Report: Aldon Smith and Delanie Walker named in lawsuit for 2012 shooting at party

NBC just reported Aldon Smith and Delanie Walker have been named in a lawsuit for a 2012 shooting at Smith’s house party in the East San Jose hills.

Smith and Walker allegedly fired illegally possessed guns into the air to get people to leave Smith’s party. This is the same party at which Smith got stabbed.

To read more about this, click here.

  1. Perhaps a reason Delanie’s services were not retained? Likely very high on the media sh!t-storm scale. No bueno no matter how you look at it. Hopefully the team and the league aren’t caught by surprise by these supposed revelations and hopefully Aldon is not at risk beyond financial.

  2. Relax people- this is a civil suit. Some guy is trying to get money. The players were never charged- there are no suspensions for civil suits brought on by people looking for cash grabs.

    1. Exactly. I dont see what the person is suing for? Did his car get damaged by a stray bullet? Does he want his $10 back? How else do you get a bunch of heathen strangers off of your property?
      The details from the party dont make AS or DW look mature or wise,they are not, there kids, but i dont see any reason for the lawsuit. Frivolous lawsuit!

      1. Did his car get damaged by a stray bullet?

        No, he got shot twice in the leg.

        How else do you get a bunch of heathen strangers off of your property?

        They were guests Aldon Smith invited, they paid to get in and the answer to your question is you call the police.

      2. Sure grant. Call the police and wait 20 minutes for them to show up, while your house is burning down by then. Maybe he should have taken the step before all of that happened and know who he invited into his house. This doesn’t sound good for AS.

      3. Shot twice in the leg by who?
        Because if he is alleging it was by aldon or delanie, or anyone for that matter, wouldn’t there be criminal charges?

        1. The plaintiff claims Walker, Smith and friends started shooting into a crowd of people, some people started shooting back at Walker and Smith and the plaintiff got caught in the crossfire.

      4. If the unsigned complaint linked to by JPN is identical to the signed complaint filed by the plaintiff’s attorney, the plaintiff claims he was shot either by Walker or by unknown persons firing back at Walker and Smith.

      5. Claude,

        I have been trying to locate a signed copy of the complaint, but as it was filed yesterday and the Santa Clara Superior Court does not make case documents available online (and I do not have access to their e-filing system), we will have to wait until some intrepid journalist pulls the case file at the courthouse.

        Interestingly, two different civil actions were filed in Santa Clara Superior Court yesterday naming Aldon Smith and Delaney Walker as defendants (
        1-13-CV-252373 (R. Esporlas Vs A. Smith, Et Al) and 1-13-CV-252389 (A. Reyes Vs A. Smith, Et Al)

        The cases were filed on behalf of two different defendants represented by two different attorneys. One attorney works out of Oakland and the other works out of San Jose. From the information contained in the court’s case information website, there does not appear to be an obvious relationship between the two attorneys.

        The Esporlas matter is the one identified in the news reports. The Reyes matter is, as far as I can tell, not being reported. From the information available, I cannot determine whether the Reyes matter stems from the same incident as the Esporlas matter, but given the two named defendants are identical, I would consider it probable that the matters are related.

      1. Actually Grant – if you read the lawsuit it says specifically that Delanie Walker fired into the crowd from the driveway and upon the Crowd firing back the Plaintiff was caught in the Crossfire.

  3. Yeah this seems a little bit dubious on some levels. These guys were never charged after a police investigation, so according to the police, “no laws were broken.” This guy wants money. If the league didn’t punish him then, they won’t do it now. You’d better believe that NFLPA would be all over that.

    There’s no way this guy as proof that both Aldon & Delanie KNEW the guns were illegal. Plus unless he personally admistered breathalyzer, he would have to prove how Aldon & Delanie were “legally” intoxicated.

    They’ll settle and this guy will go away. But still a sad time in Aldon’s career. He seems to be focused now…which is great us, scary for everyone else’

    1. They’ll settle and this guy will go away. But still a sad time in Aldon’s career.

      I think it’s a sadder time for the guy who got shot in the leg twice.

      1. Hey, depends on what he got shot with. A 9 is no biggie, a 45 more in the pain department. A 44 magnum be mess you up. You want to hang with the big dogs wear your thigh pads…

      2. Grant – This happened over a year ago and is a civil suit. What took so long to file? Zero investigation from police? Why file week 1 of the NFL season over 15 months later? If you don’t see the B.S. in this I’m taking back your UCLA degree.

      3. I think it’s sadder that our star defensive end got stabbed! That’s what I think. Who cares about some south bay chump with bullet holes in his body.

      4. The statute of limitations in CA for filing an personal injury lawsuit for the wrongful act of another is two years. There may be many reasons for a plaintiff to delay such an action. It is not infrequent for lawsuits to be brought nearer the end of the statutory period rather than at the beginning.

        And, despite what many people believe, an act does not have to be illegal (i.e. criminal) for it to be unlawful and thus civilly actionable. It is helpful to keep in mind that criminal law protects the interest of the state (i.e. society) whereas civil law protects the interest of the individual or individuals harmed by the wrongful (i.e unlawful) acts of another.

      5. Clearly the injured party, the plaintiff in the instant action, cares about his injury. And since the purpose of civil actions are to allow individuals to redress wrongs committed against them by others, the law and the court care as well. True, a judge or a jury may ultimately decide that the action has no merit or is not remediable, but that is a separate issue.

      6. I like it Montana Joe, lol. On a serious note: i need to know the timeline: did the shooting occur after the stabbing? Because if i get stabbed in my own home, your damn right im getting my gun! And someone is probably getting shot!

        Whats the timeline Grant, do some investigative reporting.

      7. Sadder time was when Aldon didn’t record a sack for the last six games. Breaking the record and forcing Flacco to fumble.

        GO NINERS!!!

      8. U mean the gang banger who shows up 16 months later with a lawsuit. i’d b interested to see his background for sure. There is nothing to b done by Goodall as the police clearly did not view this incident quite the same way. Anyone can sue to see if it sticks…i am 100% sure there is another story here with lots of losers involved.

        Also it’s funny reading CA posts, people fire guns off in Texas all the time…including at parties. Not saying it’s good, but in many states it’s legal. It is what u get when u choose to live in a Ted Nugent gun-lovin’ poorly educated America. Hell, in NC you can now carry guns into bars and clubs…how many athletes r free and clear now with that law…all of them. Just saying, we’ve made r bed.

    2. @Grant,

      I have no doubt this guy suffers from getting shot, and will be rewarded for his suffering…I feel for him. But on the same note, if you go to a wild house party (like the one that he knew he was at), then stupid things like this ALWAYS happen. People get drunk and they do stupid things. If you hang around drunk stupid people, then those stupid things will eventually happen to you. That doesn’t pardon Aldon or Delanie for their actions, but there’s a reason why most cities require a permit for large parties like the one in question…because you don’t want drunk stupid people throwing parties and doing drunk stupid things. On the same note, the report says that they were firing guns numerous times throughout the night…what morons STAY at a party like that!?!? You’d never catch me alive at a party like that (so you’ll never catch me dead there either).

      In the end, hopefully all of them learn and grow from this experience.

      1. I’ve been to my share of “wild house parties” in my day. Can’t remember one instance where a firearm came into play. Maybe I’m hanging with a lame crew?

      2. Also from the sound of it, these were all just random strangers at the party. It’s like going to a club but with no security. You’d have to be an idiot to go to and stay at a place like this. It’s one thing to be at a friends party and see some people you may not know, that happens, but to go to a persons house who you don’t even know, and probably only know the 2 or 3 people you rolled up with, that’s just dumb.

  4. Sucks for the guy but this is dumb. The article says that Aldon was named in the lawsuit. It doesnt say that Smith shot him. And is it a crime to get drunk in your own house? I dont see how Smith will be punished if at all. After a quiet offseason lets hope 2012 Aldon doesnt come back.

      1. What about the yahoo pick ‘em league people from this forum did last year? The Alex Smith Tea Party? Is there another one for this year?

      2. D Rogue – MidWest setup a traditonal fantasy league several weeks ago and invited everyone in here. The draft is this week or maybe tmrw but now I login and there’s no league. ???
        Yahoo pickem was not created this year. Didn’t Coffee for Closers start it last year?

      3. The first one had to be dissolved due to technical difficulties with it. In other words, I was not able to access anything on the league but the options menu. I contacted about it and they said that they would look into it but that I would have to delete the fantasy league and create a new one. Unfortunately those who joined previously needed to rejoin or switch over to the league that Coffee created to try and balance out to two leagues of 10. Coffee couldn’t get enough people to join his league and so had to dissolve it.
        Quest4Six just had its draft with the current 10 members. I truly apologize to you and whoever else joined the first league but not the revision. The fault is mine because I should have just gone with a ten team league to begin since that is what most of the participants preferred. In the future, I will have another person on this blog create a second league sooner instead of a huge 20 team league.
        I don’t know if anybody is able to get a second league quickly going and the draft completed before the first game tomorrow, but if they can then they are more than welcome to.
        I again truly apologize to those who joined the first league and will try to do better in the future. And hopefully the league won’t crash again. :-(

      4. Right on, thanks! I saw the fantasy league, but that’s a little more than I was looking for. The pick ‘em league didn’t take much time and added a little more excitement each Sunday. Thanks again!

      5. Crabs,
        there is a pick’em league this year. You’ll have to get the login info from Midwest as I have forgotten it. There’s just 4 of us so far, so get in there

      6. Sorry but I am only doing the fantasy league. The pick ‘em league belongs to Coffee. I’ll see if I can find it on the earlier blog pages for you guys.

      7. Awesome! Thanks guys, I’m glad I asked. I know Crab15 did well last year, and I’m ready to improve on my 2nd place last year. One fricken game cost me the last week and the championship.

  5. Party goers at a social function at a private residence are usually licensees — that is, the homeowner has given them a limited license to be lawfully present on the owner’s private property. Property owners owe a duty of care to licensees, although usually not as much a duty of care as to an invitee (someone who has invited onto the property for commercial purposes). In some instances, licensees may not be able to recover for mere negligence of a property owner, whereas invitees almost always can recover for negligence of the property owner.

    However, property owners do owe a duty of care to licensees with respect to known dangerous conditions and/or reckless or willfully harmful acts. The issue here is recklessness. Recklessness can be characterized as the conscious disregard of a known risk (this is sometimes also called gross negligence, although that term may have a broader meaning). In most instances, discharge of a firearm in close proximity to invitees will be found to be a reckless act. If such a reckless act results in injury to an invitee, the invitee has a strong chance of recovering for the reckless act. The act does not have to be illegal (i.e. a criminal act), just unlawful (i.e. a breach of a duty or obligation owed to another) and resulting in harm to be actionable.

    1. There is some interesting reading in the complaint. The plaintiff is alleging that he was an invitee, not a licensee (although not in those terms), because a $10 cover charge was assessed and alcohol was sold for $5 per drink. That is an interesting wrinkle as it opens up a negligence claim that would be more difficult otherwise.

      The plaintiff is also alleging an intentional tort for the defendants firing at the party goers. That seems like a throwaway to me as the facts alleged do not seem to support that cause of action.

      1. Thanks, NinersRoc. I am an attorney, but I was not really a great litigator. I am much more suited for education, which is what I do now. I rarely see the inside of a courtroom anymore, unless I am there as an observer.

    2. JPN, in which states? I can tell u in Texas, u would be hard pressed to win a case where someone shoots a gun into air at party. In CA obviously. To me, the level is directly in line to where u live. You hear about this nonsense all the time here.

      1. Discharging a firearm into the air is unlawful in most incorporated areas throughout the country, even many cities in Texas. However, I agree that such a discharge may not be found to be reckless in Texas (and some other states) the way it would be in CA. In CA, the negligent discharge of a firearm is covered under the penal code, as is the discharge of firearms into the air (which can be a felony in the right circumstances). Further, there are CA cases on point concerning the recklessness of discharging a firearm into the air in a crowd of people.

  6. dont believe anything will happen to either of the two (smith & walker) no suspensions or any fines! an out of court settlement maybe? if that…

  7. This again goes toward character. Brooks has had issues with it–unsurprising that he beat up one of his teammates. Smith has had issues here and there–unsurprising that this suit has come up. After dealing with these guys, Moss, Walker, etc., I think our FO realizes that we can find explosive athletes who also stay out of trouble.

    MOST of the guys we picked up in this year’s offseason will probably not be in these situations, will not be causing harm to others, and will not be in danger of missing games because of it.

    Now, Baldwin obviously has had some character issues, so we’ll see with him.

    Tank Carradine is the only other wild card. He has a couple bullet wounds and was active in the gang community. Now, that was in Florida, so hopefully the change of coast will do him good.

  8. Two named (targeted) parties are “millionaire football players” with BullsEyes on their backs. Media, especially tv, has totally over-played the hyperbolic claims of litigants.

  9. I’m still confused, sorry if I missed it… If two shots were fired into air to get people to leave, did they both just so happen to come down and land on the dude’s leg? Which one is it?

    1. No. Apparently multiple shots were fired at different times during the night. This dude decided to stay after the first shots. He now knows both what a “warning shot” is and what an “out of control party” is.

  10. Grant, You saw the video I shared of that party a while back. It was ridiculous and extremely immature. It’s both sad and alarming that Smith seems to thrive on the attention from people that couldn’t care less about him. I hope the guy grows up but I could see him having issues pop up every couple of years.

    1. Well, he stayed out of trouble this offseason. And he seemed to spend his time getting better. Let’s hope it translates to the field.

    2. I remember that! Pool party right? and starring a PS guy (name forgotten) who was acting like he was already in the HOF. Didn’t seem like my scene.

    3. Remember all the dumb things you did in your early 20′s without having millions of dollars, fame and people constantly telling you how special you were?

      The kid is allowed to grow up and make mistakes like the rest of us.

      1. Does it say that Aldon had the gun? Was he supposed to rent a metal detector and hire someone to frisk everyone that showed up?

        Do you do that for your parties?

      2. Coffee,

        From the copy of the complaint to which we have access (although, as Claude correctly pointed out, it is not a copy of the filed complaint, so we do not know if the filed complaint is identical), we can see that the plaintiff is alleging that the party was a commercial enterprise, not a social party. If it is determined to have been a commercial event, then there may be an actionable claim for failure to provide adequate security. When the guest is an invitee on the premises for a commercial purpose, the property owner owes the invitee a duty of care to act reasonably with respect to dangers that a reasonable person should have known were present. The metric is not a reasonable person Smith’s and Walker’s age or a reasonable NFL player, but rather a reasonable hypothetical everyman. If a jury (the plaintiff in this case has requested a jury trial) determines that a reasonable person would have provided security for such an event, then the plaintiff has a likelihood of prevailing on the negligence claims

      3. Somehow I cut off the end of my post. The last sentence should read:

        If a jury (the plaintiff in this case has requested a jury trial) determines that a reasonable person would have provided security for such an event, then the plaintiff has a likelihood of prevailing on the negligence claims so long as the party is found to have been a commercial event and the plaintiff is found to be an invitee.

      4. Coffee, Yeah, he can make mistakes and he can pay for them. I had plenty of fun during my early 20′s, it never involved guns. He threw a huge party, had it filmed like a rap video and put it on You Tube. It’s his need for that type of attention that concerns me. Remember when he got pulled over in South Beach on suspicion of DUI, in a neon Lamborghini?! He’s played in the league for two seasons and he has been pulled over for DUI, stabbed and is now being sued by a man that was shot at his party. The man was allegedly shot after Smith and Walker discharged illegally possessed weapons, at Smith’s own home! Let’s be honest, if he wasn’t as talented as he is, he would have been cut. If he was on another team, you would be ripping him-and rightfully so. Smith is on the verge of becoming a mega-star and will want to be paid like one. He needs to understand the responsibilities that come with that.

      1. The limited adds/drops only serves to take away some of the fun. When you get to some of the bye weeks that you need to swap out 3 or more players being able to only make one or two moves per week can really handicap you.

        I’ve never participated in a capped transaction league probably because nobody likes them.

      2. When I logged in for quest4six yesterday, league had vanished. Lol…I thought I was being punked. I spent 2 weeks getting my top 150 together and was ready for the draft….Maybe next year

      3. I couldn’t get enough to fill the 2nd league so I deleted it and MWN was having technical difficulties and ended up deleting the first league before creating a new one. There had been updates posted about it but without a search function on this blog if you are present when they show up it’s easy to miss that kind of info.

      4. You will be the first one that I will let join Crab. That is of course if we are still here what with the Press Democrat going to charge for access to its online content.

  11. This is extremely embarrassing. It’s also rather embarrassing when people’s first thoughts go to the effect this might have on a football team. While I’m being high and mighty :-) I have to say I’m actually more disappointed to hear of Delanie’s involvement. He had become one of my favorite people (despite the drops :-p) in the NFL because if his work fighting drunk driving. If this turns out toe be true, he loses every bit of credibility he had. Such a huge shame…

    1. His work with drunk driving started after the Super Bowl right? I believe that is when he lost people very close to him. This happened before that season, and there is no claim of him driving drunk.

  12. Moving on to the matchup week 1, I believe Eddie Lacy is going to be a great test for SF and prepare them for Lynch the following week. It will also be a great litmus test for the 49ers run defense this year.
    I think Lacy will have a good game and help slow down the pass rush. The winner of this game will be the team that holds the ball in the last 3 minutes. Sf is favored by 4 1/2. That’s about where I think the score will be as well. At three minutes left, one team will be down by 3.

    1. I too am interested to see how the Run-D looks this year. Last year, it was not as absolutely dominating as it was the year before. I’m not sure if that was the loss of Franklin (if i’m getting my years right) as much as it was Fangio scheming to stop the big pass play at the expense of stuffing the run. If thats the case, then some good running teams like the seahawks will still be able to run on the 49er D, but I don’t think the packers are a good running team, just because they drafted a couple of backs. Lacy might be a baddazz, but he was also running behind Alabama’s OL, which makes people look good.

  13. Grant

    Glad you’re not on the jury. You seem to have convicted both players on just the information which was filed in the lawsuit and what you read. I expected better from you. I might want to have heard from everyone who was supposed to be involved. Plus medical records and a police report about the shooting maybe. The hospital is required to report all gun shot wounds. I’m pretty sure a police report would have inclued any report of that.But then again you probaly have a lot of experience in this type of situations being brought up on the street and all.

    1. Grant probably is just providing a little counterbalance to all of the rampant homerism that is present on this and every other team-specific sports blog. Obviously everyone here is going to be rushing to our players’ defense, and it is productive to have an outside perspective.

  14. Grant Cohn:
    Upon reading some of the remarks on this thread, you must feel as though you are teaching first or second grade, huh? As you said, call the police for help with problem party goers. Or, prophylactically, hire some professional security staff for the evening.
    Time to send a message, Coach Harbaw: …..
    Do a Johnny Manziel on Alden; sit him for the first half of the Packer game.

    1. If you’re going to use the word “prophylactically” (correctly, I might add) AND a semicolon in your comment on a sports blog, you also have to spell “Aldon” and “Harbaugh” correctly (although I’m assuming the “Harbaw” was intentional for some reason?).

    2. Send a message for what? This happened in 2012 and no charges were filed. How do we know where and when this guy was supposly shot? He is claiming it occurred at Aldons place. This guy is trying to get money from a very well known athlete. End of story. Do i think Aldon and the rest of the people involved are idiots for involving guns at a party around civilians, Absoultley!!!! But we dont know how accurate these claims are. If the individual was acually shot then why didnt he call the police and report what had occured…..

  15. I am a strong advocate for the second amendment right. Its fools like Aldon and Delanie that ruin it for others. I am not sure what an illegal gun is, probably some BS law the state of Calif has enacted. Firing a weapon with no regard to where the bullet is going to land is totally irresponsible. Having a large party with the mix of alcohol/drugs/guns is just asking for problems. Well problems you got. Grant is correct you call the police that is what they are there for. Taking away something that matters to these players is the only solution to stop this crap. If someone is shot why wasn’t anyone arrested for this? I don’t want to read/hear about oh they are young and young people go thru this or there parents weren’t there for them in their poor adolescent life. After Nam, I partied hard, played hard, and worked hard and at no time did I ever let my responsibilities to life go astray. I have fired well over a million rounds of ammo from a wide assortment of weapons and not one of them were fired without knowing where the bullet was intended to go. A ‘man’ is a product of the choices that they make. I know this wont be popular but if I am the GM, Aldon is gone from my team. I don’t have people in my life that make real bad choices, never have never will. If you cant handle the alcohol don’t drink, if you cant handle the drugs don’t use them and if you cant work hard then become a liberal then everything will be given to you.

    1. Conservatives hate liberals, liberals hate conservatives. I can remember a time when we were americans first and lib\con second. Can you really love your country when you have no love for your countrymen

      1. old coach,

        Agreed. The worst part is both sides also exaggerate the others stance on certain issues which leads to a lot of people not knowing what to believe if they don’t research the party policies. The country is in a stalemate because of partisan politics and nothing gets passed in Congress. Welcome to dysfunctional town. Ok done with Political rant now.

    2. I mostly agree with what you are saying except for the part of cutting Aldon. How about we find out what actually happened that night?

  16. Front page article on Weds morning PD:
    The Press Democrat this week will begin charging for its online content.
    Hmmmm. The interaction has been fun, usually, but the notion of paying for access to the comments of SOME folks on here…..uh….no, can’t do that. It seems like Grant will have trouble maintaining the e-Hit dominance he’s been enjoying.

    1. That would be a mistake. Why would anyone PAY for this?
      Maybe they just mean some of their actual news content…. assuming they have that…. this is the only PD page I visit, so I wouldn’t know

    2. Another outlet to check out is
      They have a nice little 49ers thread, with a comment section that you can vote up/down the comments!

    3. It specifically mentions news articles. Besides with the 15 articles per month free how does that translate to a blog. I could open one topic and then simply refresh over and over to participate in it and it would only count as one article, or would it try to charge me for each topic I click on or for each time I moved to the home page? It doesn’t sound like it would work for this page and I’m pretty sure it will remain free.

    4. That is a joke to say the least. If the Press Democrat begins to charge for access to this blog after we made it the #1 sports blog in the Bay area, then I am outta here. I can barely afford to feed myself let alone corporate greed.

      1. Paying to visit a website full of advertising is not only un-cool but stupid from a business standpoint. Less clicks = less advertising revenue. I noticed the SAC BEE is now making you register to access Barrow’s blog. I’m not even down for that let alone pay…geez!

  17. The only sports site with successful with a pay model is ESPN. And I don’t pay for that anymore because Rotoworld is the fastest reporting site out there, and the front end of it is free. PD must be desperate/delusional or both.

  18. Ok way too much negative junk between the Civil suit, PD’s plan to charge for content and the Country’s political quagmire; time for some football prognosticating.

    Niner Schedule predictions:

    Green Bay – W
    @ Seattle – L
    Indianapolis – W
    @ St. Louis – L
    Houston – W
    Arizona – W
    @ Tennessee – W
    @ Jacksonville (London) – W
    Carolina – W
    @ New Orleans – L
    @ Washington – W
    St. Louis – W
    Seattle – W
    @ Tampa Bay – W
    Atlanta – W
    @ Arizona – W

    13-3 and NFC West Champs for the 3rd year in a row.

    SB will be Niners vs. Texans and Niners will win #6.

    I reserve the right to change my mind of course, but I’m feeling good about the teams chances after really looking at that schedule. All the toughest games with the exception of Seattle and NO are at home. Meanwhile Seattle plays all those same teams on the road where they are nowhere near the same caliber of team. I think the Niners win the division by two games and get home field throughout the playoffs on their way to New York and SB XLVIII.

    1. Good call.

      Don’t underestimate the second Rams game. It will be a short week for the 49ers because they play in D.C. on Monday night. Jeff Fisher will have an extra day and a half to prepare. That’s a huge factor.

      And the week after is the Seahawks at home. That’s the anchor leg of a brutal four week stretch – at New Orleans, at Washington, vs. St. Louis and vs. Seattle.

      I see 11-5 at best. Green Bay, Houston, Atlanta and Arizona will be tough games, but the 49ers should win those.

      Can the 49ers beat the Falcons plus Steven Jackson without Crabtree? Maybe not. Maybe 10-6.

      1. Grant,

        No doubt I’m being optimistic with the predictions. As you pointed out there are some potential pitfalls lurking, but I think the defense will be better this year, especially rushing the passer, and having the tougher games like the Falcons and Texans at home will be the difference. I think the Niners will be 11-5 at worst with this schedule. A lot comes down to health and how quickly the new additions can get acclimatized to the scheme.

      1. You got there a different way but I like the conclusion Jack.

        NFL division predictions:

        NFC West: Niners – 13-3
        NFC South: Falcons – 12-4
        NFC North: Packers – 11-5
        NFC East: Redskins – 10 – 6

        Wild Cards: Saints – 10 – 6, Lions – 9 – 7

        NFC Championship: Niners over Falcons

        AFC West: Broncos – 12-4
        AFC South: Texans – 12-4
        AFC North: Bengals – 11-5
        AFC East: Patriots – 11-5

        Wildcards: Steelers – 10-6, Colts – 10-6

        AFC Championship: Texans over Broncos

        SB XLVIII: Niners over Texans

      2. Wildcards should read: Seattle – 11-5 and Saints – 10-6. Copied my Lions prediction from an earlier post.

      3. I disagree Jack. Seattle has a very easy schedule.
        NFC West: Seattle – 13-3
        NFC South: Falcons – 12-4
        NFC North: Packers – 11-5
        NFC East: Redskins – 10 – 6

        Wild Cards: Saints – 10 – 6, 49ers 10-6

        NFC Championship: Niners over Seattle

        AFC West: Chiefs- 9-7
        AFC South: Texans – 12-4
        AFC North: Bengals – 11-5
        AFC East: Patriots – 11-5

        Wildcards: Steelers – 10-6, Colts – 10-6

        Superbowl is going to be Houston – SF

      4. Matt,

        The Seahawks schedule is the same as the 49ers with the exception of 2 games.

        The 49ers travel to Washington and have GB at home, while Seattle travels to the New York Giants and has Minnesota at home. Also as others have pointed out to you, most of the tougher opponents are coming to Candlestick, while Seattle has to go on the road for those games.

      5. Matt,

        Other than two games, the Seahawks schedule is exactly the same as the Niners. The only difference in opponents is the Skins and Packers for the Niners, and the Giants and Vikings for the Hawks. They also have to play Houston, Indy and Atlanta on the road while the Niners get those teams at home. Not sure how you came to the conclusion that Seattle has an easier schedule.

      6. I think Peyton Manning is done this year. With the way the season ended last season, 2 time outs and 39 seconds or so left in the game, that’s a lack of confidence that Peyton Manning’s body can keep up.

        As for Seattle, those two games are huge. Minnesotta at home will be an easy win. NY Giants and Manning aren’t going to be able to handle a pass rush. I expect them to be 7-9 at best this season.

        Going on the road to Houston, Indy, and Atlanta isn’t going to be easy, but Seattle should do fine against ATL and Indy. They match up better than SF against ATL.

        And you’ll notice the difference in schedule is darn near the difference I have in their records. I’m giving Seattle a 2-0 head start on that schedule.

        And finally, SF homefield advantage is a wash. The stadium isn’t loud. The fans are rowdy. It’s not really an advantage unless we turn the lights off.

      7. Continuing on, Seattle has 11 days to prepare for the Rams. SF has 4. (SF -1)Seattle essentially has a bye leading into the Houston game. They play Jacksonville the week before. 14 days to prepare give or take a day to practice to play only a half.
        The Niners get 11 days to prepare for Houston. Very unfortunate for Houston.
        That’s the difference in the two records. Seattle 13-3 (+2 for NYG and Minn, +1 for 11 days into Rams game) SF 10-6

  19. No one ever answered the question of the timeline!!!! Was Aldon stabbed before the shooting? This is a major point! If so, i dont see that he did anything wrong. If someone gets stabbed at their own party, in their own home, getting a gun seems perfectly justifiable to me!
    Or we could just take the stance: it was all Delanie’s fault!

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