting advertisements telling me to date hot Latino guys. These advertisements are supposed to be towards what sites you visit online, but I’m not buying it.

  35. I expect the 49ers to pound the football collectively for at least 150 yards against the Chiefs. Kaepernick needs to improve his consistency, and if Berry is out, he should be able to throw for 250 yards. Bowe, Kelce, Charles are the three play makers that they need to stop. Bowe/Kelce similar in size to Marshall/Bennett provide the match up problems and also Charles in space on those screens. Pressure on Alex will be the key, along with the secondary coming up to assist in run support. Smith likes to throw those quick strikes to Bowe, the crossing/seam route to his tight end, and the check down to Charles. If the 49ers can avoid the stupid mistakes and penalties, I think they win this game convincingly, 27-6….

      1. Davis will be in the rotation, but I don’t think the Chiefs can run on the 49ers as long as the defensive lineman continue to fill the gaps, and Willis/Wilhoite make the tackles….

    1. If Kaepernick doesn’t choke the chicken and they run the ball with Gore, Niners should because they’re the better team. But it’s going to be a little closer then you think.

  36. Wow Grant. I do wish I had your confidence. I’m waiting for the fat lady to sing (1 week at a time).

    NFC West — Seahawks
    NFC North — Packers
    NFC South — Saints
    NFC East — Eagles
    NFC Wildcard — 49ers
    NFC Wildcard — Cardinals

    AFC West — Broncos
    AFC North — Bengals
    AFC South — Colts
    AFC East — Patriots
    AFC Wildcard — Ravens
    AFC Wildcard — Chargers

    NFC title game — Seahawks over Saints
    AFC title game — Broncos over Patriots

    Super Bowl — Seahawks over Broncos

    1. Mary ..
      you shoulda been around last season …

      Grant crowned Romo and the Cowpies
      Super Bowl Champs …(in the preseason, I think) … so ..
      it’s not like he’s a psychic or sumptin’ !

      I wouldn’t get yer panties in a bunch over his prognostication
      on the SB this year ..

      Grain of salt … ya kno ?

      1. I mean the game period. They came back from being down 7-3 in the bottom of the seventh inning and won it 9-8 in twelve innings.

  37. NFC West — Seahawks
    NFC North — Packers
    NFC South — Saints
    NFC East — Cowboys, not Eagles
    NFC Wildcard — Eagles
    NFC Wildcard — Falcons or Cardinals

    1. 49ers willnot make it. Sure if it came down NFC East, Phil will just suck, but I feel NYG could beat 49ers and Dallas might be getting their act together. I feel it’ll come down to either a ticked off Packer team or rematch with Seattle if the 49ers make the playoffs. But I’m going with 4-6 outside division, 3 and 3 in our division.

  38. Who’s got the guts to answer this question with honesty.

    At this point in time since smiths release.
    Who would you take as your starter now.
    Ck or Smith?

    1. It depends on whether you want to include the 49ers brand or a neutral team MD. If you include the 49ers, then I would start whoever they choose to be the starter and back them 100%. If it’s on a neutral team, then the answer right now is neither. Both are good at what they excel at but equally bad at their weaknesses. I would start Wilson, P. Manning, Brees, Rivers, Luck, and Rodgers before either Smith or Kaepernick.

      1. All QBs seem to have games where they
        stink up the place ..
        Heck .. Breese had one this past week !
        As for Peyton .. well he’s certainly had his
        “moment in the sun”, too ! … Rogers, as of late ..
        has been either cold or hot … and the same could be said
        for Rivers .. Luck will find out what it feels like, too ..
        and Wilson will get embarrassed on turkey day !

        So.. to answer your question, md ..

        I’d take Kaep .. all day …

        Sure .. there are those, here who think he is the most
        exciting Niner, since Wendell Tyler … but
        that’s why I consider myself as
        one of “The Faithful” !

        1. Easy fellas. It’s sorta of a rivalry week around here. I think it’s a good time and question. We all don’t agree. (See Oregon) and that’s fine with me. He has his outlook. I might save Grant the time for his poll question and we might get a different one. We all knew this week was coming and I at least think it’s a fair question. This isn’t to start another war, its just a little trash talk teaser. We can have fun with it…. If we try. :-)

            1. All good. Figured its coming up anyways so why not try to have a little fun with it before the mud starts flinging. No way does Grant not milk this one. Just hope some of us can let the old hate between each other go and move on. Although some of us are rooting for alex Smiths destruction this week and some are wishing him good luck. Its old news thats hit our doorstep yet again, and it should be different this time.I wont hold my breath though. Should be an interesting week in convo. lol

      2. OK OK OK… I can handle your “conservative” answer. lol Rivers????? I was nearly laughed off the blog last year like a onelame or something for even mentioning his name. lol Old Man still has some Magic left.. Dont he?

    2. Ninermd:

      Who’s got the guts to answer this question with honesty. …

      Why are you bringing that strawman into the discussion? Except for maybe one of the trolls, no one is arguing that the 49ers should have gone with Smith over Kaepernick; no one is arguing that Smith is better than Kaepernick.

      But one can prefer Kaepernick and still think Smith is a good QB. The two thoughts are not mutually exclusive.

    3. 9rMD

      In a heartbeat…I’d take Alex Smith….Something you never acknowledge, is that when he was drafted in 2005, every GM and HC wanted him first. Rogers was good, but Alex was first. He possesses the protocols of a NFL QB, whereas CK still can’t find his second option. the Chiefs lost two of their best OLmen, and are playing with three inexperienced Olinemen. Read last weeks stat sheet….Three TD passes beats three ints.


        I guess it’s no longer a strawman.

        The statement that Kaepernick “still can’t find his second option” ignores the numerous times he has done so this season. He doesn’t do it with consistency yet, but he’s doing more this season than he did previously.

        You are correct, however, when you note the Chiefs’ offensive line woes. I hope and expect Fangio will make it a priority to take advantage of them. Shutting down, or at least containing, the Chiefs’ running game would be a good thing.

      2. Fair enough Oregon. But let’s remember ck has two lineman down too. One who isn’t ready for 4 quarters and the other is the anchor on the end. Watching the chiefs this season due to the nfl ticket I don’t see smith going through numerous reads either. He is still a hot read qb. He shows signs at times but heck so does ck.
        Smith has the better feel of the flow of the game than ck. He should he’s played longer, he won’t force that throw ck will at times, but it also works for him at times too. I’d trust ck behind center when faced with a 3rd and long over smith. Ck has big play capabity at any time smith doesn’t.

        If a play breaks down if trust ck over smith.

        If we had 1 crucial timeout left if trust smith over ck

        Pressure coming from the defense is trust ck to make a play, I’d trust smith in that case not to turn the ball over.

        Stretching the defense or (taking the top off of secondary’s) id trust ck over smith.

        Big games vs better defenses. I think the playoffs and road wins say it all. Ck over smith.

        Now with these examples I put up I’d have to give the advantage to ck. I still think we’ve seen the best Alex will ever give and still haven’t seen the potential of ck as a qb. Ck has a lot of work to do still, and is very inconsistent.
        But man this kid can put those lasers in a right spot and break away with his legs.
        Smith is still an average qb and ck is slightly above that but not elite. Should be a good in your face comparison on Sunday. Can’t wait to get back home after the game and watch it on the tube.

      3. Sorry but for starters, Kaep has played with a terrible pass protecting line all year. Second, if you want to biatch about a 3 Int game, then also Biatch about Smith’s first game of the year in which he also threw three Int’s.

      4. Oregon,

        You are entitled to your opinion but your view of Kap is not true. He can find his second option and has regularly, when he’s had time. There are examples of it every week but some still refuse to acknowledge it.

        The difference in experience here is also something that can’t be compared. I think Kap would look a little more consistent if he was in his 10th season, but maybe that’s just me.

        1. Claude
          “has done it numerous times”

          “He can find his second option and has regularly WHEN HE’S HAD TIME”

          I guess ninermd might just be right…we are watching two different ball games.

      5. Every coach and GM wanted Smith? That’s a joke. We didn’t even want Smith. We just couldn’t trade the pick to save our lives. Nobody wanted the #1 pick because nobody wanted Smith. We took him because the consensus was that he was the safer pick between he and Rodgers. We see how that worked out. Can’t wait for Sunday. Captain check down gets punished!

          1. Adurson,

            I’m talking about pick #1 overall. Nobody wanted that pick. We couldn’t find a good trade partner for it.

        1. You were the a$$ clown when Smith was here, and now that he has left, you retain that role admirably. Stick to welching 23 Jordan, you are the best at it.

          1. FDM,

            The name calling is old. Time to grow up. I know you’re emot I on ally involved with Alex but I can’t go there with you. The name is 23jordan not azzclown.

    4. This point in time, it’s a hard call. Kaep will keep us in a game with his athleticism, but he’s killed us in games with his late turnovers, something that AS, at this point in time, has largely gotten past.

      But hey, the team made it’s choice and it’s all arrows up, right?

      For the record, I was also against the change from DeBerg to Montana “at that point in time”. Boy, was I proven wrong.

      1. lol Yeah back then fans werent to sure about that switch. I just hope to God this game doesnt end up like the last game we faced our qb we got rid of. Who was that guy and team again?? Still hurting over that game. Thank goodness its in our home this time, and we didnt release a the greatest EVER…

          1. True. But we didnt know that after that game. lol. If Joe could have had a little bit better of a team. That would have been an epic and sad Superbowl.

  39. Note to Kaep:
    the Alex Smith “blueprint” referenced above
    will not win the game for you on Sunday.
    Your 100+ yard personal rushing record
    against Green Bay will not win it for you either.
    In fact, the two interceptions against the Eagles
    will probably not equal a win vs the Chiefs, hmm?
    Do you plan on gaining the winning points via a
    fluke 50-yard pass play again? Just wondering…
    Hint: It might not be a good idea to give the Chiefs
    the ball with 5 min to go & a chance to regain the lead.
    If they fail to score, and you cannot pick up a first down,
    then do you plan on watching from the sidelines as they
    take another crack at a winning drive with time running out?
    Please advise, fella. [no more penalties for potty mouth…]

    1. I saw that link – “bethea-named-nfc-special-teams-player-of-week” – and i was like, WTFF? After last week’s SP performance the standards for player of the week have really dropped.

    2. He got my “defensive” player of the week vote after stopping the go ahead run play. Again without him hitting that hole and making the hit. The Eagles score easily. By far the best defensive player on the field last Sunday. Great pick up from Baalkster

      1. Yeah, I love to see that kind of enthusiasm from coaches.

        But I thought you would have liked all the shots of Tomsula interacting with Bethea and the DBs. It looks like he’s the assistant DC on the sidelines.

        Paired with the right OC, I think Tomsula would make a good head coach. If the 49ers are planning on moving on from Harbaugh, do you think Tomsula would get the nod? It would probably mean losing Fangio.

    1. That Bethea signing was awful wasn’t it? Should have thrown 10 mill at Jarious Byrd instead. We were doomed the minute that happened…

    1. Jack, this isn’t ex-QB fandom we are fighting over. Smith is merely a proxy for arguments between fans, some who are no-nothing blowhards and others, who look at all sides of the equation and reserve less harsh judgement. Witness the new crop for 2014 – Mora, Monkey, 8-8, MJ and others – Kaepernick is filling the exact same role for us as Smith once did.

      1. If anyone, blow hard, to Smither, to hater cannot appreciate Alex Smith now and back then as a football player then they really do not understand the game of football.
        Smith inherited an initiation into the NFL to a franchise beat down, lost, in salary cap purgatory, and no support system whatsoever. Of course he struggled in those situations, who hasn’t.
        Now Colin Kaepernick inheritated a well established team, ready to win and has struggled at times but is progressing. Comparing the 2 players is so unrealistic that its night and day.
        Both QB’s are good football players that came into the NFL in complete opposite situations. The only way to compare them is when they both retire, who won more championships, and who won more games overall.

      2. Rib,

        My comment was based off something Claude posted earlier this week. The debate is fun to watch.

        The difference between the two has been a grand total of 1.4 points per game.

          1. @Eric_Branch 28s
            Passer rating since 2011 among QBs with at least 700 attempts: 11. Colin Kaepernick, 93.4; 12. Alex Smith, 92.7

        1. Jack:

          The difference between the two has been a grand total of 1.4 points per game.

          Interesting. What numbers are you using? Offensive points per game, average scoring margin, something else?

            1. Jack:

              Got it. Thanks.

              teamrankings.com offers stats on offensive scoring (factoring out defensive and special teams scoring), and the numbers are slightly different. Two caveats: (1) their numbers are provided as estimates (not sure what that means) and (2) the numbers apparently are subject to revision. For example, the number for 2012 changes depending upon whether you look at the 2012 chart or the 2013 chart (each chart provides the previous year’s number for comparison purposes). Perhaps the number for the previous year is a final number and not an estimate.

              I don’t know how to break down the 2012 numbers between Smith and Kaepernick because I am too lazy to look for offensive scoring on a game-by-game breakdown. I don’t put much weight on the 2014 numbers 2014 because the sample size is so small.

              Anyway, here are the numbers:

              2011: 22.8
              2012: 24.4/24.7
              2013: 22.7
              2014: 20.2

              As a goof, I looked at 2009 and 2010 since the rosters were somewhat similar to those of 2011 and 2012. The numbers for 2009 and 2010 were 18.9 and 16.8, respectively. Ouch, those were ugly years. Who says coaching doesn’t matter?


              1. >> I don’t put much weight on the 2014 numbers because

                Grant: How difficult would it be to provide us with an edit button?

      3. Rib…. How about not letting someone’s opinion of ck or smith bother you? As you have stated we are all fans, and fans aren’t always happy with every player. Why not try and see their points while making yours. This statement will only further the disconnection of the fans on here. Why not try a different approach rather than sitting on the past? Alex smith is the enemy this week. Should he not be treated like others that play our team? Just sayin

        1. duh….”Why not try a different approach rather than sitting on the past?”

          look who is whinning…..do us a favor and think before you write

          1. Who’s us? Nobody cares about you here. Its Smith week so i figured you’d be here stalking me. But hey what would you be without me. Still bitter onelame. How long has it been now? There is one idiot who will never get a drop of respect and that idiot is you. I WISHED they still had archives of the MM days. Id bet you would disappear or get banned like you did back then. My hand is stronger now from smacking you into raging fits, to getting banned and leaving after Smith failed you time after time. See the difference in you and others onelame is…….No matter how bad the team was or coaching you swore your “Cold blooded assasin” would rise above and become this elite qb that would carry this franchise to a superbowl. Welp when that failed the excuses came out. the blame. Nobody was more obnoxious than you when it came to Smith. Reality set in and you found out Smith wasnt that guy, That he needed others around him to help. See for me it never was only about Smith’ shortcomings it was obnoxious idiots like you who would trash talk anyone telling you the truth about Smith. Hes a system qb who isnt a game breaker. Give yourself a hand Onelame. You are a huge reason why fans bickered for years. And you being banned and BEGGING to get back on. Is HALL OF FAME WORTHY! CHEERS to Onelame. The Original over the top, obnoxious, flat out blind SMITHER. I know where youve been. The Chiefs start off 0-2 and youre not around. The defense team you have built in your mind was over there on those KC blogs defending him from the lions den over there. He needed plenty of it after the contract and the way those fans were cursing it and him. Now all of a sudden you’re back. Classic Next time you’re over there say Hi to Hoff for me. eh?

            1. :)

              Thanks for the kind words…..

              I would recommend Sutter Center for Psychiatry in Sacramento, California they do good work…..

  40. claude ..

    Correct me if I’m wrong.. but Jim Tomsula has
    already been a head coach !
    and.. for the Niners, too!

    Not only that.. but, if I recall .. he’s the only
    head coach in the history of the NFL
    who has NEVER lost a game !

  41. Looking forward to this weeks game for a number of reasons.
    So many of us fans wanted the 9ers to run a WCO after the lost decade of the early 2000’s.
    Now we get our chance to see maybe the only pure WCO in the league. A.Smith is the perfect QB for KC , his skill set fits perfectly in Andy Reid’s offense.
    What we are seeing with the 9ers and Colin is the emergence of a new type of offense ,one that fits Colin’s skill set.
    I know many here compare the two QBs because of past history. From my spot on the couch , they are just different players in two different systems. But lets not get confused, the 9ers are just a more talented team, hands down.
    This week should be fun.

    1. Are they? KC have a ton of pro bowlers and talent on that roster. A very good RB who at this point in time is better than ours, a top flight receiver and now tight end. Two Very good edge rushers and d line. The difference in talent isnt very far off.

  42. It’s ironic that we have this matchup and the pissing matches that go with it because the Smith/Kap situations while in SF, pretty much mirror each other, at least on this board.

    Smith was vilified by many on here, getting the blame for things beyond his control and being the face of failure to those frustrated by years of ineptitude. Finally a HC came in that allowed him to play in a system that fit him and gave him support previous regimes failed to offer and lo and behold, he flourished leading the team to an NFCCG appearance in the first season under Harbaugh. That didn’t stop the Smith bashers though. They just continued to berate the guy and make predictions of what he wouldn’t be able to do, only to be left looking foolish when he did exactly that.

    Fast forward to the current season, and we have a different group of people doing the same thing toward Kaepernick. Doesn’t matter if he’s improved his completion percentage, field vision and progressions, it’s still about Kap’s failures and limitations even though he’s won more than 70% of his starts.

    I don’t really pay attention to other teams fans but I imagine the QB gets the same treatment in every city unless they’ve won a SB. In SF however, it’s at another level. Every QB that has come through this city has been compared to the ghost of Joe Montana and unfairly critiqued based on flawed memories that include Montana winning every game he ever played.

    What we have here is a former Niner QB vs. the current Niner QB. Both have been ripped mercilessly by factions of the fan base while winning football games. We still have some on here ripping Smith past tense, citing a 2-5 record in the final 7 games of last season and ignoring the mastery he has over the Andy Reid offense in a very short period of time. Last week against the Pats, you saw play fakes that only seasoned pros could pull off, you saw accurate passes at all levels and you saw a QB in command on the field. In those final 7 games of last season, Smith had 19 TD passes to 3 Ints. He threw 4 in a road playoff game they lost. Smith was not the problem down the stretch for KC last season and in fact got better over that time. He is a very good NFL QB and has been for a number of years now. Willful ignorance won’t change that.

    In saying all that about the previous Niner QB, I will also say I’m happy with the guy we have now. I’m a Kaepernick fan, not just because he’s our current starter, but because he possess’ talent that surpasses 95 percent of the QB’s in this league. I see unlimited potential and a willingness on his part to reach the level his talent says he should. Coming out of Nevada, Kap was as raw a pro QB prospect as the league has seen in many years, and yet he was starting half way through his second season on nothing but a remedial understanding of the NFL QB position and raw ability. Whether some can admit it or not, he’s improved his QB play from the pocket and would be much more effective if he could actually drop back and not have a jail break up the middle in his face as he takes his last step. See to be successful in this league you need help from the other guys around you and so far the Oline – Boone and Iupati in pass pro especially – have not provided that. Even so, Kap has started out with his best completion percentage and comfort level at all time highs.

    This game pits the not too distant past vs. the present future and the only question for me is which guy gets booed the most, because that’s just what some 9er fans do.

    1. Good read, but you could have stopped at comparing these two to Monatana’s ghost.lol Thats the way it will always be in SF. Until a qb can come in and win titles. Joe wasnt perfect, but he sure was in the superbowl and destroyed someof the greatest defenses that ever played. This is gonna be fun… isnt it? lol

    2. Well said! But I need to see Keap pull off a long, go-ahead, TD drive with less than 3 minutes on the clock. I may be wrong, but I don’t think he’s done this yet. Smith did this multiple times after Harbs arrived (one time he had two go-ahead TDs with less than four minutes in a playoff game).

      1. Those situations don’t arise very often but Kap has put together a number of game winning drives already. Smith didn’t have to pull off that feat very often either. The Saints game was a great one but pretty much the only time in Harbaugh’s time here that has happened, or needed to be done.

        Thanks for reading it guys.

    3. rocket:

      Nice job taking down the armchair QBs and providing an effective factual counterpoint to much of the nonsense that has been spouted on this site for the past 4 years.

      My only problem is that you were too nice about it, but that’s just me.

    1. Boy for being a so called Seahawks fan, You sure do worry about this team a lot. And defend Alex Smith at the same time. So here’s a question “Seahawk fan” Who would you take between Smith and Wilson? VERY Similar offenses. Who ya got “Seattle fan”

      1. Mary is DSL’s….. Remember how DS would obsessively post? Mary boarders on that. He/She can’t stop posting here. The gig is up. The alien is back…

        1. and the three of you still obsess about DS or whatever…..you don’t think its sad you (23welcher and ninermdumb) still write about this DS alien……..

          1. DS has really messed with some people’s minds. They see him/her in nearly every troll who shows up on the blog. It doesn’t matter if the troll’s writing style, vocabulary, hot button issues, etc. are completely dissimilar to DS’s; they invariably cry “DS” and rush to engage. It’s amusingly weird.

            1. Claude, I’m not sure if DS has even been coming on this blog since leaving. The thing is that this blog is getting close to becoming infested by trolls just as it happened on SFGate. A little encouragement in the name of diversity is all a troll needs to find a nice blog to attach itself to — and stay.

          2. Those two twins and also ninermd, don’t have much of a life. They must be about 14 I’m thinking. They are the real trolls.

    2. Marty, even if the 49ers were 4-0 and Kaepernick was having the best season of any QB in the league, this blog would still be talking about Alex Smith.

      Simply put, you’re still trolling a 49er blog, lol.

    3. Mary ..

      I bet you still pine for Jim Zorn …

      Oh… I bet you don’t even know who he was
      (without looking it up first)

  43. So it’s Wednesday and so far all we have is…..

    What Deion said about Harbaugh

    How Harbaugh responded to Deions’s garbage

    And a Raider column

    We just came off a win versus a team no one thought we’d beat. It’s Kaep versus Alex. It’s an opportunity for us to win two in a row. Our defense is playing better. And we have nothing from the blog writer about this weeks games. NOTHING.

    Grant have you checked out? I’d love injury updates. Strategy. Opinions. And it would be nice to get them before Friday….. Padecky wrote more columns.

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