Jim Harbaugh on Patrick Willis’ injury: “I was more relieved that it wasn’t a knee.”

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what Jim Harbaugh said this afternoon about Patrick Willis, who injured his right hamstring on Sunday against the Rams.

Q: Have you gotten any results from the MRI of Patrick Willis?

HARBAUGH: No. Nothing to share.

Q: What is your sense of the severity of that injury?

HARBAUGH: I would not be able to tell you. I’m not in Patrick’s body.

Q: But just the black and white – what has the MRI shown?

HARBAUGH: Like I said, don’t have any results.

Q: Have you spoken to him?

HARBAUGH: Not to Patrick today, no.

Q: Some of his teammates downplayed it because it’s a hamstring injury. Do you feel it will not be a long term injury?

HARBAUGH: It’s hard to say with any injury, including a hamstring.

Q: You knelt next to Patrick Willis yesterday when he got injured. What went through your mind when he got hurt?

HARBAUGH: Just checking on him. I guess I was more relieved that it wasn’t a knee. That area that they were working on – I was concerned about that, for Patrick and for our team. It was just like when T. Brown went down and kind of grabbed at his foot area, the first thing that goes through your mind is: “Oh gosh, he went pretty quick toward the foot area. I hope that’s not an Achilles.” Those kinds of things. You go out and check on it and feel relief.

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