Harbaughs against dad pants

Maybe the money from this ad will compensate for the lack of a renegotiated contract.


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      not the place to find it.

      1. That’s why there is what is called Google, for those such as yourself, seekers…..Go forth and seek the new and interesting insights and report back. Thanks and have a nice day…..

  1. Please forward your passive aggressive missives to Jim Harbaugh. You have no friends here.

    1. It turns out I don’t know who gets the proceeds. I misinterpreted a comment that the add was set up as a public service announcement.

      Maybe they will start a second career in case the 49ers never offer Jim a second contract, and no one else wants an “old dad” to coach their NFL team.

      1. Maybe it would’ve been funnier if they had made it like an emergency intervention because Jim Harbaugh was addicted to his pants. IDK.

        1. Maybe it would have been funnier if his wife had a shred of acting ability. Her expression was locked into a constant state of about to break into a huge smile and it really just didn’t sell it as being a serious parody. Now, do I expect Jim Harbaugh’s wife to be a good actor, no but after watching the video they should have just realized that this one doesn’t work.

          1. Actually you are quite wrong. If you have ever seen or remembered they type of adds this was supposed to be a parody off than you might have recognize that this was actually a valid reenactment. They always start of with a phony smile and then phase into an act of concern. Those adds usually follow that type of pattern and the acting in them is usually not that great either. In those types of adds, they purposefully try to create a hint of amateurism to give it a more realistic and un rehearsed quality. Because you know they are not top quality professionals you expect them to be bad so you factor that into you assessment of whether it works or not.

            1. What exactly is your point? According to me and couple of others, the advertisement wasn’t funny. GET OVER IT.

              1. MidWestDyansty–What is your problem? I was not responding to your opinion if it was funny or not. Funny is in the eye of the beholder and I would not dictate what is funny to another person. That is purely your call. I was responding to Coffee for Closure’s post and his perspective that it wasn’t a good parody due to her acting and I gave my reasons in my response.

              2. My apologies Will. It’s very difficult to tell what response is meant for whom on a smartphone since the blog was altered. That said, I side with what Coffee said. Sarah just seemed like she was two steps from laughing throughout the advertisement.

    1. Its possible you don’t find this funny because you yourself struggle with Dad pants…

      the 1st step is admitting you have a problem. We’re here for you.

      1. The advertisement was dry, humorless, and predictable. That’s why I didn’t find it funny Leo. And I’m a jeans and shorts person myself.

        1. Understandable…

          But I hope you do not suffer from an even worse condition known as Dad shorts….there’s no coming back from that.

            1. If you are referring to the short shorts that men used to wear a couple of decades back, then you have nothing to worry about. I have no interest in that type of fashion no-no because frankly it looks very uncomfortable.

  2. Hey, I like the dad pants?
    Beat’s the heck out of Nolan’ nice suits on the side lines with no results on the field : )

    1. Beat’s the heck out of Nolan’ nice suits on the side lines with no results on the field : )

      Or Singletary pulling down his pants during halftime.

      1. Mid,
        Ha! Agreed.

        Singletary was a great pro and perhaps a good LB’s coach, but he was in over his head on the side lines.
        I still don’t know what he was trying to achieve with the ‘drop pants’ motivational spiel though.
        That act may have been the beginning of the end (no pun) for his head coaching career.

    2. Although the lack of positive results was not fun I did always appreciate Nolan wearing the suit. I liked the professional look it gave to the coach on the sideline and thought that it was a classy move.

      1. C4C,
        I don’t disagree with your take. Style of dress can be a matter of taste. The overriding difference is what is accomplished on the field.

        Bill Belichick certainly will not receive points for his raunchy attire, but he will go down as one of the best head coaches in the NFL.

        In the end, I hope Harbaugh is best remembered for what he (as head coach) accomplished on the field.

  3. i actually heard Maiocco on the radio today discussing Harbaugh’s marketing money. It is part of his contract, that the Niners gave him more leeway to work for NFL partners and pocket the money. I guess it’s something that other coaches don’t have as much freedom. Maiocco said that he figured Harbaugh makes about another $1M a year off of promotions. which in some ways was designed to augment his lower than average base salary.

  4. Come on, Grant;
    If Jim Harbaugh manages to win the next
    Super Bowl, then he can make any kind of
    lame commercials he wants. He will be a hero.
    Until then, given his sideline antics and
    postseason record (no Lombardi #6),
    why protect him from a little more heckling???
    It is all done in fun. But he earned it… every bit.

    Still firmly affixed to Coach Harbaw’s back…
    the Super Bowl monkey.

    1. So you’ve graduated from being Alex Smith’s stalker to being a monkey now? Too many restraining orders?

    1. I wonder if that was his first fatal attraction. Also wonder if he’s mad that Lockette invited her over.

        1. You’re all in with Kaepernick? Even with all his shortcomings you’ve touched on so often?


          He’s still got a long list of “demands”…

          1. That go along with the requirements in his contract. Don’t leave out key pieces of info in order to support what you believe me to be Bar.

        2. I’ve always been all in on Kaep despite his shortcomings Razor, just l was all in on Alex Smith despite his shortcomings when he was the starter. Does Kaep have some quirks or limitations that I am not fond of? Sure, but I don’t think you can consider yourself a fan if you just focus on just the positives because if you do, then you’ll be vastly disappointed when the negatives start rearing their heads or if the results don’t come instantaneously.
          Also Kaep himself named some of those shortcomings in an interview shortly after signing his contract extension, so he either isn’t all in or he knows what needs to work on. I believe that it’s the latter, and that makes me happy because I want to see him succeed.

          1. He’s ahead of schedule in my book, and I finished the Alex Smith book in 2012. Good enough read, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for a sequel…..

            1. Kaep still has a ways to go, but he’s getting there.
              My point in relation to Alex Smith was that I supported him when he was the starter, and I plan on doing the same with Kaep as our stater now and into the future.

              1. I gotta say I feel better about supporting Kaepernick than I did about Alex prior to the Harbaugh hiring…..

              2. I’m not going to lie Razor. I did too. But I changed the way I thought about him after looking at what Smith didn’t have around him. I just pray that the franchise won’t ever be dumb enough to put Kaep in a similar situation, one that kept our team irrelevant for a decade.

              3. No, just a fan hoping that the franchise won’t ever again be as idiotic as it was during that decade while Kaep is at the helm. I want nothing but the best for him. The best WR corps, best pass protection, best OC, etc.

    1. Michael– Should have been obvious from the start that this was going to be the outcome. Mostly everyone was thrown of track because the believed ” Jesus’s” version as to what transpired earlier in the evening was accurate. If people had applied a bit of reaon, it would have seemed obvious that her account could not have been valid. You just don’t go from being lucid to unconscious with out some sort of reasonable transition.

  5. I see a better fit with Harbaugh doing a constipation or a Hemorrhoid commercial. That what it looks like when he is interviewed by the press.

  6. Dad Pants are nothing compared to Plumber Butt pants. Heck, dad pants would be a huge upgrade from the droopy drawers so many men are plagued with.

    The clothing industry assumed all men have butts that stick out, providing a handy shelf to hold up pants. Tighter belts only make the problem worse by forcing the pants down even more.

    There’s the old standby suspenders, but not all men want to look like members of a Bavarian Fish Slapping Dance troop. Plus, suspenders only look good on skinny guys or Robin Williams in 1985.

    1. With the added weapons, I think this will help Kaepernick maximize the devastation inflicted on opposing adversaries……

    2. Bay,
      Harbaugh was not specific on the exact details regarding Whitfield’ work with the QB’ (especially CK), but knowing Kaep’ pocket shortcomings it almost seems obvious as to what the focus will be.

      Cam Newton (somewhat similar in style to Kaep) seems to be much improved as a pocket passer and if that can be attributed in part to Whitfield then this has to be looked on as a positive hire for the 49ers.

      1. Does anybody know if Whitfield worked with Cam Newton last (2013) offseason?
        I remember hearing a lot of football talking heads and game announcers like Collinsworth, Simms, etc., towards the second half of the season, talking about how much improved as an overall quarterback Cam had become, and I think particularly they talked about improvement in his mechanics. I don’t know if his stats bear that out, I just know I heard it several times. If Cam did work with Whitfield last offseason it seemed to have a very positive effect on Cam’s QB prowess, so there should be hope for Kap to become a much improved QB too. And now that he’s got a full arsenal of weapons to throw too, I think this will be a breakout year for Kap. I believe Kap will be a top 5 QB this year and I cannot wait for the season to start. Go Niners!

        1. If I haven’t done anything to give him reason to treat me like a tackling dummy, then I’d be thrilled.

  7. These “internships” by the two Whitfields plus Mangini staying on as the TE coach are interesting moves by management. Baalke says he’s always thinking at least a year ahead.

    Here’s George Whitfields twitter page. One of his posts:
    “Coolest doors I’ve come into ‘work’ thru….”

    1. Yea, bogus penalties in the box is one of the reasons why i don’t watch much soccer. the other being the flops. soccer needs more refs on the side of the field who have power.

      1. “Joe Looney will be gunning for him again…”

        As far as that goes, I think Ian Williams might also be gunning for JR Sweezy if he gets a chance.

      1. No it’s Mary’s job to give us her best “Ra-Ra-Ra Go-team-Go” for her home team…

        We need to keep our enemies close…lol

        1. Hi boys! You damn right it’s my job to keep you updated on the Seahawks. I’ve been a little distracted as of late. A little forced remodeling on my laundry room. Why didn’t someone tell me I should have updated my 1966 water heater. Oh well live and learn. I’ve got a great retired contractor working for me and I’ve been helping him. I’m learning a lot and it’s not so scarry watching things get ripped out..

          See my latest contribution below.

  8. “Maybe the money from this ad will compensate for the lack of a renegotiated contract….”

    What a bitchy comment. I thought it was funny but WTH, life is good.

  9. Well, it appears Grant’s earlier attempt to cause a stir via Vernon Davis’ potential holdout will amount to doodley squat. VD said today “everything’s cool with me and the Niners” and said he’ll be in attendance for the next stage of OTA’s next week. Now Grant will just have to try to get us all to worry about Alex Boone and how the entire offensive line will fall into disarray and chaos will reign this fall if the Niners don’t pay Boone more money.

      1. It has nothing to do with being generous. Davis isn’t doing the 49ers a favour by attending mandatory minicamp – none of the contracted players are. He’s fulfilling his contractual obligations just the same as everyone else, and he knows if he doesn’t attend he will get fined.

        There are also other reasons for attending that go beyond contract obligations and wanting to avoid a fine. He will know that his best chance of doing well again this year is by making sure he’s on the same page with Kaep and the rest of the team. And being successful personally and as a team helps Vernon (and those that invest in his stock) get paid.

        He’s made his dissatisfaction with his contract be known, and he’s drummed up publicity in this ‘brand’. Job done.

          1. He knows most of the playbook – he’s been in this offense for 3 years. The 49ers won’t be sweating him not being there. He’ll just be missing a few new elements they are installing in these sessions, but that shouldn’t be a problem for someone that knows the system. If he doesn’t show up to mandatory minicamp sessions he’s not going to change anything other than lose some more money.

            If he decided to hold-out during training camp, he’d be hurting himself as much as the team. He knows this. He needs to be in sync with Kaep and the rest of the offense to put up big numbers. No big numbers means no new big contract. And the 49ers aren’t about to cut him or trade him and let another team get better. If he wants to sulk they’ll just suspend him, like they did with Brandon Jacobs, and then he can definitely kiss a nice new big contract goodbye.

            He needs the 49ers as much as the 49ers need him.

            1. If they suspend him, the Niners can kiss their Super Bowl chances goodbye. Davis has the leverage. He’s indispensable to this team.

              1. Yes, the 49ers chances of winning the SB without Vernon go down considerably. But unless the 49ers front office caves in, Vernon needs to be in sync with this offense just as much in order to get his next big pay day.

                And I’m guessing any such negotiations go much more smoothly if he doesn’t have a history of holding out.

                As I’ve said all along, I think this is one deal that gets done before the season starts anyway. It makes sense for both parties. And I think the deal doesn’t really pay him any more over the next two years, but is rather an extension for 2-3 more years.

              2. The Niners shouldn’t cut off its nose to spite its face. The Niners created the precedent of contract renegotiation and Davis is next in line for it. In no way does his current base salary reflect how important he is to the Niners. He’s more important to the offense than Boldin.

              3. “The Niners shouldn’t cut off their nose to spite their face.”

                No, and neither should Davis. A hold-out doesn’t help anyone unless somebody caves first. You say it should be the 49ers caving first. I disagree.

                “They created the precedent of contract renegotiation and Davis is next in line for it.”

                Contract renegotiation is part of every club, not just the 49ers. But caving in any time a player says they are unhappy with their current deal or threaten to hold out is not a precedent they have set, nor one they should.

                “Davis is next in line for it.”

                Not really. I would suggest Crabtree or Iupati are next in line, given their pending free agent status. At least one of those guys probably won’t even get a new deal.

                “In no way does his current base salary reflect how important he is to the Niners.”

                The deal he signed has him as the 3rd highest paid TE in the NFL in terms of annual average value of the deal. His salary this season may not be so high, but that was the understanding when he signed the deal – most of it was given to him up front. Its not as if he is being underpaid, he’s just received most of it already. If he doesn’t like it now, quite frankly, he shouldn’t have signed the deal in the first place.

                “He’s more important to the offense than Boldin.”

                And that is why the average annual earnings on his current deal are higher than Boldin’s, despite signing his contract a few years ago.

              4. “He shouldn’t have signed the deal in the first place.”

                I’d agree with that if the 49ers hadn’t renegotiated Kaepernick’s contract. They did, so now Davis has every right to ask to be paid fairly now, not in the past.

                Davis is more important to the offense than Crabtree or Iupati.

              5. Kaepernick was entering the last year of his rookie deal. He was at risk of being a free agent at the end of the year, and was significantly underpaid. The 49ers didn’t need to do the deal now, but you can certainly understand why they did.

                Davis is not on his rookie deal, at risk of being a free agent at the end of the year, or significantly underpaid.

              6. Davis is entering his 30s. His pay should reflect how important he is to the 49ers right now. If he waits until he’s 32 to re-up, he’ll lose money.

              7. “If he waits until he’s 32 to re-up, he’ll lose money.”

                Yes, I’ve mentioned this previously, which is precisely why he’s let the 49ers know he isn’t happy with his current deal. It should come as no surprise he would like a new deal. And I’m sure it hasn’t.

                But that isn’t a reason for the 49ers to cave to Davis skipping mandatory team activities if Davis goes that route. If Davis plays hardball, the 49ers can do considerable harm to his potential future earnings. Both parties would lose.

                Davis has let the team know he wants a new deal. They have taken notice, I am sure. Now is the time for him to show he’s also still a good guy, dedicated to the team, and worth keeping around longer than 2 more years.

                Holding out is a matter of last resort. He should only go that route if he firmly believes the 49ers won’t give him a new deal otherwise, and that they will definitely cave in to his demands if he holds out. My guess is a new deal will be worked out without needing to resort to those tactics.

      1. “I bleed red and gold. I’m all about the 49ers. I love the 49ers,” said on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” earlier Thursday. “My dream is to retire as a San Francisco 49er. OTAs aren’t mandatory, so I don’t have to be there technically. I just decided not to go. I decided not to be there … Everyone was just assuming I wanted a new contract. I just take it one day at a time. If they offer me a new contract, I’ll gladly take it. I’ll accept it.”

          1. It’s red and gold, and he’s said exactly the same thing in every interview. Not once has he stated he wants a new deal.

            1. Right, which is why he forfeited a fifth of a million dollars not going to OTAs — he just didn’t feel like going.

              1. No, he wanted to generate interest in his brand and the exposure caused by skipping OTA’s did just that. His stock price increased by nearly 10% in the first two weeks of his absence.

              2. That was definitely a big part of skipping OTAs, Jack – exposure to generate awareness of and interest in his “brand”.

                But I’m also convinced part of it is to show potential investors he is serious about trying to make money, e.g., getting a new contract.

              3. Off course that was the reason Scooter. He needed to make noise around his name. Skipping the OTA’s caused writers to make the assumption that he wanted a new deal which generated the necessary buzz, and the stock price jumped accordingly. Now that it’s no longer “news” the price has leveled off a bit.

                The next step is to go out an make sure the “company” can perform at a high level. If it does the price will rise again.

              4. Yep, not arguing Jack – I said exactly that to BigP yesterday.

                Just saying I think there is also an element of looking to spark talks for a new deal in there too. I don’t think it was the main reason, but a reason. No point drumming up interest in your brand if you aren’t also showing a commitment to generating profits for potential investors.

              5. Yeah I wasn’t arguing with you either Scooter, more finishing what I should have said in my previous comment.

  10. Well Grant, It looks like you can get started on your “49ers are toast without Alex Boone” column. The dang turtle is upside down again!

  11. After Hyde was drafted, Lattimore spoke with leadership about his status with Hyde joining the backfield rotation.
    “They told me nothing had changed and they believed I can help this team,” Lattimore said.

    In this USA Today article linked below, Latt says he is confident he can finally contribute on the field this season…….Damn I hope this guy succeeds!

    TGIF Fellas!!!…..We’re getting warmer weather here in So Cal. Summer officially starts in 8 days….You know what that means. The more it gets hot, the less the chicks wear ;-) ……
    I love the 49ers and I love California!…..IPA please.

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    Come see if you can dethrone the current champ…me.

    1. Good deal Coffee. Unfortunately I can’t join yours or reactivate mine on account of my computer being dead in the waters at the moment. Maybe next year.

  13. First I’ve got to say, men and women – they really are from different planets. I listen to the things you guys say and honestly if it isn’t directly related to football, half the time I don’t understand a thing you’re saying.

    With regard to Sarah Harbaugh: I think you are all missing the whole point, this isn’t about pants. Remember when I said a while back that he needed a good PR Team? SarahH is everything that JH is not. I would like her for my friend, next door neighbor. What’s not to like, she’s friendly, smart, easy to talk to while JH is wound tighter than a tic, abrupt and the list goes on. Bet we see more of her.

    Mid-WestDy: I think putting the Seahawks in their place is not going to be so easy. I have a good feeling about them this year. I like our latest acquisition from the Vikings. Wish we could have had Jared Allen also. We’ll probably bring in a few more vets.

    And don’t worry about MLynch. He doesn’t want to go anywhere else. He just wants some special love and attention for his achievements this year. He wants to retire a Hawk and he knows with the $9.5 cap hit next year we’d have to cut him. I hope they restructure his contract.

    Let the good times roll.

  14. Not sure if anyone on here is following the World Cup, but what the heck just happened to Spain?! WC Champions in 2010 and Euro Champions in 2012, getting their butts handed to them. Admittedly its a strong Dutch team, but still…

    Of course, just Australia’s luck, they are in the same group as those two. First game about to start, up against Chile, go ‘Roos!!!

    1. Crazy game. Spain’s my team other than US. I didn’t see that coming. What’s interesting is the Dutch were ranked a lot higher going into last WC (I think 4th) and this year dropped to 15th.

      Spain looked completely outmatched. Really slow and defense was horrendous. I think this team is past its prime. Look out for the Dutch.

      Australia huh….good luck with that…lol

      1. The Dutch are a frustrating team. Lots of talent but often times they don’t play up to it in big tournaments. Maybe this will be their year.

        Heh, yeah, I’m not very hopeful regarding Australia’s chances. We’ll do well to come away with 1 point out of the group stage. Tough draw. But as we’ve just seen, teams can get caught out in the first game, so maybe we surprise Chile here!

        1. what are you talking about. netherlands always plays consistent in the world cup, they just never have won the whole thing. hard to win a cup when your population is so small.

          1. Um, not really. Keep in mind this is typically one of the favoured teams to win it all heading into the qualifying stages, and has been for a long time.

            They were runners up last world cup, they did really well. The world cup before they only made it to the round of 16, which was a disappointment given they had an exceptionally strong squad. The WC before that they didn’t even qualify, which was an absolute shocker.

            1. Netherlands always been consistent since the 70’s. You must have been rooting for the Spanish.

              W.Cup. FIFA World Cup:
              Runner-up (3): 1974, 1978, 2010
              Fourth place (1): 1998

              European Cup/European Championship:
              Winners (1): 1988
              Third place/Semi-Final (4): 1976, 1992, 2000, 2004

              1. The Dutch are one of my favourite teams – they brought “total football” to the world game. This is a nation that is consistently considered one of the best in the world in football, and has great expectations in major tournaments.

                Forget the small population – they have had some of the most talented national teams in the world since the 70s. If you follow world football, they are considered one of the greatest underachievers.

                Here is an article that explains it.


        2. You never know…looks like some of the powerhouse teams are relying too much on talent rather than effort and preparation.

          I’m hoping Germany and Portugal come out looking like Brazil and Spain in our Group matches.

        1. Aussies really surprised me. They played very well and some pretty good shots on goal that whole second half. Not bad.

          1. Yeah, really happy with how we fought back there. The first half hour was brutal, but we showed in the last 60 minutes we can play. Just too much to do after going down 2-0 early.

            Its a young team for the most part, they’ll be better for the experience.

            Spain and the Netherlands will be tougher opponents though, that was likely our best shot at getting a result.

  15. My favorite commercial skit is “It’s Stopper Plus” with Lott and Montana. The skits mirror the changes in 49er offensive philosophy.

    Itch Stopper Plus had faster pacing. More funny moments per minute. It had a series of little humorous moments, leading up to Ronnie Lots painful wince at the very end.

    Like today’s 49er offense, “Dad Pants” has a more plodding pace. From the beginning, Dad Pants intentions are transparent, and makes the viewer wait a lengthy time before finally getting to the funny part. One almost expects Jim to run in yelling “time out” because Mrs. Harbaugh’ play clock is about to run to zero.

      1. The heartbreak of masculine itching is nothing to laugh about.

        My other favorite are when Dave Letterman did a road trip to San Francisco. He was playing catch with Montana, when Joe’s pass accidentally decapitated a bystander.

        The other is an old SNL skit when Joe says he’s going to his room to (opposite of apprentice) bate.

        1. I don’t mind her posting, but if I need updates on the Seahawks, I’ll invade their territory. Please respect the 49ers blog and don’t go PC on us. Thanks….

    1. Yes, heard of Chuck Noll’ passing.
      A quite man who never sought the limelight and attention on or off the field. Yet, the only coach to win 4 Superbowls.

      I believe the NFL should and likely will recognize his great work this coming season.

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