NFL Draft Round 2 live blog


This is the live blog for the second day of the 2017 NFL Draft. I will update this with information and analysis after each pick.

3:20 The 49ers own two picks today — both in the third round — and their biggest need is a cornerback. Will they stand pat in the third round and hope a good cornerback falls to them, or will they trade up into the second round?

Standing pat in Round 3 could be risky because so many teams picking in Round 2 need corners, such as the Browns, the Bears, the Jets, the Eagles, the Lions, the Dolphins, the Seahawks, the Cowboys, the Packers and the Panthers.

If the Niners trade up, they could send a third rounder and a fourth rounder to the Houston Texans for pick No. 57 and take Colorado cornerback Chidobe Awuzie. Or, the Niners could trade both of their third-round picks to the Los Angeles Chargers for pick No. 38 and take Washington cornerback Kevin King.

What do you think the 49ers will do?

4:15 With the 33rd pick, the Green Bay Packers take Kevin King, CB, Washington. Great pick. Elliot Wolf knows what he’s doing in that front office. Now the 49ers need to trade up and take Chidobe Awuzie.

4:19 The Seahawks immediately trade down one pick. They probably wanted King.

4:23 With the 34th pick, the Jacksonvile Jaguars take Cam Robinson, OT, Alabama. Now the Seahakws are on the clock again. Let’s see if they take a corner.

4:26 They do NOT take a corner. Instead, they take Malik McDowell, DT, Michigan State. First-round talent who dropped due to off-field issues. The Seahawks have a four-man pass rush: Frank Clark, Michael Bennet, McDowell and Cliff Avril.

4:35 The Arizona Cardinals trade up nine spots and take Budda Baker, FS, Washington. The run on defensive backs may be starting.

4:38 With the 37th pick, the Buffalo Bills take Zay Jones, WR, East Carolina. He will replace former Bills wide receiver Robert Woods, who signed with the L.A. Rams.

4:42 With the 38th pick, the L.A. Chargers take Forrest Lamp, OG, Western Kentucky. Now the Jets are on the clock and they need a cornerback.

4:47 But instead, the Jets take a free safety — Marcus Maye from Florida. They took strong safety Jamal Adams in Round 1.

4:49 With the 40th pick, the Carolina Panthers take Curtis Samuel, WR, Ohio State. I hate this pick almost as much as I hate the Panthers’ first-round pick, Christian McCaffrey. They’re both gadget players who fit best in the slot.

4:55 The Minnesota Vikings trade up seven spots and take Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State. He will be a better running back in the NFL than McCaffrey.

4:59 With the 42nd pick, the New Orleans Saints take Marcus Williams, FS, Utah. Three free safeties have been drafted in the past seven picks.

5:05 With the 43rd pick, the Philadelphia Eagles drafted Sidney Jones, CB, Washington. Jones ruptured his Achilles tendon at his Pro Day on March 11. I’m surprised they drafted him instead of a healthy corner such as Awuzie.

5:12 With the 44th pick, the L.A. Rams take Gerald Everett, TE, South Alabama. I like this pick. The Rams need to give Jared Goff as many weapons as possible. This is a make-or-break season for him.

5:17 With the 45th pick, the Chicago Bears take Adam Shaheen, TE, Ashland. The Bears need a wide receiver, but Shaheen is better than any receiver they could have taken here.

5:20 With the 46th pick, the Indianapolis Colts take Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida. I prefer Awuzie, but Wilson is a good pick. And I like how the Colts improved their defensive backfield with their first two picks (Wilson and Malik Hooker). The 49ers should have taken the same approach. Colts G.M. Chris Ballard is terrific.

5:22 With the 47th pick, the Baltimore Ravens take Tyus Bowser, OLB, Houston. And with the 48th pick, the Cincinnati Bengals take Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma, because the Bengals could care less off-field issues.

5:31 With the 49th pick, the Washington Redskins take Ryan Anderson, OLB, Alabama. Interesting that he gets picked before fellow Alabama OLB Tim Williams, whom most draft experts consider the better player.

5:36 With the 50th pick, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take Justin Evans, FS, Texas A&M. He is the fourth safety who has been drafted in the second round.

5:37 With the 51st pick, the Denver Broncos take Demarcus Walker, DE, Florida State. Seems the Broncos hope Walker can replace Malik Jackson, whom they lost during free agency in 2015.

5:40 With the 52nd pick, the Cleveland Browns take DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame. Good pick. I like Kizer better than every quarterback in this draft other than Mitchell Trubisky.

5:44 With the 53rd pick, the Detroit Lions take Teez Tabor, CB, Florida. He is the fourth corner who has been drafted in the second round.

5:47 With the 54th pick, the Miami Dolphins take Raekwon McMillan, LB, Ohio State. Seems like Vanderbilt linebacker Zach Cunningham is falling to the Raiders as I predicted he would in my Raiders mock draft.

5:51 With the 55th pick, the New York Giants take Dalvin Tomlinson, DT, Alabama. And the Raiders are on the clock.

5:55 The Raiders pass on Zach Cunningham and take Obi Melifonwu, FS, UCONN. Melifonwu fills a need, but I prefer Cunningham.

6:02 And Cunningham goes to the Houston Texans at pick No. 57. Love the pick. My favorite linebacker in the draft.

6:08 With the 58th pick, the Seattle Seahawks take Ethan Pocic, C, LSU. Strange pick. The Seahawks need a tackle, not a center.

6:13 With the 59th pick, the Kansas City Chiefs take Tanoh Kpassagnon, DE, Villanova. There’s a name for you.

6:14 The Cowboys are on the clock. They almost certainly will take a corner.

6:19 With the 60th pick, the Dallas Cowboys take Chidobe Awuzie, CB, Colorado. The 49ers will regret not trading up to get Awuzie.

6:21 With the 61st pick, the Green Bay Packers take Josh Jones, S, N.C. State. The 10th DB drafted in the second round.

6:25 With the 62nd pick, the Pittsburgh Steelers take Juju Smith-Schuster, WR, USC. Good pick. Pittsburgh needed a WR who isn’t constantly suspended.

6:29 With the 63rd pick, the Buffalo Bills trade up and take Dion Dawkins, OG, Temple.

6:31 With the 64th pick, the Carolina Panthers reach for Taylor Moton, OG, Western Michigan. They probably wanted Dawkins.

6:33 With the 65th pick, the Cleveland Browns take Larry Ogunjobi, DT, N.C. State. And now the 49ers are on the clock with back-to-back picks.

6:34 The 49ers take Ahkello Witherspoon, CB, Colorado with the 66th pick. Stay tuned for my analysis.

6:36 The 49ers just traded the 67th pick to the New Orleans Saints for the 229th pick and the Saints’ second-rounder in 2018. Analysis coming soon.

8:05 Click here to read my analysis of the 49ers’ moves from Day 2.

8:31 The 49ers just traded up to take Iowa QB C.J. Beathard with pick No. 104. Gave the Minnesota Vikings pick Nos. 104 and 219. Stay tuned for my analysis.

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  1. If they trade up it will only be a small trade up.

    My expectation is they will be looking at TE, QB, CB and RB today. Maybe an edge player. And they may end up with three picks today.

    1. Desmond King, or Witherspoon are probably the best that have a shot at being on the board in the 3rd round. Here’s a list of players they could be choosing from if they stand pat:

      61. Jourdan Lewis, CB, Michigan
      62. Ethan Pocic, C, LSU
      63. Tanoh Kpassagnon, DE, Villanova
      64. Davis Webb, QB, Cal
      65. Taylor Moton, T, Western Michigan
      66. Malik McDowell, DE, Michigan State
      67. Trey Hendrickson, DE, FAU
      68. Samaje Perine, RB, Oklahoma
      69. Adam Sheehan, TE, Ashland
      70. Justin Evans, S, Texas A&M

      71. Cooper Kupp, WR, Eastern Washington
      72. Raekwon McMillan, LB, Ohio State
      73. Fabian Moreau, CB, UCLA
      74. Desmond King, CB, Iowa
      75. Dede Westbrook, WR, Oklahoma
      76. Dorian Johnson, G, Pittsburgh
      77. George Kittle, TE, Iowa
      78. Kareem Hunt, RB, Toledo
      79. Cameron Sutton, CB, Tennessee
      80. Tyus Bowser, LB, Houston

      81. John Johnson, S, Boston College
      82. Derek Rivers, DE, Youngstown State
      83. Teez Tabor, CB, Florida
      84. Ahkello Witherspoon, CB, Colorado
      85. Gerald Everett, TE, South Alabama
      86. Antonio Garcia, T, Troy
      87. Taywan Taylor, WR, Western Kentucky
      88. Jordan Leggett, TE, Clemson
      89. Damontae Kazee, CB, San Diego State
      90. Dawuane Smoot, DE, Illinois

      91. Josh Jones, S, N.C. State

    1. They did fill gaping holes. I know there is some thought about what kind of DE Thomas is because he doesn’t fit some idiotic 6′ 5″ box. But only 3 of the Top-16 pass-rushers in the NFL last year fit that box while one was 6′ 4″ and the other 12 were were 6′ 3″ and under.

      And, sure, JJ Watt was hurt so he didn’t make it. But for every JJ Watt, you’ve got three ‘too short’ guys making plays.

      1. Saleh already told King Solomon he will play LDE in base, and slide inside next to Uncle Buck on passing downs. Exactly as some of us surmised….

        1. Doesn’t mean he’s not going to fix the pass rush a’ la’ Michael Strahan. And the pass rush is defensive priority #1.

      2. Every scouting report mentions Thomas’ lack of size as a POTENTIAL weakness. It doesn’t make them right or wrong at this point. And it’s certainly not idiotic. It’s called due diligence.

    2. He must share the same koolaid with Kipper. Why do people got to drink on the job? When you draft hurt players or from a poor college, that’s a low grade. Stanford and Alabama have done NOTHING for the NCAA. I don’t see any team would pick from a college that didn’t go to the Sugar Bowl or the Rose Bowl or any ‘popular’ bowl. Going to chicken and weed whacker bowls are boring picks. Until I see Qb drafted on the 49ers, they get an F.

    1. The kid is a complete dumb-***. Sorry, no way to get around it. He may love football, but he’s a complete dumb-*** who is showing, by his actions, that he lacks integrity and honesty. You **** up, you man-up and take your lumps. You don’t ‘next question!’

    2. what’s your point? it is a fair ? to ask. the kid should not have ducked the question. he took the money and put it in the bank. he needs to realize that he is accountable and has to answer for his actions. he no longer is protected by St. Nick!

      1. I love how you conjure up ideas of what I was saying, but sadly your forced assumptions are inaccurate. The only point of my question is it seems to one Grant would ask. Nothing more, nothing less.

        1. OMG. It’s not about you! Seriously, it was obvious I wasn’t talking about your comment. I was talking about the idiot who keeps shooting himself in the foot.

          Dumb thing after dumb thing after dumb thing. He’s not quite to PacMan Jones YET. But he’s headed down that path.

          1. Moses, calm down and trust that the 49ers have a plan in place for this young man. The last time you were punished for disobedience, pride, and the misrepresentation of Christ’s sacrifice, you roamed the desert for 40 years…:>)

            1. What plan? They got no Qb, no hands on WR, no defense, no offense, this is a 4 and 12 train wreck coming all to get Kirk Cousins, and if you win 9 games this year, say goodbye to your QB either in FA or the draft. 9 wins does not get you a QB in the draft next year. By next year, San Diego will take the QB we wanted and we’ll wind up with Phillip Rivers.

          2. OMG. It’s not about you!

            Mike asked me what my point was, and I simply responded. Quit jumping to self-made conclusions.

      1. Where’s the QB, Grant? I’ll buy a lottery ticket if you’re right about Kizzer, but this is the 49ers mind you that take criminals and hurt players over good quality ones.

  2. quality over quantity – trade up as high as possible for the best CB on the board before the “run” on secondary players begins. Awuzie has the skill set to be a slot cover corner in sub packages, and also could be F/S in a back-up role.

      1. They’d need to trade up for him. Desmond King fills two roles and has the better odds of being there at #66.

  3. I would only trade up to land a big-play threat like Dalvin Cook or Ohio State receiver Curtis Samuel. Otherwise just keep the two back to back picks in the 3rd round and take best CB available at 66 and BPA at 67.

    My pre-draft meal & beverage will be a REUBEN sandwich & a FOSTER’s Lager. :)

        1. Crab
          Someone was mentioning using a 3+4 to get to mid 2nd. If there are takers I’d love it.
          One team was anonymously quoted as saying this year’s draft has 80 starter quality players. So 2nd and early 3rd may have some good pickins’.

  4. My friends and I do a draft pool. Everyone puts up a $1 for each pick, and we take turns guessing who will be picked (who picks first alternates with each pick). If no one gets it right, we roll over like a skin in golf. Didn’t do so hot yesterday, but starting off with a $1 win today!

  5. It’s telling how Shanny ignored the top quarterbacks when it was a top need. If I’m a team that took a quarterback early, I’m nervous….

    1. Yes. ShanaLynch has shown good restraint in a charged situation. I still think Peterman is his choice and not Kizer.

    1. That’s their style. They aren’t afraid to roll the dice. Paid off with Clark. Let’s hope it doesn’t pay off with this kid.

    1. I wouldn’t say irrelevant; good wide receiver tandem, Watkins and Jones together. I don’t understand the Rams trading out and not taking Jones for their 2nd year quarterback.

  6. Man 4 o’clock sneaked up on me. Guess the ‘Hawks are willing to pass on Obi or hope to get him later. Wrongo again.

  7. With this being a deep draft and Lynch being a 3th round choice himself I have my doubts they will trade up unless there is someone they really want and they think is substantially better than players they could get in the 3th.

  8. Dese Philly fans got their rowdy on. They’re loud. Good weather, they’re having fun.
    Soft pretzels, cheese steaks, hoagies, calzone, and more than a few brewskies

      1. Yeah, 10 years of growing up a few miles outside of Philly, on the way to Lancaster. It’s fine, but I never supposed I’d stay there for some reason, and didn’t. A brother and nephew still there.

      1. Too high. If I recall, his comments at the Combine turned off some teams and did not do well in interviews with the ones who weren’t turned off.

      1. Exactly what I was thinking Scooter, but I couldn’t remember who they paired up with Welker when he was there (was it Edelman or …..)

  9. John Randle. I remember him yelling to the offense on the field, Red rover, red rover, why don’t you come the *uck over? Ha! Crazy Train!

  10. I’ve only got the ESPN feed, but I gotta say, louis Riddick is doing a pretty good job. I’ve learned a couple of things listening to his commentary. Haven’t heard any negative SF comments.

    1. I only have the ESPN radio feed. But that + internet will work. The internet’s a pretty good draft medium.

    1. One thing he said was that teams who need bigs need to select them by the end of the third round. You never want to be in a situation where you need bigs after the draft and usually by the end of the third round they are pretty much gone.

      Also something else I never thought about. You often hear the expression that a guy needs to lower his pad level, which makes sense. But when you do that the shoulders typically take the brunt of the hit. So if you have a shoulder injury……

  11. Just got in. Sorry but not surprised to see Budda Baker and Kevin King off the board. Hoping of they fell far enough the Niners would do a trade-up.

    Another safety Williams just fell off the board.

    1. Bears snagged TE Adam Shaheen. TE’s are getting taken earlier then forecast. Not surprised. Its a talented TE group.

    1. Not even close…South bay could but to many tecky liberals who care nothing about football…
      Its a far cry from the city of the 80s and 90s

    2. The downtown plazas are the key. If and when it gets back to the Big Apple, they ain’t going to be able to do a Hall, they’ll have to do a bigger venue, maybe CP

          1. Brotha,
            You think Grants army could come together for one night to party at the draft. Even Prime, TomD and Seb?

  12. Bears should leverage Trubisky with the Browns. They have the Texans first, but that might be a pick near 30.

    Bears would accept the Texans 2018 first, and one of the 2018 second round picks. They would gain ammunition to compete for the number one franchise QB in 2018.

    Or maybe the Bears accept a Third and 4th round pick, along with 2 of the 2018 second round picks. Glennon mat be a decent bridge QB and the Bears will get high value from a team that has a ton of picks.

  13. Grant, stop knocking the Niners 1st round. It was epic! They got special players who immediately make their defense better. You can’t take everyone. Thomas was by and large considered the best and cleanest player after Garrett. Close second was Adams. Love Hooker, but at 2, a reach. Foster was a flat out jail break. Should be illegal that the Niners got a top 5 talent @ 31.

    BTW, if Ballard is so awesome, why do the Colts suck every year. Just sayin’. Nothing special happening there.

    1. I guess they believe in redemption.

      Glad he did not go in the first round.

      Sure am Glad Lynch cant pick him now.

      1. I suspect there is 0% chance that Lynch would have taken him…….. that said, kid made a mistake- deserves a chance to redeem himself from reports.

  14. Grant you are honest but also at times appear condescending. Hooker may end up being garbage. He can’t tackle and it’s probably because he doesn’t want to. And leadership matters. Just because the Colts have taken two guys who have slipped has no bearing on the 9ers picks. Give them their due but that’s all. 32 teams in the league.

  15. The Trade Back King has proposed the ultimate, hahahahahahahaha.
    Check it out. The Bears just traded a 1st, 2 3rds and a 4th to move one spot to draft a guy they are now going to offer for future choices…? Fabulous!
    No mere mortal could devise such a devious plan! Bejeezus what a Comedic Genius!

  16. I think the 9ers will take Teez Tabor, Jourdan Lewis or Cordrea Tankersley with there next pick. It looks like Kizer might be there maybe Grant will finally be right about a pic. I bet he would give that pick an A+

    1. Too much of a gamble. The 49ers should’ve taken Kizer 2nd. You watch, he won’t be there for the team. But if he was and the 49ers got Kizer, I might give them a low C.

  17. At this point with Lawson, Willis and Williams still available, I am thinking an edge rusher may be one of the 49ers picks at 66 and 67.

    1. I think you’re right on the money, Scooter. Looks like Lawson would be BPA at #66 if still on the board, followed by Willis.

  18. Thank you Cleveland, for removing that malingering rumor of Kizer from our helmets .Now, I’ speculating that if the Niners stand pat in the 3rd they will take the best CB and Peterman off the board , or the best CB and the best RB. Time for some offense.

        1. 4.65 for a 6′ 3″ 240 + lb LBer for a guy who is not a small prospect. You must be smoking what Ruben Foster brought to the presser!!!!!!

      1. Fell way further than anybody figured. Finally Grant’s draft crush is taken, and he’s destined for success on that defensively loaded unit.

  19. Rapoport – “Saints are trying to trade up from the third. Floating a third-rounder AND a 2nd rounder next year. Looking for an edge rusher.”

    Must be someone they really like. I hope they don’t take Rivers.

    1. Top-10 undrafted defensive linemen:

      Brantley, Caleb DT 6’3″ 307 Florida 6.1
      Wormley, Chris DE 6’5″ 298 Michigan 5.8
      Ogunjobi, Larry DT 6’3″ 305 North Carolina Charlotte 5.7
      Hall, Daeshon DE 6’5″ 266 Texas A&M 5.7
      Adams, Montravius DT 6’4″ 304 Auburn 5.6
      Basham, Tarell DE 6’4″ 269 Ohio 5.6
      Vanderdoes, Eddie DT 6’3″ 305 UCLA 5.6
      Kpassagnon, Tanoh DE 6’7″ 289 Villanova 5.6
      Johnson, Jaleel DT 6’3″ 316 Iowa 5.6
      Jones, D.J. DT 6’1″ 319 Mississippi 5.6

  20. Highest rated players left:

    Brantley, Caleb DT 6’3″ 307 Florida
    Williams, Tim OLB 6’3″ 244 Alabama
    Cunningham, Zach LB 6’3″ 234 Vanderbilt
    Kamara, Alvin RB 5’10” 214 Tennessee
    Smith-Schuster, JuJu WR 6’1″ 215 USC
    Jones, Josh S 6’1″ 220 N.C. State
    Elflein, Pat C 6’3″ 303 Ohio St.
    Willis, Jordan OLB 6’4″ 255 Kansas St.

    1. Its Kpassagnon. Interesting project player. Huge. Gifted. Really needs to work on technique. Takes too many steps to the QB. Lets O-line get their hands on his chest. but great get-off the snap.

    1. Only three more spots to go… as painful as it is to see favorites get taken, I’m liking the choices remaning.

  21. Prior to the draft the talking heads were saying Peterman might sneak into Round 1. Obviously that didn’t happen. But more interesting is that unless the Steelers take him as the QBOTF behind Roethlisberger, nobody else ahead of us really needs a QB and he should be there at the top of Round 3.

  22. Peterman and either Desmond King (FS) or Cooper Kupp (WR). I think with the run on CBs, the remaining CBs are 4th round values.

  23. Jordan Willis is the best left on the board. I’d say Lawson, but something must be up with his medicals for him to drop this far.

      Witherspoon has an interesting family history. His father, Lucky, was a running back at Nevada. His grandfather, Jimmy, was a blues artist who had a number one hit on the R&B charts in 1949 called “Ain’t Nobody’s Business”. Witherspoon’s given first name is actually James, but he goes by Ahkello, the first of two middle names (Elec). The pre-med student went to junior college after high school to play football; he was 5-foot-8 as a high school senior but listed at 6-foot-3 during his one year at Sacramento City Community College (where he had three INT, seven PBU). He moved on to Colorado in 2014, playing in 10 games and starting one (12 tackles, two PBU) before becoming a part-time starter the following season (41 tackles, two INT, four PBU). Witherspoon was one of three members of the Buffaloes’ secondary that were named second-team All-Pac-12 in the program’s bounce-back season. He tied with teammate Tedric Thompson with a nation-leading 23 passes defensed on the year (one INT, 22 PBU), while Chibode Awuzie was the other part of that trio.
      STRENGTHS Exceptional combination of size and speed. Hips are fluid and feet are fast. Opens hips and gets to top speed quickly with long, easy strides to chase receivers down the field. Plus athleticism allows for quick recovery when beaten early off release. Showed marked improvement in his instincts and overall feel for coverage. Is beginning to recognize patterns and play ahead of the routes. Played multiple sports growing up including baseball which helped sharpen hand-eye coordination and ball skills. Takes playmaking angles to the ball and defends the catch point with tremendous timing. His 2016 completion percentage against was just 26.5. Tied for second in nation in passes defensed with 20. Was a long time soccer player and has the foot quickness to mirror match receivers.
      WEAKNESSES Has a gangly frame that is all arms and legs. Will have to add more functional strength to compete against NFL physicality. Keeps weight too far back in his backpedal. Technique somewhat raw and still needs refining. For all his ball skills, ended up with just three interceptions in 143 targets. Had some balance and footwork issues when matching receivers through route breaks. Tape of his run support is not for the weak. Almost always in a state of retreat when run heads his way. Unwilling to step downhill and stick his nose in to help contain the edge. Passivity against the run cost his team two touchdowns against Michigan.
      DRAFT PROJECTION Rounds 2-3
      NFL COMPARISON Patrick Robinson
      BOTTOM LINE Possesses a rare combination of size and speed and saw his ball production take a substantial leap this season. Witherspoon played just one season of high school football so his technique and route awareness should continue to improve. Witherspoon’s length and his ability to mirror and match in space should launch him into early playing time, but his unwillingness to tackle and hit will be a complete turn-off for some teams.

      1. It’s a concern, but Lynch wouldn’t have taken him had he not expressed his desire to shore up that part of his game….

  24. We will indeed have our pick of QBs at the top of the 3rd, and the best DB left on the board. Peterman and ??? or perchance the best RB still standing.

    1. Not so sure a 2018 2nd will have a better player than pick 67 this year. Will be rooting for the Saints to stink so the pick will be higher in the 2nd.

      1. Been large number of underclassmen in last two drafts. Hope the trend continues to provide depth for those extra 2018 picks.

  25. Great selection, 49ers got their CB and some serious wheeling and dealing for next year. Extra sweet 2nd rounder hah ha ha, looks like we inadvertently abused the Saints in this draft.

  26. I like getting a 2nd rounder next year, but it definitely hurts chances to get a Safety like King, or WR like Godwin or Darboh.

    And is Peterman going to fall to 4th round? Unlikely.

    1. Yeah, I’d have like to get Godwin.

      Maybe he falls to the 4th, but it’s unlikely.

      I’d mucj happier if we got pick 11 in the 3rd back from the Saints and something else next year instead of a second rounder.

  27. I guess it’s going to be all defense this year.


    Exceptional combination of size and speed. Hips are fluid and feet are fast. Opens hips and gets to top speed quickly with long, easy strides to chase receivers down the field. Plus athleticism allows for quick recovery when beaten early off release. Showed marked improvement in his instincts and overall feel for coverage. Is beginning to recognize patterns and play ahead of the routes. Played multiple sports growing up including baseball which helped sharpen hand-eye coordination and ball skills. Takes playmaking angles to the ball and defends the catch point with tremendous timing. His 2016 completion percentage against was just 26.5. Tied for second in nation in passes defensed with 20. Was a long time soccer player and has the foot quickness to mirror match receivers.


    Has a gangly frame that is all arms and legs. Will have to add more functional strength to compete against NFL physicality. Keeps weight too far back in his backpedal. Technique somewhat raw and still needs refining. For all his ball skills, ended up with just three interceptions in 143 targets. Had some balance and footwork issues when matching receivers through route breaks. Tape of his run support is not for the weak. Almost always in a state of retreat when run heads his way. Unwilling to step downhill and stick his nose in to help contain the edge. Passivity against the run cost his team two touchdowns against Michigan.


    1. Yes, Saints preponderance of offensive prowness — now featuring three competing RBs — typifies the off-kilter psychology that runs ( and befuddles ) their franchise.

  28. an extra 2nd and 3rd next year they will be able to move up in the 1st round and get the qb they want. That’s what I have been pushing for for the last 3 months

          1. When you consider that next year’s extra #2 and #3 are bonus picks, probably not. If they happen to be near the middle of the 32 picks in the first two rounds, we should be able to gain 600-700 extra points on the trading chart. If we’re picking at #10, those points plus our 1st rounder should get us to #4 overall.

            If the Bears and the Saints have losing records and we pick higher than #10, even better! It seems to me, that we’d only have to give up one of our own picks, either a 2nd or 3rd rounder. We should still wind up with 7 picks next year. If we don’t need a QB in the draft next year, we can have a lot of ammo to do a lot of things.

  29. Wow, I wanted Lynch to trade back, but he went into the next year.

    Still, it is a coup because now he has 2018 second and third round picks.

    Trading back was a shrewd strategy, and Lynch was earning his Trader Bill moniker.

  30. Announcer said teams would point at Witherspoon so they knew where they were going to run the ball. If he is afraid to tackle in college, then how can he tackle professionals?

    He, therefore, cannot even play on special teams. He had a fifth round or later grade.

    Seems like a wasted pick.

      1. Bulk is nice, but mental toughness to take on TEs and Guards on a running play can be difficult to grow and sustain.

  31. Witherspoon wasn’t my favourite CB prospect in this draft – I think he’s a little overrated and too much of a finesse player – but CB was a need and he fits the physical mold they are after for the position. Really would have preferred they take one of the many edge prospects available though.

    1. Agreed, but the potential for growth is there. Prime Time wasn’t physical and hated to tackle. I doubt Lynch will have much patience for a lack of physicality, so I expect he’ll improve in that area. Robinson isn’t the most physical intimidating corner either….

    2. I like the pick because he is 6’3″ and runs a 4.45 forty. Depends if they can coach him up, but he can defend the tall WRs.

    1. PFF also compares Thomas to Michael Bennett and Foster to PWillis. Wow, if all those comparisons come anywhere close…

  32. I have read that this draft is supposed to give teams a lot of depth, not a lot of playmakers. If that’s generally true, it’s logical they believe that at this point it’s attractive to trade into next year because our problem is that we already have a lot of depth. The difference is our depth is already a known quantity. This is just a guess. I’m just sitting at my office desk drinking a bottle of cheap red from Trader Joe’s.

  33. Analysis of the SF Steelers I mean Ravens..uh I mean Niners
    Still wont be able to score any points..just like the last 20 years..
    Very Baalke like draft…
    Mvp will be R Ghould ..punter..again
    Offense has left the Bay Area for good..get ready for another frustrating boring year of three and outs..
    Our offense will be horrid again..
    Our best reciever is P Garcon..bleh
    Qb is Hoyer..bkeh
    RB is hyde bleh
    They must really want a high pick again for Sam Donald…
    Another offseason another draft..we still are going to be boooooooring

    1. Niner offense will be so much better because KS has improved his offenses every where he goes. He even made Hoyer better.

      Niners got 3 WRs in free agency, and signed 16 players to help fill all the holes.

      This draft is a grand slam. Lynch managed to get 2 first rounders and 2018 second and third round picks.

      This draft gives me hope, and now I think they might have a chance to avoid a losing season.

    2. In the words of Donald Trump:
      Worse draft ever
      We get 3 additional picks, and we find ways to trade them. Not watching this team that’s for sure.

  34. King Solomon
    Reuben Foster
    Ahkello “Ain’t Nobodies Business” Witherspoon

    I haven’t been this happy about a draft in quite some time.

    1. That’s great, Razor. I haven’t been this sad and miserable since Berkeley wouldn’t let Ann Coulter speak on purpose. This is the worse draft ever, no QB, gambling the season away again, no defense, no offense, no nothing, 4 and 12 here we come baby. 6 wins will be generous, but if this team was smart, they’ll go 4 and 12.

  35. Yeah great pick…Hes good in coverage but on tv there all basically saying hes a big pu**y with out saying the word pu**y…horrible pick
    4 rounds in and weve got 1 good player in Foster..our team is gonna be made up of pac 12 puss!es

    1. You cant rain on my parade, because I am dancing in the street.

      Niners have hit a home run, even without the rest of the picks.

        1. Lynch is making the Niners relevant again, but you close your eyes. Go ahead with your doom and gloom, but it just defines you.

      1. Yeah? I have never seen a team strike out and miss the game winning basket at the same time. No wait, thank Jed York for finding ways to top his idiotcy. Hired the wrong Gm, hired the wrong coach, the coach didn’t take a qb, i guarantee you that every QB taken in this draft will finish .500 or go to the playoffs. You wait and see. The 49ers are going nowhere.

  36. How many god gamn corners can one team take in 5 years?!Jesus christ..and we still got no one than can play..This is not the 49ers ..this team sucks ..there boring and the king of 3 and outs…but but we got Shannahan ..we got Garcon…we got Hyde…woop de doo…we havent had an offense in 20 years ..maybe we should draft some recievers..maybe a rb ..lets just keep drafting kickers and corners and d lineman….superbowl here we come..

    1. Diesel my friend, right on my brother. This team hasn’t had a QB in years and hasn’t had a 1000 yard WR in years or sent anybody good to the pro bowl in years. This team is a pile of garbage. We got DUMMIES as Michael Savage would say, WORSE TEAM EVER as Donald Trump would say. I’m so glad I don’t watch the draft. I know who we’re going to get: the player that gets hurt, that comes from a garbage university that did nothing in the NCAA and won’t do a thing for the team. DUMMIES! DUMMIES! DUMMIES! DUMMIES! Big fat F from me. This drafting gets worse and worse. Oh sure, you say it’s Baalke that undercuts the team. WEll Lynch and Shanahan both did a lousy job in this draft. They got NOBODY! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBODY! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBODY!

    1. What 67? We found a way to trade that away. All we ever do is wheel and deal and get NOTHING! Did we get a QB? No. I swear I’ll slit my throat if we take that Petterman QB in the 6th or 7th round on the cheap.

  37. Please name one person on this offense that coordinators will have to plan for?
    Heres every opponents defensive rooms film room when they play us..puts up our offense…defense just laughs all week..good thing were building a great defense now will only lose 18-3 instead of 42 -3

    1. When you have to rebuild the entire team, the quickest way is usually to build up the defense first. Offense generally is more difficult and takes more time. We fans just have to be patient, imo.

    2. Shanny’s offensive mind will be what DC’s will need to plan for. You know the assistant coach of the year in 2016?

    3. My friend, ignore these experts. They always say on here we’re going to the superbowl or to a playoff and the 2 and 14 year came from bad refs or a bad NFL schedule, never mind the talent.

    1. I’m sure Peterman goes in the 6th or 7th to the 49ers as we’re so good in picking the lower tier QB, or maybe the Raiders pull a trade and swipe Petterman from us.

  38. Picks have been bad ..except for Foster but Im starting to wonder if John Lynch is a draft ninja or if we all really under estimated Paraag …

    1. Yep, and moment we get rid of Baalke, same old garbage picks again. Smarter thing to have done was you trade, but you get picks for next year, then you morgage those and you get the QB for next year. But no, not this team. Full of false hope to get Cousins, never going to happen if Redskins are smart like Chicago was smart to steal our QB.

      1. Not surprised they chose Beathard. Leadership traits. Takes a beating and keeps on ticking. Tough. I’m surprised they chose him this high though. Past up starter quality players at TE.

        Must see something in him they like. Mental qualities of a quarterback can’t be overlooked.

      2. Jeff Deeney – Beathard was under pressure 40.9% of time in 2015 (most of any QB) and 38.9% in 2016 (third most).

        That’s what I saw in the bowl game vs Stanford two years ago. He was a human punching bag. Kept getting off the canvas, throwing punches despite getting beat pretty bad.

  39. CJ Beathard? i’m guessing a development guy? how much did it cost us to get him? not too high on the value of the pick given who’s left on the board.

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