Look who made ESPN’s fantasy top 200

They are not the final word on the subject. In fact, because this is fantasy and not reality, they should be taken with a grain of salt. But you could argue that the ESPN fantasy football rankings fairly accurately measure the pulse of mainstream player evaluation. And they have been resorted.

ESPN FF dude Christopher Harris released his top 200 today, and here are your San Francisco 49ers:

6. RB Frank Gore (6th at his position)
52. WR Michael Crabtree (23rd)
58. TE Vernon Davis (3rd)
124. WR Josh Morgan (46th)
126. 49ers defense (6th)
153. QB Alex Smith (21st)
177. RB Anthony Dixon (58th)

In case you’re wondering, Minnesota RB Adrian Peterson is the overall No. 1, Indy’s Dallas Clark is the top tight end, just four spots above Davis, and Dixon is the No. 11 rookie – not bad for a sixth-round draft choice.

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