Should the 49ers sign Dwight Freeney?

On Friday I argued why the 49ers should sign Charles Woodson and many of you disagreed, explaining why he probably would not solve the 49ers’ defensive issues. I found those arguments compelling.

The 49ers would be better off signing Dwight Freeney, whom the Colts will not re-sign. Vic Fangio could use the 33-year old defensive end as a sub package rusher – that’s how Bill Walsh used Fred Dean when Dean was in his thirties.

For Freeney, being a sub package rusher instead of a starter would keep him fresh. The impact he would bring on passing downs definitely would make the other 49ers’ pass rushers more productive.

Pressure is the best pass defense, because coverage cannot cover forever. Even the best cornerbacks struggle if the quarterback has all day.

Do you think the 49ers should sign Freeney? Why or why not?

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