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  1. I don’t even know the organization anymore. It use to be a proud one where you would never here of these things with the players. Now I won’t overreact to the news until further facts come out. But it makes you think a little deeper. If there is smoke there is fire. What’s going on in the lockeroom? Why is there always some problem with a player for this team. It’s apparent these guys fear absolutely nothing in the lockeroom. This may be a case of special treatment to the stars on the team who screw up and get no punishment. It’s time harbaugh and Baalke start putting in strict conduct rules and sticking to them. No matter WHO does it. That way.. Maybe just maybe we won’t even have to hear about this garbage. If he did do this he shouldn’t be on this team anymore. I don’t care about he needs help, or he was drunk, or lost his temper and was out of character. This very violation has just been put under a microscope. That says this man can’t think and is a danger to society. I hope it’s not true, but I have a hunch it is. Get him out of here.

    1. They PLAY VIOLENTLY ….hard…..most EVERY DAY. It becomes second nature to be this way. It’s therefore not possible for them….. to just turn it off and be the civilized gentlemen of some former fictitious stereotype….suppressed….and it’s unrealistic and naive for the league leaders and us to expect that of them.
      Our solar system has now entered the photon belt! where we haven’t been for 13,000 yrs……& where unprecedented energies are now impinging upon our planet and our bodies. You’ll see more of this….and more injuries. I’ve even heard The End of Football and similar games of duality. ….is coming soon.

      1. That’s right…they do play/work in an extremely violent environment, but let’s be sensible here….tossing around a 315 lb grown man, and getting a violent and rough with your opponent is a hell of a lot different than getting the same way with a 120 lb pregnant woman….no excuse for that type of behavior…….

    2. The reason we didn’t hear about it wasn’t because it didn’t happen. We didn’t hear about it because law enforcement and the organizations would cover it up. I’m glad the NFL has finally grown a conscience.

  2. 4 years, and now they are finally cracking. Good gosh, grow up people. Had to be a niner. Teams are going to have to start putting termination of contract clauses in these contracts. Just to try and protect themselves from idiots like this. Even though the players association will never agree to it

  3. If true, then if he never wears a 49er uniform again, it’ll be too soon. Hitting a pregnant woman is reprehensible.

    Concerns about a football team seem insignificant in comparison, but I believe Tank is ready to fill in and has the potential to be an even better player than McDonald long term. I’m a little concerned about his conditioning (seemed to tire sometimes in preseason), but I’m sure Dial and the other backups are ready to spell him when needed.

  4. Well a little good news… Boone expected to report in the next day.
    Had a feeling those salary cuts were for him and not a cut victim on the wire.

  5. I guess McDonald wasn’t listening when Harbaugh cautioned the team to stay out of trouble back in June. This story reminds me of when Dan “Big Daddy” Wilkinson punched his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach.

  6. According to Donte Whitner, Harbaugh told the team that the can make a mistake and he will forgive them for everything EXCEPT putting your hands on a woman. Once you do that you’re done in his book. So Harbaugh may come down harder than Goodell. I think Goodell will only act if he’s charged. Another idiot. It’s not the organizations fault. I hate when people say the organization this and that. The organization has nothing to do with a players off the field life.

    1. It’s not te org’s fault these players get in trouble.
      But something’s missing in the org when a bunch of arrests are happening within a three year period. These players aren’t afraid of losing their career or being team less. Think about that.

      1. I wish JH had final say over everything. You know who wasn’t successful in the NFL until he got final word. I have a feeling Harbaugh would run a pretty tight ship.

    1. Agree. I was 15 when they won in 1981 and although my family were Raider fans I became a 49er fan because they seemed like such a great organization in everything they did. I have been waiting 20 years since 94 to win it all again and would like nothing better but this is getting ridiculous. If allegations true, I hope they release him, save the $ and hope Dial can do the job.

    2. Jack you probably heard that there were other 49ers on hand when McDonald was arrested. AS was not one of them. This is developing into a nightmare.

    1. Santa Clara County evidently runs bail hearings on the weekends or has a standing order for bail in certain amounts for certain types of offenses and certain types of offenders. Neither of those would happen in my neck of the woods, but we are a lot smaller.

  7. Mary,
    I’m glad that Aldon was not at the party, but even if he was there I don’t see how it would effect his suspension in any way.

    At worse, if he had been there it would only show that he was in the right place (good cause) that turned bad. Perhaps not good for his image but ultimately he did not or have been there with the intent to commit anything wrong.

    1. AES: I wasn’t even worried about ASmith. Hopefully he will stay out of trouble for the next 3 years. I haven’t checked to see if you can drink while on probation but of course he shouldn’t. I was thinking ahead about the circumstances of the incident: was it a party setting or were they just at home along and RM panicked and called some of his teammates?

      I was thinking about RI a day or two ago. We could use him on our OLine. That’s totally trouble in the making. TB sign him!

  8. If you hit a woman, you’re not a man. Pure and simple. If you hit a pregnant woman……I’m not sure. It’s so far from the moral compass of most men that the thought alone blows my mind. Truly appalling from a human perspective, let alone football. Very, very disappointing. I hope the woman is alright, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the altercation.

    1. I agree Big P, but at the same time we have to let the situation play out before passing judgment.

      We’ve seen clear examples this past offseason where initial reactions were unwarranted when more info became available. The Kap Miami incident and Aldon Smith Airport overreaction come immediately to mind.

      If it’s found that McDonald did indeed assault a pregnant woman he will get punished accordingly by both the league and the team.

  9. Still waiting to see some details. If he actually hit her, then cut his ass. Now its still considered battery if you push someone too, so let’s wait.

  10. Another Croc, another former Urban Liar role model. Another arrest. Shocker. Cut his ass. Better players on the team already making less.

    1. Oh, Joel, I don’t think anyone should expect a sports figure to be a role model, maybe in the old days. . . Hopefully, your parents, but that’s not always the case. You need to collect good people around you.

  11. What benefit is there to seeing his mugshot? I feel like media today has no filter on it and feels that everything needs to be out there. Nothing is gained from his mugshot, so why even bother to link to it.

  12. Does anyone know what the terms were of Ray McDonald’s recent restructure? What will it cost the 49ers to get rid of him if the allegations prove correct?

    If he is found guilty, I wonder what outrage there will be from 49er fans if he ends up getting suspended for more weeks than Ray Rice…?

    What will be even more interesting is what will the 49ers do while they wait for the “due process” to be completed? Will Ray McDonald still be playing week 1?

    1. Scooter
      > No outrage from me. 2 was too little for Rice; that doesn’t give anyone else a pass.
      > I’d keep him inactive pending result of due process. I think they’ll be obligated to pay him if they don’t cut him. I assume the team is talking to Dobbs and VDavis right this minute getting their take on events. A real bad report from those two could lead to some preemptive action by the team. This is not murder like Hernandez case, but it’s serious.
      I am not predicting what the team and/or NFL will do.
      > RMac play week #1? I hope not and I doubt it. Week#2? Possible, unfortunately.

      1. I don’t want to convict the guy before all the facts are out, but if this is true then I hope the 49ers just let him go. And if they do get some damning reports of events from Dobbs and Davis, or any other eyewitnesses, then I hope they don’t let him suit up in the interim.

        1. Scooter,

          I agree, they should cut him, if he did what he’s charged with.

          Having said that, you did say that the sum total of Smith’s offenses are worse than what Rice did. So, is it safe to assume that you think the 49ers should cut Smith, as well?

          Here’s the math:

          Smith > Rice

          Rice > = McDonald

          Therefore: Smith > McDonald

          You think McDonald should be cut, so, therefore you think Smith should be cut , as well, right?

          1. If guilty, McDonald should be cut in my opinion for the morality issues associated with hitting a woman, a pregnant woman at that. I don’t object to what Aldon did on a morality basis.

              1. From my own morality point of view, no. I don’t want thugs on the team I support. I can forgive stupidity so long as there is a real attempt to learn and improve from the mistake, but I’m far less tolerant of thuggery.

              2. Willtalk, maybe I’m a tad archaic, but for me if you beat your wife/ fiance/ girlfriend, then you are a thug.

  13. question for Razoreater:

    if the pregnant woman whom McDonald struck
    was your sister or your daughter, then please tell us:
    what kind of help would you personally be offering him?

    The world of professional football is now a cesspool.
    This kind of behavior by the Niners makes the Lombardi trophy
    a nonissue. Their win/loss record is completely beside the point.

    1. Superbowl D-Bag,

      Why are you talking s#@t to Razor? He simply stated that he hoped McDonald got the help he needs. He wasn’t “personally offering” anything to anyone. Don’t see why you felt the need to call him out on his post, but then again I can’t ever see why you do anything you do.

  14. Are you kidding me?! This guy is an idiot two fold: one because no man should hit a woman let alone a pregnant woman EVER and two because he did this reprehensible act right after Goodell introduced his new policy. Unless something proves that he isn’t a pathetic slime ball, I will not see him as a player on our team.

    1. Your reasoning is completely lacking any insight into emotion. Do you think people who rape murder steal or speed think of the consequences of their actions when they do it? I’m sure if he did assault her the last thing going through his mind was “oh I shouldn’t do this I might get a 6 game suspension”. Please. Heat of the moment, emotional reaction to whatever was transpiring was what caused this incident and no thought of punishment, the least of which from the NFL, would go through anyone’s head. Does it excuse his actions. No. But to say he’s an idiot because of the new rules in place completely ignores the human element.

      And again. We don’t know what happened and in these situations it really does seem like the man never has the benefit of the doubt. Woman calls the cop and says he’s assaulting me and he’s going to jail. Way of the world. Let’s let this play out in court instead of trying him on the Internet.

      1. It’s happened before, wife feels bad and refuses to testify, prosecutor has to drop the charges for lack of evidence. In this case, plenty of witnesses available if any actually witnessed the incident….

    1. Razor,
      Like many here, I hope that RayMac did not commit a crime, but at the moment the most damning report/accusation comes from the SJPD.

      “Police accused McDonald of “inflicting injury on a spouse or cohabitant.” The 49ers issued a statement saying “they take such matters seriously” but “reserve further comment” until they get more facts.” – Larry Hartstein |

      Unless the alleged bruises around his fiancée’s neck were self-inflicted, RayMac may have a very difficult time proving any innocence or wrong doing.

      1. I am not saying that this played it self out this way but bruises around the neck could have been gotten if McDonald was trying to push his GF away or restrain her if it were him who was being attacked. The bruises on the arms also could fit this criteria. Again not saying this happened but only that it is possible. A p!issed off woman will go after anyone regardless of size. I think that the type of bruises should eventual eventually reveal how they were inflicted.

        1. Willtalk,
          As RayMac said yesterday after he posted bail, “the truth will come out” and that is what this situation needs for final closure in order for all parties involved to move on.

          Another factor to consider will be the stories of Vernon and Dobbs. They will be asked (if they haven’t done so already) to give an official police report of case because they were present at RayMac’ house at the time.
          They will be asked if they were witness to any physical abuse or if the alleged incident took place out of their sight.

          Like RayMac, I too hope that the truth comes out. Be it to absolve him from guilt or convict him of guilt.

  15. Harbaugh told team in 2012 you will be forgiven for offenses. bUT if you lay hands on a woman you are done with him. That may be tested coming up….

  16. I just heard the news on TV that Ray McDonald could face a 6 game suspension. Looks like the 49er DL caliber just dropped another notch. Now how many games did ya boyz figure the 49ers were gonna win this season…hhhhhhhm ??

  17. AES: APPEARS TO BE ALLOT OF FRICTION BETWEEN HARBAWLER & UPPER MANAGEMENT, AND DISORDERLY CONDUCT IN THE LOCKER ROOM. Mix both those together and you have a receipt for a meltdown season.

    1. 40,
      Actually, the disorderly conduct is taking place away from the locker room and team facilities. Which incident are you referring too that has happened in the locker room?

      I don’t see how a few off field incidents (though serious) by a few players will effect the play of the current 53 players that are there to win games.
      How did the NE Patriots do last season in the throes of the Aaron Hernandez case?
      Try 12-4, 1st place in their division and finishing 2nd in the AFC behind the Broncos.

      While Aldon and possibly RayMac miss time in 2014, I’m more than certain that the 49ers will still be a force to be reckoned with.
      The key will center on how the players replacing them, perform. I’m more than confident that we’ll be just fine.

      1. 40,
        In addition to my previous response, I have not heard of any issues between Harbaugh and upper management that has transcended the locker room.

        Harbaugh has put his contract wishes on hold until the end of the season. And neither he or the Org can be responsible for how grown adults live/act once they leave team facilities.
        All the team could do is lay out the team conduct rules and standards and expect their employees to observe them.

  18. With regards to Ray McDonald, here’s what I believe is going to happen when it’s all said and done.

    1. His wife will not cooperate with police and Ray has to kiss plenty of behind at home. She regrets getting the authorities involved at this very moment. However, it’s too late now. She’s already got them in the mix. This happens far too often in these cases.

    2. The Police department and the district attorney’s will have to determine whether or not they can prosecute Ray without his wife’s cooperation. If they believe they can convict, they will prosecute. I seriously doubt they can or will.

    3. There’s a good possibility that they won’t prosecute him with just a police report and officers statements.

    4. His biggest problem comes if he can’t make this all seem like some misunderstanding. The DA’s office may not come after him but Goodell will be waiting to pounce and he is going to break Ray off those 6 games. He’s gonna make an example out of him. He wants the players to know that he means business.

  19. Wow! You guys sure like to attack and convict before you actually know anything. First you want to boycott a food vendor because their CEO was a jerk. Now you want to convict McDonald and throw him under the jail before you know anything. If he hit a pregnant woman he should be cut. Period-end of story. But how about some details come out before you judge. Same thing happened to CK. Alot of you guys were ready to write the guy off before any details emerged and then it turns out that he did something stupid but not criminal.

    1. Its everywhere, Houston. Check out Kawakami’s hatchet job at SJ Mercury News. Trent is an enabler. Nothing like snatching at a still-developing story to support an ongoing thesis. In the middle of the article we find this gem:
      “…the police report has not and probably will not be made public. All suggestions about what happened are from reporters on the story and (the police’s) initial media release.”
      The SJPD spokesperson called TK to remind him of that.
      Nobody condones domestic abuse just like nobody condones sexual assault, but there was no assault in Miami. We need to wait to see what info comes out. In the meantime we need to take everything with a grain of salt.

    2. “Wow! You guys sure like to attack and convict before you actually know anything. First you want to boycott a food vendor because their CEO was a jerk. Now you want to convict McDonald and throw him under the jail before you know anything. If he hit a pregnant woman he should be cut. Period-end of story.”
      ~ Houston 9er

      Houston, not sure who you are referring to. I take the same stance that you do;
      “If he hit a pregnant woman he should be cut. Period-end of story.”

      When all the evidence has been revealed in this case and IF he is found guilty I will take it a step farther; he should not only be cut from the team and punished by the league, but he should also be prosecuted by the penal system of State of California.

    3. Agreed on McDonald. But repeatedly kicking a cowering puppy goes well beyond “jerk” territory and crosses the border squarely into “Sociopathland.”

  20. Interesting! Goodells actions in the Smith case seems to mirror those of society in general. That of being too tolerant in certain area which is then followed up by being too harsh as compensation for the stupid initial tolerance. Reactionism usually turns out badly and is a sign of incompetence.

  21. Happened again on Bentley Ridge drive in San Jose, right around the corner. Last year it was Aldon liquored up here and ran into a neighbor’s tree.

    This is why I’m moving out of San Jose this month.. lol

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