Roman on Anthony Davis: “Find a right tackle that’s playing better than him.”

SANTA CLARA – Greg Roman spoke in the 49ers media tent Thursday afternoon. Here’s what he said about right tackle Anthony Davis.


In what areas have you seen T Anthony Davis make his biggest strides?

“That’s a great question. Anytime you draft a player with ability, who’s young like that, it’s all about the development of the player. [Offensive line] Coach [Mike] Solari, who, I know it’s November right now because he’s got his beard, I feel like I’m coming to work with Sean Connery every day. He and [offensive line coach] Tim Drevno do a great job with the O-line. I think Anthony, it all starts with him. He’s another guy, he loves football. I’ve said this before, he’s a guy that I would love to have escort me into a conflict because I know he’s going to back me up. He’s that competitive guy and he’s a team guy and he understands what it means to be a member of a team. But I think in everything really, starting with his stance, his efficiency of movement, his weight distribution in his stance, his eye placement, all the little things before you get to the physical. I think he understands things pretty early in the down, so he’s picking things up as he goes. Find a right tackle that’s playing better than him. He’s really come a long way in everything. The thing that enables him to do that is his attitude and the way he approaches work, day in and day out.


Two things about Anthony, one, are there some fitness things you guys have done to help improve his leverage from last year? And also, you talking about his attitude, you’ve definitely seen the attitude where it’s really feisty. What would describe as the full spectrum?

“I think our strength and conditioning staff, [head strength and conditioning coach] Mark Uyeyama, [assistant strength and conditioning coach] Kevin Tolbert, our training staff with [director of football operations & sports medicine] Jeff Ferguson, I think the results speak for themselves, what kind of professionals they are. I think that they’ve had a great impact on Anthony in making him a more complete player from a flexibility standpoint, from a body composition standpoint. And in just a hard work standpoint, coming in and working hard every day. I think in your offensive linemen you want guys that are tough minded, that go into a competition with some true grit and want to go light some people up. Anthony brings that to the table.”

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