Kaepernick’s fourth quarter stats

Did you know that Colin Kaepernick committed more than half of his turnovers in the fourth quarter this season?

Did you know that Kaepernick’s fourth quarter passer rating was 61 this season?

Not good.

    1. Did you know that The 40whiners have only allowed six 100 yrd rushing games since 2011, and Marshawn Lynch is responsible for four of those.

  1. Kaepernick has a long way to go. He is not yet an average NFL quarterback. He better wake (expletive deleted) up this off-season, or the Niners can look forward to several more years of mediocrity. He can start by getting off his high horse.

    1. Are you serious? Kap was incredible in the two playoff games. He was our best postseason player. Even Peter King and the Grantland Boys said that he was the offensive MVP of the Playoffs after two weeks.

  2. This guy does NOT deserve a big time contract. I’d rather start over and get/draft someone else and use that money for proven players. He’s a great runner, not a great passer.

    1. Some of you guys are as ignorant as Sherman, could Colt Mccoy win ? No way…Brett Favre threw a ton of picks early in his career . How many games did Steve Young lose to the Cowboys/ packers ? This was the kids First season as a full time starter, that throw he made to Boldin while in the Air was incredible, Peter King from Sports Illustrated commented that it was One of the most amazing throws hes ever seen, give the kid some time …..

      1. You mean the throw that went through the defenders hands and could have easily been picked? Yes, it was a great throw but once again a terrible read which is what has been Colins Achilles heel.

      2. so far, 945 is the only non idiot posting on here. Joe and steve are combined 1-6 on the road in the play-offs!!!!!!!!!!! Kap 3-1!!!!!!!!! the kid has less starts than Wilson, luck, rg3, and newton…….but as many play-off wins as ALL OF EM COMBINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Its Kaps fault that:

        Gore looked his age! averaging 1 yard a carry
        special teams gave up a 69 yard kick return
        a 45 yard td ON 4TH AND 7
        the longest td run of the year to Lynch
        allowed Wilson to run around for 10 seconds in the pocket until, the soon to be ex-49er, donte whitner, stopped covering his guy, resulting in 50+ yard reception that led to a FG

        He took blame for the loss due to his 3 turnovers…..but as Patrick Willis pointed out ( something you dorks that never played will never understand) ” we win as a team, we loose as a team”!

  3. The passer rating in the 4th is disturbing but I would assume most quarterbacks have a high percentage of their total turnovers occurring in the 4th quarter considering thats when teams get desperate/riskier play is necessary.

  4. I wonder what the stats are for the average QB? I wouldn’t be surprised if the 4th is the most common TO QTR.

    - Makes sense TOs happen when coming from behind late in the game. The QB has to throw more and take more risks.
    - TOs happen more when the team is behind and/or playing poorly. When a team is dominating they have fewer 4th QTR plays, more running plays.
    - The 4th QTR has more no huddle offense.
    - Kaepernick and Harbaugh need work on game/time management.
    - No matter what QTR, Colin needs to see underneath coverages, especially to his left. It was a problem in his rookie preseason and remains a problem.

    My biggest concern… is lack of (effective) peripheral vision something that can be corrected in an athlete that’s already 26? His spectacular youth pitching might have narrowed the way he sees the field in his adult life. Montana’s other sport was a basketball. He had to see everything on the court.

  5. That is not good. A QB has to have ice water in his veins late in the game. Michael Jordan style. Cool calm under pressure. Forget the QB rating for a minute. A chance to win an NFC championship and a Superbowl and he flat lined.
    It’s not piling on the day after but as a 49er fan how are you not concerned with CK’s inability to convert late in a pressure cooker?

    Grant is this something you learn or do some guys have it and others don’t?

    1. Ehh. 4th quarters are situational. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady both had 5 of their 11 interceptions in the 4th quarter this year. Russel Wilson had more than half in the 4th…

    2. This is the definition of clutch. Before yesterday’s game, which QB scared you more if he had the ball in his hand to win the game? Hands down it was Russell Wilson. Why? Because he just has a knack for making the right play at the right time.
      Look at how many times Colin has had a chance to win the game with his arm. The winning TD pass. He hasn’t done it in his brief time as a QB. He’s has his chances, but not come through.
      It was almost always a run, either a hand-off of a QB sneak.
      He’s made a lot of bone head plays be we all over-look them because he’s either young or super dynamic.
      Even in this big winning streak, it was Bowman who came through with the INT, it was Gore and the big run to set up FGs. He’s made great passes but not the one for the winning FG.
      Why in God’s name was his not looking at Boldin at the end of the game? He has been his most reliable WR and would fight for that ball, and if it was short, he would have ripped off Sherman’s head at ate it during the commercial break!
      Bring back Boldin!

      1. Colin’s done it as much – or more – than Wilson. It’s easy to critique him because we lost. But what about the GB drive? What about the Atlanta drive last year?

        What about Wilson, who had a clear as day chance to put the game away yesterday, and instead fumbled a RB exchange?

      2. At this point I would take Kaepernick over Wilson. With the game on the line Wilson was fumbling snaps and botching handoffs. It’s too easy to hate on your own guy, especially when you lose. Still I wonder why Kaepernick is worse this year than last. He should not be regressing like he is.

      3. Well, they’re both bad plays. Yes, Kap had 2 to Wilson’s 1, but Wilson’s job in the 4th quarter was to hand the ball off. Kap’s was to lead a comeback.

      4. Gee, didnt collin Drive us right down the field after they took the lead for the first time in the game…….

        just like he did in GB

  6. His offensive scheme is offensive to the football gods. A real west coast offense did wonders for average qbs like McNab, schaub, cutler and lately Smith.
    What could a kubiac like coach do for kap?
    Do you know if we score 5 more points per game, we win it all because of our monster defense?
    So that’s basically one more td instead of a field goal. That’s how close we were.
    Roman is not the answer. Neither are his game plans. He held back on kap running during the season to spring it out during the playoffs. That’s hardly creative. With the addition of Bolden and a healthy Crabtree, we should have won, with no excuses.
    I hope harbaugh can see this and make a change. Roman is not the answer. We have no killer instinct on offense. None!!!
    Harbaugh needs to consider it or he’ll be gone sooner than later. Niner fans are not used to losing big games. I personally lost 3 days of sleep for this game. It sucks to sleep thinking of formations, the refs, bad play calling and a bunch of jumbled niner thoughts I can’t decifer. My poor 7 year old balled his eyes out. Three years of losing on the biggest stage is bad for the psyche.
    Jim, make the change now!!! Get a real west coast offense guy (kubiac) in and work with kap right away. That offense raises people to a higher level. It pre determines reads and makes them easier to progress through. It makes too much Sense. I just hope he sees it too before it’s too late.

      1. Not really. You’ve been saying that all year. Harbaugh gets the play call through him and relays them. Maybe he trusts Romans sky box view and that’s why. He needs to stop being so stubborn and find what’s best for kap. If kap is his guy, then help him be great all around not just running. What could a kubiac like coach do with kap ‘ s athletic abilities? A real qb coach.

      2. I think Harbaugh thinks Roman is the best he can come up with at the moment, much like Alex Smith. But Roman has got to go. The Niners had the personnel to be a much better team than they were this season. Most of the time when winning they were in danger of losing.

      3. Big Niner,

        It is Harbaugh’s offense. Sorry if you don’t like it. The guts of it won’t change unless Harbaugh has it forced upon him.

  7. Those 4th quarter stats will primarily come from all 5 losses we had. Were remember Kap struggling in all 5 of those games. I said it earlier. He has not performed well late in games when we needed him to score for us. That is definitely not a good look. I’d rather him run out of downs than to continue to see him throw game ending picks. That’s not cool at all.

  8. Group A:

    Group B:

    Group C:
    Alex Smith
    Dan Pastorini
    Jeff Garcia

    Group D:
    Shaun Hill
    Steve DeBerg

    Group F:
    JaMarcus Russell.
    JT O Sullivan.

      1. That’s a list of Bay Area quarterbacks. The Raiders and the 49ers didn’t draft Tom Brady when they had several chances to do so. On the other hand you don’t read to good.

    1. Leaving out Frankie Albert?
      Mostly agree. Russell digressed. JTO tried to be Garcia, failed. There was a further basement too:
      Scott Bull, Jim Druckenmiller, & the idiot Stoner Marinovich
      Pickett, Dorsey
      Does Rattay belong with the DeBerg group?

      1. And his life went downhill from busting in the NFL; it’s quite awfull. Script Meds derelict/burglar. Akili Smith busted. Leaf supernova-ed. China Syndrome-ed.

    2. Steve Young in Group A?? He was a good QB but no Montana. He would repeatedly choke in big games. He never won a single playoff game on the road. His high passer rating mostly came when the 49ers ran up the score on teams in mid 90s. If he was ever behind by more than a touchdown against a good team, he would always choke.

      1. Well, I mean besides Garcia’s two West titles. He’s always been good…but I think Kap has shown a higher level.
        But,yeah Garcia was feisty.

  9. Wow. If Kaep throws that ball a few inches higher it goes over Shermans fingers into Crab’s hands for a touchdown and all you ungrateful wretches calling for Kaeps head would still be up on the bandwagon shouting Kaeps the Man and the best, most awesome clutch QB you’ve seen since Joe Montana! Give it a rest! He almost singlehandedly carried the offense to it’s 2nd NFC Tille win in 12 months and now everyone’s calling for his head on a pike. He made a bad decision and a bad throw but he’s already won 4 playoff games, 3 of them on the road, in the space of 13 months!
    Kaep has some areas to improve in but he’s our QB and we’re damn lucky to have him! GO NINERS! We’ll get the bastards next year!

    1. I agree with you. Crabtree was behind Sherman. Better ball placement and that’s a TD. He’s the QB of the future. He has unique talent and it needs to be honed. He’s still going to be great.

  10. Kaepernick’s fourth quarter completion percentage was 53, and his fourth quarter yards per pass attempt was 6.8 this season.

    Not good.

    1. Wait for it, wait for it…I’m sure in someway you are about to tie in how this is all Roman’s and/or Frank Gore’s fault.

      1. Kaepernick’s 61 passer rating in the fourth quarter certainly does not reflect well on Greg Roman or Jim Harbaugh.

        Russell Wilson’s fourth quarter passer rating is 95 this season, 8.7 yards per attempt, 8 touchdown passes.

      2. How come you never mention Geep Chryst in your criticism of Kaepernick? I would think the QB’s coach might have a hand in his development, if Harbaugh allows it.

    2. Grant, I know you only reply to things where you have an easy victory, and never comments that prove you may be wrong. But PLEASE I want your take on this:

      Russell Wilson had as many 4th quarter interceptions as he had 1-3rd quarter INTs. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning each had 1 less in the 4th than in 1-3 combined.

      What say you?

  11. Did you know he was also the best QB on 3rd down? In the entire NFL?. The most impotant down in football? Of course you did. And he made 3 straight games of last minute drives to win against G.B. (and he ate up the entire clock 5:06), TD against Ariz., and a TD at end of half to answer Carolina. Went 4-5 on that last drive and converted that 4th and 2 to Gore. He’s also 3-1 on the road in playoffs? 4-2 overall. 17-6 as a regular season starter? Kap was down 18 to Atl. in the playoffs, 22 to the Ravens, 17 to Boise State. He’s not a choker and as far as comparing him to Montana no QB today would stand up to his “coolness” Not even Brady. Especially 11-11 P.M. who many still consider the GOAT but you don’t bring that up. BTW in the “catch” game Montana threw 3 pics and is 1-3 on the road all time. Whats R.W. rating in the 4th? Your opinions are just trash. You are the most “junior varsity” writer I’ve ever read. Think they should start over and get a “real” writer. You hate Kap just be honest about it. At least I could respect that. Kap was the reason they had a lead at half, he carried the Niners in the first half. And for Kaps mistakes in the 4th if he makes just 1 more positive play at the end they win in spite of the 6 garbage calls (especially that running into the kicker which should have given the Niners 15 yards and a automatic first down instead the Seahawks get the ball and score the go ahead TD), his 2 previous turnovers (which resulted in 3 Seahawk points), the 12th man, a really good Seattle team with the #1 defense, Bowman and Lupati being carted off the field. BTW Matt Ryan 1 playoff win, Romo 1 win, Rodgers 5-4 in playoffs (2 losses to Kap and the Niners), Luck 1-2 with 9 turnovers in the play offs, Alex Smith 1-2 in 9 years. And Steve Young ( lifetime 0-3 road play off record) wasn’t a full time starter for the Niners until his 6th year in the NFL sitting behind Montana for 4 years and after 2 years in the USFL and 2 years at Tampa Bay. He was 29. Kap needs to improve his reads, his accuracy, but you talk as if he’s a failure when in reality he is the best QB from that draft (though I know you’re a Cam lover since you picked Carolina because “they have the better QB”) and refused to admit you were wrong. I mean you write like rushing the football at a level NEVER seen before at the QB position isn’t worth anything yet he out rushed Seattle by himself (including Lynch who I recognize is a Bad Man). And he almost always does it with out taking a hit. If Niners had won would you bring up Wilsons fumble on the very first play for the second straight game against the Niners, his Intentional groundings, running backwards into trouble or would you point out that 1 amazing play he made buying time with his feet? You have written in the past when Kap beats a team he’s not “playing” their QB but when he loses he gets outplayed. That’s called bias Grant and you’re full of it.

      1. That was because Hunter came in and they begin to try and get outside with him instead of running up the gut with Gore. Gore can’t get outside against Seattle. They have too much team speed and Gore is just too slow now.

    1. The last drive was clutch, the last play didn’t work out. Second guess? Inevitable. A rushed play with a shot to the Endzone can succeed.
      I would have used the ammo of the two timeouts for leverage, but the unexpected killer shot has its place in the quiver too. Throwing short (back shoulder, kinda) was OK. It beat Sherman’s footwork because there was that back window open. Unexpectedly, Sherman made the play. The pick was icing, but drifting their LBs deep was quite common. A convergence of details kept the Niners from succeeding and the Seahawks from losing. For this to be characterized as failure or choke is preposterous. I hated the SF turnovers, that’s not winning football, but that last pick was fate/history. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
      I’m still good with Colin as our guy. Everybody needs to get better.
      I’m good with him driving the bus.

      1. Well said Brotha. I love Tottenham Hotspurs motto – Audere est facere (to dare is to do). Clutch players are the ones willing to dare to be great. Sometimes they fall short, but without being willing to take a risk you fail almost every time.

        The INT at the end sucked, but he led a great drive to that point, and at least he wasn’t afraid to take the risk to win the game.

    2. can’t compare kap and smith the same way at least not in the 9 year window way….kap came as a 24 year old buffed man to an already made super team and sat for a year and a half smith as a 20 year old kid to a totally disfunctional team…..smith could easily have 3 playoff wins except for special teams fumbling two punts away…and in KC the dude had soldiers falling all around him including the cow bell and he still was able to QB the team to a 28 point lead until the defense and coaching pilfered it away….kap is only three or so years younger than smith

      but i am in awe of kap’s arm strength and his long running strides…kap does take chances leading to crabtree’s preference that he gives his rcvrs chances to make plays…kap has more upside than smith not because of their own attributes but because of the team they are on attributes…..it has always been the case … at this point in time the defense carries this team

    3. That a boy rich baby! We need more bloggers like you around here man! Im tired of me, bay , 23 and crabb seemingly being the only non pessimistic whining idiots on here!

  12. Many you of baffle me talking about drafting another QB. Kaepernick has played 1.5 seasons. He led us to the NFC Championship game this year. Yeah I do believe he has to shoulder much of the blame but the kid is special. Alex Smith would not have been able to evade those defensive lineman. Speaking of which, we gave Alex Smith, what 7-8yrs to be successful. Only until Harbaugh did Alex come along. Kap is young, with a rocket for an arm. His accuracy is great. Footwork not so much. There are many things he can work on, but if you think we are going to draft another QB and have a realistic shot of making it to the NFC Championship, your ignorant. I’m sure Kap hears everyone loud and clear and will get to work soon. But let’s not ask for something we really don’t want

  13. Grant,
    The stats in the fourth Qtr are not good as you say. It’s a good thing that football has three other Qtr’s that make up the whole.

    Kaep’ flaws were on full display this year, and he still manage to take us to the NFC Championship game in his second season.
    I would rather point to his great accomplishments which include a NFC Championship win, a SB appearance, and another NFC Championship appearance this season.
    Also, every football talkinghead has been speaking in wonderment over CK’ ability to make a one-legged hop laser throw to Boldin for a TD.

    Yeah, you could entertain those who don’t need much lowball stats to rail CK.
    I choose to believe that we have one of the brightest young stars in all of football. I also believe that his shoulders are big enough to handle all the ire aimed at him.
    But more importantly, I believe that CK has the talent to win more than a few SB’s.

    His upside/high-ceiling more than makes up for flaws that will be eliminated with time.

    1. So, how’d that work out for the Cowpokes this season, Grant? Sounds like maybe you’d prefer to be writing a Fantasy Football blog. I think most of us here are more interested in actual football…you know, the ultimate TEAM sport. Stats like the ones you’re tossing around don’t take into account the play (or lack thereof) of the O line in that 4th quarter. That’s kind of important to a QB trying to find open receivers. They don’t take into account dropped or tipped passes, or poorly run routes. Those are also rather important considerations. They don’t take into account the quality (or lack thereof) of the play calling…also somewhat significant.
      I find your observations overly simplistic in this case, to the extent that they’re not useful-and I think you proved my point with Romo’s stats.

  14. Grant,
    Romo’ 4th Qtr numbers may rank very high among NFL QB’s. But again, the game as well as stats need to be measured for the game in its entirety.

    Really not sure where the Romo 4th Qtr stat line fits into this?

    1. This goes to show how much you skewer #s to prove Kap is failing. Tony Romo? Are you kidding? Kaps skillset and work ethic far exceed Romos “pretty balls” Winning and fighting takes heartand anybody with unbiased eyes can see the difference of a guy (Kap) that has it and one (Romo) who doesn’t. And you use negative wording like “his footwork is junior varsity” “not good” and “real QB” in your attempt at articles. If you were a decent writer/person you could be constructive but you use destructive terms to skewer peoples opinion. Why? Aren’t you a writer for the Niners? Because that’s bias. BTW Completion % is a barely relevant stat when Kap is always in the top 10 on yards per attempt and QB rating. Look it up. And those stats don’t include rushing, or wins which Kap does as well as anyone in the league. Stop being a ass Grant and just admit you hate Kap. Man up. Some of us see right through you.

    2. Still not sure what your slant is regarding Romo.

      Are you intimating that you would prefer Romo over CK?

      Why is there no blame on missed tackles during Lynch’ TD run?
      Why is there no blame on Whitner leaving his coverage on Russell’ scramble and throw for a completion?

      While we’re at it, where was the special teams coverage on Baldwin’s KO return or why does our best DB get beat by 3rd option WR for a TD?

      Yes, Kaep will shoulder the loss, but a good football analysis will tell you that this loss was a team effort

  15. Sorry Jordan, but i disagree with you about your perception of CK not being able to become an elite QB or take this team to the Super Bowl. Ok, CK has many different opportunities to become a more consistent and a clutch QB in this league and he must continue to work on his mechanics. But please tell me which QB in the league has been a clutch player despite their supporting cast? Aaron Rogers, Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Matt Ryan, Tony Romo, Rivers, Dalton, Tom Brady, Ben R, Joe Flacco the Super Bowl MVP, Carlson P, Cam Newton, Alex Smith or Luck! Even Russell Wilson would be sucking a lolly pop right now without their top ranked defense or other teams would be scoring over 30 points and they could not keep up! The point i am making is football is a team sport. In order for you to go to the Super Bowl and win the big game you must have the right surrounding cast and some luck as well.

    With ck the young QB we went to the Super Bowl and then to the NFC championship back to back. Ck’s lack of game changing mistakes really cost of us the game but please do not forget that this defense also allowed three HUGE plays! one 40 yard rushing TD, one 50 yard pass which led to the field goal and then on 4th and 7 the false start by Aldon and a bomb for another 30 plus yards TD killed our chances to win!!!

    Ultimately the coaching staff should take the responsibility for not managing the game and putting this team in the right position to win. Why not coach the freaking defense on the 4th and 7 to watch out for the hard count since Pete the jack arse was trying to get a free 5 yards to get in a better field goal position. Why not use the two remaining TO with 30 seconds left at the Seattle 18 yard line to create a mismatch and confusion! why put your QB in the position to throw the ball over a 6 foot 3 all pro corner for a TD with out even having anyone to pick up the deflection if it got tipped! How many times has CK successfully thrown a fade pass for a TD in a real game! why now?

    Whats done is done. I am not going to blame the refs anymore. I am disappointed in the quality of officiating. I am disappointed in our coaching staffs game managment and lack of accountability or creativity at the goal line. I am disappointed in our game plan in the second half and the defensive performance that allowed the seahawks offense to score 23 points!!!

    I truly wish the 49ers organization has a plan to work with CK in the off season to help improve his throwing mechanics and accuracy. Colin had an amazing season and we are lucky to have witness such a great performance by this great team but we must continue to improve in order to win another championship. GO NINERS FOR EVER

    1. Chicago,

      Nobody on this blog has supported Kap like I have this year. I like the guy and I do like his game. However, I have to keep it real. I’m a fan of the colors 1st, not the players.

      I see some things in his game that I don’t like. Especially his demeanor against quality opponents. I feel like he tightens up against the Seahawks without question. Yes, he played decent against the packers and Carolina. Nothing spectacular. He was possibly a dropped interception away from losing both of those games. I didn’t like our chances against Seattle because I know Kap turns the ball over against that team. What did he do, he turns it over 3 times. That’s the one constant in his game against this team. I didn’t feel like we were going to score late in that game yesterday. I hoped we would but I wasn’t feeling it. Kap has just went bad late in games when we need a score. He has had more failures than successes.

      Answer this. If you were the QB last night for the Niners, are you targeting Sherman for the go ahead TD? I am not unless he falls down. What say you?

      1. My take was he made a play but Sherman made a better one. Just my opinion.
        But I like our chances next year.
        Ha! Teasing. We always hope to do better. Go Niners!

      2. You guys are both right, which is what makes it so frustrating. I like Kaep and I believe he will develop into a great QB, but I would draft another talented QB and keep the heat on him. Smith benefitted from having a guy nipping at his heels and Kaepernick would too. The good thing about Kaep is his work ethic. He will identify the weaknesses in his game and work on eradicating them. I would expect a noticeable difference in his game by next year. If he doesn’t show that jump I would expect the team to question his viability as the starter. I certainly will.

      3. By working on his weaknesses I hope he doesn’t take that to mean he needs to hit the gym again this offseason lol.

  16. Romo’s played what, 11 seasons? He’s won one playoff out of 4 appearances.
    Who gives a rats ##S what Romo’s 4th quarter stats are? Get off Kaeps back Bro, the man’s going to be in the Hal of Fame when it’s all said a done and Romo will be just another guy who used to play quarterback in the NFL.

  17. Too many here are forgetting this is a “team” game. Kaepernick is not the only player on the field. He didn’t play well second half yesterday. That’s simply the way it is. If you all want to give him all the credit for getting to the playoffs, you have to recognize his poor play that lost it all as well. Seems everyone wants either all the great play credited to Kaepernick and none of the poor play or there are a few who only want to credit him with poor play. Finally, does anyone think its possible that Roman never called that play – that Kaepernick took it upon himself to decide to go with the throw to Crabtree? His responses after the game about the decision to go to him certainly leave room for that possibility.

    1. Kap said he chose to go to Kap as soon as he saw the matchup with Crabtree in single coverage. I’m still trying to find our what made that matchup so appealing? Kap and Crabtree are close. That is his favorite receiver. I understand that. But Sherman is the BEST in the NFL. There is too much on the line to target him in that situation. Kap showed his arrogance by saying that he would choose that matchup every time in that situation. That is where I needed to take a step back and rethink this guy. We are trying to win the game, not show up Richard Sherman. There are easier targets to beat on that defense.

  18. On another note. Greg Cosell was on KNBR radio today. He said that no other receiver was open on the last 49er pass of the game. He said the Seattle was in quarters coverage and that Sherman had Crabtree one on one. I know for a fact that is crap. I have the all 22. On that play, at the snap of the ball! Seattles defensive backs retreated on the left side of the field and Patton just stood there and turned toward Kaepernick. If Kap throws Patton the ball, he has 8 yards and a chance to step out of bounds easily. Kap NEVER even looked. He confirmed his critics one read theory. That was an awful decision. Just horrible.

    1. Jordan,

      The all 22 film doesn’t become available until Tuesday. Anyone watching the game on TV can see Patton standing there.

      1. Exactly. That’s exactly my point Jack. He never moved. The DB backed up at least 5 yards and he was already off of him at least 7 at the snap of the ball. That’s 12 yards.

    2. Cosell’s analysis has been glib and superficial for some time. He was wrong all the time in his critiques of Alex Smith – he’d rather parrot the conventional wisdom than actually form his own opinion – and he was obviously wrong on this play. Did he even watch the play?

    3. Jordan you couldn’t have watched it on the all 22 because it wasn’t available yet.

      We can’t see all the angles from the TV shot so we’ll see if Cosell is right or not today.

      1. rocket,

        You don’t need the film to see Patton was open. That was clear on TV.

        I looked at the film this morning and it confirmed to me that the play was designed to go to the left and Kaepernick chose to go to the one on one instead.

      2. Rocket,

        Just as Jack said! you could see how open Patton was on the actual replay during the game.

        I just looked at the All-22 and there was nobody within 15 yards of Patton. Vernon ran up and broke left at the 12 yard line. Boldin looks like he was open in the seam. Before he got to the end zone. The pass to Crabs was just not deep enough into the end zone. It’s scary how open Patton was. That was the play Kap should have made. Patten gets 10yards and gets out of bounds on that play. His defender back pedaled all the way to the goal line. Wow!

      3. What was really shameful is that every single receiver that ran a pattern was open. Hunter was open in the right flat because the moment Kap looked right! Smith sprinted to the end zone leaving Hunter open in the flat.

      4. Ok. I haven’t watched it yet but if you guys have determined he had open receivers then Cosell is wrong. Kap made a decision that turned out to be a wrong one.

    4. It also wasn’t a case of Kap only being able to make one read. As he explained, he went to Crabtree because he was one on one with Sherman. Not a great decision, but it didn’t happen because he dropped back and didn’t read the field. He knew before the snap he was going to Crabtree.

      1. “…he went to Crabtree because he was one on one with Sherman. Not a great decision, but it didn’t happen because he dropped back and didn’t read the field. He knew before the snap he was going to Crabtree.”

        Huh? The interception didn’t happen because he didn’t drop back and read the field because he new before the snap that he was going to Crabtree?

        You just defined a one-read QB.

      2. No Jack, I defined a pre determined read, not a one read no progression.

        He decided before the snap he was going to Crabtree. That’s different than the knocks on him about dropping back looking at one receiver and either throwing to him or pulling it down and running.

      3. Jack,

        So you believe a pre determined read he made before the snap is the same thing as dropping back looking at his #1 option and then tucking it and running? They are two different things Jack and he explained it as such. He saw Crabs one on one and went that way.

      4. Right. He determined where he was going before the ball was even snapped, and never looked elsewhere. That is the definition of 1 read.

      5. Jack,

        We arguing semantics. The difference imo is that Kap was going to throw that ball to Crabs no matter what because it was determined before the snap due to the coverage he saw.

        That is in contrast to what usually happens when he follows the #1 read on the play he is given and either throws it or tucks and runs.

        You just said yourself that you believe the play was designed to go to the left, so not only did Kap not go with the #1 read on the play, but he took an option that was not even in the progression. It was a gut feel he made due to Crabs being single covered.

      6. Rocket i understand what you are saying. You are differentiating between pre and post snap reads. A QB can make a poor presnap read and force a pass but that does’nt make him a one read QB regarding his post snap reads. I understand the difference but i disagree with you if you believe that CK is’nt a one read post snap QB.

      7. old coach,

        That is exactly what I was saying and I agree with you Kap is pretty much one read post snap with the odd exception. That has to change starting next season.

      8. Rocket i agree with you. Now was Cks decision the wrong one based on the outcome yes. If he ended up with a TD, ck would have been the hero.

  19. I’ve expressed alot of dissatisfaction with Kaepernick and Harbuagh’s performance in the final stages of the game, but I remain a big fan of both. I feel lucky they are part of the 49ers. Yesterday’s biggest failures were the O-line getting dominated and rare breakdowns at safety.

    The 49ers have big challenges ahead despite having the most talented roster in football (as pointed out today by another PD sports writer). The ongoing issue is this… The 49ers are supremely talented, but mainly at the more pedestrian positions. For example:
    Would you rather have…
    A: Serviceable cornerbacks and elite middle linebackers?
    B: Elite cornerbacks and serviceable middle linebackers?

    Would you rather have…
    A: Serviceable wide receivers and elite offensive guards?
    B: Elite wide receivers and serviceable offensive guards?

    Since 1980, the answer is B.

    The 49ers need talent at the speed positions. The 2012 draft did not help. In fact it hurt, because the team let Ginn go (in part) to make sense out of drafting LMJ. It also forced them to continue the Jenkins experiment an extra year. The ripple effect of 2012 will continue for years to come.

    The 49ers are my team. I’m crazy about them. I love the fight they showed last night. There is an elegance to their toughness no other team has. They stick together, and I’m sticking with them.

    1. The Niners have good WR’s and great Olinemen, not depth at all though.

      However, what they don’t have is a create O Coordinator. Roman was awful with his play calling last year, he did even worse this year. What does Mangini do anyway?

      1. Well. We do have good WR’s but if Crabtree is the #1 guy we will always struggle with Seattles DB’s. They went and bought big DB’s & DL for a reason. It’s our time to make the next chess move. We NEED a big WR to stretch the field. You have to make moves to win your division. That’s a move that needs to be made.

  20. Keep it up Grant. The obvious is staring us in the face; 49ers’ tactics are bad and it shows in their young QB. It’s not just the passing game, the running game isn’t any better. Regardless of the endless examples of other teams that have lesser talent who have been able to run to some effectiveness against the Seahawks, we chose off tackle of first down as if we didn’t need the down. I can’t get the term “no matter what” out of my head. And I highly doubt Kap is able to keep this approach to the passing game without coaching. Sounds pretty stubborn to me. Sounds just like someone else we know ….. You lose enough, humility sets in. Let’s hope its sooner than later. I think Geep, Greg and Harbaugh are in a bubble and can’t see past their own shortcomings with game planning. There has been NO PROGRESS this year with this offense. Myopic offense I call it – very little new player development. No imagination. No evolution. We keep running it off tackle for a loss, we keep throwing it to covered receiving options and Kap’s not seeing the whole field ….

    No matter what.

      1. I’m sure 49er fans wouldn’t think the same of Bill Walsh or Montana if he only won 4 NFC Championships. Unfortunately a recent legacy of dumb coaching has gotten us all used to settling for mediocrity.

    1. News Flash!!!! It’s the NFL, you don’t have wide open recievers. Joe Montana said it best. Kap will have to get use to throwing to covered recievers.

  21. I was pretty upset that our last three drives all ended in turnovers. Keapernick definitely made a couple huge mistakes at the worst possible time in the biggest game of the year, yes that much is true. But you guys gotta keep things in perspective. We all knew there would be growing pains with him. He has a long way to go but still has the talent and potential to be one of the best in football, hell, he’s already pretty darn good. He’s played solid for most of the year, so don’t get discouraged. He still has a very bright future and will only get better. Just gotta cut down on the turnovers. It really sucks that we lost (it took me a full 24 hours to cool off) but there’s always next year, on to the next one. I’m still darn happy to have Kaepernick as our QB.

    So what if his numbers aren’t great in the 4th quarter this year? Is that supposed to infer that he’s a choke artist? That’s BS. Screw the numbers, I would still take Kaepernick over Romo any day of the week.

      1. McCarron has also shown some poor decision making by opting out of the Senior Bowl. He should be there. He is most likely a 3rd round pick when he possibly could have improved his stock this week.

      1. I think that’s the consensus order of needs but I personally believe it should be:

        d line
        o line

        This team rose to greatness due to improved o-line play and a great front 7 on defense. Those guys are getting a little long in the tooth so it’s time to replenish. I’m hoping Carradine and Lattimore are superstars but relying on guys coming off major injuries scares me a bit. Frank Gore and Adrian Peterson are the exceptions, not the rule.

      2. Looking at these lists I could go a lot of ways. Makes the head spin already. Much will depend on value/quality available at positions as picks come up. For instance OC might be a choice, but so far the prospects seem middling to me, not high choices.
        Losses and gains in FA effect everything.
        I have a particularly poor track record at predicting Trent anyway.

      3. Free agency will determine the order of needs in the draft but right now looking at the players I don’t believe will be back I’d rank the needs in order as:


        Then everything else. The Lines are in good shape for another year with everybody under contract and young players in the mix. I think they will take an OG at some point to get ready for the departure of Iupati in 2015, and also a C to replace Goodwin, but I doubt they use a high pick to do so unless somebody drops a long way.

      1. Not was reference to McCarren or any QB as a likely first round choice.I can see maybe someone like Garoppolo E.Illinois in the third to groom as our 2nd QB.First round we go WR or DB imo!

      2. agree. McCarron is a 3rd round talent who will probably go high 2nd. If he was there in the late 3rd I guess I could live with it.

  22. Pre-game hope for a Niner victory hinged on a powerful running attack featuring Frank Gore. Unfortunately, Seattle’s run defense was superb in limiting Gore ti 14 yards in 11 carries. The combination of the offensive line being over-matched and Gore’s declining running ability forced Kaep to use his legs and arm more. This worked for three quarters until the fatal 4th down TD pass botched by Carlos Rogers. The 12th Man, subdued until then, suddenly woke up and inspired the Seahawks to victory. As usual in Seattle, Kaep went into his “deer in the headlights” mode and consequently the three consecutive turnovers. As previously mentioned, this is Kaep’s first full season and has performed admirably in the wins, not so in the losses. The ability is definitely there but must be refined during the off’-season. Don’t give up on Kaep. Aloha from Honolulu Paul.

  23. Let’s compare the NFCCG with the Giants and the recent one with the Seahawks.
    We all know about the two Kyle Williams botched punt returns, but some people on this blog pin the loss on Alex Smith going 1 for 13 on 3rd downs and only making one reception to a receiver. Okay, I get it, Alex Smith is this blog’s whipping boy.
    In the game on Sunday, Colin has three TOs in the 4th quarter. How can anyone blame the loss no the defense giving up some big plays?
    I don’t want to hear about how they wouldn’t have been in the game if it wasn’t for Colin’s running. They might have been in the game if he learned how to go past his one-read and let the play develop.
    Harbaugh said it, Facts don’t lie.
    Colin regressed most of the year, the team got hot and we looked past his deficiencies. Coaches can only coach so much. He’s going to be 27 next year.
    He’s not a kid.
    The team needs to learn how to finish.

    Colin’s Fade pass to Sherman ranks up there as one of the most idiotic plays in the post season, right up there with Colston’s forward lateral.
    At least with Colston that was a designed pass.
    With Colin, he wanted to be the hero and stuff in Sherman’s face.
    Good thing is now we don’t have to pay him that much after his rookie contract ends.

    1. I will never get over the fact that JH didn’t stay with the hot hand and allowed Carlos Rogers to start at nickel instead of cox. Our secondary has played extremely well against Rodgers and Cam. My thought was if we could defend Rodgers in our secondary, we could certainly defend Wilson. I said for 5 weeks that I didn’t want to see Rodgers on the field for the Niners in the playoffs.

      The Seahawks always throw at Rogers and they picked on him again in this game. It’s called exploiting the weak link. Wilson chose to target an undrafted free agent on 4th down on a 42 yard pass that Rogers couldn’t defend. The worst part was that he was right there to make the play and didn’t. Rogers actually swiped at the ball too early and then the ball comes in after he swiped down. All he had to do was put his arm in there where Kearse’s arms were and deflect the ball away. Rogers had one great year here. After that, he’s been getting used by the good QBs. I’m so thankful he won’t be back. I’m sure Russel Wilson will miss Rogers.

    2. Fan,

      You are doing to Kap what you accuse others of doing to Smith. You are making assumptions that don’t fit with what is actually happening on the field.

      Kap didn’t regress over the course of the season, in fact his improvement from the first half of the season to the second half was quite substantial.

      You keep talking about his age and saying he’s not a kid when age has nothing to do with it. He’s been an NFL starter for a season and a half. A QB develops with experience; not by Birthdays. He was as raw as it gets coming out of College and by his second year he was starting and leading his team to a SB appearance. I have no idea what you want from this guy, but your expectations are out of whack.

      Here’s what we know:

      Alex Smith is no longer here. There is no point in bringing his name up anymore.

      Kap is one of the most physically gifted QB’s to ever play this game and is still learning the nuances of playing the position in the NFL.

      He is going into his second offseason as a starter. Let that sink in a minute. This is only the second offseason he will get to work as the starter with his Coaches. He’s not a seasoned vet, far from it in fact. If you would set your expectations to a reasonable level you would see he is on the verge of some pretty special accomplishments as he gains experience and confidence.

      He made some mistakes in the 4th quarter that cost them, but he also got them there to begin with. You get good and bad with QB’s going through growing pains and Kap is no exception. What you are going to have to come to grips with is that Kap is the long term future in SF. He is the handpicked option of the HC and will continue to be developed. He’s the guy Fan, accept it.

    3. Jordan,

      They played Rogers because he’s a better cover guy than Cox. He had great coverage on that TD but was beaten by a perfect throw. Rogers will most likely not be back next year but starting him was the right move.

      1. Rocket,

        That throw was no better than the coverage. Rogers was in position to make the play and didnt. He interfered and still didnt make the play. Look at the replay. His right arm is around the guy before the ball gets there. Hes crap and Seattle planned on abusing h because he was our weak link before that game.

      2. Rocket,

        He gave up a TD on a 4th down play at a very critical time in the game. Did you forget the penalty before halftime that may have cost us a field goal? Take a look at his stats in the Seattle games this year. Rogers has been targeted successfully by this offense. He is a weakness. Thank goodness he is history.


    He has a better TD:INT ratio than Montana. He has a lower interception percentage than Montana.

    Give it a rest.

      1. Joe win those by himself? I could of swore he had multiple HOF players on those SB winning teams and arguably the best HC ever to boot.

        Been a fan since 79′, love Joe, met him multiple times, but he never would have won 4, maybe zero if he wasn’t drafted by the Niners at just the right time.

    1. you need to go to a rest home if you think there is any comparison between the 4 time super bowl winner and a guy who is the only niners qb to throw a pick in a super bowl

  25. We basically hold QBs to an incredibly high standard because of our franchise’s history, but we should be thankful we have Kap.

    Look at that jump throw to Boldin for a touchdown that answered a big touchdown. That was huge, and he’s probably the only QB in the league who could make that pass. Sure, it went through the defender’s hands, but that’s the type of ballsy pass we longed for when Alex was being so safe with his play.

    Yeah, he made some bonehead throws in the game, and a few in the playoffs he got away with, but every quarterback does. Manning and Brady throw picks and get away with near picks, too.

    He’s made clutch drives for two years. He made clutch drives in the last Seahawks game and he made clutch drives in this Seahawks game. He made clutch throws on that last drive. He just hasn’t made that clutch TD throw when we needed it at the end of our seasons. I think he shares that failure with his coaches and their clock management at the end of the game. How about a timeout there? Calm it down and come up with the best play. No need to rush–you aren’t going to surprise that defense.

    Sure, Vernon and Quinton were open, and seeing the replay guts me just like the Super Bowl series replays. Brutal. But he played a hell of a game against the best defense in the league, on their Skittle-covered home field. He made huge strides from the first few times he played up there, and he will continue to make strides. A few of you mentioned how much time Young got to become who we all remember and hold in high QB esteem. Kap has three more full seasons before he’s as old as Young was when he took over. Just think about that.

    It didn’t happen last year. It didn’t happen this year. But it will happen. And it’s gonna be worth the wait.

  26. Ok I agree with you all that the last play, and the fourth quarter were bad, but why in the hell would we be calling for Colin’s head already? Take manning, Brady, brees, and Rodgers out of the equation who are all seasoned vets, what other qb would you have rather had playing that game? What other qb could have made it a game down to the final throw against the #1 pass defense I’m the league with no run game? Eli? Romo? Rivers? Now think of every qb and who would you rather have going forward for the future? Colin makes bone headed plays at time but he is a baller, and a play maker.
    And conserning the last play, it’s terrible because it didn’t work, but if he had connected everyone would be praising the balls it took to throw that and show up Sherman. Sure he could have dumped it off to Patton for 8-10 yards, but then we only have ten yards to make a play on the top defense in the league, we saw how good we were in tight space against the ravens defense last year who is not the same level as the hawks… No one in that stadium would have thought to take a chance on Sherman especially on first down, which after the frustration wore off makes it a little more understandable as to maybe why you take the shot, it just wasn’t executed well and Colin manned up and acknowledged that. Yes he turned the ball over three times but luck turned it over what 5 against the vaunted patriot defense?
    And a final point I would like to make is yes the defense played great, but what about the 3-25 where they give up 15 yards then follow that up with a 50 td down the seam on 4-7? I mean come on Colin made some terrible mistakes but this loss does not sit solely on his shoulders! Sorry rant over, feel free to call me an idiot…

    1. *we may not make it back next year, as it will be extremely difficult to get back to a championship game four years in a row (although 3 years is too but we have proven everyone wrong there) but IMHO the future is very bright. Another year under kaps belt, a full season for QP, and the addition of tank and ML looks like we should have even more talent next year. Wish a speedy recovery to NB, watching that hit as an athletic trainer, there is no way it is strictly ACL, and hopefully sign AB for two more years along with extending mike and as I said it looks bright! Go 9ers!

  27. Hey, Mister Harbaw, can I be in your club?
    Now we each have one Pro Bowl selection, hmm?
    (both of us being selected as “replacements”…)
    perhaps you remember (1996 – losing 20 to 13)

    I would offer you a couple of tickets, however,
    Sarah says “no more football” for at least a month.
    Plus, after your tragic and bitter loss in Seattle,
    the Super Bowl monkey assures me that you are
    NOT IN THE MOOD. (scratch-scratch-scratch)

    So I guess you and Colin will enjoy Pebble Beach, sorta…
    (trying to picture him on the course with his earphones & cap)

  28. dang …
    I wake up this morning, come to my favorite
    49er blog to read the comments from our stalwarts, here
    .. and what do I find, instead ?
    a bunch of trash-talkin’ SeaChicken fans, showing how much
    real class they (don’t) have by comin’ here just to gloat ..

    Ya know what, guys ? … You’ve won the NFC Champ Game ..
    That’s it … but the bigger prize awaits … and guess what ?
    The Lombardi Trophy will NOT be handed to you by the
    refs ! … You’ll have to actually beat Manning to get it !

    I don’t think your classless team can do that …

    “Classless” ? … yes …

    Throwing food down from the stands at a player who sustained
    a horrific injury as he was being carted off the field.. was classless..
    Also .. Sherman’s rant at the end of the game ?
    Classic example of ‘roid -rage ! … and it fits, too ..

    Deny it if you want … but the Sea Hawks have the most players
    in the NFL who were busted for PEDs …
    Think they should take a harder look at Sherman

    Yup … if you wanna see an example of class ..
    Here it is

    (if you know how to use a pencil .. you might wanna
    take some notes !)

  29. Fellas,

    Trust me, I’m not giving up on Kap. If I can put up with the years with Smith at QB, I can certainly be patient with Kap. The only thing that burns me is that for 2 years we were right there.

    5 yards away from a 6th Lombardi last year and 18 yards away on 1st down this year! My only concern for Kaepernick O’s will he ultimately have the goods to finish like all of the great ones. He is a star. Will he be a superstar?

    Seattle built a team in their offseason designed strictly to beat us. Since we know that they are our chief competition, we must also construct a team orchestrated around beating them. Our front office can’t miss this year.

    We have a potential dynasty here. We are so much better than so many other teams. We will be in the NFC championship game again next year. We can’t afford to lose another golden Super Bowl opportunitie.

    Yes, other teams would be happy to have our success over the last 3 years. However, we are the San Francisco 49ers. We have it like that. As Frank Gore said, “We are built for this!”

    I will forever remind jack Hammer of the blunder our front office made by not acquiring Josh Gordon. That was the piece that would of put us over the hump and vaulted us past Seattle. He is equally as good a receiver as Sherman is a cornerback. He could have been a monster in this offense. Now we have to hope to find someone of his caliber in this draft. Possible but not likely. I’d love Sammy Wadkins but that is a pipe dream.

    Our players are so broken down over this loss, all of them but Ahmad Brooks declined to even go to the pro bowl. I’m so pissed, I can’t watch any NFL coverage at all. Man this sucks but I have no doubt that we will back next year in that NFC championship game. I hope our secondary is better and I hope Kap has more poise, management skills and better weapons to assist him in the “Quest for 6!”

    1. Actually bro, the way I remember it, you didn’t put up with Smith very well at all, hahahaha. Water under the bridge now. I do agree its torture to get so close……..

    2. Jordo ..
      I’m OK with Kaep …
      How many years did it take for Joe to become
      .. well … “The Joe” .. ?
      Sure … that corner end zone play to Crabs doesn’t
      work .. and Kaep has to learn that … but ..
      I’m sure he will …

      and .. like you … I see he has more upside .. than
      all of the previous signal callers since .. (maybe) Garcia …
      Kaep is definitely a keeper .. and I’ll stick my neck out
      and say that he’ll be 8-0 next season in the new
      stadium …

      all arrows up !

    3. 23 Jordan,
      You know how you can be in a bad relationship, you knew from the beginning it just wasn’t right, but you stuck it out, ignored all the warning signs, thinking she’ll change, but in the end, all this nagging annoying traits were all still there, because she is who she is?
      That’s Kaep!

      1. Fan,

        That’s an exaggeration. I’ll keep in perspective, Kap has had a little over 2 full seasons under his belt. He has gained some invaluable experience these past 2 post seasons. Just think if he had won the Super Bowl last year and this year. He would be considered a legend in these parts.

        I’m only frustrated because for as young and inexperienced as Kaepernick is, he got us where we were with the help of the rest of the team. I felt like if he got us this far, then he is capable of winning the Super Bowl last year and beating Seattle this year. We were just so close.

        Next year is a different story. I’m going to depend on the coaching staff to get Kap up to speed and put him in position to know how to respond to late game situations. 4 minute drill, 2 minute drill. He has to be ready to respond in those situations. He also has to have the weapons to be able to succeed. That is the responsibility of the front office. Our #1 need is an aggressive speed receiver that can take the top off of the defense. One that can actually fight for the football and catch it.

        After that, we need a solid corner or 2 and a quality safety. A duplicate of Eric Reid would be great. Whitner was solid but the penalties from him killed us this year. They didn’t cost us games but there was just too many. The unfortunate part was that most of the hits were legal. Unfortunately, we just need a safety to make the tackle, not knock a guy out. The game has no place for hard hits anymore.

      2. Fan sez: “Kaep is going to spend the entirely (sic) off season working out, getting tattoos….” blah blah
        Colin’s teammates say he’s the 1st into the building to study and work, that his preparation is second to none.
        So, who to believe? Well the ‘getting tattoos’ line reveals that Fan is a hater with obsessive preconceptions. Jack, on the other hand, criticizes CK for stuff he sees on tape, on the field. Criticism is fine; harangues get old. The screwy ‘relationship’ line in the previous post also is revealing of an agenda.

      3. Fan,
        Maybe you should hit the treadmill in the New Year and stop trying to reform nasty chicks. You sound like you aim for the trim that’s hanging around the bar parking lot at 2:10 a.m., asking for a ride. Such a simp.

      4. Brother Tuna,
        you see the light. I’ve been calling this tool out since last year. Don’t even know why he comes to the room to be quite honest. He’s not a fan. Not of our Niners anyway.
        Going to the superbowl is tough enough. Having to play an extra game and play all of your games on the road to get there is even tougher.

        This year this offense had to overcome the loss of it’s number one receiver. Once we got that receiver back, we never lost a game until the NFC Championship game. With Crabtree out, we saw how exposed we were in terms of lacking receiving talent. Two of the guys we were going to roll with were cut.

        Lack of a second TE killed us. We were very reliant on this position last year.

        The ref in N.O. ultimately decided our fate. Having to play in Seattle.

        The ref in Seattle decided not to call a personal foul for roughing our kicker ignoring a written rule. Thus giving the ball back to Seattle who ultimately scored.

        Our starting RB mustard up 14 yards rushing in the most important game of the year.

        Our Safeties let an average receiver get behind them for the biggest play of the game allowing momentum to change.
        Our rookie safety took a horrific angle on a run in which Lynch was temporarily stopped, allowing him to score from 40 yards out.
        Carlos Rogers…. enough said.

        Our coaches use of time outs all season long. Enough said.
        Yet in the end we seem to place it all on the QB. Guess what, the guy plays with heart and he takes the shot. I’ll live with the outcome with a guy like that. Every time.
        Cant wait for Levi stadium….

      5. 23 Jordan,
        I gave you a shout-out during the game, not sure if you saw it.
        You’ve been keeping it real since the loss, and I respect that.

        I do like Kaep, he’s the Niner QB, he needed to raise his game. 3 turnover in the 4th quarter will not get it done. I’ve been consistent with my issues with Kaep, but there’re nothing we can do but move on. Let’s hope he figures out the hard part, which is reading defenses, being a better game manager. Knowing when to take his shots and when to take what the defenses give him.

        If not, let’s not make the same mistake and give someone 8 years, let’s cut to cord earlier and bring in the next guy.

      6. Big P,
        You might have something there. I’m going to cut and paste that post.

        Why don’t you pull up all my posts, you are so good at doing that. And you will see I’ve been consistent with my comments. You will see the one nagging issue I have with Kaep, Why does that make me a troll? How can you go easy on Kaep when he had 3 turnovers in the 4th Quarter?
        He would have had another one if Big Goodwin didn’t fall on that strip fumble.
        Troll on that!

      7. Sorry if you are getting treated like the troll that you are Fan. This room is filled with Niner fans. Not fans that give backhanded compliments and constantly berate their own players.

    4. Jordan,

      Everything you’ve said here is due to disappointment which is understandable, but you have to be able to look past that and see the reality of the situation.

      First off, that is a hard place to win in. One team in two years has pulled it off and the Niners played about as well as anyone has played them there. It sucks that they didn’t win, but you also have to keep it in perspective and not gloss over what Kap accomplished in his first full season as a starter.

      The standards are high for this fan base, but they need to be adjusted. This isn’t the 80′s and 90′s anymore. There is no Eddie D and Bill Walsh building a dynasty that can’t be destroyed by Free agency. The league is built on parity now which is why we see different teams in the playoffs from year to year. The Niners getting to 3 straight NFCCG’s in this era is unprecedented.

      This team is set up to be in contention for the forseeable future with the core players they have as long as they continue to draft well.

  30. Kaepernick had a fumble or interception on 4 of the 49ers final 5 possessions on Sunday. He got away with the first fumble when Goodwin recovered it.

    1. So what happened? Did Seattle adjust? Did he turned in Cam Newton and wanted to do everything himself.
      Remember in 2011, when Smith would change the call at the line with the kill or let it roll? We heard that he would adjust the running play at the line.
      Did that not matter anymore because teams stacked the box anyway, or did Gore get old?
      Did Keap start to press because Seattle was catching up?
      Thoughts, Mr Hammer???

  31. Think about this: The Seahawks reached the Super Bowl playing without their 2 most explosive receivers on offense.

    The 49ers lost with their entire offensive skill group intact.

      1. BT,
        what would make a difference in our run game is having a running back that can run inside and wide. And one that can get positive yardage after contact.

        I don’t know why Harbaugh doesn’t give him a shot, but Dixon IMO should have been getting 6-8 carries a game all season long. He can catch out of the back field. He’s our best short yardage power back once again IMO. Wonder if Harbaugh just doesn’t care for his hairdoo …..

      1. For those that say we wouldn’t have been there without him I say so what? If he cant deliver the win then what’s the point of being there, so we can brag about being second best?

      2. so coffee, You would rather finish 2-14 with tim Rattay every year unless we win it all?! Got it! Glad your not in charge of anything!!!

      3. CFC, what’s your definition of big game? If it’s NFC Championship games which I think you may be alluding to, Kaep helped win one last year. But if you consider the only big game is the team’s last game, then yes, so far he hasn’t done that. Yet.

      4. jshaw says:
        January 21, 2014 at 10:26 am
        so coffee, You would rather finish 2-14 with tim Rattay every year unless we win it all?! Got it! Glad your not in charge of anything!!!
        No I’d rather win the games that we are in position to win like we should.

    1. Yes they did, but like the 9ers, Seattle doesn’t win by throwing the ball so it didn’t hurt them all that much. They win with running the ball and defense which they can do in that Stadium. On a neutral field or at the stick, I think the Niners win that game.

  32. Grant it’s one thing to identify an issue or problem it’s another to actually do something about it. What would you suggest or do to correct Colin’s 4th quarter woes? What has Geep not been doing that has caused this problem?

  33. Fire Roman!!!!! Bring in shaub, make it happen Jed!!! Help Collin progress with a qb friendly offense. Change the philosophy now before you damage him for good.
    Harbaugh, just coach the team. Leave the offense to a better coordinator. Don’t be stubborn.

    1. Big Niner,

      I hope you mean Kubiak and not Shaub Ebro! Lol. I’m afraid JH is not going to do that. I’m certain we on this blog are the only ones that think Roman is the problem. He’s not going anywhere and it doesn’t look like he’s going to get the Brown’s coaching job. We’re going to have to trust that Kap can get some help from this staff in this coming year.

  34. Hey Grant, I want you to ask Jed York about the Seahawks blocking ticket sales for the NFCCG to California. Will there be any organizational repurcussions from that move? Also, would like Jed’s opinion on the black eye that the Seahawk organization is giving to the NFL. A few examples include:

    Leading the league in PED supsensions
    Leading the league in players fined for unsportsmanlike behavior
    Allowing fans to throw food on injured players as they are carted off field
    Blocking ticket sales to California residents for the NFCCG

    I’m sure Jed won’t answer any of these questions but it would be great fuel for the fire if he had a few choice words.

    1. In Jed’s place my ethic would be to avoid anything like that. SF lost, so don’t want to sound like sour grapes. 1st win, then crow. This year we take the pain and bite our tongues.
      I remember Eddie D. hollering something like ‘I love that we stuck it to Dallas!’, but it was at the SB Victory Parade after beating Cinci. By that time he’d earned the right to say what he felt.

  35. Grant, do you see this Niner team; the regime under Harbaugh as a team that consistently chokes in big games and cannot win the big one? Help us out here and give us some insight here. This is the way I see it. We have an amazing team until the big game and big stage is set. I am a huge niner fan but I am also just being realistic here. I have no idea what players are under contract and what players more than likely will not be here next year. What is our outlook for next year. Break this whole thing down for us please, thanks Jason

  36. In considering Kaepernick’s 4th quarter stats, I think it is also important to remember this team’s penchant for not passing when leading. Let’s remember that, including the playoffs, the 49ers were 14-5 this year and we can be proud of that. I’m fairly sure there were victories this season where he threw zero passes in the fourth quarter. That skews the stats a bit more toward the losses, where, yes, he has sometimes not played well.

    Counting the playoffs, 6 out of 11 interceptions and his only two lost fumbles were in the fourth quarter of losses. Those eight turnovers were obviously factors in those losses.

    Does that concern me? Sure. I’d like to see him play better and more consistently when behind late. But that said, I am still very happy Kap is my QB. I still believe the future is bright with him, and his best days are still ahead.

  37. Hilarious,

    Nobody wants the Browns head coaching job. Adam Gase of the Broncos just removed himself from consideration for the position. Big Niner, maybe we still have hope that the Browns will offer Roman the Job! We will see. I wouldn’t bet on it.

      1. Jack,
        I just sent a resume to the Browns. I used the name Savage McChop and said I had two years of Powder Puff experience. My flight to Cleveland leaves at 3:30, wish me luck.

    1. When the Browns fired their HC after one season I texted my buddy in Canton and asked how that franchise could be so consistently stupid. He texted back: “I thought you & I were friends!”

    2. One of my favorite all time stories about an organization came from the Browns a long time ago. I probably have some details wrong but it is something like this… When Programs were much smaller some fans used to tear out a page or use the cover to make paper airplanes and throw them in the stands. The President of the Browns received a letter from an attorney stating that the practice of throwing paper airplanes could injure someone and he would be prepared to file a lawsuit against the team if they didn’t stop the practice. The president of the team fired back a response to the attorney that read:

      “Hey, I just wanted you to know that some a**hole is sending us idiotic letters using your name.”

      Don’t think in our current world that response would fly, but ever since then I’ve kind of liked the Browns. Come to think of it, I think I’ll send in my resume too.

  38. Yeah, that sucks. It really does, but Kaep kept us in position to beat that pompous, classless arrogant team in their place, inside that horribly unfairly designed noise reflecting hellhole, against he NFL’s #1 rated defense, with the officials trying their unprofessional best to assist the home team, until there were 30 seconds let on the clock!
    Do you and Grant and the other “shoulda kept Alex” supporters really think we would have stood ANY chance at all of even getting past GB and Carolina
    to even be there in the first place with Alex Smith at Quarterback? There’s no way in Hell Alex Smith could have survived that Seattle game much less been in position to win it at 00:30 on the clock!
    ALEX IS GONE! Adios and good riddance! Kaep is going to have a HOF career in SF and we will win the Super Bowl with him, just not this year unfortunately. GO NINERS!

    1. In fairness to Alex .. he did play the best
      I’ve ever seen him play .. against Andrew Luck .. but
      yeah ..we probably wouldn’t have been in this situation
      without Kaep …

      “…If he cant deliver the win then what’s the point of being there, so we can brag about being second best? …”

      Coffee … I’ll have to disagree with you on this one …
      I know you’re a Niner Faithful .. and you want what we all want …
      the #6 Lombardi …but … you gotta have a little patience ..
      It’s gonna take some time to “get there” … cuz.. we
      aren’t “there” just yet …

      It will happen … and when it does …
      I suspect you’ll go about as crazy as I will !

  39. Madden frequently talked about being labelled as a coach who ‘couldn’t win the big one’ because the Raiders contended but had trouble getting past the Chiefs. Then as Stabler ascended the ‘word’ was ‘You can’t win it all with a Lefty’. Then they won it and all of a sudden Madden’s a genius and Stabler is The Bomb.
    I am resistent to casting blame on Colin for this loss or the (IMO) lame idea that he and JH can’t win the big one. Did CK need to play better? Yeah. So how about the OL? Gore’s unsatisfactory stats relate to the OL. Productivity in the run game was the plan ever since JH arrived.

    1. Good point!

      At this point, the onus and the blame is on the coaching staff and the personnel department (the latter for lousy drafting on WRs).

      I’m now convinced that the Niners should not pay big bucks for Iupati. The much-vaunted O line was dominated by Seahawks D line. At critical plays during the season, the O line has not blocked adequately in run plays, their supposed strength. On one play, Red Bryant pushed Staley aside like a rag doll, ouch! Niners should keep on looking for Alex Boone-like overlooked linemen in the lower rounds or UDFAs.

      1. The GB Packers have been successful over the last decade? or so by not drafting high on the o-line. I loved it when the 49ers drafted Iupati/Davis in the 1st round, but I do wonder if that’s really the best strategy….

  40. In all of Kaep’s bad performances this year, he seemed to be over-thinking everything, which resulted in him being just a tad late in everything. This was magnified in fourth quarters when the team was behind because he was both over-thinking and pushing for a big play. There were very few instances of that when he was in Reno — usually he was at his best when he needed to tie the game or take the lead in the fourth quarter. So, what is different? Is it just the speed and sophistication of the NFL game, or is it in Kaep’s head?

    I am going out on a limb here, as I do not personally know Kaep. Sure, I have had the chance to speak with people who do know him (including former Nevada assistant coaches and instructors), as well as having had the chance to watch him develop as a college player, but I am just guessing. And my guess is that last year’s Super Bowl loss still haunts him. Further, I suspect that he is so determined to make up for it that when he is up against the wall, when he feels responsible for an impending loss, he starts pushing himself to win the game. And when he pushes, he over-thinks and makes late (and often bad) decisions.

    In looking at Sunday’s game, for three quarters Kaep played relaxed and confident. Sure, there were some miscues, but every QB and offense has those, and for the most part, the offense was fine. Then the Seahawk’s offense got on a roll, which was followed by the forced fumble by Kaep. That raised the stakes and the pressure, and Kaep appeared to move in to “I have to win this game myself” mode, which led to forced play and interceptions (much like his second half in Seattle earlier in the season).

    Of the two fourth quarter interceptions, I find the first to be the more egregious of the two, and the most back-breaking for Kaep and the offense (the second one ended the game, but I believe the first lost it). It was a poor decision, period. Compounding that, as others have pointed out, it is a poor decision that he has made multiple times. I am not sure if he misses the underneath coverage or he believes he can throw it over or through the defenders hands, but he continues to make the same decision despite his mistakes. What is most odd about it all is that he, by and large, is a guy who can and does learn from mistakes. But for some reason, that particular throw into that particular coverage continues to plague him.

    I am still Kaep supporter, but I do worry about his ability to put the past behind him and just go out and play. Yes, past mistakes can be motivation, but they can be mentally crippling as well. Everyone here at Reno who knew or knows Kaep will tell you that he is high character and mentally tough. But the NFL is a different animal than college – it has chewed up and spit out many players who were mentally tough in college. Kaep played mentally tough up through the Super Bowl last year, but after that loss, he has been up and down, and the down times have come most often when he is in the same situation as the Super Bowl – trying to make that play that wins the game. Maybe I am wrong, but it sure seems to me that those four downs still haunt him.

    1. This is the most thoughtful post about Kaep so far. I don’t question his mental toughness and definitely not his physical abilities.
      When he’s behind he completely presses, we can all see it.
      And then he makes stupid mistakes. He’s made them his whole career, we just overlook them. I’m not talking about back picks, all QBs do that, but it’s the game management stuff.
      In the Caroling game in week 9. He threw a week pick to end the game on 2nd down. In New Orleans he didn’t stay in bounds.
      In the pros it’s going to come down to a few plays. It’s 60 minutes. Those few plays make or break all the great things you can do. And that’s what happened. If that pass was a few inches higher to Crabs, well you know what? It wasn’t.
      He wants to be the guy who does it all. That’s why he rather run then throw. Running is his strength. When scrambling, he almost never gave up a chance to scramble for big yard to throw it to a wide open receiver. Right now that’s who he is.
      He will also be compared to Russell Wilson, same division, same improvisional player. Throughout the whole season Russell would run for his life, stop and just chuck the ball and the WR would catch it.
      Kaep just runs.
      Last year was a story book come to life until the end.
      Maybe he felt like he needed to prove people wrong and say. “See I can throw that fade pass.”
      Like he said, he’s got a lot on his plate, and next season he will have even more.

    2. I must have typed my email in as my name on the post above. That is odd. I would have sworn I typed “JPN001″ for the name.

    3. Great post as usual JPN.

      It’s obvious Kap uses criticism as motivation, case in point the Twitter hater instances this season. He probably does put too much on his shoulders, but it’s also up to the Coaches to give him the tools necessary to overcome it.

      1. OK, so here’s a criticism of CK that I hope is fair and constructive, despite being completely speculative:
        Based on my own personal experiences, I don’t like his idea of channeling the negativity to use it as energy and motivation. My feeling is you don’t ever embrace negativity. I believe it makes him tight. Now, being wound up and competitive is good; Brees, Brady, Manning, Rogers are fiercely competitive snarling dogs, but they operate from a clear calm place to attack defenses. The calmness allows for Free Attention, which allows better vision/recognition and more elegant decisions.
        The game still has to slow down some more for Colin, but that’s reps; different issue. I think the “I’ll show ‘em” attitude can be blinders sometimes.

    4. JPN,
      You may on point with your perception of CK. He has always been a winner at every level and has pushed himself to achieve that end in the NFL as well.

      I agree wholeheartedly with CK being haunted by last year’s SB loss and now he will shoulder this recent loss as well.
      But imo, what I believe will eat at him more regarding these big losses is knowing that the game (counting SB) was definitely within the realm of winning.

      Had the SB and Sunday’s game been blowouts against us, a concrete case could be made that we may have got to these game using smoking mirrors and did not deserve to be in them.
      But the opposite is true.
      We played in these big games because we have the talent (CK being among our top 3) to compete.

      CK will need to shake off this game and any lingering effects of the SB loss as well. I believe he will learn to use the lingering effects to work harder to reach the next level in his growth.
      All CK needs at this stage in his game is more patience in the pocket that allows him to go through his progressions.

      CK’ fervent competitive nature and will to win is unquestioned, now he needs to learn how to control and temper fiery passion.

      My take on CK is:
      An NFC Championship win (comeback win against Falcons in Atlanta).
      A Superbowl appearance (comeback game and only losing on the last pass of the game).
      Another NFC Championship appearance (after winning two playoff games on the road, and another loss in the final drive) points to one thing.
      Stay the Kourse with Kaep! (play of word spelling).

  41. Some 49er “fans” just kill me with their myopia. Over the past 2 days I’ve read inane, irresponsible and uniformed comments like “Kap is holding us back”, “If only Alex was still our QB”, “Fire Greg Roman!”, “Harbaugh sucks”, “Kap is no Joe Montana” and “Gotta get rid of this bum. All he does is choke.”

    Are you people out of your freakin’ minds? This team has been a top contender (read: elite) for the past 3 years in a row. Harbaugh is an incredible football coach and Kap is a franchise QB. Hell, we’re expected to be in postseason contention each offseason! When was the last time we could say that? Would you rather we go back to the pre-Harbaugh days, treading water in a cesspool of mediocrity? Or worse, drowning in it? Don’t you remember those years? Or have you been on someone else’s bandwagon for the past decade? These “fans” are the biggest bunch of knee-JERKS I’ve ever had the misfortune of being associated with. Disgraceful and disgusting. Spoiled and entitled. Embarrassing.

    Admittedly, I’m taking the bait here by posting this little rant, (apparently, I may be rather emotionally invested in this team as well), but today’s blog, and its replies, has really gotten under my skin. I’ve been coming to this blog since the Maiocco days to read about and discuss my team in a rational, thoughtful manner, not to be continuously slapped in the eyes with cherry-picked stats published specifically to maximize the agitation to hit-generation ratio. Yet, things change, and perhaps I’m expecting too much from this site.

    Maybe I’m alone in feeling like this. If so, that’s cool. Maybe I should just stop reading this blog for a while. If so, that’s cool, too. I thought I could find some solace and maybe a bit of commiseration on a blog that touts itself as being 49er-centric. Perhaps 49er-caustic would be more appropriate.

    Go 49ers! Go Kap! Down with fair-weather fans and paper-cutting, lemon-juicing, two-faced troll-wannabes!

    Thanks. I feel better now. lol

    1. Hear! Hear! LOL! Sometimes a rant can make you feel better for sure.
      When the team was struggling under Nolan and Sing (and even THAT was an improvement!) I grit my teeth at all the negativism. When a team isn’t winning, you get that.
      Then the team started winning, but the whining didn’t ease off proportionally. Now some seem to subscribe to the mentally defective Alex’(Mom) syndrome of anything short of a SB victory sucks and we should tear it all down and start over. Forty Niner Faithful? Some cheer for victories but lack faith.

    2. Auto,
      it’s an emotional week. I too get tired of reading the negativity. If Niners players read this blog, I for one would want them to know that I appreciated this year and fully support their efforts.

      There are more of your type on here than the type that will take shots at their players days after being one game away from the superbowl.

      Lets have a good draft, retool and get after this thing again. I’m excited over the top excited to watch our next home game at Levi Stadium….

      1. Let’s retool by drafting a Qb that knows how to read defenses, doesn’t spend the whole off season working on his bi-ceps curls.

        Let’s also pray for a speedy recovery for Navorro Bowman and Mike Iupati. Unlike you, those guys are class acts.

        Hey guess who’s going to the Pro Bowl? Alex Smith!

    3. Mr. Automatic,


      What you are witnessing is a lot of ignorance and emotional responses that stem from the disappointment of losing a game. Happens every year and will continue until the sting goes away with time.

    4. I said I’d stay away but i just love u guys so much. To Mr. Auto’s point i found it that all the noise and extreme negtivity you hear mainly comes from a rather small minority, but a rather loud minority that tend to flood the media commentary.

      As for Alex making the pro-bowl, I think that says more about AFC QBs this year than it does Alex Smith, and thats coming from an Alex fan.

      Either way Kap is the future and im excited for that. That dude has the drive and focus you need to succeed, not to mention his God-given talent. He will only get better. I just hope we dont break the bank. I’m thinking maybe $12 mil a year. I think Crabs is a priority as well, maybe at $9 mil a year.


    5. Auto,
      Good stuff.
      I like to go by the old adage that “you don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.”

      Everyone on this blog knows that CK needs to clean up some flaws, but to hear/read some of the posts suggesting that CK is not our future baffles the mind.
      Instant gratification may be a new generation mindset and that’s ok I guess.
      But I’m starting to think that this mindset has a sense of panic attached to it.

      It’s time to chill-out faithful.
      This team will be competing for Championships for a long time and CK will be at the helm when it’s taking place.

  42. QB rating is pointless Grant. QBR isn’t perfect but is a much better indicator of all facets of QB performance than QB rating which gives you a positive number as long as you don’t throw a pick. Case in point is Tim Tebow had a 90+ rating in a game he completed 2 out of 8 passes because one went for a TD.

  43. Niner dorks are the must idotic folks in the world. Kap cannot throw a proper fade route end of story> He never could that is why your stupid team cannot win. If kap made the proper throw then the niners would be going to the Super Bowl.

    If Kap learns how to throw a proper fade route then you guys may win a Super Bowl.

    1. Tutomate,
      Lmao! That actually made me feel better. It was both true and funny. “I have allergies, leave me alone!” Uuuuuggghhh, what a tough loss. Before you know it, the former NFL front office guys that now inhabit the blog will flood us with their mock drafts full of hidden gems such as Pat Devlin. I used to love the offseason because it was a part of the rebuilding process and there were obvious talent gaps. Now I hate it because it’s a six month grind for this team to find a way to win a Super Bowl without obvious areas for improvement on the roster. I don’t want 32 6th round picks in 2016, I want a Super Bowl win!

      1. Thanks P I’m glad it made you feel better. I hate the off season now too. Just want to win some more games.

        Usually I takes me a couple of days to digest a big loss.
        Day 1: I’m in denial and angry
        Day 2: Deep sadness
        Day 3: resignation and finally acceptance.

  44. Look what BAY AREA FANATIC just wrote:

    Sorry if you are getting treated like the troll that you are Fan. This room is filled with Niner fans. Not fans that give backhanded compliments and constantly berate their own players.

    Grant, can do you have a time traveling Dolorean we can borrow and so we back a couple of years and visit Bay Area Fanatic in his cave and say, “Hello McFly!! We don’t constantly berate our own players. You’re being a troll. Stop writing those comments about Alex Smith.”

    1. Fan,
      you just got ripped by like five posters for….. wait for it… being a troll. What current Niner am I ripping on? You can’t find that info cause it’s not there.
      You are a troll. Let me see one person that thinks you aren’t a troll come to your defense.
      So once again I ask. Why do you come here?

      1. Just because 5 of your imaginary best friends agree with you doesn’t change the fact that you’re a hypocrite.
        I’m on here the same reason you are. To support my team. Unlike you, I see a QB who isn’t playing to his potential, and all the issues I saw which you chose to overlook because you were so enamored with his howitzer arm were the exact reasons the Niners are not going to the Superbowl. And the same reason we lost it last year.
        Explain to me how you can give Colin a pass in this NFCCG, when he had 3 turnovers in the 4th quarter, almost have one in the 3rd quarter, and was only 2-12 on 3rd downs, how is he not the focus if your frustration? Your golden boy let you down.
        And yet in the 2011 game, after two Kyle Williams fumbles, you decide to blame Smith for the loss because he was 1 for 13 on 3rd down?
        Hey Pot Kettle, meet Bay Area Fanatic.

      2. Bay i do’nt think Fan is a troll he is an overly critical fan who puts too much blame on the position of QB. Very much like many here myself included did with A. Smith. I seldom agree with Fan but no he is not a troll. Go back and read some of Darin’s posts he was a troll.

      3. Hey old coach,
        Well said. We all have opinions and I’m not even claiming that I’m right. I’ve had my issues with Kaep the whole season and I saw regression and limitation.
        He played great for 3 quarters and all the issues, my issues with him, showed up in the 4th quarter.

  45. Wow! I didn’t know that the sky is falling. I was only gone for almost a day and after reading some of the posts in this blog, I thought I was in the wrong place. Okay, I get it, it is frustrating to lose a championship game. But lets not put all the blame of this loss to CK. It is a team game. I don’t know if CK will win us a super bowl (if we get there again), but it’s too early to give up on him. The guy has only started 1.5 seasons, and for those people calling for his head please look at Joe and Steve’s record in their first two seasons. Steve lost 2 NFCCG to Aikman before taking us to the super bowl and win it. Have we forgotten that? I’m not saying that CK will be better than Joe or Steve, but who knows. But now is not the right time to give up on him. Also, look at Brady’s performance the last years. Him and CK have been to the championship games the last three years. They have identical records during the same stretch. They’re both 1 – 3 in the championship games and 0 -1 in the super bowl. Heck, Flacco in my opinion even outperformed Brady on those two AFCCGs. Brady will come down as of the greatest QB to ever play the game and look at his performance the last three years. My point is, even the best one doesn’t always win. So lets relax a little bit and give our coaches more time to figure out how to improve CK’s performance on the field.

    1. Ricardo i know everyone wants to talk CK both pro and con but something else regarding T. Brady that puts losing big games in perspective. I’m Not sure and i’m to lazy to do the research but i believe Tom Brady is the losingest QB in conference championships\Super Bowls history. What i mean is i think Brady has more conference championship and Super Bowl losses than any other QB.

      1. You’re maybe right coach about Brady’s record. I know he has lost 2 super bowls and 2 championship games and that might be a record. But he’ll get a pass because he hand won the big one (multiple times) and CK will be looked at by some as a “choker” or not clutch until he wins one.

      2. Ricardo actually its 3 afc championship games. You are right untill a QB wins the big one he will have a monkey on his back [see S. Young} My point was even the great ones lose big games in brady’s case 5 times

      3. Oooppss… sorry coach, I forgot that one loss against Manning in the AFCCG. Yup, and hopefull CK can win us the big one sooner rather than later.

  46. Fellow Niner Fans,

    We had a good season. It didn’t end like we wanted it to, but that’s life. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t.

    Bay, Jordon, Neal, Crab, BigNiner, Tuto, Rocket, Big Tuna, oldcoach, Prime, MWNiner, MWDynasty, FDM, AES, E, JPN, Jack, Houston, Coffee, BigP, Ribico, Claude Balls, Scooter, jshaw, Brodie, Grant, and all other’s that I missed …

    Enjoy the off season. Take care until draft time.

    1. Nick,
      It was a good run by our team made better by the passionate fans who frequent this blog.

      Things will be quite around here for awhile, but stop by now again bud.
      Enjoy your sabbatical (lol).

    1. I read about this too and I find it weird because I saw at least one time during the game where Sherman gave Crab a tap on a helmet after a play (a friendly tap). Well, from what I’ve heard they were both mic’d up. I guess, we’ll find out if there things being said during the game that made Sherman acted that way.

    2. Taking things at face value and comparing the perceived personalities of the two guys involved, this take/article makes much more sense to me.

    1. Old Coach,
      I don’t believe we have to pay Flacco $$, CK has not won a Super Bowl, Ravens could of signed Flacco the year his Super Bowl win probably 25% less. The Niners don’t seem to be the Team that will pay Brees, Manning, Flacco type of money. Maybe a Brady contract type of deal.

    2. OC …

      Flacco didn’t deserve “Flacco-money” !

      I’m guessing Kaep won’t look for an extension ’till
      after next season …
      We got Tank, Lattimore.. (and some others)
      comin’ in … and with the emergence of Quinton ..
      hell… who knows ? … just maybe
      Kaep will be in a much better position to get payed …

    3. Old coach, my concern would be that Kaep looks at what Cutler got and says “I’m better than he is”. Cutler got WAY over paid and the teams with young potential QB stars are going to feel the pain.

      1. Sean my concern is that we do’nt sign him to an extension then he does’nt progress like he needs to and we do’nt have a QB or we do’nt sign him and he does progress the way he needs to and we are in the same position the Ravens were.

      2. I get what you’re saying coach. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.

        What number would everyone think is good for Kaep based on what he’s done up to this point? 10 mil a season? More? Less?

    4. No. Not that I don’t think CK has less value then Flacco. I just think the Ravens way overpaid for him in their post Super Bowl glow.

      I do think Baalke should sign as many players as possible before their final contract season. So get Aldon, Boone and Iupati on board before the start of next season. Then see how flexible CK, Crabs and Boldin are.

      I know one thing… if people screamed about letting players go last offseason, this offseason will be 10 times worse. Salary cap says its a rebuilding year no matter what.

    5. Old Coach… No. Not that I don’t think CK has less value then Flacco. I just think the Ravens way overpaid for him in their post Super Bowl glow.

      I do think Baalke should sign as many players as possible before their final contract season. So get Aldon, Boone and Iupati on board before the start of next season. Then see how flexible CK, Crabs and Boldin are.

      I know one thing… if people screamed about letting players go last offseason, this offseason will be 10 times worse. Salary cap says its a rebuilding year no matter what.

      1. Jack, you’re right, 49ers pick 3oth in the first round. The Smith pick is #56 in the second round, followed by their own pick at #61.

    1. Neal
      probably around the same place for the Chiefs
      2nd rounder, considering Alex made the playoffs …
      but.. haven’t seen the draft order posted yet, though

  47. Harbaugh tells the media, “I am going to fight to keep our players.”

    This is why having Baalke as GM is critical to success. It allows Harbaugh to be a players coach and not get blood on his hands.

    1. Good Cop Bad Cop,

      Boldin did a tweet that he would love to stay with the Niners, not sure what type of deal we can make to have him stay. We will have Carlos Rogers salary, and he will probably be cut.

      Also would like to keep Dawson too.

  48. So disappointed, I was eagerly going to watch the Pro-Bowl.( JK) but only Brooks is attending, Gore Iupati, Bowman are hurt, rest are opting out.

    1. Dunno, Neal…
      a “Pro-Bowl Draft”??
      are you kidding me ?

      And now there’s a story at nfl.com saying that the
      NFL wants to get rid of the PAT ?
      (I’d post the link.. but am afraid of
      pi**ing most of you guys off, too)

      WTF ?
      (pardon my french)

      1. Get rid of the PAT, it’s pointless. It’s one more collision that can easily be avoided and it will have zero impact on the game. Think of it as a time trade off for more extensive challenge abilities. You can’t have four hour games.

      2. I’m not sure at what point in history the PAT became a rule, but we’d all probably agree it was a long time ago; conceivably before ‘Talking Movies’. Now the NFL Suits want to tinker with the game again. To what end?
        More time for TV ads? Safety? Phssshhhh. It’s your league, Roger. It’s NOT your game, Roger, leave it the heck alone you weasels.* First you made it almost impossible for DBs to do their job, now you’ve made them illegal! 21 guys are playing ferocious NFL football, but the QB is playing ‘Touch.’ Or more accurately ‘Touch Me Between My Pecs And My Quads.’ You want to get rid of the KOR, one of the potentially most exciting plays in the game. The Game is fine and making you fortunes, leave it the heck alone.
        * With apologies to all weasels, mink, ferrets, chinchillas, ermine, badgers, mongoose, wolverines and related species for associating them with ambulance chasing corporate lawyers.

      3. I heard about the getting rid of the point after with a kick. This morning on ESPN, so the deal is, if you get a touchdown, that counts for 7, if you make the 2 yard conversion, you get two points, if you don’t you lose a point, so it goes down to 6.

        I like Belicheek thinking, After the touchdown, you get 6 points, if you want to make a two point conversion, the ball will be placed at the one, or you can kick it for a point. I like the options.

      4. there were only 5 PAT misses out of 1200 this year they are saying it is pointless to risk injury for something that is almost certain. I agree with the decision if it is made but not what they are thinking of doing instead suggestions were automatic 7 or they get 7 points with the chance for a 1 non-kicking point conversion if they miss they lose a point and get 6. I think they should have a TD as 6 and you have to go for a 1 point conversion those aren’t automatic.Maybe a 2 point conversion from the 10 yard line.

    1. bay ..
      right after I go on my rant about the
      stupid things the NFL wants to do …
      you post a link showing Roger Goodell actually
      in favor of something rational ?

      who woulda thunk ?

      1. Worst officiating I’ve ever seen and it was year long. Don’t know if they need more training or to get younger. Definitely bit us in the arse this year…

      2. Bay the NFL needs to go with full time officials. I read somewhere that the last nflpa contract called for it in an incremental manner. By the 2013 season there were supposed to be 4 full time officials, there are currently zero. The union is filing a grievance. There is only one reason the NFL is dragging their feet, if they went with all full time officials it would cost them one half of one percent of their profits. So players be damned, fans be damned they want their money.

    2. I’ve heard Pat Kirwan mention it on the radio numerous times and I agree with it. Have someone upstairs monitor any potential challenges, like college, and let the coaches do their jobs as they don’t also need to make sure the refs are doing theirs.

    3. Bay,
      Caught some of the interview as well. I was happy to hear that many coach’s in the league were in contact with Goodell throughout the season regarding the poor officiating.
      No doubt that NFL offices have also been inundated with fan email irate about the situation.

      My only hope is that some form of action is implemented by the start of next season to quell team and fan concerns.
      This has to be a top priority!

  49. I miss Red (whats-his-name) .. Cashon ..?

    yeah.. and it seems to be getting worse ..

    The answer has to be maybe .. to hire these guys
    full time …

    9- 1/2 Billion (with a “B”) dollars .. and you’d think
    at least ONE of those NFL “Executives” might
    consider that to be a wise investment !

  50. Saw an early Mock on SB Nation today. Among other surprises (they mocked at least 3 1st round trades) they had UCLA’s Barr lasting until #27 and SF taking Yankey at #30, the OG from Stanford.

  51. Hey guys, I don’t if this has been asked before, but does anyone has access to the All 22 vid of the championship game. I would like to hear everybody’s opinion of the last play. I thought CK should have at least looked to his left and by doing so, maybe it would have held the linebacker long enough that he wouldn’t be in the vicinity where he threw the ball.

    1. I was wanted to see the same thing. I think Maiocco is the only one I’ve seen so far go into detail about that last play. He said Patton was about 2 yds behind the line of scrimage to his left and had about a 10 yd cushion. He then said that he could have at least gotten about 7 yds but would have likely ran the clock out another 7-8 seconds.

      I really wish we would have taken that time out before that last play, but I also think the thought was that Kap was in a groove, maybe they were afraid a timeout could knock him out of it.

    2. Go to Nfl.com. Then go to game rewind. It’s s subscription but they offer a free trial period. I just watched it. You can see a lot of the issues of Kaepernick locking in on his read and not adjusting,
      I noticed he almost never takes the check down to the running back in the middle whe the lbs are playing zone, which would force then to respect the underneath pass and open things up over the middle.
      Also on the last play, it doesn’t look like Crabtree is open at all. Patton was open multiple times in the last drive and kaepernick always went to Crabtree. Even on the pass where he barely got it over the db, he had a much easier pass to Patton.
      Also, I think Sherman baited kaepernick on that throw, he was playing off the entire drive until that play.
      Growing pains. Tell that to gore, justin smith, and all the niners who are now one year older.

      1. Thanks, Jack. Judging by the photos, I think the linebacker would have still be in position whether CK looked to his left or not before firing (but I think he still should have done that knowing he made up his mind before the snap on where to throw the ball). Yeah, he should have thrown the ball to Patton on that one :(

      2. gotta agree…Patton is wide open and easily could have gotten 5-7 yds and gotten out of bounds….

        man this kinda just opened up the wound again :(

      3. So all preseason games let Colin and the Ones move the ball between the 20s, but pull Boldin, Crabs and Vernon to the bench when they reach the RedZone and make Colin find the open guy among the newbies.
        How about some film room games where he has to ID the best choice within 3 seconds. A play on flash card learning.
        Tony Dorsett used to say that when he was driving a car he liked to try looking straight ahead and seeing what he needed to through peripheral vision. It was practice for his field vision and to broaden the width of his view to the whole field so he’d know where his next cut should go. He said he usually knew where all 11 defenders were during every play. Obviously that type of development would help Colin or any QB. It might also help his eye discipline from the pocket, thereby removing his ‘Tell’.

      4. He had Patton for maybe a 5 yard completion at best on the left side. Would have been better than a pick but I understand why he took the shot in single coverage. The mistake was the throw; not which guy he threw it too.

      5. Okay. I’ve looked at the photos again and again, and I’m having second thoughts here. I’m going to agree with rocket here. That the throw was the mistake but not who he threw it to. And I think, it’s possible that CK didn’t make up his mind to throw the ball to Crab until the second photo. I think CK realized at that point that Thomas and the linebacker has no shot to make a play on the ball. He just under-threw ball :( I think the more important debate is whether CK should have even challenged Sherman at that point.

      6. I’m no NFL QB but Jeff Garcia was, and he thinks the throw to Patton was the place to go considering the situation.

      7. With two time outs left you take the for sure pass to a open guy and give him a chance to break a tackle and score or get close. If not you can still easily kill the clock for at least two more plays.

      8. What you can’t see in that picture is that the CB covering Patton was up on the line. At the 1 Second mark he drifted back. What we couldn’t do is take a sack. He made a choice and went with it. The mistake is he under threw it.

        Harbaugh said that their thinking was either a TD or stop the clock.

      9. Which is why you don’t pick where you are going with the ball presnap.

        I like that the coach never places blame on his guys though.

      10. The decision to throw in Sherman’s direction was the questionable part. Patton was that open because the Seahawks allowed him to be. I agree that you live to play another down if nothing else in that situation, though.

      11. Did Crabtree look open? That’s what good defenses do. They give you a look, they baited kaep to make that throw.
        He rarely threw to Patton so the corner played off of him to guard the corner route by Davis.
        If kaep tried to scramble he would have gotten a few yards.

      12. I believe that Kap and Crabs wanted to show up Sherman at the detriment of the team. There was no reason on earth that Kap should have attempted that throw. EVERYONE else in that play was open except for Crabtree.

        I believe that Crabtree and Kap are very close?I believe that Crabtree and Sherman have had a run in or two in the past and Sherman has spoken negatively about Crabtree during those run ins. I believe Crabtree wanted to beat Sherman for the game winning TD and Kap wanted to assist him and prove that he could beat Sherman. Wanting to show Sherman up was the wrong decision.

        The entire field was in play for us. Boldin could’ve gotten 10-14 yards running up the seam. Vernon is open at the 12 yard line on his out route. Patton was open once his receive back pedaled all the way to the goal line. His defender was never at the line of scrimmage. Patton easily gets 8-10 yards and runs out of bounds. Even Kendal Hunter was open in the flat because Smith played off of him and Kendal was outside of Bruce Irvin to his right.

        Why go after the best corner in football with the game on the line? Why go after the one guy that has picked you off more than once in your career. Why take that chance when you have so many other choices with so much time and 2 timeouts? Why gamble like that with so many teammates depending on you to make a better play? How can you have tunnel vision on that play? Crabtree was in single coverage on that play for a reason. He’s being defended by the #1 cornerback in the ENTIRE NFL!

        Kap didn’t get the ball down to the 18 yard line by throwing the football toward Richard Sherman! Kap andCrabtree are in my doghouse for that play. That was just plain stupid on Kaps part. I don’t care what anyone says. It was selfish of him and it was stupid!

        I hope it’s eating at him more than it’s eating at me!! It might not be. 2 picks and 2 fumbles in 4 possessions to close out the game. Ridiculous. There is a problem here!

      13. 23J,
        “I believe that Kap and Crabs wanted to show up Sherman at the detriment of the team. There was no reason on earth that Kap should have attempted that throw.”

        It sure seems like that’s what happened. I hate to say it but it’s true. It seemed like a premeditated diss move that backfired. As soon as I saw the ball go up I was like “Noooooo! Why the F are you throwing it there?!” Boom, interception. I was furious. I can understand going for the score, but throwing that in there against Sherman was a stupid move. I won’t say mistake because I think he let some personal vendetta influence his decision and it cost the team.

      14. And Sherman is 6-3!
        That’s why Sherman made that choke symbol.
        I like kaep and he’s going to be the niner qb so long as harbaugh is the coach but that was not a smart play.
        He was pressing the entire 4th quarter.
        He knew running was going to be hard, when goes isn’t getting any yards, so he pressed. The moment wasn’t too big for him, but he definitely pressed.
        Crabs was on the other side of the field the whole time up until that play. Why not run the fade against the 3rd string corner?
        Just press the RT button like it is on madden and flip the play!
        Crabs made have great hands but maybe they should think about splitting up the duo. He’s got trade value and he’s going to walk next year anyway. That would send a message.
        Then you can have Gordon!

      15. Big P,

        That’s exactly what happened. That’s where Kaps immaturity really stands out. The kid has to grow up. I appreciate the fact that he works hard and stays out of trouble.

        That last play was directly related to the stupid social media crap. Kill the twitter and the Instagram. It’s time to grow up and carry yourself like a franchise QB. The personal crap has to be discarded. It’s about the team, the team, the team. You can bet that his teammates are quietly saying exactly that. They know he got personal with that throw, they know that was a bonehead play. They know that he should have gone elsewhere. They know that the other players were open. He showed his selfishness for the 1st time as a 49er.

      16. Fan,

        You don’t trade Crabtree. You sit Kap down and talk to him about trusting all of his receivers. If he wants to be great, he has to learn to trust and use all of his weapons. He can’t have a favorite. He has to throw to everyone.

        How do you think Davis and Boldin feel right now? Kap is lucky that these guys are real pros. They won’t say on camera what they really think.

        I know that was not where that play was designed to go. If it was, then Roman is just as dumb as Kap,was for making the throw. There is no way that the throw to Crabtree was the 1st read. I just don’t believe that.vi won’t believe that. That may have been Kaps 1st choic but that could not have been the 1st read in that progression.

      17. 23 Jor –
        You can tell Vernon was pissed. He was pissed that last year.
        Boldin wants to be here, but he can’t be too happy either.
        Kaep has a lot of growing up to do. He plays with that chip on his shoulder, and now the has to channel it another way.
        Personally I’m sure he’s great person, but you can tell how he likes to jaw at people, we saw it in the Carolina game.
        He has to be above that. The QB position is the hardest in sports, and he has to be level headed when chaos is all around him.
        I’ve been screaming all year for him to throw the ball to anyone but Boldin, even if they’re not open.
        There was a stretch where I didn’t even care to watch the offense play, it was just passes to Boldin, or Kaep would take off running after 2 second so he can be hero. It was boring.
        It will be tough to get back to the championship game, but they can do it. Kaep will be playing for a big contract!

      18. A lot of assumptions being made here. First off, there weren’t a bunch of open receivers on the left side. One guy was truly open and would have gained short yardage (Patton). Second, as Harbaugh said, the right decision was made to go to the one on one coverage. The mistake was that the throw was not to the back corner. You guys are really overthinking this imo.

        At that point in the game it’s not about gaining another 5 yards to get closer which is all a pass to Patton would have achieved. It’s about trying to get a TD before you are facing 3rd or 4th down when your options become limited. We all hate the fact it ended that way, but a little better throw and we are probably sitting here basking in the after glow of the Catch 3.

  52. before finalizing anything with Coach Harbaw
    as far as contract extensions, Jed York should
    observe the results of the first eight games of 2014.
    Depending on what he sees (or does not see), he may
    want to “widen the field of play” and go through
    some progressions (i.e., consider some replacements).
    Mister Harbaw needs such a “thumb in his back” lest
    he think that the “almost but not quite” success story
    of his first three years will cut it any more with the fans.

    We are ready for the Niners to win SB #6… no excuses.
    If the team falters under Harbaw’s leadership, then we
    need to see the owners and Mr. York act accordingly.

  53. Funny how Bayareafanatic used to badmouth Alex Smith after every loss and put all the blame on him, but now when his beloved Colin Kaepernick totally screws the 4th quarter and single handedly gives the game away, it’s everyone else’s fault and Bay gets mad at any fan who criticizes our players.

    Ironic much? Wow what a hypocrite dbag this guy is. Does anyone on this forum actually listen to Bay’s comments? What a joke.

  54. Kaepernick is never going to be a top 5 quarterback until he stays in the pocket long enough to go through his reads. Lowell’s article was a bit harsh but his point that Kaepernick locks on to one guy, sink or swim, is dead on. If you are really talented that works in college, in the NFL it doesn’t. Hopefully Kap listens to Joe Montana’s advice and changes. If not …. then draft a new quarterback.

    1. Mike,
      Just a question here.
      If the top 4 QB’ (CK being one of them) made it to the AFC/NFC Championship game last Sunday, who do you rank as the 5th QB among your top 5?

  55. Attention: Red & Gold Alert. Missing person.
    Crab15-WHERE YOU AT?
    Search & Rescue: Saddle up, dudes. On the road, full load.
    Heal up dude. Rejoin the warriors’ circle. We live to fight again.
    Quest 4 6 Lives! Onward!

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