Here are the numbers for Jed York’s call on 49ers coach

Today’s game is called, “Pretend you’re Jed York.”

Here’s how it works. You’re the worst owner in sports. Every idea or instinct you ever had about how to build a franchise was wrong and you deserve to be fired. But, you won’t be fired. Not in this game. Your parents own the team and they’re giving you another chance to fix things.

What are you going to do?

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  1. Bring in his dad as President of Football Operations and Scott Pioli or Steve Young as GM too Jed or some very similar power structure that eases you out of making more miscalculated decisions.

    1. John York as President of Football Operations ?!!! You think he knows a whole lot more of football than his son? Either can be President of the organization and count the loot, but keep their collective nose out of all things football.

  2. What are you going to do?
    Not hire Nick the liar Saban or Kyle would you even know my name if it wasn’t for Matty Ice Shanahan.

    I wouldn’t mind Shaw as much as I wouldn’t mind Goodwin, McDermott or Patirica. Fairly indifferent towards the subject.

    1. Grants infatuated with Saban lol He’s so wrong about Saban he would not have success here unless they dramatically upgrade the roster and if they were to upgrade the roster any of those coaches would be successful even Chip

    2. Shanahan has had success with a few different QBs and runs a system much like the Niners did in their heyday. He is a no brainer as a top choice for me but doubt he’d take the job without some personnel power or a say on who the GM would be. Every coach out there knows they can’t win here without major changes to the FO.

  3. I am hoping that the franchise does not use a high draft pick for a QB. If they do then they are jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

    Personally I think Baalke, Kelly and Kaep will be back. Should know in about two weeks.

      1. Baalke is emotionally incapable of conceding any power. He can not help it. The guy kisses the asses of those over him but will act like a dictator to those under him.

    1. Agreed. Why are all the articles about Baalke and Kelley – there are not the cause of this horrible situation. THE YORKS ARE THE CAUSE!! Boycott anything that will put one more penny in the Yorks’ pockets.

      1. Well the Yorks caused the situation by hiring Baalke who hired Kelley. So in that way you are correct. If they had hired a real GM who knew football than they wouldn’t be the problem either. It’s a chicken and egg scenario.

  4. if I’m jed York i look in the mirror. my track record is pitiful. I ask: Do i like football, do i take the effort to learn about football? do i even enjoy winning, do i hate losing, do i want football to be better, do i care about the team, the fans the nfl? I’m quite sure Jed will honestly say no. Then I do the courageous and honorable thing tell Denise and John what i would really like to do (eg..go spend money, buy cricket team, sail around the world,drink beer in ohio, paint etc….) and hire the best football person money can buy to run the franchise. ( shanahans, steve young, john mcvay and his son etc… ) i now kick back, all pressure is on the football guy , i rake in tons of dough and the fans get their 49ers back.
    ( this of course is assuming I’m an adult and my fragile ego doesn’t get in the way)

  5. Razor mentioned him yesterday, and I kind of agree – an under the radar HC prospect is Mark Dantonio. The Spartans had a terrible year, but before this he has proven highly successful. And he runs more traditional style offenses and defenses. And he is a massive believer in building the lines, which I strongly agree with.

      1. Disagree with PHD (above) …
        I wouldn’t let Jedster’s dad anywhere
        near Santa Clara …

        instead… I’d hire Jed’s UNCLE to take over ..

        barring that … my Plan B would be ..

        Getting Kyle Shanahan .. would probably be
        a whole lot easier … if … (Big “eye-eff”)
        Jedster had the brains to hire Kyles dad
        to run the show ..

      2. You’re probably right, but one bad season shouldn’t negate the long history of success he has brought to Michigan State.

      3. Grant. The best article you have ever written in niner land. Just enough snark to not lose your style, but not be condescending. Well thought out and supported with excellent analysis. A couple things to add…. 1) Our chances might be good to land him due to shanahan history

        2) Jimmy T was a Jed hire, Chip was a Trent hire, is Kyle a Gamble hire? It would seem to me the niners have NO time to lose

        3) Kyle as head coach and who as DC? Fangio as coordinator? Or Fisher? Or Schwartz? Or Nolan?

  6. Disagree with much in this article.

    1. Saban can turn around any NFL franchise except the one he was tasked to turnaround – Dophins. He then scurried back the security blanket of AL where he has endless talent to recruit from.

    2. Shaw wont take the job because Harbaugh didn’t like Baalke? Huh? What? This is the NFL not 7th grade.

    3. The best coach out there is Mike Smith D coordinator Tampa and former Falcons HC.

    4. Our first round pick will be a LB. There is no way we are taking a qb in the first.

    1. Mike Smith couldn’t win the big games, 1-4 in the post season, no thanks don’t need the Payton Manning of head coaches. Id agree with the LB pick if Baalke was going to still be around but he wont be.

  7. Uh…
    I thought it was a lock that Jed was out and Shanny in. Wasn’t it?
    Jason said it. Grant pointed out what he said. Lowell did too on his blog. Then Jason doubled down on what he’d said.
    It seemed counter intuitive to me, but the professionals said it, so I’m calmly waiting for it to come to pass on 2/2/17.

          1. Which would be good. But the VP would still report to Jed. So long as Jed is happy to stay out of the VP’s business and let him do his job then it should be fine, but its Jed…

            1. I think the VP before being hired would be assured he woukd make all personnel decisions.
              If the hire is a no name puppet with no NFL experience, then yes, its all window dressing.

              1. Prime Time
                December 21, 2016 at 5:31 am
                I think the VP before being hired would be assured he woukd make all personnel decisions.
                What do we need a GM for then?

    1. Works for me. Always hated our best players putting themselves at risk over a stupid game that only exists to sell advertising space.

  8. Nick Caserio GM
    Mark Dantonio HC

    1st F/A priority Brandon Williams NT, Ravens
    2nd F/A priority Alshon Jeffery WR, Bears
    3rd F/A priority Chandler Jones OLB Cardinals
    4th F/A priority Dont’a Hightower ILB Patriots

    Pick 2 Jonathan Allen DT/TB in Jumbo Short Yardage/Goal line Alabama
    Pick 34 David Njoku TE Miami
    Pick 66 Patrick Mahomes QB Texas Tech
    Pick 98 Jon Toth, C Kentucky
    Pick 130 Donnel Pumphrey, RB, San Diego State
    Pick 166 Demetrious Cox, S, Michigan State

      1. Any thoughts of a 2nd for him would probably not take place until right before the deadline. He’d need to get back on the field first, and then showcase some skill….

        1. If they make the transition to a 4-3 and took Allen, I’d be happy to get a 2nd in return for Armstead. He’d be surplus to need.

        1. True, but as you have pointed out, the 49ers do not have the necessary pieces for a 4-3 defense.

          1. Yep. Thus why I was wondering what razor thought the 49ers might get in a trade for Armstead.

            In a 4-3, Buckner would probably move to strongside DE (especially if they drafted Allen), which I’m not really a fan of, but I think he’d be better at that role than Armstead as he has better bend and flexibility. But he could be a guy that slides in to DT on passing downs with a specialist pass rusher replacing him on the edge.

            The big issue would be at LB, but if the 49ers were able to sign Hightower like razor had in his plan, then Hightower could play SAM, Bowman MIKE and Armstrong WILL. Would still need to add more LBs, but those three could work (maybe).

            One question I would have is where Lynch plays. If the 49ers signed Chandler, he would play weakside DE. So basically Lynch and Buckner would compete to play strongside DE, I think. It could be that Lynch is the specialist pass rusher that comes in on passing downs when Buckner moves inside.

            1. It could be that Lynch is the specialist pass rusher that comes in on passing downs when Buckner moves inside.

              That’s the idea, because Lynch seems to have conditioning issues. I think keeping him fresh will lead to increased production….

    1. Razor, I’d like to see the 49ers do more to improve the OL this offseason than a 4th round pick at centre. Unfortunately it is a poor year for OLD in both FA and the draft. But Stefen Wisniewski might be a good option to add at C/G, and there are a number of FA OTs that should be looked at to compete with Brown.

    2. like your picks except for GM and H/C

      GM I would like to see someone from the Ron Wolf tree
      Coach – I would get Jeff FIsher with Norv Turner as OC or
      Keep Kelly with Gus Bradley as DC

      1. Your insane if you want Mike Smith, he is not a winner, and never will be, he’s not
        HC material, but he might be a good DC.

    1. Next year at this time he could be damaged goods and/or a big time disappointment. Major shoulder injury and poor against the run. I’d let him go for a second.

      1. He is 22 years old. Still will get a lot stronger. His shoulder injury will be 100 percent soon. He was dominating in training camps were the reports before the injury. I would not trade him until after this coming year. By then we will know. He has a chance to be special once he gets a true nose tackle next to him. Just my opinion.

    2. If they move to a 4-3, you may as well. Especially if you land Allen. DL would be Lynch, Allen, NT, Buckner, with Dial and Blair backing up at DT. Armstead would be superfluous.

  9. The answer for the Niners coaching woes are very simple. They already promoted a positions coach to head coach so why not do it again. Trent Baalke is the perfect fit for them. I mean he coached the DB last season so he is already and experienced position coach. Everyone also realizes that the problem with the team is not the quality of players, rather past coaches just had no idea how to use them. Who would better know how to use the players than the person who drafted and signed those players. He has all the qualifications since he always had the confidence that he could do a better job than Harbaugh. I mean who wouldn’t jump at the chance of having a better coach than Harbaugh.

  10. My dream scenario….
    McDaniels come over and brings his second stringer with him.
    I’d love to see a pocket passer with mobility here again with a smart offensive mind.
    Que Fleetwood Mac’s best album!!! Sigh

  11. “The only thing worse than firing Kelly after one season would be firing him after two.” Great line Grant. We have to go full Shanny. I don’t think Kyle will sign without Mike. Plan B is McDaniels.

          1. You may be right. I think we need big Shanny. He would be an upgrade as GM or HC. I would prefer big Shanny as GM with little Shanny as HC. We would finally have a GM and HC on the same page. Mike would value his son’s opinion as opposed to Baalke who does his own thing regardless of the coach.

              1. If Kaepernick rededicates himself to his craft, little Shanny’s system would fit him perfectly. Lots of play-action roll-outs. I also would be interested to see what little Shanny could do with Mike Glennon.

              2. I done with Kap. Kelly’s system was supposed to fit him too. These last two years of Kap/Gab have been hard to watch. Tebowesqe.

              3. Fair enough. He doesn’t take his craft seriously. But he needs to roll out as much as possible, which means Kelly’s system really doesn’t fit him.

              4. Fair enough but he was still worse last year atleast this year he’s not throwing grounders and pick sixes

              5. I’ll say this much last year he had Boldin and you can say he was old or whatever but Boldin was the 49ers most consistent WR for the last 3 years and Kaepernick was still horrible. Right now the 49ers have WRs that wouldn’t start for any team in the NFL let alone make the 53.

  12. I would keep the coaches. All of them. I know I’ve lost all credibility but I believe in continuity and that systems take time. Gabe is my GM and I thank Baalke for being my scape goat.
    Then I sign Jay Cutler. You can forget about signing a 1st round qb because that NEVER turns a team around from a bottom dweller to a super bowl contender. This is a full rebuild. I trade out of the #2 spot back to 12-15. I start loading up on the defensive side of the ball. A Nose tackle, a pure pass rusher, and a shut down corner.
    I sign Ashon Jeffry as a Free Agent. I cut Martin. I cut Patton. I watch the confetti fall as Kaepernick walks out the door. I release bowman. I throw brooks from the team bus on the drive back from LA.
    I dump Eric Reid, Bethea, and every single member of the current secondary. This is a complete rebuild.
    I am on the hook with Kelly so I might as well get hybrid players who fit multiple systems, because when Kelly fails, I am going to still have a very attractive stop for an aggressive coach.

    1. “You can forget about signing a 1st round qb because that NEVER turns a team around from a bottom dweller to a super bowl contender. This is a full rebuild.”

      How many teams turn around from a bottom dweller to a SB contender in one season? Passing on a QB just means you are one year further removed from having developed a capable starting QB. They must draft a QB high this year. Doesn’t need to be round 1, but they should grab one before the end of round 2.

      1. “You can forget about signing a 1st round qb because that NEVER turns a team around from a bottom dweller to a super bowl contender. This is a full rebuild.”

        The Colts went from 2-14 in 2011 to 11-5 in 2012 with a 1st round QB so it can be done.

          1. True. The Colts and Cowboys were in very similar positions. Good teams that struggled the season before because they didn’t have good backup QB’s to step in when the starter went down.

            The 49ers aren’t in that position, but if there was a top level prospect on the board you take him. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that there’s one of those in this draft.

          2. Neither team mentioned, Indy or Dallas, were/are super bowl contenders. While they are playoff makers neither team won a championship or played for a super bowl.
            As Jack says below, there are too many holes on this roster for one piece to fix it. That is why I say move out of a 2 spot, select more picks and let Gamble do the picking. Hence, full rebuild mode.
            I do not think you find your QB as the number 1 overall pick. It worked back in the early 80s because teams allowed QBs to sit and learn. In the immediate returns expectations of the league today, those #1 picks usually are more detrimental to the team and the player.

    2. It sounds like your words are coming out of Jed’s mouth, and if they would do what you say, then more people will sign off on the niners, there’s not to much in your writing
      that I agree with.

  13. I’m all for little Shanny to come here the only thing that I’m afraid of is that he got a live look at our roster while putting up 41 points minus there best WR(Julio) on our pathetic defense which leads me to believe he will want to go to a team with better personnel so he has a better chance to succeed no way he works for Baalke.

          1. If you look at Baalke from a business point of view, the team has cap room, the team has contracts for proven up and comers, and the organization reached and overpaid for no one outside of Kaepernick. (That contract has been rewritten)
            When looking at purely numbers, Baalke has done his job from a business standpoint. The team continues to make money, the contracts and cap room reflect the owner’s expectations, and the injury settlements will let them cut ties with dead money.
            If Jed fires Baalke, Jed has to replace him with someone willing to lose. The replacement will not be able to spend money to fix this problem of talent. The replacement will just continue to write contracts and pursue second rate talents because the budget shows as much.
            Baalke picked ACL tears because he had no hope of paying for true talent. The new GM will be just as handcuffed.
            Before the argument is made that Baalke tanked at talent assessment, a GM with Talent assessment is not going to come to SF. He is going to get paid in an organization that respects skills and is willing to buy.
            For those reasons, I would not be surprised to see Baalke manage out his contract through ’18.

            1. Baalke made money because everyone made money. That empty mausoleum is not making as much money as a full stadium, and I do not care for analytics, but ANY 1-13 team is going to lose value compared to a 3-1 team.

              Baalke likes ACL players because to him, they are a bargain, but when they all fail, it is incompetence exemplified.

              1. I think the way the stadium deal works, the city of Santa Clara picks up the tab for any unused seats for the first 10 seasons in the stadium. So for Jed York, he doesn’t care if 6 people or 60,000 people attend the games. He’s getting paid for seats either way. Where he may be taking a hit is on concession sales.

      1. Grant
        There you go again thinking logically. As we speak, jed knows that by doing so his dis-comfort goes up. He is comfortable with baalke, and that salary cap means much to the Yorks.

        I give it 50/50. He’s wrestling with it right now, racking his brain as to how he could keep him and sell it to all of us………………….

  14. Wildly speculating is what is needed to read the tea leaves, so I will jump in with a head first dive.

    Jed should get up in front of the microphones, apologize for his pathetic performance and hold himself accountable.

    Just kidding. Jed will continue to hide and shirk all responsibility. He has Baalke set up as the fall guy. Chip may survive because he declared that he would just coach, and not get into the personnel. Baalke has graciously said that it is all his fault, so he will fall on his sword. With a 13 game losing streak, all heads should roll, but since Jed is remaining, just expect more losing.

    Jed will continue to reel from one disaster to another, and when he opens his mouth, will just succeed in inserting his foot into it.

    Jed is terrified that Kaep will leave, then play the Niners twice a year. Both the Rams and Cards could upgrade their quarterbacking, and are only lacking in that department since they have good defenses and a strong RB.

    The only way Kaep stays is if Chip stays, and Baalke goes. Baalke should be cut on the team bus, but since that is unlikely, he should be punted into the financials section.

    Holmgren would be my choice as GM, but would accept Gamble just as long as Baalke is demoted. Holmgren would provide the gravitas to the organization, and he will sell the notion of bringing back what worked before. He will propose going back to the Bill Walsh offense, and George Seiffert defense. Going back to play NINER FOOTBALL.

    Since Eddie has been purified with his HOF induction, I hope he becomes more involved. Maybe he does not need to personally assume control, but maybe he should promote one of his daughters. Lisa may have burnt too many bridges, so Nikki may be the acceptable choice if Eddie is allowed to buy back into the organization.

    If Jed and Nikki can be partners and share power, they should find a Carmen Policy Type to help run the FO. Heck, maybe apologize to CP and ask him back. Policy, with Holmgren as GM could turn this ship of fools around.

    Holmgren needs to spend cap money wisely, and acquire decent FA talent to fill all the holes.They should not save the cap for next year, because saving 50 mil resulted in a 1-13 season.

    Since Baalke is gone, they should jettison the ACL strategy, because it is like buying a used car that was totaled, but fixed up.

    The Niners should bundle players to get picks, and bundle picks to move up in the draft. However, they should use their number 2 pick to move back twice, and get as many second and third round choices as possible.

    The Niners should target teams that want to leapfrog over other teams to ninja a player. Moving back may miss out on a real quality player, but if they can get 2 starters, it will be worth it. Moving back twice may frustrate many posters, but it is the best strategy to help improve the team.

    If the Niners can sign FAs, and hit a home run in the draft, they could undoubtedly win more games than this year.

    Maybe they should burn it all down, but just expect another 5 years before getting back to the playoffs. If they are smart, and make shrewd moves, the Niners may become relevant again.

        1. Its OK, Kaep still has skillls that many coaches covet.

          Forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer is incompetence. They should facilitate his strengths, not showcase his weaknesses.

          I will say it again. Every single team so far has made their primary goal to be containing Kaep in the pocket. The Niner coaches have been aware of this strategy, but seem incapable of making any adjustments at all.

          Rolling out Kaep will play to his strengths. His threat to run will make the defense make mistakes.

          Intoning the mantra that all NFL QBs need to be able to deliver the ball from the pocket, just makes me ask- WHY? What if he can be more than just a pocket passer? What if he can deliver the ball on the run?

          Then what if the pocket collapses like a house of cards? That is what happened last year, and Kaep needed 3 surgeries to recover. Then even when the O line holds up the pass rush, his receivers drop the ball that hits them in both hands. Kaep needs a Julio Jones to throw to, not cut players and UDFAs.

          1. It’s the coach’s fault, the receivers fault and the O lines fault, everybody but Kap. How about the trainers, ball boys, etc, why not blame them too? What a laugh.

            1. It takes an entire team, and faulting only Kaep for the defense setting records in futility just means you are biased against Kaep. Believe it or not, Kaep did throw with touch and was on target.

              Forcing him to be a pocket passer is like chaining his legs together, and not giving him decent receivers is like tying his hand behind his back, yet it is solely Kaep’s fault for not succeeding? He cannot throw the ball and catch it, too. Why are you giving the receivers no blame for dropping at least 6 very catchable balls?

          2. There is no one-except you, Seb-who sees kap as a starting NFL QB. There’s a whole lot more to your rooting for Kap than just “promise”.

              1. Seb-

                If you think a QB who gets to the SB was the main cause for it, then you also need to talk about other QB’s who went along for the ride–about their wonders and greatness.

                Why have you refused to talk at length and with seriousness about Kaps unwillingness to learn fundamentals, mechanics??? Not a rare blurb here and there, but a serious discussion as to why, AS GRANT HAS POINTED OUT, his great reluctance to take his craft seriously?

                Walsh would have cut him…………………

    1. seb,

      Your Holmgren post got me thinking.
      GM Wolf
      HC Holmgren

      A good option IMO.

      Holmgren would command respect from our young players. I think the stupid penalties would go down. Holmgren and Papa Wolf worked well together in GB. A little too well, I still hate GB.

      We will have limited options because of Jed. The Shanahan’s might not get an interview if big Shanny was behind the leak.
      This is what Jed will actually do. Fire Baalke and promote Gamble. He will keep Kelly and then fire him a year later. Then he will hire another coach that nobody else wants. Drum roll, Jeff Fisher introduced as new 49ers HC.

          1. Well, if you mean to say it that way, I agree. Jed will find some way to screw it up.

            Just like giving a TE a big contract, then next game, he breaks his scapula.

    2. Holmgren would be the smart choice to help turn around this franchise, so I do not think they would do it.

      If they did, he could decide that Chip has too many flaws, and select Chris Peterson. He is young, smart, innovative and has built some very strong defensive teams.

      David Shaw would also be a good choice, but I think he is content to stay at Stanford. He does not have that fire in his belly that Peterson does. Peterson can be lured from Washington because he would double his salary.

      I do not think that any current nfl coach will want to come here, and all the coaches that were fired should stay fired. Lynn will probably stay in Buffalo because Rex will be gone.

  15. What if Shanahan makes it to the super bowl do you want to wait till feb. to get a HC that might turn you down? And if he does turn you down the pickings will be slim to none.

  16. All of the above sounds good until John York walks in the locker room and tells you what’s going on – hes keeping Jed in power and we’re screwed!
    We are now in Raider prison when Al Davis was alive.

  17. Talking about coaching, I thought before the season that Chip would fix the offense. Too bad he has displayed poor coaching that neglected fundamental football concepts, and has proven that he cannot make the quick in game adjustments that any coach needs to succeed. The players give good effort, but they are unprepared, unfocused and undisciplined.

    I have given Chip every excuse in the world, but finally, with a 13 game losing streak, I have seen enough. I would not mind if Jed fires everyone else, but thinks he will keep Chip because he will not want to pay another coach for not coaching.

    Therefor, if Jed just fires Baalke and the 2 coordinators, I will be placated. Under this scenario, they should promote Gamble and get Helfrich as OC. If Jed fires Baalke, and apologizes to Tomsula, I would not mind if JT becomes the DC, and Jed might go for it because he is paying him anyways.

    Not even the fired coaches would want to come to the Niners if Jed is in charge, and certainly not Shanahan. KS will have way better options. McDaniels is heir apparent to BB, so he is not going anywhere. So jed may be stuck with Chip, but if that means they retain Kaep, I would be in favor of it.

  18. Further any Kaep talk just shows you don’t get it. He is a scar on the franchise viewed around the league and locally as such. Believe me some people even in SF won’t go as long as he’s playing. Even thinking of him playing QB next year will be another lost season and continue this laughing stock in perpetuity.

    1. That empty stadium is more of a statement towards a 1-13 record than Kaep.

      Get rid of Baalke, sign FAs and draft well, and the Niners can get better. Remember, Dallas went from 3-13 to 12-2.

      1. And kap is responsible for their SB run, but he’s not responsible for the 1-13 record?

        C’mon Seb………..your logic escapes me, but your emotion is very clear.

      1. Tell Kaep to stop country & cop hating. Tell Kaep to stop Castro loving. Improving as a QB? What other QB could have 0 wins and be considered improving? Stop the Kaep blind loving!

        1. Kaep loves this country, and only hates rogue cops who use their badge as a shield to kill innocent people.

          Castro stood up against immense hegemonistic powers, and did accomplish good, but was also flawed.

          If you think that Kaep is the sole reason for the 13 game losing streak, you are blindly hating.

          1. Kaep loved this country so much he didn’t vote. He cared so much about his stance he didn’t step forward to do something that could change it. Since that decision has come to light, his movement has lost momentum and support from other athletes.

            1. * I am not saying you’re wrong Seb. I am just making the comment to show that for every argument, there is another side and opinion.

              1. Matt, I think Kaep is getting bad advice. He should talk to John Lewis, who in ’63 marched on Washington.

            2. Kaep explained his stance on voting. Why bother? The system is so corrupt, the minority vote getter won.

              While I would encourage Kaep to vote, if he thinks the whole system is so flawed, to him, it would be hypocritical to support something he does not believe in.

              1. >> The system is so corrupt, the minority vote getter won.

                That doesn’t make it necessarily corrupt, it’s just a quirk from a construct the 18th century framers needed… for the 18th century. Besides, Kaep wouldn’t have known the electoral vs general outcome when he decided to not vote.

                >>He should talk to John Lewis, who in ’63 marched on Washington

                Yes, a big part of that march was to secure voting rights for the disenfranchised. Kaep basically spat in the face of that noble effort.

              1. saw,

                Mussolini kept the trains running on time. That is, if you believe his propaganda. Just like Castro, how can we trust Cubs’s literacy rate? With no checks and balances I have no reason to trust a dictator.

            1. Saw, I suppose you like those Banana Republics and right wing dictators like Papa Doc. Castro defeated the Mob who ran Cuba like their own private playground.

              I have read up on history, so reviling Castro as the devil and absolving everyone else is just crocodile tears. I will admire ANYONE who improves the literacy rate of his people. I did admit he had flaws, but he did good, too.

  19. I’m a bit surprized at the calls for Shanahan and Holmgren as Coach. Can’t go back in time. Even Holmgren as GM. He wasn’t very good at that previously.
    This mess is so complete that I’d consider Mike Smith. It might well be a reprise of the Nolan era, but it would lend stability during a lengthy rebuild; like Nolan did. If you have to move on later at least they could recruit with a decent roster. Of course Nolan had McCloughan choosing personnel….

  20. Wow. Great read Grant. Very interesting analysis and good points on why Kelly needs to go now versus next year. Since we know Jed is incompetent then we know none of this will happen. Jed will do what a lot of clueless CEO’s do – he will instruct upper management to cut expenses/salaries so his profit margin is protected and then he’ll hire an expensive consultant that eats up all the profit margin he created by cutting expenses and then he’ll fire the consultant when nothing changes and there are no improvements. Jed is problem #1 so until Jed does something about Jed then the results will be the same.

  21. I also agree this is a good article Grant. But I have to take exception to your contention that Jed is the “worst owner in sports”. Since he’s been at the helm (starting with the 2009 season), the team has had a .506 winning percentage. Granted, most of those wins came from one coach and it’s been decidedly downhill from there. But there are many, many other owners with longer term futility. I’m looking at you, James Dolan of the NY Knicks with a .450 record under your management since 1999, who would have Isaiah Thomas as his GM if not for the uproar over hiring a sexual harasser.

  22. #80
    First off nobody cares who you voted for so keep your crappy politics out of it this is football
    Niners need a real GM first then they need to draft a quarterback until they get those two this team is going nowhere

    1. 49
      This blog discusses everything from legal issues to movies/music, if you don’t like what 80 writes then don’t read his post. If you don’t want to read about politics here then take it up with Kaep or the writers that continue to bring it up.

    2. Four-Nine

      What undercenter said. Also, Trump and Clinton are the definition of crappy politics. I talk plenty of football. I usually only talk politics when I reply to a political post or the thread is about Kap’s political stance. I rip both parties so I’m used to getting pushback from both sides.

  23. I know this is a forum for frustrated 49er fans to vent and express their opinions, but let’s try and be realistic. Kelly is NOT going to be fired after just one year. There is no way Jed is going to have four head coaches in four years. Not going to happen.

    I think Baalke will be given a new title but will remain with the team in some capacity. Gamble will become the person in charge of player personnel and will oversee the draft.

    I too have been disappointed in Kelly but I am not ready to run him out of town. The team assembled by Baalke was a disgrace. Vince Lombardi could not have won more than a couple of games with this crew. There was no pass rush of any kind the entire year, the receivers could not get any separation, the inside linebackers were hopeless against the run, and the corners were so afraid of giving up the big play that they let the opposing receivers constantly run free underneath.

    As for the QB, I know there are some people here who think Kap is entirely to blame for the 13 losses but they are blinded by hatred. I still think Kap can put up big numbers in Kelly’s system if he is given a competent set of wide receivers. I have watched a couple of Giants games this year and Eli Manning throws just as many (if not more) wild and inaccurate throws as Kap. The difference is that Eli has Odell Bechkam Jr around to bail him out by making circus catches of bad throws while Kap has a bunch of nobodies.

    I am old enough to remember the Bay Area sportswriters (including Lowell Cohn) were ready to fire Bill Walsh after Walsh turned in a 2-14 record his first year. Of course, the same writers (also including Lowell Cohn) became Walsh’s #1 brown nosers after he started winning. What a shameless bunch of hypocrites.

    I am an eternal optimist. If Dallas can go from 3 wins to the best record in the NFC, what to stop us from doing the same next year. We will have the second pick in the draft plus 50 million in cap space to go after free agents. We just need a competent person picking the players. Anyone not named Baalke will do.

    Go Niners.

    1. “If Dallas can go from 3 wins to the best record in the NFC, what to stop us from doing the same next year.”

      Dallas wasn’t a true 3 win team last year. They had a team that was set up to win but no capable backup QB so they were dead once Romo went down.

      Where the Cowboys were then, and where the 49ers are now isn’t even close.

      1. The Cowboys had a legit QB who got hurt. Good coaches. A GREAT Oline and at the time a top back and Wr… Niners don’t possess any of those things.

  24. Remember how good Michael Wilhoite looked when he had to replace Bowman? What a good coaching job by Fangio. This group is so far from that level it’s not even funny.

  25. I do not profess to know much about college talent unless its the Ducks talent. What I keep reading though is there is only two elite players coming out this year, Garrett and Fournettee. Making the assumption that the Browns are going to take Garrett and our need at running back is about a 5 on a scale of 1 bad and 10 good, it seems to me trading down would be a reasonable thought process.

  26. If I were Jed I’d take all those smug journalists and show them how to balance a budget AND make a handsome profit. The clever little genius got the fans to pay for a new stadium and then give him all the profits! He got a coach on the cheap and made money. He hired a second coach and still is making money by NOT spending the $50 million he has under the salary cap. He’s got the fans enslaved to give him money with their SBL’s and guarantee him income. 49er fans will guarantee a steady stream of income regardless if they’re showing up or not. If they forfeit their SBL, he can sell them again and make more money.
    He might have small hands, but they sure are fast at counting all that money….

    1. Jed is losing money compared to when the team went to 3 consecutive NFCC Games. Imagine how much more money he could be making if he had a chock full stadium instead of that empty mausoleum.

      Fans are bailing on those PSLs, and nobody in their right mind will be buying any, anytime soon.

      The cost of being publicly humiliated and the butt of jokes is incalculable, and to some, priceless.

    2. The public subsidization of Levi’s followed by the team’s collapse and conflicts with the public entities over payments from the team weighed on the failed vote in San Diego. Spanos is clucked.
      Guys like Kronke and the dude in Vegas think they’re too smart to fail. We’ll see. They’ll make their tv money, but already Kronke is dismayed by lack of interest and lack of fans in the seats. Can’t they see how marvelous he is?

      1. The seats might be empty, but his coffers are not!
        He gets paid regardless if people show up. The real revolt would be if NOBODY bought tickets, or even half the people stopped buying then those empty seats would mean NO MONEY. People who don’t buy tickets lose their PSL and Jeddie can sell it again. It’s basically a pyramid scheme that falls apart when the bottom refuse the pay for the top.
        The fact that he didn’t spent the cap $$$ because he was butthurt over paying Tomsula shows that he’s good with balancing his budget, but bad in long term view of the 9ers. Penny wise, pound foolish!

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