Martz deserves credit, too, for improved 49ers play

 Just spoke to a source close to Mike Martz who tells me the 49ers offensive coordinator is no longer a candidate for the San Diego State job.

It was not clear whether Martz removed himself from consideration or the university decided to focus on other candidates. The San Diego Union-Tribune reported last week that Martz was one of at least five coaches San Diego State representatives contacted about the opening.


Martz seems to be content with the 49ers. He said last week he is having a great deal of fun in his role with the team. But Martz has also made it clear in the past that he wants to be a head coach again.


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One thing that should not be minimized is Martz’s role in the 49ers’ improved play. It might not be a popular opinion, but Martz deserves a lot of credit, too.


Shaun Hill’s steady play has contributed greatly, of course. And Hill was on the sideline through the first 7 ½ games while J.T. O’Sullivan was the quarterback. Martz was convinced O’Sullivan would be a very good quarterback, so Martz and Mike Nolan stuck with O’Sullivan through a lot of his difficulties.


So while Hill was Martz’s second choice as QB, it is Martz who is calling the shots on offense. Mike Singletary might be taking a stance on the overall philosophy, but it’s still Martz’s offense that is being used.


In the 49ers’ victory Sunday over the Jets, Martz called an incredible game. He had the Jets thoroughly off-balance and confused.


And that’s why I waffle on what the 49ers need to do with the head-coaching position.


Singletary has done an excellent job. And public pressure is going to make it difficult for the 49ers to look anywhere else if Singletary continues to enjoy success in the final three games.


However, Martz also deserves a great deal of credit. After all, the 49ers were far-and-away the worst offense in the league last season. Currently, the 49ers rank 22nd in the league in yards per game and 17th in yards per play.


The 49ers are averaging nine points a game more than a year ago.


Martz seems to be utilizing his talent better since Singletary became coach. But would the 49ers’ offense – and Singletary – be nearly as successful without Martz as coordinator?


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating Martz as the 49ers’ next head coach. Singletary is doing a very good job. But he still has to develop a plan for the offense — whether Martz is back or not.


It all goes back to establishing continuity on offense. That has to be the 49ers’ top priority in filling the permanent position.


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