Report: Bruce Miller arrested for allegedly punching out father and son

San Francisco 49ers fullback Bruce Miller has been arrested again, this time for allegedly punching out a 70-year-old man and his son at a Fisherman’s Wharf hotel Monday morning.

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UPDATE. The 49ers have issued this statement: “The San Francisco 49ers organization is aware of the media report regarding Bruce Miller. We are gather the relevant facts of this matter and will continue to monitor the situation.”

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  1. Fighting with class, way to go Miller. His career is potentially down the tubes and he’ll be sued up the a**. This team is cursed (thanks Jed).

  2. You can’t make this stuff up, crazier than fiction. Assuming reliable reports, BM acted stupidly (impaired?) and inexcusably. The legal and league processes will need to play out, but the team could have options of cutting him, trading him (damaged goods), suspending him with pay until the case is resolved, or just not suiting him up pending resolution.
    Didn’t Baalke have the watch on babysitting 53 grown men plus PS, plus PUP, plus IR guys personally throughout the holiday weekend? Of course he did.
    I’d like to speak to Trent also about his underfunding State Parks, street and highway repairs, and the education system.

    1. Tuna,

      Don’t forget About all the infrastructure underfunding that has occurred because Baalke’s so cheap…

      He may have slipped something into BMs drink to make him expendable because Bruce was one of Harbaugh’s guys and he hates him.

  3. Except for the well vetted day 3 picks Robinson and Lynch, the 49ers have been drafting boy scouts since 2013. Likely marching orders from the Yorks.

    Gone are Aldon, RayMac, Culliver and probably Miller.

    1. Can’t be good for Miller, this is his second public incident, the former falling loosely under domestic violence and this time violent acts too. I’m thinking 48 hours to ‘gather facts’, then given what facts we have now are full and correct, cut him no matter how much it hurts. New HC have to establish resolve on discipline at some point, this one would work as a message to,the team. For Jed & Trent, they need to decide what message they want to send to the community at large.
      -Can we imagine Jed and Trent and Chip’s and Denise York’s eyes bulging out of their heads and steam from their ears when they got wind of this? Would you want to be the one to make the call to any of those?

              1. Methinks my attempts at humor have fallen flat.

                Of course, Hamm would be the logical choice, but knowing this FO, anything is possible.

                One thing for sure, many will blame Baalke.

  4. This is good news. Now there’s a spot for Rush. Miller had no business making the roster as a TE anyway, and I’m sure he can be adequately replaced on special teams.

    Here’s hoping Marcus Martin goes streaking down Lombard Ave tomorrow and we can get rid of him too!

    1. Alan, not a good move to promote Rush yet. A spot will have to be made for Lynch to return. To get Rush back to PS would expose him to waivers, where a team that passed on him before might then have an injury need. Unless someone gets hurt in the 1st month and sent to IR, someone will have to be cut for Lynch to return. A journeyman special teams player or guy off another practice squad who can be cut or waived later upon Lynch’s return preserves your developmental guys for the future. My thoughts.

      1. Good thinking. What do you think of letting Martin go? He’s terrible. They don’t need a swing tackle, because they can use Davis for that and start Tiller at guard.

        1. Alan-
          I’m not a fan of Martin, but they’ll need to be confident of their #2 Center if they let him go. Sometimes the bum you know is better than the bum you might get. At Center in particular, having mental continuity is important to the fellow OL. I stated after P4 that when I was watching M.Martin did not stink it up as bad as last year. Yes, he was going against the 2s.
          The new OC and OL coaches owe nothing to Martin, so they didn’t have to keep him but have chosen to thus far.

      2. I’m always a little confused on this. Rush is currently on the PS. While on the PS, he can be signed at any time to another team’s 53.

        If Rush gets promoted for a few games to the 49ers 53 and then transferred back to the PS, are you saying that another team could put Rush on their PS during the waivers period? If that’s not the case and they have to put him on their 53, then I don’t see any difference.

        1. Cubus-
          Not 100% sure but I think he has to pass through waivers before reassignment and could be offered a different PS job,,at his discretion. To your point though, the risk is reduced.

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