So, Trent Baalke’s playing the hand he is dealt?

The 49ers general manager spoke with Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News and said, “From a philosophical standpoint, we’re not going to be major players in free agency (in signing free agents). . .we’re going to build this team through the draft. . .”

Comment: It’s unsettling to think Baalke is really saying “I’ll play these”, like he has a a heck of a poker hand worth keeping. These 49ers are not a heck of a poker hand.¬† They need cover men. They’ll need a defensive tackle since it looks like DT Aubrayo Franklin will be going¬†elsewhere for more money than he would get from the 49ers. There’s only way this philosophy works. That Harbaugh and his staff can coach ’em up, elevate the games of players who sub-performed, like Nate Clements. If they can’t, oops.

On re-signing as many of the team’s 15 free agents, “I’m a guy that likes to believe that you are far better off dealing with the known than the unknown, right? You know your guys the best.”

Comment: Exactly how much does he know his guys? How much does the first-year general manager and the first-year coach (Jim Harbaugh) know about players who have been locked out of camp? The lockout will affect all teams but the 49ers will be among the most affected, since the incoming staff was robbed of the summer OTAs.

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