Nate Lawrie on Culpepper’s workout


Daunte Culpepper worked out at the 49ers facility this morning, and according to Matt Maiocco, Culpepper expects to sign a one-year contract with the Niners.

Also according to Maiocco, Culpepper would not be competing for the first or second string quarterback jobs. He would just be the third stringer.

I spoke with new 49ers tight end Nate Lowrie just now on Culpepper. Lawrie played with Culpepper on the Sacramento Mountain Lions last year under head coach Dennis Green.

Here’s what Lawrie had to say about Culpepper and the morning workout.

Q: Could you talk about playing with Daunte Culpepper?

LAWRIE: Daunte did a great job for us last year. Coming in and as a guy with that much experience, he was a great asset to us up in Sacramento. He played well. We really came on strong towards the last half of last year, and I think a big part of that was Daunte playing really well.

Q: What could Daunte add to this team?

LAWRIE: Daunte could add a lot of stuff. He’s a good quarterback, he’s got a lot of experience, and he knows football. Daunte would be a great leader in the locker room. He’s a great team-guy, everyone likes him, so it would be great to have him aboard.

Q: Have you talked to him recently?

LAWRIE: Actually, yeah. I was able to help out with the workout. I was catching balls for him during the workout, and he was throwing it around pretty good. He’s spinning it well. He had a pretty good workout.

Q: How long did you guys go?

LAWRIE: About 30 minutes.

Q: So you think he made a good impression?

LAWRIE: Yeah, I mean, I know Daunte personally, so I’m glad to see him out here, glad to see him throwing it well. He had a good workout, so we’ll see what happens.

Q: Who all was watching it?

LAWRIE: Some of the coaching staff and some of the personnel guys were out there.

Q: Did Harbaugh take some throws?

LAWRIE: Jim actually did throw to me yesterday, which was really cool. I grew up in Indianapolis as a Colts fans with Harbaugh as our quarterback, so it was a pretty cool experience. Today he was helping Daunte warm up and stuff.

Q: Could you talk about catching balls from Culpepper?

LAWRIE: It was something I got to do a lot last year in the UFL, and so it felt familiar, and he threw well today.

Q: When you came into the league, Daunte was in his prime. Does he still look like that same player to you?

LAWRIE: Yeah, Daunte’s got a ton of experience. He’s got a lot of success in this league. And the guy can play, he can throw the ball. That’s what it all boils down to.

As I transcribed this, Culpepper ate his lunch in the 49ers’ cafeteria.


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