NaVorro Bowman in-game quotes

Here are in-game quotes from NaVorro Bowman, courtesy of the 49ers 

Talk about what you saw on your forced fumble and fumble recovery:

“It was just a basic blitz. I had the running back on me one-on-one and that’s something that a linebacker wants to get when trying to get a sack. Running backs really like to cut and once they don’t cut, you give them one move and get around them and chase the quarterback down and get the sack.”

What are your thoughts on how the defense has played through the first half?

“I think we went out there with the energy the coaches wanted us to have and perform for the little bit of time that we were going to be out there. We knew we weren’t going to play too long, but the little bit that we were in there, we wanted to make a statement and show that we were prepared for them and that we wanted to keep them out of the end zone.”

What are you working on during the last preseason game?

“Really just approaching it like it’s a real game because the following week coming up is a real game. We really have to be focused. That’s pretty much what the coaches are wanting to see out of us, that we’re approaching it like it’s a real game. I think we did that.”

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