Notes from Day 2 of this week’s OTAs

Random thoughts and observations from this morning’s voluntary practice in Santa Clara…

• More or less the same lineup from yesterday, meaning no NT Aubrayo Franklin, LB Manny Lawson, CB Shawntae Spencer, CB Nate Clements, DT Kentwan Balmer, RB Michael Robinson or LB Keaton Kristick.

• WR Jared Perry resolved his travel hang-ups and was on the field for his first full practice as a 49er. Wide receivers coach Jerry Sullivan quickly welcomed Perry by ripping him a new one for leaning with his shoulder while running an out route during passing drills.

• Lots of pressure being applied to the 49ers’ quarterbacks today. Linebackers Navorro Bowman and Takeo Spikes both disrupted passes with inside blitzes, and in a later team period, Alex Smith and Nate Davis both were hounded into incompletions.

• Same first-team offensive line today (Staley-Baas-Heitmann-Rachal-Snyder), but Tony Wragge worked a few reps at center. Think rookie T Anthony Davis wants to work with the starters? “Yeah, I can’t wait,” he said today. “It’s what I’m working for.”

• Division of labor at tight end: Vernon Davis was the first-teamer, of course, in single-TE sets. Rookie Nate Byham got reps with the second team. And Davis and Delanie Walker were paired in two-TE formations.

• Too many Smiths: Keith Smith intercepted Alex Smith on a deep throw, and then Reggie Smith intercepted David Carr. Too bad I’m not a wordsmith.

• Good day for fourth-year WR Jason Hill. He froze rookie CB Phillip Adams on an inside cut before catching Smith’s pass during 7-on-7, then later made the top catch of the day, going high to spear a pass from Nate Davis during team period.

• RB Anthony Dixon is at least 233 pounds right now, but he is surprisingly nimble catching flare passes and taking them out of the backfield.

• Brandon Jones joined Ted Ginn, Kyle Williams and LeRoy Vann for punt returns today.

• The 49ers welcomed some special guests: 15-year-old Brandon Dale, his mother Grace, father Andy, brother Kristopher and sister Katryna, all of Santa Clara. Brandon has terminal liver cancer. It’s a brutal assignment for the Dales, but they looked happy this morning in 49ers jerseys. Brandon was wearing Patrick Willis’ No. 52.

• Comic relief: Talking to reporters in front of his locker after practice, Anthony Davis leaned back a little too far on his milking stool and toppled over backward. “That’s a blooper, right?” the affable Davis said with a sheepish smile. No reported injuries.

• While most of the team ran after practice, Davis, LB Travis LaBoy and CB Will James stretched on the sidelines with Willis.

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