Rating Sunday’s game against the Patriots

I’m getting a bit of a history. I’ve covered about 30 football games, and I’ve been going to sporting events my whole life. Last night’s game in Foxboro was the greatest game I’ve ever seen in person.

It seemed like the entire world expected New England to win. To watch the 49ers toy with them in the first half and to hear the stadium go silent was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It reminded me of Evander Holyfield beating up Mike Tyson 15 years ago when the entire world expected Tyson to win.

The 49ers’ first half was the most dominating performance I’ve ever seen, and then the game took a turn and got even more interesting.

I watched the fasted 28-point comeback in NFL history. I thought I was witnessing the biggest el-foldo of my life.

And then the game turned again. LaMichael James returned a kickoff 62 yards, and about 30 seconds later Michael Crabtree blew past Kyle Arrington to score a touchdown.

The freezing rain made these twists and turns even more exciting. Football games don’t get any better.

Another great game was the New Orleans playoff game last season. I loved that one also, but this one was even more magical.

What was the greatest game you’ve ever attended?

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