Rob Rang breaks down Day 3

Here are the comments of’s Rob Rang on the 49ers’ late-round draft choices of 2010.

RB Anthony Dixon:
“I love him. He runs as hard as any back in the draft. He’s so much more athletic that he gets credit for because people see the power. The kid’s a beast. He’s a much more intelligent and instinctive runner than people talk about. San Francisco has an elite back in Frank Gore and a solid backup in Glen Coffee. But Glen Coffee better keep his eyes open; Dixon could take that spot.”


TE Nate Byham:
“He’s a little one-dimensional, but it’s a little like when they drafted (Bear) Pascoe last year. They’re trying to get tougher, and he’s a tough kid. Vernon Davis is a star receiver-type. They need a physical tight end as well.”

WR Kyle Williams:
“I like his quickness. He’s a perfect slot guy. He’s gives you a solid backup. He may never be a headliner but he has some speed.”

DB Phillip Adams finally stumped Rang. The scout had heard of the seventh rounder

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