Report: Chris Cook agrees to one-year deal with 49ers

Chris Cook has agreed to a one-year deal with the 49ers, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Cook is the second cornerback the 49ers have signed to a one-year contract this week. Eric Wright agreed to a one-year deal with the Niners on Tuesday.

If Cook makes the team, he probably would compete with Chris Culliver to be the 49ers’ left cornerback, i.e. the No.1 CB.

Culliver tore his ACL during training camp last season. Do you think the 49ers would feel comfortable having just Culliver and Cook compete to be the LCB, or do you think the Niners will draft another cornerback who is capable of playing that spot?

  1. Let’s just say Ed has his work cut out for him. The biggest issue with Cook is his lack of innate feel for the cornerback position. The man has zero interceptions in his career. That’s down to a combination of poor instincts and terrible ball skills, two things that are impossible to correct. You should get a pick occasionally just from out fighting a guy, or timing a leap correctly on a badly thrown ball, or just knowing how to position yourself, but nooooo. Not one interception for Cook. Not even a luck one.

    1. Rogers was said to have had frying pans where his hands were supposed to be, but he had 6 his contract year. Cook will be a nice surprise.

  2. I believe if cook was signed to be a starter, then we are in deep dudu… This man was horrible last year. In my opinion he was a waste of money, and the only one willing to take what balkee was offering

  3. He appears to have a upside with his size, but he surrendered 9 TD’s last season, not very good. Low Risk one yr deadl.

    1. I think he fights with Wright for the 5th/6th CB spot. I get the impression from reading MM that Cook is on a near minimum contract.

  4. WHY WASTE THE MONEY ON CB COOK??? In 4 years he has given up 11 TDs has zero INTs and QBs have a passer rating of 115 when they throw toward him. So numbers don’t lie!!! So wtf?????

  5. I agree with everyone here. The upside is our front seven is better than the Vikings. If he willing to avoid giving up big plays, I can live with it. He seems like a decent tackler. Our DB’s last year gave up costly big plays and missed tackles in crucial situations.

  6. One has to wonder what they see in him apart from the size/speed/potential thing.
    He’s shown no real ball skills and he’s a character-risk.
    Was he simply misused and misunderstood in Minnesota?
    Let’s hope so…

  7. Details of the deal aren’t official yet, but reports are that it is likely for the league minimum ($730,000, with $570,000 counting against the cap). I fail to see the downside to such a deal. He’s got all the physical talent you could ask for, and if he doesn’t pan out he costs nothing.

    1. Whew! Terrell Brown must not be able to handle the pressure of working to uphold the winning tradition with the 49ers…..why else would he sign with the Raiders?

  8. With the Wright and Cook signings, I’m left wondering what our draft strategy will be. All along I’ve assumed we’d be using our first pick on a CB purely based on need. But now—just as well as at WR—there is little room for a high-round pick to see much playing time. Unless, Culliver isn’t fully healthy, we have four CB’s with starting experience in the NFL. And a fifth (Morris) who has some talent, but little experience. Where does a Roby or Verrett or Fuller fit in?

    Ditto at WR. Unless we move up to get one of the top 3 WRs, Patton is third in line behind Crab and Boldin. Where would a rookie WR make an impact? Probably insurance for the following year if Crab leaves??

    Still, with the way the team is currently configured, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if we didn’t draft a CB or WR in the first. Defensive line? Even there we have a lot of depth. Will there be a rookie that even makes in impact in 2014? Or do we draft a few players that can learn the system now and fill holes in 2015, then trade out of all the other picks?

        1. No, not really. Ask 5 people what they think the 49ers #1 need is and it’s possible that you’ll hear 5 different answers.

      1. You may heard different names from those five people, but the position they play would overwhelmingly be WR or CB.

        Or at least it was.

        I’m not as sure anymore.

  9. At least Trent is very consistent this off season, everyone we have signed from outside is someone with very low interest from the rest of the league! I guess that’s one of the reasons Trent gets paid the big bucks!

  10. Grant, the answer to your Q is in the commentaries……or did you set us up for the obvious?

    By his actions, GM Baalke is demonstrating that he will be looking for D back field players in this draft. He will be saving the very limiting 9 mil (approx.) for those signings and any good players released during roster cuts that do not have over inflated price tags.

    With limited funds he is reaching into the bargain bin with the concept that maybe a player sticks but more likely he doesn’t. With just a pocket full of change, he is playing the penny slot with low odds of a decent pay out.

    1. It’s crazy how a guy who had an impressive numbers at the combine especially for his size and was drafted 34th overall had struggled to make an impact on the field.

      The physical tools are there, can our coaches and players around him make him a better player?

      1. Not that crazy really – happens all the time. Impressive numbers at the combine don’t make a good footballer. Plenty of other things go into it, including the situation the player ends up in. Vikings played a lot of cover 2 the past few seasons, and not so much man coverage or press coverage. Hopefully the 49ers scheme suits him better and he turns his career around.

        1. What’s funny is that we drafted Taylor Mays the same year — another one of those so called “combine-warrior”…

  11. Coaches see something in this guy so let’r rip. There’s a reason the coaches get paid six figures and up and we write into a blog while eating our PB&J sandwich on workbreak…

  12. I like the Harbaugh philosophy of stocking up raw talent, having all out position competitions, and coaching up deficiencies. Cook fits this thought process as does Martin. Baalke is doing his job…and we’ll.

  13. Like the Cook signing. It’s a minimum deal, only $730k against the cap, he’s relatively young and he provides good competition in camp.

    Don’t see a downside really.

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