McCown cut — a tragic tale of hair gel

It’s being widely reported the Niners have released quarterback Josh McCown.

On the surface, this makes no sense. McCown is clearly a better quarterback right now that the other backup, rookie Colin Kaepernick. And McLeod Bethel-Thomson is a rookie too and he’s probably going to get cut today, just like McCown

The Niners must want to sign a different veteran quarterback to be the backup, a better one than Josh McCown. Perhaps they’re waiting for a particular quarterback to get cut today by another team.

This news shouldn’t be too tough on Josh McCown, who never was competing for a starting job here, and who has fallback options, like coaching high school football. But it can’t be easy for Alex Smith, who had quickly become close pals with McCown.

The two talked constantly on the sidelines during games and in the locker room before practice. They have matching beards and haircuts, and after the Houston Texans exhibition game the two shared hair gel while sharing the same bathroom mirror to fix their hair. They were also wearing the same outfit – jeans and a plaid button-up shirt.

It remains to be seen whether the new Niner backup quarterback will mesh with Alex Smith as well as Josh McCown did.

But then again, who could? Teammates come and go. Friendships last forever.



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