Midterm report card: Randy Moss, not the Moss of old

Randy Moss is on pace to catch only 26 passes for 510 yards. He’s listed as a starter on the team’s official depth chart but he’s started only one game and he plays a little less than a third of the offensive snaps.

Mostly, Greg Roman uses Moss as a decoy off the bench.

To Moss’ credit, he’s caught two touchdown passes. He also got himself open for a touchdown against the Vikings and Alex Smith overthrew him, and against the Seahawks, Moss was open in the back of the end zone but Smith never saw him.

For the first seven games, Moss would fall to the ground after catches apparently to avoid hits, but against the Cardinals he made a couple defenders miss on a 47-yard TD run. Perhaps he’s hitting his stride halfway through the season.

Still, he has not established himself on the 49ers as a deep threat, a red zone threat or a third down threat. He once was great, an A-plus. But he’s become just another receiver. Average across the board.


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