Kaepernick on Patton: “He’s going to make a lot more things viable to us.”

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick spoke in the locker room Wednesday afternoon. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


You’ve played in cold-weather games. What was the coldest game you played at quarterback up there?

“Probably 20 at kickoff.”


And how would you make an adjustment to the cold? Did it change at all about how you try to grip the ball or release, anything?

“No, you just have to block it out.”


Are you going to wear a glove or anything like that?



With the 20 degrees, was that Boise St. game?



Wasn’t there a game against Louisiana Tech where it was windy, 2007?

“Yes. That was one of the colder games I’ve played in as well. Turned out well for us.”


Didn’t you throw for over 400 in that game?

“Yeah, we did. It was a good game for us.”


Staying along those lines, when you worked out for head coach Jim Harbaugh up there, was it cold there? Was it cold that day too?

“A little bit. It was more windy than anything.”


Is this a dream scenario for you? Growing up, playing a January game at Lambeau Field?

“I don’t think my dream was to play in freezing weather, but to be in the playoffs and have this opportunity, yes, it’s part of the dream.”


Because of what Lambeau Field means to your family and maybe some of your childhood memories, did you soak it in the first time you were there? Just running out of the tunnel and being on Lambeau Field for the first time.

“I was more worried about trying to work my way on the field any way I could.”


There was no sentimentality attached to it?

“No, I don’t worry about that.”


What do you recall from the Week 1 game where WR Anquan Boldin had quite a sensational debut and what was working so well for you guys and anything else that he might have showed you that day?

“Ultimately, we went out and executed. He had a great game. He made a lot of great catches. Had some catch and carries, but ultimately, our offense went out and we executed.”


Is this offense at the point now where you like it to be where as if a defense is going to do one thing to take something away, that you guys have the ability to counteract that?

“Yes, I think it’s great for us. We can do a lot of different things. We can try and manipulate defenses different ways.”


And how does WR Quinton Patton fit into that now, giving you a third real threat on the outside?

“He’s going to make a lot more things viable to us. We can do a lot more things, different personnel groups, different things like that. He’s just another piece to the puzzle now.”


You’ve had two of your best games against the Packers. Can you put your finger on why that is even though they were different sorts of games?

“Really can’t say why. It’s just worked out that way. We’ve played well when we’ve played against them.”


What do you remember about the 49ers-Packers playoff matchups in the mid-90s and were you torn watching those games?

“Well, I was a Packers fan growing up so I wasn’t torn. But, I remember [former WR Terrell Owens] T.O. going down the middle, catching the game-winner. I think that’s probably the biggest memory I have of it.”


Did that make you unhappy as a kid?



LB Patrick Willis was saying that before every game, he tells you to just go out and do your thing, that the defense has you. What does that kind of support mean to you?

“It’s great to have the support of your teammates, especially your defense. When they say we’ve got you covered, you can really go out and try to make plays. You don’t have to worry about if something’s not quite right or if something doesn’t work because our defense is great. They do a lot of good things for us.”


How have you changed in a year, going into the playoffs this year from a year ago? How does it feel different?

“Just more comfortable with the situation, with the scenario. I think last year everything just happened fast, this year I have the experience of being in the playoffs. I have the experience of being in the offense.”


Did that game against the Packers in the playoffs tell you anything about yourself that you didn’t know previously?

“No, not at all.”


How often do you go back to Wisconsin and just visit with the family and things like that? And is that a summer thing that you do?

“Every year or two, I’ll be back there. It really depends on what everyone’s schedule is like and what’s going on, but I try to get back there when I can.”


Do you have more ticket requests this week?

“No, everyone got their tickets. So, I’m in the clear.”


Was WR Michael Crabtree the old Crabtree right from his first game back or have you seen him get up to speed, so to speak, since his return?

“He’s Crab. He really goes out, he just plays. So, I don’t think there was really any drop off, anything like that. He came back when he was ready and he was ready to play.”


And what has he meant to the offense over these last few weeks would you say?

“He’s a huge threat. I think last week they basically matched [Cardinals CB Patrick] Peterson up on him the whole game and we had a mismatch with [WR] Anquan [Boldin]. So, I think defenses are trying to do things to stop him now, which opens other people up.”


Are you curious to see what they do defensively? You kind of beat them with your legs and arm in the last two meetings. Are you interested to see what they might try this time around?

“They can do a lot of different things. They have a lot of things in their arsenal, but for us, we have to trust what we see and go with what we know.”

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