Jim Harbaugh is in a difficult position

Jim Harbaugh is in a difficult position. He has gone on record in total support of his original starting quarterback – Alex Smith – even after a dalliance with Peyton Manning. Yet, Smith’s performances always brought up questions and concerns.

Now, with Colin Kaepernick in the picture after just a game and a half, the dilemma is to whom does Harbaugh turn for the next game?

First of all, if Smith is not cleared by the neurologist, there is no controversy or question about who plays the game.

If he does not play, and Kaepernick starts and loses, it makes it easier for Harbaugh to go back to Smith when he is cleared.

If Kaepernick wins with a performance similar to Monday night, the issue still remains front and center for Harbaugh. It becomes a tougher issue in the locker room because bottom line, the players want to win a Super Bowl, not play favorites with a starting QB.

It does not take a football genius to realize that Kaepernick, even in his limited exposure as a starter, has the talent and the skill level to make coaches and players drool.

It is not a matter of who is the better QB in Harbaugh’s mind, but how is he going to handle the transition.

Win out with Kaepernick, and Harbaugh is a genius, although others will question as to why it took this concussion episode before he was willing to make the change.

Play Kaepernick and fail to win the whole enchilada, and doubters will say Smith would have given him a better shot, even if Smith is more conservative and the game plan does not have the downfield and explosive plays in the passing game.

Tough decision and some sleepless nights, but that’s why Harbaugh gets the big bucks.

Remember, Super Bowl appearances are hard to come by, so a coach does not want to blow what could be a good opportunity.

On another note, does any then Yankee player, coach or manager have any regrets for the “Wally Pipp” incident?

Has there ever been a “Wally Pipp” incident that has backfired?

Look at the Rams when Trent Green went down and a bag boy at a corner grocery store and a QB for the Iowa Barnstormers named Kurt Warner stepped in at QB. That worked out pretty well.

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