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    1. I always promise to under-react to training camp reports and preseason games. But I always break that promise. Come August I’ll be predicting an undefeated season.

        1. Who cares? The team & FO stinks before the season begins. The WE/mayonnaise queen at another forum is always kissing-up to the dysfunction junction.

        2. Only 4? Are you serious or just in a romance with negativity? Did you not see how the team barely lost very close games last season? How about their improvements when Gabbert took over? How about the fact that they won as much as they did even though Tomsula and his staff were in charge of all plays? How about the fact that they have new players to supplant the weak links on the OLine and CBs, as well as additional studs through the draft? How about the fact that last year’s draft wasn’t a bust and that many from the class will be bigger, stronger, smarter, more experienced, and more likely to contribute? Frankly, every single thing I see points to the 49ers being greatly improved in every position.

          1. Folkwolf 10

            There will be a lot of red faces next season when they ask the niner fans to “please stand up”…I’m with you FW 10

          2. They did not improve the ILB, and waited until the 6th round to select a RB, QB and WR. Ballke went back to his old tricks with ACL and red flag picks.

            Good FA players avoided the Niners like the plague, even though they have 53 mil in cap space.

            I concede that the Niners have improved, I just wish to point out that the other teams have also improved. They have spent up to the limit of their Salary cap, so they have quality players. Instead of quality players, the Niners have a big cap space, which does not improve the team at all.

            I think that dreams of a SB are delusional, and hopes for the playoffs is wishful thinking. I am hoping for improvement. I think a healthy Hyde would get at least a game improvement. Chip should be worth at least a couple game improvement. So that would mean an 8-8 season.

            The wild card is Kaep. If Kaep can return to his 2012 form, he will take the league by storm, again. If not, Grant’s prediction may come true. I am humbly predict that Kaep has learned from his mistakes, and will not repeat them. Kaep is the perfect prototypical QB to run Chip Kelly’s system. He should be utilized correctly, so his talents are accentuated. If Kaep redeems himself, he should be worth at least a 2 game improvement, so that would mean a 10-6 record and a chance at the playoffs.

          3. No, I just dont think the team has much talent. And while I remember a few close games, I also remember the worst team in the league running all over us.
            So now the question is where exactly did we improve? OL? I would say is the same as last year… we picked up Garnet but lost Boone.
            QB? same players as last year.
            WR? Boldin was old and slow but the only receiver our qb’s trusted on money downs.
            RB? Same players minus Bush so no change.
            DL? Yes, this improved but it must be remembered we lost Jimmy T. and while he was not a good head coach we was possibly the best DLine coach in football.
            LB? Same players so no change.
            DB’s? They are probably going to improve but overall they are not that good.
            At the end of the day the only matchup the niners can consistently look to have in their favor is their DLine vs the opponents Oline.
            So from a talent perspective what are the winable games?St. Louis, TB, Miami, NYJ???
            What makes this worse is the schedule…

              1. I disagree..each season brings new hope…Optimism….Fans look forward to seeing their team play again..No oneknows how the team will shake’s June 17th..Two months til training camp…Three months til the season..I rather be excited ,hopeful and optismic. Then Debbie downer,defeatist,everything is bad..,sky has fallen mode

              2. Rocket

                You’d be one hell of an evangelist…beats the heck out of pessimism and derision…

              3. There is no one way to be a fan of a Football team. Some prefer to live in a state of unsubstantiated optimism while others see the team for what it is. There is realistic hope and there is fantasy. Being realistic about the teams chances is not akin to being a Debbie Downer or defeatist. It’s realizing the team has many obstacles that are not likely to be overcome and understanding this league doesn’t reward organizations with the question marks the 49ers have. Some of the same people who are claiming everything is great and complaining about others with negative attitudes, were doing the same thing last year when it was obvious the team was going to be terrible under Tomsula. It must be a real let down to believe the team is going to win a bunch of games and go to the playoffs only to see them sitting there with 5 wins and firing Coaches at the end of the season. I prefer to view things objectively and hope the team exceeds my expectations

              4. Rocket, you continue to underestimate the effect Chip Kelly will have on the offense. The 49ers had arguably the worst offense in the league last season and still won 5 games, despite fielding a young defense that was clearly unable to adjust to the complexities of Eric Mangini’s schemes, for the better part of the first half of the season.

                There are a few things that are certain in life; death and taxes and a Chip Kelly coached offense being prolific, and near the top of the league in yards gained and points scored.

                If there is one thing you can be sure of this season, as long as the offense remains relatively healthy, is that the 49ers offense will be better. Chip Kelly’s offense ranked a drastically improved offense, which will help win games while being far more exciting to watch!

                Just to refresh everyone’s memory of how quickly Chip turned the Eagles around, thanks in large part to his prolific offensive system. He did this without a mobile QB (with the exception of 7 games started by an over-the-hill Michael Vick).

                2012 prior to Chip Kelly’s arrival the Eagles finished 4-12. Offensive rankings: 15th in YPG & 29th in PPG

                2013 Kelly’s first season with Philly the Eagles finished 10-6 (1st in the NFC East), while winning their division (and losing by a last minute FG in the Wild Card round): 2nd in YPG & 4th in PPG, while leading the league in rushing with 160.4 YPG

                During the 2014 off season, DC’s throughout the NFL devised specific schemes in order to stop the Eagle’s prolific, up-tempo, spread offense.

                2014 the Eagles once again finished 10-6: 5th in YPG & 3rd in PPG, finshing 9th in rushing & 6th in passing

                Chip’s Eagles took a big step back in 2015 due in large part to a decimated roster (injuries), and poor personnel decisions.

                There is reason to believe the 49ers defense will be better in 2016, thanks in large part to an upgrade in talent along the DL, and CB positions), the return of their defensive backfield general, SS Antoine Bathea, combined with O’Neil’s simplified schemes.

                Offensively, Chip Kelly finally has, not 1, but 2 experienced QB’s in their prime, capable of running his inside-zone rushing schemes, controlling the 6th defender “in the box” with his ability to pull the football and make BIG plays with his legs. What makes the concept so appealing, and why it serves as the foundation for Kelly’s offense, is that it is simultaneously simple and flexible. I have a lot of confidence that both Blaine and Colin will be better decision makers with Chip’s simplified reads. Make no mistake, the 49ers offense will be built around a relentless RUSHING attack. With a stable of RB’s lead by a big, fast, powerful RB with surprisingly sof hands, 2 journeyman RB’s with varying skill sets at the apex of their careers, and the addition of KELVIN TAYLOR, who is wise beyond his years, and IMO, a very impressive all-around RB capable of doing it all, again, as long as Carlos Hyde can stay on the field, the 49ers rushing attack has the potential to be among the leagues best.

                There are always a lot of “ifs” when trying to predict how well a young team will play during a new head coach’s first season. However, I don’t thinks it’s much of a stretch to believe the 49ers, based on a vastly improved offense, and coaching alone (and trust me, they will be much improved under Chip Kelly) will be more competitive this season, compared to last. Yes, they have a tougher schedule, but last season’s schedule was no cake walk, and they still managed to win 5 games despite one of the roughest off seasons in league history, losing a couple key players to injury (Hyde, Bathea) early on, and being badly, DRASTICALLY out-coached!

                Therefore, with a little luck, and if the team can stay relatively healthy, an optimistic 49ers fan can reasonably hope for a record somewhere close to .500, 8-8, if not even slightly better (9-7) if things go according to plan this season.

                While I do thinks it’s a stretch to think this team is going to make the playoffs this season with their youth, all of the changes, and the league’s toughest schedule, there is no reason IMO, that the Forty Niner Faithful, shouldn’t look forward to watching an exciting young offense in the immediate future, and optimistic that the 49ers can build a strong foundation this season, and put it all together, with an eye for the postseason in 2017.

                Based on what Chip did in Philadelphia (before an epidemic of poor personnel decisions and key injuries), only the most jaded 49ers fans who find comfort in being negative, and looking at the glass as half full, should have little reason for optimism in 2016 and beyond.

              5. 49reasons,

                Nowhere did I say I’m not looking forward to watching the team. Just because I don’t see the pie in the sky that others do doesn’t mean I’m going to stop watching. I’m a Niner fan win or lose. I just happen to see the warts and refuse to ignore them.

                I’ve previously put up a lot of the info you just did and have said the offense will clearly be better under Chip. The problem is there are still issues with the Oline, lack of proven playmakers and QB’s who ranked near the bottom of the league last season. The Eagles had more talent to work with than this team does and there was a major slide in production last year. Chip is a good offensive mind, but you still need players to win in this league last I checked.

                Defensively they added one player who will likely play a large role this year in Buckner. The rest will be the same players that couldn’t rush the passer or stop the run last season. We can hope for improvement and will likely see some from Armstead especially, but you have to be reasonable in how much you expect. Our top pass rusher had 5 and a half sacks last year and nobody else showed any kind of consistency. Maybe Harold becomes a force this year or Carradine thrives in his new role, but if we are looking at this objectively, we have to accept that this is a rebuilding team that is starting a lot of late round picks and UDFA’s while not adding much to last years group.

                I have no problem with anyone hoping for the best. What I do have a problem with is people trying to tell me the proper way to be a fan simply because I don’t share their unrealistic expectations. 8-8 would be a good season for this team, and if things completely go their way, you never know, but they are more likely to be a 4-6 win team based on the schedule and their lack of stability at some key positions.

            1. Shoupbj

              …and just think …we were in the SB only 3 years ago, and everyone thought we’d be on top forever…you guys crack me up…THIS IS WHY THEY PLAY THE GAMES….remember…”…on any given day..” None of you (us) knows anything about our team until the pads go on….

              1. Oregon being a fan is sometimes being overly optimistic about your team. Last year was ridiculous though. People were touting 10-6 getting rid of evil JH. Some of us predicted a 6-10 due to the loss key talent and really good coaching staff. The Polyanna group told us we were pessimists and doomsayers. At the end of the season we ended up being realists. Nobody can guarantee anything is correct. People love to speculate. I think we’re a 6-10 to an 8-8 team this year. I think we’re better just by virtue of actual NFL caliber coaches being on staff. The offense will be better but we’re still thin on talent and experience. This team is young. We’re putting too much hope in our WR’s. They’re unproven. What’s your prediction on win/loss?

              2. You can’t reason with him Wilson. Oregon was here last year spouting off about how great it was that Harbaugh was gone and how good the team would be under Tomsula. His opinions are not based on factual information; they are based on his inability to accept negative views of the organization and how much he likes or dislikes individual players.

  1. Grant, thanks for the very interesting observations about Armstead. I was thinking Kelly’s trying people out at different spots to get a look at them, but Armstead outside in nickle could make sense. Its all about having the best pass rushers on the field.

    It might hinge on OLBs, especially Harold. If Harold emerges, Armstead stays inside. If not, Armstead moves outside.

    Buckner could go outside too. He even lined up wide-9 at times in Oregon.

    What’s really great is Armstead, Buckner and Blair have rushed from every gap along the line. This defense will have lots of pass rush flexibility.

    If Harold, Blair and Carradine emerge as passable (or better) pass rushers, its a long list of players that can pressure the QB.

    Lynch, Brooks, Harold, Blair, Buckner, Armstead, Carradine. And its not like Dial/Dorsey, TJE are base D specialists either. They know how to pressure.

    1. On third down Armstead has been been at LDE in a 3-pt stance, Jerod-Eddie has been at RDT in the B gap (will be Buckner during the season), Lynch has been the RDE in a 2-pt stance and Harold/Brooks has been standing in the A-gap next to Jerod-Eddie. The standing linebackers move around, though. It’s a Rex-Ryan-style defense.

      1. I remember how Manuski moved around alot of players in 2-point stances on passing downs. He really shut down Manning in one particular game. Justin and Haralson were great in that game.

      2. OLBs in the A gaps? Going to be fun.

        Some years back I saw Brooks rush the passer from a 3-point stance… but he was a few yards off the ball, lined up over the guard. His running start created a nice collision.

        Some of Blair’s college highlights have him lining up over one gap, but shooting a different gap opposite center. He just knifes in with that low pad level.

      3. Grants thanks for the report on how and where the defense is lining up. One more question on that, on first and second down how does the base defense line up?

        1. 1st and 2nd down base:

          LOLB: Lynch
          LDE: Armstead
          NT: Purcell
          RDE: Dial
          ROLB: Brooks/Harold

          1st and 2nd down nickel:

          LDE: Lynch
          LDT: Purcell
          RDT: Dial
          RDE: Armstead

          3rd down nickel:

          LDE: Armstead (7-technique)
          RDT: Jerod-Eddie (3-technique)
          ROLB: Lynch
          LOLB (in A gap): Brooks/Harold

            1. Looks like 4-tech, 0-tech, 4-tech, like Oregon. I’ll give you a more definitive answer when training camp starts.

              1. I’m hoping O’Neil shades shows some under fronts, the way Fangio did. I NT’s shading over a center shoulder lets them be more aggressive.

                4-tech, 1-tech, 4-tech or 4-tech, 1-tech, 3-tech

          1. O’Neil really has people moving around. I like it, but every alignment has its drawbacks. 1st and 2nd down nickel might have an issue vs mobile quarterbacks. 3rd down nickel could be vulnerable to draws.

      4. Hi Grant,

        i posted several comments on your Thursday column. I would very much enjoy your thoughts.

        sorry that they were all very verbose, but i did put a lot of thought into them.

        thank you for your consideration.

  2. Didn’t Gabbert throw the ball into the screens before CK came back? The rest of your observations here are interesting.

      1. How often were you allowed to view at OTA’s? Thanks for the update. OL continues to be a concern. It won’t matter much who plays QB if they can’t play better and if our bargain basement WR’s don’t perform.

  3. Pears was awful at RT. Trent Browns conditioning threw my line hopes and predictions for a loop. He sticks because of his talent and strength, but might not be the starter.

    I’m hoping Trent gets in shape. Its not a perfect line, but I can live with Staley LT, Garnett G, Bealdes G, Kilgore C, Brown RT. If one falters…

  4. New coach new scheme, lots of unknowns, the makings of a interesting training camp with many battles to wage.

  5. Grant,
    Thanks for the mini-camp review. Lot of things to hope for going into 2016.
    1. Will we get good play from many of our younger players on defense. Armstead, Lynch, Ward, Acker, Hodges, and perhaps see an emergence from Buckner?

    2. The Kelly Express will not get a chance to get off the ground with only Staley trying to anchor the OL. Strong possibly they will be monitoring the waver wire right up to September.

    3. Regarding Gabbert and CK, I said it a month ago and someone mentioned it a few days ago (believe it was RAW) that our QB likely is not on the team yet. Maybe drafting him in 2017?

    4. Will Torrey Smith establish himself as our #1 WR or just earn the label by default because Boldin is likely out? I’ve a few flashes from Patton but not enough to justify or guarantee a roster spot let alone our #3 WR.
    I was hoping to see Smelter emerge this season after being a redshirt last season, but he may be overtaken by Anderson or my upcoming TC dark-horse Burbridge.

    It will be an interesting time in TC to say the least. But I’m still giving the Chip experiment 2-3 years to make a some serious noise.
    4-6 wins feels right to me, 8 wins would be a very nice surprise.

  6. Armstead was a hell of a pick, and I think everyone is on board now, anticipating a big year out of him. He’s huuuge!

    Very happy for Ward. Was concerned about his foot, but looking forward to having a play maker on the outside for a change.

    Exactly what I was afraid of regarding Brown, but he’s got time. Flaherty is the wild card. He knows as much about the defense as he does offense. That alone makes his offensive lineman better, because he’s teaching the concepts behind why the defense is doing what they’re doing.

    There’s wisdom in making sure your special teams are just that, special. Not only in the return game, fake punts and onside kicks, but coffin corner placement, and gunners who go down field like heat seeking missiles, looking to separate the ball carrier from the football.

    I’ve been saying may the best man win the quarterback job, and I don’t think it’s a secret that I feel that player is Colin Kaepernick. He knows how to sail the Chip and Gabbert seems intimidated by the #7tormcoming. Could be a Mutiny on the Baalke.

    I thought that was a great article Grant, and much appreciated during this time of the year….

    1. Buckner is even better then Armstead coming out of college. This has the makings of a devastating defensive line.

    2. Armstead is a bust. He looked average at best on only some plays and terrible on others last year. The great ones always flash some form of brilliance in their rookie season. Armstead did not. Balkes ever growing Bust collection. You’ll see

      1. Interesting. many times, I saw Armstead drive his blocker back into the pocket. Too bad the QB rolled away from the pressure. Now that ‘Bones’ Buckner is on board, they can get push from both sides to contain the QB and collapse the pocket.

      2. Jeff Way too early for the bust label. Let’s see how this season turns out. He only played like a third of the team’s downs last year.

      3. I wasn’t thrilled with the Armstead pick but you have to let the kid develop for goodness sake. Calling a second year player who did improve as the season went on a bust is ridiculous.

  7. I like the idea of a D that moves its LBs around, rather than consistently rushing from the same spots. Makes it far more difficult for the OL and helps create good matchups. Will be interesting to see how they use Buckner and Armstead during the season.

    Jimmie Ward is going to get tested this season. Good player that is improving, but its a big ask putting him at LCB if that is the way they end up going. Will have a steep learning curve.

    1. Scooter. I like it too. It gives some of our best athletes opportunities to make plays. If it’s not coached well or if we don’t have the talent it means guys are out of position and at key places. I look forward to seeing it on the field.

  8. We fans can only hope that Grant Cohn is the one “on the way out” !
    He is such a know nothing 9ers hater !
    Come on Press Demoncrat, you can do sooooo much better than Grant! (my 6 year old Grand Daughter could do better!).

    1. Grant is my favorite of all the niner writers! Your crazy dude! He’s on it! Says it like it is and is way more often right than wrong. Don’t be a hater

  9. We fans can only hope that Grant Cohn is the one “on the way out” !
    He is such a know nothing 9ers hater !
    Come on Press Demoncrat, you can do sooooo much better than Grant! (my 6 year old Grand Daughter could do better!). ***

    1. TIM, lighten up, please. This is Grant’s blog. If someone said his 6 year old grand daughter was better than me at my profession, I’d be tempted to block him.

    2. Hmm, now the hate is directed at Grant….

      Sorry sir, ( since you are a grandparent ) but many on this blog will not let the vicious hate be uncountered.

      Grant definitely does not hate the Niners, but he is pragmatic. While many of us were so hopeful that the Niners could do well last year, Grant provided the cautionary note, and he was correct. This year, he has done the same thing, so I will heed his astute assessment and not go overboard on Kaep regaining his starting job. If you think Gabbert or Driskel will have the Niners back in the playoffs, I wish to temper your enthusiasm. I still want them to win, but they are in the same division as Seattle and the Cards and have one of the hardest schedules next season. They have to play Carolina and the Pats. Grant has been spot on in the past, so he does not have to hate the Niners to simply give a cautionary note. Maybe you are confusing him with TK.

      Know nothing? I come home from work looking forward to his insights. His reporting makes me feel like I am standing next to him on the side lines. You, sir, know nothing about writing, if you want to slam Grant. To me, his writing is sharp, and refreshing.

        1. Also, I have critiqued Grant when I see flawed reasoning, like when he declared that Wentz would be chosen first.

          However, I also recognize the fact that sometimes he writes to generate discussion and feedback.

          1. You’re hilarious, critiquing flawed reasoning. Hahahaha. Seb when people critique your flawed reasoning you start accusing people of shouting you down, sensoring you, not letting you express your opinions, hating ideas, not wanting the niners to win. On and on it goes when it’s really about us pointing out your flawed reasoning. You shouldn’t hand out what you can’t recieve.

            1. Wilson, maybe you do not understand what people write. When some one says that I go over the line expressing my opinions, that is CENSURING.

              I have always said that posters have a right to their opinion, but will present a different opinion. Maybe you think that means I am trying to shout them down, but what you, and many other posters do is exactly what ‘Shouting Down’ is all about. You do not devolve into insults and screeds, but some other nameless posters do that all the time, in an attempt to shout me down. You do say that my opinions are so flawed that I do not have the right to state my opinion, but I will still respect you enough to keep being civil towards you.

              If you say that I am intolerant of what others post, what does that make all of my detractors? Usually, if I totally disagree, I start off by saying that- I beg to differ.

              I do state that some haters want the Niners to lose, because that is what they are saying. Some have even called for the Niners to tank the season to get the first pick in the draft. Some are gleeful when the Niners lose. Please be more cognizant of what is written before making blanket statements.

              Please point out where I have said that a poster is an imbecile, moron or ignoramus, and that they are idiots and arse holes. Posters do that all the time to me in a vain attempt to try to shout me down. Maybe you should direct your ire towards them.

              1. Seb don’t attempt to tell me what I understand and don’t understand. Look over the history here and see which of the two of us people are telling that they don’t understand.

                No one has said you don’t have the right to post or state your opinions. Only Grant on this site could censure you. You don’t know what that word means. Telling you your opinion is wrong and doesn’t lie within reality is critic not censureship. Asking you to stop posting the same tired ideas over and over is trying to help you see forum etiquette not censureship.

                Your close mindedness comes in the form that you refuse to hear people’s sound critic of your theories and ideas. You’re closed to sound reasoning and critic. When people get to a point where they’ve shown you in numerous ways that your reasoning is flawed you always resort to the following: Being victimized, censured, shouted down, that we hate ideas, at least you’re trying to help the 49ers win. (No it’s not a blanket statement, it happens a lot when you don’t have any more defense for your ideas.)

                Most posters when someone is able to show them their line of thought is flawed accept and move on. It will pop back up from time to time but not in every thread multiple times like you do daily here. I have never shouted you down but tried to rationally point out your idea doesn’t make any sense. Like NFL coaches browsing forums for tips and ideas. It’s like a concert violinist going to the kazoo class in kindergarten for advice. What in the world do you think these professional coaches do all day? Those guys often leave the house at 5am and are back at 7-8pm every day. I guarantee there’s no part of football these guys haven’t examined that you have an idea on. Show me one example of an NFL coach browsing a forum for ideas. You can have your opinion you just don’t get your own truth. You can have ideas, it just doesn’t make them good. You want for the rest of us desperately to affirm your proposals. When we don’t you become a victim. That’s not how adults act. Adults move on.

                The stuff you’re proposing like using timeouts well, spread offense, putting a player in motion, looking off safeties is stuff even pee-wee leagues do. All this stuff has been around for decades. What you don’t get for instance is that JH let the clock run down to call the play as a form of ball control and making long sustained drives. Keeping the opponents offense off the field. All the other stuff you propose is tabloid worthy with all the leaks and back stabbing. We don’t have confirmation on any of that stuff. You’re offended for CK and JT. Don’t be, they don’t need you to be.

                By the way just two weeks ago you devolved into calling Prime a moron and couple of others. People really are trying to help you be a good forum member and you see it as attack.

              2. Sorry, I did not call prime a moron. I said he had moronic statements, and used that adjective after he called me a moron. I just use the posters own words to counter them.

                Saying that coaches would not deign to read this blog may be true, but when a team is 5-11, they should be looking everywhere for answers. Otherwise, they will be doomed to repeat their mistakes.

                Saying that my ideas are so simple, they do not need to be spoken, is laughable. Chip Kelly himself said that he does not have all the newest and most innovative system, that all his ideas have been postulated and implemented before him. Maybe you are slamming Chip for using old, commonplace schemes. As a 5-11 team, the Niners should be receptive to new ideas, even if they have been around the league for years.

                Closed mindedness? Why are you describing yourself and all the other posters?

                Who understands? I do remember clearly and precisely what was written, so I feel perfectly comfortable differing with your straw man arguments.

                If you were called a moron and even more vituperative insults, you would also be a victim of being bullied. I should not be slammed for defending myself.

                Posters are trying to help me? Please, just let me post in peace.

              3. Like I said completely lost in your own world and closed to input. Yep it’s everyone else Seb and not you.

              4. Wilson, when you say that looking off the safeties is so simple, that it does not need to be done, I say that if it would help win games, it should be practiced a lot, and implemented in the games.

                The problem is, I have been saying the same thing for over 2 years, and they have not done it. They have a 5-11 record. Maybe they should get a clue.

                I said Kaep should do that, and if he had done that, he would have seen 2 wide open players. Are you saying that since you are tired of hearing that, you would rather he had just thrown the ball to get intercepted, because looking off the safety is too simplistic?

              5. Yup, JH had a SB talented team, and could not get a play off in time. Maybe that is why he was mutually parted.

              6. Wilson, no. I am receptive to input. When East chided me, I thanked him for his constructive criticisms. I was not closed to input.

                Maybe you think that insults, taunts and bullying is constructive criticism. I respectfully disagree.

              7. Here’s you doing that thing again where you just want the 49ers to win and if I don’t bow to your ideas I must want them to lose.

                Stop it Seb. Reading comprehension. I never said it was simple, I just said it’s foolish to think NFL coaches don’t see it. Do you really think they don’t practice looking off safeties? Do you hear yourself, “if they just listened to me.” How arrogant. My point what these ideas you’re proposing are common to all of football. That doesn’t make them simple. Your suggestions don’t take into account many of the other complexities of the game.

                This situation is so much more complex than just looking off safeties. Could it be your favorite player has a fatal flaw of staring down recievers? Or is it Logan’s offense was so predictable everyone knew where we were going with the ball after three games? Or was it that the coaches weren’t up to the task of diagnosing the opposing team’s defense on film and didn’t prepare the players well enough to read it and identify it? Gabbert missed tons of open recievers on third downs. The play on the field had everything to do with the poor quality of coaches. I am surprised we won 5 games.

                You have no idea really what went on with the offense last year. You really think practicing looking off safeties would have changed our record? Not likely. We were at the bottom in nearly every category statistically. Everything was pretty much wrong and JV compared to the rest of the NFL. Kaepernick’s missing open recievers had nothing to do with looking off safeties.

              8. Since you have pledged not to respond to me, I get the last word.

                Yes, I think that your opposition to even think about looking off the safeties is a tacit admission of being content with failure. I advocate that tactic to hope they can win. You are essentially so opposed to the idea just because I proposed it, that you do not think it would help to be able to look off the safety. It is a tactic that is not that hard to do, so your opposition to it is curious, unless you are unilaterally opposed to anything I propose.

                Additionally, please, I am all too aware of all the poor play of last year. Firing a winning coach who led them into the NFCCG 3 times in a row was an unmitigated disaster. Trying to replace that coach with a coach that never had a coordinator position in the NFL, doomed the squad. Supporting that coach with B grade reject coaches also was a disaster. The lack of loyalty backfired, and many players retired rather than try to play for the team.

                The O line was pathetic. Hyde struggled too much to stay upright, and was gang tackled so he broke his foot. Kaep regressed, injury or no injury. The defense, which was 5th the year before, became the 29th rated squad. The GM meddled with the coaching.

                All of those things need to be addressed before they start practicing looking off the safeties.

                I am sorry to hear you join the clique, thought you were not afraid of me, and I liked that you could at least formulate some cogent thought. But maybe I need a break from all the friction. Expect some biting asides, but they will only be one liners.

            2. True, Seb………..when someone disagrees with you, you arbitrarily call it “hate”. Straight from the depths of P.C. Hell.

              THAT is why your the sebnoying…and proud of it.

  10. Jimmy ward is our best cornerback??? LMAOOOOOOOOO. We are sooooo f**ked! Good luck with that. Look at the WRs he had to face his year lol. Thanks Baalke. At a way to screw up our team in record time. This guy could be worse than Terry Donahue. WoW.

      1. I know exactly what I’m talking about. You on the other hand are too delusional and clouded to realize just how horrible we are going to be at covering WRs. You will find out tho during the season and I will remind you about it every time.

        1. Sorry my friend, bu the stats and everyone else obliterate your claims. You have produced no evidence to back up your accusations or your hate. In essence, you’re just hating the player to be hating the player.

    1. Could be………? How could you think otherwise? He’s there because he keeps a lot of money in Yorks pocket via the salary cap. His ability to spot and obtain talent is worst in the NFL.

  11. Grant’s nice report only reinforces that this is simply re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. You can work all the scheme, all the tricky positions and match-ups you want, but marginal talent is a marginal team. It gets proven every year in every major sport, especially the NFL. So so happy I do not own a PSL.

  12. Hi Grant,

    Does Blaine Gabbert still check down? Is he doing well on the intermediate and/or deep throws?

  13. Hmm, the moving of Ward just emphasizes cluelessness of the past coaching. Just like moving Boone to LG and keeping Devey starting too long. Armstead is now moving to the right, so the past coaches may be excoriated again for not putting talent at the right position.

    I am not too worried about Brown. Chip will work his arse off, and his skills will shine. Hard work over the off season can get him in shape. I remember watching an agility drill, and T Brown had the quickest feet.

  14. I was deeply pessimistic about the team and its chances this season as last season came to a close.

    I share Rocket’s concern on Kelly and by no means am sold on him, but I am heartened by what I am seeing thus far.

    The team is working on inventive ways to improve and there is a dynamism that was absent for the last 2 seasons. Hopefully this will translate into the field but it is difficult to see at this juncture.

    Many players are stepping up and improving and the overall reports are far more positive. Last year it could not have gone worse. Now we have concerns about the the offensive line but we aren’t in a panic over the personnel. Concerns are not the same. Our receivers are no worse than last year and may have actually improved. Losing VD I think has been positive to the TE corps as he had lost his focus and hunger. On D we have improved our front 7 quite a bit. Not what we were three years ago but we’re much better than last year. This will help in all facets of the game. We actually have a competition for Middle linebacker vs. one guy who is gimpy. The DBs while raw have vastly improved and will continue to improve.

    Last year the turf was a problem and Candlestick was gone. The team is firmly in its stadium and a bunch of things have stabilized.

    There are quite a few things to be hopeful about not the least of which all the NFC west group has probably deteriorated somewhat while the 49ers have improved. Whether this translates to more wins is a different story, of course.

    1. EastCoast9er

      Nice post ! All (off)season , I have been harping that not only did we get better, but the doom and gloomers keep thinking that the opponents have continued to go head-and-shoulders above us…and they bring their ‘boodles’ of paper filled with their statistics and analytics to show how badly we’re going to be slain. Still they continue to call for signing any and all of the other teams castoffs as soon as they get cut.

      I like where we are, and more importantly where we’re going…’Chip’ and TB will take care of the rest….

      1. Thanks Oregon! I’m just feeling a whole lot better about the overall state of the franchise. I. Think we often get fixated on what was rather than what could be (hence our profound funk over Tomsula. He would always be compared to Harbaugh). I’m not a fan of Chip but I’m l liking what I’m seeing from the new staff. I also know that Baalke has had serious issues drafting but I like Ward and Borland was not something anyone could have predicted. It’s football. Sometimes things happen.

  15. While I am ecstatic that Chip Kelly is the HC, and think he has performed a miracle because Kaep is still on the team, I do have reservations. I am concerned that the OC and DC are the limiting factor, and thought Vrabel would have been a better choice. Modkins is not even going to call the plays, and all the plays that fail will be on his shoulders. I do like Day, but any coach would be better than a DJ like last year’s coach.Hopefully he can utilize Kaep properly. Azzinaro gives me confidence. I think the D line will be stout.

    The O line is unsettled, but if Baalke can get past his emotions, and think about the good of the team, he could have AD back at RT, and he would help anchor that line, now that he is fully healed. They have 53 mil in cap space, so they should eat his signing bonus instead of taking it back, and get him back with the team. If the situation is too toxic, they should facilitate a trade to a team of his choice, with adequate compensation.

  16. Hey Grant I haven’t heard anything about Eric Rogers (CFL dude I hope that’s his name) what’s the go with him?

  17. It is way, way too early to freaking out about the OL. I’m not saying that we should be confident that the OL will be any good, but how about giving the players and coaches a chance?

    I don’t know why Kilgore and Garnett are in the “not good” category. Kilgore is a quality NFL C and Garnett looked good in his limited time and clearly worked his butt off learning the playbook and staying in condition. The worst they deseverve at this point, with so much time before the season starts, is “incomplete”.

    Sure, if Kilgore gets injured again, then, yes, he belongs on the “not good” list, by default. Just because he suffered a broken bone, doesn’t automatically mean he’s going to be injured again. It’s possible, but for the life of me, I don’t understand why it should be considered a given.

    Sure, if Garnett can’t pick up the offense, isn’t in shape, or just plain isn’t any good, he would belong on the “not good” list. What’s the problem with this line of thinking? Uh, how about that there is absolutely zero evidence of him having any of these problems. Again, I’m not saying it’s impossible for Garnett to bomb out, but he’s given no indication that he’s going to be a flop.

    I certainly understand the concern with Pears starting at RT, and the concern about Beadles starting at LG, but I’m hopeful that Brown gets in shape and Beadles takes advantage of this opportunity to restart his career in a system more suited to his skills and under the tutelage of Flaherty.

    There is a long way to go before the OL proves it’s any good, but four of the five spots aren’t occupied by players that belong on the “not good” list. At least, not yet.

  18. What’s up with Tartt?

    I’m assuming Reid is still one concussion away from retirement and Bethea’s age could mean another injury. But is Tart just our backup safety and a special teams guy?

  19. Grant: The Ravens just released Eugene Monroe, has there been any interest from the 49ers? The Giants and the Seahawks seem to be after him.

  20. I hope White and Treggs become the punt and kickoff returners, and maybe even DuJuan Harris. This way, Ellington will not get nicked up returning, and can concentrate on being a WR.

  21. Here’s a relevant question. Who is this teams leader? Don’t say Bowman, as he is a quiet, by-example guy. Who is heart and soul? Don’t say Gabbert, he does not have a clear role. It is the Draymond guy, the one who clearly has a role, the one guys will follow. This does not exist on 9ers. don’t say Kaep, it has never been and never will be Kaep. Without this guy, teams don’t win , and for sure don’t go to playoff caliber. We gotta face this.

    1. Hmm, the starting QB will be the leader, so if Kaep wins the starting job, he will lead. Staley is the veteran leader right now. Bowman does not say much, but when he talks, players listen. To me, that is a good definition of a leader. Hyde may become one, when he learns not to point fingers.

      Too bad the Niners lost Gore, Willis, Cowboy and Boldin. However, it is next man up, and I think the last QB to lead them to the SB is a good candidate.

    2. Bowman, Staley, and Bethea appear to be strong leaders. As the team develops (assuming it does), other leaders will rise.

      Early candidates: Armstead, Buckner, Ward, and Garnett.

  22. Seb,

    Yours is the only flawed reasoning. And according to others, flawed in a rotund sort of way…A little less couch potato and a few salads may up the ante on your football opionions. However, your praises of Coach Tomsula’s hiring and football acumen are only one copy and paste away, so do us all a favor and keep them to yourself.


    June 16, 2016 at 8:02 am

    Also, I have critiqued Grant when I see flawed reasoning, l

    1. Threatening me so I will be quiet is counterproductive. I did like Tomsula before the season. I still do. However, I did not predict they would make the SB like some others did. I predicted a 10-6 season because I thought he would fix the offensive malaise, but recognized the daunting challenge facing them.

      Tomsula, when he yelled ‘Tempo’ about a thousand times, was a step in the right direction. However, he was stabbed in the back by the FO, and was set up to be a failure. I do not doubt that they were very angry with him that he won that last game, because the Niners dropped back to 7th in the draft order, and they wanted to be up near third or fourth.

      Baalke meddling with the coaching did not help, and Tomsula was hamstrung with inferior coaches because other coaches saw what they did to JH, and avoided the Niners like the plague. Tomsula left the building when he learned who the leaker was (Paraag), was given assurances that he would be fired, but then they went back on their word, and Marathe is still with the team.

      The FO leaked again, so Tomsula was rumored to be fired before he got to coach his last game. That was a low class stab in the back, and I am glad his family is set up for life, even though I bet he would rather be coaching still.

      Before the season, I was happy that Tomsula was the coach, and hoped that he would succeed. You, on the other hand, predicted the Niners would lose 0-52, and not win a game. After the Viking game, you were shown up to be a clueless Niner hater, and you were gleeful that they lost so many of the subsequent games. I was dismayed, and thought Tomsula would have them better prepared and focused. Obviously I was wrong, but Baalke’s insistence to keep Devey starting and all the leaks and smears, just doomed the season.

      In hindsight, Tomsula was in over his head, but he took one for the team, and was set up to fail so they would be rewarded with a high draft position. I am perfectly comfortable being a fan of Tomsula, and wish him well. With the FO stabbing him in the back, I thought he did an amazing job to be able to win 5 games. He was held responsible, but the FO hid, and shirked any accountability.

      1. Seb,

        You said that Tomsula was stabbed in the back and he was in over his head. Does this mean you think he was stabbed and then drowned, or did he drown first and then was stabbed?

        1. Ex, he was stabbed repeatedly, with Baalke micromanaging the roster. Kaep, Boone, Devey, Hayne and Shareece Wright, who played well once he played a couple games with the Ravens. Baalke meddled, and his fingerprints were all over last season, yet he was not held accountable.

          I think Tomsula wanted Dockett, and was upset when he was put on the shelf. Tomsula was drowning, and they threw him an anchor instead of a life preserver.

          That last game, you could tell that Tomsula was the walking dead, so I guess you could say he was drowned. Then the last stab in the back was the quick firing.

      2. …FO stabbed Harbaugh, Fangio, Tomsula, #7 all in the back….

        …..sounds like an episode of CSI/Law Order…….I wonder whose DNA will show up first in the results…

    1. TrollD, like a moth to a flame….

      Do your worst. I have only the utmost contempt for the troll who advocated trading Kaep for Tebow. You have less football knowledge than Prime. Posters may be annoyed with me, but they just laugh at you.

      TrollD, you are the one talking about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares. After Orlando, your screeds continue to fill me with disgust.

        1. I do have memories of TC opening the very last days of July (28th or so). My understanding is that TC is basically 6 weeks long, and that you can’t start until so many days removed from either your first game or first preseason game, so since this year the first sunday is Sept 12th (so damn late it seems), then TC will start later than if the first sunday was the 8th or something. A few days, but still.

        2. Exgolfer,
          In the old days [like 81 for example] camps would open around the end of the first week of july earlier if your team was playing in the college all star game. How many here remember the college all star game?

          1. I remember the game, OC.

            Do you remember the year the Bradshaw led Steelers were behind the college allstars by a TD or two to start the game? I think the SI or Sporting News headline was “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star…Then PFFFT”.

  23. Gotta love the sky is falling rhetoric about the offensive line. Garnett is a 1st round pick (whether they reached for him or not) and by all accounts is going to be a stud next to Staley. Is Pears bad, yes he is. Cooper and Theus being 5th rounders is irrelevant… many good players have come from the later rounds. Point blank they have no idea what they have in most of the line but say “no good” to virtually the entire unit is just typical of you, Grant.

    1. Ian Williams and Alex Boone went undrafted. Edelman was a seventh rounder. The line is a concern not in crisis. He could have done a similar article on the WRs, DBs and LBs. in fact he may have last year!

      1. How many other 5-7th rounders didn’t work out like Boone or Williams? Hundreds and hundreds of them. Let’s see them play before we start deciding they’re busts or hidden gems. I don’t think the sky is falling yet, but OL is a huge concern.

    2. Can’t speak for Grant, but it seemed like he was commenting on the status of the position when saying not good. As in prior history and question marks make the current situation not good. For example, if Kilgore stays healthy and is consistent, then the C position will be ok, but we have yet to see that. The reality is there are question marks across the Oline. Some could turn out ok and others could continue to be a problem.

      1. Rocket,

        If Kilgore is healthy and consistent, he’ll be a pro bowl candidate, not just OK. That was the level he was playing at before he broke his leg. And since when does a player breaking a bone make him injury prone?

      2. That’s a good perspective Rocket. Wilson I agree the line is a concern because it’s thin and there are some question marks, but it’s I don’t believe it’s a huge concern. I think the team is in a better position than last year across the O line. Of course if the latest reports of the team pursuing Monroe then maybe the team has concerns on the Tackle front that are higher than I thought!

        1. East Wouldn’t it be great if some of our draft talent like Thomas and Martin played to their potential this year? We’ll be better than last year like you said. Tiller, Garnett, Kilgore are all upgrades. Let’s hope moving back to a ZBS for Beadles improves his play. Pears at RT is terrible no matter how you look at it.

  24. Found some interesting stats Hammer. Kaepernick had a QBR of 47.1, good enough for 29th in the league, while Gabbert ranked 33rd after ending the year with a QBR of 42.6. Also, Gabbert ranked 36th in ALEX*, while Kaepernick ranked 24th….

    *Measures the average difference between how far a quarterback threw a pass and how many yards he needed for a first down, in passes thrown on third down. Air Less Expected Metric….

    1. If BG is the starter, I fully expect improvement in his ALEX score. I don’t believe Kelly will tolerate consistently throwing short of the sticks like Jim (“you can’t be afraid to punt”) Tomsula did.

      1. I’ve got more faith in Kelly restoring Kaepernick’s confidence than turning Gabbert’s entire career around, but we’ll see….

        1. Yeah, I know you do. But strong competition between Kap and BG, along with good coaching, should hopefully bring both guys to the peak of their abilities. Will it be enough….

    2. Those stats honestly mean nothing. It’s a new season, so I say let the best man win.

      1. I thought you were under the assumption that because Kaepernick is payed like a starter, he’ll be the starter? I’m all for a fair and balanced competition, and allowing the best man to win the job….

      1. Baalke is gone, Say goodbye. ACLers can no longer help, and asking Chip to right a all those struggling offensive lineman you’ve chosen over the years may be your downfall…TomD

        Matt Barrows (Below):

        Barrows replied with the following during his chat. “You’re assuming that Baalke is safe. If the 49ers struggle this year like they did last year — national observers as well as Vegas think they will — then the 49ers could be looking for a new GM. Then again, if the 49ers struggle, it might mean that Kaepernick struggled. Which is to say, there’s a scenario where both are gone. (And if Kap and the 49ers are successful, a scenario in which both stay).” – See more at:

        1. And when they are both gone,will the York’s ego ever stop distancing themselves from solid WCO Coaches to cement their own (I did it my way) legacy, or will they cave, and allow Mike Shannahan and Holmgren in to rebuild the organization with solid, young coaches.

          1. There is no way a Bill Walsh guy will EVER coach this team again, in any way, shape or form-not even Walsh himself.

            Why? Old man York despised Walsh, used to argue with him in football matters all the time when Walsh came back to help with the draft.

    1. No surprise there. The 49ers desperately need a RT and Baalke love to go bargain hunting in the NFL dumpster.

    2. Although there are issues with him, he should immediately improve the RT spot and assuage one of my main OL concerns – who steps in for Staley if he misses time due to an injury?

  25. Training camp and preseason schedule via Matt Maiocco

    July 30: Veterans report
    July 31: First full-squad practice
    Aug. 2: First full-squad padded practice
    Aug. 6: Hall of Fame enshrinement for Eddie D
    Aug. 12: 49ers-Texans joint practice, Santa Clara.
    Aug. 14: Texans at 49ers exhibition
    Aug. 17: 49ers-Broncos joint practice, Colorado.
    Aug. 18: 49ers-Broncos joint practice, Colorado.
    Aug. 20: 49ers at Broncos, exhibition
    Aug. 26: Packers at 49ers, exhibition
    Aug. 30: Roster cut-down to 75
    Sept. 1: 49ers at Chargers, exhibition
    Sept. 3: Roster cut-down to 53
    Sept. 4: Establish practice squad of 10
    Sept. 12: Rams at 49ers, regular-season opener

    1. Aug. 12: 49ers-Texans joint practice, Santa Clara.
      Aug. 17: 49ers-Broncos joint practice, Colorado.
      Aug. 18: 49ers-Broncos joint practice, Colorado.

      This might be the first time we get a genuine look at how our players stack up, I’d dare say even more so then the preseason game if only because the starters will get more action in practice.

          1. You can have your belief, no one here in Denver or in the media believes that. They didn’t want Brock to leave, they couldn’t afford to keep him at that price. Elway is shrewd.

      1. I don’t know how open to the press the joint practices will be, but at least we can hear Texan/Bronco player opinions. That could give is a clue.

        Hopefully the padded practices will give us a clue about Robinson and Rogers. We know they can move well in space. How physical they can play will be the big question.

        Eli Harold too. I’m curious to see if added bulk has helped his pass rush and edge setting.

  26. Grant,
    Last year Brown came in far more out of shape than this year and he was able to get into shape by the 2nd half of the season. Do you think there is any chance he will be able to get into shape by sept. 10? Also did you notice Marcus Rush during OTA’s at all? he is my sleeper pick for this year.

    1. How are you OldCoach? Brown has 6 weeks before training camp, and that’s plenty of time to show Kelly he’s serious. I think Rush will be sleeping with the practice squad….

    2. OldCoach

      Watch out OC…you’re going to take away all of the fun from the “sky is falling” group concerned about Trent Brown getting enough to eat….

  27. Razor,
    I’m great thanks for asking. Enjoying my summer break and looking foreward to my favorite time of year. Oh and go Warriors!!!

    1. Good stuff. Ohio state seems to have 2 guys on him most of the time. Early in the game he got some pressure but as the game rolled on their run game seemed to expose him more. Ohio state is a good team.

  28. I am terrible with Technology, I was trying to include a link on this article about Rashard Robinson but could only paste the site, I need to go to computer training dummies, I know the team , had taken a lot of heat from reporters like Grant for drafting him but he could be a real find, maybe somebody else we are whistling in the dark on but he sounds promising. Any thoughts Grant on Rashard these last couple of months?

      1. Acker only allowed 5 receptions through the 6 practices you attended (was it 6 you attended)?

        Do you still think he doesn’t make the team?

        1. These are minicamp stats. He probably will make the team as a backup outside corner, or maybe even a starter if he outplays Brock.

          Possible Week 1 CB depth chart

          LCB: Ward, Robinson
          RCB: Brock, Acker
          NCB: Davis, Johnson

          1. I appreciate you mention below that Davis only gave up 4 catches during minicamp, but boy I hope he isn’t the starting slot CB. He could be a decent backup to have, but not convinced he is starting material.

            I’d rather move Ward into slot CB and Johnson play LCB when they go nickel.

            1. You’re right, Davis probably won’t start in the slot. But Ward didn’t play there at all during minicamp. Maybe Reaser will be the nickel until Redmond is healthy.

              1. Grant, do you expect Redmond to be placed on the NFI list at the start of training camp?

              2. Which would move Ward to slot vs 3 WR sets the way Carlos Rogers used to?

                Basically Ward in the Carlos Rogers role, Robinson (or Johnson or…) in the Culliver role.

              3. I hope Redmond comes off NFI early during training camp and gets the start August 26th against the Packers….

          2. I can’t see Redmond being much of a factor this season. Recovering from an ACL surgery is hard enough, but he’s also a rookie so anything they get from him will be a bonus imo. Unless Reaser shows something in the preseason, they almost have no choice but to put Ward back in the slot when they go Nickel.

      2. And thanks for the breakdown.

        Do you happen to have counts for Johnson and Davis (and # of practices they were active for)?

        1. Johnson wasn’t active during minicamp. Davis was active all three days and allowed just four catches, two of which were touchdowns. He also intercepted two passes.

    1. CFC,
      I’ve had a bad feeling about this series even when the Dubs were up 3-1. Last year when Charles Barkley said he didn’t give the Warriors a chance to win the championship because they relied too much on 3’s the Dubs proved him wrong.
      Barkley’ words are coming to fruition this year because if Curry and Klay are having bad shooting nights it’s almost a guaranteed loss.

      Harrison Barns has been a total liability and losing Green for one game and Bogut out with an injury, the Dubs look completely out of sync.
      Also, the league my take a look at Curry’ meltdown and mouthpiece toss which hit a fan as grounds for suspension in game 7.
      This team looks uncertain, overwhelmed and out of character right now. Cavs are flying high in confidence and the Warriors need to fix whatever is broken very quickly if they want to win another trophy.

      1. Article on csn Bay Area explains there is a precedent for fines but not to suspend and curry as all ready apologized. What worries me the most is James is motivated and determined, but anything can still happen!

        1. Solution to the Warriors problem….
          Double team Kyrie, just like they do to Curry.
          Collapse on James when he comes into the paint-make him beat you from the outside only.
          W’s have not done this yet. If Kerr continues on without significant adjustment, we are going down. Cavs must see a new strategy from W’s-like something other than just 3-pointers. How about a steady diet of driving to the hoop? expecting 10+ points from the 5?

          1. Saw, you are wrong. The Warriors do not need to copy the Cavs. They just need to play their game. They should move the ball around, penetrate, and take the easy mid range shot.

            The NBA wanted a 7 game series, and they got it. First by suspending Draymond, then by allowing the refs to decide the outcome. LBJ should get an Oscar for his flop, and Curry was the victim of at least 3 phantom calls, while getting manhandled on the other end.

            If the Warriors play their game, they should win. If they let the Cavs dictate their play, they will lose. I expect both Curry and Klay will find their rhythm, and play like the champions they are.

      2. It’ll be interesting. The Cavs don’t always seem to win even when LBJ has a great game but the Warriors don’t seem to win unless Curry does. True champions arise when needed the most.

        If the Warriors lose they’ll never be put on the same shelf as MJ and the Bulls.

        1. CFC are you thinking same shelf as the Bulls in single season wins and a championship?

          They’ll need a few more championships to be compared in other categories.

        2. Howard Balzer ‏@HBalzer721 2h2 hours ago
          Warriors tie game at 89 w/ 4:39 left. Only FG after is Irving 3. James 0-4, Irving 1-3 Love 0-1 = 1-8. Warriors 0-9 w/ Curry 0-4.

          They did not look like true champions in the 4th quarter tonight.

  29. Grant I enjoy your truthful analysis more than any writer… also do you think we have a solid stater at RT (pears or brown) assuming theus n cooper won’t be ready to assume that role? Do you see us makin a serious run at Monroe? N also what do you see so far of the receivers? Who plays opposite torrey if you had to pick right now? Rogers Anderson??? N seems like Ellington will be featured in chips O… does white or treggs offer value at receiver and returner on ST do you see both white and treggs making the 53 and lastly does smelters injury reallly seem to be hamstring related or do you feel it’s still knee issues from the ACL?

  30. Seems like the WR could shake out as Rogers smith Ellington Anderson white n treggs on the final 53 from what I’ve read… not a Patton fan n I could see smelter back on NFI or IR this year… anxious to see if cajuste n Burbridge can mix things up also

  31. I have been a 49er fan since 1970 and I always think we do the best we can with what we have. This year looks promising I hope we win more games than we lose of course, I feel like we will win more than we did last year I am hoping for the playoffs if not this year definitely the year after. What I do know from being a sports fan is that you can’t count out any team, all are capable of having a winning season and winning the super bowl, and the 49ers are no different.

  32. Grant,

    I think your jumping the gun on the OL….Garnett was with the UDFA because he missed time due to school, so yeah he’s gonna start at the bottom like most rookies. Kilgore if finally healthy….. upgrade. Zane was a pro-bowler in ZBS and who cares if he’s 30? Age on the OL isn’t a huge problem compared to more skilled positions.

    RT is the big question mark for sure…..

    1. Grant only said that there are major question marks about the O line, not that they will repeat last year’s performance.

      Let us hope that there may be major questions, and Flaherty has the answers.

    2. Razor

      that has to be the most ridiculous stat ever…are you sure that you didn’t make that up to have Kaep come out ahead of Gabbert ?

  33. Seb,

    I stated last year that I played the game–you did not, and Hayne did not have the experience to be on the 49er roster so would be beaten out by others. Mike Davis, the rookie even beat him out, yet, you, Seb, “like a moth to the flame,” kept lobbying for more Hayne playing time.

    I told you this season, Hayne would not even make the roster, and the 49ers invented the Olympics story to cover their as-es after, yet another Baalke failed free agent…I’ve told you Kap won’t even beat out Gabbert…Well, so far Seb, who has been correct in player evaluation, me or you. And do not respond with my Kap for Tebow trade only, mention the draft picks I asked in the trade while Kap was still a hot commodity (the pathetic 49er GM, Baalke, is so bad at offense, for the good of the team, he does not even know when to trade an offensive player–Like Walsh would, a year too early than too late).

    Mark my words, as a football veteran, right here, right now, the 49ers will not start the season with Kap at QB!

    Below, is more proof of my position in an article in your man, Hayne’s own words:

    When Jarryd Hayne finally made it to the United States to begin his pursuit of employment in the NFL, he was 27 years old with no real concept of the mental aspect of American football.

    “I just think with Chip’s playbook, it’s such an intense playbook that it would just take too much time,” Hayne said this week via Fairfax Media.

    Hayne said he felt he was far behind his 49ers teammates this offseason because he had never played college football and does not have a broad understanding of the game.

    1. TrollD, you obviously have taken too many blows to the head. As a former player, maybe you should have enough class to not denigrate posters who have not played the game, but that may be asking too much.

      Hayne is one of my favorite players. I admit that. It took courage and determination to switch sports. What you totally overlook is the fact that he has talent and skills. He also has accomplishments, like being the MVP of his league. Not too many players have the knack to make the first tackler miss.

      Where you and I totally disagree is whether he can fit into the Chip Kelly offense. I think Chip is smart enough to recognize his skills, and innovative enough to design plays that utilize his talents. Even if Hayne became the punt returner, I would be happy because that is the one position that does not involve blocking schemes, so he just has to catch the ball and gain yardage.

      After the Olympics, who knows? Maybe the Niners will welcome him back. If anything, they should outright release him so he could be allowed to play for another team, if the Niners still plan to keep him only on the PS. Of course, they may be churlish and give him the AD treatment.

      I will mark your words, and throw them back in your face. I am glad that you have declared that Kaep will not start. so if he does, I will get to point out your lack of football knowledge.

      1. Seb,

        As others have pointed out on the website, your insensitivity to the NFL’s CTE protocol in your “taken too many blows to the head” remark, in addition to your fascination with taking guns to amusement parks; phraseologies such as: “shoot from the hip;” “shot himself in the foot” and numerous other gun packing phrases you carelessly toss around this site for our younger readers viewership demonstates a complete lack of respect and/or learning on your part to stop with your inhumane viewpoints.

        1. TrollD, I am glad you commented on CTE, because I think the NFL has shamefully tried to ignore the problem, and maliciously tried to suppress any research about CTE.

          When Concussion came out, it blew the lid off the coverup.
          Finally, there was discussion and the league actually tried to address the problem with establishing protocols. At least they are no longer breaking ampules of ammonia under their noses and telling the players to -Snap out of it!.

          I hope no other players will be committing suicide by shooting themselves in the chest so the doctors can study their brain.

          I am glad you are championing the idea to get rid of all gun references in football. Now we will no longer have coaches or players under the gun, or run the pistol. No teams will target a player, there will be no misfires, QBs will never fire a bullet pass, and the shotgun snap will be illegal.

          1. No, I am in favor of the players.

            Maybe the time has come to have health care not only for the current players, but for retired players, especially since those players sacrificed their health for the game.

            Maybe the league should start doing something about concussions like giving every player a brain scan to before the season to establish a baseline, so they can compare it with the recent one that will be needed after being concussed

            Maybe they should spend a few dollars from their billions in profits, and do research on a safer helmet. Helmets do protect the head, but they can also be used as a battering ram, which can lead to concussive blows.

            I am happy that the league finally admitted that it was a problem, and a big concern. Took a congressional inquiry, but they could no longer sweep the issue under the rug, and throw the players under the bus.

    1. You might feel that Bill Walsh’s expericment with trackstar and 8 time word record holder, Renaldo Nehemiah is an example of successful cross-over sports stars. However, I would rather trust someone like Walsh on offense, than Baalke, because Walsh HAD A TRACK RECORD HIMSELF. GOODDAY

  34. If Kelly’s playbook is as intimidating as Hayne makes it sound I’m firmly convinced that Gabbert will win out this competition. The smarter will be the starter.

    1. Everything I’ve read, suggests the direct opposite. I don’t think Kelly’s offense is complicated at all. Gabbert has the advantage because he studied the Oregon tapes as soon as Chip was hired, plus he’s been able to work out and play 11 on 11, but Kaepernick has played in this type of offense most of his career. I don’t think it’s a question of if Kaepernick is the starter, but when is he the starter….

      1. Yeah it seems like more a case of Hayne not fully digesting the previous playbook before a completely new one was thrown at him. That’s why these types of long shots rarely work out. It’s tough enough to play the game when you know what you’re doing and have played it since you were a kid. I think Hayne realized he was going to be fighting an uphill battle and was wasting his prime athletic years on something that might never come to fruition.

        1. Aren’t we all forgetting one thing? Hayne’s only experience with the NFL was Chryst and Logan’s offense. Could it be that what we had last year was very simple? Or is Hayne just making an excuse because he wasn’t likely to make the squad? I don’t know that CFC’s comment that Gabbert is smarter is true. What’s it based on? An unsubstantiated rumor that Gabbert studied 5 times more that CK? Gabbert just has different weaknesses than CK.

          1. Little salty today Wilson? You’ve let the trolls get to ya.

            Kaepernick’s film studying time and ability has been questioned before and pointed out as lacking by more then one. Not the case with Gabbert. Whether that makes one smarter then the other I have no idea, I just liked using the rhyme. However I do know the QB that spends more time studying film and working on the mental aspect of their game which is something Kaepernick is not known for will likely be the QB that becomes our starter.

            It’ll also probably be the one that didn’t ask for a trade in the off season. :)

            1. Wasn’t meant to be salty. Gabbert would have been foolish to ask for a trade. His only chance at a starting job is here in SF. I don’t think asking for a trade has anything to being smarter in the system Kelly runs. I don’t know who’s smarter or works harder. Most of the time given two equal students the one who works harder gets better results. But what if the students aren’t equal? I’ll root for Gabbert if he wins the job but I won’t be excited about it. CK is a tease with is talent. If he wins the job I surely get sucked into hoping he’ll turn into a good QB. I am interested to see what happens if BG gets the job and they choose to sit their $12 million QB.

              1. Hey, Wilson. Wasn’t sure if you are aware that a group of us have pledged not to respond to Seb in an attempt to reduce the personal attacks and clutter on the blog. He’s content with just posting on his own, anyway. Just thought I would mention it, but I’m not trying to dissuade you from responding if you want to. Cheers.

              2. Remember, tho, Wilson–his body got him here but his brain will keep him here. Either Kap starts improving his mechanics, studying the play-book harder, learns to throw a consistantly accurate pass………….or he’s gone.
                At this level, he really should be doing those things.

              3. Brodie I am aware of all those things and am not a blind CK supporter. I am not convinced Gabbert is better or will win the job.

  35. I remember Chip mentioning how intelligent Kaep was, and how he seemed to have total command of the playbook. Chip said he was very impressed with Kaep. When Chip mentioned Gabbert, he talked about his athleticism.

    Posters were bagging on Kaep about his accuracy, but when he was on target 13 out of 14 passes, they dismissed it as luck and it is only the minicamp.

  36. Seb, others making fun of your phraseologies:


    January 22, 2016 at 5:49 pm

    Shot yourself in the foot!

    Cassie Baalke

    January 20, 2016 at 6:04 pm

    Or as dear Seb would say…shooting himself in the foot…


    1. TrollD, I actually like Cassie, and do not mind her snarky comments.
      I think she is intelligent. So much so, she has stopped trying to engage me.

      You, on the other hand, have now started engaging me, in a feeble attempt to look intelligent, but just show to the world how clueless you are about player assessments and team strategies.

      I guess you are now my antagonist in this tag team approach to oppose me, but soon, other posters will be yelling at you to stop, and begging you to ignore me. I see that many have gotten smart, and have learned their lesson, but you, like a moth to a flame, will just flame out in a predictable manner.

      Tebow for Kaep, even with a million picks, just defines you. I would agree that Kaep is worth at least 2 first round picks, but when you throw in Tebow, you amply demonstrate your lack of football acumen.

      Keep posting links ad nauseum. it just shows you know how to click a mouse. It also shows that you do not have any original thoughts, so you desperately try to sound smart by posting other poster’s opinions.

      1. ‘Tis much better to read Cassie’s wit … than
        to have to scroll past the incessant drivel both of
        you post at one another !

  37. These two Clowns have ruined this blog! Yet the Writer is doing nothing about it. To call you two Losers is putting it kindly. You know who you are. UNREAL!!!!!

    1. Not sure wordpress really gives you a lot of options with dealing with them other then blocking their IP which is really not hard to get around.

    2. Rebuild, the best thing to do is ignore both of them. TomD seems to enjoy attacking Seb so much, it’s laughable. It’s like Seb’s an ex-wife who got the house and the kids. Seb enjoys posting to the air, also laughable. It’s like he stands in front of a mirror and talks to himself.

      Hopefully Grant will get the picture soon and ban them. Unless he doesn’t care because he thinks all the extra posts offset the traffic he has lost. That’s a risky game, though. Some day, maybe soon, we’ll find another blog and leave here. If Grant were smart, he’d take his poison now and ban them.

  38. Not directly NFL related, Russia track athletes getting banned from the Olympics is pretty big news. Finally something’s been done. I just wish the ban wasn’t confined to their track athletes.

    The list of corrupt and money tainted sports organizations grows and grows..
    – RUSADA created shadow testing laboratories within the real ones changing urine samples, teaches Russian athletes on how to cheat, shaking down athletes for payment and food (yes, food). All under the direction of the Russian government and intelligence services.
    – The IAFF took bribes and worked in tandem shaking down Russian athletes for hush money.
    – WADA (used to be squeaky clean) turned a blind eye to years of state sponsored systematic doping. They even ratted a whistle blower asking for help to her own government.

    and then…
    – FIFA. A personal piggy bank of the reclusive billionaire Septic Bladder.
    – The IOC is famously tainted.
    – The ICU has too much of a financial interest in cycling to be clean
    – NCAA has become a cold, heartless cash register
    – NFL is brought to you by the fine makers of the best HGH money can buy running around chasing pot smokers.

  39. Update on Eugene Monroe:


    Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole reports free agent LT Eugene Monroe turned down an offer from the Giants to play right tackle and isn’t willing to play the position. Monroe is in “no rush” to sign now that OTAs and minicamps are over, leaving five weeks until training camps open. But the 29-year-old is adamant at staying on the left side. Cole mentions the Seahawks and Panthers as options for Monroe, specifically if Carolina wants to move Michael Oher to right tackle. After signing Oher to an extension Friday, we doubt that’s the case. Monroe’s best fit right now from a position and scheme standpoint would be Seattle.

    1. But now, PFT is reporting:

      “ESPN New York reports free agent Eugene Monroe is open to playing right tackle.
      A previous report said Monroe turned down the Giants because he only wants to play left tackle. With over a month until training camp, Monroe is taking his time before signing. The 49ers, Panthers, and Seattle have all been linked to Monroe.”

      1. Hmmmm.
        Choice 1 a Super Bowl contender
        Choice 2 a Super Bowl contender
        Choice 3 an ex Super Bowl contender that is cheap to boot!

        1. All true, unfortunately. Plus he’s an East Coast guy (New Jersey, Virginia, Baltimore). I grew up there and know many Easterners think California might as well be on the other side of the moon.

      2. Jake Long says he’s healthy. If I was going to take a flyer on an old injury prone T who’s best days are in the past I’d go with Long over Monroe. If nothing else you don’t have to worry about him missing games on the substance abuse program.

    1. Now that it is the off season before TC, expect less posts. I was mainly interested in the draft, and was bitterly disappointed with the Free Agency. The whole Kaep saga also took a lot of attention, but now that the seas have calmed and he is still part of the team, I am happy as a clam.

      I will still post about strategies, and what the coaches should think about, but we have plenty of time to relax, enjoy the summer and accomplish goals.

      Glad to see the juvenile clique plotting to ostracize me. They finally learned their lesson, and will leave me alone. If they think that I would have gotten enriching experiences enduring their pap and hate, they will be sorely disappointed. I just want to politely converse about a team I love with passionate mature Niner fans. Hurling invective, immature screeds and viperous deprecation should not be tolerated. I expected better, but like free agency, have been bitterly disappointed.

  40. I am really high on Monroe. He is highly skilled. I like the buzz about him

    Too bad he may disappear like a puff of smoke.

  41. Hi Grant,

    i posted numerous comments/observations on your Thursday article and would very much enjoy your thoughts.

    Although they are rather verbose, i did put a lot of thought into them.

    thank you for your consideration.

  42. Somehow I find Seb’s concern for the NFL’s protocol about as sincere as his sentiments to George during George’s heart attack recovery:

    Seb: “George, I hope you find happiness in Life.”

    Seb to TomD regarding concussions and NFL CTE protocol:

    June 17, 2016 at 9:04 am

    TrollD, you obviously have taken too many blows to the head

    If Seb thinks this is funny many former NFL players don’t think so…TomD

    And Seb’s view on gun control:

    Sebnynah, June 17, 9:28
    under the gun, or run the pistol. No teams will target a player, there will be no misfires, QBs will never fire a bullet pass, and the shotgun snap will be illegal.


    June 17, 2016 at 9:50 am

    Seb, others making fun of your phraseologies:


    January 22, 2016 at 5:49 pm

    Shot yourself in the foot!

    Cassie Baalke

    January 20, 2016 at 6:04 pm

    Or as dear Seb would say…shooting himself in the foot…


    1. George angrily responded: “Seb, you don’t know me” (whether I’m happy and what does this have to do with a heart attack).

    2. I had a dear friend succumb to heart problems, so your dissing me about George goes over the line. TrollD you are a cretin with no redeeming qualities.

      I have left George alone and have not engaged him, because I respect him and his condition.

  43. This article tends to sum up my feelings about Kaep, but then I look at Gabbert and I feel no better. The saving grace, if there is one is Kelly. I have no doubt the stats will be better for Kaep and Gabbert I just feel uncomfortable with out QB’s. I really hope one takes the reins and make me eat my doubtfulness.

  44. Kevin Lynch’s NFL Weekly article on 2016 49ers and Kap vs. Gabbert:

    “The players like Gabbert better because he goes through his progression and hits the open man.”

  45. Grant this is getting stupid, a couple of children posters are turning this place into pre-school status. I think ‘most’ of the old time people here are in agreement that something has to be done.

    1. Looks like Grant has banned Prime for his vicious attacks, maybe he should do the same with TrollD.

      All I want is to politely and civilly discuss the Niners with passionate Niner fans.

      1. Seb we get it. Honestly I don’t have much of a problem with you, and you’re right you are polite and civil for the most part. I see why the others have a problem with you polluting the blog with 80% of the content and with your oblivious and ignorant comments and assumptions. But I honestly think that’s just how you think. You truly think the coaches are monitoring your suggestions and taking notes, and reading the books you are suggesting. That’s fine but this just doesn’t seem like the place for it, it’s a blog where plenty of us like to gather and yes discuss our precious niners but in a different manner. This just doesn’t seem like the place for you. Have you tried the 49ers forum? You can start your own threads and there are others like you there. People are not going to stop bashing you. I know that seems to give you fuel and motivation to continue this “martyrdom”, but at some point Grant is going to have take action, and the easiest thing would just be to subtract you, not all the others.

        Did the others go about it in the right way? Probably not, they’ve been pretty harsh and perhaps should have approached you more civilly and respectfully ask you to limit your “suggestions” and your 25 comments a day. Maybe you should just be the bigger man and do that yourself even though they don’t deserve it.

        Just some insight for you Seb. Have a good day man.

        1. Leo, I did not know there was a limit on the amount of posts. If you truly monitor my posting, I do not take over a blog, and usually post only several times. However, I do respond many times, so if posters will just stop engaging me, the site will be a lot more calm.

          I am sorry that it has gotten this way, but posters should realize that it takes 2 to tango. It is also a 2 way street. You cant fault me for defending myself, so maybe you should try to get my detractors to back off.

          I like it here. I think Grant has a proficient and interesting writing style. Believe me, I could make a new account on NN and engage those folks, but I really do not want to go there. I also know that some posters from NN come here to bedevil me here.

          I may play the victim card, but if you were treated like I am, you would feel insulted, bullied and assailed also.
          Luckily, I have a thick skin, so I can usually take it. I reserve the right to respond to TrollD the way that I do, because we go way back. I hope you notice that I do not devolve into spewing expletives, and have tried very hard to just be civil and polite.

        2. Did the others go about it in the right way? Probably not, they’ve been pretty harsh and perhaps should have approached you more civilly and respectfully.

          I don’t remember them forming a committee to get rid of Mary, the Seahawk troll who incessantly left her droppings all over this blog. I can tolerate any 49er fan on here, but that’s where I draw the line….

          1. Posters here are pretty much noobs when it comes to blogging on the internet. This is not my first rodeo, and if they think they can gang up on me and drive me away, they will be sadly disappointed.

            Maybe they should visit other blog sites and see how the real world really is. Frankly, I have been restrained because I know how to play the game.

            I know I had the temerity to actually propose a multi player deal, and they do not know how to deal with it. The best way to deal with it is not to let them lose it. Just let it go, and do not go ballistic.

            Maybe this advice is for the Niners, too. DO NOT LET THEM SEE YOU SWEAT. Be calm , controlled and unflappable.

            1. Another way they could settle their differences, is to wager their ability to post on here against yours. Just as I did with Jamaicaman. I used his hate of Kaepernick to sucker him into making that bet, and now there’s one less member in Oregoniner’s club….

              1. Hi Razor. Speaking of making a bet, would you care to wager who the QB will be who starts the first game? I know you’re firmly in the Kaepernick camp. I think it will be Gabbert. How about wagering that whoever is wrong has to adopt a Bozo the Clown avatar (like the one in the link below) for a month after the date of that game? One condition: The bet is off if one of the two guys got injured along the way. So, for example, if Gabbert starts but Kaep got injured along the way, the bet is off, and vice versa. It doesn’t matter if the one who got injured did not appear to be going to start anyway. What do you say?


              2. razor

                I beg your pardon, but I lay no claim to any club….I leave that up to you…you clever devil….

              3. You guys open to more people jumping in on your bet? When would we have make our pick? I’d like to see if CK is healthy before TC.

              4. Razor, my son set up my computer, and has blocked ads and extraneous materials, so I do not even know what my avatar looks like. It would be foolish to bet something that I do not even see.

                BTW, I hope you win…..

              5. Wilson, am open to having others join in, if Razor concurs. As to the deadline for making the pick, how about the day after the first day of TC?

              6. Sounds good George. I will put in. A pick after the first day of TC. Either way it will be fun to. See a few of us with Bozo the clown avatars if Razor agrees. How long do we have to run it?

      2. Seb- I will add my $.02 to your scenario………. just keep your posts brief, like the one above, and focused on 49ers not blog members, and perhaps time will heal the wounds. I wouldn’t expect an apology to come from you, nor is it maybe necessary. My other request would be to refrain from outlandish trade proposals as well……. those alone lead me to pass on anything you write.

        1. DT, I have apologized, but they will not accept my apologies. I had engaged George, but once I heard that he had heart trouble, I wished him well, and hoped he would find happiness in his life instead of getting enraged at my posts. Obviously, he still hates my guts and wants me banned, but I have been very careful not to engage him anymore.

          So here it is again. I am sorry that some posters are upset with my posting, and since it is the down time before TC, will post less. However, they should realize that they are the ones who are getting upset over a blog post, and they should not allow that to happen. No blog post from anyone should make them so upset that they need to attack ad hominem.

          I will still post my opinions, and heartily invite posters to scroll past my posts. It is not that hard to do.

          I still will lament that all I want to do is discuss the Niners with passionate Niner fans. Sometimes my ideas are wildly speculative, but you must admit they are original. I do not come here to see the same old same old. I also know that Jed reads my posts, and gets the message loud and clear, because he said so.

  46. Grant- I am pulling for Jerome Simpson as I remain intrigued by his size and speed, and from my understanding Chip runs a lot of multiple verticals… he reportedly had a good OTA but I haven’t seen much written up- can you add some insight please. I still have my doubts about Patton and the remaining lot of unproven WR’s- with the exception of Ellington.

    Additionally, what are the odds of Robinson getting on the field this season?

    1. DT, my problem with Patton is that he is undisciplined, and will draw flags that negate big plays. However, he will then do something like blocking a punt for a TD, so he does have value.

    1. NFL rumors 49ers : Blaine Gabbert may be starting quarterback next season
      Genesis Padua Published 18 June 2016

      according to an earlier article made by Sporting News, Kaepernick looked a bit emaciated due to the surgery. This means that the injury he sustained has prevented him from doing his rigorous weightroom routine.

      Because of the uncertainty of Kaepernick’s timetable for recovery, Gabbert has a higher chance of becoming the starter. After all, he will have more play time in the OTAs, so he’ll have more exposure compared to his competitor.


    according to an earlier article made by Sporting News, Kaepernick looked a bit emaciated due to the surgery. This means that the injury he sustained has prevented him from doing his rigorous weightroom routine.

    Because of the uncertainty of Kaepernick’s timetable for recovery, Gabbert has a higher chance of becoming the starter. After all, he will have more play time in the OTAs, so he’ll have more exposure compared to his competitor.

    1. I hope Jed is reading today and recognizes the wisdom and hard work of our bloggers. I hearby bury the hatchet against Seb and will only respond to his attacks or calling me an idiot like when I proposed the Kap for Tebow + draftpicks (when Kap was a hot commodity).

      1. And asking Grant to ban me deserves a response, in kind, but, unlike Seb, I will take the high road and continue my 49er info posts from time to time…Have a nice summer everyone.

  48. Fellow bloggers,

    I come to this blog everyday–regardless if Grant has a new article posted or not–and have contributed to debates and theories about the current state of the 49ers (though, not as many as the “usual posters”) and enjoy reading what fellow fans have to say about our team.

    While we have had a tumultuous last couple years, from the front office to the play on the field, I still enjoy talking and reading about our boys. Albeit it’s that time of the year where we’re many weeks away from TC and football discussions have become a bit stagnant, it’s been very discouraging to continuously read bickering between fellow posters that has little to do with football. Argument are going to happen… that’s the nature of the beast when opinions from individuals are amassed into a blogging website with conflicting views about subjects A, B, and C. I get that. But this site keeps losing track of what brought us here; our love for the game of football and the 49ers.

    Seb, if you truly don’t want to fuel the fire that has been lit beneath you, then ignore the hatred and continue to discuss your opinions (skewed or not) about football related topics. But please keep in mind that this a football blog, not social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter. You’re obviously an intelligent man and I’m sure you have other outlets for conversation that end in turmoil (whether it was you that started it, or not).

    To the Seb haters, i respect that have harsh feelings for him, but I’ve read many of you agree to ignore him, but keep engaging in conversation with him. We don’t need Grant to step in and dictate our conversations or exile posters. I don’t agree with a lot of his posts, but i choose not to answer because, well, i don’t feel the need to. If you don’t want to entice Seb, then ignore him and stick to it. With that being said, i really enjoy a lot of our posts so keep them coming!


    1. TomD,

      I read one of your last posts after typing my novelty sized post. This blog will benefit greatly from you vowing to end the tiff (or at least ignore him) with Seb. Much thanks, my friend.

    2. Chris, I am glad that you at least acknowledge the hate against me. I will try to post less about social issues, but if posters want to say that I am disingenuous if I post condolences, I must give a counter post.

      I will not boast about you praising my intelligence, I will just say that I have a lot of common sense.

      I will back up my posts by pointing out that I was correct in getting the correct SB winner. I said that the Broncos would win because of their pass rush. I will acknowledge that Cassie had a better point differential, but she may have hedged her bet by just being one point better than my prediction.

      I will also crow about getting 3 players right in predicting my last mock. If another poster on this blog can honestly say that they predicted 3 players, too, I will acknowledge their football acumen. If they cannot point to any mock that had 3 correct picks, maybe I am better at scouting players that the Niners targeted.

      Maybe they are jealous that I was smart enough to predict 3 players. I do not deserve the hate because I was right 3 times. They may say that I was lucky, but others may wonder why I had the insight to make those correct picks.

      I will gladly ignore TrollD, but when he addresses me and then says farcical things that I had no Idea about, and puts words in my mouth, I have to counter the screeds. Those were his ideas, and they are so far from what I intended to say, the straw man arguments need condemnation.

      Once again, I will state that I will be perfectly happy if others ignore my posts, if they want to. If they do not want to engage in civil conversation, I will not try to force them to. All I want is a site where I can post my ideas. Grant invites posters to do that, so I am just following what he says.

  49. Grant,

    Regarding Daniel Kilgore (Drafted round 5, 163 overall), “At center, the starter probably will be Daniel Kilgore who missed 20 games due to injury the past two seasons. Not good.”

    I don’t think that’s a fair statement. It seems to imply that he is “injury prone” and has a hard time staying on the field. He played in all 16 games in 2012 & 2013 and all 7 games in 2014 until he broke his leg against Denver on 10/19/14.

    On about 6/17/15 he had a follow up surgery which required surgery including 12 screws, a plate and a bone transfer from his left hip.

    Per Cam Inman’s article on 11/17/15:

    “There was some gunk in the break of the fibula that was blocking the bone growth,” Kilgore explained. “So we went in to replace the hardware, remove the gunk and do a bone transfer from the hip into that break in the fibula.

    “At the same time went to clean the ankle and I had something loose in the ankle, too. That was unexpected. That’s what prolonged it. Stuff happens, and it’s fixed now.”

    Per Dean Berhow-Goll”s 7/9/15 article in 24/7 Sports:

    “Kilgore is in the middle of a three-year, $5.25 million deal with a $1,510,300 signing bonus and a total of $2,155,300 guaranteed.

    The reason Kilgore is a bargain is for his small cap number when other starting centers of his caliber are getting much more money.

  50. Grant,

    Please enlighten me, how would the “center can snap the ball to the punter and he and Driskel can run the zone-read” work?

    Would it be that if the outside guy was crashing down the line for a block of the punt, Driskel would block the outside rusher (for the punter to run to his side) ,and then otherwise if the outside guy delayed, Pinion would punt? or is it something else or maybe something more?

    i always hoped that they would have used Jarryd Hayne as the PP last year for the fake punt ability. Now with Driskel, there is even more variety of play calling available. Yahoo!

    1. I would like to have had Hayne play more, but using him on fake punts may have been a little over his head. He should have been the punt returner, and when Hyde went down, the second RB.

      1. Also, Tomsula said than one should never be afraid to punt, so fake punts were not in his playbook. Maybe Chip will be different.

      2. I just thought Hayne was such an excellent open field runner, that it would make sense to have the option for a direct snap to him and he would run it.

        now with Driskel, “the whole play book is available”, thus even more reason for optimism regarding the threat of this play.

  51. Grant,

    Excellent comment regarding Gabbert starting to press when Kaep came back!

    I seem to remember reading about him hitting a lot of the “butterfly screens” (perhaps from one of your articles – by the way, what a wonderful invention of Chip’s) and, I believe you are correct – it seems like it wasn’t until after Kaep came back that he started doing so.

    I’m extremely excited to watch the upcoming competition unfold in training camp and pre-season. I think it will be much more intense and will elevate both their games substantially more than most people realize. However, I am actually kind of worried about the probable higher injury risk to both of them during pre-season games because of the intense pressure to produce and win the starting job.

    I really think that Kaep can return to his incredible 2012-2013 form. He should still have the same skill set and athletic ability as then (providing all is well after the 3 surgeries) . Apparently, we can also add “improved vision” (ie. contacts and tinted visor – I never heard anything about this until just recently) to the list as well. Also, the better coaching staff and o-line, return of Hyde, and a hopefully improved receiving corp are all definite positives to help him do so.

    Remember what he did to the Packer’s opening day of 2013? Remember how well he did on the road in the playoffs? I mean, just him personally, he was incredible.

    Regarding the surgeries, it did seem like he was moving and throwing accurately and easily from the mini camp videos. What do you think?

    Also, how much muscle weight do you think he will need to regain? I’m thinking at least 20 to maybe even 30 pounds based on photos. He looks really skinny with greatly reduced biceps.

    I saw one article that had (by coincidence i think) two different pictures (before and after) with the same “flex your bicep” type pose in the form of his arm position at the moment of release of a pass and the difference was striking.

    How long would that take, given the 49er resources that can be employed? And it’s what – roughly 3 months to week #1? Maybe he can get part way there by opening day (10 – 15 lbs) and continue to bulk up throughout the season.

    His recent interview was fantastic! Someone must have had a great talk with him. This is how I remember him from early on in his career.

    I believe that the reason he was so sullen with the press previously, was due to that phony “rape” story that came out. He was crucified in the press for at least 3 months before it was finally revealed that he was not even there at the time of that (apparently mentally impaired) women’s episode.

    As far as I know, nobody from the press ever apologized to him or loudly proclaimed his innocence. No wonder he was jaded.

    This really angered me at the time and still does. On the other hand, the guy’s never bought me a drink, so what do I care? But, you know what I mean, even though I don’t know him personally, I hate to see a guy get raked over the coals for nothing.

    What is your take on this, Grant?

    1. I think he is too optimistic that Grant will answer all his questions, but I agree that Kaep could return to his 2012 form.

      Maybe he should be raked over the coals for too long a post, but he does sound like a die hard faithful Niner fan.

      1. actually i would appreciate an intelligent reply from anyone capable of formulating one.

        i never once heard anything resembling an apology to Kaepernick – did anyone else?

        also sorry for the long posts – probably strung too much together at one time

        1. I do not think they will give Kaep an apology, and I do not think he expects one. Maybe if Kaep wins the first 8 games, but that is a big if.

          To them, it is just business.

          1. Sorry, now i was too brief.

            what i was referring to was my earlier post “I believe that the reason he was so sullen with the press previously, was due to that phony “rape” story that came out. He was crucified in the press for at least 3 months before it was finally revealed that he was not even there at the time of that (apparently mentally impaired) women’s episode.

            As far as I know, nobody from the press ever apologized to him or loudly proclaimed his innocence. No wonder he was jaded.

            This really angered me at the time and still does. On the other hand, the guy’s never bought me a drink, so what do I care? But, you know what I mean, even though I don’t know him personally, I hate to see a guy get raked over the coals for nothing.

            What is your take on this, Grant?

  52. In 2013 Nick Foles threw for just under 3,000 yards, and 27 touchdowns with two interceptions. The Eagles threw the football just 53% of the time. That was good for 27th place and just four spots ahead of the 2015 San Francisco 49ers. Chip prefers to run the football down your throat, wearing you down. If Colin is 100% healthy, he should explode in this offense….

    1. Michael Vick started the season and then Foles came in and played 13 games after Vick went down with injury. So they started the year with a terrible QB and Foles ended with 3000 yards on just 13 games. Kaepernick through 3200 yards on 16 games. Oh and this was all Chips first season in the league.

      What did Chips offense do the next two years? In 2014 and 2015 the Eagles were #6 in pass attempts.

      1. Chip seems like he prefers to throw vertically downfield, rather than horizontally. Not exactly Blaine Gabbert’s strength….

    2. Actually, I hope Chip will emulate Bill Walsh and have a balanced offense. This will allow the QBs to stay healthy, and get the ball into the hands of the playmakers.

      Too bad the Niners do not have another Jerry Rice, so you may be right, and they will run more.

      1. I have to believe that part of the attractiveness of taking the 49ers job to a coach like Chip Kelly, had to be his unlimited access to the Walsh Files. I would imagine his mind absorbed the salient concepts from those files like a sponge, whereas Harbaugh’s was more like a generic paper towel….

        1. Razor

          I was under the impression that Pete Carroll pilfered many of the Walsh files and was ‘asked’ to return them….Was that JH ?

    3. Happy Father’s Day to all dad’s on the PD blog.

      We could only hope that CK can find his groove and make a strong run in TC to reclaim the starting QB gig again.

      And as much as I like Kaep because of an affinity with him being a valley boy, my 49ers fandom since the 60’s wants the best man for the job to win out in training camp.

      Players come and go all the time in sports. Heck, I had my qualms about having Montana replace Steve DeBerg at the time because I didn’t think Montana was ready to take the helm. Wow, little did I know! I went through the same thing when Steve Young took over for Montana.

      Point: If Gabbert wins the QB battle in TC i’m going to trust Chip and not look over my shoulder for Kaepernick.
      If either Gabbert or CK start the season they should be allowed to play even if they lose games. Confidence building will be key for the starter and knowing that they will be allowed to play through mistakes will help to that end.
      Unless Gabbert or Kaep put up surprisingly good numbers, I believe that most here will agree that our franchise QB is not yet on the team.

      So whether it’s a QB on the roster or an 11th hour trade QB that starts, I’m already bracing myself for 2016 and looking forward to year two and three of the Kelly regime.

      1. My mindset as well, and thanks for the good wishes. Having said that, I just don’t see Kaepernick losing to Gabbert in this offense. Kansas City’s offense? More likely….

        1. Razor,
          Fair assessment. But even if CK wins out in TC, can he be trusted to beat Seattle twice or even once a season?

          While I’m interested in the TC battle, I still feel that our biggest battles will come against the likes of Seattle. Not saying that Seattle is the cream of the crop in the west, but they do have our number and at the moment CK can’t beat them.
          If we are going to make any noise in our division we need a QB that can get us over the seahawks.

          The c-hawks are our roadblock to success. Once we beat them this team will recapture it’s confidence and swag going forward to take on the rest of the league. The question is can we count on either CK or Blaine to get over the top?

          1. That fight will start up front. I’m really looking forward to Chip Kelly versus Stinky Pete. He’s 0-1 in the NFL against him, but he was handicapped with the Sanchize at quarterback. He opened a can of whup @ss against Stinky Pete in 2009, on his way to the Rose Bowl, 47-20. The important thing to remember is, the 49ers have an intelligent, offensive minded and respected coach with which to go against the Seahawks this year, instead of a babbling, bumbling buffoon….

  53. As much as I liked Boldin, I won’t miss watching him run in the open field, laboring as if he was in pain. If you wanted to time him, I would argue a sun dial would provide a more accurate reading than a stop watch….

    1. I would like Boldin to return just for his leadership, but agree that he has lost a step or 2.

      I hope that through attrition, some team desperate for a WR will sign him, and hopes he gets on a team with serious SB consideration so he can get another ring.

  54. Trade hypothetical: Von Miller to 49ers for Colin Kaepernick, draft picks would be interesting

    By David Fucillo  @davidfucillo on Jun 21, 2016, 3:54p 91

    The most notable player facing contract problems right now is Denver Broncos pass rusher Von Miller.

    The 49ers will hope for big things from Eli Harold and/or Tank Carradine, but if you could stick Von Miller in that pass rush opposite Aaron Lynch? Oh boy, that would be something else.

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