Niners players talk about loss to Texans

Here is what some of the 49ers’ notable players had to say in the locker room after the 49ers’ 24-21 loss to the Houston Texans on Sunday.


* * *


Alex Smith


Q: Did it work to your advantage to be able to watch the first 5 ½ games before getting into a game?

Smith: “The last couple years I definitely tried to take advantage. I tried to take advantage of being in meetings. All things you hope that will help you get better.”


Q: Was there chemistry with Crabtree after working with him during bye week?

Smith: “He played really well for a young guy, being here a couple weeks. He really competed. He was up against a lot of man coverage, and he played really well. I was just making my reads and throwing the ball. I wasn’t thinking about anything else.”


Q: Did it make it difficult because you haven’t been running two-minute offense as the backup in practice?

Smith: “It had been a while since I’d taken a two-minute rep, that’s beside the point. We got to fix our mistakes. We had some glitches with the sideline — delay-of-game penalties.”


Q: Is this how you anticipated getting into a game?

Smith: “I was ready for anything to happen.”


Q: Did your heart start racing when you were told you were entering?

Smith: “No question. I’d be lying if said it didn’t. It had been a while since took some game snaps. It was nice to go out there and get sweating and not think about it anymore.”


* * *


Shaun Hill  


Q: Did you try to talk Singletary out of benching you?

Hill: “He was pretty adamant about it. When the offense isn’t going you have to put it on the quarterback. He gave us a spark. Obviously I wasn’t giving us that.”


Q: How did you feel like Alex played?

Hill: “Alex played a great second half. He had a great second half out there. I’m very proud of the way he played.”


Q: How did Crabtree play?

Hill: “Obviously, he showed you guys a little bit of what he has. He is going to be great player for us.”


Q: What happened on the first play of the game (a pass that was designed to go to Crabtree)?

Hill: “It was just a miscommunication. More than anything it was lack of experience. But after that, he knew exactly what had happened and was ready to move forward. He played a great game.”


* * *


Michael Crabtree


Q: What happened with the first play of the game? Shaun said there was a miscommunication.

Crabtree: “Yeah, it was a miscommunication.”


Q: Specifically, what happened?

Crabtree: “Just a miscommunication.”


Q: How did it feel to finally be out there?

Crabtree: “It felt good man.  It’s football.  It felt better to be out there on Sunday instead of Saturday.”


Q: Was there an adjustment with the speed of the game?

Crabtree: “I worked on that all this week in practice.  It came kind of easy today because we did such a good job of preparing.  I’m looking forward to next week.”


Q: Did you have better chemistry with Alex Smith after working with him during the bye?

Crabtree: “Both of them have the same timing.  They are both good.  My place is to run routes.  Whoever is throwing the ball, it is my job to catch it.  I like them both.”


Q: How would you rate your performance:

Crabtree: “I have to watch film.  I can’t really remember everything I did.  I will watch film and give you that later.”


* * *


Arnaz Battle


Q: Was the sun a factor on your muffed punt?

Battle: “It was. The one I muffed had a great hang time on it. I felt like I was right under the ball. I was in great position. Actually when it came down it shifted on me. There was a defender right there and I could feel him. So as I went to my side and tried to catch it I bobbled it and they were able to recover it.”


* * *


Vernon Davis


Q: What kind of chemistry do you have with Alex Smith?

Davis: “Yes, we had a lot of chemistry me and Alex. We haven’t been working together but still have chemistry. Me and Alex always had chemistry no matter what, whether he’s practicing or not.”


Q: Were you surprised by Alex’s play?

Davis: “I wasn’t surprised, I knew what he was going to do.”


* * *


Frank Gore


Q: What did you say to your teammates when you guys got off to the slow start?

Gore: “I was telling them that we can’t win like that.  We kept going three an out and we kept the defense on the field.  I just told them that we had to get going.  I just brought them all in and told them we got to get going.”


Q: How did you feel Michael Crabtree played in his first game?

Gore: “He did great. Like I said man, I told him he would be fine.  I told him as long as he knew the plays, he would be fine.”


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