Singletary’s vision for future details Raye’s failures

On the first full day After Jimmy Raye, Mike Singletary had no interest in detailing the shortcomings of his former offensive coordinator on the Murph & Mac Show on KNBR on Tuesday.

Raye is gone — it’s time to talk about what the offense is going to do going forward, he said.

Funny, but as Singletary spelled out his vision for the offense going forward he was also detailing the shortcomings of his former offensive coordinator.

A sampling …

Singletary: “We’re going to do the best that we can to utilize all of the talent that we have.”
Translation: Jimmy Raye wasn’t aware we signed Brian Westbrook during training camp.

“We’re going to do the best job that we can to protect the quarterback
and maybe utilize his speed a little bit more in terms of moving him
around in the pocket.”
Translation: Alex Smith is a good athlete and Jimmy Raye didn’t move him around in the pocket. (Geez, this is so easy!).

Singletary: “We’re going to make teams really have to think about how to defend the entire field to try to stop us.”
We have checked with the NFL Rules Committee and those folks confirmed
that three wide receivers can be on the field simultaneously.

“We’re going to do the best job that we can of getting the ball into
the playmakers’ hands and we’ve got to be creative in order to do that.”
1. Mr. Westbrook has been found at the Target in Union City and returned
safely to Santa Clara. 2. We may review the philosophy of running,
throwing screens and three-yard hitches when the Chiefs, um, opposing
defenses have 19 men in the box.

“To me, I really want us to attack people whether we’re running the ball or whether we’re throwing the ball.”
On second thought, maybe calling three straight running plays while
trailing by 21 points with 16 minutes left is a tad too conservative.

also said Raye’s replacement, Mike Johnson, would be “more inclusive.”
By way of example, Singletary said Johnson might consult wide receivers
coach Jerry Sullivan about the best way to get certain wideouts open. Or
he might talk to offensive line coach Mike Solari about creative ways
to protect the quarterback.

Singletary didn’t say Jimmy Raye never did such things.

Well, not really.

Singletary said he considered Solari for the offensive coordinator
position, but felt Johnson would be the best choice due to his
experience working with the quarterbacks.

• Singletary on Alex
Smith, “I think with Alex Smith it’s kind of been up and down. But it’s
not all Alex Smith. People just have to realize that. I’ve seen Alex
Smith continue to grow. No, he hasn’t played spectacular to the point of
‘OK, I think he’s arrived.’ I think he did a nice job on that Monday
night and we got in this game (vs. the Chiefs) and things kind of went
south a bit. He didn’t have a whole lot of time as well, so he really
couldn’t get into a rhythm. So I just feel that we need to do a better
job in preparing him and making sure that he has all the things that he
needs in order to be successful. I just feel that it’s too early to pin
it on him and say ‘You know what, he’s not the guy. Alex, you know what,
you’re not doing it.’ I just figure that he needs some more time.”

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