Is there any way the Rams can beat the 49ers?


There is no way the Rams can beat the 49ers on Sunday, unless there’s an act of divine intervention.

The Rams offense doesn’t have a good enough run game or offensive line to sustain 14-play touchdown drives against the 49ers defense. St. Louis will find itself in too many second-and-nines and third-and-eights. Their offensive line is not good enough to block the 49ers pass rush in those situations.

I’d be surprised if the Rams drive the ball into the red zone more than once. I’d also be surprised if they score more than one field goal.

In the conference call, Jeff Fisher and James Laurinaitis almost waived a white flag, they seemed so impressed by the 49ers. If they don’t think they will win, why should I?

I’m saying the 49ers will win 20-3. Is there anyone out there who can make a case for the Rams winning – or even cares to?

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