Rams-49ers live blog: Third quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the third quarter of the 49ers Week 10 home game against the St. Louis Rams. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis.

3:09 The Rams drive to midfield and then on third and 1, Bradford fumbles the snap. The Rams recover for a one-yard loss. Hekker pins the punt at the SF eight yard line.

3:11 The 49ers defense is controlling the Rams offense. The Rams can be beaten. Kaepernick needs to lead the offense to 10 points.

3:12 Kaepernick completes a pass to Williams in the flat. He runs for 12 yards, fumbles and recovers it. First and 10 at the SF 19.

3:15 Three plays later on third and nine, Kaepernick sails a pass over Manningham’s head. Manningham was open. Kaepernick is playing very poorly so far.

3:16 Amendola returns the punt all the way to the SF 2 yard line, but Anthony Dixon was blocked in the back by Justin Cole.

3:24 Steven Jackson just plowed through Patrick Willis for a first down. I’ve never seen anyone do that to Willis before. First and 10 for the Rams at the 49ers 49 yard line.

3:27 Daryl Richardson gains eight yards up the middle on the next play. The refs add 15 yards to the end of the run because Goldson took his helmet off on the field.

3:30 On second and ten, both Goldson and Rogers miss tackles on Amendola, who gains 15 yards.

3:30 Now it’s third and 10 at the SF 13 yard line. The Rams can’t mess this up because they’re in field goal range.

3:31 Brooks is flagged for neutral zone infraction, and McDonald is flagged for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Bradford. First and goal for the Rams at the SF seven yard line.

3:34 Aldon Smith tackles Jackson for a four-yard loss on second and goal from the five. Bradford throws incomplete on third down. Hekker makes the 27-yard field goal. 17-7 Rams with 18 seconds left in the third quarter. The Rams had the ball almost for the entire quarter. The pressure is on Greg Roman and Colin Kaepernick to score a touchdown on this drive.

3:39 On the first play of the 49ers first second half drive, Kaepernick completes a pass to Moss for a six-yard gain. And that’s the end of the third quarter.

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