Manningham takes pay cut to avoid getting cut

Mario Manningham, who tore his ACL and PCL on December 23rd, just agreed to a $1.8 million pay cut in 2013 to stay with the 49ers.

He signed a two-year contract last offseason, and he was set to earn $3.6 million next season. But he probably will not be able to participate in training camp and he may not be ready to play when the season starts and who knows how good he’ll be when he returns. He is not worth $3.6 million to the 49ers this year.

Still, they want him, and this moves seems to indicate the 49ers hope Manningham can be their No.3 wide receiver and primary deep threat when the playoffs roll around. Do you think Manningham can be that guy?

Also, does this mean the 49ers will not draft a wide receiver? Should they still draft one? Why or why not?

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