Stats to consider about the Seahawks

What do you make of these stats for the Seahawks?

Passer rating allowed this season:
Richard Sherman: 45.9
Byron Maxwell: 47.2
Walter Thurmond: 67.3
Kam Chancellor: 61.1
Earl Thomas: 78.4

Yards per carry allowed the past five games:

Yards per carry allowed at CenturyLink Field this season:

Points per game allowed at CenturyLink Field this season:

Yards per play allowed at CenturyLink Field this season:

Opponent’s third down conversion percentage at CenturyLink Field this season:

Turnover margin at CenturyLink Field this season:

Penalties per game at CenturyLink Field this season:

Russell Wilson’s passer rating the past five games:

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  1. Whats been up with RW lately?

    Is it just because the running game has really picked back up and he hasn’t had to much the last few weeks….or does he legitimately look bad?

      1. It erks me that when he only throws for 100 yds no one makes note of it. All they talk about is the one or two clutch throws he had in the game.

        If Kap puts up those dismal stats then its “Is he doing enough”, “he can’t make reads”, “Can he be an NFL qb”…. Maybe its just me.

      2. You’re right,

        Wilson IS Overrated!

        As for the Stats in the Article?

        It means nothing now. This game will stand on it’s own merit as Jimbo always says.

    1. i think defenses have adjusted as follows: 1) play “contain” and 2) more important, don’t go for the pump fake. Many of his earlier big plays came on the move. Keep him in the pocket and he’s a decent passer with decent receivers, but that’s it.

      1. I disagree. Keep him in the pocket and he’s a below average passer. I’d love to see someone pull some stats out on that. All of Wilson’s plays come when he scrambles.

      2. I agree with Houston, if you keep him in the pocket RW is a below average passer. The key is to keep him contained so he does not run out of the pocket to buy time to throw the ball on the run. That is his strength and there is no defense that can cover 8 t0 10 seconds.

      3. *IF* you keep RW in the pocket, and *IF* you cover his receivers, yes he’s below average. Yes, many of his chunk plays come when he moves in/from the pocket and keeps his eyes downfield. But don’t kid yourself, this guy is good and he’s a big reason they won the division. Even when a team plays contain, he slips out a lot and makes plays. But sure, if you’ve got guys in his face and his receivers covered, he sucks ;-)

    2. RW lost his deep threat WR half way thru the season so the opposing defenses started to load the box to shut down the short passes and the run game. This is when RW has found away to avoid the pass rush and burn them with a long pass to keep them in the game. The return of Percy Harvin was the deep threat that put fear into the saints, so the defense put a big target on Percy Harvin to put him out of the game, putting Seattle back in the same predicament, no deep threat. I expect this championship conference game to be more of a run attack game for both teams.

      News of interest…….

      Terry Blount,
      This is the best rivalry in the NFL today and one of the best in professional sports. Most players on both teams will deny it all week, but the truth is these teams can’t stand each other, and that goes for the head coaches, as well. The two fan bases do everything they can to berate each other, and all of that animosity adds to the intrigue and hype for a title game. These are two of the most physical teams in the league. They are going to pop each other right in the mouth on every snap. It won’t be an easy game to officiate, having to find a balance between letting them play with so much on the line and knowing when a player’s actions get out of hand.

      Steve Serby, New York Post
      Hide the women and children. The Seahawks hate the 49ers. The 49ers hate the Seahawks. This enmity is such that this one now rivals, if not exceeds, Ravens-Steelers.

      And we’re not even counting the postgame handshake between Carroll and Harbaugh, which could be as physical as the game itself.

      Tim Dahlberg, The Associated Press
      The bookies in Vegas are laying odds — as they have all season long — that the Seattle Seahawks will play the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl. But even they wouldn’t be terribly surprised if it was New England against the San Francisco 49ers or any combination in between. …

      Forget that the 49ers were outclassed their last two trips to Seattle, losing by a combined margin of 71-16. It’s doubtful they’ll be intimidated by the rain or a raucous crowd that sends tremors through the earth (Saturday’s foot stomping win over New Orleans was recorded as a small earthquake) in a game that figures to be both bruising and bitterly contested.

      Chris Greenberg, Huffington Post
      While the 15th Brady-Manning heavyweight fight in the AFC will likely dominate conversation ahead of Championship Weekend, the young quarterbacks in the NFC could be in the early stages of a rivalry that will be talked about for years to come.

    3. I think the stats are a little skewed. If you look at the quality of the opponents they’ve faced over those games it falls off pretty dramatically.
      Seattle is a good scheme defense. They do a good job being physical. I predicted SF would beat Carolina by 17. If Lee completes that pass, they walk in for a td and win by 20. This week I think SF wins by 11.
      Seattle isn’t there in the Qb dept yet. Carrol doesn’t do well on the big stage. Texas beat them at USC in a championship game. RGIII last season. Kaepernick this season. Final score Seattle 16 SF 27.

    4. Stats. Panthers had allowed 12 pts avg all season. That’s why game is played. Re: Wilson: Cards showed how to defend him. Keep contain. Get push up the middle and hands up. Stop the run. This affected him a lot. RW throws a lot of balls his rec must go up and win. Chance for the D too. Still he’s good. Hope 9ers do above and score 23+ to win.

  2. Seattle has a fantastic secondary. Did you see how well New Orleans ran the ball on Saturday, who knew they could pound the ball like that?

    A Cardinals team the 49ers beat twice went up there and won despite Palmer throwing 4 picks.

    The health of KJ Wright could be a big factor.

    1. Frank Gore is averaging 2.96 yards per carry in his past five games at CenturyLink.

      9/15/13: 9 rushes for 16 yards
      12/23/12: 6 for 28
      12/24/11: 23 for 83
      9/12/10: 17 for 38
      12/06/09: 9 for 25

      1. That’s probably because they sell-out to stop the run every time they play him. When I see stats like that, it has more to do with the defenses focusing in on him, more than it does Frank Gore not playing well.

        Our passing game has more weapons than it has in a long while, so it’ll be interesting to see if they still feel comfortable stacking 8 men in the box.

    2. It’s all about holding Lynch to small gains. They’ve shown in both games against the Seahawks this year that they can deal with Wilson. The one area they’ve struggled in at that stadium is stopping Lynch from breaking off some big runs.

      I’m really not all that worried about this game from a defensive perspective anyway. The defense played well both times against them this year. I’m worried about the offense and more directly the running game as mentioned above. You can’t be one dimensional against this defense or you are done. Whether it takes running out of more 3 WR formations or bringing in 3 TE’s I don’t care. They have to be able to run the football and keep the chains moving. Not turning the ball over 5 times would help too.

  3. Yards per play allowed at CenturyLink Field this season:

    Opponent’s third down conversion percentage at CenturyLink Field this season:
    This is interesting to me because the first stat suggests that teams should be making a first down on their third play but yet they only convert 1/3 of the time. It seems that Seattle is consistently in a third and short situation on defense if they are allowing 8.8 yards on their first two plays on average. Why are they so good on third and short at home? Crowd noise? Do teams consistently try to run it against them in that situation or is it the opposite?

      1. Interesting, I’f I had looked that up I certainly wouldn’t have made the comment but I still wonder then about the relevance of the stat. If you only need 10 yards to make a first down and you’re giving up 4.4 a play, how do you only give up a first down a third of the time. Does Seattle indeed face third and short more often then most teams and if so why are they so successful at it? Or what other obvious point am I clearly over looking?

      2. CFC,

        Your discussion assumes opposing offenses gain exactly 4.4 yards on each play. If they actually did, then, yes, Seattle’s defense would be facing third and short, all the time.

      3. Thanks you two but I don’t think I explained myself well because you both tried to explain how averages are created, which I fairly familiar with.

        No worries, my guess is that I’ve probably already answered it within the question.

    1. Coffee,
      Big gains skew the average. And you can’t just add the averages together to say 8.8 yards for the first two downs. Each down has a different average too. RB Ellington for instance led the league with an average of 5.5 yards a rush. Seams, like you could rush him 2x and move the chains. Typically a qb will average anywhere from 5 yards (considered very low) to 20 yards a throw so have him throw it twice and you got a first down is another example…

  4. The rookie that is starting on the O line, Michael Bowie for the Hawks will be tested and exploited to the Niners advantage Sunday. NO did not expose it due to their D line but we will.

  5. I feel as though the 49ers are a close family unit, and part of the family has died. Silently brooding inside the heart of every player in that locker room is the desire to now win it all for Grandpa Joe…..

  6. Our biggest weapon against Seattle is Kaps the 1st game this year , we didn’t sustain very much on offense. The drives that were a success, Kap didn’t hesitate to take off and run for good yardage. He should not be hesitant to run with the football. Seattle plays man most times and Kap has to usin them with his legs. Ifq it means that he needs to be selfish and take off with it 15 times, then by all means do so.

    He also has to be a bit more accurate throwing on the run into the short areas. Their linebackers always leave Gore and come up to try and tackle Kap. That’s when he has to accurately throw over the linebackers for yardage to Gore or and Hunter. They let Kap run at will in that 1st game and Kap has proven that he’s smart enough to get down or get out of bounds when he needs to. His legs are the biggest weapon we have against Seattle no doubt.

    1. I completely agree with this statement. Anytime you have DB’s turning and running, you should look to see if someone may be open, feel the blitz, and then look to move outside of the pocket. But I’m going to be interested to see how they play Boldin, Davis, & Crabtree. I believe when all three are on the field it will free up running space.

      1. KY49ER,

        I’m disappointed that Kap doesn’t have the touch right now to complete those throws. He has to clm down early in this game or it’s going to get away from him again. He has to know that his defense has his back and they are going to keep Seattle under control unless he gives them short fields by turning the ball over.

        He destroys teams with his legs. The NFL has no answer for Kap taking off and running. He just has to be willing to do so instead of forcing throws on the run.

      2. Hey 23Jordan, Is it me or CK stayed in the pocket more against the Carolina compare to the Greenbay game? I thought he had a lot of opportunity to take off last Sunday but for some reason he didn’t. Either he was told to hang in the pocket or maybe he is getting more comfortable back there. I hope for the latter.

      3. Ricardo,

        You’re right, he did stay in the pocket more because Carolina plays zone and their linebackers are pretty fast. The would have been able to contain Kap. They close really fast. Seattle plays man, Kap will have plenty of space. He has to take it.

      4. 23J,
        I agree, I think you’ve nailed it. Kaep’s legs, and the uncovered scrambling dump-offs opportunities underneath that he creates are a huge weapon.
        I want him unleashed!!

    2. yes he missed a couple of big plays to Gore in the first game vs Seattle. almost startling lack of touch. part of that is being less frantic, and I think the effect of cumulative experience will help.

    3. Jordan, I watch the first game in Seattle and Colin had so many opportunities. He was off his game! He played slow did not run when he had the chance and his soft throws where just awful. He had several wr open and he did not find them. This is the game for Colin to show more poise and take what the defense is giving him. He has to play smart if that means throw the ball away then so be it but do not force a pass in coverage and he has to protect the ball. Last time we played the score was 0-5 for the first half and we were shutting down the sea hawks offense. We made way too many mistakes with 4 turnovers and did not capitalize on huge opportunities in their goal line. I truly believe this 49er team can beat the sea hawks despite their gimmicky defense and artificial noise.

      1. Also, i completely agree with your comment CK must take off and be able to throw to his backs with much more accuracy. If he does then we will have some big gains.

      1. Just wondering if we should be as worried about these stats we much as we should have been worried about the Panther’s excellent defensive stats. Which turned out not at all.

    1. Very good question rib. I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but I know the Panthers pass rush is better than Seattle’s as is their run stopping ability. It should also be noted that the Niners have faced the #6 and #2 ranked defenses in the league on the road in the past three weeks and have won both games.

      1. The Niners are not the same team that lost earlier in the season, throw out the stats, don’t mean a thing, last week .Grant loaded stats about how great Carolina is during the regular season. Better QB, great D, blah blah blah. Who won. !!

      2. Its nice to see the stats but Panthers had a very impressive record at home and their defense was playing amazing football. To my opinion Cam is a better Qb than russell wilson and the Caroline front seven is so much more talented than seahawks.

    1. Not a surprise after the Titans took Whisenhunt (sp?). I wonder if the fans in Detroit feel like they got their man or the boobie prize?

      1. They got their man. Caldwell will command a potent offensive attack while Whisenhunt will command a mediocre offense.


    Does Dilfer say he was wrong? No, but he says Kaepernick’s improvements are “remarkable.”

    I still say Dilfer was just plain wrong when the r-word he used was “remedial,” but he’s simply too full of himself to admit it.

    Here are the Kaep v. Newton stats, by the way:
    Kaep: 15/28 for 196, 1 TD passing, 1 TD running
    Fig: 15/24 for 208, 1 TD passing, 2 INTs, 1 stuffed sneak for 0 points

    Kaep’s QBR was 71.9, third to Manning and Brady. Fig’s was 50.1 (4th best, and just 0.1 better than what ESPN considers the average).

    1. Trent Dilfer also said Jim Hostler was one of the brightest offensive minds in football and he would be “one of the best ever.”

      Trent Dilfer should have zero credibility with anyone. Why anyone listens to Dilfer is beyond me. He talks to hear his own voice.

      1. Houston,
        It’s kind of funny that you say that because it reminds me of one of the times I was given tickets to the players parking lot after the game. Many of the players went right from the showers to their cars, with a plate of catered food in hand. Some visited with family members and friends. Differ was “That dude” in the players lot just like he’s “that dude” on ESPN. He was double fisting Bud Lights and carrying on, very similar to his ESPN schtick (minus the Buds). He was like that relative that has told the same story way too many times and doesn’t realize people don’t find it entertaining anymore. He was kind of a blowhard and I always think of that day when I see him on ESPN.

      2. “Double fisting Bud Lights in the players parking lots”.
        Notwithstanding that I wouldn’t even call that watery swill beer, I now like him even more.

      3. Angus,
        It was a preseason game, but it was pretty funny. He was having a good old time. There are a few things that stick out to me while watching the players after the game:
        1. The size of Larry Allen’s shoulders as he walked to his Bentley in a tank top, shorts and sandals. I think he’s half Grizzly bear.
        2. Mike Nolan visibly upset after witnessing (I can’t remember his name, he was a DB from Virginia Tech I think) jumping his 1964 Impala via hydraulics, gangsta style in the lot. Jeremy Newberry was very amused by the whole situation.
        3. The elevator at Candlestick park. I didn’t realize at the time there is only one. It was so dank and had a little b&w monitor up in the corner. It was like a time capsule from the 60′s or 70′s. It was still pretty cool having the opportunity to go on it, though.

    2. The thing is Dilfer’s right about the improvement. Kap has been a much better player the second half of the season especially since Crabs has returned. He’s not the same guy he was when Dilfer made the remedial comment. He’s making quicker decisions and not holding the ball too long as he was in the first half of the season. We forget and Dilfer did too, that this is a QB who didn’t play in this style of offense at any point in his life from HS to College. It was going to take time which is why a number of us believed he wouldn’t get a chance to start until his 3rd year at the earliest. He was a revelation last season when he took over, but he was still in his infancy as a pro QB and we saw the obstacles surface earlier this season. What we see now is a young player gaining confidence the more he plays and is now playing at a higher level than 10 weeks ago. Kap is now using his mind and not just his body to play the position and it shows.

      1. Now, if he can just get comfortable moving around within the pocket and resetting his feet before he throws (experience)… my goodness, this kid could be a QB like no one’s ever seen before.

      2. Mr Auto…..I have a strong feeling about CK that he may never have perfect fundamentals. He may never look pretty in the pocket. He may never be in the top 10 most accurate QB’s but he is a winner. Terry Bradshaw was never fundamentally sound or extremely accurate but he has more SB rings than any other QB in history. CK brings to the table attributes that are’nt easily measured. I’m begining to think he will never look as polished as Manning or Brady or Luck but that does’nt mean he won’t win as much as they do.

      3. to me, the difference in Kaepnerick has been less about his decision making and more about his patience. During his early mid season slump he seemed to be impatient in the pocket. he either threw to his first read or immediately started to get happy feet and got out of the pocket and then looked confused in trying to decide to throw or run. because of his early exit from the pocket the other routes had no time to develop. we all took that to mean he didn’t trust his other receivers (which he probably didn’t) but more importantly it threw off Kaep’s timing, footwork and confidence IMO.

        Kaep will still rabbit from the pocket but usually only if he’s gone through his reads or if the pocket completely breaks down. He’s also more likely to take a sack. The offense has adjusted a bit and given Kaep an underneath safety valve. Instead of almost exclusively keeping Gore in to block or check/release he shows up 5 yards in front of the line of scrimmage (sort of a stick pattern) as a dump off option which Kaepernick has been more willing to choose when the other receivers are covered.

      4. uhm…old coach…”but he has more super bowl rings than any other QB in history”????

        this is after all a 49ers blog site……..

      5. Are we really still talking about Dilfer? I still believe that since those comments earlier in the year that the coaches made the offense less complex for Kaepernick. Less reads, modified verbiage and of course a healthy Crabtree.

    3. Here’s an interesting question I hope Grant can answer. How do those stats look when it rains in Seattle? If Seattle is in fact a team built for speed, does the rain slow them down (as I suspect) and even the playing field for the visiting team? When the Cardinals beat them, there wasn’t rain, but it was very cold, humid and foggy.

    4. the thing about Dilfer’s comments is that they have to be taken within context of the entire offense. He’s said that the Niner’s offense is like something out of the 1970′s. which makes it a “remedial” offense with a remedial passer. And he’s not entirely wrong.

      I’m no fan of Dilfer. In fact I think he gets to ahead and full of himself at times. But weather or not Dilfer’s comments are correct depends on your point of view and interpretation. Can efficient and simplified also mean remedial? maybe. but ultimately what matters is results.

      The Niner’s offense doesn’t have some of the more complicated aspects of more advanced passing attacks. I’m not just talking about personnel and formations. But all you have to do is watch Manning, Rodgers or Brady when their passing games get going. It just looks more wide open and complex than what the Niners run. How many times can Welker be open in the middle or Julian Edleman or Danny Woodhead or Amindola? If these guys aren’t open than one of their teammates probably is. These types of receivers typically adjust their routes to the coverage: 3 deep sit underneath the coverage. 2 deep run a go route and split the safeties. 2 really deep, run a box in and cut underneath them. The receiver adjusts the coverage as the QB modifies his reads. Or basically throws to where there’s expected to be open space. We usually attribute this kind of quick decision making to the QB having mastered his reads and knowing where to go with the ball. which is true…but the other side of it is the receiver knowing his options for getting open with the given coverage. This kind of synchronicity takes careful reads and timing. and may not be for a young QB and inexperienced receiving corp. This kind of complexity in the passing game does not exist as much in the Niner’s passing game. Mostly static routes and half field reads. the passing game has been streamlined for efficiency. but the result is a static passing attack that does not offer much post snap options. but that’s where Kaepernick’s legs come in. If the QB and receivers can not adjust the play on the fly. then Kaepernick can adjust the play on the fly with his feet…or in other words Kaep’s legs make up for the lack of flexibility in the passing game.

      1. making reads at the NFL level is insane – you’re reading a D which is often disguising coverage, then sorting through 2, 3, 4 or 5 options, then often throwing – before a guy is even open or makes his break – to a spot based on the receiver’s read of the safety/corner. and you’re doing that in 3-4 seconds, with about 1200 pounds of DL coming at you, possibly while faking a handoff. Dont forget, you need to throw on balance while also not telegraphing your throw to the safety, and also be sure to step up in the pocket based on what you see in your peripheral vision. No wonder Harbaugh/Roman simplifies the reads for Kaep, he’s still learning to become a true pocket QB. That he’s this good already – before he truly masters that art – is a blessing for the 49ers.

      2. jsteez,

        i did a couple of really long postings on this blog last week about reads and progressions.

        bottom line is that most of Kaep’s reads are shell coverage reads that tell him to look in the middle of the field or outside based on the placements of the safeties. the other thing that simplifies reads are half field reads where on one side of the formation the routes are designed to beat zone and the other side is designed to beat man coverage. so once the coverage is determined the field is cut in half and the number of receivers are reduced.

        there are limitations to this approach, expecially on 3rd down when it is advantageous to have the full field to horizontally stretch the defense and can fully decipher coverage and routes to make quicker decisions (which help to negate pass rush).

  8. This is what I am hoping for and I am not suggesting that we laid over but I just think there is more to play for this week than the last 2 times in Seattle.
    2012 the division was pretty much wrapped up.
    2013 to early to show your hand.

  9. Here is Vol 6 of “Archive Jive”

    This beauty came to us the day before NYG vs S.F. NFC Title game.
    Grant had just said “ the Niners are the best team in the NFL. They’re not going to lose to a seven-loss team. I will be shocked The Niners if they don’t win this one fairly easily.”

    I was even more confident than Grant. I rarely gamble but I laid a few Benjamin’s down on Niners. My bold prediction backfired. Kyle Williams was no help and I still believe Bradshaw fumbled.
    Here is my pathetic blowout prediction and lame smack talk on New Yorkers.

    Crab15 says:
    January 20, 2012 at 10:25 pm
    Grant – I agree with your prediction one billion percent!
    The New York FOOTBALL Giants are living in “Fantasyland” and reality is about to kick in!
    Yeah, “When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true” (Only in Fantasyland you cocky/arrogant New Yorkers)…. I heard you losers online @ WFAN sports radio (New York) talking about your Super Bowl rematch with N.E.
    S.F. 34 N.Y. Giants 13 approximately :-)
    Now I’m done!

    Remember you can catch “Archive Jive” every Tues morning. “You may be next.”

    1. Thanks alot for bringing back that great memory. Awesome! My favorite part of that time was Cosell’s post game autopsy pointing out the game should have been a blowout but Alex Smith couldn’t find the wide open receivers. This blog BLEW UP when Cosell’s comments were posted. Good times. Good times.

      1. Do you mean Crabtree who struggled against a weak secondary, Brett Swain (nuff said), or Kyle Williams who twice killed any momentum the team had going?

    2. Crab, it takes a MAN to admit he was wrong, so kudos to you. And you can always take comfort in the fact that you were wrong for the right reasons!

  10. Those stats basically just show us what everyone already knows. The Seahawks defense is good, really good. Their secondary is one of the best we’ve ever seen as a whole. I think we all know it’s going to be tough to move the ball against them.

    But on the flip side, I think our defense has played very well against their offense, and have done a great job at containing RW and Lynch. So it’s going to be tough for them to move the ball as well, as long as we’re able to keep RW in the pocket.

    This game IMO, will come down to turnovers and big plays. This isn’t the type of defense that you can grind out 8 min drives against. We’re going to need a couple big plays to win this game. Their red zone D is incredible, and I think it’ll be easier to score from 20+ yards out, than it will be from within the 5.

    But, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re able to gash them in the running game. I think that’s the only weakness in their defense, if you had to pick one. Their weakness also happens to be our biggest strength. Passing against them is a scary task, and I’m worried they’re not going to be dropping the same INTs that Car and GB did.

    I think our plan of attack should be to run the ball well, especially on first downs, and then set them up for the big play with a play-action pass. Passing against them on 3rd and long when they’re expecting the pass, is a kamikaze mission.

    1. Sounds like a good plan, Dan. The only modification I’d make is to be sure to run some “sweep” type plays at Sherman. I think he’s a lot like Sanders…doesn’t like the contact. Pound him a few times, then go deep on his ass!

  11. I guess as far as the Seahawks cheating on every play, the ground’s been pretty thoroughly plowed, so it’s not worth mentioning by media or fans any more at this point, right?

    The tactic is to cheat all the time, because refs are reticent to call penalties on every single play.

    - WSJ, Seahawks Grabby Talons

    1. E, the whole gimmicky defense that is known by the entire NFL for holding, mugging, pushing will continue. The seahawks coaches have created a new strategy that is working. the question is why NFL allowing a team to break the rules? If the refs call the first few back to back in the beginning of the game things would change but i do not believe they are going to call it.

    1. More respect than dislike between the teams. Brady and Manning are both in the twilight of their careers and have played against each other so many times, whereas the Niners/Seahawks rivalry is still in its infancy and features some very real disdain from both sides.

      I think the Harbaugh/Carroll feud is more media made than reality, but there is no doubt about the hostility from the Stanford Seahawk players toward Harbaugh. Either they didn’t like the way he treated them while at Stanford or they are extremely pissed he didn’t draft them. Whatever the case, it’s real.

      1. Agreed and I like it. Just good ole – old fashion hate. Kind of like the niners & packers or niners & cowboys in the 90′s.

    2. Traditional rivalries have become one or no sided lately.

      The Jets have not been able to match up with the Pats the last few years. Grant, take a time and space machine back 4 or 5 years ago to the Northeast and you will find no love lost between those two.

      Ravens-Steelers… Browns-Bengals… Not so much these days – it takes two to rumble.

      1. They need to call some plays where Sherman is targeted and blasted by either VMac or VD (tukafu if he’s healthy)…that would set the tone right away.

      2. It’s moments like this when I think of that bad football movie about replacement players with Keanu Reeves where the whole team just decides to take a 15 yard penalty by having all eleven of them just cream the player in front of them any way they could: drop kicks, clotheslines, etc…As unlikely as it would be because of possible ejections, that would set the tone for the game if the 49er’s offense just took a throwaway play and leveled the player in front of them.

    3. One, (if you mean total conferences) Much less competition in the conferences. Truly these are the two best teams in the AFC and nobody else is close. NFC runs 5 or 6 deep. Everyone is trying to get to the top.

      Two, (if you mean the bickering difference of the teams this weekend) Manning and Brady fans been around forever. It’s like, oh, they are playing for the umpteenth time in a row? Not much new here and the two don’t really seem to hate each other. 49ers and Hawks have been relevant for the last 3 years now. A lot more lip service by some of the players on both sides. Respect? Yes. Hate? Oh, hell to the yeah! Oh, and Hawk fans are extremely jealous of the 49ers and what they’ve won. Wannabe little bastages!

    4. Can you imagine if Belichek went up to Fox after the game with, “What’s your deal?????” Not likely to happen. More likely to compare age spots.

    5. Because the two best teams in football play in the NFC. The vitriol totally stems from the coaches, though. I think Harbaugh would kick Carroll’s ass if he knew he wouldn’t get in trouble for it and I think Carroll would kick Harbaugh’s ass if he knew he was capable of it. You hate them if they aren’t your teams coach and you love them if they are.

  12. Rib, I was just thinking the same thing….. Carolina’s defense has only given up 6 TDs at home all year, or how tough Carolina’s D is for knocking out the 49ers….

    Hey, Panthers Defense was strong. Seattle’s D is strong. No easy teams left. Gonna be tough this Sunday. It’s why I love the NFL Playoffs. Don’t water them down, NFL!

    1. Exactly nova. It’s almost pointless to quote figures these days, as the 4 remaining teams are going to be near the top of some stat or other.

      If we went purely by the numbers, it would seem impossible for any team to beat any other team.

    1. I give Grant a lot of crap about his predictions, but at least he makes them unlike most of us. It’s easy to pile on a bad prediction but he puts himself out there for us to do that.

      I predicted an Atlanta/Houston SB, then changed it to SF/Houston in Sept. I don’t think there was a worse prediction made than that. We are all just throwing stuff out there.

      1. I’d still really love a complete breakdown of what went on with Texas this/last season. During the Kubiak era they’ve been consistently good to dominant. In 2012 their defense was dominant too. But all of a sudden it’s like someone unlocked the key to shutting down Shaub and Kubiak’s offense and it spread like wildfire to all of their opponents. I know that Kubiak’s offense tends to be a singular philosophy and 2 notes (stretch run to set up play action passing and bootlegs…ala 1997 Broncos). The Defense collapsed followed because of the offense’s ineptitude. I’m sure there are some injury issues and other stuff going on but I’m really curious what went on.

      2. I give Grant a lot of crap about his predictions, but at least he makes them unlike most of us.

        I’m not doing too bad in the prediction department Rocket. I predicted that our team would go to Super Bowl last preseason (albeit against the Texans just like you had predicted) and now it is looking very likely that my Niners-Broncos Super Bowl prediction is on the money.

  13. Hey guys, correct me if I’m wrong. If my memory is correct, I thought CK moved the ball well in the first half of last year’s game in Seattle. And if you agree, what were the Niner’s offense were doing?

  14. What to make of those stats? 49ers have their work cut out for them, but when all is said (and written) and done and we’re out there implementing and executing, then it’s – damn the statpedos! Full steam ahead!

    1. Damn the statpedos…nicely done, Max. And thanks for the clarification on the spelling, too. For Christmas, I got a coffee mug that reads “I’m silently correcting your grammar”. No need to use it on you!

  15. Here’s an interesting question I hope Grant can answer. How do those stats look when it rains in Seattle? If Seattle is in fact a team built for speed, does the rain slow them down (as I suspect) and even the playing field for the visiting team? When the Cardinals beat them, there wasn’t rain, but it was very cold, humid and foggy.

  16. Stats are meaningless when two teams are playing each other for the third time in a season. By definition only division opponents can meet each other three times in a season, and as division opponents they know each other from A to Z. There will be no surprises on Sunday.

    Since the Super Bowl era, two teams from the same division have met five times in the NFC championship. (Actually Six times but the 1982 Redskins / Dallas game does not count since they played each other only once in the regular season because of the strike). Only one team won all three games (1986-87 NY Giants over the Redskins). More ominous for the Niners is that home team was won five of six such games (1972-73 Redskins over Dallas, 1980-81 Philly over Dallas, 1986-87 Giants over Redskins, 1989-90 Niners over Rams). Only the 2010 Packers broke this trend by beating the Bears in Soldier Field.

    The 1989-90 Niners were the only team to lose at home in the regular season and then went on to beat the same team in the NFC championship. They lost to the Rams 13-12 at the stick and then beat them 30-3 in the “Chris Everett” game in the NFC championship.

    Go Niners.

  17. Since the media has a crush on the Seahawks and RW, I thought you all would appreciate these recent stats to add to Grants above (Amazed a guy like Mike Silver writes an article this week about how the Seahawks are “Peaking” at a perfect time:

    The Seahawks are 3-2 in their last 5, after starting 11-1. One of those losses was at home, where they are supposedly “unbeatable”. 2 of those wins were over the Giants & Rams, games they were expected to win handily, so no extra credit for that.

    Wison has thrown for over 200 yards once in the last 5 games (and even that was only 206). They are averaging 20 ppg in the last 5, after averaging 28.3 in the first 12.

  18. Andrew Luck threw SEVEN (7) INTs in his past two games, both playoff games. Including 4 in last weeks elimination game. Can you imagine the national and local chatter if Kaep had done that? 7 picks in two playoff games?!

    Which begs the question, why is the media so harsh on Kaep and easy on Wilson and Luck?

    1. Mike,
      In the first playoff game against the chiefs he overcame INT’ to bring his team back in the second best comeback win in NFL playoff history. So he get’s a pass (no pun intended) in my book for that one.

      His second playoff game? Arrrrghhhhh!!!

    2. Mike,
      I was thinking about that the other day. Seven INT’s in two playoff games is atrocious. His comeback against K.C. was great, but he was a big part of them falling behind in the first place. I like Luck but I can only imagine what people would be saying about other QB’s if they did that. When he throws a pick it’s just another opportunity for another comeback, when Kaep throws one it’s a horrible mistake. Luck is the new Manning and is the future face of the league, so I get it, but it’s still annoying.

    3. What happened to him in the playoffs as he threw just 9 in the 16 games before that????

      Oh well, that’s for more interested parties to dissect.

    4. I don’t know that the media is all that hard on Wilson. Few are discussing his sub-par performance last week nor his struggles over the past several. I take that back (sort of). A few articles have mentioned it in the past day or so, but most likely because the Seahawks are in the Championship round and every, single, minute angle must be discovered and discussed, ad naseum.

      On the whole, I get the impression it’s about impressions. Luck is incredibly gifted physically, mentally and verbally. I mean, the guy gets driven (PLANTED) to the turf by a pass-rusher and he compliments the guy on the hit as he’s getting up and brushing himself off. Added to that, his interviews, both on and off the field, are congenial and informative, regardless of circumstance. Plus, he just “looks” like an all-American to many.

      As for Colin, he blew up last year, taking the media and the country by storm and surprise. While also obviously gifted physically and mentally, his interactions with the media leave many somethings to be desired. Couple that with his (over)exposure, his look (tats on your leading man apparently don’t go over well in the bible belt) and his misunderstood and much maligned TD celebrations, he has become a lightning rod for, imho, unfair criticism.

      For better or worse, drama drives the 24 hour news cycle and where Colin goes, drama follows. As for me, I couldn’t be happier than to read yet another column, for good or ill, about my favorite player. Thanks, media.

    5. There is no comparison. What the press thinks is beside the point.

      The Colts are completely dependent on Luck to carry them. He wins games because he forces the ball into tight spaces and makes impossible throws, he loses for the same reason.

      Luck has made a below-average O Line look good. Luck is the reason they have running game because the opponents cannot crowd the box. As Luck goes, so goes the Colts. Kap is important to the 49ers, but the latter can win without him. But more importantly, he’s just graduated from pre-school to elementary school in pocket passing. Hopefully, over the next 2-3 years, Kap will get to high school in pocket passing where Luck is now.

    6. Why Mike? Because the media always needs a good and bad guy. I posted an article on that very same thing you brought up. How the media shows pictures of Wilson at his charity events in every picture, and ck is being shown as a clothes, shoes, tattoo loving “bad boy”.
      This same atricle shows tons of pictures of CK and the children (domt say it claude) with heart conditions he supports. Pictures you won’t and don’t see on the Internet or social media. It’s a joke. This is the same sports media who PRAISE single
      Players and NEVER talk about the team.

    7. ‘Public’ expectations. And by that I mean the expectations the public is told to have by the media.

      Kaepernick playing for any other team, for any other coach, would not have as high expectations on him. But he is a supreme athlete for the positions, playing for a team with a very strong supporting cast, and was the first QB chosen by QB whisperer Jim Harbaugh. As soon as he was drafted by Harbaugh his public expectation went up a lot. He then went on to play some outstanding football in the 2nd half of last season, shattered the single game rushing mark for a QB in his first play-off appearance, led an incredible comeback against the Falcons in the NFCCG, and nearly did an encore in the Super Bowl. His expectations coming into this season were astronomical. After the first game of the season he was the new QB golden boy, but then the wheels fell off the wagon. He was on such a pedastal the fall from grace was highly public. Thus why there is so much discussion about his lesser performances.

      Luck also has high public expectations as a 1st overall pick, but took over a terrible team and transformed them as a rookie into a legitimate playoff team. That was above expectations. His supporting cast this year was still questionable, especially on defense, yet he played great throughout the year as he led them to the divisional round of the playoffs despite losing his best receiver midway through the year. Again, above (or at least meeting) expectations.

      Wilson was a guy most people in the public didn’t even know before he became the starter. When he won the job in camp, general consensus was he might develop into a decent QB in a few years, but he had limitations (in particular size). He got better each week last year and at the end of the season was considered a very solid young QB, but still with limitations. Despite how well he played last year, his expectations were that he was good enough to lead a very strong team to the SB, but wasn’t expected to set the world on fire. He has pretty much lived up to expectations this year.

  19. Nice breakdown Grant.
    With the exception of R.Wilson all the numbers are for the defense.

    At first blush, it seems to me that Wilson would be the weak link for our defense to attack, but I know that he is capable of amping his production at any given moment in a game.

    Do you have a break down on how M.Lynch has run over the last couple of losses before the post season?
    I know that it’s no revelation that our front 7 has to keep ML from achieving beastmode level and keep RW in the pocket where he has been pedestrian.
    If we can hold the line defensively in these two areas and quite the crowd by the 4th Qtr we will be in good shape to punch our ticket to the SB.

  20. The stats at the top of the page are completely meaningless. It doesn’t matter what the Seahawks did against the other 7 teams they played at home, and we know they have a good defense. The fact of the matter is both teams are almost identical in what they need to do to win, if there is any advantage at all for the 49ers, it is the WR tandem and V. Davis, you cannot double all three players. The score in week 2 was 5-0 at halftime and still manageble 12-3 after 3rd qtr, but all anyone ever wants to talk about is the final score. The 49ers defense will need to contain Lynch and make sure Wilson doesnt break from the pocket and whip it 30 yards down the field to break our backs at a key moment. We will continue to kick FG’s like we have the past 2 games, with the hope that one or two red zone chances will result in a TD that puts us over the edge.

  21. We all know they are a very good team, so what I make of the stats is they you relish your role as Niner hater. As long it makes you feel good and as long as your predictions are wrong, I’m fine with it.

  22. Looking at the the first half of the last game against the Seahawks at Seattle, it was alot closer than the final score made it look. A comedy of errors by the Niners doomed them.

    1. 1st quarter, Seattle on 4th and six punts at the SF 49 yard line, blocked by C. Dahl. SF gets ball back at Sea 33.

    SF then goes no huddle for three plays, four more plays gets them to the SEA 5 yard line where Kaep throws a pick.

    2. 2nd quarter, 2-12 for SF at their own 4 yard line, Bruce Miller holds and SEA gets a safety.

    3. 2nd qurter, 3-10 for SF at their 40, Kaep sacked and fumbles, recovered by SEA. They get eventually get a FG.

    Halftime score is only 5 – 0! SF gave up at least 5 points by mistakes.

    Other thing to note: in the first half SF ran 32 plays (not counting punts), 25 of them were in shotgun. They gave the ball to Gore six times, and he only gained a total of 4 yards. FOUR YARDS!

    Take home lesson – don’t do so much shot gun, it is hard to run out of it, and give Gore more carries!

    My boss is looking at me funny, I’ll have to do the second half later!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to write this. This is encouraging. Also, what I know is this: We are good enough to beat any team and win anywhere. I think one proof of that was Sunday’s game. In the first half, Carolina’s defense was extremely stingy and nasty. Also Kap was missing targets left and right. And after Newton threw that perfect pass to Smith for their touchdown, I figured our season was over. But they held in there, and, like they say, the rest is history. Playing in Seattle is going to be tough, but I will keep the faith.

  23. Another stat to consider, is that the Cardinals won in Seattle during week 16, despite turning the ball over 4 times, averaging 3.6 yards a carry, and giving up 4 sacks. The Cardinals won by playing tougher defense, winning the time of possession, Seattle penalties (they’re one of the most penalized in the league), and a bad call that went against Seattle on their last drive.

    While Seattle is a good team, the Niners still have the more talented, deeper, and healthier roster. The game should be another low scoring slugfest with the Niners prevailing 20-9.

      1. Exactly, AZ ran 43 times vs. Seattle’s 20 attempts. All the Niners have to do is play better ball control offense and out tough them on defense. Judging from the last two games, I’d say the odds are in their favor.

  24. A Bayareafanatic free thread, refreshing. No name calling, no drama, no cat fights. Just football. Awesome work fellas. Carry on.

      1. Because he’s a punk like Claude is. That’s why. Get a life FDM. Exciting times for fans and all you can post is trash about Bay? What kind of Niner fan are you? You’re better than that

      2. Right, because it’s not like bay came on here yesterday and called out other 49ers fans.

        Oh, wait a minute.

        ninermd: A life spent being one day behind everyone else.

      3. New day Claude. You aren’t old enough or mature enough to move on and be happy that your team is in another great position to get to the Super Bowl? I guess not. I doubt you had the “balls” to apologize for that crap you said yesterday. Shoot me your address and ill send some cash so you can buy some class.

      4. I’m extremely happy that the 49ers are playing in their third straight NFCCG Sunday. It’s your buddy who has trouble moving on; he’s the one who tried to divide 49ers fans into “real fans” and something less. Why am I not surprised that you got confused again?

      5. Lol Claude can you please show me where bay mentioned your, hammer, or fdm’s name? In fact nobody mentioned you and like the bitter beer faced troll you are, you couldn’t resist getting involved. In fact it was Hammer who started the trash talking in that thread. but no way you would call out your stats teacher. Again Claude go rent or buy some class. You’re nothing but another onelame punk who can’t handle opinions so you get personal, and joking about boys being molested? Where is that funny in the least?
        Again Claude you can say whatever you’re saying 100 times, doesn’t make it right. Happy Fans and grown ups don’t jump into an onslaught of others ganging up on one person for their outlook. A bitter troll does those things. Drink up Sucka. In fact ill let you take your regular cheap shots on my comments. Have at it. I’ll post with fans with class.

      6. ninermd:

        Again, your inability to comprehend what you read prevents you from making an intelligible response. I never said that Bay called me, Hammer or FDM out by name. I said he was calling out other 49ers fans and trying to be divisive. Read his 12:29 pm comment from yesterday in the True Story article and see if you can understand how it’s precisely the kind of comment you falsely stated I had made.

      7. AES its not so much a cage, rather a babies crib. Even you guys have to admit that Bay only brings his ego, his name calling, and his need for attention onto the blog. Otherwise, its a pretty good day of football talk without him. How do I know, Ive seen it since the Maiaocco days.

  25. I think this is the game we see LMJ used in the screen game to suck the Seahawks D in and then Kap hits Davis on the seam routes. Earl Thomas is a beast of a safety, but against Davis he’s a mismatch.

    1. They don’t necessarily need to run screens with LMJ, if anything, the Niners need to run LMJ to the outside like they did against the Bucs. He’s proven that he can pick up 10 to 20 yards on those plays, and it will help wear down the front 7 chasing a quick back sideline to sideline.

    2. As long as Davis makes the catch and not alligator arm b/c that other safety may be lurking to blast him like he did last season.

      IF the Niners are physically handled on a couple plays, they need to respond and not fall apart. We will need leadership from CK and others to keep the team from crumbeling.

      I truly feel this is a game where the coaches can only do so much… make adjustments here and there and give simply ways to handle the crowd at the LOS. BUT the rest of the game is ALL on the players to step up and beat the man in front of you.

      1. How about we just shift LaMichael James from the backfield to the slot position. Force mismatch with LB’s. Out & Seams. His speed alone will get attention.

      2. @KY49ER

        This question has been out there for 2 years. I just don’t understand why. He must not have the route and WR skills. Crazy he is not out there running around at the slot, just to stress people. I also presume it will signal they are not running. He is small and can’t block as well as our TEs in the slot… but seriously…

        At Oregon he we catching the ball, screens, slants, outs and so on.

        As for redzone, can’t he run a quick out or slant… a rub route with Boldin… something…

        *long irritating sigh*

    3. Yep, the Saints normally run the screen 4 to 5 times a game, its their bread and butter. But the Seahawks completely shut it down.

  26. Since Singletary is or was the assistant head coach of the Vikings, wonder if he was interviewed for the Head Coach position, because of the Rooney Rule.

  27. My keys to success this weekend:

    * I will NOT make the obvious, ‘win the turnover battle’ a game this close I think this trumps everything. +2 will win you the game. I can’t see anyone recovering from 2 turnovers.

    1) Offensive passes: We need to jump up and fight for the ball on offense. Push off the DBs if they are grabbing and the refs are not calling fouls. Also work the refs all game, these DBs cheat and they have a ridiculous advantage with the stadium. Some may argue cheating as well. We need to not get manhandled at the line and make a play or play defense if needed to avoid a turnover.

    2) Defensive passes: Niner DBs make a play on the ball and not let RW just throw up prayers to Kearse, Baldin, Tate and Harvin. All year Seattle has been bailed out with Kearse and Baldin making unbelievable plays on the ball. Not to take away from athletic plays they made, we need to just be better and win those battles.

    3) Win the LOS offense and defense: Totally obvious here, but to add a caveat, we must make initial tackle on ML and not let beast mode out of the box.

    4) Do not give up the big play: Hold Seattle to 2 explosive plays 20+ yards

    5) SCORE TD AT LEAST 50% of the time in the REDZONE!!! (if we score 75-100% of redzone I think we win regardless) The Redzone offense has just been piss poor for two years now. Yes we lost the Superbowl b/c of this… Last year playoffs and end of year our issue was not getting off to a good start. This year we have done better with that but have been killing ourselves coming away with 3 points.

    My wildcard:
    With all the attention our big 3 in the passing game will get, I would look for Patton to make an impact and play the Boldin roll converting a couple first downs. Patton gets 5 receptions for 60 yards.

    How we eventually win:
    Special teams. Dawson’s leg… and I have a feeling LMJ is just itching to have an impact. He better be ready.

    Two more games to go…
    Go Niners!!!

  28. I’m going to keep this simple. It’s about turnovers. Ck or anybody else can NOT turn the ball over. They don’t and they win. Plain and simple.
    The offense is peaking, the defense is lights out. The noise will not be a huge problem. It will be taking care of the ball.

    1. Speaking of noise, anyone else notice during last week’s game (or even two) how much cleaner the offense looked when Colin was doing his pre-snap reads? A couple hand gestures and they were good. Minus any out-of-position line-ups, if they can cleary get the calls out in the huddle, we should be able to avoid the need to call unnecessary time outs to avoid delay penalties.

      1. Good point Mr….
        Allow me to add a problem that has cursed us up there. The timeouts. And it’s not the noise. They can’t get it right at home either. This should be a close game. Those timeouts are going to be very important in the 4th quarter.

  29. Just seen my Neighbor hung a Seahawks flag and a 12th man flag on his flag pole. Would it be wrong to burn his house down?

      1. I’m outside BBQ and everytime I look over I throw up a little bit each time in my mouth. If there’s one team I can’t stand, it’s them!

    1. Don’t harm the flag, harm the flag holder. A few good whacks with a sledgehammer should fix that problem. Or you could go get a bigger pole and hang 5 flags. And a sixth at half mass for three weeks.

      1. Lol after Sunday you’ll be talking to him. If it was me I would have my head over the fence talking while he was quickly taking those eye sores down.

        I’m glad my old neighbor who played for the Seahawks has rented his house out for the past 3 years. He was an awesome guy, we would talk Niner/Seahawk football for days. If he was still in the court I guarantee we would have a war on flags, blow ups and other stuff hanging from our houses. I almost got the lawn painted last year, if my other neighbor next doors team makes it to the Super Bowl vs us. It’s on.

    2. Prime, I feel for you my friend! that must be horrible to look at that flag everyday. But hang in there hopefully this sunday our team will put an end to your neighbors celebration. GO NINERS

  30. OK, boss went home, time to get back to work.

    At the end of the second half, SEA up by 5 due to SF mistakes.

    Gore has 4 yards on six carries, while Lynch has 101 yards on 14 carries. That trend will continue in the second half – Gore will get 12 yards on three more carries, while Lynch will get 32 yards on 16 carries, but score three TDs.

    In the third quarter Wilson passes 51 yard to Baldwin to get into scoring position, 4 plays later they get a TD. Niners get the ball, go shotgun, 1 no huddle, march all the way to the SEA 3 yard line, but only get a FG.

    Score is 12 to 3.

    Fourth quarter, the wheels come off. SF goes pass happy in shotgun AGAIN. In the second half, Niners ran 24 plays (not counting punts and FG trys), 17 of which were in shotgun. Kaep picked off by Sherman at SEA 47 (led to SEA FG), and later is picked off by Chancellor at SF 32 (led to SEA TD). To top it off, P. Cox fumbled away the kickoff.

    In the end, SF gave up 5 turnovers and 1 safety. Gore got 16 yards on 9 carries. Kaep 13/28 for 127 yards, 3 picks, 1 fumble.

    To win next time SF must:
    1 – Limit turnovers (obviously)
    2 – Let Gore carry the ball more
    3 – Stop using shotgun, it gives away the pass and Gore can’t run out of it!

    1. Eh, Thanks, I guess?

      Thanks for reliving that awful game. Two points:
      This Niner team is a much better team than in week 2.

      Lynch did NOT rush for 101 yards…nobody gashed the Niners for 100 yards this season. Niner D the only team to do so this season.


    2. Awesome work by Chewie. A couple other plays I’d like to call out.

      I felt like a major factor in the game was two third quarter penalties.

      1. Seattle has 2nd and goal at the 49er 11 yard line. Brooks sacks him for 8 yards. But instead of a 3rd and goal from the 19 (and likely field goal), Brooks catches the face mask while tackling Wilson and they instead get 1st and goal from the 9. Two plays later they get the touchdown.

      2. Seattle has 3rd and 28 from the 49er 42. They get 15 yards to the 27 on a pass to Miller. The drive should have ended there with a field goal attempt, but instead Aldon Smith gets the flag for unnecessary roughness. 1st down on the 13. Three plays later, touchdown.

      At this point, with more disciplined play SF could have been down 11-3, but were instead trailing 19-3. Penalties turned two would-be FG drives into TD drives. It’s at this point the wheels fall off; the next three possessions go INT, failed 4th down, INT. That would be followed by the kickoff fumble. Perhaps if they were still within a TD and 2 point conversion, we wouldn’t have seen forced throws into coverage like we did.

      The team’s got to maintain discipline throughout. Can’t afford to give this team second chances. Much is being made of how much these teams hate each other. Can’t let that hate translate into foolish penalties.

  31. Keys to defeat the Seahawks in the NFC championship game:

    1) Break the huddle quickly with a faster pace offense to put pressure on the Defense and attack the ball in the air.

    2) Use bunch formation to prevent the DBs from jamming the WRs and TEs
    3) stay committed to Run the ball and set up play action pass and go deep to VD or PQ
    4) throw slants, quick passes and utilize the backs dropping in the open zone area
    5) protect the ball and win the turn over battle
    6) contain Lynch and Every time we tackle him have another player punch the ball.
    7) put pressure on RW and contain him in the pocket
    8) on the offense have the TE and Backs hit the pass rushers off the line to slow their attack
    9) Colin must play with patience and utilize all his weapons including his legs.
    10) Special team must contain the returner and provide the team good field position.


  32. This is why I think the Niners can win next time.
    A) They are not going to turn the ball over five times again

    B) They won’t make the mistake of limiting Gore to nine carries

    C) They have new playmakers on offense to extend drives. Last time Kyle Williams was the top receiver with four catches for 39 yards. Boldin was doubled and only got 1 pass. The presence of Crabtree will fix this.

    1. I just think the team is mentally tough. I think having to go on the road and win 3 playoff games will be a blessing in disguise.
      The team could easily have had home field advantage of not for that horrible call in the Saints game. But the fact is they lost and should have played better in that game and the Panther game so it didn’t have to come to a bad call.
      So they went out, on the road, and just will not be denied…

      While I don’t Kaep is where he needs to be, he’s playing better and at least more composed out there.

      Winning on the road is hard and while Cam is pretty good QB, his downfall was he tried to do it all, do too much.
      Early in the year the Niners wanted Kaep to do too much. Like the Seattle game in week 2.
      Now they’ve scaled it back and he’s playing better. Having Crabtree helps, but it you look at the stats, it’s almost the same. It’s just the level on confidence that it’s not all on Kaep anymore.

      Harbaugh is a sly one, usually a few moves ahead of everyone else.
      He’s going to have the team in position to win the game and it’s just up to the players to execute, overcome all obstacles, whether it’s crowd noise, stupid calls by Roman, whatever.
      Thanks Chewie!

      1. 2 things i want to point out:
        during the whole kap/cam/everyone else discussion yesterday…..i forgot to mention that…………Kap is UNDEFEATED this year when vernon Davis has played the entire game!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter what his stat line… long as VD finished the game….we won!!!
        For all Kap’s critics, and everything he needs to work on….. as long as he has at least 2 good weapons…..hes UNDEFEATED!!!!! 14-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        In the 4 losses….VD left SEA with a concussion, missed IND. Left CAR with another concussion and missed N.O . So, for everything he needs to work on…….all he really needs is at minimum, 2 good WR!!!!
        Disclosure: Im not saying hes perfect by any means, he misses throws, needs to manage the clock better,look safetys off, work on his foot work, progressions, etc etc……but hes only got about 30 NFL starts, 32= 2 years, so he dosent even have 2 full years . Hes 4-0 in the play offs. 3-0 on the road ( cam 0-1, luck 1-1, wilson 1-1) OUR KID IS AHEAD OF THESE GUYS! with less experience! Just give him 2 legitimate NFL caliber WR’s and get out of the way DAMN IT !!!

        He’ll have 3 sunday!!!

        speaking of sunday: when we lost in SEA, i noticed running lanes for Kap….they were dropping back or rushing , but no spy.
        Many plays, i wished he would have taken off, but he rareley did, and when he did,he seemed hesitant ( he was rumored to have a nagging foot injury then).

        I hope we see Kap run on sunday. Goaline, red zone, 3-1, boot leg, scramble when they drop everyone in coverage……. get him going on that track turf! The SEA Line backers are the weakness on that D…..this also bodes well for gore! And i hope Tukuafu can play, ’cause he’ll smash those smallish front 7 chumps!


    “This is not the same team from last year’s NFC title game, and not the same team from the NFC title game of 2012. It’s not even the same team that got crushed 29-3 in Seattle in September. The Niners have energy on offense that’s bubbling over during and after games, and that energy is more visible than it’s been during the entire Jim Harbaugh regime. Crabtree has been in the lineup for seven straight weeks now opposite Boldin, and the Niners have scored 23 or more points in every single game except one: a 19-17 win over the Seahawks. They are 7-0 with that duo.

    The change in the San Francisco offense is told in the two games against Carolina: in Week 10, the Niners’ receiving leaders were Mario Manningham with 30 yards, Boldin with 23 and Frank Gore with 21. Boldin had nearly that many on one drive Sunday.”

    1. Good article about the momentum, but makes one assertion I dont agree with. “When you add Davis to the mix, there is arguably no receiving corps left in the playoffs as difficult to match-up against as San Francisco’s.” Broncos have the most daunting receiver corps by far. Not taking away from Crabs, Boldin, and Davis. They are a great trio, but I dont think you can say they are more dangerous than Welker, Thomas x 2, Decker, and Moreno.

  34. This week, we will really get to see what Mangini has been game planning on and breaking down film on the Seahawks, I wouldn’t be surprised if they come out with Chip Kelly type posters, that call the plays using multiple pictures, and no huddle ……this game is going to be a bloodbath

    1. That’s what they need to do. Do not let them rotate their front seven. Eliminate the communication between the WR & QB.

  35. The stats tell me the SeaRoids have…
    - a very good secondary
    - a very good overall defense
    - an acoustically designed stadium that should be modified by the rules committee
    - a loophole that lets their DBs grab receivers 100% of the time but limits PI/Holding flags to no more then 3-4 per game.

    As far as their offense, I think it all depends on Harvin. Last season the Vikings killed the 49ers with power running and Harvins quickness. Former 49er QB Musgrave called a brilliant game, running Peterson when the 49ers expected pass, and passing when the 49ers expected run. He made Ponder look like the next Joe Montana.

    I’m sure Fangio has reviewed Vikings tape along with SeaRoid tape in game prep. It will be interesting to see how the D responds of Harvin suits up.

    1. “…..It will be interesting to see how the D responds of Harvin suits up….”

      Anytime I see Harvin on the field …
      I’ll be watching Donte …
      (with my fingers crossed)

  36. They are happy in SeaAdderal. Gene Steratore will officiate Sunday. says Steratore’s crew is one of the best and “allows teams to play.”

    To counter all the grabbing that’s sure to come, the 49er receivers should attach razor sharp mouse taps to their jerseys.

    1. Cayenne Pepper & Poison Oak Extract on their jerseys.
      A bit more seriously, if you get lemons, make lemonade. If they’re going to mug our guys, our D needs to send messages also. Matchups are a bitch for both teams. This game will be won on attitude. Well yeah, also on calls, no-calls, turnovers, bounce of pointy ball, etc.

    2. Brodie,

      You have to remember that only Steratore will be there refereeing the game. His crew won’t be. They do not allow crews to referee playoff games they mix the crews with the best guys for every crew.

  37. The 49ers should win this game. I can’t believe I’m writing that because seven weeks ago I thought the 49ers had less than a snowball’s chance in Kate Upton’s under drawers. Here’s why…… no, not why it’s hot in her drawers – why we should win. Actually, let me change that to “how we can win.”

    First off – momentum. Here are some things Harbaugh, LaMicheal James, Andy Lee, Phil Dawson and more importantly, Brad Seeley, need to consider. LaMicheal James shouldn’t bring the ball out of the end zone. I know. I know. You’re thinking this is defensive move when a return game should be offensive. But nothing gets the Seattle crowd more amped up than a special teams’ tackle inside the 15 yard line. Why give the Seattle fans a jump start on Kaep when James hasn’t had a big return all year? Start drives conservatively when receiving kickoffs. Be happy with a quieter crowd with the ball on the 20. You may think a LaMicheal James return would quiet the crowd fast, but that’s not going to happen. James hasn’t had a big return all year. And James is small, so he can’t easily lose the ball (like we saw last year in the Super Bowl).

    Punt. Don’t go for it on 4th and 2 at the Seattle 33. And don’t try a field goal. It’s not worth it. Again, I know this sounds ultra conservative. But special teams in Seattle won’t make you, but they can break you. The risk / reward isn’t there. A blocked or missed 50 yard field gets the crowd fired up. A failed 4th down conversion does the same. Play conservative. What wins us games? Yes, Dawson has with his leg, but that’s with minutes left on the clock. Until that time, let the defense do it’s thing. Punt from the 33, and pin the offense near their goal line.

    Think about the last Seattle game against the Saints. Think about the 49er game in Seattle in 2012. We were in that game until David Akers got a field goal blocked and after that…. game over. The Saints were in the game last week, then Hartley missed a field goal and Sean Payton went for it on 4th and short and didn’t get it. Game over. Special team are not only huge, but the decisions by the coaches surrounding special teams play will win or lose this game.

    I say force our special teams play to be a total net zero. Set them all up for success. No returns. Fair catches. Short, very makeable field goals. Have Andy Lee kick the ball out of bounds. Don’t ask the offense or defense to pickup the special teams or makeup for their mistakes.

    I read two interesting articles recently. I read that Seattle’s run defense isn’t as good as advertised, and I read that the key to the Super Bowl for the 49ers is Kaep’s foot work. I think both go hand in hand in this game. If our special teams can create that total net zero I was writing about, and Kaep can set his feet, we’ll win.

    Did anyone really watch the Saints’ game? Drew Brees stunk it up for 3 quarters, then started to turn it on. The Saints’ special teams’ play was awful. The only thing that kept the Saints in the game was their running attack. That Robinson kid (I think that was his name) hit the stretch plays hard and fast. Even the stutter stepping Ingram ran the ball well. Seattle gave up big run plays while the Saints special teams, head coach with his play calls and Drew Brees with his awful passes, gave the game away.

    Frank Gore can obviously run against Seattle. He did at the Stick this year. But the 49ers should use Kendal Hunter more and make sure he holds onto the damn football. Run the stretch play. Run pulling plays around the end with Hunter. Attack the middle with Gore. Seattle’s run defense is vulnerable.

    If Kaep can set his feet and not get ahead of himself. If Brad Seeley and Jim Harbaugh can put our special teams in easy situations for success, and if Greg Roman can do what Greg Roman does – coordinate a good rushing attack but this time with more Kendal Hunter — the 49ers should win this game. Throw in some 3rd down conversions to Boldin, Vernon and Crabtree, and you’ve got something.

    And that reminds me. I also read somewhere that Seattle’s secondary could get called for holding and PI on every play. Understand early if the refs are going to “let ‘em play,” or if they’re going to be focusing more on actually calling the holds and the PIs against the Seattle secondary. If Seattle’s secondary is allowed to get away with holding, PUSH OFF. Watch game film on Micheal Irvin. On the first drive if the refs are letting the Seattle secondary get away with murder, tell the refs that they can’t then call pushing off, and do it. Push off! Somewhere in all of this is how you beat the Seahawks at home.

      1. Exhausting and ridiculous. That’s called playing not to lose. It’s not going to happen in this game. We will never allow that crowd to dictate how we play. How about us scoring 10 quick points and shutting the place down??? That’s what I hope Harbaugh is thinking.

    1. 23 —
      It’s only ridiculous because you didn’t think of it. Your strategy is to use Kaep’s legs. Well he didn’t have any room to run against Carolina, what makes you think he will have room in Seattle?
      He will break a run or two but that’s not even a strategy.
      I’m not saying I agree with Spitblood, but as usual you fail to grasp the strategy aspects of football and would rather drag everyone down to your simplistic view of the game.
      Special teams is 1/3 of the game. Did you figure that out yet?

      1. Fan77,

        People like you should just read the comments and not make many of your own. If you’ve watched any football this year, you would know that the Seahawks play man and the Panthers play zone. Kap had opportunities to run but chose to throw instead because he knows in the zone, the linebackers will adjust and his gains will be minimized. However, when Seattle plays man, Kap has several opportunities to get big positive yardage if he chooses to take those opportunities. Those oppotunities exist because their secondary is downfield with our receivers and the linebackers often drop and pick up the tight end and running back. But you wouldn’t know that because you’re too busy hating on Kap. Study the game before you open your mouth. Just read, don’t type.

    2. Blood is on to something. That’s not “conservative,” it’s common sense. Bore the bastards to sleep and then stomp them when they least expect it.

  38. I’ve never had any problem with Russell Wilson, but the Kaepernick is a thug and Wilson is such a good role model narrative is getting to be a bit much and it’s only Tuesday.

  39. 49ers > Seahawks

    Kaepernick > Wilson

    Harbaugh > Carroll

    We already know it. After Sunday, the whole country will know it. GO NINERS

  40. Those stats only mean something until the next game Grant. Then all bets are off until the final second ticks off the game clock.

  41. speaking of spin moves…

    rushing lineman/linebacker/spins to a QB sack;
    running back spins through “the box” for big gain;
    Head Coach spins (x2) in frustration and pique;

    Here’s a research question for you fellas:
    what flavor gum will Pete Carroll be chewing?
    [crucial game prep factor - in my book... HONK!!]

    1. Jim has done more with this roster than the last 3 coaches so as long as Jim Harbaugh keeps this team winning I wouldn’t care if he wore a G-string on the sideline while doing jumping jacks. The only change I want to see is you leaving this blog.

    1. At this point I’m not even worried about the noise and I know they aren’t either. Maybe they’re using it as motivation. I know there will be issues especially early on with the play clock and maybe a few false starts but I think they’ve got to be used to it by now. That’s one advantgae we have is that we’ve been there once this season already. This team is on a mission and is beyond focused, noise isn’t going to win the hawks this game.

      Watching that Kap commercial get me pumped up for sure. Can’t wait.

    2. From the article:

      “nothing could have prepared me for our Week 9 game against the Seahawks at CenturyLink Field.”

      Maybe noob Glennon wasn’t prepared, but a visit every season to the clink since it was built have well prepared the Niners for what to expect.

      1. I agree with that Rib. Just thought some of the things Glennon talked about as far as the extra steps they had to take due to the noise was interesting. You can see Kaepernick doing a lot of that when watching the week 2 game.

      2. The Niners have played there enough times and had enough difficulties to know that you have to adapt to the crowd noise. You have to go with silent counts and hand signals which is what they did in week two.

      1. Who’s left? I think Cleveland is the only team currently with an opening.

        Note: I have assumed you are talking about a team hiring Tomsula to be the head coach.

      2. I’m not certain, but I think the NFL allows teams to contractually block coaches from interviewing with other teams, except for HC openings. Anyone know the details on this?

      3. Brodie:

        You are correct. I don’t know the status of Tomsula’s contract. If his contract extends beyond this season, the 49ers can prevent other teams from interviewing him for non-HC positions. If his contract is up after this season, he is free to interview with anyone he wants, subject to the NFL’s restrictions on timing.

    1. Tough year to be looking for a head coach. Was there a single candidate worth getting excited about? As a fan if you were/are on one of the teams looking for a head coach I’d have to think most any of the choices had to feel conciliatory.

      I don’t expect most or maybe even any of the new hirings to have much success with their teams. The Browns of course are hurting the most and rightfully so. First they make a terrible mistake in firing a first year coach who was actually making something out of a bad situation and then they discover that there aren’t any candidates available that are better then the one they just fired. The Lions shot themselves in the foot because they thought people were dying to coach there and would be willing to wait and then were forced to settle with someone that was a second choice at best for them or anyone. Have fun selling that one to the fans. Whisenhunt has Locker, who although better then Leinart still isn’t the kind of player to carry an offense and Whisenhunt doesn’t appear to be capable of grooming a winning QB.

      At this point my guess would be that Det, Was, Ten will be looking to replace their new coaches first.

  42. Grant you take stats from the regular season and try to predict what will happen in a post season game. All regular season is for teams like the 49ers are srimmage games (practice). The post season is a totally different monster. We need a beat writer thats more pro 49er. Your columns are junk write for the raiders or something

    1. So much hate for Quinton Patton. That hate will be well deserved when he crackbacks Sherman out of the game on Sunday

      (on second thought, are you sure that’s not the entry to the Bay-Md-Jordo mancave?)

    2. I hope they’re using state funds to buy the jerseys; first we should thank them for supporting the team with the product purchases and second we should start an ethics committee to ascertain where exactly did the funds come from to purchase these $60+ jerseys.

    3. That’s DS’ Alex jersey. Gave it up when replaced with red Chiefs jersey. Alex is going to the Super Bowl! Oh, wait………

  43. I think a great Poll Question would be:

    Who is the biggest D-bag associated with the NFL?

    Seattle Fan
    Richard Sherman
    Pete Caroll
    Troy Aikman

    1. Richard Sherman quote – “It’s hard coming in here (Seattle) talking a big game. It’s hard, it’s hard. It’s a lamb coming to the wolves and throwing meat at them.”

      1. Claude,

        Go back and listen to the game sunday and listen to his quote about how hes tired of Boldins antics on the field. His bias is obvious.

      2. Ehh, he had a point.

        I love what Boldin brings to this team and think he was the team’s offensive MVP this season, but he was behaving in a way that only fans of the team he plays for could appreciate. If a player on an opposing team acted the way he did, commenters on this blog would be in full disapproval mode.

        I also didn’t take Aikman’s comment as evidence of any bias against the 49ers. I was more amused by how old it made him sound. He came across as a typical former player complaining about how today’s players don’t do things the way they did in his day.

    2. I hate richard sherman so muck….him and that entire defense really.

      They are so class-less. They claim its “swag”, well swag doesn’t have to claim themselves as swag. I think our defense probably has the most swag in the league. They are one of the best defense in the league, but they will never admit it, they let their play talk….

    3. Aikman is a pretty fair analyst imo. I also don’t think Carroll is a dbag either other than being the HC of our biggest rival.

      Sherman and Seattle fan though…tough call which one is worse.

  44. PFT: Matt Leinart says Warner, not Whisenhunt, got them to the Super Bowl. What a db. The man never had any success anywhere in the NFL and he’s going to call out someone who just got a HC job in the NFL. His premise is that Warner ran the QB meetings and developed a play list of his comfort zone plays. Wow, what an innovative model. I guess John Fox is useless too since Peyton Manning does the same thing in Denver. Wily, highly paid veteran QB with SB on the resume develops a list of plays he feels comfortable with against the upcoming opponent.
    Un-huh, that never happens on other teams. If you had a brain and/or a work ethic you would’ve come up with your own list of plays in case you were needed in the game. Like your favorite play: Drop back-feel phantom pressure-lob a ruptured duck pass off your back foot to the opposing Defense. smh

    1. Sour grapes from Leinart for sure, but he does have a point with the poor record after Warner retired. I’m not sure why Wiz was a hot name again this year after the way his tenure played out in AZ. Decent Coach but probably better suited to the role he had in SD.

      1. No coach impresses without competent play at QB. Walsh was 8-20 with DeBerg at QB, but was still a good coach. I don’t know what Wiz will do there, but FratMatt should just stfu.

  45. Here’s some Dilfer stats: Played 14 years ,took his teams to the playoffs twice ( where he did play fairly well earning a 83.7 QB rating in the 2000 playoffs winning a SB with the Ravens). Most yards in a season? 2859. Kap has 3197 in his first full year. TD’s? For Dilfer 21 passing 2 rushing for best season 23, Kap 21 passing 4 rushing 25 total. Best QB rating? Dilfer 82.8 career 70.2, Kap 98.3 and 93.8 career rating. Rushing Dilfers best year is 144 yards, 853 career, 3.4 average with 5 total TD’s. Kap has 524 yards this year 937 career, for a 6.0 average and 9 TD’s total. Dilfer got away with pretty bad career #’s for 14 years including a losing career record. And now he’s considered a expert? In his first full year Kap has better best season #’s than in any of Dilfers 14 years. Fact.

    1. Rich those who can do, those who ca’nt coach. There are many excellent coaches out there who were mediocre players. If you have had a flaw corrected enough times it makes it easier to recognize it in others.

      1. Has he ever coached successfully ? I love listening to Jaws or Gruden even if their comments aren’t all positive because their comments are usually backed up with video that makes sense to me. I just haven’t felt enlightened when I hear Dilfers comments. Here’s another one. Is Andrew Luck truly the smartest of the young QB’s when he make’s the dumbest decisions when it counts most, the playoffs?

    2. Physical abilities have zero bearing on the ability to analyze a football game or player. He lasted 14 years because of his understanding of the game brought value to the team he was on. Fact.

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