Madden says Kaepernick matches up well against the Bears “spot rush”

John Madden spoke on KCBS Thursday morning. Here’s what he said about Colin Kaepernick.

Q: If it is the two backup QBs on Monday night – Colin Kaepernick and Jason Campbell – who has the edge in your mind?

MADDEN: Kaepernick, because he can run with the ball. The play can break down and he can make a touchdown out of it. That’s the thing that holds the pass rush down. It really affects their defense. They like to go all out. They like to do what they call “spot rush” on a pass rush – rush to a spot where the quarterback’s going to be. When you have a guy like Kaepernick, you really don’t know where that spot is because he can run and run with speed. I think that’s an advantage for the 49ers.

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