Singletary on Atogwe, Raiders, Coffee and Willis

There was a lot going on in Santa Clara today, what with rookie offensive linemen getting first-team reps, Isaac Bruce getting “traded” to St. Louis, coach Mike Singletary waxing poetic about John Wooden and several prominent 49ers skipping the voluntary workout. Not to mention anxiety building over Tuesday’s vote a new stadium in Santa Clara.

Almost lost in the shuffle were these tidbits from the coach.

Singletary on free-agent safety Oshiomogho Atogwe, who could one day be his son-in-law: “Right now, we’re going forward with what we have. We’re happy with the safeties that we have now and I’m just going to leave it right there.”

Singletary on why the 49ers won’t be holding dual practices with the Raiders in Napa this summer:  “I just think this year we’re going to stay among ourselves and continue to get better. Everything we need to do, just do it amongst ourselves.”
Singletary on RB Glen Coffee: “Glen is a work in progress. He continues to work and do the things that he needs to do. He’s competing. He’s competing with Anthony Dixon and trying to be that guy when Frank (Gore) comes out, that guy that goes in. It will be interesting to see the progression of both he and Anthony Dixon.”
Singletary on LB Patrick Willis getting back on the field: “More than anything, it’s just really good to see his attitude pick up. Pat is not a very good guy to be around when he can’t do things. He just worries you do death. He just keeps asking questions, ‘what about this, or when do you think this is going to happen?’ So, I’m saying, ‘When are you going to get dressed? When are you going to get out of here?’ Give all that information to someone else. It’s just nervous energy. He hates not being with the team.”
That’s a pretty solid morning. If the other three practice days this week yield similar results, we’ll have plenty to talk about.

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