Why the Rams will draft Carson Wentz, not Jared Goff

Here’s what’s going to happen.

The Rams will take North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz with the first pick, and the Eagles will take Cal quarterback Jared Goff with the second pick.

Here’s why. Rams head coach Jeff Fisher has a defensive background as both a player and a coach, and he currently has a very good Rams defense. On offense, he has Todd Gurley, one of the best running backs in the NFL. Gurley should be even better than last season when he was a rookie coming off a torn ACL.

Fisher knows he can run the ball on offense and win with great defense, just as he did in Tennessee. That’s his formula. Defense is primary, the running game is secondary and the passing game works off of the running game.

Fisher doesn’t want to pass a lot, which is what Jared Goff does. Goff is a pass-a-holic, and he’ll need good receivers to succeed in the NFL. The Rams don’t have good receivers. They don’t invest heavily in that position. They’re a run-first team.

Fisher wants his quarterback to be an extension of the running game, like Steve McNair. Wentz can be that kind of quarterback, plus he has more talent than McNair ever had.

Wentz is a perfect fit for the Rams.

Goff is a much better fit for the Eagles. Remember, their head coach, Doug Pederson, was Brett Favre’s backup and confidante in Green Bay for seven seasons. They hunt and play golf together.

Pederson’s offense will be a combination of the old Packers offense and the Andy-Reid offense Pederson learned the past few seasons. A pass-first, bombs-away offense.

Wentz can’t run that kind of system. Pederson needs Goff to make it work. I don’t believe the Eagles would have traded up for the second pick unless they were absolutely sure the Rams will take Wentz.

Your thoughts?

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  1. I think it would be mighty foolish for the Eagles to trade all those picks assuming Goff will be there, because he won’t. I also think the Browns traded out of #2 because they knew Goff was off the board.

      1. His receivers at Cal were awfully mediocre. And his line was an abomination. He’s good at uplifting the players around him.

        1. Kenny Lawler will be an NFL player. Stephen Anderson will be an NFL player. Bryce Treggs has 4.39 speed. Trevor Davis has 4.42 speed. Darius Powe has 4.49 speed. Wentz had no NFL talent around him.

              1. Yeah, he went 3 and out a couple of times, because receivers dropped passes right on their hands.

          1. The best thing you can say about any of those guys is “he’ll be an NFL player.” Not exactly helping your argument. Tavon Austin was a 1st round pick. Remember how much you jocked him coming out of college?

            “Wentz had no NFL talent around him.”

            He didn’t play against NFL talent either.

              1. Based upon what do you make this argument?

                In 2014, (his complete season) Wentz threw for 3,111 yards with 25 touchdowns and rushed for 642 rushing yards and six touchdowns.

                While McNair in 1994, threw for 4,863 yards and 44 td’s , additionally he rushed for 936 yards and set an NCAA record amassing 5,799 yards in total offense.

                That is a huge disparity in terms of accomplishment. Especially when you consider McNair could actually throw the deep ball with accuracy in a game, which is what a power running team wants to be able to do.

            1. Plus, Kurt Warner came out of NDSU’s conference…and bavk then, that conference had even less talent, but look how he shredded the NFL apart like it was a pop warner league

              1. Kurt Warner actually came out of the Arena Football League is a professional football league, the only difference is you really need to throw the ball almost all the time. There was NFL talent in the Arena League. So, what he learned from the Arena League mustve translated to the pros, not his days as an undrafted free agent where no team wanted him until he did something there.

          2. I’m glad you brought this up Grant. For all the rhetoric about Goff having no talent around him, a few of the guys he played with will be playing Sundays. Don’t forget Lasco at RB too.

            1. Lasco was hurt for most of last season, but he was the team MVP in 2014 if I’m not mistaken. He’s going to be a good pro. Most Cal RBs are.

        1. Fisher builds around defense and the running game. He invests highly in the QB, but doesn’t ask him to pass much.

          1. No way the Rams trade so many picks away for Wentz, hes played D2, hasn’t proven he can do it against top talent, dont mention the senior bowl, there is no blitzing or stunting with vanilla defense. Also Wentz ran a 4.7 40, hes not going to pick up a lot of yards in the NFL. Against D2 yes NFL no. Lastly it would have made way more sense for the Rams to stay where they were at and grab Hogan or Cook then trade up for Wentz. Goff is special, awareness and pocket presence is off the charts for a 21 year old, hes accurate and has great touch. That’s the stuff you cant teach, Wentz, yeah a big arm he might be good he might not be good. Goff is good, the Rams didnt trade all those picks for someone who might be good.

            1. Don’t forget that Phil Simms also came out of a D 1AA school (Morehead State in Kentucky). Wentz also defeated a D1 school each year he was a starter and also won 4 national championships at NDSU, and his level of competition in D 1AA was much tougher than the HBCU against which McNair played at Alcorn State.

          2. If Fisher just needs a defense and the running game, then they could just Case Keenan. He can hand the ball off to Gurley, right and only costed a late rd draft pick. If you want a running qb, with a big arm and runs, Colin Kaepernick, he wouldve only costed a 3rd or 4th rd pick. You don’t trade big time draft picks for a qb like Wentz, you only trade multiple draft picks for nfl pro ready players and if you asked any scout, Carson Wentz is not nfl ready.

      2. Stupid argument. Any qb drafted in the top 10 is most likely going to a team with a depeleted roster aka no good receivers.

          1. Grant, the Eagles receivers stink. Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agholor, Josh Huff and Rueben Randle ? C’mon…The tight ends are fair at best.

            The Rams are going Goff. Everybody seems to know that except Charles Davis and you.

    1. Grant you hit on every thing that I’ve been saying (as well as most knowledgeable football people. While Goff may be a Franchise QB, he. does not fit the Rams run first philosophy. Wentz may need time to acclimate to the speed of the NFL but if he puts in the hours and thrives to improve I think he will be an elite player for years to come.

    2. Many of the points made are valid. I just have 1 question. Why would the Rams draft Sam Bradford 2.0 AKA Jared Goff? Goff, Bradford = Same Body type and lots of IR time

  2. My thoughts are the same as yours, Grant. Wentz is a much better fit for what the Rams want to do offensively. Goff will need time to get acclimated to taking the ball under center, just as Alex Smith did. I pointed out earlier that the Rams receivers cannot get separation, and that’s why they hired a new WR’s coach, who will be tasked with scheming them to get open….

    1. It would be laughable to draft Goff and ask him to throw only 25 times a game, and to give him only Kenny Britt and Tavon Austin to throw to.

      1. Rob Boras is their offensive coordinator and not Jeff Fisher. He was a former wide receiver coach, not one of those tom ratheman coach, he’ll be designing the plays and Fisher will call him in. If they were going run first, might as well hire Marshall Faulk as offensive coordinator.

  3. I’m biased towards Goff. I think he’s the best QB in this draft. I’d be thrilled if the Rams took Wentz.

    The smart and physically gifted Wentz may surpass Goff down the road, but for now he’s more the developmental player.

    1. Pocket presence and the ability to read the field quickly are the best attributes Goff has. They are also the hardest traits to teach. I have a hard time seeing any of the QBs in this draft catching up to Goff.

  4. Grant, this article, along with almost all of your others is absolutely ridiculous. You think a team would not take a quarterback because he likes to pass a lot…? You also say Goff needs good receivers to succeed…but Wentz doesn’t? Their 40 times are .05 seconds apart. It’s not like Wentz moves like Mike Vick while Goff moves like Peyton Manning. The Rams are going to take Goff because he is the better quarterback.

    1. A run-first offense doesn’t need great receivers. McNair never had great receivers. He was a secondary rushing threat who made plays outside the pocket when things broke down. That’s Wentz, not Goff.

        1. Goff needs to go to a team that embraces the passing game, and that’s not the Rams. They don’t pass that much. Their quarterback is the change up, not the fast ball.

              1. Almost every NFL quarterback threw fewer 25 passes/game at that time. That stat is completely irrelevant. If you think a quarterback is a superior passer, would you really not take him because you don’t want your quarterback to pass much? I guarantee if Jeff Fisher had Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, or Eli Manning he’d pass a lot more…You don’t take a QB with the 1st overall pick and expect him to be Alex Smith. If one of these guys becomes a stud QB, they will throw more than 25 times/game.

                I am willing to guarantee that the Rams take Goff. Part of that is personal opinion and part is inside info. But this article is completely illogical and wild speculation.

              2. Just like Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan, Goff will need receivers who can beat man coverage. The Rams don’t have that. Fisher never invests in that. Goff would fail in his system.

  5. I will say this, living in Philadelphia, 100% of the reporting here is that the Eagles firmly believe the Rams will take Goff, and the Eagles really want Wentz, not Goff.

      1. So you are saying you believe you have more insight into what is going on than guys like Sal Palantonio? I find that hard to believe, but your argument has valid points.

        The counter points to that is the Rams can sell Goff as a California guy, who is more pro ready, and if he flopped they wouldn’t take nearly as much heat for picking the “safer” guy. If they pick Wentz, and he flops, they get crushed by a new fan base for picking the guy from NDSU.

        Fisher and Les Snead also need to win now, or they are out. Goff is more conducive to them winning now. I don’t think there is much argument that he is more pro ready.

        1. Goff is 21, he played in a simple college offense and didn’t take snaps from under center. How pro-ready is he really?

          1. Do some research on CALS offense and how much control of it Goff had, also Wentz took 70% of his snaps in the gun. Goff threw 1500 passes in three years against top tier talent, also started as a true freshman and just turned 21 in October. Wentz threw 1/3rd the passes at an FCS school/D2 school. How is Wentz more pro ready?

          2. Jeff Fisher needs to win now, not later whom most experts know Carson Wentz will take some time to develop. Fisher’s job is on the line, if Fisher’s job was secure, Wentz would be the pick. Its contract year for Fisher and Snead, so its win now or go home. Yes, he can draft Wentz, start Case Keenan and sit Wentz for a year, but if they have another losing season, he might not even get a chance to see Wentz play except on tv.

          3. College game is mostly not played under center and mostly in the gun. How long does it teach a qb to go under center. it takes like 5 seconds to go under center, if you cant teach a qb go under center, you should be fired as a coach.

    1. No. Bad fit. Zone corner. Chip Kelly uses a lot of man, which is why he signed Bryon Maxwell and went after Sean Smith.

  6. Goff won’t make many plays outside of structure in the NFL. He will need wide receivers who can beat man coverage. The Rams don’t have those. They need a quarterback who can scramble and make plays outside of structure, like McNair and Wentz.

    1. Believe it or not NFL OCs prefer QBs that make plays within the structure of the offense. You’re also discounting movement within the pocket which is much more important than scrambling.

      1. Goff threw 40 passes a game in college. Asking him to throw only 25 passes a game in the NFL and giving him zero wide receviers who can beat man coverage would be setting him up for failure. He needs to go to a team that lets him play his game and gives him quality receivers.

            1. Fit does matter, but like I said before, you’re typecasting Goff because he got stuck playing for Sonny Dykes and not Jeff Tedford, who is the one that recruited Goff to Cal.

              1. He’ll also be facing much tougher defenses in this division. When facing them in college, his completion percentage dropped precipitously….

              2. Goff isn’t built to take a beating in the NFL. He needs to be protected in the pocket. He won’t turn plays into backyard football like Wentz will. When your only good receiver is Tavon Austin, you need a QB who can turn the play into backyard football.

              3. A 235-pound quarterback is built to take a beating in the NFL. A 215-pound quarterback is not.

              4. I already killed your durability argument Grant. Wentz couldn’t stay healthy in high school or college, but all the sudden he’s more durable because he weighs 20 more pounds?

                You’re gonna have to bring something more compelling to the table if you want to keep me interested in this.

              5. Stand Wentz side by side with Goff, and you’ll see a big difference. Wentz is well put together….

              6. That “physical runner” broke his wrist against FCS competition. What’s gonna happen when he takes on NFL linebackers?

                Goff is gonna stay in the pocket and get the ball out. My money’s on Goff lasting longer.

              7. I’m gonna assume you purposely missed my point, because it would be really sad if you didn’t.

              8. Forecasting Wentz to be more durable is nonsense. He couldn’t stay healthy in H.S. or College, against inferior competition. According to you, he is built to take a beating because of his size. The problem with that is he hasn’t proven that he can take a beating, even against lower level competition. According to you, he will bring value to the Rams because of his ability to make backyard football plays. The problem with that is those backyard football plays get you hurt, just like they got Steve McNair constantly hurt. Forecasting Wentz to stay healthy in the NFL doesn’t make sense, regardless of his size.

                Goff has stayed healthy against better competition, while running a pass heavy offense. He could easily put on 15-20 pounds over the next couple of years. I don’t think either of them are worthy of the trades, but Wentz seems likely to get banged up quickly. 6’6″ of running around QB provides a large strike zone for NFL defenders. I’d rather have a Russell Wilson type of QB as a scrambler because his COG is lower. Thats where the durability comes from.

            2. I got your back on this one Grant. The Rams select Carson Wentz. He’s absolutely a Jeff Fisher QB. I just cannot see Jeff Fisher trading for Goff. Fisher is a “3 yards and a cloud of dust” HC. Has been his entire coaching career. And I think the idea of having a big, strong, physical kid like Wentz is very appealing to Jeff after coaching the fragile, always injured Sam Bradford.

              Seriously, if the Rams draft Goff, they will ruin him. That’s good for the 49ers I suppose.

              1. Plus, I was almost certain, as were my sources, and the NFL media, that the Browns much preferred Wentz over Goff. I can’t say with 100% certainty, but I’m pretty sure the Browns felt like Wentz was going to be a much better cold weather QB.

              2. 49, glad this is archived so I can recall your statements. However, you may be right about Cook. with this trading back, the Browns may select Cook in the second round.

            3. Wentz got hurt, once in baseball and once in football, because he plays hard, ran like a running back/didn’t slide down. Although he is allusive on the run, his style is bruising, and when he sees the end of his run coming, he puts his shoulders down and bangs ahead, runs over people. I doubt his coaches will allow him to do that in the NFL.

    2. Grant ..
      I understand your reasoning, here .. and
      it does .. make sense .. but ..
      emulating the “Amazing Kreskin” .. is a bold move !
      (even for you) …

      I just wonder ..
      what happens if .. the world is shocked ..
      and you end up being wrong ?

      (hey .. stranger things have happened !)

      Would you post .. this .. ?

      (ya kno .. as a penance .. or something ?)

  7. Whoever the Rams and the Eagles take will be a clipboard carrier in 2016. Neither Goff nor Wentz is NFL ready right now.

    So I don’t see the Rams making a decision based on the type of wide receivers they have on the roster now. They will pick the guy they believe will have a better career in the longer term. They can always go and get the type of wide receivers suited to his game later.

    1. Fisher is building his offense around Todd Gurley, just as Fisher built his offense around Eddie George. Fisher never has good wide receivers. He’s a run-first coach.

      1. Jeff Fisher has been a run first, 3 yards and a cloud of dust head coach his entire career. As the saying goes “Leopards don’t suddenly change their spots”, right?

        Or as they say in the south “You is, what you is!”

        Jeff Fisher is a BALL CONTROL HC who wants to bloody his opponents and turn games into a physical battle in the trenches. Jarred Goff is a pass first, finesse QB. Personally, I think I’d rather have Goff, if I were a HC. I definitely think he’s he’s more likely to have the better career. But then again, I also don’t like Jeff Fisher’s boring, wake in up in the 4th quarter, brand of football.

          1. Speaking of fit. Grant, what’s your take on JOEY BOSA as a 3-4 DE/DT? I still think Bosa is probably the consensus, #1 defensive player in this draft class, on most boards.

            If Joey slips past the Cowboys (the Cowboys take Elliot), and the 49ers have a choice between BOSA, BUCKNER or JACK, of those 3 guys, who would 49ers GM Grant Cohn take?

            1. Trying to make Bosa a DE/DT would be the same mistake the Niners made with Tank Carradine. Bosa would be an outside linebacker for the 49ers.

              Compare Bosa to Aldon Smith when he came out of college.

              6-4, 263, 4.78

              6-5, 269, 4.77

              I’d take Jack, Bosa and Buckner, in that order.

              1. I disagree Grant. I think Bosa has the technique and agility to move inside and play at around 280-285. I think he’d be what they envisioned Tank being.

              2. They just shouldn’t try and make him make that transition in 1 offseason like they did Tank.

              3. So was Justin Smith.

                If they drafted Bosa, they should let him stay outside for a few seasons, playing some snaps inside on obvious passing downs. But then let him naturally add some weight over time for a longer term shift inside. I honestly think that he will be better playing closer to the action as he has excellent agility, technique and power, but only average speed and bend.

              4. Bosa has the same speed and bend as Aldon Smith. Justin Smith played on the edge until he was 29.

              5. Smith played on the edge until he was 29, but only because he played for a 4-3 team. He could have made that transition at a younger age.

                I don’t think he would need to get up to 290-300 lbs to play inside. I think he could add 10-15lbs and do just fine. Also, Matt Miller reported Bosa actually lost weight for the combine. He played bigger than 269lbs.

              6. I think you are wrong about Bosa. Playing him at OLB is a mistake. He played around 285 in 2014…his best season. His best position will be DE\DT. I compare him to Justin Smith.

              7. Yep, agree Ruben. I wasn’t sure exactly what weight he played at, but I know Matt Miller reported he had lost weight for the combine.

              8. If he was a 49er, he should remain on the edge for a couple of years (with the ability to play some snaps at 3T on obvious passing downs, like Michael Bennett), before a longer term switch to primarily playing inside with the ability to play some outside.

            2. You destroyed your argument by saying Bosa has the same speed as Aldon Smith. Bosa is .08 seconds slower than Aldon Smith was.

        1. Then again, Jarred Goff had the skinniest arms as a college sophomore QB I have ever seen. I’ve seen stronger looking arms in Pop Warner. He looked a little stronger this year, and a little stronger yet, at his pro day, but not much.

          He’s been more durable than his physical appearance would suggest. However, he hasn’t had to face down NFL defensive beasts on a weekly basis.

    1. I believe you are mistaken. There’s only one “Golden Arm Assassin”, and that’s Joe Montana. If Goff is even half of that, you can call him the Copper Arm Assassin…;>)

  8. About Josh Norman, here’s why the Panthers are willing to let him go, according to PFT at least:
    “They valued him much differently, with General Manager Dave Gettleman placing a higher premium on linemen than corners. Norman was looking for $16 million a year, while the Panthers offer is believed to have topped out in the $10-11 million range, which explains Gettleman’s decision to not pay Norman $14 million for a one-year rental.”

  9. When Goff chose to play at Cal, was Dykes named the HC already?

    I think Goff may have intended to play in a traditional offense when he left high school. Though Cal’s system wasn’t pro style, Goff played like someone that prepared for playing in a pro style offense.

    The idea that Goff will have difficulty with dropbacks, taking snaps from center and play action is off.

  10. Goff threw 5 interceptions in one game last year. Most of his stats are in garbage time. Goff has never lead a come back against good teams. Goff is overrated much like Sam Bradford coming out of college. Rams should draft Wentz. Goff will be a bust. Goff looks like a 95 pound weakling next to Wentz.

    1. I actually agree with the statement. Looks like I’m not the only one who doesn’t see Goff as a future star. I see Wentz with that potential to be the guy for a franchise long term. Definitely think Goff is overrated and isn’t as talented overall as Wentz. I would rather take the Joe Flacco if he was raw over the next polished version of whoever Goff is compatible to

  11. I’m not sure why the Cal fans can’t see why Goff will be a flop at the next level. Goff small hands makes it difficult for him to throw tight spirals. Too many of his passes are wounded ducks. Those passes will get intercepted in the NFL. That Utah game last year is what will see from Goff at the next level.

  12. Even Aaron Rodgers looked not-so-great when he lost his receivers. Goff would struggle big time with Tavon Austin and Kenny Britt because neither can beat man coverage. At least Wentz could turn the play into a scramble drill, or force the defenses to play zone due to his mobility.

  13. Has Brady, Manning, Brees, Luck, Wilson, Montana ever had a 5 interception game in college like Goff had last year against Utah? That Utah game alone should be reason enough for not picking Goff in the top 10 not to mention the #1 pick. Goff at #1 or #2 is insane.

  14. Sorry, Grant, but the Rams will take Goff. The Rams do not need to have their QB throw 40 times per game because they have Gurley. However, when they do throw, they want their QB to be accurate. Keenum was infuriating to the Rams because he missed the easy throws. Goff will make those. They do not need a running QB like Wentz because they have Gurley.
    Wentz will sit behind Bradford and learn. Goff is pro ready, but possibly could also sit behind Keenum and learn, but my feeling is that Goff will win the starting job in TC.
    Hue wanted Goff, but when the Rams moved up, he would be stuck with Wentz, so they traded back. Unlike Fisher, Hue is not enamored with small school QBs, so he will probably now pick Cook in the second round. Even with the McNair experience, Fisher sees that Goff has the accuracy and pocket presence that is superior to Wentz.

    1. Pocket presense? Goff shuffling off his back foot and folding into a easy sack is what I’m seeing at the next level.

      1. Wentz stared down his receivers and would freeze in the pocket. He will get eviscerated in the pros if he does that.
        I watched a lot of Goff, and his pocket skills were sound, and he eluded many sacks even against tough opponents. Goff would buy time and find his third option many times.
        Wentz played in slow motion compared to what he will see at the next level.

          1. This is a lazy argument.
            vs wash st he was 33/45 for 390 yrds and had 4 tds to 1 int
            vs ucla he was 32/53 for 295 yrds and had 3 tds to no ints
            vs usc he was 23/32 for 277 yrds and had 2 tds to 2 ints
            vs stan he was 37/54 for 386 yrds and had 2 tds to no ints

            As to the 5 pick game, it was an aberration. One was off his receivers hands, one was because his receiver who had inside position slipped and one was just a great diving catch off a tipped ball. At most you could fault him for 3 pics if you want to blame him for the tipped ball.

    2. Even the most precise pocket passers won’t play that well unless they have receivers who can beat man coverage. Aaron Rodgers is a perfect example of that.

      1. I bet the Rams draft Kenny Lawler and Stephen Anderson.
        They could also pick up Trevor Davis, Darius Powe and Bryce Treggs.

        1. Thats the dumbest argument. A certain Alex Smith won at Utah throwing only 4 picks his junior year .With no nfl receivers. Goff is overrated. Wentz has operated in a complex pro style offense. Either way a I think Cook is the best option if the niners get a qb. He has won every where he goes and he looks like Nick Foles whom chip kelly turned into foles gold.

      2. I’m not sure why you keep bringing this up, there are a couple shutdown corners that maybe can keep the rams receivers in check. For the most part though even a 4th and 5th string receivers can consistently beat corners in one on ones. With route trees today its to hard to cover in man unless your a super great corner. Maybe you are speaking around beating man on go routes?

  15. All this article is saying is that the Rams have a good RB and they’re coach didn’t pass a lot when he had a good QB 16 years ago, so they’re going to make their decision based on which QB ran the faster 40 time.

  16. Watch the YouTube videos on Wentz and compare to Goff. Wentz looks so much better and natural dropping back to pass. Wentz is pro ready. Goff and his bear raid or run and shoot stats are overrated.

    1. Wentz’ team was elite compared to the opposition, but he did not play against Div I opponents. Wonder how he would have done against ND, Stanford or Oregon. The pros are at a whole nuther level.

  17. Grant

    Carson Wentz will be the biggest bust of this draft class. His feet are stuck in concrete, he only goes to one read, and he shotputs the ball. There’s so much more to pile on, but I’d feel bad.

    1. Have you watched the YouTube analysis on Wentz. The guy is going to be a stud. He has good foot work and will take off when needed. He can side step pressure and throw on the run.

      1. They were breathing easy by early in the third qtr as Goff was unable to lead his team to more than 10 points and they were two or more TDs up.

    1. I’m no Cal fan — but I think that Goff has all the tools to succeed in the NFL. But he will need to sit for at least a year — correct some tendencies, put on weight, etc.

      I rate both Goff and Wentz very close as the 2 top QBs in this deaft.

      I guess we’ll have another week of heated debate on players that Niners won’t have a chance to draft. Such discussions call for some really awful doggerel like the haiku one below
      To scoff at Goff
      Good idea it’s not
      Bend down, cough

  18. As we discussed previously, can’t fault the logic. My gut says they’ll take Goff, but it makes sense they would like Wentz.

  19. Goff is a system QB getting most of his good stats against bad teams or in garbage time. Look at his stats against teams like Stanford or Utah. UCLA even kicked his butt.

      1. Any informed NCAA Division I football fan could not help but be aghast by your preposterous statement that the legendary North Dakota State plays “Pee Wee” football compared to California (Berkeley). No respected NCAA football analyst would suggest that the five times in a row National Champion of FCS Division I, North Dakota State, could not have beaten California (Berkeley) during each of the last four years that Goff played there. Consider, my friend, that the great North Dakota State crushed (37-10) their opponent (Jacksonville State) at this year’s FCS National Championship. The fantastic Jacksonville State was 13-1 going in to the Championship game. What was that loss? It was to AUBURN, who was playing at home and had to beat Jacksonville State in overtime and, frankly, should not have won the game! Who will the great North Dakota State meet in their first game this year? A top ten ranked FCS team, Charleston Southern University, whose last regular season game this last Fall was with the University of Alabama! Tune in my friend, when this September the legendary North Dakota State will be visiting last years’ “Pee Wee” Rose Bowl participant, the University of Iowa. You will see a good game and, just maybe, you will begin to understand a little bit about the terrific game that is NCAA Division 1 football!

        1. Div1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FCS

        2. Out of 256 players chosen, only 20 players came from FCS schools. The disparity in talent is striking between DIV 1 and FCS.
          Division 1 teams also have a .824 winning percentage against FCS teams.

          1. Tremaine Johnson one of the rams starting cornerback played at Montana. He is one of best young corners in the NFL. A school that plays North Dakota state.

    1. Both the UCLA and UTAH game are on youtube, watch them and make sure to look at how Goff deals with the pressure he’s under in the pocket throughout the game, make sure to count how many times he has a clean pocket. You will then have an understanding why he is going at 1.

  20. I’m a sore loser. Without this trade Goff doesn’t go top 10… Neither QB is day 1 starter material. Next year there will be a better QB class. I suspect both the 1 and 2 picking teams will once again be picking top five in 2017.

    1. “I suspect both the 1 and 2 picking teams will once again be picking top five in 2017.”

      Nope. Neither of those teams have 1st round picks in 2017.

      1. Why would the rams be picking top 5? They have Todd gurley and that monster defense. Even with case keenum they are a .500 team at worse. With a decent QB. They may make the playoffs.

        1. I am a huge Gurley fan but at the end of the day the Rams have no QB and Jeff Fisher.
          They also play in the NFC West.

        2. Because they have 4 games against the Seahawks and Cards, and play Denver, KC, Pats and Carolina. All playoff teams.
          They could have 8 losses with those teams alone.

      2. Yes, the picks they gave away will be top 5 picks. So the Browns and Titans will be picking twice in the top 5 in 2017. Scary.

    2. Matt you were going to lose whether the trades happened or not. Goff was going top ten regardless. Accept it and move on.

  21. Fisher may be “run first” but he also “threw more” than he ran last year, and that’s with Foles and Keenum at QB. Fisher has been around long enough to know you don’t win without balance. As far as the Rams not having receivers who can win against man coverage, there’s room for improvement but they did somehow manage to sweep Seattle last year.

    Rams would be crazy to pass up Goff for the inexperienced Wentz, and I doubt they will. BTW Matt Miller tweeted yesterday that “Goff looks huge now compared to where he was vs. Texas. He’s a good 215-220. Maybe more.”

  22. Ryan Kelly, C, Alabama

    6’4, 311, 33 5/8-inch arms, 26 bench, 5.03

    Travis Frederick, C, Dallas Cowboys, 2-time Pro Bowler

    6’4, 312, 33-inch arms, 21 bench, 5.58

    1. I’m a big fan of Kelly. He’s a big reason the Alabama offense was as good as it was. If he’s there at #37, he’d be an excellent pick. I just doubt he’ll be there unfortunately.

  23. I honestly don’t care who the Rams will take. How about an article on whether the 49ers should sign Norman or the best five prospects available for the 49ers if they stay put at seven?

  24. YOu guys know something. Goff reminds me a lot like Gabbert with better numbers while coming out. People said Gabbert would be good. Goff isn’t worth a top ten pick. Top ten picks win in college ala Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Alex Smith, Andy Dalton, Even Brady and Brees won in college… Overall the best qb’s unlike Gabbert and Goff find ways to win in college and improve their teams, not put up like goff useless numbers in a wide open offense

  25. One more thing Goff has never had pressure on him to win.. Imagine how he will get chastised in PHilly or in LA… OVerall he’s a overhyped under performing guarentee… Wentz just shows a bigger upside and the level of competition shouldn’t effect him if hes use properly.

    1. yeah but Gurley and Donald are young, so while winning now would be nice, i don’t mind waiting a year or two and then see them being a perennial playoff team.

  26. Nice to see a writer who gets it. Wentz based on the offense he ran in college is far and away more ready than Goff is and it’s not even debatable. Wentz did much more in his offense than Goff did with the spread offense that was pass happy. I’m looking forward to seeing Wentz play for the Rams.

    1. I’m like 90% sure Goff is going to the Rams. Scheme fit matters to an extent sure, but did Marcus Mariota really fit what Tennessee liked to do? Not really. Did Donovan McNabb really fit Andy Reid’s west-coast scheme when he was drafted in 1999? Not really.

  27. I want the Rams to take the QB who will be the most successful for them, how’s that for a cop out. I know I was a huge Bradford fan and that didn’t work out so well. Now I’m a huge Wentz guy, but that might not work out either. So let the football gods guide them to make correct choice

  28. You make a compelling argument Grant but the Rams are going to take Goff imo. (Hopefully the “imo” makes it clear that this definitive argument about to be made is my opinion and not a statement disparaging anyone who doesn’t agree with it.)

    Goff will be the pick because:

    He is by far the more experienced and polished player. He threw as many passes this year as Wentz has thrown in his career. His film is superior in most phases as well. Wentz is all potential at this point. With all the questions about weight and durability, it’s Goff who has been the more durable of the two, and whose game best translates to the NFL.

    The Rams offense is going to be very different this year. They kept Rob Boras as OC after he took over late in the season, but hired Mike Groh to be the passing coordinator. Groh Coached last year with Adam Gase and the previous two years under Mark Trestman. The Rams will still run the ball as Gurley is a great weapon, but the passing game will be different and more prevalent as the season goes on.

    I think it’s being severely overstated on how hard it is to take snaps under center. It’s going to take practice of course, but during his workouts Goff already looked pretty natural and comfortable dropping back and running play fakes. He will pick it up just like other spread QB’s before him who have made the move to the NFL.

    The bottom line is, the Rams have given up a massive amount of draft compensation to get a face of the franchise. Goff is a California kid, he’s the most ready to step in and he’s got 30+ starts and 1500+ throws under his belt. If he’s not the pick, I’ll be very surprised.

    1. Rocket,

      Please put that disclaimer at the top of every paragraph with a strong opinion. I can’t tell the difference between an opinion and an unconditional statement.

            1. Rocket,

              It depends, was that your opinion or declarative statement?

              Always all good, you’re one of the posters on here who’s comments I’ll always read. Whether or not I agree with you (I mostly agree), I know you’re being completely honest in your arguments. That’s a good thing.

    2. Goff’s stats were compiled in garbage time when the game was out of reach plus he also padded it against sac state , air force and grambling. Worse teams than wentz played. Trumaine Johnson the rams starting CB played at Montana a North Dakota rival

      1. Well if you’re going to be wrong you might as well do it in spectacular fashion.

        Goff threw for 4719 yards total. 3969 of those yards were accumulated in the first 3 quarters of the games. 2600 of those yards were accumulated in the first half of games. Goff did have the misfortune of being behind quite a bit, but it was because Cal had a terrible defense. He absolutely did not accumulate most of his yards in garbage time.

        Wentz missed half the season but there is no comparison between the competition he and Goff faced. Goff played in one of the best conferences in College football. Wentz played in the FCS where NDS has dominated since long before he even showed up. His best season wasn’t as good as the guy who preceded him – Brock Jensen.

        Wentz is being pushed up the draft boards because of his physical traits and his good interviews. Football wise he is very inexperienced compared to most QB’s coming out in the draft and he didn’t put up great numbers in any particular category. He took over a dynasty and continued it. That’s about it. Very talented but it is a huge leap of faith to take him at #2 which is where he’ll go to Philly.

    3. A “definitive” argument, by definition, doesn’t really mesh with the “but this is just my opinion” thing you did there. I appreciate that you’re making it clear to folks that it’s just your opinion and therefore nobody should be jumping down your throat if they disagree, but right off the bat you contradicted yourself. I appreciate that you’re looking to debate something and not argue it, I just don’t know that folks will understand that given the (probably accidental?) contradiction.

  29. As an eagles fan, I have read every report out there. This is the only article I’ve seen that actually thinks Wentz will go to the Rams. So I’m sure you all must have more inside info than the rest of the REAL nfl analysts and insiders out there. Regardless of what actually happens, Jared Goff played behind one of the worst offensive lines in the nation, and didn’t have a lot of help around him. He showed that he can produce constantly under pressure, whereas Carson Wentz, played behind a dominant offensive line that gave up less than one sack a game. With that said, I hope the eagles get Carson at 2 just because I know Doug Pedersen likes to do a lot of the zone read stuff with his QB. Both are good, different prospects. Goff goes 1 to the rams, and Wentz goes 2 to the eagles, they wouldnt have made the deal if they werent 100% sure they weren’t going to get the guy they want.

    1. Eagles fan are going to be disappointed. Rams will select Wentz. Eagles will get stuck with small hand Goff. Too bad.

  30. Not worried in the least about Goff playing against superior NFL competition week in and out breaking Dan Marino and Tom Brady’s records must be difficult having thrown for almost 5,000 yards. Tell me when Wentz does that and we can sit down to serious debate. As of Now, Goff is the superior QB.

    2015 California Pac-12 JR QB 13 341 529 64.5 4,714 yds 8.9 9.4 43 13 161.2

    •Broke Pac-12 career records with an average of 326.6 yards of total offense per game as well as three seasons of gaining 3,000 or more total yards

    One of six players in Pac-12 history to throw for 3,000 or more yards in three seasons and one of two to throw for 3,000 or more yards in each of his first three campaigns

    •Had at last 268 yards passing or two touchdown passes in each of his final 14 collegiate


    •Completed 341-of-529 passes (64.5%) for a Pac-12 single-season record 4,719 yards with his 43 touchdown passes also a new conference mark,

    1. *Ie, week in and week out, Goff played against NFL talent at the college level. Wentz did not so is a bench player year one. Goff is NFL ready, aka, a plug and play player.

    2. It funny that people say that Goff played against top caliber secondaries in the pac12 and excelled. I say that’s a myth. Most of his stats were built up in garbage time with his team down big and playing catch up.

      1. Can you please share your definition of “garbage time?”

        2600 of Goff’s 4700+ passing yards were compiled in the first half of games last season.

        Further, even if he had been accruing “most of his passing stats” in “garbage time,” the kid passed a ton because he had to pass a ton, and still set a pac-12 record for efficiency with a 64.5% completion percentage. If D1 defenses were looking to shut the kid down because they knew he was going to be passing while his team was “down big and playing catch up” and he still hit on 6.5 out of 10 passes, is that not even more impressive, and a credit to Goff as a player? I don’t understand your point?

        Over 3/4’s of his passing yards came in the first 3 quarters of his games. Over half of his passing yards came in the first half of last year’s games. The team went 8-5. “Most of his stats” were absolutely not “built up in garbage time with his team down big and playing catch up.”

  31. The only DH is you because with your post getting deleted the rest of the posts will be placed out of order. Thx, you’re a winner.

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