Kyle Shanahan interview will be two-way interrogation

The 49ers may not understand what will happen this weekend in Atlanta.

They probably see this weekend as a formality. Jed York and his pal, Paraag Marathe, will meet with Kyle Shanahan and conduct his second interview for the team’s head-coaching vacancy.

They also will meet with Minnesota Vikings executive George Paton and Arizona Cardinals executive Terry McDonough at the same time, and conduct their second interviews for the team’s GM job.

York will bring the coffee and scones. Marathe will bring creamer and nametags. Then Shanahan will do most of the work. He’ll vet Paton and McDonough — get to know them, feel them out — and decide for the 49ers which GM they should hire.

 Then, the 49ers will hire the GM of Shanahan’s choosing Saturday night or Monday morning and formally introduce Shanahan as the next head coach the day after the Super Bowl.

Easy. No sweat.

Except there will be sweat. Big beads of sweat on the faces of York and Marathe. They won’t merely moderate the interview — they’ll be the focus of it. Shanahan will scrutinize those two as much or more than he scrutinizes Paton and McDonough. In other words, Shanahan will be interviewing them, determining their worth.

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  1. I absolutely trust Jed and Praage to give Shanny everything he needs to succeed from money to time to reshaping the culture.

    1. It’s a done deal. Shanahan is our guy. And just to rebut Grant’s article about Blank making a move to keep Kyle, here’s an interesting tweet from Maiocco. Not that it was ever seriously in question, but if Arthur Blank didn’t want to let Shanny go, he could have denied permission for Kyle to interview Friday and Saturday.

      Matt Maiocco ✔ @MaioccoCSN
      Once OC Kyle Shanahan wrapped up his work for the week, the Falcons gave him their blessing to talk with the #49ers Fri PM and Saturday.

      The only pressing question at the moment is, who’s Kyle going to sign off on as GM? I’ve heard there is a mystery 3rd candidate who has recently emerged.

  2. If shanahan wants cousins as his QB and is assured he will have a few years to turn it around im fine with trading for him.

    In fact im fine with going after any QB that shanahan wants.

    The 49ers can fill multiple holes in this roster through the draft and FA with the large amount of cap space they currently have. They will have even more cap space if they release CK7.

    Grant remember that article that you wrote about the 49ers personnel groupings? You gave all the groupings pretty decent grades except like QB, Coaching and RBs IIRC.

    If cousins (or anyone) ends up being a solid QB for the niners I could see playoffs being possible in 3 years.

    1. An article by Grant : “There is talent just not enough”

      D-line = A-
      Edge Rushers = D
      Line backers = D
      Cornerbacks = C
      Safeties = B
      ST= D

      O line = A-
      TE = B
      WR = C
      RB = C
      QB = F

      These are grants grades. Seems like getting a QB is #1 priority. Also I think LB would get a better grade if Bowman and Armstrong played all year. And RB would be better if Hyde could play a full year.

      With like 45+ mill in cap space and some solid draft picks in the next 2 years i could see this team being play off bound. That is if shanny can really come in and be a real HC

      1. mcniner55, just a heads up. The 49ers are rolling over right around $39 million in cap space this year. With that roll-over, the 49ers are looking at somewhere on the order of $78 million cap space for 2017, not $45 million.

      2. I think these grades are too high. I would say:

        D-line = C
        Edge Rushers = D-
        Line backers = D
        Cornerbacks = D+
        Safeties = C-
        ST= D

        O line = B
        TE = C
        WR = D-
        RB = B
        QB = F

      3. Those grades are just his opinion. No way he should give the D line an A-, while giving the QBs an F. Kaep had decent stats. 16 TDs, 59.2 % completion and only 4 picks with a 90.7 rating.

    1. Fangio wanted to work with Shanny. He wouldn’t have even considered working for Kelly. Does anyone still think Chip should have gotten another year?

      1. I think someone else put it nicely.

        If shanny can go into the superbowl and put up some points and a W against belichick then you know you are getting an OC whos offense actually works in the NFL.

      2. No way! The easy practice schedules, no urgency from game to game, the notion he could re-invent Kap and the read option, keeping a lousy defensive coordinator and making zero changes, poor half-time adjustments, man I could go on forever!

      1. Yep, stupid Falcons too for blocking Kyle from bringing HIS offensive staff with him. Shanahan would have had the best staff in the league on both sides of the ball.

  3. “The 49ers are not a quarterback away from contending. They are not a quarterback away from anything.”

    – cracked me up, Grant!

      1. It all starts at QB, so Grant’s line is a little lame actually. Sorry.

        The 49ers are certainly more than a QB away from competing with the big boys. However, that doesn’t mean getting their QB of the future isn’t a very good, even essential, step forward.

        1. Trading two 1st-round picks for Cousins would push the 49ers further away from contention than if they kept the two 1sts.

              1. If you’re asking me, 1st+3rd for Shanny/Cousins is a no brainer! Then hire Tom Clements as quarterbacks coach. Draft Kaaya in the 3rd, Kelly in 4th.

              2. Agreed Grant. I’m not on the Cousins band wagon. He may be a serviceable place-keeper, but you are spot on with his value. That kind of player isn’t worth a first round pick, IMO.

                However, in Shanny I trust. Whatever he decides to do at QB, aside from bringing back CK7, I’m in support.

                Go NINERS!

              3. They are going to have spend a first on a qb at some point so I don’t see it as being that bad. Two firsts would be too much IMHO, but a first and 3rd for young qb who might be top 10.

            1. I agree as well. Cant trade 1st round picks at this stage. A 2nd for Jimmy G maybe. Otherwise I like the option of Trubisky at #2 and Kelly in the 4th.

          1. not true at all grant! I agree, that we need defensive help. And we also need things on the other side of the ball…( #1wr, O-line, rb… name a few)

            But your whole pretense is that the draft is a slam dunk!!! The reality is……its more of a crap shoot!
            Dee Milner, Dion Jordan, Barkcevious Mingo,……just a few “super bust” that come to mind on the defensive side of the ball .Aldon Smith….. flash in the pan.
            Namdakung Suh……not a bust….but not a difference making either!
            The point is……NOTHING IS GARUNTEED!

            A bird in the basket is worth 2 in the bush!

            And I don’t want to even waste my time talking about qb bust taken high in the draft…..

      2. Is there any team under .500, at any level, that isn’t a “‘quarterback away’ from improving their offense?”

        No QB = no pre-snap read, no in-game adjustments, no game plan, no offense.

        The Niners, with their current o-line; and the additions of a game plan, a serviceable quarterback, a healthy running back and a receiver, can be average by 2017.

  4. Two 1st’s is negotiated down to a 1st and 3rd, and Cousins signs 5 year/$110 Million deal with $40 million guaranteed. Anything more than that and they wouldn’t do the deal.

    I think some are manufacturing drama where there isn’t any. This marriage was consummated weeks ago, and I don’t anticipate either leaving the other at the altar….

    1. What if WSH is negotiating a deal for Jimmy G? Then this thing becomes real. Maybe Scotty McG does not like Cousins, never was his guy? Just more drama.

        1. Its just odd that they have not signed Cousins. Is this just timing or does the organization not truly believe in the guy? He has been known to be a little arrogant?

          1. If they believed he was worth $22M+ a year for 5 years he’d probably be signed already. They wanted him to prove it this year. I think he proved he is a decent starting QB, but not special. A guy you can win games with, but probably not going to win you a lot of games. Which places him the Andy Dalton and Alex Smith category of QB. Good enough for now, but you’re always wanting something a little more.

            1. He’s much better than Alex Smith. I think Cousins is vastly underrated by some, and I’d say Shanny knows best….

              1. He’s more aggressive than Smith, but Smith is a smarter field general and safer with the ball. I don’t think Cousins is a better QB, or at least not much between them.

              2. But I also must admit I don’t watch a lot of Washington games. May be just the times I have watched him haven’t been the best examples.

              3. You like touchdowns? I do.

                Alex Smith last two years, 15/20, yardage 3500/3500, 7 yard average

                Captain Kirk last two years, 25/29(Yikes!), yardage 4900/4200, 8 yard av

                Cousins is a top ten quarterback in the National Football League. Alex Smith is middle of the pack at 15….

              4. Jim Harbaugh and Andy Reid have done all they can for Alex Smith. What makes you think Shanny can turn him into a TD machine?

              5. I’m truly confused as to why there would be so much resistance to trading 1st and 3rd round picks for a top ten QB. The whole idea is to get a QB you know can be successful at the NFL level and can excel in this type of system. Cousins checks both boxes. Does anyone truly believe it would be better to use the 1st on someone like Kizer or Trubisky over an established NFL QB? That is exactly what they may wind up doing with the first pick and personally I would take Cousins over any of the QB’s in this draft with zero hesitation.

                The 9ers aren’t close to contending that’s true, but the only way to get there is by improvement at the key positions and none is more important than QB. I doubt Washington will be interested in trading him anyway, but if they ever offered him up for a 1st and 3rd, I’d hope the 49ers would be ready to pull the trigger on that. It would be stupid not to imo.

              6. I’m truly confused as to why there would be so much resistance to trading 1st and 3rd round picks for a top ten QB.

                Beats the snot out of me!

              7. If Cousins is as good as razor and rocket think he is then he is worth a 1st and 3rd. As I said above, I haven’t watched a lot of him, but when I have watched him I came away thinking he was a pretty solid starting QB. Not special. But a good enough QB when he is surrounded by lots of talented receivers and paired with a good OC.

                His stats are impressive, but are partly a product of the system. So while he may be putting up top 10 stats, is he really one of the ten best QBs in the NFL? I don’t think he is.

              8. I’ve watched him for the last 2 years, and I think he is. You’d like your quarterback to excel in your “system”, and that’s kinda the system we’re going to install….

              9. Yeah I agree, I think he has proven he’s full value for that top ten ranking. The added bonus is he already knows Shanahan’s offense. Let’s put it this way, if Garrappolo is a serious option for a first or second round pick, then Cousins should be a lock at a cost of 1st and 3rd round picks if that was ever offered.

              10. I’d be willing to bet Cousins could get the 49ers moneys worth out of Smith. He throws an accurate and catch able football….

        2. Scooter
          I can’t help but think that the multi-step convoluted guess is suspect. If the simplest answer can be the truth, it probably is. Ergo, Cousins ain’t going anywhere. If they can’t do the long term deal they Franchise him @$24M. There are QBs in 2018 draft.

            1. My hope is that Shanahan thinks the same way. The 49ers need all the high draft picks they can get for the next three years. If Jed pushes for a big news worthy trade to distract the fans, then Shanahan should stay in Atlanta.

              1. htwaits

                +1 Both Rocket and Razor are just throwing ‘stuff’ at the wall just to see if ANYTHING sticks High draft choices are Gold…don’t throw them around as though we had good sense….

    2. That’s still a lot to give up for a decent starting QB. I agree with Grant on Cousins. If you are getting a decent vet they should be a stopgap. And the 49ers aren’t a QB away from challenging right now.

      The area I disagree on is bringing in a QB for the future in now. I have no problem with that. Just don’t spend pick #2 on him. And don’t be afraid to double dip this year, or go to the well again next year.

        1. Trubisky if he is there end of round 1. Kaaya or maybe Kizer if they are there end of round 2/ top of round 3. Peterman end of round 3/ top of round 4.

          I like Watson and would take him end of round 1 too, but don’t expect Shanahan will go there. Not a big Mahomes fan.

          Kelly as a second QB in later rounds would work for me too. Prefer him over a guy like Davis Webb, despite his attitude.

          1. I’ve cooled on Webb this week. He hasn’t looked good in practice and couldn’t win the starting job at the Senior Bowl. Big red flag.

            1. Never thought much of him to be honest. He’s the epitome of a guy that is made to look good by a gimmicky system in my opinion.

            1. I think Shanny Jr has proven he can take any quarterback and make them better. I don’t think it matters which one it is, as long as he’s picking and coaching….

            2. I think they have NFL starter potential. Doubt either guy will ever be a great QB, but could be solid starters in the Matt Schaub/ Kirk Cousins mold. Shanahan has proven he can get good production from guys like that.

              1. Kaaya seems too robotic to be a solid starter. And Peterman couldn’t even beat out Josh Dobbs at Tennessee. Trubisky seems like the only solid starter in the draft. Everyone else seems like low-level starters or backups.

              2. You could be right. I think Kaaya needs a really good OL to be consistently effective, but I also think he’s got the tools both physically and mentally to be a solid starter if he’s kept relatively clean. And despite not beating Dobbs at Tennessee, he’s a better prospect in my opinion. Main things I don’t like about Peterman is he seems a bit frantic in the pocket, and he misses too many deep balls.

              3. Problem is Trubisky is not dropping past #12. Unless the Jets want to trade up, its Mitch at #2. Otherwise make my deal for Jimmy G. Kaepernick and a 2018 2nd round pick to the Pats

              4. Kaaya is exactly the kind of quarterback Shanny would look to draft in the 3rd round and sit behind a guy like Cousins. Very friendly situation….

              5. Yeah, I agree on his accuracy to a point Grant. I don’t think he has excellent accuracy, but I don’t think it’s bad on the short and intermediate levels either. I don’t like his deep ball accuracy.

                He did have a fair bit of production from shovel passes, but that offense I believe had a higher % of passes thrown 5 yards or more past the LOS than most spread teams.

              6. That’s interesting. He just didn’t throw very often in general. That was a run-first offense. I doubt he will start more than a handful of games in the NFL. I hate this class of QBs.

              7. Kaaya = Rob Johnson. They both need a clean pocket. Or do they take sacks so their passer rating won’t suffer?

        2. After consideration, I do agree they shouldn’t go out of their way to get one of the top QBs though. If a guy is available around where I suggested above then great, but if not, so be it.

          1. This is easier said than done but my thinking is you have to leave this draft and offseason with a #1 QB, WR and OLB. Now wether any of them start week one, is really up to them. So with 50 million in cap space, abundance of picks, I don’t think this is a dream request.
            WSH and NE could help instantly in finding a #1 QB in Cousins or Jimmy G
            WR: John Ross, WSH University
            OLB: don’t know

          2. I don’t like the qb’s in this class either. The problem is next year’s class is not looking all that special either. Browning really fell off against better competition. Jackson is a great runner but leaves a lot to be desired as a passer. Darnold needs to prove last year wasn’t a fluke.
            Even if one guy clearly separatestates himself, if the niners are not picking first they will have to break the bank to get him.
            This is just to say waiting is not exactly a safe course of action either.
            Also I apologise for my grammar as I have only been able to post on my phone and between my fat fingers and predictive text… well it’s not pretty.

            1. Regardless of who plays QB this fall, the Niners could very well be picking first in 2018. There are just too many holes on offense and defense that opponents will exploit, and can’t all be filled in FA and this draft. On offense, besides QB, the Niners need a #1 receiver, a better-than-average RB to play when Hyde inevitably gets injured, and lots of help on the OL, assuming outside zone blocking is beyond the capability of some of the starters. On defense, they need at least one ILB, 1 or 2 edge rushers, depending on Lynch’s head, a NT, and at least 1 CB. And if they don’t find a competent DC and bunch of assistants, it’s going to be ugly.

        3. Lamar Jackson or Jake Browning, so the Niners should concentrate on defense, play Kaep, and select Cooper Rush in the 5th.

          Trade back with the Jets, and maybe trade back again. With a decent defense, the Niners can actually be competitive, no matter who the QB is.

          Wasting the opportunity to fix the defense by chasing a marginal QB class, just means another wasted year. The Niners should not expect any QB selected this year to become the Niner Franchise player.

            1. Wondering if this will blow up in Jed’s face. Kaep may be the only redeeming feature about this team.

              Guess you are getting rattled, and will be more emo.

              Lightweight reaction.

          1. Lamar Jackson is a great runner but is rail thin and needs to grow exponentially as a passer. The tough part is is more athlete than passer ala Mike Vick with a little less arm talent. And when you couple the fact that he is running qb with the fact that he is rail then it sounds like RGIII 2.0 and if that’s the case, What makes him different from D. Watson?

            Jake Browning really fell off at the end of the year when he played better teams. So I would like to see how he does next year against stiffer competition.

            Like I said though. The only point is that the next year always looks better. We said the same thing last year when looking at this years class, looking at Kayaa and Watson coming out.

        4. COUSINS!!

          pay the price!
          ive watched this team miss on entire drafts……multiple times I recent years!!!!!!

          remember Baalke saying “the price was too high” when he was trying to trade up for OBJR!????
          No it wasn’t!!!! he whiffed on that entire draft!!!! he should have traded all 7 picks to move up and get the star wr!!

        5. The only QB that I see is Watson who would come close to being a franchise QB due to his leadership, moxie, focus in the big games as evident of his stats against Alabama’s D in the national championship games back to back. However, he would be best sitting for a year or two learning the system and being taught by the master, Shanny, in this WCO. Bring in someone who knows the system over the next two years to mentor him, too. IMO, he’s the only franchise QB in this year’s QB class. Trubisky may have the tangibles, but it is all potential and the same with Kizer.

          The best they could do right now is trade down and pick either Foster or Williams within that top ten. I hope the Jets, Bills, and Cards or whoever want to move up to #2 to take whichever QB they want giving us more picks to build the roster.

          To me Watson is the only one worthy of that top pick, but what do I know. Whoever we pick at QB would be chosen by a top evaluator of the the position in Shanny who is more qualified than any of us speculating who it could be.

          1. I don’t think there are any franchise QBs in this class. Mike Williams was the best player on Clemson’s offense, not Watson. Williams is a really good player and Corey Davis may be even better. The Niners should target one of those two after trading down.

            1. If you put a premium on route running, then yes, Davis is the best receiver in this class.

              Watson is a tough SOB, with a will to victory he imparts to the team he leads. He’s clutch, delivering the goods. Those kind of intangibles are more valuable in my eyes than mechanics. Mechanics can be cleaned up….

              1. Wouldn’t surprise me if Williams elects to not participate in the 40. His medical evals will be interesting as well. Some player, whether it be Ross or whomever will take a precipitous fall due to a medical red flag….

              2. Amari Cooper isn’t a bad comp for Davis. I know he has been given as the comp for Kupp, but Jordy Nelson I think is a decent comp too. Good combo of size, hands, toughness, competitiveness, route running and better speed than you think.

            2. Grant

              ” …should target AT LEAST one of those two after trading down”….there, I fixed it for you. If indeed Shannahan becomes our HC, I’m sure that he has already filled out his QB Xmas list, and that there will much weeping and gnashing of teeth coming from “Inside the 49ers”

    1. I watched quite a few of Cousins games this year. I liked him last year. He’s fun to watch play, unlike a few others I could name…;>)

      1. Razor

        All of the Alex Smith fans (myself and many others) recognize the fact that you are an Alex hater. Just like all of the NEW imaginary stats that you search for (I.E. ALeX) as though they are just redundancies or just nit-picking…Are you just angry because he can and does play football…How many NFL QBs had a better record than Alex over the past three years ? Or, are you merely hurt because he has exposed Kaepernick as the high school QB that he is ?

        1. Blah blah blah. I don’t see how anyone could hate Alex Smith. He doesn’t inspire that kind of emotion. I just don’t like his game….

          1. Sebnnoying what you fail to realize is that Kaepernicks legacy is not that he played in a SB, rather, he is the 1st 49ers QB ever to lose in a SB! That’s a tough pill you must swallow. Choke it down pal!

          2. SEB

            as long as there are ‘cardboard coaches’ like Harbaugh, stuff like that will occur….Remember, half of the road to that SB was paved by Alex Smith….but he didn’t LOSE it….

        2. Ok, my friend, but did you see Alex’s dodge ball fail? That thar’s funny, I don’t care who you are!
          : >)
          (It wasn’t funny when Blaine and Colin were tossing grounders in games)

  5. Grant’s reasons + these are why Shanahan will scutinize York/Marathe:

    Name one York/Paraag tweet or leak that benefitted the 49ers:

    1…”Shanahan must find out where this Cousins rumor came from. It couldn’t come from a GM — the 49ers don’t have one yet. It must have come from York and Marathe.”—–By Grant Cohn.

    2. In describing Gutekunst’s credentials, the unnamed 49ers source went with:

    “It’s been Gutekunst for two weeks. He killed that interview. The owner says he’s Scot McCloughan without the drinking problem.”

    Ouch…An unnamed source quoting owner Jed York.

    3. Jed York Verified account 

    Thank you #49ersfaithful for coming out strong tonight. This performance wasn’t acceptable. I apologize for that

    Tim Kawakami

    In addition to the Jed York apology Tweet, there were other bizarre post-game things…

    Tim Kawakami

    Team president Paraag Marathe was in the room for Harbaugh’s postgame presser, which I’ve never seen before…

    TomD’s Response: Leaking someone’s drinking problems via leak from their personnel files is a lawsuit waiting to happen and a reason Shanahan watches York/Marathe carefully.

    lastly, this T. Kawakami advice to K. Shanahan:

    Tell York and Marathe that you will not sign a contract that places Marathe ahead of you in the 49ers hierarchy. If they agree to this–that you report directly to York and nobody else–get it in writing. If they do not, tell them they can find another coach.


  6. 1. Would Kyle Shanahan use leverage over 49ers to get his dad a job?

    January 27, 2017 at 12:10 PM • 33 comments

    By David Bonilla

    2. Pros of hiring Mike Shanahan in an advisory role with 49ers outweigh the cons, by Kevin Jones, KNBR

  7. R-E-P-O-R-T,

    York, Lowballing Shanahan, sinking the interview before it happen:

    TANK: Heard this morning on KNBR that Jed is reportedly offering Shanahan $7MM a year.

    cervant: If I was Jed, I’d offer him a 10 year deal w/ a guarantee that he’d always be in the top 25% of HC salaries.

    Scoots: Shanahan on 49ers job “It’s definitely not something that I have to do. I love it here and love the situation here. I love the team here. There’s no one better I could work for. My family loves living here.”

    westcoastguy: Where did you get that from scoots?

    Scoots: Washington Post sports page 3 days ago

    Scoots: I like that Jedarthe is a little like Siddhartha

  8. Mike Shanahan Could Take Job With 49ers

    January 27th, 2017 at 11:32am CST by Connor Byrne

    Two-time Super Bowl champion Mike Shanahan has no interest in coaching anymore, but he has expressed a desire to work in a team’s front office. That could happen soon, as there’s “increasing chatter in league circles” that Shanahan will join his son, Falcons offensive coordinator and 49ers head-coach-in-waiting Kyle Shanahan, in San Francisco, reports Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

    1. Like the idea–already thinking outside the box, unlike Baalke, that thougt alone puts you over the top.

      And the 49ers have ample draft picks to deal for Fangio.

  9. Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 7h7 hours ago
    Why are Jed/Paraag so wary of Mike Shanahan? They’re worried he’s a leaker. Which he is. And they’d know about such things.

    Slam ‏@slam254 · 6h6 hours ago

    @timkawakami @AdamSchefter is his leakee

    HipHopIT TechSupport ‏@hiphopITsupport · 7h7 hours ago

    @timkawakami Shanahan is a man, unlike those two boy clowns you mentioned

    Pab Lowe ‏@pab_lowe · 7h7 hours ago

    @timkawakami I’m sure Jed doesn’t want him competing with #jedleaks

  10. Hi Grant,

    Loved your article (I usually do), but I must disagree with your statement about the 49ers not being a ‘QB away from anything.’ They most certainly are–namely, a QB away from a 4-12 season instead of a 2-14 season. :)

  11. Mike Shanahan has done his background on Jed/Marathe, and may want a different job with the 49ers. Maybe one like Carmen Policy as a buffer to Marathe so his son stands a chance.

    “Its also possible that Mike may not want a GM job per say, but a different position within the front office. Regardless, considering the position York and Co. find themselves in, it’s hard to imagine any scenario where they don’t move heaven and Earth to give Kyle whatever he desires.” By Kevin Jones, KNBR

  12. You don’t think Shanahan will be eager to get a QB to build around knowing it’ll likely take a year or two to fully grasp it?

    1. West Coast coaches know quarterbacks like Bo know baseball…They just get it because their offense won’t function correctly w/o a dual threat. Bill Walsh never drafted a starting QB w/o dual threat capability. Walsh sent notices to all 32 NFL teams to draft Jeff Garcia, w/o any takers. When he was hired in his 2nd stint with the 49ers front office, all wondered where he would acquire a QB, as there was no quality in that years draft. He went to Canada, surprising everyone with what would be 4 time ProBowler, Jeff Garcia.

      So, Shanahan could easily draft defense, 1st Rd., and be trusted to find a QB in the later rounds.

        1. Mike Shanahan also found Mike Anderson and Alfred Morris in the 6th round. I bet he had a lot to do with Ed McCaffrey going to Denver in 95. The guy has an eye for talent. I would have no problem with big Shanny as GM.

      1. I still remember the game that Walsh’s Stanford Cardinals were nearly upset, single handedly by Jeff Garcia.

        After the game, Walsh passed the San Jose Coach, several players and made a bee-line to shake hands with Jeff Garcia.

    2. It’s a good point, Hammer. In 2015 Matt Ryan, a veteran QB, had trouble with the lengthy lingo for the offensive plays. It was one of the things that contributed to his poor play. In 2016 he had it mastered and it wasn’t a problem. He said he could stop thinking and just play.

      This is something that probably hit home with KS and will impact what he does with regards to getting a QB.

  13. Grant,
    What are your thoughts on ponder? He did poorly for the Vikings but I was thinking they had no Oline, no receivers and horrible coaches. Could he be a stop gap with kyles help? I don’t know much about him but he seemed like a better option than the other two.

  14. I wonder if little Shanny, when his dad was with the 9ers, played with little Jed–they’re only months apart in age. Wonder how that went down…

  15. Watched Dak Prescott highlights (college and pro) all afternoon to remind myself what isn’t available in this year’s draft.

    What a pleasure. So accurate and poised in the pocket. Reminds me of Steve Young.

            1. No question he’s far more accurate. I wont argue that he can be a better QB then McNabb however, let’s see Dak get 3 points away from winning the SuperBowl with a run game that only averages 89 yards a game.

              1. That was an accomplishment. But I think Young is a better comparison because of the accuracy. Plus Young had a great supporting cast as well.

              2. We’ll see, maybe. You know I’m not trying to down play my guy but a lot can happen in year 2 for an NFL QB. Let’s have this discussion again next year and hopefully I’ll be more inclined to agree.

              3. Fair enough. To me, Kizer is more like McNabb — same innaccuracy. But McNabb was a winner and Kizer is a loser.

              4. My player comparisons are a comparison of their style of play and a projection of the level of success I expect for them. I would never compare McNabb to Kizer simply because of your last sentence. Given Prescott’s first amazing year and the ability to complete 68% of his passes on 459 attempts makes the Young comparison seem closer then McNabb in hindsight. Nobody and I mean nobody including me even when I had my Prescott “infatuation” in full swing would have compared him to Young before the draft.

        1. CFC January 28, 2017 at 10:38 am
          Thats not what you were saying this time last year. :)
          BTW not a jab as much as a reminder as you evaluate the talent this year.

            1. The only tip I have to offer that pushed me so hard on Prescott and what drives me this year on Mahomes is look for the articles that talk about the player as a person. How do they prepare for the game? Are they hard workers? Do they put football first? What’s their upbringing been like? Look for the prospects that already act like professionals. These will tell you so much more about their chances to succeed in the NFL then the stat sheets will.

              Find prospects that check those boxes first and when you find ones that do then see which ones have the accuracy and stats you want to see. If you can find one that looks good on both sides you’ve probably got a winner.

              1. Good tips. Thank you.

                I see Mahomes has a cannon and a quick release. He can make snap throws downfield while rolling to his right or left, sort of like Aaron Rodgers.

                Here’s why I have misgivings: Every pass Mahomes throws looks different. He won’t complete a high percentage of his passes in the NFL until improves his technique. He throws a ton of horizontal passes which boost his completion percentage. His numbers dropped from the first half of the season to the second (71.3%, 9.5 ypa, 119.1 NFL Rating/60.8%, 7.8 ypa, 99.4 NFL rating), which means he’s not getting better. He won only five games last season and his record at Texas Tech was 13-15.

                He should have returned to school for his senior year. I don’t understand why he declared for the draft. I guess he thinks he’ll be a first-round pick, and he may be. But he needs to sit for a year. He probably does have the most potential of any QB in this class, but I wouldn’t draft him before the third round. No guarantee he will improve his technique. Leaving school early without a guarantee he’ll be a first-round pick makes me question his drive to improve in the areas he needs to. The NFL is not a developmental league.

              2. I agree with almost everything in your last paragraph and have said as much. On this part; “Leaving school early without a guarantee he’ll be a first-round pick makes me question his drive to improve in the areas he needs to.” When you look at the level of success he’s had in this system I think he’s gone as far as he can in it. He needs to get to an NFL system with NFL coaches to progress further as a QB. I always believe a QB should return for his senior season but I’m not sure that Mahomes will progress much more as a player by playing another season in the Air Raid offense.

              3. That’s a really good point. I hope he gets drafted by a team with good coaches and is allowed to sit for a year, because he could be special.

              4. Sorry CFC Ive been watching as many clips and reading about Mahomes and I see a guy with tons of talent but he has so much to do to become NFL ready. It looks like a lot of his big plays come off broken plays.
                On the flip side, I have also been watching a lot of Trubisky. Now this guy has all the tools. Great from the pocket, athletic, and played pretty much in a pro-style offense. The only red flags are he didn’t play enough as a starter as well as under centre too often.

                Now I am no football QB prospect guru, but if Trubisky is there at #2,the 49ers should take him. My official draft crush!

              5. Unless something happens to damage his stock I think he’ll go in the 2nd. For a team to take a QB that high they need to either be QB needy which is bad because they’ll try and start him too soon or a team with a veteran who’s probably a couple seasons away from retirement.

                Could the Steeler’s be the best fit?

              6. “He won only five games last season and his record at Texas Tech was 13-15.”

                That wasn’t from a lack of offensive production. He can only do so much unless they start letting him play linebacker too.

              7. #2 prospect would likely be #1 if he went back to school and followed up his one good year with another. I think Trubisky is a lot like Wentz. Has all the tools, checks all the boxes but the lack of experience leaves you wanting to see more on the field before committing to what the numbers on the paper suggest. I also can’t find much about his make up. Is he the first in the building and the last to leave or not so much. Does he study film as much as he plays Madden? If I could find more of the peripheral information about him I could possibly like him even more.

              8. Grant Cohn January 29, 2017 at 9:43 am
                Steelers, Chiefs or Chargers.
                Between those 3 I hope for his sake he ends up behind either Ben or Phill, they seem a lot closer to this style of play.

              9. I strongly agree with CfC’s tips in looking for a QB – they should hit the off field boxes first and foremost, then see if they hit the on field boxes. If they check both, you might have something.

                But I’m not convinced about Mahomes. Plenty of raw talent, but I think he’s got a long way to go. Really needs to go somewhere a team can afford to be patient with him. As a mid round pick with upside I like him, but I think he will be taken earlier than that.

              10. Think we all agree on Mahomes. Third-round grade whose success will depend on the situation he’s drafted into and his willingness to take coaching.

              11. Apparently he got a 1-2 grade. I think Pittsburgh would be ideal. If his draft stock really is that high they can use #30 on him as he could likely be gone by the end of the second. There will be no pressure for him to start for at least one season if not two. That’ll be perfect for him. Plenty of time to learn, gets to sit behind a two time SuperBowl winning QB and one of the better deep ball throwing QB’s in the league which is one of his weak traits. Sure doesn’t hurt getting to throw to Brown either.

              12. I think he’d be a third-round pick most years, but will get picked much higher this year because teams draft for need and this is the worst class of quarterbacks since 2013.

              13. Yep and they are also likely in the first or second round QB market this year, not often that a team as ideal as the Steeler’s are looking for a new QB, good year to be a project QB that is going somewhere in the first or second round.

              14. “and this is the worst class of quarterbacks since 2013.”

                I remember hearing some of that last year and two day one starters came out of it. I’m not seeing a huge difference between last draft and this one in terms of QB’s. Sure Wentz and Prescott were better looking prospects then Trubisky and Mahomes but…not by a lot.

              15. Hmmm, I do seem to recall quite a few people saying last years QB crop was pretty bad. Which was why they went the deep dive on Wentz.

                Will be fun to watch how many of the 2016 QB class go on to be quality NFL starters. And how many (if any) of the 2017 QBs do.

              16. Goff and Wentz were seen as franchise QBs — hence the trade-ups. Not sure anyone in this draft is seen as a franchise QB.

              17. Goff and Wentz were overvalued because they are QBs.

                Lets wait and see how this year’s draft plays out before we say it won’t happen this year too.

              18. No team is valuing Trubisky as high as Goff and Wentz were valued. And 15 QBs were drafted last year. Less than 10 will be drafted this year.

              19. What do you mean, if? It’s gonna happen, that I can guarantee you. Does every year, why would this year be any different? We’re talking about guys like Bortles, Gabbert, Locker, and the list goes on, and on!

              20. Don’t be surprised if Mahomes moves into the 1st round and both Kizer/Trubiscuit/Watson are drafted in the first round. I would wait until the top of round 3 for a quarterback….

              21. We shall see.

                Matt Ryan went #3 overall. But if he had been available last year he would have been the clear cut #1 pick.

                The QB market is a funny thing. Some years teams go cuckoo over getting a QB, other years they are more patient. Last year they went cuckoo, thinking they had Winston and Mariota/ Luck and RGIII scenario. They didn’t. They had two guys with some potential, and two teams desperate for a franchise QB.

                In 2014 teams were generally more patient. Bortles went #3 because the Jaguars were desperate, but then teams waited. The Browns still managed to stuff it up of course, but Bridgewater and Carr were good prospects that if they came out last year or this year would go a lot higher.

                I still can’t believe there were 15 QBs taken last year. It boggles my mind. They weren’t that good.

              22. Any quarterback drafted by the Bears or Jets will have a higher bust factor than one going to the 49ers or Cardinals….

              23. I wouldn’t be shocked if there were no good starting NFL QBs out of this years crop either. Its not a good crop. But there is some potential there. Its better than 2013. Not saying much, but still…

                The only guy from last year I felt confident would be a decent starting NFL QB was Wentz. I thought he had the lowest floor, though not the highest ceiling (I think Goff’s ceiling is higher if he can master the mental side of the game). Jury is still out on Wentz, though there were promising signs last year. Obviously Prescott exceeded expectations.

              24. Last year’s crop of QB’s was the best in some time. I remember arguing with a few people on here who were saying last years was poor and this year’s would be better.

                The QB market is often inflated, but with so many going last year I’d be surprised if more than two went in the first this year.

    1. Interesting how much better a QB’s college tape looks when you know he’s found success in the NFL, isn’t it. That’s easy Grant. The hard thing to do is identify these traits prior to them becoming a viable NFL QB.

      I don’t remember you giving glowing reviews of Dak coming out, did I simply miss them?

    2. SY wasn’t poised as a young pro. He was frantic and frenetic and bailed to soon and too often. Though physically different, Dak’s youthful poise and pocket presence and accuracy remind of young Russell Wilson. With his size and quick feet and escapability RW reminds of Doug Fluite, but as a rook both guys showed command from day#1.

        1. I was very clear to mention Steve in his YOUTH. To this day he’d be the first person to tell you that he was undisciplined in the USFL and at Tampa. I’m just giving Dak credit for being ahead of the Big Money Phee-nom that SY was coming out of college.

          1. Absolutely, SY admitted he would rely on his athleticism in those early years.

            Walsh took him and beat out all those bad habits. Walsh broke him down and then built him up. Of course, it helped sitting behind the GOAT for a few years. SY became a master of the game because of Walsh.

            1. No, Steve Young became a great player because he worked at evolving his game, specifically as a passer. He knew he would not last long in the NFL being a running QB and relying on pure athleticism.
              He studied, changed his game, became a student of the game and evolved into a complete QB.
              Coaches didnt have to come up with gimmicky plays for him or dummy down a play book because he was complete. No limitations like your blow up doll hero.

  16. “The more I look at it, I think I could help a team more at this point in my career as a consultant. Not as a head coach, but helping ownership put a team together, because you do feel you have an eye for what it takes to win a championship.” Mike Shanahan

  17. Hahaha ! Man no one can rain on a parade quite like you Grant. Jed is seeming to be trying. How about laying off negative press for the time being. As much as I do not care for our current Prez he may be onto something about the media.

        1. What?!? Are you kidding me ht?
          La Confora (Nat’l) puts out a nonsense scenario about Denise firing Jed, and Grant, Lowell, TK, AK run with it like looters for days and days. They got yards of copy from that, and worked themselves into a lather.

            1. Oh the homies aren’t shy about criticizing! LOL! But how often does the local talent scoop? Some have taken an adversarial approach that doesn’t exactly grease the wheels for cooperation and communication. Yes they need their own sources.
              Whatever, the Niners suck and they’ve got to wear it and expect the criticism.

    1. My top 5


      Mahomes reminds me of another flash in the pan guy we had here. I prefer accuracy, pocket presence and intelligence.
      Trubisky is our guy at #2 but he will need to sit for a year and learn.

      1. Unless Myles Garrett is available, the 49ers are almost certain to pick a quarterback. DeShone Kizer seems to be the No. 1 signal-caller for most teams, based on some conversations we’ve had with team sources. However, not every franchise has Kizer at the top, as there is one that prefers Mitch Trubisky. It’s not necessarily the 49ers, but I thought that Trubisky would be a better fit for San Francisco because he was more of what Chip Kelly was looking for in a quarterback.

        Kelly was fired, of course, so I’m going to slot Kizer to the 49ers. It’s worth noting that team sources have Kizer rated higher than Deshaun Watson. They like Kizer because of his arm strength, mobility and upside. *Walter’s Football

        1. Team sources? From a team with no coaches or GM? I know some scouts have been at least temporarily retained, but scouts contribute to but don’t drive decision making on a 1st round qb. IF someone said this, they may not even be employed by SF at draft time.

          1. Kizer seems to be the No. 1 signal-caller for most teams, based on some conversations we’ve had with team sources.

            Key word here is MOST, Brotha. Only the 49ers do not have a HC/GM atm….

            1. OK, that’s the qualifier I missed. There’s so much loose talk this time of year that I tend to believe nothing in particular that I read.

              1. BT,

                It’s Walter Football so take it with a grain of salt. Everybody and their dog seems to think they have reputable sources now. Somebody on NN has talked to her sources and found out the Cards want to get rid of McDonough because he’s hard to work with. No other mention of anything like that anywhere else, but she has her sources. It really has gotten insane in the reporting world.

              2. It wasn’t a shot at you Grant. It was in reference to a NN article today. I told you I believed you. I just didn’t like the info;)

              1. Goff is a superior passer to Kizer and it’s not even close at this point Razor. He also won more games in his final season than Kizer and was better in pretty much every passing category. Kizer runs the ball better and that is about it.

  18. A wild guess who could be the 3th mystery candidate: Joel Collier director of pro personnel of the Falcons this guy had a lot of experience and cuz he’s in the same franchise as Shanny they could have a connection.


    Reasons Tom Sr is wrong:

    1) Joe Never made a SB with the tuck rule
    2) Joe never had his backup win a championship game to make a SB
    3) Joes coach never video taped the oppositions practice-leading to winning a SB
    4) Field goal kicker won 2 of their SBs
    5) Pete Carrols bad decision won their last SB–Brady was on sidelines–not exactly Joe to John Taylor
    6) NE over 15 years is in a historically weak division
    7) NFC in 80’s was loaded -Redskins, Giants , ,Cowboys, Bears were obstacles just in conference–not to mention Elway & Marino in 2 of 4 SBs.
    8). The game & hits we’re tougher–not even allowed to hit QB now–Brady missed 1 Year on a low hit & they changed the rules
    9). Joe mobility & accuracy–if Brady is our QB in 81, the catch would have been “the sack” —Brady is not rolling anywhere.
    9a) on similar note in the SBs the Pats lost to the Giants it was due to Brady’s immobility and inability to roll right or left to escape middle pressure
    10) 0 picks in SB
    11) call me Mr Brady when Tom wins a SB 55-10 against a HOF QB or 38-16 against another.
    12) Joe closed out our record 18-1 season with an MVP performance against Marino and Shula and a good D. Brady scored only 14 points in their overrated undefeated season with Randy Moss. MR Brady–Rice wasn’t even on our 84 team.
    13) Cheating happened and they got busted twice. Joe didn’t-instead he got Back Surgery & came back.
    14). Potential cheating–I know this is gray area , but how does a 39 year old seem to be in better shape & stronger than at 25? If I’ve learned anything during Ben Johnston in track & baseballs steroids era–if your getting older & better-something is strange-maybe some of that Serra HS cream and Clear:). So Tom Brady can play into his 40’s with no deterioration, but every QB before is broken down –just strange.

    1. 1st it was Manning was the GOAT, now it’s Brady. Keep talking. Doesn’t matter. I’ll take Montana over Brady every single time!

      1. Yep. And I’m not just saying SB or stats are the only benchmark. Further these debates dismiss Bart Starr & Johnny U who are in the discussions as well. Tougher eras.

      2. Well, when Brady loses this SB, his SB record will be 4-3. That is still very good – but not enough to put him in Joe Montana SB level.

      1. Yes he is and there is definitely a case to be made that he’s the best of all time. Much like older generations believed Sammy Baugh or Johnny Unitas was the best, now the Montana generation believes he was the best. There have been a lot of great QB’s throughout NFL history and there’s no way to determine who was the best. Better just to enjoy each one for what they brought to the game.

        1. I think the difference in the punishment that the Montana and Brady absorbed during their careers can’t be underplayed. Because of that, IMO, the edge goes to Montana. At his best, he was better than Brady’s best, and that, for me, isn’t overcome by Brady’s longevity. It’s close, though.

    2. I agree. The Pats even cheated before the Steelers game. They sent some ardent fan who pulled the fire alarm so the Steelers had their sleep disturbed just before the game.

      I hope they fine the Pats a second round draft pick for their repeated cheating.

    3. The whole “Patriots cheated” as a way to knock Brady is stupid.

      Montana was the guy I idolized growing up as a kid in the Bay Area. The career that Brady has put together is top notch and there’s no other QB I would rather watch on a Sunday. If he picks up #5 on Sunday the debate is over.

      1. The whole “Patriots cheated” as a way to knock Brady is stupid.

        Patriots have no one to blame for that except themselves….

        1. Don’t think the Patriots really care too much. Their run is the best in NFL history. A little extra drama never hurts.

          1. Not so sure about that. Thanks to their callousness, they are known as “cheaters” just as much as they are champions….

            1. Sure, that’s all part of their story. Doesn’t take away from their greatness. Just like the fact that DeBartolo could basically buy any team he wanted due to a lack of salary cap doesn’t change the greatness of the 49ers from 81-94.

              1. Just like the fact that DeBartolo could basically buy any team he wanted due to a lack of salary cap doesn’t change the greatness of the 49ers from 81-94.

                As far as I know, that was within the rules.

                Sure, that’s all part of their story. Doesn’t take away from their greatness.

                Didn’t have to be part of their story, but for some reason they committed to making it so. Their “greatness” has been compromised by their indifference to rules set forth by the NFL….

              2. For some maybe, but that’s really all secondary to the results. Even those great 49ers teams never put on a run like this. And until Brady retires it shows no sign of stopping.

              3. Hammer,
                “Just like the fact that DeBartolo could basically buy any team he wanted due to a lack of salary cap doesn’t change the greatness of the 49ers from 81-94.”

                Didn’t know that was called cheating.
                Now last I recall, video taping an opponents practice and deflating a football, causing your future HOF QB a 5 game suspension is pretty clear cut.
                I agree with Razor, Eddie D worked within the confines of the league rules.
                Poor comparison.

      2. What happened when Ben Johnston, Pete Rose, Roger Clements & Bonds Cheated? They didn’t just lose 4 games they lost their legacies.

        1. Bonds is still the home run king, and Clemens is still though of as a stud. Both will be in the HOF within the next 10 years. There’s no way to justify putting Selig in there and not the best players of the era he led.

  20. Sorry to break this down to you but Brady is the GOAT. Its really not close either. Guy is going to his 7th SB with a great chance to win his 5th. The debate is over….

    1. Apparently you did not live in the Montana era or read the points. A GOAT like Jerry Rice has no doubt or questions. Brady has plenty of doubt & questions. So the debate continues. Further-just making 7 Super Bowls on an easier pathway doesn’t solidify anything. If for example Montana was in the AFC in the 80’s -how many more SBs would we have been in?

      1. Brady has played with much lesssr talent then Montana ever did… Also playing at an incredible level at age 39… I’m a Die Hard Niner fan but I’m also a realist…. 1. Brady 2. Montana 3. Manning.

        1. 1) Montana 2)Aikman 3) Unitas 4) Elway 5) Star 6) Brady—all the teams above with their respective best QB & era rules would crush Brady & the Pats best which lost in their SB

        2. No talent around him is crap. Brady has always had great talent and coaches around him. Much of the team that won Brady’s 1st SB were on the NE team that lost just 2 years earlier. Hes had pro bowl backs, great o lines and great defensive players. And a great Kicker that bailed him out a couple of times:)

        3. >> Brady has played with much lesssr talent then Montana ever did…

          Ever? Some of the guys Montana won Championship(s) with: Bill Ring. Earl Cooper. Lenvil Elliot. Mike Shumann. Mike Wilson. Bubba Paris. Renaldo Nehemiah….

          1. Montana played with Hall of Famers everywhere. The best offensive mind the NFL has ever seen in Walsh.. The best Wr the NFL has ever seen in Rice. You really want to compare Rice and John Taylor with your Troy Browns. Edelman, Amendola just to make a few.. Just stop!

            1. RAW,
              Can you name the HOF’ers Montana played with during their SB’ wins?
              If I recall, there weren’t any HOF’ers that played during those SB runs until after their careers were over.
              And the players that became HOF’ers from those teams were:
              Joe Montana
              Jerry Rice
              Ronnie Lott
              Charles Haley, that were drafted by the 49ers.
              Could be more, but I can’t recall.
              Those teams were elite because every player was able to fit into a roll.

            2. RAW,
              Can you name the HOF’ers Montana played with during their SB’ wins?
              If I recall, there weren’t any HOF’ers that played during those SB runs until after their careers were over.
              And the players that became HOF’ers from those teams were:
              Joe Montana
              Jerry Rice
              Ronnie Lott
              Charles Haley, that were drafted by the 49ers.
              Could be more, but I can’t recall.
              Those teams were elite because every player was able to fit into a roll.

          2. Dan Audick? ’81 every pass play was a foot race; the RDE would outrun OLT Audick but not be able to catch Joe rolling right. That’s when we found out how fast Joe was! Think Devey was bad at RG? Audick was that bad at OLT. Joe definitely didn’t always have the best around him.
            Joe is always my guy, but Brady is right up there as an equal. It can be argued indefinitely, but to what end? Mays/Mantle. Bird/Magic.

            1. I always knew how fast my Joe was, and I could have told you if I’d known you back then! I was at Camp Pendleton and made the 8 hour drive up to San Francisco to visit my Uncle Pat, who moved there after high school….

              1. At my Re-Up interview just before getting out I was shocked it was conducted by the First Sergeant instead of my section leader. I sat down. He asked me “Is there really any point in going through all this?”
                ‘No, Top.’
                “Didn’t think so, but we’ve got an hour to kill.” He pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels and we passed it back and forth and chatted. I always liked Top Thomas.

              2. Yea, quite an experience, Brotha. But I don’t have to tell you that. Our guide was this big ugly Samoan dude. Lol, didn’t wanna mess with him;>)

                Here’s a short story I think you could appreciate, Brotha, even though it is embarrassing. First couple days into boot camp, morning call to get up and out of your rack at attention. Problem was, Mr. Johnson was also at attention and sticking straight out of my boxers hole. Too intimidated to move to make an adjustment and had to wait until a smirking DI gave me an order to sheathe my sword..;>)

              3. I had a MasterGunnery Sergeant name of Top McDowell, 1st Tank Battalion. He wasn’t cool at all, but he was old school. The cool one was a Gunny who introduced me to porn at the tender age of 19;>)

              4. Razor and brother Tuna,

                Love your stories and what you contribute here! More importantly thank you for putting your lives on the line for allof our freedoms!No one is ever thanked enough for what they go through defending and protecting this nation. Most people’s “bad” days in this country would be a good day for those that are subjected to war ,chaos and confusion!

            2. Thanks Reb. I read a great quote today about a Marine. When asked about Mad Dog Mattis, the guy who shot Bin Laden said-
              He has a bearskin rug at his house. The bear isn’t dead, he’s just afraid to move.
              : -0

        1. Nope, KS will surgically slice and dice the pats defense.

          I also envision a few more DB blitzes that will lay the wood to Brady like they did to AR.

          1. I hope the Falcons do what the Chiefs did to them, and I also hope Brady gets all the air knocked out of him repeatedly….

            1. Last I looked, Joe brought his team to a comeback win in the SB against the Bengals. Brady was about to take a loss in their last SB except for a CB that undercut a R.Wilson pass at the goal line.

              Personally speaking, my take is that if Brady wins this SB he will be the only QB ever to win 5, which puts him in a class by himself. Five SB trophies will undoubtedly prop TB to GOAT status.
              But if he loses, Joe’ record record and his SB stats will make him the best imo.

              1. Joe will always be in my foxhole, just like Staubach was my Grandma’s favorite. Nothings going to change that for me, but I get what you’re saying, AES. I think the world will be rooting for the Falcons, and the underdog has barked in 8 out of the last 10 Super Bowls, if I’m not mistaken….

              2. Walsh took 3 rookies, made them starters, and won a SB. Maybe Atlanta can repeat that feat.

                Sure am hoping for a Falcon victory. Then Brady can be one of the few QBs to lose 3 Super Bowls.

    2. Wrong! Kobe Bryant we to more championships than Jordan.
      So did Johnson.
      So did Russell
      So did Kareem
      But yet beckase of perfection Jordan is called the GOAT
      Montana is the GOAT!
      PERIOD the end!

  21. Love how the ESPN article & Pats fans talk about the Tyree catch, but they don’t mention how Brady only put up 14 points in that game.

    1. per-zactly .. Bandit .. and ..
      as you mentioned .. when
      has Brady beaten anyone .. 55-10 ..?

      Even Steve Young threw 6 TDs in a SB ..
      and he’s not even part of the conversation !

      Heck … Brady lost to Kaepernick !

      That alone would disqualify him from
      any GOAT talk !

            1. Man a lot of hate for the Bay Area kid Brady…. There is going to be a lot of upset people when he wins his 5th SB :)…

              1. Sorry, but Atlanta is a complete team. Pats will not have an easy time both stopping their offense and defeating their defense.

              2. No hate for Brady. Actually I hate the Cowboys & Elway. However the reality is the 90s Cowboys & 97&98 Broncos were better. And both Aikman & Elway teams dominated when they won their Super Bowls- Brady closely won all of his with much support. And I hate the Rams more than any of the above teams, but Brady won his 1st super bowl against one of the best offensive teams I’ve seen because they video taped their practice. in other words NE knew what was coming & cheated to win. Further they got caught cheating (spygate)and were penalized for stealing a super bowl.–This fact taints the Pats and Brady!


              3. The teams of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s were probably better but it was a different league then. Brady and the Pats have dominated in the FA era which is much harder to do. The Patriots have missed the playoffs only 3 times in 17 years and they had a winning record in two of those years. That is a historic run that has never been seen before

              4. RAW,
                I won’t be upset. I’ve been around long enough to see records being broken.
                Ali losing a fight.
                M.Tyson getting knocked out by of all people: Buster Douglas.
                Edwin Moses winning 122 straight races.
                Hank Aaron losing the Home-Run title.
                The Celtics losing their long championship run.

                The two that stand out for me are Rocky Marciano’ 49-0 undefeated boxing career – oh, and throw in 44 KO’s as well.
                Joe DiMaggio’ 56 game hitting streak.
                I’m sure that there are more, but these are the two standing records that may stand forever.

                I don’t hate Brady. But if he loses next Sunday, Joe Montana’ SB record of 4-0 will look much better than Tom Brady’ 4-3.

              5. Brady and he patriots are also playing in a league that can’t compare to high school football when it comes to contact and physicality.
                Imagine if Joe and the Niners had the rules they do today. 7 Superbowls easily.

              6. OMG, if they would have protected Joe like they do Tom, he would have had another 2 Super Bowls. No problem at all!

  22. I’ve made my decision between the two GM candidates left. Will McDonough. His strength is player evaluation, and we need all we can get….

    1. Ya I’m leaning towards Mcdonugh too… I here he is all about being just a grinder when it comes to player acquisition and drafting. He won’t meddle in other aspects which is good. I would be happy with whichever Kyle decides.

      1. If “fiery,” “opinionated,” and “passionate” is a problem, what’s the answer? I want a guy who’s fearless and cares. He’s said to have been instrumental in evals on Davey Johnson and Johnny Brown….

        1. You have that in Shanahan though. Bringing in McDonough is just begging for a Baalke – Harbaugh repeat.

              1. Right that was his call not Scotty Mac… Scotty Mac was a big reason our roster 3 years back was Elite…

              2. The Smith vs. Rodgers argument is old, stale, and absolutely meaningless. There is no evidence that Rodgers could have succeeded with a franchise that forgot to help the QB position for nearly a decade. It is time to put that whining point to bed already.

              3. Raw, McCloughan benefited from picking high in the draft due to the Niners sucking so bad. It is easy to do that when you have essentially 2 first round picks for years.

                What is hard is to replicate another ’86 draft. Walsh wheeled and dealed, and got quality into the later rounds. They almost got a Three peat because of that draft.

              4. MWD, I am not whining at all. I just bring up a salient fact, and I feel perfectly comfortable stating that the Niners may have gotten a couple more rings if they had not relied on Nolan. Rodgers is that good, and Alex has amply shown his limitations.

                Do not worry, the Smith Rodgers debate will rage on, despite your protestations.

              5. Your ‘salient fact’ falls perfectly into in argumentative fallacies of hasty generalization and being a red herring. There is no actual evidence to support your, thus it is a fallacy.

              6. Point of order, I did make a statement, that is totally based on a fact. Nolan chose AS over AR.

                Maybe you are basing all your interpolations on false assumptions and fallacies, but if AR had played in that 2011 NFCC Game, he might have throw more than once to his WRs, and might have converted a third down play by throwing past the sticks instead of 2 yards too short.

                The Niners had a window of 3 years when they could have won the SB, so it is not fallacious to assume that better QB play, Kaep included, might have won a couple rings.

              7. That is the only factual comment of your claim. The rest is full of fallacies because there is no way to prove Rodgers would have more successful for the 49ers. This is evidence of the two fallacies I stated that you have committed, but also somewhat along the lines of post hoc ergo propter hoc.

  23. I think Shanny gives them some of that ’84 Niners offensive magic with those two backs. Defensively, the Falcons better be disciplined and gang tackle Blount or they’ll get burned like one….

    1. I’m excited about Shanahan’s two back sets. I can’t wait to see something like WCO rolled out in September. Passes to multiple receivers. Even fullbacks.

      I’d like to see Hyde and Christian McCaffrey in a thunder and lighting backfield. Anyone have other draft recommendations for speedy backs?

      1. Ohio St. Samuels/Oklahoma Mixon(video tape of female assault)Probably would be a late 1st round talent above McCaffrey if not for that….

        1. The more I think about it, the more I think getting a grand slam draft depends on getting some desperate team to trade up for pick 2. But I think it will be tough.

          Last year Cleveland traded 2+ conditional 2017 fourth for Philadelphia’s 8th+77+100th+ 2017 first+ 2018 second.

          A massive haul. I don’t think the 49ers will be offered anything like that. Not even close.

          I’d be happy with a modest trade back with the Jets at 75% or better chart value. Take advantage of a deep draft in TEs, snag an ILB too.

  24. Paton went out for dinner with KS, so they are wining and dining him.

    If Ballard bails, Paton is the front runner for the Colts, so all bets are off if that happens.

    1. Seb

      More speculation…get some real facts…not “The sky is falling” crap….You’re Sgt.Schultz in Hogans Heroes…”I know nothing….”

      1. Nope. Just keeping it real.

        Sgt Schulz did not want to know. I want to know.

        The very fact that there have been no leaks makes me optimistic. Bet KS put his foot down and declared that if he heard of any more leaks, he would back out.

        I am surprised, I expected the Niners to tout any new agreement. Maybe they are skating on thin ice.

  25. Now that the Kyle meetings will be over -we could lock down the best candidate. The Colts wind matter if we just close the deal.

  26. Listing All Time QBs in the order of their respective greatness is a task for those with too much time on their hands, and with too few active brain cells left for anything else.


    1. Just like speculating about Cousins and Garropolo, when both will be unavailable, unless the Niners mortgage their future for pedestrian, not elite QBs.

      1. But keeping Kaepernick for another experiment with yet another head coach who supposedly will work back the magic or better yet, bring a storm is the wiser choice? Buwhhahahahaha!!!!!!!

        1. As tired as I am hearing tanks in pits, stupid coaches not utilizing him properly, yada yada yada, bringing Kaepernick back might not be the stupidest move they could make.

          1. It would be right up there with the worst moves in franchise history.
            He would just continue that losing lingering bad stench that comes with consistent losing seasons.
            Sorry Hammer, I’m gonna need a good reason to understand why it would be a good idea?

            1. Good idea’s aren’t born out of desperation. Got to move on and establish a new culture, not to mention, from my understanding, Full Shanny isn’t a fan of Kaepernick’s game….

        2. No matter what, if Kaep is gone, just expect another 5 year plan before they can get back to the playoffs. If Kaep can shine, with the high draft picks and boatload of cap money, the Niners could be competitive next year.

          If Kaep can shine, it is possible, but it will be a daunting task. However, I am confident KS is the right coach to accomplish that goal.

              1. The only reason the Cowboys were 4-12 was they didn’t have a QB once Romo went down. We saw the same thing with Indy back in 2011-2012.

                Those were good teams that lost because they didn’t have a QB.

              2. Still, it showed that teams that were down, could come back. Just like the Niners when JH came aboard. They were down, but came back to reach the NFCC Game.

    2. Who (originally) said “comparison is the thief of joy?” I’m much more interested in why they are great quarterbacks.

      Its hard to compare eras for many reasons. Montana played when a few NFC powerhouses dominated. He played in quite a few “real super bowls.”

    1. Lame bs there. All black cast. The one thing about the Amos and Andy Show was it was the first work for black guys in Hollywood other than Tarzan movies and Ramar Of The Jungle on tv. In Tarzan movies all they’d say was “Ungawa!” On the Ramar Show their word was “Gombula gombula!” Like The Jeffersons, A&A presented black people as, uh,….well…you know…people.
      I’ll also disagree about All In The Family. It would play today. It was brilliant at skewering bigotry, and did so without hatefulness, a lesson forgotten recently around the country.

  27. Mayock just stated that Trubisky will measure in no bigger then 6’1.. He is a lot shorter then expected. You can forget about him going in the top 10… Expect Kizer to fly up the charts once the combine starts. By far the most gifted QB in the draft.

      1. Kizer reminds me of an more athletic Jameis Winston. Winston is much further along in the pocket right now but I believe Kizer will get there. If Kyle wants a QB at 2 it will be him IMO. With that said I prefer Allen at 2 or a trade down for Foster or M Williams. Then target Mahomes in rnd 3 or late 2…. Davis Webb in the third could be a nice prospect to develop.

              1. I hope he falls to the second round, then the Niners could grab him without losing on that elite defender that should get in the first.

              1. However, such a move will largely depend on what schemes Shanahan will want on both sides of the ball.

              2. Yeah, its not exactly a secret that trading back would help a rebuild, but only if they get a good offer. Not sure such an offer will be available.

                End of the day it doesn’t matter where they pick or how often, they have to select good players. I know its obvious, but sometimes I think we get so carried away with having multiple picks we forget it isn’t always better to have volume over quality. The Browns have had lots of high picks in recent years and wasted most of them. If the 49ers only end up with two picks in the first two rounds but come away with two very good players, that’s fine.

          1. Question to all – Do you think Shanahan, Paton and McDonough have discussed specific draft prospects at pick 2 in their interviews?

            If I were an owner, I’d definitely want a feel for what they intend to do with such a crucial pick, and how they view specific players.

            1. No. First would be what schemes will be run on offense and defense, followed by a discussion of what areas of the roster will face an overhaul, and then a discussion of free agents and draft prospects.; the last part would probably occur once the GM is selected.

              1. Interesting. I’d assume with such a high pick, they’d at least touch upon certain prospects. Or maybe ask, “are any of the quarterbacks in this draft worth the #2 overall?” After all, Paton and McDonough are personnel execs and should have ideas about the top talent.

              2. I’d assume with such a high pick, they’d at least touch upon certain prospects.

                I don’t think it would be a good idea to touch up on prospects that might not fit the scheme.

      2. Trubisky’ size may hurt his draft status. I would go with a defensive stud with our 1st pick than take Mahomes with our 2nd. I’m not sold on Kizer. Heck, I would take Davis Webb in the 4th rd if he is available, but the true separation on all these QB’s will likely take place during the Combine in February.

        If we pass on a QB with our first two picks, Reuben Foster with our first pick and Tim Williams with our second pick would make our defense relevant overnight.
        If we’re going to draft a QB high, they should be counted on to hold down the position for the next 7-10 years. Problem is, I don’t see that type of QB in this years crop.
        Aside from his stature, I still view Trubisky as the best QB from this years crop – but it would be a stretch to pick him at #2.

    1. I think all the teams will focus on defense early on, so Kupp may be available in the mid rounds. I also like him. Smooth.

      1. I think he will transition into the pros quickly Seb,with a good combine however he may sneak up into the second or lower first we shall see.I have had my eye on him since last season much the same as I do this year with QB Luke Falk a player to consider next year.

        1. Well, he is ranked 52, so he is only 12 from the third round.

          What I am amazed at is the dearth of O linemen in the top 50.

  28. David Fucillo. I’m beginning a 4 part series on books written by Bill Walsh, 49er Webzone:

    Bill Walsh was 12-3 against Bill Bellicheck coached teams (including years spent as Parcells DC), so below, he talks about the copy of Walsh’s book he keeps in his office:

    Last spring he heard about a book written by Bill Walsh that supposedly had a cultlike following among coaches. McDermott searched online and found two books authored by Walsh. One, called The Score Takes Care of Itself, was $13. The other, Finding the Winning Edge, cost a minimum of $100, with special leather-bound, signed editions fetching $1,000. It had been published in 1997 and was no longer in print.

    “Walsh goes through football from A to Z. Everything, and I mean everything that you would ever want to know about football … Walsh fleshes out ALL of the details of all of his philosophies on how to run a football organization from management to players … This book is a NFL Head Coach’s blueprint, bible and handbook …” McDermott purchased it, joining Bill Belichick, Urban Meyer and hundreds more coaches who have it on their shelves. As Billick says, “I don’t sit in an office at an NFL facility where I don’t see a copy.”

  29. Kyle Shanahan could bring Falcons assistants with him to 49ers, per report

    James Brady
    James Brady

    All 22 Staff

    But just about everybody involved believes Shanahan has the job and now there is talk about who will join him as coordinators.

    One name that’s been suggested is Matt LaFleur, who is currently the quarterbacks coach with the Falcons, according to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee.

    Under LaFleur and Shanahan, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan had the most prolific season in his nine-year career and stands a very good chance of being named the league’s MVP for 2016.

    Read more here:

  30. Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 6h6 hours ago

    Shanahan’s No. 1 ally has to be his GM. If he doesn’t think the guy will have his back vs. the Yorks, then that guy shouldn’t be hired.

    Tim Kawakami Verified account 

    So the best Shanahan can do is insulate himself as much as possible from the usual York/Marathe antics. In writing. With allies.

    Genesis ‏@INDlVlDUAL · 6h6 hours ago

    @timkawakami his Dad could be his biggest ally then.

    Alfredo j hnrqz

    @timkawakami I agree but since jed has final say will he choose someone who will side with him over the new coach

    9:46 AM – 28 Jan 2017

  31. Tim Kawakami

    Most important advice I’d give to Kyle S: Make sure Paraag Marathe is not your boss, and get it in writing…


  32. I know one thing, I may be just a hack, but have you seen those Pepsi commercials? The NFL role reversals of what it must feel like after they take a drink of Pepsi. If I was in the war room, and I was the lone voice that passionately dissuaded my GM from picking Goff, I’d have to feel pretty damn good about myself right now, even though I would have recommended against Wentz too, although not nearly as vehemently…;>)

  33. Paraag’s feeling backed into a corner–he doesn’t play nice when his power is threatened by coaches he squeals to Jed about.

    Now that Shanahan could usurp him in the direct line to Jed, expect Paraag to sabotage the Shanahan final interview by saying something clever than is goes over Jed’s head, however is clearly caught by an intelligent Shanahan.

    In this way, Shanny declines the job, leaving Jed wondering what just happened:

    Other fans agree with me:

    The #49ers had informal dinner last night with Kyle Shanahan and George Paton. They’re all meeting again this morning, talking business. @maiocco.csn

    Trey Bartle ‏@treybartle1 · 9h9 hours ago

    @MaioccoCSN This is about where Jed was with Gase when it all fell apart

  34. An example of the Jed/Paraag front office accomplishments:

    The 49ers won’t be represented by any player in the all-star game in 2017.

    Great job, guys, keep protecting your power over those pesky coaches.

  35. So. Jed has actually done something good. No leaks. Hoping for the best, but wonder how the Colts will affect everything. If they take Paton, will Paton drop Pagano? Hope they get Ballard, if that means the Colts select Cable.

    KS should leverage his position by kicking out Paraag. If he is gone, they may have a chance.

    1. “…So. Jed has actually done something good…”

      A wise man once said …

      .. It ain’t over … ’till
      the fat lady sings…”

      I’m not confident Jedster can even pull off
      the best coaching hire this time around.. w/o
      blowing it somehow …

      The guy has the Midas Touch …. in reverse

  36. DeShone Kizer’s stats the first 5 games of 2016:
    62.9% comps, 10.4 ypa, 9.3 TD%, 2.6 INT%, 117.6 NFL rating

    Kizer’s stats the final 7 games of 2016 (two of which were against Army and Navy):
    55.7% comps, 6.5 ypa, 5.7 TD%, 2.3 INT%, 84.6 NFL rating

    Kizer’s stats the final 5 games when you don’t count the ones against Army and Navy:
    52.3% comps, 6.0 ypa, 3.9 TD%, 2.6 INT%, 72.7 NFL rating

    You’re either getting better or you’re getting worse, and Kizer is getting worse.

        1. Keep using the stat sheet as a crutch Grant, and you will keep missing guys like Prescott.

          Or, if you want to actually do what the guys who get paid big bucks do to evaluate players, you could watch some game film for a change. After all, like I have said before, if it were all about stat sheets we wouldn’t need scouts would we. Anyone can read a stat sheet. My 6 year old nephew not withstanding.

    1. Grant ..
      the one thing which puzzles me about
      stat-junkies is … sometimes they think
      dumb stuff should be tracked .. for example ..

      Just how is the “Yards Per Attempt” stat ..
      a relevant thing to document ?

      It shouldn’t even count … unless the
      receiver actually catches the ball … right ?

      I fail to see the meaning, here ..
      please enlighten me

      1. Yards per attempt is a better stat than completion percentage because the latter can easily be inflated by short passes.

        1. Grant ..
          u-mmm … maybe so … but
          I could give you a 25-yd per attempt ..
          and it still wouldn’t mean anything unless ..
          I ,,occasionally .. hit a receiver …

          completion percentage should be more
          important .. no matter short or longer passes ..
          why not separate the two .. and track both ?

            1. ah ! … I see … well ..

              I pictured a conversation like this
              happening …

              “.. He had a 25-yd-per-attempt, today..”

              “…. yeah… too bad he din’t complete
              any of those passes..huh..? ..”

              “….. yeah..maybe … but that’s
              one heck of a stat … huh ?”

              They oughta change the name of the stat… then

        2. I agree. There is also the factor when a QB throws the ball out of bounds to avoid the sack. That counts against the completion percentage, but it is also a wise choice that is strategically beneficial.

    2. If you’re going by college records Grant, Connor Cook was one of the winningest QB’s in big 10 history. I don’t remember you calling him a winner.

      Kizer has everything I look for in an NFL QB, though, like the majority of college QB’s, he’ll need proper coaching, and time to develop. Kyle can turn him into a bigger, stronger version of Dak Prescott in no time.

      Kizer has the physical traits, and the mental maturity you look for in an NFL QB. The majority of the NFL scouting community believe Kizer is the best pro prospect of the bunch.

      Keep leaning on your stat sheet Grant and let the scouts do what they do, evaluate game film. I know you know more about these guys than NFL scouts Grant. That’s why you apparently never even watched Dak Prescott’s college game film prior to this week.

      1. Grant did not call him one, you did it.

        Too bad the first round lock you proclaimed, lasted until the 4th round.

        Too bad he was given a playoff team due to injury, and failed to win.

        Due to the magic of the internet, common fans like you and I can google every single player. Yet, who has time to research 4th rounders. Dak was totally off the Niner draft board due to his DUI.

      2. Prescott got better in college, won a lot of games and graduated. Kizer got worse in college, lost a lot of games and didn’t graduate. Have to wonder how dedicated he is.

      3. Kizer has the physical tools but everything else needs a lot of work including his footwork, decision making and accuracy. He also got frustrated and showed it on multiple occasions this season. He’s a height and weight specimen who will probably be drafted higher than he should. If he were still on the board with the Niners second round pick or even late in the first, I’d look to move up and take him, but he’s not a top of the draft player at this stage of his career imo.

  37. Good news #80!

    I’ve heard that there’s a reasonable chance LaFluer joins Kyle’s staff with the 49ers. Perhaps OC, although I would assume Kyle will call plays during the games.

  38. For analysis purposes, what conclusions can we draw from the “yards per attempt” stat? Is there something we can conclude from that stat on its own, or do we also need avg. yards per completion and look at these together to make a meaningful conclusion? Interesting that Ryan and Brady are 1&2 in yds/attempt…

  39. Davis Webb redeemed himself today. After a bad week of practice he was named MVP of the Senior Bowl. He led a scoring drive on all three of his possessions. He was 11-16 with 165 YDs.

    He worked well with a guy I started to like earlier this week. The 6″4′ Senior Josh Reynolds had 6 RECs for 96 YDs. Reynolds could now creep up into the 1st round.

    Webb on Reynolds. “I told Josh on (Friday) night, ‘You were my favorite outside receiver all week. If we get 1 on 1, I’m going your way so you’d better win.”

    I now think Webb will go in the 2nd round and Reynolds will be a late 1st or earlry 2nd. Both of these guys could be a possibility at 34.

    I will trust Shanny and LaFler’s evaluation of these two. LaFler has had experience working with WRs. I think Reynolds will be a deep threat/red zone beast in the NFL.

        1. Putting way too much into him not starting the game. You’d have to ask John Fox why he made that choice but then again it’s John Fox, not exactly a QB guru. There’s much more press out there suggesting that Webb had a good week if not the best among the QB’s then there is suggesting otherwise.

          1. Yeah, it seems like his first practice didn’t go well and that narrative stuck despite him having better days afterwards. Somebody suggested Webb will go Rd2; idk.

            1. BT,

              I think you have it right. He practiced poorly early. And then Dobbs was named the starter, so I and others assumed his practices were bad all week. It makes sense that his reviews are mixed. He was good and bad.

            1. If this was only Webb vs Dobson then I would give more credence to who started. In a game where coaches want to give as much playing time to a group of players at the same position who starts is really not a distinguishing factor.

              The reports that he(Webb) recovered after his first day to finish with a strong week of practice and then finished the week by earning the MVP of the game distinguishes him from Dobson more so then if he had started over him. There’s also no question which of those two QB’s will be drafted first.

              1. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. Exhibition or not it was a coaching decision. Hue had Dobbs ahead of Webb on the depth chart.

            2. #80, here’s another opinion on whether who starts at the SB is all that significant:
              Real Football ‏@RealFootballTV 44m
              @4evrnyt Hard to say what it means for those coaches specifically, but starters generally do not matter; scouts will evaluate for themselves

              RealFootball is the site run by Pat kirwan, Jimmy Miller and a couple other ex NFLers.

              1. Of course scouts are going to scout no matter who starts, that is their job. The coaches job is to fill out the depth chart. Your post even states, “Hard to say what it means for those coaches specifically,”

                Dobbs was ahead of Webb on the depth chart. That tells us what Hue thought of Webb.

              2. You’re being quite sebnastic in your stubbornness on this one. It’s no longer a matter of choosing not to believe me but now you’re disagreeing with people who’ve worked in the league. What this tells me is that this is more about your own personal feelings about the player then simply listening to people who know better then you.

              3. Not true. You provided what scouts said about the depth chart, not coaches.

                My personal feelings about the player? Not at all true. Read my earlier post on this thread where I listed my top 5 QB prospects. Webb wasn’t even on the list.

                Disagree with me all you want but I’m not a Webb apologist. I acknowledged that he didn’t practice poorly the entie week. Provide a quote from a Senior Bowl coach that says who starts doesn’t matter and I will have no problem saying I was wrong.

              4. What I supplied was an answer to the question: “Does who starts in the Senior Bowl carry any significance” and the answer came from an ex-NFL General Manager and an ex-NFL QB. If you don’t want to believe them then by all means but you’re alone in the boat on this one.

              5. OK,, I researched the people from the site you used. I assumed it was ex scouts and journalists. As I said before I have no problem admitting that I was wrong.

                I was wrong. I thought the depth chart mattered like it usually does.

                I would hope that you will admit to being wrong when you said “This is more about your own personal feelings about the player.”

                If I were being sebnastic as you put it I wouldn’t have 5 QBs rated higher than him.

      1. That scouting report hasn’t been updated since thursday. His stock will rise after yesterday’s performance. It will rise again after the combine. It’s not a stretch to say he will be late 1st early 2nd.

        A couple of months ago I said Njoku was a 1st round lock. Back then he was a projected 2nd or 3rd rounder. Now he is a late 1st to early 2nd in many mocks.

        My point is that I identified Reynolds as a mid round gem earlier this week. But the cat is out of the bag after his Senior Bowl performance. The scouts and GMs now see what I saw, a big target and a deep threat.

        1. +1 #80. Reynolds is impressive. For a guy with long legs, he’s got very quick, sudden feet. Tall, long striding deep threat with moxie. I’m really, really liking the WR’s and RB’s in this year’s class. The 49ers have a great opportunity to find some offensive playmakers.

        2. #80
          agreed, the kids got game….and no doubt a sleeper B-4 the Senior Bowl, but he also has some baggage: 11/17/15 – Texas A&M receiver Speedy Noil and Josh Reynolds have been suspended for Saturday night’s game against Western Carolina for violating team rules. The team did not provide any other details on the suspensions!
          A good interview at the combine will clear up any concerns….but I also like
          RB from Oklahoma, Joe Mixon! He’s radioactive, but there’s two sides to the story, who started it, was she drunk, etc…

          1. I agree about the importance of interviews. I will stand by my prediction. He would have to have a really bad interview to remain a 4th rounder. Talent tends to get drafted high. As far as we know Reynolds didn’t drive drunk or hit a woman. Those two things can kill anyone’s draft stock.

        3. #80,

          Teams don’t put much stock in the game. They care more about the practices The game is really for the fans because the defense is so vanilla it promotes scoring.

          1. I think it’s 40% practice, 20% interviews, and 40% game. I hope you’re right and we can get Reynolds in the 3rd or 4th round. We’ll see where he goes on draft day. I think he is the most underrated WR this year.

  40. So I was thinking about the McDonough being difficult to work with story. If AZ were trying to get rid of him then why leak such a story. They could also just fire him.

    Here’s my theory. Jed and or Paraag didn’t like McDonough after the first interview, for whatever reason. They waited days to announce a second interview. Yesterday, the mystery candidate story was leaked after Clayton said Paton would take the Colts job if it were offered.

    McDonough will not be our next GM. This BS story about McDonough being tough to work with reminds me of the Harbaugh leaks. Jed and Paraag are disgusting.

      1. Why wouldn’t Arizona fire him if he was so difficult to work with? If the story is true, the Cards are trying to say nice things about McDonough so he will leave. The Cards leaking this story makes no sense at all. And we know York and Marathe use leaks to smear people.

            1. Yup, and the story about Chip is exactly the same. Fall guy. Leaks like Niagra Falls. Just glad Baalke also fell on his sword to protect Jed. Too bad Wormtongue is still there, and helping with the interviews.

              Now this farce. More leaks all along the way. It is their MO. A Paraag business specialty. Too bad football people hate it.

              I bet KS put his foot down, and said if he heard another leak, he would back out. Thus, no recent leaks.

  41. This says it all….“It’s got to be a collaboration between me, the head coach, and the general manager so that we can get this thing right.”

    by Cam Inmam. Jan 29.2017. 5:48

    Until York the Younger is out of the loop, the 9ers are screwed.

    1. How the weekend interviews went

      Shanahan – “One little leak between now and February 6, and I’ll withdraw my candidacy for the head coaching position.”

      York – *gulp*

      Paton – “Me too.”

      York – *whimper*

      McDonough – “Same here. I’d rather stick with the Cardinals than deal with leaks.”

      York – “Does that include bladder leaks?” *drip*

        1. Good point rocket. But the Colts didn’t have a classless leak about a former employees drinking problem.

          As I wrote that last sentence I remembered the Grigson is an A-hole leak. However, Irsay isn’t seen as a great owner either.

  42. So, who needs a QB? Browns, Jets, Bears, Bills. Possibly Niners, Texans, Washington, Jax, Steelers, and Broncos.

    10 teams, and this is a QB driven league. Browns would most assuredly grab Garrett with the first pick, so the Niners should parlay that number 2 pick into as many additional second round pick as possible.

    Jets would be a possible trade partner, since they may want to jump ahead of the Bears to grab a QB like Trubisky. The Niners could trade the number 2 pick for the sixth overall pick, and also garner their second round pick and a second round pick in 2018.

    Niners could trade their number 2 pick to the Browns, for their number 12 pick, their second round pick, and a first round pick in 2018. Or their 12th, 33rd and 52nd pick this year with a second round pick next year. That way, Cleveland could get both Garrett and their top QB in the first round.

    The Niners could trade with Tennessee and exchange the number 2 pick and their 4th round pick for their number 5 and number 18 pick.

    The Niners could trade back incrementally with all 3 teams to garner several second round picks. Why would the other teams do that? Because it is in their best interest to be able to move up in the draft and leapfrog over other teams to select the player they covet. If they wait, they might lose out on the player who will best help their team, so it is logical and fair to allow the Niners to move back while accumulating picks.

    Of course, it takes 2 to tango, so these deals will only happen if both teams benefit. Niners should be up front, and state that they will give up quality for quantity.


      The latest during the Shanahan interview:

      Jed: “Paraag, I have to take a leak.”

      Marathe: “No worries, boss, I know that code.”

      Mike Shanahan: (Kyle’s acting agent, and a master, renowned, leaker, knows that code too.) “Paraag, I have to take a leak also.”

      Marathe: Now that we’re acquainted, I have knowledge you spoke with Harbaugh about the Jed/Paraag front office. Just to let you know. Not only did I outlast him, but Trent and all the others too…No way you’re getting a single line to Jed w/o it passing through me first….I write the contracts and am on board with all the Silicon Valley Executives who I gave contracts to to wi-fi the entire stadium. Yahoo and others have their own luxury boxes and I was given the Red Flag challenge position over qualified coaches one year so I could wave to my homies on TV during game days.

      Mike Shanahan: Tweeting to Mike Florio…Hello, Mike, tell the media outlests that the Jed/Paraag front office didn’t kill it like Brian Gutekunst, and they tweet more than McCloughan drinks…I can’t work with tweet-aholics. Christ, they couldn’t even make it through an interview session without taking a tweet-leak-break !”

        1. Kyle Shanahan and Dad (walking back to the Hilton Inn in ATL after the interview)

          Kyle: “Dad?”

          Mike: “Yes, Son.”

          Kyle: Jed wants to continue Thanksgiving meals for opposing teams on our 50 yard line after tough losses, and Paraag wants to sip wine in the locker room with his Silicon Valley buddies during halftime.”

          Mike: Son, no team will be dining on our 50 on Thanksgiving, book it !”

          Kyle: Krystal was the troupe leader in the Girl Scouts of America. Will Jed continue ripping them off if we coach there. She’s a mom, now and still works for them?

          Mike: He’ll never get the chance son. My buddy, Mike Florio has seen to that.”

  43. I hope the 49ers take a long look at Hassan Reddick, ILB prospect out of Temple. Was one of this week’s Senior Bowl standouts, despite being asked to play a different position than he played at Temple. Niners MUST address ILB in the draft and Reddick could be a 4th round draft steal!

    1. I just hope they find an athletic ILB capable of starting. Need someone with good range and ability to cover. If that’s Reddick, then great. Though I would query his instincts for ILB given he played DE in college.

  44. Maiocco quotes source saying GM search includes a third candidate Shanahan is comfortable working with.

    (Many have already speculated it could be Mark Dominik)

    Maiocco’s source also said the 49ers could have a new GM by mid week.

    1. Super sad and unfortunate timing.

      Means either one of two things in my book;

      Niners trying to create leverage with either McDonough or Paton.

      Neither one wants the job and they have to pretend that they also wanted a third candidate.

      1. or Shanahan’s pushing hard for Dominik? No matter what, the long list of GM candidates that dropped out or declined interviews has to be an embarrassment for the 49ers.

        Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Shanahan and McDonough or Paton is a result I’d be OK with. I prefer McDonough because of his talent evaluation background.

        1. Tell me, what’s embarrassing about not being offered a job? Because none of these guys were offered a job. As a matter of fact, they declined to go forward after, only after each. And everyone of them knew they weren’t front runners or knee they weren’t getting full control of the team. knowing that your not going to get the job, so you say I’m out. But not one person said, I do not want the job. Only Ballard and Nick declined to interview.

        1. Heh, yeah, that’s what I think about it to. Not a good sign, and can definitely be construed as the 49ers being caught a little out of left field by Wolf and Gutekunst withdrawing.

        2. Again, its about Kyle Shannahan being comfortable with whoever the GM is. And if those said GM’s aren’t comfortable not being in full control, then why put the organization in another balkee realm? Hmmmm

        3. GM is no hurry. Best to make sure it’s right. You’ve got Gamble assuming duties right now and he’s more than qualified. I’d go ahead and make him HC/GM with his dad as an unofficial consultant/resource. Mike’s probably been scouting all the skill players that fit the their scheme….

    2. Maiocco also had this in the story:

      Shanahan spoke with Paton and McDonough in the face-to-face meetings about how much control in personnel the positions would wield – both contractually and functionally, according to a source.

      The source said Shanahan has never insisted on control over the team’s roster but wants a voice in all personnel decisions.

      I’m interested to see what the truth actually is after all this conflicting info.

    1. Would you consider Reddick at 34 or 66?

      Its looking like a bad market trade backs, but alot can happen. A QB could light it up at the combine the Jets or some other team would love to trade up for.

      I’m hoping for just that so we can scoop players like Reddick and Mccaffrey.

  45. A third general manager candidate emerges for 49ers.

    Former Buccaneers executive and ESPN Analyst, Mark Dominik, could emerge as a candidate for the 49ers’ general manager vacancy

    Dominik and Shanahan overlapped for two seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2004 and ’05, when Shanahan was the team’s offensive quality control coach. Dominik worked as director of pro scouting for the Buccaneers from 1997 to 2008.

    It would behoove San Francisco to line up a candidate that has a history with team’s presumptive head coach.

    1. And you are an ever-blooming idiot and that’s plain for the world to see. Put an old sock in it and chew . . .

      1. Since your Jed and Marathe’s Silicon source, when do the fans get a football op man to sit in on the interviews, since 24 candidates in the last 4 years declined Jed/Marathe and they have no players in this years All Star game.

        But keep the faith, loser.

    2. It’s nothing to do with Jed and Paraag. If this man hadn’t already accepted this job, I would share everyone’s concern. But being the village idiot that you are, even though the man’s on boss annnouced that he’s leaving, you tend to do everything to discredit it. So when the announcement is finally made the day after the super bowl, do yourself a favor, buy Tim k a jockstrap because you have been holding his for 2 long. He needs a new one. And I can foresee you jumping on the bandwagon. Just bring knee pads…..

  46. Report: 49ers expected to hire G.M. this week

    Maiocco expects the 49ers to make their hire this week and that Shanahan discussed with both Paton and McDonough how personnel control would work “contractually and functionally” if they were to work together. Per the report, Shanahan wants a voice on personnel but has “never insisted” on total control of the roster.

      1. Grant… So when Shannahan is finally announced after the super bowl, will your headline read….. Big Mistake Kyle, why didn’t you stay?

  47. I read on PFT that Ozzie wants to work hard on retaining Brandon Williams. I’d like to see SF make a run at him anyway. He’s tough in the middle and gets upfield. Poe is excellent as well. Ante up if you want to play big boy ball.

    1. Its a shame he didn’t want to come to the 49ers (not that I blame him). He was the GM I wanted.

      Well, at least the path to Paton is still open.

        1. Not great. I’m not sure why he is considered such a hot candidate. His time in Jacksonville as the Director of Player Personnel was not good. Seems like he is getting a lot of credit for the Cardinals drafts. Perhaps Steve Keim should be given just a little bit of that credit.

    2. Phew! I’m glad that’s over Brodie. Ballard wants Toub as HC so we don’t have to worry about Irsay honing in on Shanahan.

      1. Good and good. I felt pretty good about chances of Shanahan being the next HC for alot of reasons… most of all he’s participating in GM interviews.

        1. The Colts hired Ballard. Ballard refused to interview with us. One of those GB guys was considered the favorite for the Niner job until he pulled out.

          I really don’t understand why you defend one of worst owners in the NFL.

          1. Sir I’m not defending him. I’m defending the headlines. You guys continue to bash him. When it’s clear his biggest mistake as an owner was to side with Trent Balkee. According to Adam Gase, Balkee made all football decisions. I just believe my anger is where it’s suppose to lie, with balkee. I also believe Jed saw his actions as hideous, and is doing something about it. Those are just my beliefs. He’s going to give football power to football people. Just like he did before. He just wants to be kept in the loop. He’s the owner. All owners want to be kept in the loop. But I assure you, well I shoild say I believe Jed York has not made one single football personel, or staff move, until this coach and gm search.

        2. Yep, but Ballard was one of the guys the 49ers wanted to interview as well. You may be keen to see this in a positive light, but many of the 49ers top candidates have withdrawn themselves from the search.

          1. Yes they have, but only one, gute, pulled out after sources said he was favored. The rest were either told there would be no second interview, wanted their own coach, wanted full control, knew they weren’t the front runner,or simply wasn’t offered the job. However you look at it, Ballard and Nick might have refused to interview, but none of the rest were offered anything. So there is no black eye, it doesn’t look bad, you all just keep putting your own spin on it to make the organization look bad.

            1. And it’s not just posters here. It’s blam near the entire media and NFL and NFL fan outlet. Whwn in actually, Trent Balkee built this. He wasn’t a scapegoat, he wasn’t thrown under the bus, since 2010, he has built every football aspect of this organization. Jed was just to naive and stupid to see what was going on.

              1. Now he’s paying in a big way. It’s crawling up his butt that he’s having to apologize and cry and see banners and heck all this might be ego driven, but in the fans eyes, it should be a blessing, because it took balkee putting this organization on rock bottom, before he got off his butt and did something about it.

            2. You can dress it up however you like Steele, but the fact is two candidates (Ballard and Caserio) declined to interview and two of the top three candidates remaining (Wolf and Gutekunst) withdrew. And yes, they were two of the top three remaining. Only three people had been offered second interviews at the time Wolf and Gutekunst withdrew.

              And despite withdrawing from the 49ers job, Ballard and Wolf interviewed for the Colts job, and Ballard took it.

              1. It’s not dressing it up. It’s the truth. After each back out it was reported that they weren’t interested because they weren’t getting full control or they didn’t want to awnser to Shannahan. I’m not making it up. It was reported that way

              2. So how is it this doesn’t look bad on the 49ers? Isn’t it embarrassing to have your top candidates withdraw before you can even offer them the job? When two of those guys then went on to interview for another job?

                And how does getting a guy Shanahan is comfortable with end up a good thing if he only has the last men standing to choose from?

              3. Scooter that’s the problem, whoever said they were going to be offered the jobs? And if guys were told they weren’t going to get full control, that’s a deal breaker in some GM’s minds. That doesn’t make it embarrassing, it makes it their preference. But if bet my bottom dollar if anyone that interviewed for the job, if they were given complete control, I.e balkee, and then were offered the job, none of them would have e turned it down. That’s my belief. All top GM’s want to run their own thing. They don’t want to collaborate with a coach. They want to hire the coach. They want to be the reason all of the things go well. And they want to fire the coach and start over if given enough time that their initial hire screwed the pooch.

              4. And I for one, am not sorry we will be getting an up and coming coach, who knows how to win on the field, and that coach wanting to collaborate. I’m not disappointed at all. Scooter, I saw the alternative, and Balkee was nobody’s blessing. He was a ticking time bomb

              5. Of the 32 teams in the NFL, the vast majority have the GM in charge of personnel. Just because Baalke wasn’t any good doesn’t mean the system doesn’t work.

              6. Scooter… You are 100% correct. But after so many years of my way or the highway, no collaboration, what’s so wrong with giving Kyle Shannahan a voice. He said he didn’t want full control. He wanted a voice. Someone he can work with. I for one see no shame or a problem with that.

              7. All I know is Full Shanny knows how to evaluate offensive skill positions, and that’s something this franchise has solely been missing for quite some time….

      1. I could see Ballard wanting to keep the current coaching staff in tact given how late in the hiring season it is. If Toub hasn’t been assembling a staff it could be really tough for them to fill out the ranks with decent coaches. Irsay also probably wants to give Pagano a year without Grigson.

        If the team doesn’t get to the tournament I’m sure he and his assistants will be fired as soon as they’re mathematically eliminated. Then they(Ballard/Toub) can assemble the group of coaches they want.

    1. Willing to bet this man has full control over Indianapolis, something he wouldn’t have had here. Congratulations Chris Ballard.

  48. 49ers fire Baalke on Januare 2nd. On January 29th they are still deciding between candidates.

    Colts fire Grigson on January 21st. On January 29th they not only hire a GM but they hire the best candidate that was available.

    WTF Jed York?

    1. They wanted to wait until Shanahan could meet with the GM candidates. That could also have played a part in why the GB guys backed out.

      1. ocket January 29, 2017 at 4:37 pm
        They wanted to wait until Shanahan could meet with the GM candidates.
        Yea I know. I said it because it was a terrible idea. Clearly York’s approach to this process drove away the better/best candidates. Why did he have to over correct? He had a bad GM with all the power so he decides the answer is to give all the power to the coach instead. Let’s also not give the GM any say in who his head coach is but instead let the first time ultra young coach pick his boss. Yea, that sounds like the right way to do it.

        Shocking that Ballard declined.

  49. I really like John Lynch the player and tv personality. But John Lynch the GM? Holy McCracken, where the heck did that come from?!!

    Anyone out there still believe Shanahan won’t be the defacto GM when it comes to roster decisions?

        1. Unless Lynch becomes Elway over night in GM skills this feels like another reach by York who seems to really not know what he’s doing. I never could predict Baalke’s drafts either.

          1. Elway isn’t a good GM because of his acumen as a player evaluator. He’s more your typical business GM, that understands football and what it takes to win.

            As John Elway himself said in his introductory presser, he knows what he doesn’t know. So he surrounds himself with good people.

    1. Hard to say Scooter. Lynch and Shanahan could be on equal when it comes to making the decisions. All I can say is no one on the 49ers roster is safe.

      1. I will be interested to see what Tom Gamble’s role will be too. If Lynch brings in a personnel man as is being indicated, Gamble could be relegated to a lesser role. Or let go.

    2. Definitely a Shanahan pick. Lynch played for Big Shanny and I’m guessing there is a good chance the parties reunite in some way.

      1. BTW, are you now willing to accept that Grant (and the other reports) was correct regarding the power being given to Shanahan? As you say, this is definitely a Shanahan pick.

        1. Yeah it sure looks that way with this hire. I already told Grant I believed he was truthful in what he heard from his source. I just wanted to see how things played out based on a conflicting report from Maiocco saying Shanahan didn’t ask for complete control of personnel. It’s really important that they hire an experienced Personnel staff now that’s for sure.

      1. I know you learned what to expect by watching Tomsula’s press conference. What else have you ever learned from a 49er press conference?

  50. So it’s said that John already has a personel man he will hire. I wonder if Big Shannahan is on his way to San Francisco?

    1. To be fair, this is what Lynch will bring to the table – he is a proven team player and has a lot of respect and (I’m assuming) contacts in the NFL. He will most likely be a GM that oversees and trusts his personnel guys without getting into the nitty gritty of it, and act as a conduit for Shanahan to the personnel department.

      1. I’d be ok with that if he can get a great team assembled to scout talent and build a strategy to draft a winning roster.

      2. I agree Scooter. He’ll essentially be our Elway. Impressive guy, but it’ll be interesting to see what they do regarding the Personnel Dept.

  51. Wow, six year deal for Lynch. Also heard Shanahan will get a long contract.

    Folks, it looks like these guys will at least be given time.

  52. Another thing, alot of guys here kept clamoring for ex players like Brent Jones, Ronnie Lott, Steve Young, well it’s the same thing. Hall of Fame playing career, with connections and knowhow on what to look for in players.

    1. Prime.. maybe it’s just me, but I’m excited and nervous. He’s hiring a personel guy. So may a collaboration between everyone will work out.

  53. While it is an out of the box and unexpected decision, I think it has some real potential. Lynch is a very intelligent and highly respected individual that is going to bring some character and work ethic into the front office at the very least.

    From Jay Glazer:

    49ers were looking to do what Denver did w John Elway and had Lynch meet w Kyle Shanahan this week. Accepted job. They wanted to change whole attitude of organization

    1. I don’t think he’s going to be given the keys to the franchise the way Millen was. They want to be Broncos west coast edition.

  54. 10 reasons why this hire was a good one.

    1. KS got the man he wanted.

    2. Mike Shanahan, being shut out, at least helped put his friend in the FO and JL will cover his son’s back in the FO. I see MS’s fingerprints all over this hire.

    3. This is a triumph over anal lytics, because it was out of left field and totally unpredictable.

    4. Jed finally did not leak like a sieve. Jed finally made a bold move.

    5. JL is a HOF candidate, and was an elite defender, 9X Pro Bowler and SB champ. He’s got good street cred.

    6. The other candidates either did not entertain offers, withdrew, or were underwhelming.

    7. JL, while not experienced, is smart and a Stanford grad. He may not have a track record, but he will start from the ground up, so it is be easy to improve.

    8. JL is a defensive guy, so he will be able to concentrate on fixing the defense while KS will work on the offense.

    9. Hopefully, Paraag will be limited to the contracts and financials, and JL can take over all football matters.

    10. Baalke is gone, so there is hope.

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