Report: Mike Vrabel turns down 49ers

Surprising news from John Middlekauf of 95.7 The Game:

In light of this news, some questions:

1. Why do you think Vrabel turned down the 49ers’ offer?
2. Why do you think Vrabel interviewed for the position in the first place?
3. Who do you think the 49ers’ defensive coordinator will be next season?

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  1. Unfortunately it will be magini and that sucks ! Magini and his unearned reputation don’t come close to matching the results! Grant you had the stats right as a head coach or dc magini only once had a defensive ranked above 20 ? And that was ranked 16 so bottom line magini sucks just like rob ryan and billy Davis

    1. You dont know that. Give chip kelly a chance. I think he will continue looking until he finds the right fit. It will probably be a college coach who has worked with a similar offense

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    If he says no I’m going to die laughing.
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        1. Jed is cheap. It would kill 2 birds with one stone. Tomsula helped build a D line that almost did not allow a rushing TD all season.

              1. So now you’re giving credit to JT for those winning teams? He was a part of the losing teams before those guys arrived and apart a losing team after they left. Fangio did wonders with no talent in Chicago. You’ve hit your head. JT is a good position coach at that’s about it.

              2. Wilson, I will concede that the team did not do well, but the D line had been stout throughout that period. Of course, having Cowboy during that time helped a lot.

              3. Also, Chicago spent a ton for FAs and really concentrated on building up the defense. Granted, injuries really hurt them, but the Bears defense gave away several games. For example, the Niners. Fangio did not excel.

              4. Finally to refute your last point, Tomsula may have overstepped his competence by jumping from a position coach to an NFL head coach, so it would have been preferable for him to get coordinator experience first.
                From what I hear, to a man, Tomsula was liked and respected by everyone. Since Kelly has been labelled as aloof, Tomsula would help him bridge that gap.

              5. Other than Rolle at SS, where did they spend a ton on FA’s? The talent level of the Bears is less than our team. They sent Jared Allen to the Panthers. I didn’t say Fangio’s team was awesome, I just said he did wonders with the talent level he had. They were also ranked 13th in total yards compared to our 28th ranked defense. But keep sticking to the argument that Fangio didn’t do well and JT’s the real reason for the 49ers success.

              6. JT isn’t respected. Look how frustrated the veterans were on the sidelines and how the team played on the road. They may like him but they didn’t respect him. Reports were coming out near the end that some of the veterans missed JH. You can like someone but you don’t respect incompetence. He wouldn’t help Chip bridge anything except losing. You can love JT, just make sure your belief is based in factual evidence not wishful thinking.

              7. You’re kinda speaking out both sides of your mouth here Seb. You were the one who said you wanted Fangio as HC after JH and now you’re saying JT is better?

              8. Wilson, I am just kidding with ya. I am just countering the Mike Nolan talk. I do not expect Tomsula to ever be a Niner coach again, and I really like Fangio. You are right, initially, I wanted Fangio as the Niner head coach, and he might have held the team together.
                I am back to Tarver being the most promising choice. Maybe Mangini could switch to OC, because he likes intricate schemes. I thought he made the defense tentative by making it too complicated with too many reads, when it would have been better to keep it simpler and have them just react to the ball.

              9. Well Seb, I had no idea you were kidding. I don’t know much about Tarver at this point. He seems ok but doesn’t seem to match your standard for coaches based on Walsh. He doesn’t seem to be the guy to get us to a SB and have a shut down defense. I think there are better options than anyone we have in house out there.

                Mangini’s an interesting option. At home the 49ers at one point had the fewest points allowed in the NFL. On the road the complete opposite. How much of that was coaching and how much was inexperienced young players? If we do well in FA and continue to draft good defensive players this unit might turn out to be ok. A second season might be good with him and it might not. Mangini and Kelly are very similar in some ways. They are both really intellectual and analytical in their approaches. They might be a good match.

              10. Wilson, I surmise that many coaches have looked at the Niner situation, and will not touch the job with a 10 foot pole. The Niners will be forced to settle for less. Tarver is an in house choice, a safe choice since he has been a DC before and has been a longtime Niner coach.
                I do not see too many defensive coaches out there that are touted as SB quality. Maybe the best bet would be to snag an assistant from one of the remaining teams still in the playoffs.

              11. I am not sold on him either. I was pointing out that there’s potential for success and failure with him. A second season would make that really clear. I don’t think I see other better options right now. Tarver doesn’t have a stellar record and IMO isn’t as good as Mangini. Neither would be my in my top 5 for DC.

            1. Jed is cheap, but he is also not smart. If he was smart, he would have not been cheap and should have paid more for competent coaching. Since he is not smart, he is paying for his mistakes.

              1. Colin Kaeprnick contract yet Jeds cheap.

                Harbaugh top 10 coach salary when hired (with No NFL experience)

                Alex Smith highest rookie contract at time

                Navaro Bowman, 4th highest ILB contract, 3 above are newer

                The list can go on

                And the guy graduated from Notre Dame, ranked 18th this year, higher than the likes of Berkley, USC, UCLA, Rice, Boston College, Georgetown, Wake Forrest, NYU, William & Mary. You don’t graduate from these schools if you are not smart. Book smart. Street smart. World Smart. It doesn’t happen. What does your sheepskin have on it? Devry?

              2. MJ, tell me yours first. I have mentioned my alma mater previously.
                My son just graduated from Cal, I do not need to play diploma diplomacy.
                Jed is an ignoramus to have such a clueless way to run a team. He decries leaks, but a smarter person would not shoot off his mouth. A smart person would be more circumspect. Jed is so smart, he has fans towing banners behind a plane humiliating him.
                If York and Marathe chose analytics over the sage advice of Bill Walsh, they deserve everything that has happened to them.

  3. 1. Short of the Texans telling him that Crennel’s position wasn’t locked in stone the only thing I can think of is that because of his lack of experience the team low balled him on the offer and he felt insulted.

    2. Why wouldn’t he?

    3. The person they still have under contract at the position.

    1. This goes with the first part of my first answer, comes from PFT: “It’s possible Vrabel has received a wink-nod commitment from O’Brien of a promotion to defensive coordinator once 68-year-old Romeo Crennel retires.”

      Romeo only has one year left on his contract.

  4. The simple explanation would be that after consideration he thought he would be better served continuing his apprenticeship under Crennel and wait for a better opportunity elsewhere than taking the 49ers job now.

    Mangini will be the DC. And I’m fine with that.

          1. Yes. Mangini is still under contract as the DC for the 49ers. All he can do is wait to see if they can find someone they like better who will want the challenge of running a defense that has to spend more time on the field than any other team in the NFL. A new DC will also have to accept the talent level from 2015 plus what ever is added this off season. Then there is the ghost of Harbaugh and his missing defensive staff.

    1. You’re cool with mangini? Did you see the Browns game? Did you see the 2nd Seahawks game. Some unknown RB rushed for 400 yards or something.

  5. Pure speculation…

    1. Why do you think Vrabel turned down the 49ers’ offer?
    – He’s a “Belichick Guy”, and found out Mangini will remain on staff in some fashion.
    – Thought Kelly’s “you got to get off the field on third down” was disrespectful of his Eagles defensive staff
    – If Kaepernick’s a head coach killer, Kelly’s a defensive coordinator killer
    – Realized what Santa Clara housing costs are
    – Wasn’t enthusiastic about the from 7 talent as I am
    – Remembered that Fangio worked miracles finishing 5th in defense despite having 8 defensive starters go on IR… and got fired anyway.

    2. Why do you think Vrabel interviewed for the position in the first place?
    – Out of respect
    – Didn’t realize Mangini might be sticking around.

    3. Who do you think the 49ers’ defensive coordinator will be next season?
    – Mangini… or someone we never heard of. I with they’d give Ed Donatell a call.

    1. – Didn’t realize Mangini might be sticking around.
      I was gonna throw that one out there also but I thought outside of assistant head coach which I’m sure Kelly would have nothing to do with what position could they assign him to that wouldn’t be a demotion. If he was the assistant DC it’s still a demotion plus I can’t imagine Vrabel would love the idea or love the idea of getting paid less because there are two people in the position.

      1. I threw that out because if speculation by a reporter (Maiocco or Barrows?) Mangini had a knack for hanging around. He does have a way of popping up at positions (Consultant, TE Coach) with ill defined roles.

    2. “– If Kaepernick’s a head coach killer, Kelly’s a defensive coordinator killer”
      lol… thanks for the laughs, Brodie!

    1. Please do not call him a coward. Vrabel probably could rip you in two if he wanted to. He may think that his position with the Texans is secure and may not want to get fired in a year. He may think that the Texans could go all the way with a QB that did not act like the defenders were the intended receivers. They may have offered him more money to stay.

    1. That’s a BS answer. If he was reluctant to relocate he would have said so and the team probably wouldn’t have job offered him without knowing what kind of offer it was going to take to get him to relocate.

      Vrabel: It’s going to take something special for me to move my family

      Team: Like what.

      Vrabel: $$$$

      So if what he says is true then the only reason that excuse holds true is if the team only offered $$.

      1. Wives can play a big role in decisions like this – especially if he’s satisfied with his current job and a slight bit hesitant whether he can be a successful DC under Kelly.

        1. If there’s any truth that this was about not wanting to relocate then it’s really about two likely scenario’s:

          a) The team knew what they had to offer but still offered him less then what he said it would take to get him to move

          b) Vrabel told the team what it would take to get him to move and after receiving that offer went back on his word and decided to stay anyway.

          The second one would be a significant hit to Vrabel’s reputation in the league. The 49ers would pass along to other teams how Vrabel burned them and it would be buyer beware from teams in the future about offering him a contract. I very much doubt that option B is what happened. Most professionals aren’t going to make a mistake like that.

          One this is absolute fact. IF Vrabel had relocation concerns the team would not have made an offer unless they knew what kind of offer it would take to get him to come out.

      2. You’ve never had a job where you interview at a new place with no intention on taking the new job just so you can use it as leverage against the place you are working at now, as a means to a promotion or pay increase? Its done ALL THE TIME.

          1. “It is believed that Vrabel was able to turn this interview and job offer into a raise in Houston.”


            Also as a guy that has to hire people, this has happened to me several times. I even had one candidate who brazenly admitted that he had done this after I called him to ask why he didn’t show up for his first day of work. His credentials and references were impeccable; we were all very surprised.

          2. Maybe cubus but if things don’t work out in Houston this will come back to bite him in the backside when he goes to interview somewhere else.

            1. It could, but it seems to me that it would be difficult to find a coach in the NFL who hasn’t been fired or let go. I think that extends to a lot of people in front offices as well. If true, then the culture and thinking is that it is a business and interviewers probably do not hold such issues against interviewees. Now if a guy like Vrabel has done this multiple times, then I would agree it’s probably a factor. But once or twice in this “employment” culture……

              I think it’s different than the private sector. Here you want to find out why someone was let go/fired. In the NFL, it’s a matter of course and happens to just about everyone, so it’s not as big a deal.

              1. It could be more subjective in relation to the personalities involved within the organizations. There are many unknowns that we’re likely never to know. If the team asked Vrabel for a number that would make a deal happen and then made that offer only to be turned down, as a GM of another team I would be very reluctant to ever put an offer on the table to that coach if I heard he had done that to another team. It sounds like if you were a GM that you would be less likely to hold that against him. That’s not a dig. It’s just the reality of dealing with different types of owner personalities. Jerry Jones will take flyers on players with bad histories while other owners wont touch those types of players. As an owner I wouldn’t touch a coach that burned another team in a contract negotiation. IF that is what happened. Maybe he put that number out there and team came up short and still hoped he would accept. I doubt we’ll ever hear those details.

              2. What I don’t understand is the choice was a passionate one and I felt the right guy for the job. So why didn’t they go after him with a more passionate offer? Make him happy and desired above all others. If Mangini is what cost them Vrabel, it has shades of the Tomsula/Gase debacle….

              3. We have no idea why Vrabel turned it down, but we do know that Houston has offered more money to keep him, and the cost of living is a hell of a lot higher in the Bay area than in Houston. It likely came down to a lot of factors, but ultimately he decided he didn’t want the job. It won’t hurt him in the future imo. Each team looking for Coaches looks at what that Coach has accomplished and the people he’s worked with. If a team needs a DC and Belichick recommends Vrabel, nobody will care that he turned down a job with the Niners. That’s likely what got Vrabel the interview in the first place.

              4. I should clarify that I mean Houston offered him more than he was making with them previously; not that I think they offered him more than the Niners.

              5. nobody will care that he turned down a job with the Niners.
                The devil will be in the details. If the team simply put out an offer without really fleshing out his likelihood of accepting then sure, nobody will care. If the team did it’s diligence and pinned him down to a number that he said it would take and was still turned down, it could be different.

              6. Yes CFC! That Devils Is In The Detail! I’m about to get my wife and I a couple tickets to UFO at the Token Lounge, March 3rd….

              7. The devil will be in the details. If the team simply put out an offer without really fleshing out his likelihood of accepting then sure, nobody will care. If the team did it’s diligence and pinned him down to a number that he said it would take and was still turned down, it could be different.

                I disagree. If York or Baalke tell people they offered him what he wanted and he turned it down, do you really think their word is going to carry any weight around the league? With the way things have gone here in regards to Coaches do you honestly think anyone will hold it against Vrabel for not wanting to be a part of it? I don’t, especially considering Vrabel is well liked by some pretty influential people who will talk glowingly about him.

  6. An unproven coach doesn’t deserve big money.. Last time I checked Cushing played like crap.. He coached up the LBs.. I think mangini is better. Had the youngest D in the league playing well at times with a horrific offense.. Consistently out of position due to there youth.. Ward, Tartt, armstead and even Harold started to play better.. Give mangini to quality free agent pick ups and see what another year would do..

    1. Just conjecture but perhaps the Texans promised him the job with the expectation Romeo Crenell will retire soon. The Texans are 1 or 2 players away from having the best defense in the league. Also, Houston is a great place to live. A 3500 square foot home in Houston will cost $250k-$350k. Plus there is no state income tax. Contrast that to the situation in SF where the defense has lost some of it’s shine. They have a head coach coming in who’s offense makes the defense’s job much harder. Plus they will surely be spending high picks on offensive play makers instead of help on defense. Also, the cost of living in the Bay Area is near the highest in the country. I’m a bit surprised Vrabel didn’t jump at the chance but his rejection isn’t totally insane.

    1. I’d take Donatell. Manusky was looking for a job, but I think he just got snapped up as Washington’s linebacker coach. (McCloughan connection?) I’d snag him before the ink’s dry on that contract. I’d kick the tires on Nolan too.

        1. George, did you mean Greg Williams, who was the Chargers DBs coach and recently signed with the Colts, or Gregg Williams of the bountygate saga who is the current Rams DC?

          1. Woops. I meant the latter. I had read that Greg Williams was just signed by Indy and mistakenly thought it was Gregg. Thanks for catching that, mate.

  7. If Kelly’s system is in fact a defense killer how much is that a factor in the decision to coach a defense here?

    1. Defense ranked near the bottom last season and the new HC has a history of his Ds being ranked near the bottom. Vrabel is an up and comer, but is still pretty inexperienced as a coach and would be a first time DC. He would have had to consider the fairly strong potential that being the DC of the 49ers could derail his career trajectory. I am not surprised he decided to work under Crennel for another year and wait for a better opportunity elsewhere.

      1. I mentioned that to Damon Bruce on 95.7 and he didn’t agree. He thought it was probably Vrabels wife/kids that kept him there.

        1. If anyone would know the hidden personal story it would be Damon Bruce.

          Or he would make it up. How about Vrabel sees a better opportunity where is is, and that would mean he doesn’t have to move his family or take on the Kelly defensive handicap in his first DC opportunity. That’s what I would make up for the back story.

            1. A pudgy perverted buffoon who think’s he’s 1980s Mike Tyson and could/would throw down with people. He truly deserves to get smacked, not even worthy of a punch

          1. Seems like the Texans are just a QB away from contending for a title and the 49ers are quite a few players and coaches away from contending.

    2. I think he took the offer back to the Texans and they said if you’re willing to stick it out another year you can take over for Romeo when his contract expires. We’ll know in a year if that’s what in fact happens.

    1. If so, why did it take him so long to say “no, thanks”? It had to be that he was negotiating with the 49ers, the Texans, his wife or some combination of the three.

  8. What a heartbreaker. Somebody on the radio earlier said it best: You don’t want a guy with two years of total coaching experience going toe to toe with Arians. I’m kind of tired of hearing about the Belichick coaching tree. Mangini, Crennel, McDaniels, Schwartz and Weis have all been failures as HC’s and as coordinators at times as well. We’ll see how smart people are in N.E. after Brady and Belichick retire. Vrabel likely has no business being a DC at this point. He’ll be a HC within five years and he will flame out within five years of being named a HC. Whatever…

  9. Vrabes is Pats royalty and didn’t want to work with Benedict Arnold Mangini. The Mangenius might not value loyalty, but he damn well knows football. Watch him break down a play during the year or so he worked at ESPN.

  10. Select 2016 UFAs By Position

    Details at:


    Bradford, Cousins, Stanton, Webb

    Blount, Draughn, Forte, Hillman, Ivory, Martin, Miller, Rodgers

    Hankerson, Holmes, Jeffery, Jones, Sanu

    Allen, Fleener, Green

    *** OT/OG Selections Needed ***


    Bowers, Clayborn, Crick, Galette, Hicks, Howard, Jackson, Reyes, Vernon, Wilkerson

    Fairley, Ngata, Williams

    Irvin, Miller, Smith

    Foster, McClain, Trevathan

    Amukamara, Carroll, Cooper, Jenkins, Johnson, Norman, Shead, Smith


    Tucker, Zuerlein

    1. Thoughts on the free agent list:

      Players to Target: Guard Kelechi Osemele, ILB Danny Trevathan, DE Muhammed Wilkerson, and CB Janoris Jenkins (I assume the Panthers will not let Josh Norman walk, either with a big deal or a franchise tag).

      Also, get rid of Ellington and Patton and make your slot receiver/punt returner Travis Benjamin. Or, if the Browns are willing to let him go after his reintstatement, I’d take a flyer on WR Josh Gordon.

  11. Not a good fit for Vrabel at the moment. It was a wise move by him to turn the job down.

    Kelly’ next D-Cord will require indepth knowledge, experience and patience to work and co-exist with a Kelly type offense. The DC will need to have a strong starting lineup and very capable backups to play on game day because if the extra amount of time and effort they will need to expend due to the quick fire offense.
    Kelly may have felt that Vrabel could handle this, evidently Vrabel felt he could not.

    No coach wants to fail at their first big job opportunity. And being a DC in Kelly’ world certainly puts you at risk of that.

  12. This is a sad commentary on the idle rich. York was given this team and really has no ability and no job but playing with the family $. Does he even know to be embarrassed that he turned the 49ers , who use to have the best assistants in the NFL ( see Walsh mooch harbaugh) into pyriahs? Most NFL owners , the ones who made their own money,aren’t ignorant enough to destroy a playoff franchise not once but twice!

  13. Why would Vrabel go from the top 5 defense with JJ Watt to this dumpster fire with 7 different players jumping offsides in one game? His wife probably told him it would be coaching suicide to come here only to be fired at the end of the year.
    Houston probably gave him a raise and mentioned Crennel is 68.

  14. Rotoworld:
    NFL Network’s Albert Breer mentioned 49ers LBs coach Jason Tarver and Ravens LBs coach Don Martindale as candidates for the 49ers’ defensive-coordinator job.The 49ers are back on the search after Texans LBs coach Mike Vrabel turned down the job in San Francisco. Both Tarver and Martindale have previous coordinator experience. Tarver was the Raiders’ defensive boss from 2012-2014, while Martindale was the Broncos’ coordinator in 2010.

  15. Matt Maiocco- “Texans “worked hard behind the scenes to keep Vrabel” from leaving to go to 49ers. They gave him a new contract, reports @AaronWilson_NF”

    1. Guess that puts to rest the “nobody wants to work for chip” bulls***.. People loyalty and money matters in the NFL. I’m willing to bet Houston doubled his salary and promised him extra stuff. Get over yourselves because the right amount of money will keep any man or woman loyal

    1. That’s nonsense. “National media” has 0 to do with what goes on with a football team. Their job is to report what they see and give “opinions”. Just like the opinion you just gave about ” coaches wanting to fail on their own terms”

  16. Vrabel will be the Texans Asst DC this year and will be there DC by 2017 or 18 at the latest for more money, less taxes and far less expensive housing. imho

    1. I love Leavitt but I’d prefer Pepper Johnson. He’s chomping at the bit to get an opportunity, and he’d bring an aggressive, passionate mentality that the players would gravitate towards, especially having played the game….

  17. Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    ‏@timkawakami 49ers ended up with a very talented head coach. The rest is who-knows. And it’s laughable to suggest they had this all nailed down long ago.

    Brandon Graham ‏@Brando_Graham · 2m2 minutes ago
    @timkawakami I wonder who Chip mentioned as coordinators during his interview? Fans were spoiled with the staff Harbaugh assembled.

    @timkawakami this Vrabel rejection just a preview for FA. #JustSayNo

  18. Jed, The trentster, and time of possession issue for DC’s

    Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 1h1 hour ago

    Tim Kawakami Retweeted Practic Al

    Yeah, I never thought the Eagles D was awful under Kelly. But I don’t think DCs love that time of possession issue.

    1. Too bad Shannahan was an Eddy hire–As I stated before, he has contacts…The 49er Wagon will be circling back to 4949 Cent. for their in-house DC

              1. CFC, I thought you died laughing. I guess we will have to suffer from another zombie apocalypse with dead rotting things trying to suck our brains out.

    1. That’s something, because I hated the last one. This dude has worked with the younger Kiffin, so it makes some sense. He’s young and hungry, glad he picked up the glove….

      1. Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 1h1 hour ago
        A few years ago, the large tip-off that Jed York would choose Baalke over Harbaugh was that Baalke had a longer deal. Same clue now.

        Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 1h1 hour ago
        A few years ago, the large tip-off that Jed York would choose Baalke over Harbaugh was that Baalke had a longer deal. Same clue now.

        ‏@Jamesthesnake @timkawakami not trying to troll but Aren’t most coaching contracts 4 years , we should wait to see if he extends baalke

        Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 1h1 hour ago
        A few years ago, the large tip-off that Jed York would choose Baalke over Harbaugh was that Baalke had a longer deal. Same clue now.

        Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 1h1 hour ago

        Tim Kawakami Retweeted Bill C.
        I think Chip Kelly will always have some difficulty finding the right DC. He’ll get somebody, but it’s a rough gig.

  19. Derius Swinton to replace McGaughey as Special Teams Coach

    I liked McGaughey. I don’t know boo about ST schemes, but McGaughey seemed like a smart up and coming coach.

    Losing McCray hurt the punt/kick coverages. Pinion wasn’t the boomer we had hoped for (though I hold out hope). If Kelly has the wisdom to hang onto McCray and Pinion develops I’ll feel better about ST.

    1. Pinion was on par with Lee, but he did shank some punts. I saw nothing that suggested McGaughey was smart and up and coming….

      1. Hayne got ran over by the bus due to FUMBLEITIS, and as the following article requited me from earlier in the season….MISSED ASSIGNMENTS.

      2. The only gripe I had against him was that he demoted Hayne from punt returner, although that might have been a Tomsula decision. Who know?

      1. Using the go back machine I’d have taken Brett Hundley with the #126 pick we used on Mike Davis and then used the 5th rounder we used on Pinion to draft Cameron Artis-Payne.

    1. I did not like his word choice. Smell in the locker room? That could mean stink, or what it turned into. A stench.
      Maybe he should have talked about an aroma, or better yet, stay away from the olfactory sensations and talked about a ‘vibe’.

  20. Kevin Coyle would make a good choice for DB coach. Getting axed mid-season with the 30th ranked defense probably isn’t going to make him a DC candidate for again for at least a few seasons. Before Miami he was the Bengals DB coach for 10 years.

      1. Which is a little odd considering these comments he made back on the 4th:

        “But I think he’ll have a job right away, yeah, and he’ll do it in the NFL. I think eventually he’s going to win. He’s going to be real good. Let’s remember: They’re not firing a guy after a failed three-year experiment where he went 4-12 or 5-11. The guy was 10-6 the first two years and had a losing season and now he’s gone. So I think he’s a guy that’s going to get this thing down.”

        He does mention in the conversation that he thinks Kelly would have a problem coming to S.F. because he wouldn’t have any control but I don’t think that’s what his tweet was alluding to;

        Randy CrossVerified account
        ‏@randycrossFB Randy Cross Retweeted Joseph Chabayta
        Wow is all, just Wow. Good luck to 49er fans everywhere, your gonna need it.

        1. A few weeks after Randy’s Superbowl retirement game, I was in line with him in a local grocery store check out line. His very cute daughter (about three years old) was putting him through the ringer over the candy rack. I was tempted to ask him if his daughter was causing him more trouble than the down field penalty called on him in the middle of the winning drive. I should have just said thanks. ;-}

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