Multi-dimensional Spiller is intriguing

This probably will not be the last time you see C.J. Spiller’s name mentioned here. He figures to be a popular topic among 49ers fans who make their wishes known for the team’s picks at No. 13 . . . and/or No. 17.


CobCJSiller.jpgSpiller checked it at 5-11 ½ and 196 pounds. That is not tiny, but there are definitely questions among NFL types whether Spiller can be an every-down back at the next level. There is no question that he will provide the team that selects him with a multi-purpose home run hitter.


Would the 49ers invest a pick in the top half of the first round on a back they might not be convinced is an every-down player? There is some concern that his upright running style might make him susceptible to wear and tear as an every-down back.


“I think I can,” he said.


He said he showcased a lot of those every-day qualities at Clemson, where they used zone-blocking concepts and he did a lot of downhill running. But Spiller is expected – wherever he might go – to make an immediate contributions on special teams. He is a dynamic return man.


“I love to do it (returns),” Spiller said. “Special teams can win or lose a game for you. I think I’m pretty good at it.”


Spiller said you have to be fearless in returning punts, while kickoffs consist of quickly reading blocks and “exploding through the hole.””


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