Singletary sees a lot of good things on film

Mike Singletary talked about Vernon Davis being the best blocking tight end he’s ever seen, his gratitude toward Mike Nolan and many other topics today during his usual day-after game press conference.

Let us get to the highlights of Singletary’s press briefing, which comes after he had a chance to study the film of the the 49ers’ 24-14 victory over the Jets:


Davis is the “best I’ve ever seen” as a blocker, Singletary said. It does not matter whether he’s blocking defensive ends or linebackers, he drives them and moves them around, he added. (Davis has also been very good in the passing game recently when the ball comes his way. Even with his limited chances, he has made some extraordinary plays, such as his 20-yard catch yesterday.)


–Singletary said the defense was “what you want it to look like.” The 49ers were running to the ball and making plays. The offensive line also played well, and imposed its will on the Jets.


–When I asked Singletary yesterday whether he saw Shaun Hill as the starting QB in 2009, Singletary gave a cautious answer. Singletary said his answer wasn’t so much cautious as it was “wise.” He said he is only thinking in terms of the next game. Therefore, he does not want to get too far ahead of himself with thoughts about who will be starting in 2009. After all, a lot can happen between now and then.


–The 49ers are showing many of the traits Singletary wants to see from his team. He said that the “physicality” and “ball security” components of his team are just “scratching the surface.”


–No word on whether Frank Gore will be available to play Sunday with his left ankle sprain. If he doesn’t play, the 49ers would likely go with veteran DeShaun Foster. But when asked if he’s concerned with Foster’s ball security, Singletary said, “Yes, I am.”


–When asked about practice-squad running back Thomas Clayton, Singletary said Clayton’s availability will be determined by Gore’s health. But Singletary did note that Clayton has a big fan in offensive coordinator Mike Martz. He said Clayton is “working his tail off.”


–Singletary credited Nolan with helping him get in this position. Singletary said he and Nolan text message each other regularly. When Singletary won his first game, Nov. 16, against the Rams, he and his wife went to Nolan’s house to deliver him with the game ball to “let him know I’m always indebted to him.”


–As for the motivation for the remainder of the season with the playoffs out of the picture, Singletary said the whole idea of football is about winning the next game. That does not change in the final three weeks of the season.


–Here’s a thought: If the 49ers do not sign Singletary to become head coach before the end of the regular season, he would then become a coaching free agent and free to weigh offers (if it should come to that) from around the league. I asked Singletary about that aspect. He said he is not auditioning for anything. He is merely trying to do the best job he can in the job he has right now.


–Singletary praised the play of cornerbacks Donald Strickland and second-year player Tarell Brown, saying they did a great job.


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