McNabb trade to Washington might impact 49ers’ draft

The 49ers never showed interest in adding Donovan McNabb. If they had, the Eagles certainly would’ve preferred to trade the veteran quarterback to San Francisco instead of sending him to an NFC East rival.

The Eagles today traded McNabb to Washington for two draft picks, according to ESPN. The Eagles will receive a second-round pick (37th overall) and either a third- or fourth-round pick next year, according to the report.

On slow days when there was nothing else to discuss, it was always a good source of discussion to toss out the name, “Donovan McNabb,” and stand back and read everyone’s opinions about whether his addition would be good or bad for the 49ers.


Sadly, this will likely be the final 49ers-McNabb post for a while.


This trade means 49ers will face an Eagles team this season in Candlestick Park that figures to have Kevin Kolb as their starting quarterback – with Michael Vick as the backup.


Washington’s acquisition of McNabb might affect the 49ers in other ways, too. It means I must re-do my mock draft. In my last mock, I had the ‘Skins taking quarterback Jimmy Clausen with the No. 4 overall pick.


That’s not happening now. Instead, Washington might be in the market to add an offensive tackle to protect its investment. Conceivably, that could mean that one more offensive tackle will fly off the board before the 49ers go on the clock with the No. 13 selection.


And that’s not good news for the 49ers, either.


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